Fundamentals of Reality Synthesis

Fundamentals of Reality Synthesis


The Fundamentals of Reality Synthesis


Reality synthesis is a new approach to manifesting based on the three principles of reality that this unique model proposes. There is a structure to your mind that is predictable and not probabilistic like the standard model proposes which means that there is a directly influenceable mechanism at play which results in the manifest reality you experience on a day to day life. Understanding the mechanisms behind how and why reality manifests the way it does is the primary objective of the reality synthesis model of manifestation.


We will approach this topic from a fundamental level and save the advanced theory for another post which gets into the aetheric physics of how longitudinal interferometric interactions and proportional phase conjugate interactions work. The standard explanation for manifestation is that outcomes in reality are indeterministic based on the idea of probability radius in Schrodinger's equation which doesn't factor in longitudinal wave integrations from the observer that can explain the wave function collapse via observation and how aetheric drift influences the probability radius.


There is an absolute reference frame and that is you! Relativity has never been demonstrated to be correct in any way shape or from simply due to the fact that faster than C propagation velocity of light has been measured at least as far back as 1834 with Charles Wheatstone's π/2*c equation which determined a baseline longitudinal propagation velocity of light to be 1.57*c which we now have more accurate data to suggest that Φ*c is the actual base propagation velocity of compressed light.


These are just some of the numerous contradictions in the standard model relating to the science of manifestation and it's mechanics. There is far more to Reality Synthesis than what will be presented here but this is all that is required to understand the fundamental principles. Nobody has ever correctly identified the mechanics of manifestation until Reality Synthesis came along and solved that problem which is why I will present to you today the very basic fundamentals behind Reality Synthesis for you to understand and apply in your life.


Today you finally learn how manifesting works!


Understanding causality and time


All of the phenomena you experience happens on an internal level as the external world is an inverse image of your internal reality. There is no external reality that exists outside of your awareness, you are the cause of all phenomena without any exceptions, that includes good and bad ideas and concepts. Concepts don't exist fundamentally but are created as a result of thoughts coming together and interacting which forms new thoughts and ideas that previously didn't exist. As this chain reaction process unfolds your reality is constructed from pure potential into the way it is today. This process is called self recursion.


Self recursive process or self referencing process is how your consciousness works as it takes ideas and concepts that exist in the unconscious mind and integrates them when they are consciously recognised. The overlap of the conscious mind within the unconscious mind represents the subconscious mind as a sort of barrier that prevents the entirety of your unconscious mind from expressing without filter. This barrier is necessary or else reality would be like a lucid dream in that every thought manifests instantly without delay which would mean that both your deepest desires and darkest nightmares would exist in your awareness together and you wouldn't be able to separate them.


The subconscious mind isn't fundamental but is created as a result of the interaction of the conscious mind integrating thoughts that exist in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind represents the storehouse of all possible thought interactions that can happen but until the conscious mind reveals and causes that interaction process to unfold there cannot be any expression of those thoughts. Imagine a spotlight in a dark room, the area the spotlight reveals in that room is the subconscious and represents the part of the unconscious mind that you experience and when the light is moves that part of the room goes dark again. This is how your mind works.


Creation is not already done, creation is an ever unfolding process but the potentiality for all of creation to be complete exists here and now. The self recursive process we discussed above is the cause of time as the movement of thoughts within the subconscious mind represents an amplitude that can be measured over a period. Time delay when manifesting is caused by thoughts rearranging in the subconscious and can be effectively negated when we bring together the three primary principles of reality. The movement of disproportionate thoughts represents resistance which is why persisting in a consistent state is the key to manifesting fast as there is less rearranging process occurring.


To recap, all phenomena you experience is a result of interactions between thoughts and these interactions cause the experience of time. The less distance our thoughts travel in our mind the less time delay happens and the faster our reality becomes manifest the way we consciously desire.


Context and sense of self


The fundamentals of Reality Synthesis proposes that our consciousness is a highly organized series of thoughts interacting with each other and that these interactions cause new phenomena to result of an average of the two thoughts. Think of two points in space, now imagine another point in the very middle of those two points. This newly generated point didn't previously exist fundamentally but was created as a result of two other points interacting. This process of concept mediation is how we can predict how and when manifestations will unfold and theoretically technologies can be created to read this interaction and provide an app that will tell you about when your manifestation will come! Isn't that awsome!


To expand on context more we will get into the idea of language. Different languages exist all over the world to communicate ideas using spoken word or written word. These ideas or concepts precede the language that is used to express them so we must ask the question then how reality understands language over ideas. Well it doesn't, reality works on the interaction of ideas and not the words you speak. The affirmations and visualizations you build in your imagination don't have meaning in and of themselves but that the meaning is applied based on the context you feel it to have.


