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Reality Synthesis Rune Reading

Reality Synthesis Rune Reading

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Rune Readings are for deep insights into the foundations of your core essence and what's playing out on a metaphysical level. With this you can gain extreme clarity onto the exact reasons why you're not getting the shifts you are striving for and receive a personalised path forward into complete abundance and fulfilment!

This is not a Reality Synthesis personalised coaching session where we but an analysis of your resistance on a metaphysical level using the runes as the method of attaining the insight.

This method is based on the 9 world rune reading which I am certified in by one of my spiritual masters, Mahadeva the Thunder Wizard. I have adapted his model to Reality Synthesis and expanded on it which has taken it's already pinpoint precision to new heights so you'll gain such a level of insight that no other method of readings on earth can compare!

Sessions last roughly 1 hour and you will be provided a recording of the session (with your permission) after it's complete for further reference and insights.


The extras include field geometry graph which is a visual representation of your 3 selves and their interactions with metaphysical aspects. You can glance at this graph and see exactly what your path of least resistance is and remember your true nature whenever you need that insight.

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