Once you've got it all... then what?

Reality Synthesis Presents...

Immortality Coaching

Live beyond limits

There is no greater purpose in your existence than to reverse engineer your very reality and become a truly immortal being

How it works

To explain simply Reality Synthesis immortality coaching is the only service on earth which provides you a direct link to the most advanced theory and application of Reality Synthesis that exists for the purposes of becoming an immortal being and mastering the conjugate relationship between your internal and external reality.

You will learn to extreme precision exactly how and why you're creating the reality you are and will gain the insight required to master it completely through the power of awareness.

What you'll learn

  • Real age reversal and immortality
  • 5 Element Qigong
  • Alchemical quintessence preparation
  • Secret gazing method
  • Core essence meditation
  • The real science behind manifesting
  • Aetheric physics and biology
  • Palindrome chronology
  • Emanationary metaphysics
  • Mastery of awareness and sensation
  • Ultimate state coherency

The clock is ticking

We're all going to die one day... except those who partake in real immortality training!

Program structure

The program runs for 9 months as a starter and those who complete that 9 months will then be offered lifetime if they truly commit to becoming an immortal being. For those who sign up for lifetime access you will also have access to my personal research documentation folder with over 2TB of data on every subject imaginable to study and learn even more about reality from!

Upon first introduction you will receive an email link within 48 hours to the starter material to read for your first week as a primer. Then we will have a one on on session where I will go over with you the techniques and explain the theory behind it as well as answering any questions. You will also gain access to all the program reading material over time for further study and understanding outside our sessions (WIP). From there each fortnight everybody in the immortality coaching will be offered a group session where we practice techniques and discuss our experiences with them. You will personally have access to my personal DMs for the duration of the program at unlimited use.

All communications will happen over discord so a free account is required before you can join the private immortality group.

You can also book a call with me to go deeper into this before committing

Lets discuss any details you desire to know about Reality Synthesis Immortality Coaching in a private one on one hour long call

Times will be discussed up to 48 hours after purchase to find a time that suits you best due to time zone differences