Conditions and false identification

Conditions and false identification

Conditions and false identification

Conditions and false identification are the secret to breaking cycles and manifesting your core desires!

The reality that most people face is that they're trying to manifest their desires with enormous amounts of baggage and false identification underlying the way their desires express in their reality. Most people don't have awareness of how or why their emotional states are highly inconsistent and why they have constant intrusive thoughts that are not aligned to their desired reality. Why is this?

Today you finally learn how to dissolve resistance once and for all.

This guide will be the only one you will ever need to overcome any and all resistance towards your desires. At least until I learn more about this and refine it even further in the near future. :)

What is resistance?

Resistance IS disproportionality between desire and contextual association to that desire. You either identify with the person who has the desire or not, resistance is any disconnect between your identification with the concept of your desire and how you feel about it on a core level. That's how we would broadly define resistance but on a more specific level it's a little more complex than that.

Most would say it's opposing thoughts and or feelings, but where do these come from? Why do we feel anxiety or frustration or other like emotions when we imagine what we want and or try and express that desire in our realities? The reason why is because of contextual association you've placed on the desire as a condition that you're unconscious of which prevents you from feeling the emotional outputs that resulted from the experience which planted that story of self lack in your mind.

The story we associate with our inability to express our core desires comes from an intense intuitive "feeling" we experienced during that event which we then using whatever conceptual sense we could apply in that moment placed over the desire as a resistive disproportional section of the pathway that desire is integrated in providing a new contextual layer that we will consciously experience instead of the free flow of that desire expressing through us.

The reason why these stories come up in our minds is to divert our awareness away from the feeling and concept of our desire being fulfilled because the identification that we took upon ourselves is disproportionate to that desire manifesting the way we want. The story is a symptom, not a cause of the false identification. The cause is the feeling you have about yourself which is limited in the way it can express due to conditions you feel you need to be confined to as that's what you learned to accept for yourself based on the story generated from the traumatic experience.

How do we generate ideal contextual sense and identification?

The means through which we can re associate these conditions and stories we hold against ourselves is the same way they were integrated to begin with, inverse trauma. If you can near instantly program yourself to believe a false story about your worth when faced with intense feelings of negativity then you  can also apply it the opposite way as transcendental bliss would be  just as capable of negating and replacing resistive pathways. 

This was a theory I came up with a long time ago as a means to attaining  immortality without needing to take alchemical quintessence which has in fact  been demonstrated to reverse ones age.

Since in the Reality Synthesis model of manifesting everything is conjugate and commensurate in it's nature then anything that is negative in our awareness can be reversed into it's opposite polarity even while maintaining proportionality.

To get deeper into the mechanics of how to generate ideal contextual sense we need to look into the process of self recursion once again. Self recursion is the process of consciousness as an input-reference-output-reference cycle. All aspects of your consciousness are self recursive and fractally proportional as commensurate field geometries integrated within each other forming what we experience as consciousness. It's processes within processes, think of clockwork, big gears driving smaller and smaller gears, each having their role to play in the whole function of the total clockwork. Your mind is the same.

Each feeling and concept is self recursive in and of itself, that's how they have structure and integrate in the unconscious mind to be sorted into their respective positions so that things flow smoothly. When we imagine a scene using the conceptual sense we are generating a self recursive circuit which we then integrate within as a state shift. The state is within itself a self recursive circuit integrated in the larger totality of our mind as the primary self recursive circuit. It would have hierarchy as (primary cycle, state cycle, contextual cycle, conceptual/feeling cycle and then purely aetheric perturbance as background aetheric drift circulating according to the hysteresis cycle of the circuit which can be calculated by factoring in the ratio between components and how many components are functioning together as one whole.

So to get practical with this we can understand that each thought we have leads to another thought through contextual sense, the state cycle and all  pathways integrated within it. There can be multiple contextual sensory pathways  crossing one state if they are of similar ratio which is where state interferometry comes in and can influence surrounding states that are connected through the pathways which cross between states. We experience this in our minds AS thoughts that "spiral" as we are consciously tapping into a pathway depending on the feeling which is associated with that pathway which builds the context of that pathway. When thoughts spiral it means you're riding on a pathway of thought which is proportional and when you get to the end of that thought progression it reaches the end of the pathway which is usually where you will either hit the barrier of a state or a disproportionate field geometry which causes you to experience a different emotion in a more intense way, though usually these pathways have emotional coherence in themselves anyway which is usually what fuels our thoughts to continue to spiral.

State streaks are the secret to generating ideal context and identification

To cut to the chase. Imagine yourself acting shamelessly in your imagination expressing your desires around the people who hold you back and or the conditions/circumstances that are holding you back. This is the way that you will generate ideal context without needing to spend significant amounts of conscious effort trying to "reprogram" your so called subconscious mind which of course is the product of the conscious interacting with the unconscious. Acting shamelessly will force you into the feeling of being the person who has it, even if it's on a more limited level you will still make progress and after a few short days or at most 3 weeks your results WILL manifest.

There is no doubt that it will result in change if you're consistent with application of showing up for yourself shamelessly in life and not holding yourself back based on conditions from other people or circumstances. That's how power hierarchy is changed and how you will get what you want. That feeling can manifest under any attitude, it doesn't mean that you're going to walk around in life always thinking about how great you are or whatever, it's the feeling which then generates the context without needing constant thought. There is no need to compare yourself to others when you are your own comparison, the ideal reference state and then the little version of you who has been dissolved through showing up for yourself fearlessly and  shamelessly in both your imagination and wherever you can in reality through generating intuitive impulse and showing up wherever you can whenever you can.

