Aetheraeon Notebook

This is where I just post random bits of Reality Synthesis manifesting theory for you to read over and interpret however you please to. This is more or less just experimental ideas about manifesting theory to ponder on. It's like a sneak peak into the developments of Reality Synthesis manifesting theory and how it works.




The essence of manifestation is to think without thinking and feel without feeling. It's to remember who and what you are and what you are capable of as the source of emanation as from this sense of self there are no conditions or limitations which can prevent you from experiencing anything you desire.

Objective negation of the senses leading to subjective synthesis of the sense of self is the message of all ancient psycho-spiritual texts in existence. That's all there is to do, self realization and it's as simple as reminding yourself that you are not your senses but the one who modulates what the senses experiences as the source of emanation. I AM


Top Quotes

  • Feeling is the secret - NG
  • Self abandonment is the secret - NG
  • Think without thinking and feel without feeling - DJ
  • Concepts determine the route that attention follows - NG
  • Now here is a secret, This fabulous world of ours is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger. The whole vast world for that purpose to appease your hunger, if you know who you are you can view the world of any state in this world of infinite states, and these states are purely a means to satisfy this hunger. So if I want to be other than what I am at the moment first of all define what I want to be, what would I like to be in this world? Now begin to imagine as if they were true, I know what I want to be well then if I want to be it cease wanting to be it and appropriate it, make the feeling something that is real now suppose it were true. Begin now to imagine a thing as if it were true that is subjectively appropriating the objective hope, I hope it will be true, well now appropriate is first subjectively as though it is true. So I appropriated subjectively, as I appropriate it subjectively what am I appropriately I am appropriating the objective hope. - NG
  • Every natural effect in this world has an imaginal act as it's cause - NG
  • In him is life for if I go into a place and suddenly it becomes animated then I must be he



Reality Synthesis dictionary

The prime substrate of reality through which manifestation unfolds. This is the screen through which your imagination projects unto and enabled corporeal identification to unfold.

Distance yourself from the senses - Pulling out


 Primary themes

- Death
- Rebirth
- Process
- State Coherency
- Corporeal & Incorporeal identification - Enlightenment - Death - Rebirth - Process - State Coherency

All of these themes interact to form the experience of reality we have.

What techniques actually do

Techniques are methods of using thoughts in specific ways to move you along pathways and either shift into or out of states. Words and images and voices or touches or smells or any sensory input you primarily use holds no information in and of itself. Grasping this understanding that the essence of your desires are contained not within the sensory impressions given to express them but in an intuitive sense which precedes the 5 senses. You know what you want without needing to describe it in sensory impressions or else how would they even begin to exist and manifest as sensory input without this essence of thought.

So here's what everybody who applies manifesting techniques needs to understand as an absolute fundamental reality. There is no placebo effect, there is only metaphysical principles, IE aetheric pressure gradients of charge and discharge (centripetal convergence/centrifugal divergence as manifestations of yin/yang principles of procession). To understand HOW manifestation works by using techniques we must grasp how pathway progressions unfold.

The subject of metaphysics is extremely advanced and goes way beyond the scope of simply manifesting desires and gets into the realm of actual immortality and mastery over reality. Metaphysical representation is the highest science imaginable and completely explains manifestation in all ways conceivable without exceptions and is the basis of Reality Synthesis. Your psychology, the placebo effect, techniques and methods, physical phenomena such as chemistry and physics and even astronomy and astrology are all aspects of metaphysical representation. The most complete system that exists which explains this is traditional Chinese medicine which is fundamentally metaphysical medicine and corresponds directly to biochemical bodily functions along with psychological functions as they both integrate and influence each other.

I say this for those who truly want to understand the mechanics of this. Your beliefs and attitudes towards life are ALL metaphysically represented as aetheric pressure gradients. Charges interacting with each other, mixtures of yin and yang which create phenomena that previously didn't fundamentally exist as a progression of these prime elements unfolding as all things and through all things as an emanationary process of the one source of emanation.

The techniques you apply can only affect change to the extent that they will bring about the raising of awareness of pathways associated to limited intuitive identification representing patterns of limitation and internalized conditions you've held onto as a means of explaining through a story why you don't have what you want. Because you identified with a limited aspect and gave permission to some external factor at some point either consciously or unconsciously you've given your power away. From this the way you return to that power is through exploring the pathways by tracing them back to the root cause and associating a new meaning to that.

This is a feeling of self, a sense of self, not a concept as concepts are separate. This feeling is what's anchoring you into this state and through following the progression of the pathways which comprise your mind you can gain awareness of the limitations holding you back. From here you're able to shift those perceptions through a quick and effortless death of that sense of self. You're going to die, literally. Your corporeal identification will cease to exist and you'll take upon yourself a new being. This is the feeling of the wish fulfilled. 

Now also keep in mind that there is a difference between manifesting specific things and a different sense of self here. You can manifest anything you desire without any shift in your sense of self, but be aware that the sense of self MUST push out and modulate the concepts integrated within  that sense of self without exceptions. If you feel anxiety about having an SP you manifested that's a sense of self limitation, you've manifested them in but surrounding that is a support structure made of feathers which can blow away in a wind of change. This is why people can manifest things and lose it, or only manifest signs, or anything of that sort as it's a reflection of the limited sense of self modulating the input concept.

A shift in sense of self is the foundation of manifesting as it's the platform of your perception which everything else is built upon. This is why I don't coach people to get specific things but to undergo death, to die to their limited identifications and completely restructure the aetheric substrate they're experiencing.


All the people that speak highly with all the airy fairly you can do it talk, that's got nothing to do with targeted manifesting but that they're throwing out phrases to hope to get a bite and latch you into a pathway of proportional arrangement to then spontaneously affect change in you. This is why some people can manifest purely from subliminals, it's cause the words remind them of favourable associations and since they dwell there consistently that shifts. If the concepts being thrown around don't have pathways connected and associated to favourable outcomes and feelings of being limitless then no change can be had, it's impossible. Understand this. 

You MUST move along pathways which represent the fulfilment of the conditions you've held against yourself as the catalyst to invoke and gain awareness of the feeling of being the one who has the desire. This is not magic, it's simply you tracing your pathways through a progression of thoughts which resonate and thus can move you the same way music can move you, or a trigger in your life can move you into a negative state without you even thinking about it. Simply inputting this sensory phenomena will remind you of something and if that something is related to a feeling of not being bound then manifestation unfolds. That's it.

These coaches that do nothing but talk about how powerful you are don't get success through understanding the law and it's mechanics but through chance of aligning you into an associated state of fulfilment. That's how this works and nobody can refute that. That's all anyone needs to know to manifest. Forget Goddards specific methods and grasp the mechanics and come up with your own. The means by which you most naturally express yourself on an intuitive level is all you need to work with to affect change. That's all there ever is and ever will be.

Read this over and truly understand how this works and you'll be unstoppable. This is what true manifestation is, it's metaphysical as the metaphysical mechanics explain all other expressions we experience in reality as various integrated arrangements of these principles. You've just learned the truth my friend now go live the life you want and stop searching. This is all you need. You've always been capable because you exist, that's all the proof you need of who and what you are and what you're capable of.


The process of manifesting

  • Have a clear unwavering desire for something
  • Think in any way you like that it's yours here and now
  • That's it, you've done it!

If you however experience any conditions or circumstances which come up in your mind which shift your attention away from having then negate through apophatic means. Apply these steps

  • I am the source of emanation and I cause all experienced phenomena
  • If I am god then all things are possible because all things are possible to god then there is nothing in the way and there never was or ever will be
  • I exist therefore I am god the source of procession and emanation of phenomena

From this place of negated conditions you can draw reference to reminding yourself that the device you're reading this on is already yours, how does that feel? This feeling of reality to you is the exact same feeling of having this thing that's now yours no matter how big or small it may be. Having something and knowing that is a neutral and steady feeling so that's the basis of knowing which means your emotional state is irrelevant in this process.

By remembering who you are as the source of emanation then no matter your circumstances you face it's all null and void in significance because to god all things are possible, period.



So basically to get anything you desire all you need to do is follow this process. This is not a  technique but a series of metaphysical principles we are working with to rearrange the structure of reality itself to get what we want with the least effort possible.

  1. Know your desire
  2. Assume as though you have it which will become a knowing signifying the lack of "care" for it the same way you don't  care about having the device you read this on yet it's yours, this normalisation is the feeling of having under this context
  3. Observe any conditions which arise if they do, if no conditions arise then continue persisting in that assumption
  4. Drop the conditions and let go of limitation by recognising who and what you are and what you are capable of and simply pressing  forward with the assumption without signifying importance to the conditions
  5. If wavering is present return to the awareness of I AM that is infinite and to that awareness all things are possible which means circumstances hold zero influence over you and through their negation of influence you transcend them, they no longer matter and your desire was is and always will be yours here and now
  6. Repeat this process for everything you desire

That's it, simply recognising who and what you are and what you are capable of negates effort and the need to grasp for something to get because you are it all, the one pattern unfolding as all phenomena and so conditions which arise as old stories simply don't matter because you are god and to god all things are possible. The least effort has the greatest power which is how we flow freely with our desired reality effortlessly and enterally.


Many who read this just as I would have at one point and asked the question; what do I do between applying this process, like how so I play out my day to day activities? The answer is simple. You will be intuitively driven to follow your desires and act accordingly to that which you find is your highest expression due to the fact that you've dropped conditions and external influences which previously held you back from following through with doing the things you really wanted. Simply dropping these conditions with the awareness of I AM is all that needs to be done, period. That is the one process to end all processes because all methods come under this one process. That's it, so apply that process in what ever way you want and live the life you want right now without holding anything back!


Here's another one.

Another point. The reason Sammy Ingram had success early on and people didn't criticize her like they do now is because she was actually leading people into an ideal sense of self by saying to stop giving them free will and all that stuff. She was basically being a Neville in those early days and she didn't even realise it. She only got big because she was showing up without compromise in her own life doing all the things she did and so the way she presented her early content on SP and all that was driving people to success through leading them there with this "stop giving them free will" attitude. It shifted limiting beliefs in some people who resonated and needed that to clear their resistance and so got results accordingly. It had NOTHING to do with the affirmations repetitively being applied, Sammy lost herself, she doesn't even understand her own success and is now running on ego. The point is Sammy proved to the world that it's not the technique that matters but how you're being driven and lead into an ideal sense of self. That's the ONLY reason she got big on YT or really anyone gets big is through leading the viewers mind and influencing them to resolve limiting beliefs the same way Neville did but using different language. 



So I want to outline something here.

This is about something relating to how to practically resolve disproportionate field geometries or what you know as resistance, emotional blocks which continue to show up when those associations are triggered. The point of manifestation is to dissolve that which is not in order to reveal that which is. The imagination is a tool in the use of this point. The imagination isn't any special thing, in fact I'm going to go as far as to say that Neville was wrong, your imagination (itself, it's essence were talking about) is not god. God is a pattern and the procession of that pattern represents consciousness. We could say the aetheric medium undergoing states of polarization through spontaneous integration of proportional emanations of the one pattern cascade into all phenomena just like your mind. The universe is the mind of god as the imagination pushed out and you're both integrated within that corporeally and as that incorporeally.

Grasp what I just said.

All manifestation is as Neville said is a rearrangement of the primary cause substance, AKA the aetheric medium and it's existence as outlined above. Rearranging the mind means rearranging both your nervous system corporeally and incorporeally as the one pattern. 

Naturalness represents fulfilment as there's no charge in either the positive or the negative polarity, there's no polarization of the aetheric medium in a chaotic way as it's proportionally integrated when it's natural. To manifest means to integrate proportionally and that in and of itself is state coherency. The means of thinking differently represents integrating new concepts within that mental substance/aetheric medium and those concepts must integrate within a process playing out as they're naturally drawn to already existent self recursive circuits which are fundamentally negatively charged and attract or converge just like a magnet these aetheric currents. Think air currents, you've got currents within currents which drive even bigger currents, like clockwork. Cycles within cycles. This is metaphysically representing the mind.

This means that there must be a structure to our mind and that thoughts don't exist discreetly as their own reality. You very likely will always integrate concepts within just a few states at most usually, and while there are indeed *effectively* infinite states you only primarily exist within a few each time. That might bring up association to the idea of some quantum reality nonsense peddled by metaphysically illiterate gurus looking for money to show off to their friends with or something like that. This is the exact opposite of the truth, the idea of states and so called parallel realities or whatever simply represents the integration of concepts within already existing structures of the mind that are used to draw primary and even secondary association to.

This is where the sense of self arises. This is fundamentally the basis of where your thoughts you have and imaginal activities arise from as a result of running through associated concepts continually based also upon input phenomena received through the senses. These associations draw into and are integrated with the primary larger cycles that you exist in on a primary basis which effectively acts as your filter for what you believe and thus will intuitively be driven to act on and fulfil. Without that foundation you'd constantly jump from one set of beliefs to another without any coherency and reality would be more so like a lucid dream where everything imagined would near instantly push out which is why states exist and the subconscious barrier as I call it exists to prevent this spill over effect from happening constantly.

You also don't create anything new because all things already exist, Neville said creation is finished but that doesn't mean there's infinite parallel realities out there waiting for you to choose them or whatever nonsense the false gurus love to parrot without any metaphysical basis. The fact is all is Yin and Yang and their unfolding process represents creation being finished as that's all there is. There is charge and discharge of the aether and compounds of that integrated to form higher order fractal field geometries and self recursive circuits just like you and me which exist within cycles ourselves on a corporeal level.

