Why revision is the only technique you need

Why revision is the only technique you need

Why revision is the only technique you need

The reason why revision is the only technique you need is because Neville Goddard himself said that if he were to teach one method it would be revision. Make no mistake with what he says about revision being the most powerful but the real question is why? Why is revision the most powerful technique. It took me years to figure this out but I have found the truth behind revision and  how it's applied to manifest seemingly impossible things without effort.

The metaphysical mechanics of revision

The path of least resistance is the way that nature functions. The aetheric medium of reality can only express itself as a charge geometry or a discharge geometry, a vortex cycling centripetally or centrifugally as to input or output information as waves themselves. in the aether. Your mind is this aetheric medium, they are one in the same thing as the body of god is all that is corporeal and expressed which holds within it integrated geometries which when proportionate to ratios of PHI you get a zero resistance circuit through which information can be "squeezed" through the input stage of the centripetal geometry resulting in superluminal propagation and all the seemingly magical effects those who believe quantum mechanics follow. 

Why is this important to understand? Simply put, you are reality in the sense of being "made of" the same primary cause substance (the aetheric medium) as Neville calls it. With this established on a basic premise we now have the fundamentals behind understanding how revision works. By following integrated circuits at proportional ratios operating under a zero resistance condition they become as one but are seemingly made of separate components to our experience. Revision works by restructuring these components so that they arrange proportional to where we wish to be and thus change our reality from a fundamental level.

Revision is the only technique you need

Whenever you undergo a shift in an established belief you're actually applying revision to accomplish that without even realising it. Every time you input information through your tangible and or imaginary senses you must identify with it in some way shape or form which is the experience of your sense of self. Concepts (your idea of the desire you want for example) don't change but your relationship to them and what's associated to that desire having it's free fulfilment does matter. That's where the sense of self needs to be understood and refined to get different results. 

I want to make this abundantly clear to everybody reading this. Whenever Neville talks about "it's done" or "dare to assume it" he's playing mind games with you to try and establish an associative connection to an aspect of your sense of self relating to the fulfilment of desires you've held conditions on, which is why they've not manifested even if you think about them or even from them all day every day. Neville Goddard knew this fact but because very few who read his work have metaphysical understanding to see the deeper meanings in why he says those things this goes under the radar of so many, just like the stories in the bible.

You're driven not from your conscious thoughts in the moment but from what is unconsciously anchored in as the default sense of self which associates with concepts you're integrating by applying various manifesting methods. If a coherent proportional associated pathway exists between where you're at now and where you desire to be then it's an effortless manifestation, otherwise you fun up against negative feelings which are the expression of this resistive pathway that's firing in your mind. Now this is where revision comes in to resolve this resistance.

I want to make clear that for those who say "I don't need to look at limiting beliefs to manifest" you're missing the point of what you're actually doing here because you're metaphysically illiterate. Whenever you're applying cataphatic means of integrating concepts like "I AM ____" then that MUST draw association to the state that's along the path of least resistance to where you're at now and will automatically apply this exact same means that revision works with by tracing pathways and negating conditions in that context.

Saying "I AM ____" for many people causes negative feelings and thoughts to arise even if it's what they want. The reason why is because of  the irrefutable fact that your thoughts follow progressive unfolding processes along the path of least resistance which mediates your experience of that concept accordingly. Neville himself said that the reason you loop a scene in SATS is to keep your mind focused on that feeling of being as your mind will automatically want to bring about "associated images" as he said in his own words. This proves beyond any doubt that thought progressions is a fact which applies to everyone's psychology without exceptions regardless of what you do or don't believe because it's fundamentally a metaphysical fact. If it's true on one level it must also be true on all other levels imaginable.

The nature and experience of resistance

To go deeper here your experience of these negative feelings and thoughts are related to conditional associations your sense of self latches onto to justify their position in your mind as the story you continually are reminded of even by simply reading non related words or seeing images which trigger you. Simply knowing someone's presence is around you can trigger you because they're reminding you of a limited sense of self.

