How to apply SATS for consistent results

How to apply SATS for consistent results

How to apply SATS for consistent results

The complete guide to applying SATS

What is SATS?

SATS is simply the technique that Neville Goddard taught to access the power of the imagination and attain externalised results thereof. SATS stands for Sate Akin To Sleep. It's based on the biblical scriptures and not from his own idea of what should be applied so we need to understand that SATS is above all else not his method but a method he translated to us from the bible. With that context in mind SATS is one of many different methods to get results reliably and we should not take the work of Neville Goddard in a vacuum and discard all the other methods that exist out there.

How to make the perfect SATS scene

SATS is simply applied by imagining something as though it were a reality for you and not just some passing thought, it's the immersion in that imaginal experience which constitutes the difference between SATS and daydreaming. This reality of experience is thus the thing we are seeking to attain which more often than not requires extensive exercise of the imaginal senses like sight touch hearing and taste or smell.

Neville Goddard said that when you come out of SATS it should be like a shock to you that you've returned to the room you're in because the reality of that experience was so real to you that it fooled you into thinking it was real. This is traditional SATS which is based on the story of Jacobs blessing in the bible where the metaphysical meaning was that the imaginal senses take front and center stage in the consciousness to simulate a real experience and thus "fool" the unconscious mind into impressing that based on it's implication to connected beliefs. The implication is an aspect that very few understand properly and miss the point of but Neville stressed the importance of it many times in his writings and lectures.

The reason why the implication that Neville spoke of is so important as this is basically inverse pathway revision where you're creating a seemingly future event which will hold an implication on all the associated beliefs which are themed in that imaginal scene. Say you've been broke and never had love before, the SATS scene where you're placing a ring on the finger of your SP implies commitment from them for you and also that you've got great riches to be able to afford such a ring for them. 

Neville used the example of placing a ring on the finger of your SP for the purposes of an end scene for being happily married to them but we can expand this and create further implications but realising the reality of multiple aspects and how they influence our beliefs. If you impress this scene of putting an expensive ring on their finger perhaps right outside your million dollar home with your initials on the door to imply it's your residence then you'd amplify the implication of having wealth and abundance of money and love at the same time.

This must also be as far in the end as possible while also having the concepts desired integrated which would imply their fulfilment as if you're half way there like receiving money it doesn't imply that money will result in any tangible ability for you to experience that wealth in purchasing power. You could have won that money and then lost it, or someone else might have given it to you and you're in awe over the amount. It's not implying that the wealth is YOURS without a shadow of a doubt. 

When constructing a SATS scene take into careful consideration the implication of it and what it means to you. Make the primary aspects of the scene the focus in your awareness and not some background details you'd lose focus on. Make it also very short like 3-5 seconds which can fit a simple phrase in which could also imply fulfilment for those who use voices over visuals.

Take the time to understand the patterns and themes underlying the cycles you're experiencing in your manifesting journey. Recognise that these themes are the core targets which should have implication of resolution in the SATS scene like being committed to and chosen by your SP or others, or that money is stable in your reality and it's not peaking and dipping where you win some and then lose it. To avoid getting things and losing it touch on the implication of the belief that you're not worthy of having the money sorted out which might look like saying to someone about how you're grateful for having a reliable source of money for many years. Perhaps say you've made the final down payment on your home loan which would imply many years of steady income.

Once you've got the scene perfectly outlined you can perhaps draw up the visual on paper and get clear on the details or outline the phrase your person will say to you which implies their fulfilment, for example them saying how they're so happy they've had children with you if that's something you want as that would imply they've chosen you and aren't going to leave you on a whim if you've experienced nothing but rejections or ghosted dates with them.

You'll also want to detail the sensory impressions such as touch and taste and smell and all that into the scene too if you can. Script out this scene as though you were experiencing it first person and with all the thoughts and feelings which arise from being in this experience. Write down how your feet feel on the ground, how the air is cool and perhaps slightly humid, how the taste of the air has salt in it because you're near the coast and all the rest of those details. When you read it back it should give you a clear visual in your mind of this scene.

With the outline of the scene complete and the sensory details complete you're all set to apply the actual SATS technique now. Doing this priming before going into your imagination to integrate that concept directly will give it a sense of ritual and your unconscious mind will likely be more calm as opposed to doing it right after you come home from your day to day life where you're reliving any missed experiences of that time as an example. You'll want to set the tone of your physical environment to be ideal to that of being at peace ideally however that is to you. Neville said that if you do something at a specific time of day every day out of habit your nervous system will prepare in anticipation which can work in your favour.

Applying SATS in imagination

To clearly outline this guide is about a reliable and predictable way to get results but isn't required to get a lasting result. You can do SATS open eye if you get good enough at it as SATS is nothing more at it's core than experiencing in your mind the reality of experience and so anything which meets this criteria that implies the fulfilment of the concept desired is technically performing SATS.

