How to refine your sense of self

How to refine your sense of self

How to refine your sense of self

The premise of how to refine your sense of self

Your sense of self represents your intuitive sense of value that you hold in association to the things you desire. If you feel devalued then you'll manifest results accordingly. For example you affirm "my sp is obsessed with me" then you'll push out results which confirm this concept but it must also relate to the value that you hold in relation to that concept meaning the output manifestation will provide proof of this limited sense of self you hold on an unconscious level.

Common examples of limited manifestations are signs where you'll see their name everywhere, you'll see them come and leave, you'll see others manifesting them and them saying to your SP how they're obsessed with them which again will be the confirmation of your sense of self and associated value to the concept of SP being obsessed with you. You'll also possibly manifest nothing but more success stories of others getting what they want which will only feed into this limited sense of self over time too as the proof of this is the fact that you're still seeing others getting what you want.

Everybody needs to understand that the sense of self is the foundation by which concepts are integrated and sorted within the structure of your mind. Continually compromising on who you are being in life will only draw association to the fact that your SP isn't with you. If the limited belief that's stifling your value comes purely from your ability to feel valued in this one direction and there's no other secondary associations which arise then it will mean that all you need to do is refine this one aspect and a simple insight will often be enough to flip that. For everybody else though it's a different story.

When you've got multiple levels of resistance all referencing and connecting to each other then you've got a more complex situation to resolve than simply addressing one belief, though if that one belief is supporting and underlying many other beliefs then your entire tree of resistance can topple over and you'll transcend all these related limiting beliefs from just this one being shifted.

Your supply of value

You are the proof of your value

You have 2 primary sources of value within you that you don't need anyone or anything to cultivate. This is by cultivating the awareness that you are one with all things in reality and recognising the truth of your existence as love itself and by living out the reality of your core affinities without compromise.

Following your affinities and joy

The aspect about following what brings you joy is representing that which brings you foundational value from being yourself, authentic to your unique expression of life. When you deny this aspect of you which is constitutional to your very being due to conditions you face or compromises you feel the need to make to please others then you're denying your value in the intuitive impulses which drive you to expressing this unique aspect of yourself.

Holding yourself back from being your greatest self and or remaining at a certain level of success but not moving beyond that even though you're being drawn into expanding further into greater expression of self are both going to unconsciously remind you of the fact that you're compromising on being who you really want to be in life and this will cause you to suffer as a result. You've got this intuitive drive to express it but you're denying that capacity for the reasons which arise and this is going to remind you when you think about your SP that you've been compromising on expressing yourself which you've drawn association to and is a secondary condition. The moment you express this aspect of yourself the SP shows up as the SP is sitting on top of this layer of resistance waiting for you to resolve that. Even if you do SP work this layer below it will continue to arise and haunt you and remind you of this lack of value you have.

That's why action towards what you know you're being drawn to fulfil regardless of your feelings is necessary because the act of fulfilling that aspect will become proof of who you are being in future which you can draw reference to and gain momentum from to support you in the naturalness of having a valued sense of self. These feelings are just temporary anyway. The shame or guilt or fear of some kind out of vulnerability doesn't last and your feelings don't determine your ability to act accordingly regardless of the circumstances. If you have a means to act to fulfil your affinities and you deny that because you don't feel like it then you're sabotaging and compromising on being your greatest self who has all the value they'd ever need. Feeling vulnerable and yet still acting according to that which brings you joy anyway is the sign of someone with true value because they know that expressing themselves and living the reality of that experience is far more important than the temporary dip they're in.

If an actor gets stage fright when they first show up in front of a huge crowd because they don't feel confident in themselves they'll still show up and do the best they can and at the end of the day it'll almost certainly work out in their favour if they're acting in accordance to their path of least resistance and affinities. Understand that the disciplined actions you take confirm to you who you are being, your feelings don't because there's no reality to their expression as they're always an output response to how you see yourself in that moment. After the fact once the feelings have passed and you look back at the act you did that was in alignment to your greatest expression it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you held no compromise in being yourself and you'll gain value to reference in relation to these other areas as a result of that.

This is why a lot of people cannot manifest money or SP or whatever they want because they're continually compromising on being who they desire to be in life and allow their feelings to determine what they can and can't do. 

Write down on paper all the aspects of self which you find joy from expressing and experiencing and find the theme based relationships between them all. Summarise them in one word or a short phrase. For me it's "swift" or "agile" in the way I express myself. That's my constitutional makeup and my intuitive drives are accordingly as well. You'll have a constitutional makeup that brings you joy which you can follow and gain value from as a source that's unique to you and your unique expression.

