Email Coaching Details

Each tier of email coaching will receive an email after purchase within 2 business days about the details of what is to be included in your preface email which will not count towards the total emails you have purchased.

You can answer these questions in as much detail as possible as the more information I have about these the more I can be of service! These questions in this preface email will include:

  • Your desire/s
  • Circumstances and background
  • What would you be doing in your perfect reality without any compromises on your vision and if no circumstances were in your way (if circumstances do arise in this process note those down too!)
  • Your history with applying any manifestation methods
  • Where do you feel uncomfortable in life the most regularly (negative patterns)
  • What physical symptoms (chronically occurring) if any have you been facing
  • What Reality Synthesis material have you studied so far
  • Any extra details you'd like to outline that's not on this list you feel is important to explaining your scenario

If you do not answer each of these questions you will receive a reply to read these terms of service and you'll have one more opportunity to answer the questions.

If you commit to purchasing an email package and cannot fill out your submission according to the terms of service you will not receive a refund.

Each email in your package you have purchased will count down for each reply you send to my response to the preface email from then on. For example you will have 5 emails to send after I've replied to your preface email if you purchased a 5 email package. If you send multiple emails before my reply they will count towards your total unless they are small corrections you've made from typos or incorrect details soon after.

Any emails you send after your email package has expired will not receive a reply until or unless you decide to either purchase any standard reality synthesis private coaching package of 90 days or the immortality coaching or you purchase more emails in which I will continue to reply to your emails until those emails have expired.

If you do not reply to my email response within 90 days after I send a reply I will assume you have decided to forfeit your remaining emails you purchased and I will not reply to any emails after that period.

All email responses will be sent out within 5 business days of when I receive them though often I respond within 2 business days.


If you have any questions about these TOS and have purchased an email package feel free to ask me about what I mean by any of the questions you'll answer in the preface email. Emails about the TOS questions will not count towards your end, though after 3 emails asking for clarification I will not continue to respond and assume you are trolling and cancel your email package without a refund!


Thank you for reading through the email coaching details

Email Coaching

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