This gets into the sense of self or the context of self. There exists another sense, the 6th sense, which conveys meaning and context to our imagined scene. Imagine you holding a stack of $10,000 in your imagination. How would reality know what to do with this money you are imagining? All you are doing by producing a visual is providing an image to reproduce without context as to how or why that exists. Now imagine that same scene but sense that it's your money without thinking it. Think without thinking! That's the pure contextual sense that is applied to your imagined scenes that determine how it manifests for you.


When we imagine the money without the context relating to it being your money you are putting the money above yourself in hierarchy of expression which will manifest this scene in a way that will present $10,000 but not to you as the sense of self and associated context didn't exist for that to be received. The same idea goes for your perfect SP. This sense of self is the key to understanding how to automatically apply ideal context to any and all imagined scenes so that reality will manifest them in a favourable way for you. This gets into states and shifting into your ideal state but we will discuss that a bit later.


The idea that all you need to do is repeat an affirmation all day every day until it shows up is fundamentally flawed as it misses the point of the sense of self that brings about ideal context for that affirmation. If you affirm mindlessly and already have within you a very solid sense of self (not specifically self concept) then it will likely manifest favourably anyway because that foundation already exists to provide the supporting context for how the affirmation will unfold and the same applies for your visualizations too.


Progression of thoughts


The fundamentals of reality synthesis that are unique to this model is that thoughts unfold progressively proportionally and fractally. These are the three principles of reality as mentioned above. The progression of thoughts is the important point to understand for practical purposes. Your sense of self produces the concept of self and the concept of self produces the concept of your desire. When you put the desire on the pedestal by not following the progression and naturally unfolding process of reality you introduce incredible levels of resistance to this manifestation without even realizing it.


There exists a path of least resistance which is proportional to your desired end by following the naturally unfolding progression of thoughts from the self all the way into the desire that is integrated in the concept of self. Think of a house of cards, there are three layers, the bottom layer is the sense of self and provides the pure contextual information that has integrated in it the concept of self and the desire which represents the layers of cards that are placed above the foundation. Now if you pull out that foundation the whole things falls over, the sense of self underlies and supports the desired and which is why it's important to follow the progression.


The reason why there exists this progression is because for the interaction between the conscious and the unconscious to function there must be a Fibonacci progression that mediates the concepts (aetheric charge gradients) between the conscious and the unconscious mind. The sense of self of context about your character must exist for there to be a concept of self which then determines what desires you will want and feel worthy of manifesting. The contextual sense of self drives it all and when we master maintaining the "feeling" the Neville Goddard talks about we are following the most optimal path of least resistance that can exist for that desire.


Water always flows downhill under the natural gravitational field of the earth and air always flows from positive to negative pressure. This + to - pressure mediation represents this principle of the path of least resistance which can be seen in all phenomena in manifest reality and determines not just the now and the end but also the middle which is how we can predict things will unfold for us. There is no magical intelligence out there bringing you your desires, the mechanics of reality that drive your consciousness and the pathways you follow in your life are one in the same thing. YOU are the intelligence and you don't even realize it!


The practise of Reality Synthesis


False identification = suffering. That's the summary of everything practically related to manifestation.


To understand the fundamentals of Reality Synthesis in practise we can distil it all down to simply following the natural progression of how thoughts unfold for us when in our desired state. The context behind the sense of self drives how we view our reality which is the lens of the concept of self. The idea that you must "reprogram" your mind to get your thoughts on track is fundamentally incorrect which is based on the assumption that your psychology is discreet and fixed which it's not. You can consciously shift states from lack to abundance at any time at any place.


When you can understand to separate context from thoughts and their associated emotions you will be able to sense this sense of self using your 6th sense. When you shift states it will feel like a very subtle intuitive impulse, like an aha moment where a lightbulb went off. This feeling is not a thought or emotion but thoughts and emotions come from the state shift which is natural and necessary for the progression to unfold. The subtle, key word, subtle, intuitive impulse goes off you will know it but not know how or why which is why it's an intuitive impulse. That's what it will feel like in the moment, like a sudden burst of inspiration.


The most powerful way to experience this subtle intuitive impulse and shift states is to recognise that you are loved and wanted by the whole world just because you exist. You may have felt this rising feeling in your body at the moment of reading that like a switch went off and then the emotions of fulfilment follow with that feeling. What you just did was shift your sense of self which represents the foundation of the house of cards which made the old house come crashing down and the new house be built in the new image of you. You have become a new person by shifting states and generating a new progression for your thoughts to follow.


When in this new state your concept of self will shift by default which means that the lens that you view reality through has shifted, the contextual sense behind how you navigate circumstances has shifted. The desires that you hold will also likely shift as a result as you now feel worthy of more than you did before and things you previously thought you had to compromise for no longer hold priority in your mind. It's incredible how shifting just your sense of self can shift everything else by default.


Maintaining states and wavering


The more advanced fundamentals of Reality Synthesis presents to us that resistance that shows up because the shifting of default conscious thought processes in and out of the unconscious mind generates disproportionate field geometries which slows down the propagation velocity of this new pathway you are expressing through as there exist medial aetheric pressures that show up between the point of maximal and minimal pressure differential.