Be the flowing stream of life elegantly dancing with the waves of life. Touch the ocean of reality with your bare hands and take what's yours by birth right. Because you exist therefore you are. You are a characteristic, a state, metaphysically represented in a physical body existent to play out your unique song of life and all the unique notes and melodies which echoes throughout the aethers like a voice projected into a chasm travelling endlessly in all direction reflected back to you with a slight delay. You are that song, the representation of music as a self recursive circuit playing the tune of your touch with everything you experience.

You have a path of least resistance. Put it all together and play that tune. When you play that tune you resonate reality accordingly and you no longer live in the past fearing the future for you are fulfilled. This is your naturally gifted source of joy and self value which you can draw upon and play at any time. Recognise this and you will be free from suffering because authenticity is proportionality. Authenticity is effortless integration with all that is simply because you exist.

The truth is that you have value inherent to your existence. You are constantly bring influenced by the higher consciousness you're integrated within and are a part of in the greater whole and that your existence is metaphysically about playing a unique song as that whole being but from your experience of it. This IS self recursive procession, the consciousness cycle and as our value comes from being ourselves we simply need to find our value by turning within and dropping all the conditions which we held ourselves back over.

Read my article on revision to free up pathways and give yourself the ability to expand beyond these limitations which show up and get in the way of this spontaneous expression of your song. Click here to about it!

Leading the pathways

Affirmations. We are told to apply affirmations like a long string of mindlessly repeated words which in and of themselves hold no meaning. Some of them would make you anxious and others would ring the bell of joy in your mind. When you string them together coherently they form a unique melody in your mind which reminds you of that same sensation of inspiration you feel when you're dancing the waves of life by expressing your unique song. This is called leading the pathways and represents the correct way to affirm for everybody no matter where you're at in your journey.

Come up with a desire you'd like to manifest and then associate all the things around that which remind you of the fulfilment of that desire and bring them into context subconsciously. Combine their total influence of how they all make you feel as whole, not as one but as a series of combined concepts running their processes in your mind amplifying your sense of self to confirm who you are and what you're capable of without compromise.

By leading the pathways you're creating a series of proportionately associated concepts that draw upon an ideal sense of self which provide greater context and meaning to where this single affirmation is then placed in. You'll get your unconscious mind on board with this affirmation if it's surrounded by concepts which bring it comfort and safety which is why rampages are actually powerful because you'll naturally embody that authoritative mindset and lead yourself along associated pathways automatically anyway so rampages and leading along pathways are very similar in that sense but leading along the pathways is more of a deliberately crafted way to experience affirmations differently.

Images and even sounds can be applied the same way as it's just concepts interacting and not just words. You can apply pathway leading using any manifesting method except SATS where the goal of SATS is to focus on instilling one specific scene and it's implication through your mind. When you show up in a SATS scene and live authentically in that scene the way you would as though you're revising a past trauma you'd mediate yourself closer to living that way in the present day as a consequence too so no matter how you apply pathway leading it's all related to bringing you closer to authenticity and integrating more degrees of favourable context to the concept you're integrating.

Making life into a game

When we play any game the purpose of the game is to work within the rules of the game to accomplish an end goal. In some games as you accomplish certain goals the goalposts move to keep you playing and offer a new end goal to reach. The same goes for your life. You'll be shifting the goalposts up as you continue to earn certain amounts of money for example, or attain a certain following. There'll always be the desire for more, but that doesn't mean your value is dependent on that growth as it's more so a consequence of your ever expanding influence over reality as a whole as you move closer to your core essence.

I want you to write down a series of goals you want to attain in 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years. Make these goals whatever you want within the means you have available to you and write them down for each. Then come back to this list in 3 days and look over the list again and see what you've accomplished. If you accomplished all the goals on the 3 day list then you'll ask yourself if I were to do this list again would I keep the same goals or change them and make them bigger.

Refine this goal list every time you reach 3 days and continue to reset your day counter to the 3 day number over and over and before you know it you'll be moving the goals from your 3 weeks list into the 3 days list before 3 weeks pass. You'll become almost addicted to levelling up and shifting the goal posts because you'll actually be accomplishing something of value and that you'll find value from doing those things. This will refine your sense of self like nothing else. The proof you have of completion of realistic goals you've written out which relate to your core affinities is going to spill over into areas not even on these lists and give you that illogical confidence in yourself. Your meridian systems will align and things will lock into place where your new baseline level 3 months later would be significantly greater than where you started on your first 3 day streak.

