How to manifest ANYTHING.. TODAY!

How to manifest ANYTHING.. TODAY!

How to manifest ANYTHING.. TODAY!

How to manifest ANYTHING.. TODAY!

So you've been wondering why you're not getting any results using any methods you've ever tried and actually want to give up and just forget about trying to manifest your desire? Wellllll you've come to the right place! I'm going to teach you right now how to manifest ANYTHING.. TODAY!

What you're missing in manifesting

To begin lets discuss why you're not getting movement. The primary reason is because there's a concept that your unconscious mind is holding as a negative meaning to something that you're repetitively playing out in your mind AND in your physical reality as a reflection of that thought process. Understand that nature is comprised of conjugate principles of yin and yang, internal and external principles undergoing process of expression which generates the reality you experience.

Simply speaking you have a series of patterns you're acting out in your reality which are the result of false identifications which your unconscious mind has associated negative meaning on your worth and ability to manifest this thing you desire without realizing it. This is all occurring due to the external behavioural pattern being anchored into your unconscious mind (which represents all processes which occur without you realizing) because of the association you've integrated through years of expressing this pattern unchallenged. The moment you break this pattern PHYSICALLY your unconscious mind will actually recognise this change and begin to associate new meanings to the same thoughts without drawing upon these old thought patterns.

In order for any change to happen we must first break pattern

The reality is that everybody who manifested anything from a place of extreme resistance broke pattern and integrated new physical behaviours to reflect that. As I said reality is conjugate, internal affects external and external affects internal. Your unconscious mind requires an intuitive sense to form expression in your reality as context, as in what associations does your unconscious mind draw to the concept you're consciously thinking about and how familiar and comfortable is it with this concept. There cannot be a disassociation between desire and intuitive sense or else the concept will always be warped in some way to reflect this disconnect and result in signs or partial manifestations.

Breaking pattern comes from both and internal and external sense, though your internal conditions drive the external patterns you play out, the external patterns  you play out also act as confirmations of states and anchor into your unconscious mind a concept as familiar and safe. This is WHY action either in your imaginal reality or in tangible manifest reality is the primary driving factor behind familiarizing your unconscious mind with a concept you desire to manifest and without that pattern being broken nothing can or will ever change.

You're required to draw upon associations which remind you of familiar sensations in your body which then results in your unconscious mind automatically shifting into a new state and making you be unconsciously driven into reality to fulfil that state. This is physical pattern breaking at it's core and without this most people who manifest successfully wouldn't have gotten results regardless of if they know it or not. Any and all results from from this process of pattern breaking playing out.

Finding inspiration and being moved to manifest

This is the the stumbling block which most people trip up on, holding a feeling or sensation they believe is required to manifest. That's nonsense, 99% of successful people don't think or feel about how successful they are consciously, they can sense it all around them using their somatic and spatial senses (7th sense) and associate meaning to that based on confirmation of their status. In the beginning it was purely an intuitive impulse to do something based on an idea they had which they then acted on and fulfilled which allowed their unconscious mind to form a new familiar and comfortable pattern as their default state.

Doing SATS, or something similar WILL result in new patterns playing out upon waking, especially if you're sleeping in a new or unfamiliar environment which has no negative associations to it. Sleeping as if you were somewhere else in and of itself will provide the unconscious mind new context to form new patterns and new familiarities. Simply the unconscious association of progress and momentum by breaking patterns and consciously intending a new direction along side that as the concept work you'll end up in a completely new direction in life. 

All we need to really do is set a new direction of propagation through reality and confirm this direction through familiar patterns which have coherent meaning and associations in your mind. This is the formula. Write it down! I won't go into the breakdown of how that works here but read other material on this site and you'll find that soon enough.

Waves of consciousness

By reading this article or watching my videos may put you in an inspired state, you'll feel elevated and you'll almost become addicted to it. Without even realizing it you've been unconsciously driven to play out a familiar pattern under the context of looking for information to move out of bad circumstances. The more you follow this familiar pattern and allow your unconscious mind to drive you the more you'll anchor deeper and deeper into it. Thus you'll eventually hit a wall where the negative circumstances will slap you in the face and challenge your belief in it all. You will dip and feel down for a while and then come back again later because your consciousness follows cycles, as all things do.

This peak and dip cycle is what we must work with and mediate to fulfil new patterns which work for us. We can apply all the disassociation techniques and all that but without a familiar sensation which has meaning that works for us in the direction of propagation we desire nothing will consistently work for us. This is why learning to tap into your spatial and somatic sensations is critical in consistently embodying states that work for you. It's not about thinking your way into a state but landing in a state through association to familiar sensations that have meaning to you and confirm this new sense of self.

States can exist within states which is why you can think the same thing under different frames of reference and have different sensations generated. The ideal sensations aren't within the current state and pathways leading to the ideal state are disproportionate from current dwelling state so we need to process the negative sensations and allow them to fade in intensity so we can recalibrate into steady state and shift into ideal reference state without effort. Trying to shift states in a bad place isn't ideal, follow the pathways and it will pass shortly. During this processing simply have in the back of your mind the feeling that this is just temporary and it will fade soon, which it will.

Upon entering stable steady state without sensations which remind you of incoherent states and concepts you can then apply conscious work to integrate the concepts you desire while reminding yourself of reference state through consciously using spatial and somatic sensations as an anchor for your unconscious mind to associate ideal meaning  and thus context. This is how you truly "trick" your unconscious mind into familiarizing itself with a new concept without resistance. This will also likely drive you to do new things, see new people and new places, break old patterns and form new ones without even realizing it. The moment you stop caring about the old patterns is the moment you know you're on the right track and momentum is built such that your unconscious mind no longer holds uncomfortable associations between your end and current experience.

The end

Now that we know why you're stuck, what to do and why it works, you now have all you need to know to break patterns, integrate concepts successfully and be moved to manifest what you desire. The world might also be moved for you, but that simply depends upon the path of least resistance at play and surrounding context as to describe how and why your manifestation will unfold the way it does.

Understand that your end is the result of familiar sensations and associations to thoughts you have. It's the context, the meaning and surrounding states which manifest, not purely thoughts nor feelings. You will always seek familiar sensations, spatial, somatic, intuitive, or 5 sensory. These sensations are what we work with to alter the "feeling" and thus the end. Thinking differently is just one part, there must also associate a meaning to those thoughts and surrounding context to generate circumstances which are different.

You should not purely think of your end, nor purely "feel" as though you're in the end but form a coherency between the two. We are forming meaning and association, almost like a future memory. Whenever we think of what we desire it brings up a sensation in our body, if it reminds us (is coherent and has ideal context in current state) then it will confirm to our unconscious mind that we are worthy and fully comfortable playing this out. Self worth isn't generated from thinking and telling yourself something over and over to believe it, no that's utter nonsense to be discarded and instead we associate familiar sensations to thoughts that provide our unconscious comfort and "satisfaction" as Neville would say.

That's how it works. Go out and apply it. Stop wasting time and don't let yourself hit rock bottom again before you see the change that needs to be made.

There may be bits I left out of this that are required for things to click for you so please do go read other content on my website/s!

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