The fool proof manifesting formula

The fool proof manifesting formula

The fool proof manifesting formula

The fool proof manifesting formula

It's quite very simple. The fool proof manifesting formula goes like this. First we need to focus on our desired end. Take your end scene and grasp onto the feeling associated with it. This is an intuitive sense which is not based on thought or emotion but a subtle impulse you will get around your heart centre. This will generate a new meaning that you associate with yourself in relation to this desire which will make you WANT to act in the world to realize it, if that's the path of least resistance present according to this desire.

The intuitive impulse you receive from this act of immersing yourself in imagination using an affirmation, a visualization, hearing someone say something, touching, whatever sense you use it's cohering the concept as imaginary sense and the intuitive subtle feeling sense which generates new contextual meaning to that concept. This will cause new identifications to play out in your mind firing new information pathways leading your thoughts to those of the inspirational type to confirm the feeling associated to the imaginal scene.

This is what leads you to actually move and show up differently in the world and genuinely identify differently without needing to think about it all day every day. The problem with thinking all day every day is that the feeling (intuitive (knowing) sense) is what provides meaning to the concept you imagine using your 5 other senses, be it physical or imaginal. Without this coherent connection between the imaginal sense and the feeling sense you CANNOT manifest what you want the WAY you want. You WILL manifest proof of your thoughts as they must manifest in some way as they exist in your field geometry but they will manifest according to the limitations you hold within yourself on a feeling level which is the cause of hot and cold behaviour, abandonment, rejection, signs, partial manifestations of any kind and the like. 

True persistence is not persistence of thought but persistence of feeling generating consistent contextual sense which holds ideal meaning according to your reference state of the wish fulfilled. 

State streaks - The real secret

State streaks are the real secret to applying the fool proof manifesting formula. You can't NOT exist in a state streak when you generate powerful intuitive impulse by finding affirmations or visualizations that work for you. This will generate the feeling for a brief moment which will keep you anchored into the reference state for a while giving you a sort of "flow" state where you'll almost unconsciously be acting in the world but without realizing it causing time to fly and many occurrences to unfold in the pathway of your manifestations. 

State streaks generate coherent contextual sense which is the key to state interferometry and cohering surrounding states which your thought pathways intersect and interferometrically interact with generating either consistent emotional output or inconsistent variable emotional output as a sign of disproportional pathways between states. State streaks lead to unconscious processes playing out where you don't need to think to manifest your outcomes because the mechanics of reality do the work for you in rearranging where the pathways are shifted to and or dissolved. You don't need to consciously resolve resistance using state streaks as the means of refining your field geometry and states.

The reason why state streaks are the real secret to "reprogramming" your "subconscious" mind is because of state interferometry. State interferometry represents the mechanics of how self recursive circuits interact and mediate aetheric pressure gradients as a means of altering the input/output phenomena of the conscious/unconscious mind generating new experience in the subconscious mind manifesting your reality differently. There is no disconnect between these states, they're all connected through pathways and themes and when we build consistent context these states MUST cohere as the reference state grows in amplitude and thus coheres surrounding states into it and dissolves resistance without needing to consciously resolve it.

You may even experience emotional purges in state streaks, this is often how the bridge of incidents unfolds for those undergoing full manifestations because the pathways that were connecting disproportionate states are being dissolved and as your conscious mind follows that pathway to light up and cohere that section of the unconscious mind where that state is those emotions must be released which is why the "purge" occurs. Most of the time it's not going to result in a purge but sometimes it does, circumstances manifest which reflect the feeling associated to that state but overall the coherence is in the favour of the reference state and so the resistance is dissolved through that experience along the bridge of incidents.

The fool proof manifesting formula - Revising correctly and true self concept

True revision is about following pathways to roots where unfavourable context is held and to revise that scene both on a conceptual and a feeling level to shift the entire pathway above it at once without needing to target every other belief on the pathway. This is truly efficient revision and is the most effective way to change self concept without using consistent affirmations or whatever other sensory means you wish to use. It's not about persisting in thought but negating disproportional field geometries either through following pathways to their roots or by persisting in state streaks according to reference state through state interferometry causing state coherence and contextual coherence where your thoughts and feelings will constantly be reflected back to you without you needing to think about them doing so because they're crystalized in reference state. 

This is how everything works. Everything is components interacting coming together and forming new components proportionally and interferometrically which then compound as fractals of the same pattern unfolding to generate your experienced reality.

That's all there is to it. It's not suppose to be in depth because it's suppose to be for the novice manifestor in the Reality Synthesis model of manifesting to have a reference guide to help them understand where to go and what to do if they are stuck.


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