To all those who say physical action isn't going to change things and that it's all mental I say explain this. If affirming to yourself that something will happen but it never comes to pass because it's got no reference frame in self value to draw from and inspire you to move into that sense of self unconsciously because you're following your path of least resistance then how does simply writing out goals manifest when affirmations and scripting or even visualising doesn't for those who are stuck. If scripting is the magic sauce then why is it that when we script for SP to show up they don't?

Scripting within the frame of reference that you can draw value and meaning from is where the magic works and you don't even have to feel anything in the moment to draw ideal reference from this goal list because things are so simple to accomplish. All those temporary hits of dopamine (the expression of the flow of yang between the kidneys liver and heart meridians) will stabilise your "reward" system and make accomplishing things actually provide you significantly more value than being overstimulated wasting time online. If you consciously decide to stop overstimulating your nervous system and turn within for sensation then your subconscious barrier will expand and you'll gain greater influence over the things that are in your conscious awareness and thus greater awareness over unconscious processes too.

Accomplishing goals refines your sense of self on the most foundational level possible within the liver and heart meridians which is where your sense of power and unique creative expression arises from. If you combine this with a celibate practise if you're single then you'll become unstoppable!

If you're stuck then do this

For the people who are stuck and can't move forward I suggest always journaling at the end of the day any insights you had about something you found to be worth noting down. Playing out 3 simple processes is all you need to gain value that's been metaphysically validated.

1. Sourcing your value from reality itself by feeling the entirety of reality providing you that source of satisfaction and guidance into knowing your value isn't dependent on anyone or anything else.

2. Apply pathway revision and find the source memories of the emotions that are stuck in your nervous system running unconsciously on loop warping your sense of self. Go into those moments but from a perspective of objectivity and non judgement where you'll be authentic in that memory and decide to show up in that past event according to how you really felt like expressing yourself without compromise. It doesn't need to be a fancy ritual like SATS, simply change how you reacted and how anyone else reacted in that scene to be aligned to their highest expression of authenticity as though the veil lifted on all parties involved and everyone saw the divinity in everyone else.

3. Breaking patterns of expectancy and live new experiences. Apply the above goals method combined with celibacy if you're not with your SP and draining your value wasting time and energy. Write down all the habits that don't serve you on paper and burn that paper. Also write down every aspect of your life which isn't in accordance to providing you value fundamentally. Wake up every morning and read your list of goals, lead yourself into that ideal state and break patterns that doesn't serve you.

If you apply these 3 methods you'll actually make more momentum in refining your sense of self than telling yourself 10k affirmations every day for years. The reasons why should be obvious by now because LOA isn't about just conceptual work but shifting the associations we have to those concepts. The only thing we can change is the association between concept and sense of self and the concept doesn't change so all we can shift by extension is the sense of self and how authentically we are being ourselves in each moment of life. 

Doing the things on this list as a means of refining your sense of self isn't required nor are they meant to be conditions underlying the fulfilment of your desires but is a general guide to refine the aspects of your life that you're playing out in a compromised manner compared to living from authenticity and from your core essence which sees itself as Christ did. That doesn't mean you can't partake in habits you know don't serve your progression from time to time for some variance as sometimes that spice of life adds to the experience in a way. Just to know, you can DO all the bad habits still and not have them affect your value, but most people compromise on being themselves and so the addictions and or habits which minimise their value are the aspect of themselves they retreat to as a means of escaping the incomplete sense of self by abandoning authenticity as they don't see it as safe to do so.

When you don't feel safe being yourself then that's where following these steps will be of immense benefit and will reduce importance of all your big manifestations as your value won't be coming from applying LOA methods but from being yourself without compromise which holds no attachments or conditions to be met.

Being authentic simply means expressing your fundamental feelings without compromise which arise from this intuitively driven constitutional sense of self which you're being driven to express at all times. The pain exists to bring you into alignment with that potential you have. By living authentically you're holding nothing back, you have no regrets or frustrations as it's all put out on the table as it is. Be merciless and filled with the fury for life while yet as peaceful as a snowflake. You can have all your thoughts and feelings and not need to feel like you must gaslight yourself out of being authentic as that's your path of least resistance and how you refine your sense of self.

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