Stop wasting your time and read this to manifest your desire

Stop wasting your time and read this to manifest your desire

Stop wasting your time and read this to manifest your desire

This article is more of a mind dump taken from my notebook. Read it and understand what I'm saying if you want the minimalist way to understand LOA and it's most practical essence that explains all aspects of manifestation and such.

It may not make sense in some parts due to me rearranging the order of some sections but if you read it in it's entirely you'll see the big picture.


This is the point I've always spoken of, you're always being driven to fulfil your greatest potential and be yourself authentically without compromise. This is the only technique that exists and I'll say that forever, all other techniques revolve around this to some degree. This is the power centre around your liver region, where your sense of authority arises from and how freely you can express it. If you feel like you've got no authority in your own life your liver and heart will go very quickly in response as they're stagnated and not being nourished. That's why people like myself manifest disease we don't think about as children. There's metaphysical correspondence and it has nothing to do with thoughts pushing out.

I basically learned that being myself isn't acceptable. This is what everybody learns but to different degrees and based on different aspects of themselves. We all learn to compensate in some way to meet expectations of others which leads us to dismiss our intuitive drives because they make us feel bad. That's all this is about, manifestation is about becoming yourself and the results in life must then reflect that shift of who you are actually BEING. If you're guided to go dance on the beach in front of hundreds of people like I've been driven to do before and you ignore that urge then you're devaluing yourself and causing yourself to become sick and ill as a result of it. The immortality stuff is all based on this too. There's no magic immortality pill, well there is but it forces you to look at your resistance and die to it. That's all medicine does, it makes you look at the resistance because that's all that needs to change. Everybody on earth is playing this out without exception. 

I can't see with my eyes the auric field around me and the genuine authentic expression that's existing as the physical being I see in the mirror. The incorporeal state. Understand that all truth comes from your greater self, that's the only place it can come from. Turn within and seek the truth. That's where you're intuitively guided by consciousness greater than you, at least your corporeal view of you. You ARE that greater consciousness, but you don't consciously experience that in anything outside of your intuitive impulses. That's all there is, your intuitive impulses and the world around you that you're navigating. You simply need to tap into your automatic direction circuit and flow with it without judgement. You're always being pulled to BE closer to yourself than you are now but you don't listen to that voice because your intellectual mind gets in the way. That's the only function of meditation, it's to cultivate awareness of your core essence. In guided hypnotic and pathway revision work we simply tune into the intuitive sense and embody the incorporeal being to "heal" us, the incorporeal being and thus manifest results we desire as then we're being more ourselves. The divide between corporeal and incorporeal is closing as you flow with it. This is what it means to walk with god.

The only technique is to be yourself without compromise. There cannot be any other technique. All the Neville Goddard stuff is this, but portrayed in another way. All the people who say otherwise need to compartmentalise their points to make sense and have no connection to natural phenomena on a metaphysical level. Everyone is different states NG said, that's exactly how homeopathy treats people, and to an extent TCM and like systems. Quintessence is the same, it's archetypal/state based. A state is technically under my definition a series of various information pathways which comprise a complete consciousness, but NG says a state is an attitude of mind. That's a good way of putting it, tap into the "feeling" of anything. What's the feeling/vibe/archetype of consciousness of a certain piece of music. This is what the feeling is, "catch the mood" Neville says. It's the archetypal construct of consciousness which determines a state, not words or images or anything of the senses, though the senses can being us into that association. Your state is one of over 8k (at last 8000 different remedies in homeopathy) different archetypes of consciousness and thus a unique experience of reality. Your state is the vibe you emanate and your incorporeal sense of self represents one of those archetypes of consciousness to embody and become one with, likely one that's harmonized with the natural striving towards higher order of all things.

Spontaneous healings of disease don't happen without an accompanying shift in sense of self/value. If you're suffering disease then it's because of immense stagnations between the core aspects of your being you're accepting compromise through. That's all that disease can be, that's all anything can be. There is nothing greater to use to explain this stuff which factors in all aspects of experience of reality. If there is then please enlighten me oh so wise and noble sage.

I abandoned myself. We all abandon ourselves. That's the only way we can ever suffer in life. Self is the incorporeal aspect, and when you're in tune with that you're  never alone as you're always one with god. God is always with you but you're not tuned into that continual bombardment of intuitive insight and impulse to BE and EXPRESS, to live the reality of and shift unconsciously the sense of self through that action.

We need to die. Metaphysically. 

That's all there is. Living the reality of being yourself in flow, without doubt or fear or guilt or expectations or whatever. Letting go means detaching from needing to identify with corporeal being and flow. That's all there is. There can't be anything else. What else is there? It's all about making decisions to value yourself, value yourself and flow with how you want to make decisions on an intuitive level that you're being driven to fulfil. That's all there is. There's no other technique because it all leads you back to this.

Denying your feelings is devaluing yourself. Stop it, right now.


Let's outline some points then, for practical purposes. I'm so full of theory and whatnot but how do we then take this and make it work for us.


So when you do the qigong for example you'll be metaphysically integrating aspects of consciousness to then result in shifts where the resistance is present in your field geometry, likely to move it into your heart centre where you'll be made aware of it and feel it more as that's where we feel our sense of self the most. With this you'll be aware of your feelings and the underlying beliefs around that more efficiently. You'll begin to spill your feelings out more and more, you'll be unable to bottle to the same extent as before. It'll be forced out of you one way or another. The qigong and like processes essentially mobilise long standing stagnations in your field geometry that have resulted in all this charge bleeding and warping your sense of self to then give you the means to become more aware of it and by extent express those feelings completely until they're fully dissolved. It's either it leads to their expression or it leads to you being more in tune with your intuitive impulses and you just decide to stop compromising on your desires and finally attain that rebellious mindset and fulfil them.


