State coherence and interferometry - the mechanics of state shifting

State coherence and interferometry - the mechanics of state shifting

State coherence and interferometry - the mechanics of state shifting

State coherence and interferometry

The mechanics of state shifting is simple. Decide who you are and you automatically embody that state without needing to "try" and anchor into it. The problem most face isn't the state shifting itself but the "maintaining" of that state and cohering that state to be their new default. This article will outline how and why you're not able to maintain states and why you're experiencing inconsistencies in your manifesting abilities.

Feeling the state

Firstly in order to shift into a state we must outline what a state IS. A state is a coherent series of information/thought pathways which all connect to a common feeling/intuitive sense of self. This intuitive knowing of who you are and what you're capable of determines the basis of conditions you place upon yourself in relation to your desires, which are NOT primordial. Your desires do not come from a higher essence, your desires can shift in detail and sometimes even on the broader scale too.

This contrast between current experience and desired experience is what generates feeling in the unconscious mind/nervous system which determines the meanings we place on ourselves based on this contrast. Eg: I'm not worthy of this person because I'm broke and don't have status. This is coming from a feeling in a state which holds this theme of self worth and status below the desire in comparison and thus generates unfavourable context, meaning, causing anxieties and doubts to arise.

The thing is these negative emotions are irrelevant to your manifesting ability, you can manifest anything in a bad state of mind with spiralling thoughts and everything. Why is this? State interferometry. Pathways and state coherency. You see these negative states are just temporary leaps out of ideal state which don't have any major influence on your reference state, so when you're out of it things clear up and move forward.

The cycle of consciousness - Self recursive procession

Here's the big secret nobody tells you about manifesting which took me literally years to find and understand. You experience reality in cycles, those cycles can be integrated in other cycles which together drive a new outcome which previously didn't exist with just the one state undergoing it's process. This includes states of polarization where one moment you can feel high on your own existence and the next you can feel like you want to jump off a cliff. This experience of emotional ups and downs is actually a self regulating process playing out in your consciousness to give you a means of consciously recognising these patterns and cycles and to generate new meanings to shift how these cycles play out.

The moment you feel high up above the circumstances you face you've already set in motion an inevitable dip in state which will proceed this spike. Why is this? The purpose of state contrast and the cycles that play out are to give you insight into the conditions and limitations which are causing this variability and disproportionality to begin with. Nothing is truly unconscious, it all comes out in some way shape or form, but it's the patterns which play out which represent the deepest aspects of our unconscious which drive our experiences.

It's only upon conscious introspection and regulation of these patterns that they can begin to shift. Simply affirming to yourself all day every day that you have what you want isn't going to shift long lasting patterns, it's only going to reinforce the feeling of lack relating to that concept you're trying to integrate which holds unfavourable meanings and context about your own worth and of the desire. This place of variability is what drives us to the pits of despair and into the heights of self love. 

When we can see these cycles of dips and peaks playing out we can recognise where they come from, what's triggering them and what feeling is associated to those cycles. Once the feeling (again, the intuitive sense and not the emotional output) is identified and shown in contrast to your ideal reference state you will immediately receive a spike in the opposite direction. The same principle applies for when you're in a peak and you think of the dip, that drop occurs and you experience it as whatever negative emotion comes from that contrast. 

Masters at manifesting use this method to "slingshot" their way into new states and generate new context as they can feel different about a negative pattern simply by comparing it against their desired end and recognising the temporary nature of these patterns in that moment. This relieves them of the burden of carrying it around and also clears the need to dissolve over time this resistance as it's going to clear itself on the spot without any need for conscious introspective work.

When we shift our baseline level of state coherence those emotional peaks we had previously wouldn't be as powerful and the dips would be irrelevant to us, just like how we know they're part of the cycle and we don't identify with them. This is because the feeling has been normalized and regulated, your nervous system/unconscious mind is consistent and coherent in this place. This is the goal.

When you have something already that you know is 100% yours, like your phone or bed you sleep in, you don't have negative OR positive emotions that come up relating to this concept because the feeling has been cohered. You don't experience ups and downs because you've integrated a stable identification with this thing and thus it doesn't enter your mind. This very experience is where we are working towards with your SP, money, house, career, whatever it is. You will not experience peaks or dips because you've normalized meanings and thus it's a hardcore crystalized fact in your life.

How to practically use contrast to manifest FAST!