The nature of these limited senses of self are derived primarily from compromise in how you're showing up for yourself in reality. You desire to be a certain way but you don't feel comfortable and free to express yourself in that way due to conditions you've placed in the way that you've internalised from a past experience of series of experiences. This limitation is the only reason why you can't move in the direction you desire and so instead of applying a revisional technique to resolve it's association to your sense of self you run and hide from it because it feels bad to think about.

This is actually not a bad thing, it's not a protective mechanism like many think to prevent you from re-experiencing that because you're already experiencing the results from that in your manifest reality right now! It's the exact same anchoring mechanism as when you associate to ideal concepts in an ideal sense of self and have those continue to provide proof of success and abundance. There's no difference to reality, there's only yin and yang, charge and discharge, there is no judgement, there is only the facts of life that you've internalised and continued to perpetuate either consciously or unconsciously.

Neville said to not down yourself for having these associations, you're no better or worse because you're in a position of false identification as it is just as it is. The facts of life. The catalyst to change is awareness and having awareness from I AM is nothing more than viewing reality from a position of non judgement and seeing things as they truly are. You pull out of the reality of corporeal experience and look through the eyes of yourself as I AM to observe. This is what "nothingness" is, this is what potential is, it's what god is. 

Whenever we shift our beliefs we are doing nothing more than seeing the resistance for what it is, and even if your body is viscerally reacting to an extent of having full blown panic attacks which make you feel like you're dying. I know because I experienced this many times by imagining what I wanted in my reality. Imagining favourable circumstances made me physically sick, it was all psychosomatic resulting from the fact that my sense of self was so disproportionate that this resistance manifested in my body as that physical illness. That's what disease is.

To go deeper again we can recognise the theme of death and rebirth in the bible.

How it's done!

Whenever you think of your desire or even associated concepts you've integrated to that desire and negative feelings and or thoughts arise from that then it means your sense of self is disproportionate with relation to that concept and or related concepts. To shift this disproportionate resistive pathway we apply what Neville calls the "feeling" under the means of revision. It's very simple to apply and this  method is actually how real "shadow work" is done in fact.

The trick is to follow your path of least resistance along progressing thought pathways to target the limiting belief. With the limiting belief targeted go deeper into it and follow it's progressions. If you want to then write them down on paper if the core conditions keep shifting around, they will do that depending on the state and associated concepts you conjure in your mind at the time. Once you're clear on the core belief that's limiting you (the opposite of your core desire) then apply the gazing practise.

The gazing practise is nothing more than you softly gazing at something to reduce the reality of your corporeal experience. From this place you'll most efficiently pull out and see yourself as I AM. From this observational state you'll actually be able to see these conditions and limitations for what they are, just that. There won't be any reality to those experiences and you'll be able to negate their influence from this position of non judgement.

Now from this place of seeing them as nothing of importance to you, the same way you don't see that having access to water to drink as important, you'll replace that condition with it's fulfilment. This is where death and rebirth truly come into play. You'll in that moment by replacing those conditions with something ideal and proportional die to those conditions and limited sense of self. You'll "feel" the reality of that experience as someone new. Replace those conditions with the desire being fulfilled that those conditions implied wasn't possible for you and as Neville says dare to assume it. Dive into the reality of that experience and fully immerse yourself in that experience. By immersing yourself in the reality of this experience you're revising limiting beliefs without even consciously doing it for revision purposes as it's all revision in the sense of rearranging the structure of the aetheric medium of reality reflecting your mind.

As you're immersing yourself in the fulfilment of this desire you're associating what's along that pathway which previously triggered you through implication as no longer a factor too and this in and of itself will shift all the negative thoughts and feelings that come up be default as the association to that concept and desire now has a new association to draw from as we've replaced it from a neutral place of power and stability. Lead yourself there if you need to, apply ideal affirmations and feel the power in your body circulating, Neville talks about this as the moment of conception and that "power goes out from you" which is a proportional longitudinal superluminal aetheric propagation resulting in the act being done as now all who need to move will be moved to realize the reality of your experience. That's the deepest level of SATS essentially. 