Not everybody is at this level of resistance but for those who are at or even beyond the level I was at, this will likely be your experience of it to some degree or another. Doing the work means causing movement in your field geometry to such an extent that it forces you to look at what's being circulated self recursively that was stuck before which will make you feel very vulnerable but that's the point, it's you basically going back in time and reexperiencing the time where that same feeling you compromised on expressing is having an opportunity of expression. The deeper that feeling gets within you due to making decisions which cause you to bottle further the more damage it does to you unconsciously. The more you reveal it and explore it and recognise it the more it'll seek expression the way you wanted to since the moment you compromised as a child. This is you expressing that childlike mind in a way you'll be unable to prevent once that dislodging of the resistance gets to a certain point in which case you'll heal that stagnation and life will manifest the results according to how that stagnation was blocking you off before.

The Abdullah mindset of "you're already in Barbados" is this in a nutshell. It's basically get mad with yourself and express if you can't have it. This is why people who release resistance by allowing themselves to purge those feelings go through peaks and dips in cycles but never actually move the needle forward and see the result on the outside. This is the point. We want to completely let go of the devaluation and allow ourselves to just completely express how we've felt this whole time. That's satisfaction, at least from the perspective of someone with deeper trauma than most.


Point is.

Every time you get an intuitive impulse to fulfil something you're wanting to do, no matter how big or small that drive may be, if you dismiss it because you don't feel right about it then you devalue yourself. That intuitive impulse which is arising is your greater consciousness guiding you out of stagnation and into immortality. Giving in and accepting your circumstances while not moving forward is not going to change anything, you're not BEINIG anything or anyone different. The point is to flow, effortlessly flow, BE, live the reality of. This quality of consciousness cannot be faked or replicated because it's genuine and complete uncompromising expression of authentic self. That is the ONLY place in life that satisfaction can arise from.

People then have the question of how can I tell if something is an intuitive impulse or not. Take note of your mood and the quality of the impulses which arise. I've had impulses to put my hand through peoples faces, but I know and recognise where that comes from as it's always mood dependent. If something is a constant and has been with you through all moods then it's a core desire and your greater self guiding you to fulfil something. It's that it keeps returning to almost haunt you reminding you of this thing you're continuously missing the experience of that leads to your fulfilment and value.

I've had coaching clients ask me constantly how to handle negative emotions, and I always tell them there is no way you can handle your emotions. However you handle your emotions is how you do it, so long as you're not gaslighting yourself into seining your feelings as invalid because that's devaluing yourself and is what led you to the point you're in now. The fact is that all your bad feelings are always temporary and they dissolve eventually as you lead through them and that emotional charge dissipates. The point behind that is that you're satisfying this part of you that desires expression of your feelings. It's the denial of these feelings as I said which leads to further resistance which also explains the phenomena of people expressing themes they've  held back on resulting in manifestations coming through near instantly. It's a sudden shift in the resistance that leads to a major shift in their reality responding to that realisation and complete expression of self. For people will less resistance and bottled devalued feelings it's a lighter load to shift, which is often why it doesn't feel like much for them and a simple mindset shift with a few affirmation rampages is enough. For everybody else with deeper levels of trauma it's a much greater shift that needs to unfold for change to occur but it's still the same process regardless.

It always goes back to this theme of expressing yourself which dissolves stagnations as you're circulating that consciousness archetype through all your meridian systems and alchemising it's nature through that process. Expressing your feeling and being yourself is doing alchemy, just like taking a quintessence which does the same thing but by drinking a substance targeted at moving that resistance and bringing it to the surface. Something that's unconscious is simply stagnated in the meridians surrounding the heart, especially the liver and spleen but also kidney and lung. That's all there is to this, moving resistance and processing it. Processing resistance means circulating it through your field geometry and expressing it as an output response through self recursive procession. That's all there is. There is nothing else, as I've always said. That's the one and only process which everybody on earth undergoes to result in shifts. If there's no resistance then you're flowing with your intuitive impulses and your imaginal scenes are automatically aligned accordingly resulting in those pushing out. When you're flowing with your intuitive impulses you're less corporeal being and more incorporeal being in conscious experience, you're literally closer to god even though god is everywhere but from an experiential perspective that is. The reason why these people don't need to imagine or anything and just have things work for them is because their sensory capacitance has expanded and they're basically giving up free will to their greater process without even realising it. IT's the same way you're unconsciously driven to compromise and give into flawed perceptions, but the exact opposite. These people can't help but flow with their greatest fulfilment because it's effortless as they're basically one with their greater process and because of that manifestations unfold effortlessly. 


That's all there is to this. Share it around. Stop wasting time. Just read and understand and apply. That's all you need to know. 




2 practical steps as a bonus which everybody can benefit from.

1. As soon as you wake up get into your body and start by living in the end. Wake up in your dream room (imagine you're already there as if you're playing make believe with your eyes open like a child would) and do a practise like qigong or something for 5 mins to get your nervous system off of usual wake up and scroll social platforms if that's your thing.

2. Balance yang excess raising. Basically dopamine fasting. Reduce your sensory stimulation. This basically makes your nervous system more coherent and stable and capable of tuning into your intuitive impulses and discerning what's higher intent vs you being driven from false identification and ego.

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