To define a state as by Neville's words; "the beliefs you hold to be true" and also some quote I can't word exactly about your attitude towards life. Your attitude towards life and beliefs you hold to be true (states) effectively represents this foundational basis by which concepts you think of IN THAT STATE are integrated within. If however you think of a concept in one state and it draws you into another state you'll instantly have a shift in attitude towards life and this is the essence of how most people experience manifestation. The mechanism of drawing association into an ideal state or series of beliefs and attitudes towards one and many concepts represents your sense of self in that moment. It's a constitute of all those concepts integrating along with the base association you have to those drawn out of contrastive comparison or an aetheric pressure gradient modulating and interacting.

Think of a house of cards, your sense of self is the foundation series of cards that support all the rows above. If you topple one piece of that foundation all the concepts integrated above within that chain must also collapse along with it. This is how longitudinal interferometric effects function as a means of producing superluminal propagation of light by compressing and with a more integrated and proportional substrate have a lower aetheric "drag" coefficient representing the hysteresis cycle of the aether which explains how spontaneous generation of life and matter formed. Interferometric effects explain all things and is a primary component in viewing metaphysical correspondence in reality.

The essence of the practical side of this then means that if you shift the sense of self by targeting specific concepts that have been integrated within a sense of self you can alter their association and thus push them out in a different way that you'd desire because they'd be warped by a false sense of self otherwise and only push out as signs or partial manifestations or even nothing or opposite results as it's always a conformation of the feeling of self, the sense of self underlying that concepts existence.

So how you'd resolve limiting beliefs then will be to associate the concept and also associated concepts to that concept (likely all integrated within one state anyway for the most part and state interferometry would clean up any stragglers not in that chain) to then push it out in an ideal way. Contrast drives this shift, or comparison relative to each other from a basis in absolute reference frame to the aether itself as the substrate by which your primary self recursive circuit exists within.

PRACTIALLY SPEAKING then (from a traditional LOA perspective that is which only uses a small set of methods) in order to then apply a means of shifting the association we can either die to that state and dissolve it through a transcendental experience or gradually chip away at it by viewing it differently on a conscious level by leading ourselves into that concept from an ideal state and sense of self. All forms of psycho therapy are nothing more than leading one through their mind in order to attain realisation of the fact that the limiting belief they once held is nothing but a limited and falsely identified concept integrated within a limited sense of self. Once you can see the limiting belief for what it is then it no longer holds influence over you but in that moment of clarity that's only a temporary experience and not a transcendental shift. Sometimes it can trigger a transcendental shift which functions on all levels but usually it's temporary and needs to bee written down on paper to review and be reminded of to then trigger that association and then back into that sense of self that association has which on a continual basis will re-associate the meaning that concept has to you and dissolve the emotional charge that concept has in your mind and field geometry.

That's all there is in an LOA setting. It's either lead yourself into insight through a series of resonant thoughts that confirm an ideal sense of self in relation to this concept to see it differently or die to that resistance in a transcendental experience. Neville taught both but nobody seems to realise that. I didn't learn these through Neville but through years of wallowing around in metaphysical ideas of the mind and much experimentation and study of others experiences. That fact means that ALL techniques that exist out there come under one of these means, and a vast majority come under the means of leading one through pathways to realisation of resistance from an ideal frame of reference or sense of self which when cultivated consciously and by anchoring in through actionable process and association unconsciously leads one to shift limiting beliefs without even applying too much conscious energy to do it.

So essentially to boil it all down here, the phenomena of manifestation represents the interaction of concepts within a sense of self, a cycle within a cycle, and how those cycles interact forms the output reaction. When we change the association that these processes have to each other they react differently, they're operating under a different mixture or ratio to each other and thus will integrate differently to lead to different results.

Using your imagination is integrating concept. The essence underlying an imaginal sense of any form represents the concept at it's true form. The idea before it takes imaginary form you could say. Imagination isn't special and it's nothing more than a means of leading you along pathways to lead to realisation and insight about a limiting belief. Neville himself said that the reason you loop a SATS scene isn't because looping makes it manifest faster but because it keeps focus on that one associated experience and not lead you off on other "associated images" as in his own words. This is the essence of the lullaby method too and is in fact the same method but using a different application as it's all nothing more than leading down pathways and re-associating meaning. Leading yourself through a SATS scene in a correct way is far more important to actually attaining a quicker result than purely imagining the scene over and over night after night feeling uneasy about that because you're running up against resistance in that imaginal scene.

If you want to use any technique correctly then lead yourself into an ideal state first by reminding yourself of things that worked for you, and then go into imagination and form the scene you wish to experience. This will eventually lead to a non resistive association to that concept when thought about and it will no longer trigger you. Most people with consistent application will notice conscious shifts within about 3-5 days depending on the nature of resistance of course. That still doesn't mean you'll manifest the thing you want the way you want but it'll no longer hold the same degree of emotional charge as the concept has no longer primary association to a limited state and surrounding concepts (what Neville called associated images when doing SATS for example) and so all thoughts relating to that concept will automatically put you in that ideal sense of self.

Doing something practically on a consistent basis which has association to a concept in an ideal sense of self is another well established means of anchoring in state coherency that's favourable. Remember the context surrounding a concept and where it's integrated represents where it's sorted in the mind and so if you form a new pattern or habit that's actionable and you're in your body more which will unconsciously be forming that context towards the concept in that state then it'll also shift the association too as that will then be the proof of having and being who you want to be and have.

The reality of experience represents the quality by which concepts within the unconscious mind can be more effectively integrated on a core level. This is why transcendental experiences and spontaneous releases of emotional energy (anything that's not steady and natural) will result in a sudden shift in attitude towards life which of course Neville defined as a state. The means by which you experience a transcendental experience or to spontaneously die on a corporeal level cannot be described because from an LOA perspective it's all depending upon the nature of someone's resistance as to how that transcendental experience can occur. For some it's very simple and for others it's very elaborate which is why I don't teach it as a primary method of resolving limiting beliefs because you'll likely accidentally stumble upon it. 

Usually though the most realisable means of triggering a transcendental experience is either through pathway work specifically tailored to that person or any form of nervous system regulation methods, like those that Wilhelm Reich came up with in his orgonomy research.

So once again the basis of manifestation is nothing more than shifting limiting beliefs to shift the associations to concepts we hold in our minds. How do you know if you've got resistance? If you emotionally react in a negative way to something you desire or to something relating to you not having it on a repetitive basis and you go through cycles of experiencing this feeling over and over then you've got resistance to resolve. Everybody else simply has to integrate the concept they desire by imagining it in whatever way they desire and it'll push out the way they want without any effort. They'll apply this effortlessly by default because that's how this comes about due to the lack of emotional modulating energy underlying that concept within that sense of self integrated. Effortlessness cannot be consciously attained, it's impossible. You must have a regulated nervous system/ideal association between concept and sense of self in order to feel actually natural outside of the transcendental method where the corporeal identification dies and is "egoless" where they can view that concept without judgement which is natural and not holding emotional charge.

I think that's about it. I wrote that entire thing off the top of my head in one sitting surprisingly. That's what happens when you lead yourself into a state deeply by drawing in associated concepts continually that all relate to each other and form greater and greater context which is actually how new discoveries are made through this contrastive interaction between concepts within a state. That's also sometimes how spontaneous insight can be attained. Someone can say something that reminds you of something you'd rarely think about and it'll pull you into that sense of self without you even realising it and push out an instant manifestation like a message from an SP or something.

Music is one of the most powerful ways to put you into a specific state by the way.


That's about it folks!



Dreams are a way for the unconscious mind to bring to the surface for resolution disproportionate beliefs and experiences in a way that's gradual and progressive instead of a transcendental experience in the moment. The "secret gazing" method I teach exclusively in 1 on 1 coaching does this very very effectively. Not  all the time will it be the beliefs you want to refine in that moment but it will always relate to the core root of your resistance as it's tracing back through the pathways and breaking them down to be refined and resolved. That's actually the purpose of dreams, it's the unconscious mind giving expression to pathways that need either refining or releasing.

The alchemist I learned the gazing method through called it "wading through the river of blood" as a means of refining ancestrally rooted traumas. Past so called lives are integrated within yours as yours exists within theirs, and thus by you resolving yours resolves theirs to as they're in the same process playing out as you just as you are influenced by them.

There is no spirit in the body. The body doesn't *HAVE* a spirit, the spirit moves upon the face of  the deep and says let there by light (the emanation of light upon conception mirroring the one pattern unfolding spontaneously).

I'm coming to understand that past so called lives are in fact an influence, it's all metaphysical and all integrated so why wouldn't it. A souls existence is consequential to the process it's integrated within and doesn't "choose" to be born into trauma to learn and refine reality. We exist within a direction that reality is propagating and until we die to any and all limitations we have no capacity to shift the direction we're moving in. It's essentially a pre-determined outcome until you die to yourself and be born again.



I've just realised that I do believe a primary way of resolving emotional baggage is by free expression. If you've wanted to speak your mind on something for ages but you've been unable to then speaking your mind will result in radical shifts. The same goes for taking actionable steps in the right direction. It's all metaphysical, you express the theme that you've been missing and or fearing and fulfil it without compromise in order to manifest the outcome you desire.

We're all expressing either spontaneously according to our intuitive impulses and affinities and paths of least resistance accordingly or we're approaching life from compromise and fear. Often these resistances express to some extent and try and come out through various emotional reactions but it's never fully released. This ties into what Wilhelm Reich wrote about with orgastic potency. It's all metaphysical principles, mental work and physical work are to attain the same expression. Too many people put too much importance on the imagination as the imagination is nothing more than an internal means by which you can shift these limitations to attain full expression and release the resistance.

You're either run by your emotional resistances or you're being spontaneously driven intuitively to fulfil desires.

So the means by which we resolve these relates to how we chip away at the layers on top of a core disproportionality in the field geometry. What pathway revision does is bring the core supporting structure to the surface to be resolved. The problem is that for many people that core supporting structure is tied into so many other core supporting structures because it's been chronic and has association to so many other states that uprooting it is a challenge using mental processing alone. Some people can resolve it if that resistance is of a nature where the top layers can be dissolved in that moment of analysis and worked down into the core by pathway revision but also by applying themselves the slow and steady way to resolve each layer one by one over time to eventually reveal the core.

The reason why applying yourself practically in reality and addressing related beliefs that have association to core beliefs is because as those layers dissolve there's less integrated processes supporting that phase conjugate structure in the mind which is the root of your bleeding of charge. Seeing yourself differently on a consistent basis is virtually impossible for someone to attain overnight whom is in this position. Facts. You can feel better in the moment but unless that's persisted in and related to with something tangible there's no anchor or proof your senses can use as confirmation of your ideal sense of self to draw into that ideal reference state and allow state interferometry to do its thing and naturally dissolve the resistance over time or even in a one and done purge once enough is peeled back.

The Neville way is so unreliable for affecting change because it involves you putting yourself in a position where you can lead yourself into a state where these resistive pathways aren't warping your conceptual inputs. This is why I've found that actually getting mad and really being over your bad circumstances and just expressing that is far more potent in releasing the disproportional pathways because you don't have to imagine a scene with the tones of reality to the extent that it's real to your unconscious mind, the reality of experience is a big part nobody is talking about. To resolve deep trauma the depth of that experience and the reality of that experience matters a lot because that's how it's communicated to the unconscious mind and shifts the resistance or dissolves it for good. You can gradually chip away at it over time and build correspondence but it requires a controlled mental environment for that to happen most people in these negative cycles simply can't maintain consistency with to actually get meaningful results.

This is exactly why Wilhelm Reich developed his own treatment methods to resolve traumas instead of standard psychoanalysis. We need a tangible vehicle by which the reality of experience can be used to dissolve it in most cases. I know so many in this community of LOA so called gurus want to tell you it's all mental but as a metaphysician who's so far ahead of anyone else who coaches in this circle I can see the correspondences to all things on a metaphysical level. Too many look at LOA from a compartmentalised view and deny the governing mechanics behind it which is represented in my model of manifestation I call Reality Synthesis.

This also explains why you can think the same thought all day every day for weeks and get no results. The reality of experience and the leading down of pathways is the quality by which transformation occurs, not just sensory input as that sensory input requires to be sorted within an already established foundational structure in your mind based on associative correspondences.

Homeopathy and TCM are practical vehicles which can resolve traumas without needing to apply pathway work as these methods mirror what you'd do in your imagination anyway. Tangible and intangible, yin and yang, mental and physical work both are exchangeable and anyone who thinks that the physical structure of reality is purely an illusion and has no back-tracable connection to your mental situation then you're metaphysically illiterate who can't see the forest for the trees. Both affect each other as they both are the same process playing out but from a corporeal and incorporeal aspect. It is true that you don't need physical medicine to resolve traumas but why spend years of your life wasting away being unconsciously driven by compensation patterns from traumas when you can take a remedy and be healed with certainty in at most 3 months.

This is a matter of dogma for people in this community. They preach Neville as though they see him as some divinely gifted genius who could see things nobody else could. He wrote for the masses, not for you or me. He never outlined the mechanics of this on a metaphysical level, either because he didn't know and didn't want to branch into something he couldn't speak with authority on or because he just didn't see it as necessary and thus didn't write about it. Either way I've dug into the depths of the mechanics of reality and have outlined clearly how and why manifestation works the way it does and nobody now needs to question anymore about LOA as all the answers you need are right here.

Remember. Your "soul" is not IN your body, your soul IS your body and also by nature of being a self reclusive circuit ALL other things that can be perceived because it's all one process playing out that it's all integrated within. That's how you can affect change in physical reality from an absolute frame of reference. No need for timeline or dimension shifting nonsense, that's all metaphysically invalid and scientifically impossible to demonstrate, it's always thus assumed without correspondence to any physical phenomena that it's the way things are which is why it's irrefutably objectively incorrect and should be discarded as such without hesitation. For a few select group of people who find that view of reality helps them retrieve insight then great, but claiming it's the facts of reality is nonsense.