The pathway method I developed is a simple way of moving through your consciousness and finding disproportional pathways of thought which lead to unfavourable feelings which you can then revise and restore to be ideal. This same pathway method can be combined with this contrast method. The pathway method will give you the most efficient way of exploring concepts and feelings which naturally come up and once you hit a resistance you can then employ a contrastive scene to bounce off that resistance and dissolve it without needing to try and revise or shift past it as all we are doing is overwriting it with a new polarity and favourable context on the spot.

This works most efficiently with conditions which keep coming up. Tap into those conditions and follow the pathways to lead you to the base of that pathway. Then instead of revising move directly into reference state and FEEL (intuitively) as though the meaning you've associated to that condition about yourself or your desire is null and void in that moment. Feel yourself above that condition and negate it's influence there and then. Once you've done this you will "feel" satisfied that it's no longer a factor. Your nervous system will relax, your body will physically calm down and you will have a wave of relief wash over you as if you now KNOW it's a done deal.

This somatic response is THE most clear proof that something shifted in your unconscious mind and thus the feeling associated to that concept shifted which then produces ideal context which then manifests that concept in a new way. It's a done deal because there's no unfavourable feeling (intuitive sense/knowing on an unconscious level) generating a warped disproportional output relating to that concept and even associated concepts.

You can actually use multiple concepts and feelings to amplify this effect. Come up with a concept and in imagination express related desires to that concept being fulfilled in one scene. From this place you can feel even more powerful emotional heights which tells us that the feeling relating to our desire is proportionate and works for us, which when conceptually integrated in a way that confirms the feeling of having and being must shift unfavourable feelings in that moment. 

Will this be permanent? No. It will not. It will give you a means through which you can anchor reference state into on a deeper level without needing to rely on surface level techniques like repetitive affirmations and passive state streaks to work for you. This is a highly conscious process you use here to shift things and has incredible power when done right. This is how I actually manifested my SP without realizing it until many months later when I come up with this theory based on patterns I experienced in my own manifesting journey.

I had no idea at the time when I was experiencing negative emotions that I would have manifested my SP overnight, but it did happen. I used those negative emotions to give me that rebound effect without realizing it and because I held true to my end it played out without trying to constantly tell myself it was. I just went to sleep in a bad state of mind emotionally but expecting the end to show up anyway. That's often how people manifest big desires without trying to, they're using the opposite principle of feeling work to bring about a rebound in states to generate the outcome they desire.

This works especially well when you've been applying passive methods of conceptual integration like repetitive affirmations and long stretches in visualization or scripting on a consistent basis and on a single topic. Why? Because you've built up so much conceptual momentum that as soon as the feeling changes the meaning you've associated to that concept on a conditional level moves out of the way and all these concepts come flooding into your reality without effort. It's a "delayed" process but works wonders for those who have been stuck seeing nothing but signs or hot and cold movement for months or years on end. 

The takeaway

Without contrast there cannot be change. It is this polarity of consciousness which gives us the ability to move feelings and thus contextual identifications. There is nothing more powerful than using contrast of states to move your pathways around to work for you without trying to manifest what you want consciously. 

Often it's this conscious continual application of techniques which throws us OUT of the ideal state because even though we are integrating enormous amounts of concept and we saturate our minds with this idea and thus manifest proof of it, that will ALWAYS manifest in a way which reflects the feeling those concepts are associated with no matter what as that IS the law. 

If you've been stuck getting nothing but signs and the like and you've been "persisting" as they say, I want you to slow down on the conceptual work and work with the feeling by applying the pathway contrast method outlined above. Use this as a means of giving yourself a boost in that moment and to experience a state shift which then overrides the old feeling and thus changing the context and meaning which drops the condition you're attached to without specifically targeting it.

Applying this to any aspect of consciousness will result in positive benefits, but just be aware of the dip which follows. Maintain consistent and unwavering faith in your end no matter how deep the dip goes and you WILL come out the other end with a new baseline to work with, which is an invaluable way of manifesting TRUE self concept at the same time without trying. It's all connected and through shifting contextual associations you then think and feel different about yourself relating to that theme too. This is both true feeling work and self concept work.


I am offering direct one on one coaching for 1 hour to guide you through this process of getting into this new frame of reference and using that in the moment through contrastive analysis to generate an instant shift in your reality on the same day. You will experience a peak and I will give you the tools you need to work through the dip when it shows up so that know what to do when the doubts come up to challenge your new state coherency as part of the self regulating process. This is why persistence matters, it's not about persisting for the sake of persisting but because without it you're going to identify with the dip and shift your baseline steady state down again without realizing it and wonder why things don't change.

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