Why intuitive sense is the secret to manifesting

Why intuitive sense is the secret to manifesting

Why intuitive sense is the secret to manifesting

The reason why intuitive sense is the secret to manifesting is because it's the most direct means by which we can influence the hidden aspect of our consciousness that influences our identification which determines how our reality manifests.

Context is the product of intuitive sense

The "feeling" is not an emotion

When you imagine something you will always have an associated "feeling" which represents your intuitive sense applying context to that concept on a pseudo unconscious level. This interaction plays out much like the conscious mind exploring the unconscious mind producing the subconscious mind. The feeling is underlying the concept which when they interferometrically interact produce the contextual sense which is how we identify which results in the emotions we experience as the output of this process unfolding. 

This is why Neville Goddard says the "feeling" is not an emotion, because it's not. The feeling is the intuitive sense, that's why it's the secret. He never spoke of it in that way though, he more or less spoke of it in a more practical sense of "what would it feel like as if" meaning that he was tapping you into the contextual pathway without needing to directly explain how these components interact. 

The emotions we experience are the output products of the interferometric interaction of the concept (imaginary sense) and the feelings that result from intuitive sense (not imaginary). This is why Neville said the feeling isn't an emotion, it's the underlying principle which produces emotions when combined with the imaginary conceptual senses.

The conceptual sense

The conceptual sense is just as misunderstood as the intuitive sense and the contextual sense which results from the interaction of concept and feeling. Most big manifesting gurus tell us to constantly think from the end as an interpretation of "live" in the end. The problem with this is that living in the end requires both aspects of your awareness and not just the conceptual level. Without the intuitive feeling sense there cannot be new meaning attached to the imaginary scene. 

Words and images in and of themselves have no innate meaning which is why the intuitive feeling sense requires input for contextual sense to be built. Fundamentally contextual sense doesn't exist in and of itself but in our awareness manifests as the stories we hold in our minds about ourselves and the world and the resultant emotions according to those stories relative to our desires being fulfilled or denied. Too often do manifesting gurus dismiss the feeling as important and mainly focus on the imagination thinking that's all there is to work with when in reality there's more than just imagination and concept to refine.

The reason why Neville Goddard said that imagination is God is because conceptual sense is what produces phenomena on a sensory level which we consciously experience in reality. The intuitive sense underlying that represents the 6th non imaginary sense by which individual consciousnesses can apply as a "filter" for pure conceptual information represented through the imagination.

State shifting and state streaks

To touch briefly on what states are and how they work here we must first understand how states are generated. States in and of themselves don't exist fundamentally, just like the subconscious mind and the contextual sense. States are regions of the unconscious mind that are coherent and self recursive fractal field geometries which are simulacrums of the complete consciousness we are. A state can contain within it an entire reality and an entirely different identity that you experience, and there can be multiple states existing in the totality of your unconscious mind just like this.

The reason why so many experience huge emotional rollercoasters is because you're experiencing state interferometry where contextual connections have been made between various conflicting states generating distortional pathways through which negative and or positive emotions result from continually shifting in and out of various states incoherently because the feelings which generate the context is highly polar to the ideal feeling you would have if your desire was manifest.

 The truth is that you're unable to generate coherence of states because you're not directly tapping into the feeling that you should be and only working from the conceptual imaginary level thinking that's all you need to do. Of course that CAN result in shifts in a favourable manner but if the meaning which is produced through the interaction of the feeling and the concept is disproportionate to your desired end then no matter what the manifest outcome from continued use of imagination on a conceptual level MUST reflect the limited feelings you have generating the false identification and meanings you associate to the stories you tell yourself about your worth in relation to your desires and the conditions you place on your desires according to the feeling underlying that context you associate as your true sense of self.

This is why people who affirm for weeks or months on end and see no movement give up and eventually their desire they were affirming for comes in all of a sudden out of nowhere because their feeling and thus contextual association to that desire changed not on an imaginary level but on an intuitive feeling level, likely due to an effect from state interferometry. 

This is why generating state streaks is by far the most efficient way to generate ideal contextual sense because it's the most effective method of proportionally aligning various feelings and or concepts through state interferometry. The pathways which connect these various states become coherent in which these big emotional discrepancies you experience on a daily basis are resolved not through continual imaginary work by taking up your conscious energy but by anchoring your feeling into the ideal reference state and associated concepts to generate consistent and coherent context to then interferometrically interact with surrounding states and cohering them into one big state through the continued persistence in these state streaks from that reference state.