When applying SATS in our scenario we will want to do it before bed as traditionally is done because it will drop the need for us to overthink during the day after for example doing it in the morning. When we apply SATS at night we will want to ideally be in a somewhat fulfilled state of being where you're feeling accomplished and your unconscious mind isn't on edge. Doing one scene perfectly will have greater effect than doing 1000 scenes half baked. Plan it out like a carefully crafted ritual but don't place such importance on it that you're worried it won't work. Make it as natural as possible by living as fulfilled in your day to day life as you can within the means you have available without compromise.

Now that you're ready to go into your imagination take a few deep breaths and expand your awareness to fill the entire room on each out breath and then contract that awareness into your heart on each in breath. Feel a pulse of energy emanate from your heart as your awareness contracts into your heart on each exhale. Do this for 10 or so breaths. 

Bring to your mind the primary concepts of the scene, for example the ring on the finger of your SP and seeing your initials on the door to your house as you walk in. Feel with touch these sensory impressions, feel the floor, feel what's in your hand and what you're holding onto, feel the quality of the air and it's smell. Taste the air or any scents around you. Now hear the ambience of the world around you, cars on the road driving by perhaps or birds chirping or even waves crashing. Loop these environmental details and feel immersed in this scene a few times as though it's natural and you've been transported into that world. You've forgotten you're on your bed now, you've entered into your fantasy reality.

Now give the visuals to this scene and see the area around you, focus on the concepts of greatest implication to your beliefs. Bring those to your awareness and play out the scene which implies their fulfilment while living in this background environment. Loop the main subjects of this scene and immerse yourself in the sensation of being in that moment. If any associated thoughts arise bring yourself back to the established concepts and implications in your scene. Loop those again, each loop should last around 5 seconds or so. Continue looping this scene until you fall asleep.

Anything that happens from now on will lead to the fulfilment of this scene based on it's implication and conceptual integration and there's nothing you can do to stop it from passing for it must unfold as has been foretold.

Important points to consider!

We need to recognise above all else here that SATS shouldn't be seen in a vacuum and should be connected to everything else in your experience in a wholistic perspective. SATS when applied with refined inner conversations during your day which Neville spoke highly of in many of his case instances in his books and lectures you'll be applying yourself in both imaginary and tangible reality.

The specific makeup of your mind will determine how effective any method is or will be for you under those circumstances but that doesn't mean you cannot apply methods such as SATS for a consistent result even if it's not optimal for you. SATS can work for anything under any conditions regardless of if you have affinity for SATS like methods or not so drop the need for methods to be applied one way or another for you.

When you've applied SATS and you start thinking about why it's not there or that it's taking too long or that you've done it so many times and it's not working or whatever you're doing that not because you lack a refined mind but because SATS wasn't applied correctly. These negative thoughts are the result of your state and nothing more. If you were to continually remind yourself of who you were in that end SATS scene and the underlying sense of self that carries with it relating to the fulfilment of the desire/s you've got then you'd not need to think about how you don't have them because your reality is fulfilling either way and your value isn't dependent upon the thing being there.

Upon reaching the point of naturalness in the scene where the reality of that experience sinks in and you've experienced what you desired then all you really need to do is drop it and it'll naturally unfold accordingly. Sometimes trying to make it happen quicker will warp the outputs, sometimes it won't because it will be a natural course of events mediating your actions to fulfil that scene. The point of dropping it and as Neville says being impotent is because you'll be in a place where you're basically being driven by consciousness that you're integrated in unconsciously that will make your actions and thoughts and feelings align to that which will lead you to the manifestation of this desire. Getting out of your head and into your body after the scene by living your day according to that which you find most joy and fulfilment from without compromise and living the reality of being your greatest expression of uniqueness in reality will lead you most naturally to unfolding the scene in a way you'd like or even better. This is why following your path along your affinities is a connecting piece of this puzzle.

Another important point is to understand that the implication of the scene is arguably the most important piece that so many miss the specific details of. The implication is what will have the belief shifting ability on the unconscious sense of self level, not the conceptual sensory impressions themselves. It's what those implications in the scene mean to you in association to the beliefs you hold about these concepts which is going to result in the change in your attitude towards those same concepts that previously warped your SATS manifestations before. The implication should be where most of your time is spent planning out and getting clear on with regards to the patterns which have been limiting you.

The actual level of vividness in the sensory impressions is only there to mediate the reality of the experience to the senses as to enable those implications to sink in and not just be a thought in the back of your mind as though you're looking at a projector screen in your mind. If you see what's in the scene from an almost third person perspective as though you (the corporeal being) is watching you (the imaginal incorporeal being) on a projector screen like a movie then the realty of your immersion isn't present and your unconscious mind will recognise this and push out accordingly. There's little to no capacity here to shift beliefs, but that's not to say you cannot still push out what you see.

So many perform SATS in this kind of experience and claim it's actual biblical style SATS that Neville taught when in reality it's a half done SATS which caused them to push out warped results because the belief didn't change. It's just like applying an affirmation repetitively as it's just conceptual integration and no sense of self shift through the reality of experience. The reality of experience is what results in the beliefs shifting so if you've got patterns playing out where SATS scenes are warping the results to confirm your low value and limited sense of self where those patterns will continue to warp the manifestations just as they do with affirmations.