To the layman that means that there are residual thoughts that will manifest in your reality as triggers that will cause you to jump out of the ideal state and back into resistance. Without understanding that conscious effort needs to be applied to maintain the ideal state until a completely proportional pathway is crystalized you will continue to waver and never manifest the exact desire you want. Wavering is the primary problem most people face when manifesting as they don't have the awareness of their current state to recognise if they shifted or not.


By cultivating the awareness of your current state you can embody the ideal state pretty much on the spot at any time and jump back in to continue your streak. This awareness comes by sitting in the ideal state for a comfortable period of time each day until it becomes familiar and periodically throughout the day you can check in with yourself and reference that state to see if they match or not. If the states don't match then bring yourself back into the ideal state and maintain for as long as you can. Losing the ideal state is normal and is part of the process so don't be discouraged if you keep losing it.


When we can consistently maintain the ideal state and bypass any residual resistive thought processes that exist within us then our manifestations must come through because the conditions have all been met and you're wide open to receiving it. Remember we are not grabbing into our desires and pulling it to us by consciously applying effort to maintain the state, maintaining state is flow and flow is free of resistance. You simply attract your desires to you by nature of your existence, that's the mentality of a manifesting legend who knows their contextual sense of self has no limits to it's means of expression.


The sense of self is basically the sense of your character, your potentiality. That's why it often feels like an intuitive inspirational impulse where new thoughts that are positive about your desire come flooding in all of a sudden when you land in that state. Your imaginal scene builds the details and the sense of self describes how it will manifest in your life and what this manifestations means for you. You can manifest big things from unworthy states but there are implications that are unknown to you at the time which will warp the way it comes in to be unfavorable.


The problem with manifesting from a state that's not ideal by continually affirming and building specific details as to the desire is that it will almost always be compromised as the contextual sense of self that built that field geometry is disproportionate to the ideal end state. This is why we have residual resistive thoughts that show up and try to make us waver when we are progressing from lack to abundance, it's the same thing with manifesting from an unideal state. You can manifest the SP but they will likely not stay, or they will exploit you, or they will do something to express that lacking contextual sense of self that built the field geometry of that manifestation.


I know that manifesting without being in the ideal sense of self will bring about partial and incomplete manifestations because I have repeatedly demonstrated this in my own manifestation practise for over 7 years now proving that thoughts follow pathways and that there are patterns that show up and repeat based on flaws in our sense of self and associated concept of self. The issue is almost always with the sense of self above the desire or concept of self as both the concept of self and concept of the desire are products of the interaction with the progression emanating from the contextual sense of self.


The fundamentals of Reality Synthesis are very simple to understand. Land in the ideal state by integrating your desired end into a sense of self that has it all just because you exist. Project that sense of self through the eyes of the people around you back onto yourself, see yourself through their eyes and sense that shift in the associated concept of self and even the details of the desire that may change with this shift. It's so simple but few understand it because of all the trash out there that messes with peoples minds as to what to do and why.


The fundamentals of Reality Synthesis work for everybody without exception because these fundamentals follow the natural progression that consciousness follows automatically. Simply shift state, persist in that state by consciously returning to the reference feeling that came when you shifted states and don't waver. It's all about streaks, landing in the state once and holding it for an entire day is 1000x more effective than landing in the state for a second and losing it the next second 1000x in a day. That's really what persistence means, holding a long streak as more momentum is harder for resistance to slow down.


Summary of the fundamentals of Reality Synthesis


The simple and easy to understand fundamentals of Reality Synthesis tells us that the only work we need to do is to land in the ideal state and maintain an unbroken streak in that state to manifest your specific desire exactly the way you want from the ideal sense of self. False identification = suffering. When you change you, your story and your character, then you change what's possible for you to manifest by default without needing to continually think of your desire by affirming or visualizing it favourably as reality understands the context behind your sense of self and manifests big desires for you anyway as it's expected.


Naturally unfolding processes progress step by step as interactions between thoughts generate new thoughts and thus experiences of new phenomena that was previously not even conceived of. The subconscious mind doesn't exist fundamentally but is a barrier between the conscious and the unconscious which holds crystalized thoughts to manifest. Your subconscious mind isn't intelligent, there is no external intelligence that mediates the way reality unfolds as your self recursive consciousness is that intelligence which drives how and why phenomena unfolds the way it does. The subconscious mind doesn't exist fundamentally


Reality isn't probabilistic and creation isn't already complete, there is only one timeline and one dimension and that is now. Quantum physics is fundamentally flawed based on this probabilistic model which Reality Synthesis refutes by demonstrating the cause of seeming probabilistic outcomes as the result of interactions of aetheric pressure gradients integrating fractally. The mind follows the physics as they are one in the same thing. If it's true on one level then it's true on all other levels and is part of the law. The "law" is nothing more than the mechanics of reality outlined here today, there is no magical spiritual law that exists out there, it's all within you. You are the law.

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