The late night ramblings I was inspired to write down here instead of my notebooks.

I've always thought about manifestation as more than just thoughts create reality, as in the concepts we continually entertain correspond to experiences we have. This is the reasoning I followed behind separating concept and sense of self, there MUST be a relationship between a thought *process* and the association we have to that concept. It's not just imagination creates reality because through so so so so soooo many experiments I and many others have done over the years has revealed the fact that describing the *phenomena* of manifestation under an LOA lens of perspective has never and will never purely be imagination creates physical phenomena *IN ALL PEOPLE THE WAY THEY IMAGINE*. It's like disease, some people can take a sugar pill and receive magical healings but others still don't heal, even though they're under the same environment in that position. This means there must be a greater environment influencing the way their experience pushes out, what I called "warping" the output experience back in late 2022 when I first presented RS publicly.

Most of my foundational knowledge of the theory of Reality Synthesis came from my studies on minds like Wilhelm Reich, Walter Russel, Paul LA Violette and others I can't think of off the top of my head right now.

Fundamentally reality is created through imagination, but ONLY at it's core level. This is only true to the extent that you're able to freely flow with that concept with ideal association. That's not a limiting belief like a vast majority of so called LOA coaches out there would have you believe, thinking that everything is placebo is the most erroneous nonsense imaginable and denies the divine order of reality which is meticulously crafted in such a way that it enables the experience of corporeal identification from an incorporeal aspect. 

To get to the point I'm trying to make here. We are metaphysical in nature, as in we are driven not by absolutes but by principles underlying and governing the movement of what we experience of absolutes. It's an interaction of primary principles which come together and form substances that fundamentally cannot exist. A pencil requires paper for the capacity to write words using that pencil and paper. The primary components would be the pencil and the paper and through a motivating force they come together to form writing and language through that medium. Not a precise analogy but one that will work for this purpose.

Now to get really deep here, all of physical reality corresponds to a metaphysical reality of some form. This means that everything you see hear taste touch and smell has a certain ratio of yin and yang to them without any exceptions. The atomic structure of materials we use to build houses and cars and computers and all that stuff is nothing more than self recursive circuits or dynamos interacting with each other with various ratios of yin and yang. When we understand that all of reality is nothing more than the procession of the primary pattern (the 3D S curve at phi ratio or a vortex) and the extension and compression of that one pattern we understand how we are all things.

We are represented in though and as all things. God works through us, God being one with the son and the spirit yet also separate in primary existence. The metaphysical correspondence here is the fact that we are all one and yet all seemingly separate at the same time. That is how everyone is you pushed out is, because it's all originating from the source of emanation (the one pattern unfolding as procession). If we systematically unfolded our minds and traced our mental pathways through all the way we would all return to the same point of origin.

That is where true immortality is attained, not enlightenment but immortality specifically as this is the source of vital essence called Jing in Daoist alchemical sects. Prenatal Jing and postnatal Jing are one in the same thing and many texts on immortality would have us believe that living a celibate life is required to conserve Jing as Shen (spirit) is the root of Jing and Qi. 

Anyway, if mental blockages can be resolved using talk therapy by leading through pathways as I've uncovered along with manipulating musculoskeletal and by extension the nervous system directly with manual therapy as a language of communication then why are we all trying to think our way and even feel our way out of resistance. I have even spent much of my time studying personally under Daoist masters in maoshan qigong as well as actual immortal practical operative alchemists who all taught me valuable lessons in that your mind is linked to everyone and everything. Your mind doesn't exist in a vacuum, you take real alchemical quintessence as a means of obtaining immortality not by the means that the substance can grant you that effect by drinking it but by the fact that it's rearranging the structure of reality.

The essence of what I'm saying here and the point of this post is that using means of pathway revision that I created, using manual therapies, using herbal or alchemical therapies, using qigong or even methods like multiwave oscillators such as Dan Winters theraphi or Lackovskies antennas or Reichs orgone accumulators, it's all rearranging the substance of reality on a metaphysical level. It's not your belief in them that does anything, it's the irrefutable fact that all things exist as interactions of yin and yang and that with the rearrangement of these principles we can affect change on all levels because there's correspondence through all levels even just on one level. 

Drinking alchemical quintessence and doing maoshan qigong does all the work for you that you'd be able to do using talk therapy and embodying a different state. They will by nature of their correspondence to alchemical and metaphysical principles align your field geometries as to where those limiting beliefs and resistances to being yourself they can shift the unconscious associations to the concepts and sense of self without you doing any mental work or imaginal work because it's all the same thing. It's not the placebo effect, the placebo effect doesn't exist.

It's ALL the shifting of metaphysical principles correspondent to both the thought you have which in and of itself is fundamentally information and information is fundamentally vibration and vibration is fundamentally a state of polarization of the aether which reflects the principles of discharge and charge or yin and yang and the gradient between them as grey representing time or the procession of yin and yang. Yin and yang therefore are expressions of the one pattern unfolding and thus as all self recursive circuits are integrated they can all be traced back just like the pathways of your mind because it's all metaphysical and thus the true means of obtaining immortality is through "uncreating" and refining the components which comprised you and then "recreating" yourself as is described in the alchemical texts. This mirrors the process of emanationary process and all aspects of it. This is the facts about immortality and in fact the facts about how you can completely change your reality on all levels imaginable because it's all correspondent. If you wish to manifest anything you must destroy a part of yourself and refine it under a new context or associate differently to the same concept under a new sense of self.

Do you see now why thinking about your desire 10k times a day every day is a futile attempt to affect any change whatsoever. You're not embodying any metaphysical principles other than disorder and resistance bumping up against the disproportionate pathways reminding you that you aren't capable of getting what you want which is why signs and warped conceptual outputs follow and nothing more. That's the facts regardless of if you believe it or not.

If that's a limiting belief then I ask you to dismantle my entire position I have here and all the reasoning I present (which is just what's in my mind currently, I didn't plan this or anything) and prove how your explanation works over mine. Remember neuroscience and biochemistry also embody metaphysical correspondence too, as all things do. Unconscious is yin and conscious is yang, so you can't pull that one on me and quantum mechanics is nonsense. There is no probabilistic functions in a structured reality and Paul La Violette's "subquantum kinetics" clearly outlines the physics behind why quantum mechanics is a joke and needs to be discarded as an incomplete model to describe why superluminal propagation of light occurs. I started developing Reality Synthesis with a basis in physics so that's the most solid roots I draw from in reference to the mechanics of manifesting.




The issue is that too many people want something to happen magically to somehow meet unmet needs purely through thought alone because they're afraid of actually facing the feelings they've got and shifting their sense of self in a transformative way. See the bigger picture. Metaphysics is the highest science imaginable.



Here is a link to a discussion below which inspired me to write this as I was reminded of Reich again which is based on some points nobody in this community knows anything about which would open your mind to some topics I have been diving into for many years now to find correspondence to LOA in a practical sense. Namely orgonomy and Reich's means of releasing emotional traumas (disproportionate interactions between sense of self and concept desired) by using manual therapy instead of talk therapy. Real effective talk therapy involves leading a patient through their pathways to find roots of disproportionate field geometries and by seeing those for what they are either through spontaneous realignment or reexperiencing those in a controlled sense of self to then refine their meaning can then align that pathway and resolve resistance.

Reich approached this through using various muscular release methods in order to shift the same resistance present on an unconscious level usually by them reexperiencing the trauma as it's stored in the nervous system and experienced as unconsciously destructive patterns played out to prevent that from being reexperienced as it's a source of pain for the person with that resistance.

I want to make clear, resistance CANNOT BE SPONTANEOUSLY DISSOLVED WITHOUT CORRECT PATHWAY PROGRESSION. Simply affirming "I have no mental resistance" will not make you into a resistance free person where money and love and abundance freely flows to you UNLESS that affirmation corresponds to a specific association to sense of self and concept which can be seen under a light of incorporeal identification in order to transmute and refine that. All the gurus who say affirmations work are full of nonsense and should be discarded as metaphysically illiterate fools who are wasting yours and everyone's time. They will ONY work if there is a correspondence to associate to, otherwise you're reexperiencing that feeling to some extent which is why you're manifest signs at best, otherwise the essence of that concept would manifest without effort.

Stop thinking that Neville knew it all, he knew a fraction of what's out there and shouldn't be seen as someone to be followed. His work is so unbelievably misinterpreted that virtually nobody really grasps what most of the things he says means and WHY he says what he says. This understanding took me more than 5 years of continual daily contemplation and refinement to grasp properly. I lived and breathed this study, unlike virtually every LOA guru on social media, I had no life as research and refinement of my understanding of reality was the only way I could find meaning as I was devoid of value within myself at those times. This is often why highly psychotic people are intellectual geniuses because we cannot help but wonder off analysing anything and everything to find patterns and meaning behind it to fill the endless void within us from all our unmet needs.

 Also to all the 4chan fools, come and refute what I say instead of making memes about my hair which runs in the family and I just never addressed it because I didn't care, my sense of self isn't at that point of feeling it's necessary  to feel good about myself, unlike how insecure you are needing to spend time out of your day tot create memes about my appearance whom you know nothing about other than what I present online. Try and refute my nearly decade of intense daily grind to find the facts of reality, I dare you. Dare.



Here's another follow up of what I posted yesterday.

Listening to Unusual Cosmic process - Elysium, as I write this as I find this track puts me into that deeper metaphysical mindset.

I'm writing this as I can no longer deny the fact that metaphysical representation as an underlying substrate to explain manifestation is the way things work. All things are metaphysical in nature and all things follow the principles of creation in some way shape or form without any exceptions. Manifestation can be influenced by all processes in all areas of life under all circumstances. Mental refinement is simply one way of refining your underlying unconscious field geometries comprising your ambient state and sense of self. Understanding that will be critical in grasping the essence behind how this all works.

I did not create Reality Synthesis to preach standard LOA with a twist, I created RS to completely destroy the so called Law of assumption/attraction or whatever you want to call it. I intend to completely and utterly tear LOA to shreds, burn those shreds and scatter the particles in the air in the upper atmosphere never to be pieced back together ever again. Nobody should waste time with an incomplete model of manifestation which only looks at reality from such a small angle yet still correct lens of perception. Reality Synthesis is a complete and whole model which explains all things. It is the theory of everything, or at least the closest thing to it. What I have presented so far is only a fraction of a percentage of what I could present as most of my knowledge requires metaphysical correspondence in order to align and fit into RS in a way you'll understand. That's what I spend most of my time doing, the work necessary for the completion of this model of reality so that you'll have all the tools required to know all things about how and why manifestation works and also the tools to practically utilise it and get consistent reliable results in your reality.

I've expanded on the work of Wilhelm Reich some more in my time since then and have come to some interesting insights. This is mainly on the topic of libido and it's roll in manifestation.

Firstly Reich was all about understanding the metaphysics of the mind from a psychoanalytical perspective as he was a student of Freud in his early days and worked with various models of libido as a means of explaining the function of psychological processes. I completely agree, libido isn't something I speak on much but it's the essence of jing in TCM which is one of the components of Shen (spirit) along with Qi. Libido is fundamental to the procession of fundamental components of the mind. As the self recursive cycle has 3 components and one of them has 2 primary expressions as reference stage. This reference stage is where power is held fundamentally, it's that stable and steady potential behind the drive of emanationary procession.

My notes from sept 6th said "Libido gives contrast to drive state anchoring with and or without actionable process".

This means that libido gives us the experience of separation to where we desire to be and that contrast is reflected in a way which fires pathways along our path of least resistance towards that end. Now to explain the role of libido in sexual expression we must grasp the primary theme of the bible and in fact one of if not the primary factor of metaphysics as a whole and that is death. Death of the corporeal being specifically as the incorporeal self cannot die, that's the essence of procession which takes upon itself limitation in order to experience anchored reality or else life would be like a lucid dream, hence the reason we have nervous systems that function the way they do with various biochemical and electrical processes to mediate these functions.

These false gurus would never be able to explain the correspondence of the nervous system on a metaphysical level and can't see the forest for the trees which is why they're missing the key points here.

 Now back to libido. We're going to get more detailed with some terminology here but nobody too young would probably be reading this anyway so whatever. It's my blog so. Energy orgasms or no touch orgasms are I do believe a means of attaining a transcendental bliss experience leading into Reich's idea of orgastic potency, which also confirms Dan Winters work with the idea of bliss experience leading to phase conjugation and the integration of higher order field geometries as a means of unconscious refinement. I'm the only one on earth who has probably connected those dots so read that again and soak it in.

The orgasm is also referred to as the mini death, meaning you lose consciousness for a brief moment IF YOU ORGASM CORRECTLY. Now this is important as Reich fully grasped this as a means of actually releasing character armouring or what we would know of as resistance. A fully embodied orgasm represents the means through which one can sacrifice the corporeal identification in that moment and reach that feeling of incorporeal being. 

I want to go back to Jing here for a moment too. The Daoist immortals spoke of Jing as one of the 3 treasures, that this treasure of vital essence must be retained and refined. This is actually why they encourage a celibate lifestyle as it's a means of retaining and refining vital essence. Through various forms of qigong and internal alchemy like cycling the microcosmic orbit by picking up specific ratios of vital essence at specific days and placing that essence in various tan diens you're able to mimic the primary pattern of emanationary process unfolding and give birth to a new internal reality, a microcosmic reality that you've transmuted and created within yourself just as reality is contained within itself as you've done with the internal alchemy work. As above so below. It's all metaphysical.