Placing new meanings on circumstances is how we shift context, both on a conceptual and on a feeling intuitive level. That's the basis for how and why contextual sense is so difficult for many to change because they're only operating with one aspect in mind. When you "feel" as though acting shamelessly towards expressing yourself in reality means positive things about yourself and the world around you then the thoughts will follow. This is why context underlies and supports connecting states which enable state streaks, it's about that proportional interaction of the conceptual imaginary sense and the  intuitive feeling sense.

The whole idea of "breaking the habit of being yourself" isn't about going into various meditations and blissing yourself out without a reference state to anchor that into, it's about refining the field geometries that act between states through state interferometry. By showing up for yourself in life shamelessly you're going  to near instantly generate ideal context through the acts that you're reference state will intuitively guide you to perform when you anchor into it deep enough through following the thought pathways down to their roots and tapping into the feeling of your desires being fulfilled. That's truly where "self concept shifts come from.

The action act of showing up in the world shamelessly comes FROM this process, not the other way around. Your actions are mostly pre-determined for the day  based on the pervious days interactions that you played out in your mind so the way you show up tomorrow is dependent upon how you show up for yourself today and so on. It's a reflection of what's expressing in the pathways you're associating yourself with contextually and by building that reference state with ideal concepts and feelings which you can draw from through intuitive inspirational impulse which will make you WANT to act in the world that way and before you know it would have spent hours doing things physically as a result that you would previously never even considered possible because of it. That's truly how you shift who and what you are and what you are capable of.

Transcendental bliss manifests instantly

What if we took this theory and applied it in the opposite, so that instead of spiralling in negative thought pathways we spiral in new ideal pathways according to an ideal reference state which can build momentum and influence over other similar states. This is where the inverse trauma principle comes into play, though instead of a single moment it's a moment stretched out over a period of time where you can get a similar effect to that of an instant moment of influence but through attaining flow state.

When we get into state streaks we are actually cohering thoughts we hold within one specific state, ideally a reference state which has integrated within it concepts and feelings we desire without conditions attached. When we can build this state up to such an extent where we don't feel bad or have negative thoughts it means we've got enough momentum for state interferometry to apply as you've reached the threshold where a spill over effect happens where this new state will then begin to "infect" surrounding states with similar concepts integrated and proportionally align those to cohere to the ideal reference state.

This process is HOW you "reprogram" your mind. That idea being a farce when the very process of reprogramming happens in an instant with traumas or inverse traumas which only proves to us that the truth about reprogramming isn't a function of changing thoughts and or feelings over time but a function of generating proportional field geometries which are state coherent which then can take up more of our unconscious and generate nothing but confirmation for what we desire without us needing to think about it. This is why the things you experience without thinking about them happen. They unfold without you needing to think because they're unconscious processes playing out self recursively, just like your consciousness which plays out without you needing to think about it playing out because that's how the mechanics of reality work.

The "law" is the mechanics of reality. Reality is generated through commensurate proportional fractally integrated pathways through various states which form the themes we experience in life as the primary patterns which unfold without trying to make them unfold. This is what truly "crystalized" field geometry is all about. The life you live now, if negative in nature, happens automatically  without you thinking or trying to make it unfold. You continue to think the thoughts and feel the feelings because they're crystalized in your pathways. If however you experience the roller coaster ride of emotions and states it means that instead of having highly crystalized set in stone field geometries and pathways your states are highly incoherent and highly disproportionate. This place is much easier to have faster changes but is harder to reach the place where change can be made. The crystalized pathways are easier to change due to their coherence and predictable patterns but usually take longer to change without transcendental experiences leading to a gradual and "natural" unfolding of circumstances to reflect those pathways.

The nature of manifesting - conclusion

The nature of manifestation goes as follows: You have a desire and this desire is either something you can identify with having the capacity to fulfil or not due to conditions you've placed in the way either consciously or unconsciously. If there are conditions then refining your identification through both thinking differently and "feeling" differently in accordance to the themes underlying the conditions of this desire. Thinking more about  having the desire won't solve your problem as that's not the cause of resistance, the cause of resistance is the underlying themes that represent limitations you've taken upon yourself and placed meaning on in relation to your worth of this desire.

The moment you begin to find the patterns which show up in your thoughts and or feelings surrounding these themes you will be able to revise those experiences and also tap into the themes to elevate yourself above the conditions by "feeling" differently about yourself and of the conditions which you held above you. The cause of false identification is holding conditions above your desire to express yourself. That's suffering in the absolute sense of the concept and in every way must be shifted if your manifestation will come in  THE WAY YOU WANT! That's the important part to understand here, thoughts can manifest, as they are an aspect of what builds context but without the associated feeling of the desire being fulfilled in an ideal reference state the manifestation will come in a limited way which MUST reflect to you that insufficiency in your intuitive feeling sense which contributes to your context.

That's the nature of partial manifestations and inconsistent results. The manifestations MUST reveal any and all limitations which are associated with the feelings of lack you have surrounding the pathway that desire is integrated in.

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