State streaks are the secret to manifesting instantly

State streaks are the secret to manifesting instantly

State streaks are the secret to manifesting instantly!

I'm not holding anything back in this post. I am dead serious going to give you right now the keys to change everything in your reality overnight. This is one of my most important posts on this site aside from maybe this one: Fundamentals of Reality Synthesis

What are state streaks?

State streaks are as the title implies, a streak of time you spend occupying a state of embodiment. The truth is that state streaks really are the secret to manifesting instantly. You always hear about these stories of people manifesting a text or a call from an SP just by thinking about them for a short time or even from a spontaneous thought that was intuitively driven. The reason why state streaks explain instant manifestations and really manifestation in general is due to the way information pathways work.

Information pathways and state streaks

An information pathway represents a series of thoughts that are integrated within each other connected to a contextual sense or a state which holds a theme or meaning behind it which interacts with the thoughts integrated within the pathway it's connected to. When we get into a state streak we hold a certain contextual sense within our core essence that we identify with and operate from without wavering. This is true "flow" state if you wish to call it that where time flies and you don't obsessively think about your desire all the time as thoughts just come and go as they please.

The conceptual integration of the thoughts your working on manifesting, such as "I am rich" must be integrated within an underlying contextual sense which applies meaning to it in relation to our identification with that concept on a core level. When we continuously affirm "I am rich" from a place of false identification you're integrating those thoughts within a pathway which isn't related to your ideal reference state where those thoughts will then automatically come through proportionally in a way which represents the ideal identification and meaning which manifests the end result.

Manifesting signs and reflections of limitation

Until we can integrate these concepts into a pathway which holds meaning to us relating to the statement "I am rich" it's going to manifest only in a way which reflects the limited identification which that thoughts has been integrated in. You will absolutely manifest signs if you repeatedly affirm but those signs will be just that, signs, at best. Why? It's because the output is being warped through the interferometric interaction with the concept and the meaning of the contextual sense you integrated that thought within, thus it MUST manifest in a way that reflects that limitation.

This is why you manifest signs by using repetitive affirmations and not what you want. Reality Synthesis is the ONLY model of manifesting on earth which explains how and why that's the case. It's not chance or probability and it's not because you're not affirming enough, don't let the ignorant coaches gaslight you into believing that. The echo of your affirmation will comprise the structure of the limitation you're embodying and not purely the concept itself. Words don't have meaning, we apply the meaning to the words we use through our contextual sense which builds our overall identification and themes that play out as patterns in our reality.

When you integrate thoughts into a pathway which represents abundance through the contextual sense being applied in an ideal reference state then you're building proportional pathways which when you draw yourself into it manifests everything which is integrated within that pathway in a way which reflects the core meaning applied to those concepts, thus generating the result you WANT. This is how and why signs and limited manifestations show up, you're affirming into a pathway which represents lack. Anyone who says otherwise is unable to explain how and why, I just proved that's how it works.

Getting the results we want with state streaks

Now that we understand the mechanics of states and information pathways we can get into state streaks. To get into a state streak you will first bring yourself into reference state. To do this you will write down all your core desires on one piece of paper and then bring yourself into a place using your imaginary senses where you "feel" them as fulfilled to the point of satisfaction. In this place you would have generated a "vibe" relating to the fulfilment of those desires which you can tune into at any time and bring yourself into as your reference state. This is where we will affirm from and visualize from.

The more you can draw yourself into reference state the more potent your state streaks will be. Now from this place of having that vibe in your memories you can then target a specific desire on that pathway which you integrated in that imaginal scene you did to generate the feeling. From here we will tap into that feeling to such precision that it's amplified so much that we will WANT to move in the world and show up for ourselves. This is a very important part of the process of getting into that state streak.

You will get so into that state of being where your contextual sense of self is in overdrive and you will be placing meaning on everything the way you would as if you had everything now. In this reference state you're going to be driven by your intuitive impulses to be moved in the world to fulfil any conditions attached to that end desire, especially when you think of yourself as being above your desire and that your desire is yours no matter what by standing in conviction of this new state of reference. It's a very easy feeling though, almost carefree in nature but with slight intensity.

Most people will be driven to act in the world, they won't realize their acting when they do because they're identifying contextually as being the person who has what they want, thus the fruits of their labour will reflect that and they will be moved to show up for themselves in new ways. Old bad habits will die off without effort and new inspirational ones will be built without even trying. You will sit in contemplation thinking of solutions in this place but it won't bring up the wavering in your identification, that's the core message here behind state streaks.

Someone who is in a state streak get's things done, not out of desire or drive but through intuitive impulse which is generated from the bottom up due tot contextual association to the concepts integrated in the pathway from above. This means you're unconsciously guided through reality and things will show up for you just like all the success stories tell you where seeming miracles happened to manifest their desire. Manifesting desires CONSISTENTLY requires state streaks to explain, fluke one off manifestations can happen in an overthinking negative state if the conviction to the end is held firm but at some point it's going to reflect that limitation no matter what.

Just know that state streaks also work on the inverse too. You can maintain a state streak in the direction of resistance which is where most people who are in this manifesting path are experiencing without even realizing it. This is why breaking pattern works for so many, not because of the fact that you're not doing the same things anymore but because you're showing up as a different person on a contextual level. When you apply new meanings to the conditions in your life they won't manifest in the same way as your perception of them has moved.