Now to my point of jing and sex, you don't want to just orgasm all willy nilly and "waste" Jing as the Daoists would encourage conservation through retaining. The thing is this is highly destructive in an individual who desires sexual expression as it's very likely going to lead to eventual edging and the catalysing of that Jing without expending it that still leads to it's expenditure internally as you're literally burning the waters of life on the minister fire through that circulating process of genital stimulation and even just doing PC muscle stimulation will lead to the same result as you're raising the pelvic floor as a pump activating the process of transmuting and catalysing that jing into steam which will raise into the middle jiao and get stuck in the liver and spleen leading to frustration and overthinking and thus partial manifestations as you're metaphysically misaligned. This is just as bad as thinking wrong as it's all the same process. Thoughts and internal alchemy both shift aetheric pressure gradients which are the fundamental currents which form our mind. Don't touch yourself without cause or correct process as you'll waste that potential. That's a fact, for everybody. Unless you're extremely coherent already then you're only going to end up experiencing negative results as conditions WILL arise as a result of this. The no touch is not a condition against your manifestations, it's going to give rise to conditions due to the disproportional interactions of Jing and it's uncontrolled circulation leading to disruptions unconsciously leading one to manifest experiences thus to confirm where this energy is moved in the body metaphysically.

I'm also not talking about tantra, tantra is not about physical stimulation in any way whatsoever, it's about forming a more complete circuit with forming an even higher order self recursive circuit through expressing the creation process by the integration of two forms of yin and yang, the convergent and divergent forces integrating proportionally and circulating proportionally their metaphysical components. Reich encourages sexual expression in a sense of correct discharge. Modern sex positive culture is the exact opposite of what it should be, it's got nothing to do with inclusiveness and identification and all that nonsense but as a means of unconscious refinement through attaining orgastic potency.

We must learn do die during orgasm if we wish to effectively use that means to die to our limiting beliefs. Using orgasm as a means of affecting change in the unconscious processes playing out isn't necessary but for many it very well could be the thing that helps them if the conscious application of applying pathway methods doesn't yield lasting results. I've always said that the point of all this is to find the root that's branching off like tree branches causing this symphony of experiences all mirroring the themes stuck in this root belief that's acting as the anchor for your sense of self to be bound to. The point of orgasm as a means of discharge is to release this resistive root without needing to specifically trace it and shift your perceptions to see it for what it is and dissolve its influence that way. This whole process occurs as a function of metaphysical death of the corporeal identification and thus how your avatar in reality plays and reacts to phenomena which then reflects in your conscious experience of even the same phenomena and associated concepts.

Reich was also about applying pathway methods by leading the patient into their unconscious mind, leading them closer and closer to the root of the resistance and to then trigger a full discharge in that space as to dissolve it without needing to enter into incorporeal identification as the orgasm triggered that same process unconsciously anyway. He would also analyse which muscle groups responded to different pathways as he would lead them into their mind and find reactions. I've always been aware of muscular tension in my body, specifically around the core and solar plexus region specifically. When you're tense and unable to relax and breathe fully in AND out it implies your nervous system is holding resistance in this place. Reich worked with this as a concept called muscle armouring and as a qualified remedial massage therapist I can say that many people experience emotional releases just from having a treatment and their reality can change in that moment. They experience a mini death, like a sort of orgasm per say when the release of the tension is complete as then their resistive roots in their thoughts dissolve spontaneously and the reaction cascades out into their experience of reality.


I'm going to touch now on the idea of disease in relation to manifestation and all the context that's written above.

Reich wrote a book called bion experiments. I read this already with understanding of Gaston Naessens reasearch on what he called the somatids. The same goes for Ramond Rife and his research on turquoise bodies many years ago. The important point here I want to mention is that water is the primary medium behind how bions and the like vesicles are formed spontaneously. The bions are a natural emanationary process, the literal manifestation of corporeal identification taking form as primary principle, along side the Chondriana as found by George Merkle which looked like scrolls that unfolded just like conjugate field geometry which unfolds or uncompressed into the repeating pattern of a vortex but extrapolated over the substrate of the medium it's making up as, if that makes sense.

So disease as discovered by Reich such as cancer was found to be a function of biological tissues breaking down due to stagnation (a lack of aetheric and metaphysical movement or the expression of yang which manifests as qi in the body) leading those cellular structures to lead into a disproportionate state where instead of breaking down into primary protozoa and like microbes they break down into cancer cells in response. This process also occurs with all other disease, it's due to disproportionate field geometry on a metaphysical level manifesting as the symptoms we experience. Now imagination is a metaphysical substrate we can use to shift our field geometry, same with applying orgastic means among others. It's all metaphysical so it all heals disease because the resistance is metaphysical in the field geometry that makes up your entire reality. You are your field geometry and thus so is your reality. Any disproportionate integrated patterns will cause a cascade ripple effect which will warp all other links in that chain that have been integrated. Thus the cause of disease, your SP not wanting you, money hating you, people seeing you as dirt and all the rest of that. It's ALL metaphysical processes playing out in various means in your relality.

Those who manifest what they want the way they want are proportional, those who don't are disproportionate and are prone to death and disease the same way even if they don't think about it because disease is a manifestation of their disproportionate state regardless of what they identify with in relation to those diseases they experience.

The idea of birth conditions is another one. This was actually the question that led me to really develop the manifestation side of RS as it was never correctly answered by anyone. The metaphysics of transmigration would seemingly explain this as the essence of your soul integrates within the field geometry of reality and becomes apart of it that all other self recursive circuits can tap into, thus why some can intuitively experience the same experiences as others have in "past lives" and such.

One of my clients recently asked me the question of how come children can't manifest things effortlessly if they're innocent in their worldview and exist in a sort of unconscious flow with their reality. That's an extremely interesting question that I still don't have an exact answer for specifically but usually children are looking to have needs met, they're not individuated as the libido has not fully expressed itself in the same way a pubescent individual would have access to and thus the charge and discharge cycle happens on a different level.

That is all for now.





I've been contemplating on means other than conscious pathway exploration as a means of resolving traumas and whatnot. Neville Goddard I do believe is one of the least influential teachers to read about as a means of resolving deep rooted stuff. This is not a limiting belief or putting anything on the pedestal. You can make your nervous system feel safe and secure in the moment but that's not going to result in any meaningful long lasting change unless it's anchored in through actionable process, or in other words the reality of experience. If the imagined experience isn't natural then no shift can be made.

I want everybody to be clear here. Imagination is a means of refining your field geometry and integrating concepts to be pushed out according to where they're integrated. Without  a proportional supporting structure to integrate concepts into then no lasting change can or will be made in your life, it will all be temporary unless reliably repeated and anchored in ideally through tangible means throughout the day. It's the idea that the nervous system sees the imaginary as just as real as the corporeal reality, and that through fulfilling the blessing of Jacob as an example from the story in the bible then no change can be made. That's how it all occurs, by leading the unconscious mind into a safe space and implanting the seed or concept. You lead your sense of self or state to be in an ideal place and then integrate the desired concept.

So to the point then. I want to touch on means other than purely conscious pathway methods to attain release of disproportionality in the field geometry. We're seeking to use nothing more than the metaphysical nature of reality to align the resistance we have. The imagination and the tangible are one, and thus are equally exchangeable as all things are. The imagination can be effectively removed in it's capacity for sensory vividness as that's dependent upon biological  processes to function but the concept underlying that, the intention or essence of concept that we express through sensory input is incorporeal as the geometry of our core essence as mercury or shen (spirit) is that of the self recursive circuit which is integrated in and is a part of all things which is how we can experience vivid near death experiences even with a sick body. Spontaneous NDE healings come from a realisation of insight during that experience that you are not identified with the resistance you've held onto. The purpose of NDEs is to allow us to release resistance and leave it in the body, it's coming up into our awareness as simply a part of that releasing process.

Now if we relate this to psychotherapy, or even vegetotherapy under an orgonomy framework it's all working with the exact same principles to enact a sort of death and rebirth. You are dying to limitation and thus in order to die to it and transcend it you MUST experience it but from a state at which it's no longer bound up in your field geometry as a disproportionate resistive load which bleeds charge which could be bringing you closer to immortality. The true immortal being is one who lives in absolute alignment with core affinities and is completely orgastically potent despite what the Daoist so called immortality gurus would tell you about Jing conservation which does play a role but only up to a certain point.

Your capacity to become free flowing and intuitively driven according to core affinities is your pathway to immortality which is why I utilise such a wide range of topics in my immortality programs as it's all related.

Back to practical means. I've also recently gone deeper into homeopathy as a means of attaining alignment and release of disproportionate field geometries. If orgonomy using vegetotherapy, my method of pathway revision, homeopathy, qigong and even multiwave phase conjugate field generators like lakhovsky oscliators then it's all working with metaphysical methods and not just a placebo. The placebo effect is real in how it's experienced from a psychotherapeutic view but in reality all means of placebo effects are applying the same principles which underlie and govern the metaphysical nature of reality. Homeopathy is one of those means too as it's a sort of basic alchemy in essence.

Homeopathy isn't the same as operative alchemy that I was taught when studying under the alchemist who also taught me the gazing method (which is another way of dissolving disproportionality) but it's similar in effect on a basic level which is what we're after. All methods of manifestation are alchemical in nature anyway because everything is alchemy, all is metaphysical, it's all the same in it's nature. Even the food you eat influences your state of being, regardless of if you believe it or not. The thing is Abdullah was so proportional in every other way that eating ice cream and drinking alcohol didn't affect him as he could process and regulate his state to such an extent that it didn't affect his field geometry like it would to someone who's been stuck unable to move on from resistance their whole lives.

Homeopathy is applied to get manifestations to unfold the way you want by clearing resistive pathways brought about by traumatic experiences internalised and identified with. This is what leads someone to basically destroy everything in their lives, their lacks haunt them to such an extent that they're never at peace and no amount of temporary state shifting can resolve that for these people. There's so many layers playing out that conscious manifesting methods like pathway revision is unlikely to result in a lasting change. This is where homeopathy and like means comes in.

The point of using a means like homeopathy or drinking a quintessence is about meeting this resistive pathway with the metaphyseal equivalent to the geometry of that resistance to cancel it out essentially. Since homeopathy works with the idea of like cures like then it's two in phase same frequency waves interacting and the amplitude of the disproportionate wave to resolve it through the same effects we can observe in wave interferometry experiments as it's warping the aetheric medium which is how light manifests AS us and thus the field geometry of our self recursive circuit.

The reason why homeopathy has to work is because it's water based. I've written on how Wilhelm Reich was able to cultivate bions in water in previous posts. Water has a dipole bond between hydrogen and oxygen very close to 108/36/36 degrees which is actually the same geometry as a Pythagorean triangle and we know Pythagoras was all about seeing the geometry in reality because he was a metaphysician like many from his day. Now if you take 3 Pythagorean triangles at specific angles around 43 degrees rotation each you can form a Pythagorean pentagram and this represents the 5 elements made up of the 3 elements which arises from the one and hydrogen as the mother particle of oxygen is the 1st and lightest standard atom in the periodic table. This is expressing as the 1, hydrogen, 2 meaning the 2 oxygen which when arranged in this 108/36/36 degree bond angle gets you a Pythagorean triangle which is a divinely proportional geometry. This is the 3 which then combines 3 times (9) to produce the 5 or the 5 elements which then births into the 8 directions of the bagua and even in the norse myth the vegvisir.

We are made up of around 73% water and if water can be arranged to be divinely proportional it can become a self recursive circuit and give birth to seeming spontaneous generation of life as with Wilhelm Reich's bion experiments. The physical structure of water doesn't hold the memory as that doesn't change, it's the fractal phase conjugate nature of this proportional geometry which has capacitance to hold charge (a dielectric) which is where information is held to then be unfolded, literally, and read. This imprinting occurs because you're vorticial and your geometry is coherent with that of water which is also why all organic life requires a water base in order to exist and manifest a soul. Since shen (spirit or mercury) is the root of Jing (substantive yin principle representing the essence of fluid) and qi as the motivating principle which guides where the waters become crystalized into formed structure (according to genetic impression) we then have the ingredients to create life, spontaneously that is out of the result of higher order self recursive circuits integrated and operating as one mirroring the creation process. This explains the foundations of why homeopathy works not just as a placebo but as a metaphysical fact and enables your sensory imagination to exist the way it does.

Going deeper with this homeopathy means and why I'm beginning to understand why it's actually extremely powerful is because it's relating to mirroring the creation process itself but as a sort of alchemical preparation that can be orally ingested and have a metaphysical integration within the disproportionate field geometry to cancel it out. I don't believe that it's possible to over power the body with too much dose as it'll be rejected if it's disproportionate instead of being integrated as it's not based on any tangible sensory phenomena based on a sense of self which is why it can't be internalised like traumas can. Homeopathy is thought suspended in water, the opposite of the rice experiment if you wish.

The whole idea of people thinking themselves into disease they never actually had was essentially a traumatic experience in the moment they were diagnosed if it's internalised and even more so if it's a progression (or manifestation) of an already underlying resistive pathway playing out leading them deeper into that charge bleeding. These experiences of nocebo are manifestations of progressions of already present where someone actually internalises that they're incapable of showing up the way they want and this disease diagnosis even if false will still progress into the manifestation of that disease to fulfil that resistance the same way cheating continually unfolds in SP relations for example as a pattern of resistance from an already existing disproportionality.