Also understand that everything you experience in SATS no matter how vivid or not must push out. It really is effortless to get a result but to get the result you want specifically is where the art of understanding how to create the correct implication based on limiting beliefs and immersing yourself in the sensory experience of that scene will get you what you want the way you want. Everybody needs to understand this about SATS and understand what it's actually shifting because SATS and revision are perfect polar opposites in what they are affecting. Revision works by shifting the roots of a tree to affect everything above ground level while SATS in the future tense is the opposite where it traces a series of concepts back to the root sense of self unconsciously through state interferometry and shifts those beliefs without needing to uproot them specifically.

My method of pathway revision is the way you can explore the structure of your mind and reach core beliefs without trying to remember them as they will lead you to them with the right series of sensory impressions. The emotional energy that's been stuck in these states playing out on loop you experience when tracing through will express through you and discharge in a way that leads to that limiting belief being at least partially resolved if not fully from that. All forms of revision are technically SATS and since past and future are both just tracing through the thought structures of the mind the same way but under different contexts then revision and SATS are the same in method of application. It's all using imagination to get a result in your beliefs shifting to then mediate your reality to respond accordingly and this represents the state of the wish fulfilled.

Understand when it's best to apply revision and when it's best to apply future tense SATS. When you've got long standing childhood traumas like abandonment wounds and such that have haunted you for your whole life then revising those in the sense of applying the same means that SATS scenes are constructed but in the past tense in implication is what revision is all about. Neville said that the past is what keeps men stuck in their limited realities and so the pruning sheers of revision is the tool we can use to imply as though this theme that's played out all our lives was never a fact.

Remember there are only two things we can change, concept and sense of self and by extension the automatically formed association between them based on their interaction. When we revise or apply SATS we are applying a means of shifting both concept and if done correctly the sense of self. The point of revision above all else is to imply as though since the past up till the present something that's been a factor in your life based on limiting beliefs has no longer been a factor. I personally find applying revision through SATS to be less effective than performing the burning ritual where you script on paper the implication and burn that to ash but some find SATS type revision to be more effective.

Another point about SATS and the ladder experiment was that Neville said to put notes everywhere saying that "I will not climb a ladder". This in and of itself brings you into the remembrance of that scene you did in your mind the night before. This whole idea of remembering and reminding yourself is actually what those who are successful at applying repetitive affirmations are tapping into. This continual returning to the scene established in the mind. Grasp that the principle underlying the reason why he said I will not instead of I will is because it appeases to the sceptical mind people would have likely had when applying this method. They didn't know it would work but it still brought them into the remembrance of that SATS scene and so were unconsciously watering that seed. Apply this as a correct way to live in the end without trying as all you need to do is have the reminder of the thing or who you are for it to push out, at least to some degree. Ladders however wouldn't hold value attachments which is why it works for almost everyone including myself. I climbed a ladder down into a water tank to clean it soon afer.

One final point here is about some Reality Synthesis specific theory behind SATS. When you fully immerse yourself in your imaginal experience you'll find that it's the experience of unconditionally being loved and seen and valued which is the fundamental belief underlying all limiting beliefs that resolves all the issues. This is why experiencing incorporeal being and integrating in processes greater than you is just the same as SATS as you're immersing yourself in a scene which implies the fulfilment of a condition which has held you back using spatial senses and any other senses applied in that experience. Since often these are hybrid experiences where you have awareness of the room around you at the same time it's got the quality of the reality of experience there too so that technically is SATS as well in the same sense, just not the way Neville taught it traditionally. This is another method I'm developing for the same purpose as SATS exists to complement pathway revision.

The point

SATS is above all else a biblical method of integrating concepts and shifting foundational beliefs through the meaning implied in the scene via the reality of that experience to your consciousness. That's what SATS is fundamentally and nothing more. SATS isn't some magical technique that is the holy gift to the world which can lift us all out of the depths of despair but it's a powerful method that everybody can use to some degree to affect lasting results in their lives.

Applying SATS involves 3 points:

1. The conceptual integration of what's desired through sensory impression

2. The implication of the integrated concept/s based on beliefs which have been warping the output other methods have been showing you proof of

3. The reality of experience through immersing yourself in that scene as though it was just as real as tangible reality in your day to day life.

The way you do SATS can be done just as easily as an open eye method while you're standing waiting in a queue for an appointment as it can be in your bedroom before you sleep at night because the components which are involved in a successful SATS scene can be applied at any time anywhere to get a result and many will speak to it's power in it's ability to manifest things near instantly.

As with all things consistency is key. Apply SATS and get the results you've been waiting for and stop wasting time reading about it! Once you understand these principles and know them off by heart then you've got nothing in your way but the application of the method which is on you to make happen and get results from. Decide today to apply SATS according to this formula and get the result you've desired.

There's nothing more to it than that, you're not going to find any secret methods because I'm the one who came up with the only secondary method of SATS known as pathway revision that you can learn about on my youtube channel here: WATCH PATHWAY REVISION VIDEO HERE After watching that apply the method and get the results. 

That's all you need to know.

Stay legendary!

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