From this place it really is done. Now that doesn't mean it'll show up the way you desire if you've not completely shifted the resistance as sometimes it might take a few goes at it to fully resolve it. That's not to give you conditions or doubt but as a truth behind many peoples experiences applying this. Neville took months to manifest his trip to Barbados so don't place expectation on anything. If it's done you'll also likely want to show up differently for yourself in your reality as if you can't help but fulfil things you've been afraid of doing all this time. You'll also stop caring about triggers that caused you to viscerally react before. This is proof that you've shifted states, at least in that period of time.

From this place of having momentum working for you you'll very likely continue to move in this direction of being and having but be vigilant and continue to apply this method regularly until it's absolutely soaked into you. Notice we're not saturating our minds with thoughts 24/7 like many false gurus love to say is how your mind is saturated. True unconscious saturation occurs on the level of reality of experience and a revised sense of self, a new feeling of normalcy not coming from conceptual integration but a negation of conditions previously preventing spontaneous expression of your core affinities. It's all revision from that sense. 

Those who get results purely from doing conceptual work had little to no resistance to shift and simply by affirming things they desired didn't trigger a flood of visceral emotional experiences which for some lead to panics, like myself at one stage in my experience. They can only get results because the affirmations applied don't remind them of associated conditions on surface level or even deeper if those arise. These people already had a foundation to integrate concepts desired without those triggers arising. If those triggers came up for them by applying affirmations then the affirmations they applied were able to lead them into an ideal state much like we do when we negate resistance from I AM perspective without realising it and can feel the reality of that experience just from that alone.

This is why there is no one method for all because different people have different conditions and associations to different concepts and desires. This is why so many get opposite results applying repetitive means like affirmations because they're doing nothing but running up against the resistance all the time and not reframing it. This is also why signs manifest as it's the resultant association your limited sense of self has surrounding the concept integrated limiting the way it pushes out to confirm this identification on an unconscious level.

The other way revision is accomplished is through acting the way you'd actually want to in the exact memory where you didn't have to compromise on how you'd have preferred things to play out. For example if someone abused you you'd go into that scene and simply project this field of absolute I AM power into your being in that moment as though in the past you were being divinely guided and your abuser became powerless over you, in a realistic way of course. Imagine the abuser simply stepping away and or saying sorry I didn't mean to as you're flowing with this divine power you've given your past self. 

This is the non compromising aspect of being yourself, being authentic to that moment as to how you'd have acted and they'd have responded accordingly if your entire state and reality shifted in that moment to reflect the sense of self embodied at that time. Remember the only reason we learn to compromise on ourselves and experience emotional distress when these themes arise is because we learned to compromise on our spontaneous expression either because we were physically forced to submit or because we needed to compromise on our expression in order to keep the approval of others. This example is outlining that we dare to assume that we never needed to compromise to begin with to seek approval of others because we project our awareness into that moment of seeing things for what they are and that the abuser was hurt too and so we revise them to realise in that moment too and that they heal along with it.

This is why revision can be one of if not the most powerful methods of attaining a shift in reality. Death of limited identification by greater awareness of all things means seeing things for what they are and seeing beyond the emotional output we experience. We experience the pain in our abusers too and so heal ourselves and them as one, as the same being. This affects the house of cards that experience was formed out of and thus reality responds accordingly. This is also why writing out "F you" letters and writing out all the things you'd have wanted to say to a person who abused you is also powerful because it moves those feelings and allows you to grieve over that experience where you're basically giving your past self the authority and power to show up in that moment the way you'd want to without compromise. You'd then burn that note and drop it.

These are all the ways you can apply revision to affect your reality in ways that result in the manifestation you've desired to show up the way you want.