So I've read up on some fundamentals of diagnosing and prescribing a remedy in homeopathy and it involves wouldn't you believe it, pathway methods. We ask all the questions about all the metaphysical principles underling their condition in life, like asking about all the themes that occur as patterns and how long they've gone on for and even parental and grandparental history and all that stuff all paints the metaphysical picture of their life and conditions to know the correct remedy which is underlying all the symptoms they're experiencing. Homeopathy is the same as pathway revision, but using field geometries imprinted in water to affect the change instead of attaining it internally through an imaginal act to release that disproportionality. All forms of manifestation unfold because of some form of pathway revision method be it homeopathic, imaginary pathway revision, orgonotic means or even using technology which mirrors the integration process occurring in the water or the mind to affect the physiology and thus the mind which mirrors the healing and thus they manifest what they want.

I'm sure the mechanisms outlined in Reality Synthesis are clear as day now for you to see and understand about why this is the correct model which explains exactly how and why manifestation works the way that it does.



I just found this video:

  • trapped
  • helpless
  • panicked
  • embarrassed
  • scared


I'll come back to this one day.




Leading yourself through a scene that's got the reality of experience for it is how things change. Pathway revision changes the pathways being fired and affects many things up the chain.

Guard your sensory inputs, refine them completely.

Apply the implication of getting what you want. Understand that pathways are how concepts integrate, they play off each other and influence each other. Refining the complete implication underlying the concept

Use the means by which your capacity to experience the reality of that subjective experience is most effective. "subconscious impression" IS the reality of experience and has nothing to do with anything except the focus of the concept underling the imagined scene and associated senses and also associations to that concept are integrated.


Deconstructing SATS. 

SATS works through the reality of experience as this cannot be faked or duplicated without a genuine experience of the desire. This is the perfect mechanism which determines 

Wherever you hold value within yourself, like for example pleasing others, is where you will be driven to act and unfold to receive that value as all manifestations as Neville said are self serving to some degree. Wherever you find value is where you will be drawn and will determine how you react to input phenomena. You will simply recognise the patterns where you're drawing value from, as in what do you believe which causes you to compromise on the minimalism of your sense of self as the one source of value. When you recognise these patterns of compromise in how you're showing up and being yourself in reality according to these beliefs you can apply pathway revision to find the roots and these roots will then have a cascade effect when revised through the reality of experience to affect all that is leading up to the top of your awareness and affect change in reality.

The components of imagination are this.

1. The essence of concept which underlies your sensory impressions - This is what you're getting clear on about what you want, it's the WHAT in pure intention. Having a solid direction of propagation in a subjective experience is the point of this aspect which all imagination must involve regardless as the essence of concept as intention underlies all sensory imaginal scenes anyway. This essence MUST be pushed out no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT it must be pushed out but the means by which it will push out might not reflect the intention as the output will be warped by underlying beliefs.

2. The sensory impressions themselves don't have meaning of their own but that all sensory inputs are there to give us a greater degree of reality to our experience. If all you have is touch sensation in your imagination and you can't see or hear or anything then use that sense to it's capacity without effort and live in a 3-5 second scene which represents the end fulfilment underlying the discovered pattern that's needing to be revised or simply the desired concept you're integrating.

3. In this scene you're imagining you repeat that same scene on loop as though you're creating a past or future memory in your mind that you can effortlessly draw reference to and have associated connections with other like concepts and feelings. Neville said that the reason you loop the scene is to prevent the mind from wavering to other associated concepts and not because it's more powerful to loop, though that's also related to the impression/integration of that concept.

4. You will loop this scene until it's complete in your mind. Once the reality of that sets in and you sense that you've really done it and the reality of that experience has set in then you leave it and live as usual. Doing this before sleep is ideal because it drops the attachment to that after the fact which you'll possibly have when living your day to day life wondering what will happen with it which will only associate conditions with that scene and warp it. This is why it's best to do SATS when you're falling asleep in it but it's not required.




More on mental momentum

This whole "leading yourself" into the state is what almost every LOA method is all working through. This method of sense of self refinement in the moment by drawing corrective association to your desire is what gives you that sense of satisfaction. If you're feeling in a very bad mood you can still manifest, because the underlying sense of self exists within other states. If in the moment you can realise the reality of the experience of being the one who has the thing usually as a result of  consciously negating conditions and at the very least seeing this thing as possible for you and claiming that possibility as yours by nature of you're existence then you've completed the minimum formula for manifestation.

We need a subject and then the reality of that experience through any sensory inputs you have available to you to realise that reality. Simply "assuming" is taking upon yourself the sense of self of being and having which is as simple as a quality of consciousness which holds an unconscious association to the desired end to be favourable. If you can generate the mental momentum to remove the layers which show up in your awareness as conditions and such then you've done it, you've become state coherent and state coherency is manifestation.

Remember that from this place the most important thing to get what you want the way you want is by app[lying a pathway method of some kind. If you  work from the temporary mindset of I am going to become you will manifest movement but it will confirm to you that temporary nature of it and not anchor in to any lasting result leading to an end that is favourable. This is not to say that leading yourself there in temporary means before your end isn't good but it's just not as targeted in the pathway means as it could be and will likely result in temporary results where things will come and leave in my experience. This is because these are like more crystallised signs and not full manifestations as the sense of self on an ambient level hasn't coherently shifted.

Apply this means with a clear end in mind and anchor into that end. You're here right now facing the eternal conflicts you've faced but they no longer matter. What sense of self would be embodied as though these were no longer a factor, what essence of concept would integrate this to be lasting and anchored unconsciously. 

Here's a way you can find out what it is you really should be focusing on and get very very specific with your end scene.

Ask yourself what you want, get to that end without compromise no matter how crazy or impossible it would seem currently. Then take that scene and ask yourself what in this scene am I still holding onto with my current limiting beliefs. Analyse this scene and refine it based on that question of carry over, dissolve all semblance of your current sense of self to this scene and it's implication that it feels like you're a totally different person. Lead yourself there through the negative, not the positive. Negate the current associations and reform a completely new sense of self who plays the game of life according to having that fulfilled end already accomplished as though you've been taken over by that version of you in the end and that you're moving back towards that end right now from this moment on because it's who you are.

The dare to assume it part is essential

What one must also understand about this is that through correct application of LOA you're basically going to force yourself to shift beliefs as a consequence of realising the reality of that experience over time. It's just like doing the qigong, or doing the gazing, or taking a remedy or quintessence. It's all metaphysical and so by shifting pathways (field geometry) you're basically going to bring to the surface that which is to be dissolved and it must be forced out of you one way or another through the interactions you have in the world.


If I was to give anyone a single simple technique then I would absolutely say that pathway revision would be that one when combined with clear journaling and following your core affinities. When you understand yourself on a constitutional level and as your true self as the source of emanation you have direction and the means by which conditions and resistance can be negated which enables you to lead yourself to that end and take upon yourself that reality of that experience.



More on SATS and the results from it.

When you are applying  SATS to get a result you will want to understand the nature of the scene you're imagining. What you will want to do is extensively journal down all the themes in your reality which have continued to unfold in cycles which don't serve you.

Say for example money comes but then it goes somehow. Your SP comes in and says what you want but then they leave and ghost you soon after and they don't stick. Say people in your life treat you well one day and others they've flipped and now see you as their arch nemesis in life. These have themes underlying them, like not being chosen, having people abuse you, having back luck with money.

These scenarios have metaphysical meaning behind them and this would embody an "energy" or a personality we could say. You can experience this personality or characteristic underlying this theme which basically taps you into the direct sensation of the theme underlying these cycles and the basis of your being in those states. This is you experiencing directly the field geometry of that theme. Now if we can apply this in the negative sense then we can also flip it and apply it in the positive sense.

If you take this same concept of who you are being and write out the affinities and themes underlying that to be able to paint the same picture in your mind of the character like we did to the bad sensation then we can learn to cultivate the sensation of being who we want to be. This is consciously your means to embody the state of the wish fulfilled, it's the sensation of that same energy underlying the being who is in the end but you're bringing it into the now.

So with SATS, you can apply the lullaby method and cultivate this same sensation of self with the concept you'd like to experience using an affirmation or a visualization or even a voice to provide that sensory vividness and reality of experience. Sitting with this characteristic energy while integrating the concept desired should transport you into that reality most efficiently, provided you don't have anxiety and constantly intrusive thoughts arise while attempting this.

If anxiety and all that shows up before hand then lead yourself there by rampaging with a series of affirmations coming from your absolute authority and power within. Know it's done, confirm to yourself who you are and bring into your memory all the times when you've had things work for you when you thought they wouldn't. Bring yourself into that stability of knowing and then come down from that energy naturally and into the scene described above when doing lullaby method.


When do you know you've correctly applied SATS. You'll know because Neville himself said you will be impotent to want anything from that, as though this desire is already satisfied. You eat a piece of cake to satisfy that craving and you'll not need any more, even if you might want more you know you don't need it because you've met that need. The same goes for SATS. Take upon yourself the idea of reaching the reality of experience as the criteria for a successful SATS scene. You'll simply need to imagine to the degree that the embodiment you're in seems just as real to you as the real world and in that moment you've reached impression and the reality of experience however much detail that takes for you.


Now here's another important point to recognise. How you experience the after effects. If you do SATS before sleeping at night you'll have some shifts in your reality the next day, I've rarely experienced any time delay longer than 3 days and usually it's before then. Understand that your actions and reactions to phenomena in reality will be likely different to how you'd normally react before applying SATS. You'll see yourself and or the world differently in response to this and you'll not need to try and make yourself think that way because you'll unconsciously be driven to respond differently to life. This is proof SATS and any LOA methods are working. 

Here's also another bit to understand too. You can also manifest this shift in your attitude towards life (a state as defined by NG) without actually manifesting the desire itself and feel good for a few days but that momentum will wear off if not applied into actionable process to then confirm who you are being with proof that you're experiencing the reality of. What you'll want to 





The fool proof formula therefore would be this. You'll see yourself in the end with the fulfilled desire/s based on a planned and structured scene which metaphysically implies that all conditions that could arise have been met. This SATS scene you will do every night before bed and even during the day remind yourself of when you are reminded of it from something as though it's like a memory. This whole thing is reminding yourself of who you are is the most important thing to do during the day, not affirming or passively visualising or even hearing (unless that is what reminds you of the sensation of being/the state of the wish fulfilled) isn't going to bring about that same connection it had in SATS as it's state dependent in the moment as to how you'll react to it. You can still integrate that concept in imagination during the day but it'll confirm the sense of self associated to it. Reminding yourself of being in that end and allowing yourself to fulfil conditions which were previously holding you back like feeling stuck in a job you hate or being in an abusive relationship or whatever it is will drive you to actually take the actions to change that which will be the proof of the manifestation unfolding.

This more often than not results in you breaking patterns which don't serve you like addictions to substance or like coping mechanisms and you'll actually be motivated to live a higher potential as though your value and worth has now increased and you see these things as a waste of time. Along with that other people can respond to you more favourably to confirm this. It's really about attaining a higher value within your sense of self from this scene and that reminding yourself of who you are in that end as the one who has value having the things you desire is your state of the wish fulfilled otherwise your reactions towards life wouldn't change on a consistent basis. You'll feel more energised and yet also at peace with yourself knowing your value and worth. You'll not feel the need to overcompensate or compensate on being yourself to appease others expectations which was representative of the old pattern of belief playing out. This is how you abandon the self.


The subconscious mind is the consciousness you're integrated within. If the conscious mind is your free will awareness as the input phenomena you experience and the unconscious mind represents the nervous system sorting mechanism which structures all the input phenomena according to how you draw associations to those concepts then the subconscious mind would be that which mediates the interactions your conscious mind has to the constitutional makeup of the unconscious mind that you're aware of.






Expand upon this further.

So when you focus on a concept you manifest something related to that concept. Being more specific with that concept will manifest something more specific accordingly. What if we manifest exactly what we want but someone else gets it? What if we imagine receiving exactly 1010 dollars and someone else manifests this and we are there to see them experience what we imagined in first person but that they'd see it through their eyes? How does this work? Sense of self.

Sense of self must reflect how we intuitively sense ourselves to be. If you do a SATS scene of this form upon receiving something and feel it real and all that but get someone else getting what you imagined then it's because that concept is disproportionate to your output and you're manifesting a warped output according to that which you're most comfortable receiving. Here's why, you've been expressing in your reality the theme of limited access to resources and that you likely either don't deserve it or that having money makes you feel uncomfortable.


This brings up an old memory of mine where I was actually so afraid of success that I purposefully made myself dumb because I was so unbelievably smarter than everyone my age back when I was in early school. I was grades ahead but at some point I learned that my success wasn't to be approved of and it made me feel vulnerable and so I unconsciously started self sabotaging myself. Until I recognised that and then put myself in that place purely on an intuitive level where I just assumed that never happened and I was successful my whole life to my greatest potential and that I felt no shame or guilt for being successful things changed. 

When you have these revelations you want to write them down in a journal.



Im writing this out on my phone of all things in the early hours of the morning at exactly 4AM because I had an insight which I was working on and expanding in the post yesterday. I’m going to copy and paste from my notes here. 


Authenticity and self


Being authentic to your true feelings and not compromising on that is your path of least resistance towards success and a solid sense of self.


The feelings which naturally arise from us are generated partly from our own consciousness and partly from greater consciousness we’re integrated in. This is the constitutional aspect we have. All of your thoughts and feelings are driven in contrast to this frame of reference which represents your authentic self.


When you experience something which causes you to be devalued and need to compromise on expressing yourself in order to comply or fit in and you internalise that experience then it becomes a belief you adopt to feel safe and secure in that environment even though it doesn’t serve your greatest potential


To become whole and complete we simply recognise these moments from our past as extensions of our current consciousness in the present and we revise those experiences to reflect how we would authentically feel and express ourselves in that moment. To experience the reality of who we truly want to be without compromise is the thing that actually shifts the belief. Nothing else.