When we break pattern all we are doing is getting into soft state streaks where we're playing in life as a new form or a new sense of self which makes us WANT to then show up in reality differently as it's now associated as something GOOD instead of something that's hard or a challenge through a limited frame of reference. The very act of showing up for yourself in life from a place of reference in your ideal state is going to generate more movement in your reality than thinking about it all day every day for weeks on end. That's the opposite of state streaks and why your state streaks are short lived at most.

State streaks ARE THE mechanism behind faster manifestations and instant manifestations. Flow is the goal and through flow we will unconsciously be guided through reality to our end as we manifest the interaction of concept and context, not purely concept in and of itself. How we associate to concept is the multiplier and through maintaining state streaks which have the ideal concepts integrates generates movement on a whole new level of potential than just operating from one aspect of the information pathway. This is why state streaks work and why state streaks explain how fast manifestations unfold.

State streaks through reference

When you integrate the concepts into a reference state which is ideal then you never have to worry about these unfortunate circumstances as the contextual sense underlying those concepts isn't identified with lack of any form. The message here with state streaks is that it comes from truly anchoring yourself into a reference state which holds all the keys you need to generate intuitive impulse which drives you unconsciously to move in the world and for the world to move for you. The unconsciously part of this is the trick, any proportional pathway represents a zero resistance circuit which reflects in your consciousness as flow, time will fly when these pathways fire.

You won't even realize you're in it until it's over and you manifested progress or the entire desire at once. Where the instant manifestation part comes in here is by the same process, so long as there are no underlying themes which then warp the identifications. To remove those watch this video:

In a place of holding unconscious themes which are based in lack you're contextual sense you ground these concepts into will still have influence from these themes, but of course to a must lower extent. The "healing" process is very quick and easy and this is not suppose to be a "journey" per say but a fix that's simply done through revision for just a few sessions. If there are no limited themes, limited contextual identifications, no limited concepts, then instant manifestation is inevitable and the complete pathway will fire proportionally resulting in the desire exactly manifesting in the best way possible for you.

What you need to embody ideal state streaks

The components here are simple;

  • Ideal concept - "I have always been loved" "I have always been rich"
    This represents the thought or the idea you wish to manifest in reality as a concept
  • Ideal context - This is not imaginary based but is programmed through the "vibe" you embody which those concepts you affirm integrate within. Saying affirmations which resonate with the ideal vibe will generate ideal identifications as the meanings we will be placing on those concepts will reflect back to us as the basis for how and when they manifest in our reality
  • Ideal themes - The themes represent the underlying patterns that play out in all areas of our lives which influence how the context will manifest as a multiplier. This aspect is again a non imaginative sense but a "feeling" or "vibe" about something. Again this IS programmed THROUGH imagination but isn't directly a result OF imagination but as a by-product of underlying identification mixing with the theme to result in the complete contextual pathway which then determines how the concept will manifest.

With all these pieces in place you can generate the perfect reference state and anchor yourself into it through showing up for yourself in reality the way that the ideal version of you in that reference state would show up for OURSELVES in life. It's important for us to be ABOVE our desires in our contextual sense so that we can detach and live without needing which is key to generating flow state.

The takeaway of state streaks

There is more I could go on about here in more depth but it's not required for the content of this post. The mechanics of state streaks are clear now and through integrating all the desired concepts in your ideal sense of self you will manifest near instantly. It all depends on how fully you can identify with those concepts on a contextual level, what meaning do you hold to be true in relation to those concepts? Having a good self concept means having ideal meanings we place on concepts in our reality, not telling yourself you're the operant power in your reality.

You can use whatever affirmations you want to hype yourself up as much as you want but until you've got a solid reference state as your "end" to draw into as often as needed to maintain that state streak (usually unconsciously) it won't really matter as there is false identification attached to those affirmations anyway. This is why when we stop affirming for a while the manifestation comes through as we usually go off and live our lives and show up for ourselves again without realizing it. Those affirmations still exist in various states integrated in a contextual sense you tap into every now and then which is why that happens to some.

The pathways we create by integrating concepts into contextual sense generates the ideal manifestation. Integrating concepts in any state will only manifest more of that thought in relation to the meaning we place on those concepts from that contextual sense and identification. There is almost no way to manifest instantly using the conventional methods of repetitive mindset work on a conceptual level. Showing up for yourself in life is THE most potent way to shift contextual sense and maintain it without effort as you've created a new normal on both practical and mental levels.

Bringing together the concept and contextual sense into proportional alignment manifests instantly. That's how and why people out there can manifest texts from people they haven't spoken to in years after 15 minutes of a powerful state streak. The resistance isn't purely opposing thoughts but is a function of the interaction of disproportionate concepts (thoughts) with false identification (context). This interaction is the how and why manifesting works and until you understand that this whole manifesting game will seem like chance to you when in reality it's not.

There is nothing you can do to make yourself manifest instantly through will, or through telling yourself you manifest instantly. This is ignorance of the mechanics of reality at it's highest. State streaks result in instant manifestations not through chance but through working with the interaction of concept and context, idea and meaning, thought and identification. These conjugate principles run all phenomena you manifest and cannot be overpowered as they ARE the "law" of ______.

Read more about state streaks here: Fundamentals of Reality Synthesis

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