Guide to mastering the 2 stages of consciousness (using the gazing technique)

Guide to mastering the 2 stages of consciousness (using the gazing technique)

Master these 2 levels of consciousness to manifest fast


This post is designed to be a quick guide to give you the insight required to see through any and all conditions you face in your realty preventing you from manifesting your desires.

The progression of consciousness

Consciousness is an emanation, meaning it's an unfolding process which takes place as a principle function of reality itself. Reality and god are the same thing as god is one pattern and reality is that pattern unfolding which is where the whole we are all one and everyone is you pushed out comes from, it's all the same pattern unfolding and interacting with itself through proportional self recursive circuits. This means that your physical reality is the result of the progression that this one pattern has taken the form of and has projected as it unfolds. You are not directly the progression of this pattern unfolding as physical reality and corporeal being but the uncaused cause of this emanation, the I AM which takes any and all forms imagined.

It's all you!

The basis of your capacity to manifest what you desire comes from two aspects.

  1. Having a clear concept of your desired experience
  2. Letting go of conditions you believe prevent you from having that experience

That's all there is to this manifesting thing at its core. There is only what you desire to experience and the currently held limiting beliefs you're anchoring onto unconsciously preventing you from seeing your reality differently. So if god is imagination (the basis of conceptions of experience) and the only thing preventing that being realized is self imposed and internalized conditions which then manifests as thoughts of stories we tell ourselves to justify why this limitation is in place as the conditions then dropping and letting go of the conditions is all there is to do outside of actually having a clear concept of desire.

If that which transcends the limitations isn't willpower or effort, Neville Goddard said that effort results in opposite manifestations, then what is it? It's the insight you have that you actually are god! This insight of self realization IS The thing that actually manifests your desires, not integrating more concept of what you want as the conditions are still in place but for some repetition will lead them through states into a position where they can pull out of objective corporeal reality and into their subjective incorporeal sense of self and through spontaneous insight shift those conditions as a means of letting go and thus the manifestation unfolds. 

This self realization that it's all you and that if it's all you then everything you experience is proof of who you are! This negates any and all conditions and resistance which is in the way of letting go because the perception of this resistance from corporeal identification represents the belief in limitation over the subjective potential that is your imagined reality. To grasp the reality of reality and the experience of that reality as a subjective experience which can be projected through any and all experiences the corporeal being experiences as proof of your infinite power is the view of the Christ. Seeing the world through the eyes of the Christ is the absolute ultimate in perspective as the Christ sees everything in everything without passing judgement.

Ask yourself this, what judgements am I passing? Don't dive into the how or why but just ask yourself what limited perceptions do I have of the world and are these consistently showing up in my consciousness? If they are temporary moments then they're not fundamental as you were just leading yourself into states of disproportionality as contrastive excursions deeper into contrastive comparison to your desires resulting in somatic energy generating visceral reactions in your body to then be released as outbursts in whatever way you express those. After that energy is released and that temporary state dissolves your baseline returns which is where your core beliefs are held. It is here we discover the limited conceptions of self and the world to be negated.

We don't need to play detective but simply to recognise and let go in that moment through insight of recognising it was never an issue to begin with, it was just an internalized limitation from a past experience which to god has no significance and can be burned to ash in an instant. To dissolve resistance all you do is go within but I'll give you a powerful technique I exclusively teach to enter your I AM.

The method of self realization

You can do this at any place and at any time under any conditions. This method works no matter what you may or may not be experiencing. 

  1. If you can sit comfortably in a chair
  2. Look at an object that's ideally about an arms length but any object you can see will do. It doesn't matter how big or small it is but ideally it should be still and easily visible.
  3. Take a few deep breaths and go slightly cross eyed to the point where your vision slightly blurs. If your vision isn't perfect and you already see this object with blur then go to the next step.
  4. Gaze at this object with that softened vision you just experienced, it should be as effortless as possible. Ideally you don't want to blink but if you need to blink then allow yourself to freely blink as you need to. If your eyes start watering continue to gaze through your watering eyes, it's going to make this easier next time to gaze without getting watery eyes.
  5. Within a few seconds usually with practise you'll begin to shift into a daze or a trance like state where you're aware of your objective physical reality but not be absorbed in it. If you can, with your eyes gazing at this object you've chosen shift your focus to an object in your peripheral vision without moving your eyes at all. This is splitting your consciousness further to release objective influence over your consciousness.
  6. Continue to gaze and notice that you're no longer looking through the eyes of your physical body but that god is looking through the eyes of your physical body. Your incorporeal aspect is now where you're dwelling as you're observing without judgment. This is why I teach open eye meditation.
  7. From this place of dis objectified consciousness you can see reality for what it truly is, an illusion of the senses and that it's nothing more than a VR experience the real you is playing. It's like you're in a game and realize the real world is outside the game and that you're not the character that's the proxy for your real senses, the imaginary senses. Everything from here is completely subjective and not required as a part of this process but if you wish to then follow through.
  8. You will likely feel somatic sensations from this realization. Allow whatever comes up to flow through you from this realization and fully process and release that. If nothing comes up then move into your ideal imaginary reality from here where your desires are fulfilled with eyes open still as your body continues to gaze at this object without you realizing it's doing that with split consciousness. 
  9. Once you're finished with your imaginary exploration then come back to reality. As Neville Goddard says it will be jarring and almost shock you because the real you, the I AM, will have suddenly be transported back to corporeal identification.

Congratulations, you just experienced the presence of god, your true self. Getting familiar with this process will allow you to do it at any time anywhere and recognise that you're actually in a game and that circumstances don't matter. This is the power of I AM, the subjective experiencing the objective. This is the process of consciousness discussed earlier and you just experienced it!

Have fun

There's no more to do here, just apply this method whenever you want to and allow the sensation of subjective self to wash over you to cleanse limitations and conditions. Eventually you'll dwell more and more in your default state in this subjective sense of self and become more and more powerful in your manifesting capacity as this is where all your power is. This is why every ancient spiritual text outlines transcendence as a means of self realization to be the highest form of expression of consciousness. Letting go means nothing more than to recognise the quibbles which are the conditions you can't seem to drop from an established perspective of I AM, which is also how you truly put yourself on the pedestal and drop importance of conditions. Letting go and elevating your sense of self are one and the same thing because you can't transcend limitation by holding onto it still, you let go through transcending which is why it's simple and easy to drop resistance.

Allow yourself to be consumed by the presence of god and let go of everything which is not of your highest expression. Die to yourself, die to conditions you believe hold you back. Sacrifice yourself on the tapestry of the aethers and transcend any and all limitation through the power of god once and for all.

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