Pathway revision is a complete manifesting method which provides you a tool to find limiting experiences and to decide on those moments to relive them from authentic you who and those involved to also show up authentically as though they realised in that moment in time that you’re a human being who has thoughts and feelings and has value because you exist. In this moment you can alter the passage of time and affect everything up the chain of events from that moment and your thoughts feelings and manifestations will confirm this shift in sense of self as a consequence.


This is who you are. Holding nothing back and fully committing to being yourself in ever aspect of life and expressing your feelings uncompromisingly will lead you to release the feelings which bind that state and free up that stagnation for good. This is the secret to revision and SATS.


Letting go means dropping the false identification with the feelings against someone for what they did or didn’t do to you and seeing things for what they are as a whole and complete being. Letting go is simply recognising you’re no longer needing to compromise on being authentic in this aspect of yourself.


Intuitive impulse represents you being tapped on the shoulder by your higher self to show up authentically and without compromise. It’s an opportunity to burn away that which is not in order to reveal that which is.


Living from this authentic aspect of you means no temporary peaks or dips due to the experience of false identification you’re trying to force yourself into which is why expressing this sense of self is the one and only way to consistently and reliably manifest what you want the way you want most naturally as you’re always being drawn in this direction either way and determines exactly what you’ll do as this state is being driven from a higher consciousness too.


These emotional traumas are basically just a stuck feeling that we couldn’t freely express and so when we allow ourselves to express that without compromise we clear it and in pathway revision it has a profound effect for moving resistance as we’re able to see the bigger picture looking back and understanding that we aren’t victims of anything which gives us our power back to let it go and create a better future.





Grasp this.


Every time you’re given an opportunity to be shameless in showing up authentically and expressing your without compromise and you feel that time slows down almost like you’re being tested for faith to your core essence it’s a chance for you to become more coherent to your greatest potential


Every time you miss an opportunity and compromise on showing up in that moment according to who you really want to be regardless of anything anyone will think about you means showing faith in god as yourself. You are the technique because glowing with your intuitive impulses you are constantly influenced by to make the conscious decisions to be yourself or compromise is the way you transcend the limitations which bind you.


This unshakable confidence in yourself because you know yourself as the greater consciousness is the point of what the promise is all about. You know yourself as not the corporeal being who sees only the capacity their eyes can see but the greater consciousness they’re integrated in and are a part of who can see all things and knows the path of least resistance you’re following to refine and become one with that greater consciousness where there is only authentic expression without agenda.


Real revision is about going back to all these bridge moments where you had a decision to make which either served the unfolding of your greater potential and fulfilment or to appease to the expectations of others which is where you’ve placed your value on. Every time you compromise on being genuine in these fork moments is a time which will anchor you into that feeling of lacking value and warp all the outputs you experience in applying LOA.


This quantity of consciousness which cannot be faked using affirmations or even visualisation in SATS can only come from inviting in the awareness of greater consciousness to guide you and give you that insight required to then be able to take the actions and show up without shame or guilt the way you really want to regardless of what anyone thinks because then you live with no regrets and your unconscious mind will know that which is how your sense of self and value will be refined most naturally.


This is your path of least resistance. It’s yours for the taking.


Affirm to yourself “I am shamelessly living my truth” because that truth is your path of least resistance. That is your technique. That’s where the insight arises from. It’s the point at which you realise your value doesn’t come from compromising but by being yourself where all eternity opens up and conspires to bring you anything and everything you’ll ever want or need to fulfil your unique expression of life.


That is the promise. That’s is your promise. That is manifestation. This is reality synthesis.




This is the path we are all being moved towards. We are seeing this unfold in every aspect of reality where the corporate structures of the world are collapsing because they force us to compromise on being ourselves to fit in. Metaphysically speaking global events are occurring to mediate the collective to recognise this truth I speak above. These events are purposefully playing out as a result of greater processes unfolding as they may. Cycles within cycles.


We are all going to undergo this transformation of self and realise our authentic self where there is no agenda behind our intent. Everything will be done for the fulfilment of everyone’s greatest desires on a core level in which case by everyone living without compromise we can form a collective reality which is coherent with the expansion of greater consciousness and become one with it completing the cycle where we then become one mind just as you have many smaller consciousness within you playing out the same trials you are at this very moment.


This is the truth. The undeniable reality of how and why manifestation works the way it does. I have been the one to write about this because I was uncompromising in my ability to see beyond the limitations of myself. I am not special but simply someone who learned that my true nature is greater than my corporeal sense of self. It is in this recognition and experience of through living without compromise that you see the truth of all things even if you can’t put it into words.


Fulfil your dreams and live your life without compromise. That is all you need to do. You never need to affirm or visualise or anything. All that you need to do is die to your identification with where your value comes from through compromise and express that truth without compromise.


Imagine scenarios which fulfil these conditions where you’re shamelessly showing reality your truth be use you are one with all and you know that.



When we are refining our sense of self what are we drawing contrast to. What are we moving towards. That is the greater consciousness we’re integrated in. We are a piece of greater consciousness and so we are being forced to refine our microcosmic reality because the larger process is undergoing its own shifts and so that is metaphysically represented in our existence and the directions we are propagating.


Our path of least resistance represents that which is moving towards the greater us. That’s the truth. That’s why you have intuitive impulse. That’s why you have desires. That’s why you have this constant search for value. That’s why it all is the way it is and it’s all simply the procession of metaphysical principles manifesting and expressing as the consciousness we exist as and are living the reality of being.


That’s the nature of your existence. Manifestation is consequential to your existence as a process of principles unfolding as they are necessitated. The meaning of life is to be that which is and the expression of that which is represents the path of least resistance you’re being drawn into at all times.


The water which flows down the drain in a vortical pattern is the same as your life. Everything is following its path of least resistance because god unfolds itself from yin to yang and back again in an effectively infinite series of integrated processes all dancing the rhythm of life.


That is reality synthesis.



The process of Jing raising from the catalytic reaction over minister fire raising into liver and into heart gives us a proportional pathway connection to all. Incoherently raising Jing leads to spikes of yang expressing in liver and heart making us feel excess neediness and frustration for not being where we want. It amplifies that metaphysical emotional aspect of that meridian and causes our processes which those lead into to be warped as a result.

Semen retention with the gazing OR by raising it through movement like qigong or martial arts or something physically related causes a natural unfolding of this energy. This also connects to Reich orgonomy and outlines why sexual process is critial for the foundations of forming an ideal sense of self and flowing with your affinities. If you don't have the Jing from the kidneys raise into the authoritative center of the liver where creative and spontaneous expression is formed to then be harnessed by the heart which is connected to greater consciousness then you'll feel fear by being yourself and be unable to act spontaneously. 

Revising past traumatic processes conjugately also raises this energy more efficiently in a way that shifts stagnation caused by the metaphysical representation to those emotions involved. This is why all paths work because they're all metaphysically represented.


1. Start by retaining and not lusting and move physically or gaze to proportionately raise that Jing into the liver to nourish its ability to express creative power.

2. Get clear on your affinities and path. If you have an intuitive impulse to do something but hold yourself back in that moment write down all the details involved in that aspect and then apply pathway revision to that aspect.

3. Express the cleared pathways without shame or compromise because it feels good to be yourself.

4. Expand your potential and reach beyond your comfort zone into new and greater heights. This will come naturally and you'll be forced to look beyond anyway if you're following your path.


That's how you refine the sense of self foundationally. This then allows you to integrate concepts coherently and manifest them accordingly. That's how LOA works because it's all metaphysically represented.



Thoughts on SATS and revision.


The truth is this. Revision is all we need because it’s the past which keeps us anchored in these cycles of living out compromise on an unconscious level meaning no matter what conscious decisions we make to move in a direction we think serves us it will always confirm the compromise which we hold within. If you break the source of the pattern underlying the problem from the past experience then you affect everything related up the chain. This is why instead of trying to work kataphatically we work apophatically by negating the past influences which keep us anchored and locked into that reality creating the patterns and themes playing out in our lives. 

remember the time that you had to compromise on being who you wanted to be, this is the memory which represents the decision you made that held in place the theme that’s warping your reality today. Revise this scene by making the decision you wanted to and also having the person who you compromised to meet the needs of supporting your decision, if you can’t see them making that decision then that’s the very proof you’ve not forgiven them and you’re still holding on. Drop it and dare to assume it.

Once you’ve revised this scene and embodied the feeling/energy/sense of self of the character who acted in that instance without compromise then you can carry that with you and draw upon that for a source of power which will drive you further into living the reality of that decision you made being claimed by you and for you to then own that decision. When you own that decision you revised in the past then you carry that into the present and your entire outlook on that theme and it’s implications Carrie’s over as the field geometry is integrated and is one process unfolding.

Revision is the most powerful method of shifting past beliefs that have been stuck with us and the most reliable way to affect change in our sense of self when you have awareness of those past memories by applying pathway revision. Work with pathway revision and you’ll get immense results if you’ve got the capacity to journal and log the pathways which arise.

when applying pathway revision you’ll spiral in your thoughts once you’ve locked onto a theme that’s limiting you and make you become identified with that compromised experience and so dropping the identification in that moment and seeing that scenario for what it is without judgement gives you the ability to see that the person who you felt the need to compromise for wasn’t there to hurt you but were hurt and or misguided themselves. When you can see the scenario for what it is then you have the ability to completely change the meaning that scene has and actually express your true feelings in that moment the way you really wanted to but felt incapable of.


Every act in life we do that is at one of these points of bifurcation where we almost feel like this pressure to conform even though we don’t want to is one of great importance as these acts and decisions represent the reality of experience of who we are being and if we are proportionate to our ideal sense of self or not. Every time you decide consciously to compromise instead of act according to your true feelings about the theme associated with it then you lose flow with your path of least resistance and your heart becomes damaged along with other systems as a result of the new behavioural patterns you’ll pick up to cope with the suffering you’ve just allowed yourself to give into. 

I wrote an unpublished article months back when I was writing about the idea of the “rebellious” manifesting mindset and how it’s got so many people into the positions they are today not because of them expressing this idea of being a rebellious person but because they’re reclaiming their power and remembering all the times they compromised in the past and revising them on the spot simply through state interferometry. The rebellious mindset is similar to the same mindset of that which you’d revise from as to act in that scene according to your true feelings which is in fact why your emotional state really doesn’t have anything to do with the output manifestation and also why even those who feel blissed out always dip because they’re still compromising and their unconscious mind knows that and shows them through their reality.



SATS ritual


Doing SATS at night gets the body and the nervous system expecting this pattern of integrating concepts to repeat and will actually get help mediate that out of habit which is why consistency is important.


Working with the past and the future to anchor in the fulfilment of themes by applying pathway revision and SATS is a complete method. You want to put yourself no in the idea future you but also the ideal past you, living according to the same uncompromising expression of yourself without leaving these patterns playing out.


Revisiting past experiences which are the roots of patterns and reminding yourself of the sense of self from that scene where you fulfilled that resistance in the present in affirmations and in the future with SATS brings you the complete transformation.


How to know if pathway revision or SATS is better


If you’ve got long standing repeated patterns with similar memories and triggers arising from past experiences then pathway revision or apophatic methods are best, otherwise SATS or kataphatic methods are better as there’s no fundamentally limited sense of self warping the outputs.


Here’s the magic realisation


If you need to bring a past sense of self who was free into the present moment to feel connected to your heart and path of least resistance then revision will give you the means to anchor that sense of self in by clearing the miasma that’s caused that aspect of you to be frozen in time from a past experience which is why you need to continually remind yourself of that aspect and yet it doesn’t always anchor in and you end up self sabotaging because it’s not been released and able to conjugate with your future projections in imagination.


The whole feeling worthy and capable consistently without effort comes from a past experience which confirms this truth otherwise you’ll constantly run up against the past. NG said this too. It’s the past which



I imagined being in my old bedroom when I was 7 with the ps2 running crash of the titans on my bed with the crazy sound system and stuff. I also think I remember sonic riders for some reason too. The scene was very brief and simple but I remember embodying the feeling of being there not in vividness but in carryover, the whole I’m not compromising in this imaginal scene to how I want to respond from my free will. I got into a sort of flow and boom all this new stuff manifested the next day as a result because I want back to the past and lived there.




Rules for LOA


1 live a day from fulfilling past patterns that have carried over and caused you to feel stuck. Go back and make the correct decision. That’s all revision is, you change the decision you made in that moment and shift around the decisions others made to reflect the best interests of everyone involved.


2 Go to bed feeling accomplished every night and you’ll not need to dwell on failures and regrets. Basically live each day without regrets, make the decisions that you want to make which you know will bring you happiness as a result regardless of what anyone or anything presents to the contrary. We are moving towards zero resistance so flowing with life means flowing with love without effort through taking the actions and making the decisions which confirm this. Recognise that it was compromise which brought you here to begin with.


3 imagine better and better every day.



The truth is that when we compromise on who we truly want to be and shamelessly expressing who we truly want to be then we cause a split in time between that moment we made that decision and now where we basically keep replaying the theme of that past experience. This is the whole “lesson” learning nonsense so many attribute to human existence but it’s simply that you made a decision that doesn’t serve you and so you must correct it in order to become who you’re really being at your greatest potential.

we are either proportional to the consciousness we’re integrated in or not, if not then you’ll manifest nothing but experiences to confirm this decision. Free will can only come from making conscious decisions and when those decisions don’t serve you as you feel the need to compromise in order to please others then you’re literally destroying yourself and metaphysically denying your divinity as you begin to see yourself as separate from your core essence and so wonder what joy and love and all that feels like where you end up living an aimless life not knowing what your purpose is. 