Core aspects of resolving resistance

  • Concepts associate to a sense of self to result in output context you identify with and experience reality though and as
  • The reality of experience determines your level of identification. This is how you unconsciously anchor in sense of self to associated concepts
  • Pulling out of corporeal identification and seeing through those eyes as I AM is where stability and power is held as there is no judgement but simply that which is as I AM
  • To recognise conditions as they are and negate their influence by seeing them as nothing but petty squabbles of a past self, you're no longer bound by those limitations in this moment and exist in a new state. This is the feeling, the reality of experience, the experience of reality from the ideal sense of self relating to your desired concept
  • Continually wearing this feeling as though it were normal and expected is anchoring that in. The feeling will be experienced as a slowly declining peak over time where that peak is now normal to you in contrast to when that resistance was at it's peak in your experience.
  • Any and all related concepts to this desire you've associated falsely to will remind you of those feelings of negative sense of self. For example someone who desires and SP may not feel worthy of getting an SP without being fully financially stable and so will self sabotage to prevent themselves from manifesting the SP until this condition is met or negated.
  • Fundamentally all resistance is resultant from limited sense of self and putting desires and associated concepts on the pedestal which is the root cause of anxiety surrounding not having something and looking for signs all the time.
  • Showing up in reality without compromise is the most reliable way to improve sense of self and negate resistance as it's resolving these conditional associations to various desires without needing to negate their influence which is how most normies manifest big things without applying these methods specifically to shift their sense of self.
  • The theme of death and rebirth is the fundamental experience of a shift in the reality of experience to the new sense of self. To die to yourself means to completely disconnect from the associated conditions and patterns playing out in past default states resulting in a new default level of stability surrounding knowing something as a fact of life.
  • It all happens at the moment of death, that's what revision is. 
  • Revision is rebirth
  • Revision is death
  • Revision is birth
  • Revision is as I AM
  • I AM

Understand these principles and you'll see the simple truth of how all things work

There's nothing more to it than this. Apply it and stop searching for more information because you don't feel worthy of being who you want to be. You're compromising on showing up for yourself because of conditions playing out making you only capable of acting within the means that feels comfortable and secure to you. Die to that sense of self and be reborn. Be reborn as if none of this resistance mattered at all in any way shape or form, as if it never existed in your life. You're free and you've always been free. You don't need to limit how you show up to meet anyone else's expectations, you don't need to compromise on your desires because you don't feel it's capable within your current circumstances. You're reborn here and now, right now it's all burned to ash and scattered in the wind.

Some may resonate with that because the series of words and affirmations reminded you of certain sensations of self where the reality of that implies the negation of resistance. Cultivating awareness of this is how resistance is negated in another means.

Some who watch specific manifesting gurus and their videos and have manifestations watching those videos isn't because of anything special about what they said but because it reminded you of associations and feelings that worked for you and led you along pathways to negate that resistance. That's why some have so many success stories just from watching free content because they either consciously or unconsciously led you through your thought pathways and essentially revised the resistance on the spot. That's what coaching is all about, we lead you to the water and show you that it's safe to drink it. All coaches who are successful apply this means of giving you the insight required to shift those beliefs and show up different from a shift in sense of self. All other coaches who simply give you techniques to apply and don't lead you through this process are false gurus who don't understand the law. That's how you know who's legit and who's not.


Apply this practise and you'll get results in a similar way to what was described above for some of you. 

  • Write down on physical paper or something like it your resistance and conditions preventing you from showing up the way you want. Write as much or as little as you like
  • Now on the other side or next to that paper or even on another piece of paper (it's up to you) write down the fulfilment of these conditions and what it would feel like as though they never were an influence over you. Write down every implication on your life as though these conditions were instantly dissolved here and now
  • Sign it however you like
  • Burn the paper and scatter the ashes however you like. I like to scatter the ashes in a gust of wind but it's entirely up to how you're intuitively driven to fulfil this method
  • That's it!

Applying this along with what was mentioned in the main revision method above will result in some very powerful shifts. You're done. Now go live the life you want without compromise and imagine greater things and more abundance than ever before!

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