Persistence and resistance

The truth is that persistence doesn't mean of thought OR feeling but in the assumption, the context, the meaning, the identification, the character you play as in life. You do NOT need to persist in thought to manifest efficiently. Those who do manifest this way are either unconsciously tapping into the feeling of their wish fulfilled intuitively without realizing it, which is what most of us do anyway because it's the subtle sense which usually is expressed in the feelings we have in our body, or they are in fact consciously tapping into their intuitive feeling sense and deliberately programming themselves because they're familiar with the feeling and work with it, either knowingly or unknowingly using it with conceptual sense to generate ideal context.

This is why persistence and resultant overcoming of so called resistance is almost never a function of time spend thinking of what you want. Most gurus say that resistance is opposing thoughts, which couldn't be further from the truth. Opposing thoughts can come from various means, be it state interferometric effects from inconsistent state streaks leading to incoherence between states from not having a reference state to draw into or it could also be from continually tapping into the feeling of lack around the area of your desire/s. 

Thoughts cause feelings and feelings cause thoughts. The feelings here again are intuitive impulses and not emotions, the emotions are attached to thoughts and "feelings" because they're produced as a result and there is nothing we can do to stop that process unfolding because it's part of self recursion, just like how the subconscious mind is part of the self recursive cycle of the fundamental aspects of your consciousness. This is why so many manifesting gurus mix up emotions and the "feeling" despite Neville specifically saying the feeling is not an emotion. It's an ASPECT of context, when combined with conceptual sense through use of the imagination you generate meaning as context which you identify with and thus manifest reality based on that interaction. 

Why intuitive sense is the secret to manifesting

To truly make my point clear as day, your intuitive sense is the missing secret behind manifesting your desires because it's not spoken about anywhere but here. Reality Synthesis is the only model of manifesting on earth which understand how and why manifestation works the way it does which is why when you apply these methods you can get consistent results no matter how bad your circumstances are.

The real trick here is to understand that the simple truth here is that there is something you want to do in this world which has always existed in your mind which you've attached many layers of conditions onto because of false identifications you've associated with your own worth on a feeling level which has unconsciously shifted your permission to experience what you want onto someone else in your life.

Most of us are stuck in cycles of passing off our permission to go after our desires for others and is usually the actual root cause of negative emotional outputs from the contextual level. It's critical to know that just because you think of what you want doesn't mean you think FROM what you want. Thinking FROM your end comes from integration of feeling and concept, the conjugate principles which together completely shift your core sense of self and thus re-associates the value you hold of yourself and dissolves these permissions and conditions you're holding against yourself without needing to even think about opposite thoughts.

If you've been continually trying to dissolve resistance through thinking opposite thoughts to the negative ones and flip them every time they show up and you're seeing no change in how you emotionally feel about that subject consistently then the missing link here is the feeling, the sense of permission you have surrounding your desire within yourself.

I want you to dig into that thought process and tap into the pathway which that negative emotion comes from and follow it to its core. Take each thought as they come up and trace them back until they won't go any further and then tap into the "feeling" of what that's like. This will reveal to you the story contextually that you've placed there as meaning to explain an event in your life which you unconsciously associated a lack of worth towards. I want you to revise that scenario and to re-associate a new feeling with it which will be the catalyst which then shifts the foundational sense of self generating the core disproportional field geometries which are interferometrically influencing surrounding states causing your emotional rollercoaster and the continual frustration you're feeling.

This is why the feeling is the secret and why the intuitive sense is the secret to manifesting. Watch this video for more on this unique method of revision exclusive to Reality Synthesis: Watch this video

This is why you're still unable to manifest your desires and why you're unable to see change in your reality. The feeling your taking upon yourself and anchoring into unconsciously in your life is pulling you away from where you want to be generating unfavourable context and the resultant manifestations you experience are reflecting this as the patterns that play out in your life. If you change the feeling then you change the context which changes the patterns. It's that simple!

If this resonated with you I strongly suggest you to book a session with me and we can actually go over these processes together and dissolve resistance once and for all! Coaching here

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