I want everybody who's reading this to pay attention and read between the lines here. Grasp the depths of how this works, experience the reality of it and don't just read it. If you take this simple truth as your one and only guiding principle for the next week of your life and apply it without compromise then you'll make more progress than ever. I guarantee you.
I've realised that it's almost always a form of revision which we're applying that results in the actual foundational shift in the sense of self. Pathway revision proves that anyone and everyone can do this without even realising it because it's a natural process of how thoughts lead into each other. There is a good reason why Neville said that revision is the one method he would teach if he had to pick one, it's because it's all based on revising decisions we made which didn't serve us and anchored in this state of compromise in this area of life.
Almost all the limiting beliefs go back to this idea of needing to compromise in order to please other people, even if those people are no longer in your life. It's so common that you'll self sabotage and by not giving yourself permission to express yourself the way you actually want to because you unconsciously feel vulnerable when you push beyond your comfort zone. It's all about this very act of making the decision to bifurcate and take the path towards your truth even if it makes others unhappy (at least in the moment) that leads you to living with no regrets and going to sleep every night knowing you're living the best life you can within the means you have available. This is how you drop the trying because you are being the change you wish to see and thus there is nothing for you to do but be yourself. There is no more sense of what am I doing with myself.
This attitude towards life of living without compromise and making the decisions that you really want to is how we can all cultivate a sense of self which is proportionate to that which we are unfolding within greater consciousness as individuals and as a collective.
Think (pathway revision) of all those things you held back on in the past because it felt too uncomfortable to be spontaneous and walk the path which you wanted to, go back to these times and allow yourself to make the decision you wanted and in fact revise the parties involved to be supportive in that decision too.
Fully express yourself, hold nothing back, be merciless and unforgiving in the refinement of your foundational field geometry. Revise these past experiences and anchor into that compromise never having been made in the first place. You'll finally be free, the weight will be lifted and you will dance the game of life without effort because you are now being yourself without trying. That's all LOA is about, nothing else.
This is the most natural and simple way to manifest and should be obvious to us all now. The sense of self is the basis of manifestation and your unconscious mind knows you're compromising even if you don't which is why you can feel high on your own existence and think every positive thought imaginable all day about your SP and yet nothing changes.
What other variable is there to shift? Everything else is concept work, essential thought. The only thing there is left to shift is the variable which determines how we associate meaning from those concepts which is the sense of self. When the sense of self is disproportionate to that which is desired to express from it's integration in greater consciousness then it is disproportionate and bleeds charge and disrupts the zero resistance self recursive circuit making us have this air of low worth as a result that we don't ever even have to think about for it to influence us and our reality. It all goes back to the moments you were either forced to compromise on this intuitive flow of life or you decided to in order to fit in and meet others expectations. This is the source of all disease as a result of this resistive pathway metaphysically pushing out proof of compromised being. There is no other aspect to warp our realities as this is how we fundamentally draw association to concepts we integrate which is completely separate to our conscious thoughts. Recognise this simple truth.
There is nothing else to do. All these coaches who love to throw around terms like "you are the technique" or whatever related phrases really don't get why that is. You are the technique because it's actually coming from you feeling that past experience that was the origin of this compromised belief about your capability to be yourself being lifted and let go. That's what letting go is, it's dropping the attachment by actually expressing yourself the way you really desired to all this time without compromise where you're finally able to live without resistance. Being yourself in past present and future is the only technique. Your unique expression of consciousness is the technique. Giving yourself permission to express that means manifesting your life the way you want.
That's why I and many others have manifested big things even while in moments of absolute disposition for life because we simply took upon ourselves the quality of consciousness of our true core essence and negated the conditions out of pure frustration. This is just as effective as feeling magical and blissed out because the emotions are always temporary but the attitude towards how you associate to them isn't. People who take substances to get high while thinking of all the things they want don't live fulfilling lives so why do we think emotions play any part in LOA. The quality of consciousness of being in flow with your intuitive impulses cannot be faked or conjured outside of learning that you never needed to compromise to begin with and this simple realisation is manifestation and state coherency. Attitude of mind coherency proportional to our greater consciousness that intuitively guides and communicates us through experience metaphysically.
I can't make that any more clear. Reality Synthesis is the only valid model of manifestation on earth as it understands manifestation is consequential to your being and not a thing that being does. Because god exists god is. I AM. I AM!
NG quotes
Feeling (intuitive sense of self) is the secret
Self abandonment (intuitive sense of self) is the secret
There is no one to change but self (intuitive sense of self)
Stop studying and live! Living is the technique! Being yourself is the only technique! Do you see it now... This is how we become immortal, not by telling yourself you're immortal which anyone can do. This quality of consciousness cannot be faked or replicated by anyone because it's intangible and separate from sensory experience. It is the principle of proportionality fundamentally. It's so divinely simple and ever so eloquent, the law is the metaphysical mechanics of reality and not some magic probabilistic discreet parallel reality shifting nonsense that's completely devoid of metaphysical correspondence in reality under any context. Everything connects to everything else because it's all one pattern (god) unfolding/processing (what god does by nature of existing) which goes to say your value and sense of self comes only from recognising that you simply exist without any conditions. That's true unconditional love. It's all one.
All the power was always in your hands but you gave it up at some point because you made a decision to compromise on being yourself, you separated from yourself and placed conditions on your value in order to fit into the illusion. To become proportional again all you simply have to do is take upon yourself the state of being as though you never needed to compromise and that all this passion and drive for life you have never needed to be held back.
You'll remember a time of compromise and then you'll have come up in your mind a scenario you desire to express accordingly in the world right now or in the future. There will likely be an air of vulnerability as though you want to do something according to how you truly feel but you still feel you're being pulled back at the same time. This sensation of conflict is the point of bifurcation where decisions and revisions can be made at any time. Decide to have an air of rebellion about this decision as though you're "daring" to assume it's possible to get what you want and that others can't stop you anymore. Go into that crack in time and revise the moment from this frame of reference. See them supporting you and you being unforgiving in that same instance in expressing yourself according to what has been bottled up this whole time. Experience the complete reality of being yourself without holding back to the point where you'll die to your limitations completely. Stand in your truth of being as I AM and take what's yours without mercy as Odin did. Die to yourself. Be reborn as the Christ did.
Feel satisfied that you've done it. It's done. It's finally done. There is nothing to hold onto as there is no regrets. You've been yourself as god and so have done all you need to do as god.
Reality Synthesis is the only valid model of manifestation which explains Neville Goddard and LOA completely. Reality Synthesis fully explains manifestation and all aspects of it.
Burn away that which is not in order to reveal that which is.
VERY SLOW WEBPAGE.. It takes half a second for my keyboard response to show up on screen now.. I think I'll type this out on another document and paste it here instead.
So here's a truth.  You're wasting your time compromising on who you really want to be, but there's also the issue that you don't even know who you want to be. When you don't even know who you want to be then there's no sense of direction and thus you end up wasting time as you are. You simply don't have a coherent direction that you believe is going to bring satisfaction. This is the core issue, not laziness or whatever else but a direction which is incoherent. Everybody wants stuff given to them for free, they want to be the center of reality to whatever extent they feel comfortable with that. 
Let's look at this metaphysically. You've got 3 primary processes which make up your being. The lower middle and upper cauldrons to use an alchemical term in which each one transmutes base energy into something more ordered for other aspects of your being to utilize. Think of a series of pools of water and each one is integrated in the other, once one pool overflows it spills into the other pool and circulates a refined energy through that other pool.








Joseph Murphy said in the power of the subconscious mind: "To affirm is to state that it is so and as you maintain this attitude of mind as true regardless to all evidence to the contrary you will receive an answer to your prayer. Your thought can only affirm for even if you deny something you are actually affirming the presence of what you deny. Repeating an affirmation knowing what you are saying and why you are saying it leads the mind to the *STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS* where it accepts that which you state as true. Keep on a affirming the truths of life until you get the subconscious reaction which satisfies."

Notice how it says "Repeating an affirmation knowing what you are saying and why you are saying it" and when we pair this with the bible verse about not using vain repetition we can say that approaching affirmation from a mindful place would be effective. The idea of this is more about being the person who is the affirmation, and not so much saying it with detachment as identification would drive the response the subconscious would have. That's why two people can hear or affirm the same words and get different results, for if purely affirming words the same amount of times then both should get the same results right? Besides the words in and of themselves don't have the power, it's the contextual sense we apply to those words which has the power, else two who apply the same method would get the same results, but that's never the case. This is why I see what Joseph Murphy says is true, however, under the contextual sense that repetitive affirmations work then they will because that's the contextual sense applied and grounded into the practise so long as that contextual sense is maintained.

I've pretty much come up with my own language here to describe what's missing with affirmations. Contextual sense, not purely imaginal sense. Contextual sense is the personal aspect of what would otherwise be the same input phenomena which would be replicated, however contextual sense cannot be replicated and precedes imaginal sense.

How to manifest anything - WIP

1. Integrate the new concepts of your desires into one sense
This is done with affirmation and inner conversation above all else but can also be done with imaginal scenes in either real time with open eye methods or with closed eye meditative methods.
Repetitive affirmations will certainly integrate those thoughts into most of your day to day states but they will not cause correct identification and thus we need to associate those with our new contextual sense of self.
These thoughts in and of themselves can and likely will manifest in some way shape or form but without correct identification there cannot be a perfect unfolding of exactly what you want out of these concepts.
Their manifestation will either be warped based on distortional pathways within the thought chain the concept is integrated in or it will come and go quickly causing you to reflect the context of lack over abundance.
Working on the conceptual level is usually only done for around 5 days as more than that will lead to thoughts spiralling and fragmenting of already established states that work for you.

2. Embody a state where your contextual sense of self identifies with those concepts
These new concepts you're thinking of all the time now must be contextually correct for your unconscious mind to generate proportional pathways through which these new thoughts can materialize in a way that you want.
The way we integrate these new concepts contextually is through deeper work with imagination and simply assuming who we are in the now. By drawing ourselves out of old states consciously we starve them and they dissolve.
The longer we can maintain state streaks with correct contextual identification by using imagination to reference your end scene and claiming it as yours as your new sense of self you're going to shift very fast.
This is self abandonment, all the world on the contextual level is all internal to the identification we have and thus by altering our perception of how we relate to these desires we integrated as concepts we manifest them in.

3. Use your imaginary senses to reference an inspiring scene which pulls you into the ideal frame of reference and maintains the state
To maintain the perfect state for longer streaks to integrate it more effectively and to dissolve old states and associations we hold our end scene and all the concepts related to it in our minds and contextualise it as ours.
When we simply take this reference scene and play it through with concept and contextual sense we are shifting all levels of our unconscious field geometry causing us to literally become a new person.
We abandon our old contextual sense to these concepts and thus the way they manifest in our reality shifts without even needing to change the concepts themselves, though that's a recommended part of the process to help.
If you take the core concepts and contexts that you're integrating you'll actually be able to trace them back to a common theme in your life that you've been desiring to experience.
These concepts and contexts are just the means to expressing that theme in your life and thus upon realization of this theme you'll have a new context to draw from which implies all other contexts in one.
This is the most efficient way to draw back to reference when you just can't get the right feeling when in bad circumstances, the theme will almost always give you the sense of self you need to reframe the circumstances.
Manifesting is kind of like listening to music, you eventually get sick of the same thoughts and feelings and so you need something broader in scope to get that feeling back. That's why we use a theme to reference long term.

4. Go about living your life the way you would if you were the person who had it all
When we live our day to day lives we are no longer living as the old self, we sacrificed that old sense of self to transform into the perfect iteration of who we truly desire to be.
From this place we no longer will act the same way, we will be inspired by our sense of self to spontaneously make new decisions and take it upon ourselves to interact with the world and perceive the world in a new way.
We don't have to try or think about doing it, we will just do it. We will do it the same way you do what you normally do during your day. If that means people vanish and opportunities come in to replace them then so be it.
All you have to do is flow with whatever comes up from this new place and hold true to your reference scene to maintain the ideal state and everything will flow without worry or fear just the way it should be.
When we get out of our heads and live in flow with our intuitive impulses we don't need to worry because time flies and outcomes unfold without effort. That's all there is to this, it's very natural and easy.
If getting into flow requires you to act in the world like for example being a dancer then do that and act with the sense of self that the reference scene draws into you. Integrating actions with imagination is VERY powerful.
When we anchor our actions into the world from the ideal state we flow with those actions and we get out of our head which means we can most efficiently generate long state streaks of non wavering thought and contextual sense.
This means we show up for ourselves differently and we don't hold ourselves back when we have the urge to act on our inspirations because of conditions we hold ourselves to. We are now free and flowing with reality.

That's how you manifest anything. This is the formula to follow for all desires no matter how big or small.
The bigger desires will likely need more time spent pulling yourself into reference state to manifest them as your general dwelling states will be disproportionate with what you want.
The longer you can maintain these states and pull yourself into that inspiring reference scene the better if you want faster results but don't go about this in a way where you're overthinking about it as that won't help.
The process should be as simple and effortless as possible. When you recognise being in the state of the one who has it all go deeper into that state and refine it further. Add onto it and immerse yourself in that state.
The way to not waver is to play the part and see all your experiences as benefiting your progression no matter if they seem to be good or bad.

If you find yourself wavering and you can't get into the state again even with your reference scene then pull yourself into the next best state where you can get back on the pedestal and put yourself above your desire.
If the desire is your big one then instead of trying to get into the state of having it by attempting to overcome the anxiety of the desire being above you reframe the desire as being below you and easy to obtain.
Holding the desire above us is false identification and reflects that we're not in the ideal contextual sense of self and so either getting inspired to be on top or by relaxing and refocusing will work to reframe yourself.

Realtime or same day manifestations unfold when both contextual sense and conceptual sense of both self and the desire are proportionally aligned and the pathway can fire without resistance.
To manifest really fast like this the most effective thing we can do is actually work on integrating the desire from a place of it wanting us, this builds contextual sense and also builds conceptual sense in our favour.
Projecting your ideal sense of self out into the world and feeling it come back to you is another way that works with general state shifting throughout the day.
This method of manifesting very fast is usually what people do when they manifest a call in seconds or minutes. Realtime manifestation is possible, I've done it a few times but it's inconsistent because our states are too.

All you need to do is draw upon your reference scene for that inspirational impulse and to dwell there as long as you have all disproportionate pathways cleared up. If resistance shows up reframe it as success in your reality.

For more specific integrations of concepts and contexts coaching should be requested to get a glimpse into your field geometries and understand where disproportionality is expressing in your reality to refine it and manifest.

The thoughts you continually tell yourself will manifest only to the extent that you contextualize those thoughts. If you affirm for example that you’re SP loves you then you will only manifest proof of that in your reality associated to the contextualization you hold on that concept. This will usually result in you manifesting experiences of your SP posting how much they love their third party and not about you as this theme is playing out reflecting that proof. This is how information pathways work, the ideal intention behind the affirmation gets warped by what’s underlying it and makes what would be a positive experience into a reflection of your limitation.

You will likely see other people experiencing what you want and it will make you feel frustrated and inferior not because of those thought but because of how you associate meaning to those thoughts unconsciously. That’s how signs always play out and why you often see the name of your SP everywhere when you affirm they love you instead of them actually saying it to you. You still believe you’re unworthy and thus that affirmation MUST provide proof associated to your limitation. This is what affirming in “lack” really means. Even if you feel good when you affirm what you want to happen, your general dwelling state and contextual sense around that state is of lack, thus the modulation of the state of lack and that affirmation average out to manifest the signs and limited experiences you have and not what you want because the contextual association hasn’t changed.

I want to write this out for you, the reader of this article, to come back to and use as reference material for when doubts show up and you waver. I want this to clear up how things work and give you the clear truth behind the process which plays out and why being in a negative place is not a bad thing at all. This is all about state coherence after all, and being in a bad state means you’re not in an ideal range of state coherence, at least in that currently embodied state. That doesn’t mean that your reference state is incoherent but that you’re not in there in this present moment.

All it takes to manifest your desire is to consistently hold your reference state through living in flow with that and structuring your life around that reference state which integrates all the desires you want into one and the theme which underlies them all as the anchor point for your unconscious to latch onto and provide context towards. We will go over how this all works and why you’re not getting what you want.

Lets outline a clear example of how this can work. For example you want an SP, but you’re broke, you’ve got no money and you believe that your SP won’t want you if you’re broke and can’t provide any monetary value. You don’t know what you want to do in life and all you wish is that you just had money and your problem would go away.

Here’s the solution to that scenario, which is a common one. If you want money the most easy way to attain it is to do what you love in life and monetize that. You’ve got a path of least resistance which represents your desired “thing” that you want to do regardless of if it would seem to be profitable or not. When you move in the direction of this thing shamelessly as if everybody WANTS you to walk that path then you’ll have money fall into your lap literally out of nowhere because the circumstances must align to prove to you that concept you’ve integrated within you.
Dropping conditions such as nobody wants or values what I want to do in life is essential to generating intuitive impulse which will automatically drive you into the world to act unconsciously and generates state coherence through persisted streaks in that reference state. This is how we anchor in the unconscious aspect of consciousness, the so called “feeling”, or knowing, of who and what we are and what we are capable of. This process does NOT require conscious input but instead unconscious input through nervous system stability.

The experience of ups and downs in your state tells us that you’re not coherent in states, this is not necessarily a bad thing though and should be seen as a sign of where to place your awareness. If by being in flow in your reference state time flies for you and you don’t have any intrusive thoughts because you were immersed in the experience of the moment it means that you were in a state streak and you will likely experience more of that in the near future as it’s building state coherency on the unconscious feeling level.

When your nervous system is stable and steady the feeling has every opportunity to integrate along with your ideal concepts to manifest what you want the WAY you want it. Too often do we simply think of what we want but not really believe it to be the case, to know it intuitively as our default reaction when that concept is brought up. The doubts, fears, insecurities and the like, they don’t really hold any meaning unless we give them meaning on a conceptual level. Context is built out of both concept and feeling, so even if you’re not “feeling”, knowing, that your desire is yours, it’s still yours if you maintain consistency of concept. This is what persisting in thought represents, but true persistence, generally speaking, is persistence of showing up in your end reference state in the world and knowing that people want you to show up that way regardless of how you feel in the moment. Feelings, just like fleeting thoughts, don’t have long term influence outside of extremely traumatic experiences where context is generated near real time due to false identifications with the scenario experienced.

So when it comes to practically staying consistent in the ideal reference state we will simply see the world as wanting us to fall into that place by default. It’s like a task we’re being given by reality to fulfil in order to manifest the desire. Keep in mind that this is not going to appear as “work” to us in the moment, just like when you’re having fun time flies. When you’re in flow and you’re writing something out time flies too, it’s the same experience but under different conceptual basis leading to differences in context generated out of that experience in flow.

All we need to do is recognize that it’s done, that reality wants us to be this way and because we WANT to be this way on a truly foundational level and reality WANTS us to show up this way too as the mirror of that internal aspect we really can’t fail. This is not work for us as it’s a means through which we experience flow and reference state streak. Simply follow your desires, show up accordingly and flow with intuitive inspirational impulse to move in the world and thus through you being the change you wish to see the world will be moved for you to realize the underlying desire which is implicated as a result of this process unfolding. That’s how it works for everybody regardless of if they are aware of it or not as their interpretation of what showing up for themselves according to their desires is always different.

Just keep in mind that the idea that you don’t need to do anything is only true to the extent that you’re not holding conditions against your impulses to act in the world. If you truly “feel” a pull to be moved in the world but you don’t “feel” like you’re worth the world reflecting that movement then you’re unconsciously being driven by conditions and false identifications leading to self sabotage. This is where most fail, they believe that because they hear that you don’t need to lift a finger to manifest, which is technically true, it means you can still live in old patterns and identifications without consequence and by thinking from that end in the same state of lack you can manifest what you want. This rarely works and is what most try and fail with not realizing the simple formula outlined above.

To expand further the outline of how showing up for yourself in reality looks to you is, again, completely subjective to your meaning you place on that. This means that you don’t need to even get out of bed to manifest anything you desire, however, without an unconscious anchor point as the expression of reference state you will never shift the feeling and nothing will change. By being in this place of inaction you’ll be always looking for proofs, your nervous system will be on edge expecting something to show up and as a result it never does which only feeds the cycle leading you to eventually give up and move on.

This is why when we’re at rock bottom we often have revelations as there is such contrast in our awareness in this place that it seems like there’s nowhere to go but back up at that point as your self regulating process must reflect the polarity that exists within that concept. Temporary inspirational impulse will be generated out of this as the feeling of worth would be shifted in that moment and through flowing with this you build momentum and thus state coherence where old patterns are broken without even trying.

Can you see the process here now? It’s all about flowing with your reality, expecting things without expecting them. Thinking without thinking and feeling without feeling, that’s truly what being in the moment means. It’s all about embodiment through self recursive process. When we’re out of this process and we look for proof our nervous system becomes aware of contrast and the feeling no longer reflects the concept of your desire the way you want and instead will only provide proof of the opposite because that contrast exists from not being in flow and in steady state. This is where most fail and will continue to stumble until they see this simple truth about how and why manifesting works the way it does. Contrast is what enables us to experience emotional output and is the basis for how the stories we form about ourselves are associated to the feeling. Contrast is the experience of proportionality and proportionality is the basis of information.

To recap. The process is simply about getting clear on your desires, which you do have and are aware of no matter how low you are. This comes by looking at what desires come up and questioning if you’re compromising on that desire at all, if you are then clear up where these compromises are and recognize the patterns which are playing out to cause that compromise as conditions you’re holding above your ability within yourself to manifest this desire. Drop the conditions by saying they no longer hold any influence and move on to clarifying that this desire is fundamental. Write it down on paper, physical paper, your unconscious mind will feel different from this and will actually generate a feeling of certainty in that moment that it’s yours now.

From this place we will WANT to move in the world in various ways that come up and might even feel a sort of passionate unrelenting will to get things done. This will be temporary, it will only last for anywhere from a few hours up to 3 days or so until steady state kicks in and you no longer feel these same drives. This is where coherence is building in your state, but if you don’t feel inspired anymore by the same things you once did it means you’re not working with reference state as the desires underlying reference state will ALWAYS drive you into that ideal feeling and your nervous system will get on board. In the moment you may not feel it but flow through whatever negative state you’re in and you’ll then level off and begin to feel the inspirational impulses once again.

Don’t let the negative states get you down, don’t place any meaning on them which is unfavourable but just see them as temporary cycles within bigger cycles which are providing you contrast through which you will be able to maintain momentum. Without this contrast you won’t have these powerful drives to move in the world until it becomes a normal steady state process which plays out unconsciously. At this point you will no longer have negative spirals as those pathways are completely dissolved. It will be like how you don’t spiral at having a computer or phone to read this article on, it just is what it is because you’re so use to it being a part of your experience and your nervous system is fully on board with this experience too.

This is why marrying the conscious and the unconscious aspects is critical in manifesting your desires as the subconscious mind is but a product of the interaction of the conscious and unconscious processes that play out in your self recursive circuit that is your consciousnesses. All it takes is to simply make a decision on what it is you want and to build momentum in that direction. The rest will take care of itself for you as that’s how reality works. Gravity works regardless of if you believe it works or not, just like your heart pumps blood around your body without you telling it to do so as it’s all unconscious autonomic processes playing out which are a part of the same circuitry which crystallizes your conceptual conscious thoughts into unconscious processes which work for you. This is why nervous system stability is critically important and also how it explains why those who don’t break patterns continue to look for conditions and don’t get anywhere because their nervous system is on edge all the time looking for proof of something they don't have as they don’t “feel” they truly have it or ARE it.

I hope that clears up how things work and provides clarity about why you are where you are right now, be it good or bad in your perspective. Nothing can hold you back but your perceptions of yourself and the meanings you place on those circumstances and how the patterns which arise from these cycles affect your relationship with your desires. Having a healthy relationship with your desires is how you manifest effortlessly. You know they’re inevitable and your nervous system is on board because you’re showing up accordingly and in flow not looking for proof of things all the time.

Here’s my tip if you’re still spiralling. Just remember that every time you ended up in a low point there was ALWAYS a positive peak at the end of it. Negative spirals are always just temporary processes playing out due to the contrast in your unconscious mind showing you the limited identifications in a more intense way. When you’re in reference state and in flow these came concepts have a completely different context behind them because your feeling is stable and in coherence with your end. Your nervous system isn’t looking for proof and is comfortable where you are in life from that state, hence why the same concepts don’t cause you to fall out into negative spirals.

The same principle applies here to the negative spiral, the positive aspects seem impossible due to the contrast which exists to present your unconscious mind the seemingly impossible task of manifesting this desire and all the circumstances will appear as obstacles in your way instead of just steps on a path to your end. You see how the same concepts can provide completely different meanings to you based on the feeling you’re associating to those concepts based on the state you embody. Negative spirals are ALWAYS temporary and will fade out, go into them and immerse yourself in these pathways if you want, clear out the energy in your nervous system and move things forward, don’t be afraid of expressing your negative emotional outputs. They exist for a reason and they’re just parts of a temporary process unfolding to show you where you’re at.

There is nothing more powerful in manifesting your desire than clear vision of your end which you can consciously hold in awareness even in negative states. Use your conscious mind to guide your unconscious mind and give it concepts to work with which bring about the feeling of being satisfied with your place in life. Your desires are inevitable, flow with that and let your nervous system/unconscious mind get on board with that. This will anchor in the feeling and give you ideal state coherence to level off contrast and make that desire seem normal to you and not cause you to spiral in thoughts either on the positive or negative direction. It just is and through showing up for yourself according to this faith you manifest with inevitability. It doesn’t matter if it shows up today or next year because you’re already satisfied with your place in life and your nervous system is on board with it too. That’s all you need to do do manifest any desire without exception.

Imagine as if your desire was true, dare to assume it as Neville Goddard says and immerse yourself in the feeling of that concept. Grab that feeling and bring it into your current state. Elevate yourself into that ideal reference state and become reborn once again as a new person in that moment. That is all there is and conditions and circumstances are irrelevant. All it takes is a small boost and a frame of reference shift to get into reference state and to flow with that state. Choose to focus on the end, the solution to the pattern once it’s been identified. Separate yourself from this pattern and dissolve it’s influence on you by writing it out and burning it to ash to be forgotten forever. Do this ritual and remember it’s implications to your reality. This ritual has no technical basis other than purely an act of free flowing will to decide your end here and now. That simple decision can make all the difference for you.

Think of things like this. If you see your path of least resistance as a path that you walk because you think you need to in order to manifest what you want using effort then you’re approaching it from the wrong feeling. Take this and apply it. You’ve got a path of least resistance through which you can provide VALUE to not just the world and the people you interact with who show up as mirrors for you but that this value you provide comes BACK to you the more you put it out there. People WANT you to provide this value, they’re mirrors just sitting out there waiting for you to show up and give them what they want so they can then give you what you want. You see how this works? The mirror principle works both ways, show up for yourself according to your intuitive impulses and flow with that along your path of least resistance from the frame of reference of people SEEKING your value and you WILL have that returned to you 10X!


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