The definitive SP manifesting guide

The definitive SP manifesting guide

The definitive SP manifesting guide

The definitive SP manifesting guide

This is the definitive SP manifesting guide, Reality Synthesis style.

There is no longer a need to doubt if the process you're applying is correct or not as you will learn a fool proof method to manifesting anything, including your SP, in under 3 weeks. I guarantee that if you follow this process you WILL manifest them in under 3 weeks without a doubt. 

Why SP manifesting seems difficult for so many

SP manifesting is one of those things that everybody wants but nobody can get or keep. Those who lack a person in their lives want to be validated for their worth through the person which indicates a lack of core principle contextual identification with the person who doesn't *need* an SP but *desires* one. This is not about going after something to get something, this is about restructuring  your identification in order to then affect change in the outer world on a more unconscious level without the need to apply conscious manifesting methods. This is the true minimalist manifesting method.

Why do we place attachments on this person? Because there is something they have that we don't have that we believe they will give us which will make us "feel" better. Those who are versed in Reality Synthesis manifesting theory will know that the "feeling" being the intuitive sense which produces the output of emotions and that when we try to "feel" better by going after something it's because we haven't cultivated that within us first which is the ONLY way to manifest them into your life, permanently.

Many coaches out there speak of manifesting from a frame of reference which dismisses the importance or even the existence of the unconscious process of intuitive impulse and "feeling" sense. This is a critical mistake because the way our identification unfolds is due to contextual sense being generated through the interaction of the conscious imaginary sense and the unconscious intuitive "feeling" sense. These conjugate principles interact, at all times mind you, to generate how you identify and thus your states and associated emotional outputs along the pathways which connect these states. The emotions are the output response of the way you "feel" about your SP.

The "feeling" about your SP, them being the conceptual imaginary conscious sense which is your thoughts about them on a subjective level, is what results in them either crystalizing as the one who wants you or despises you and hates your guts for the rest of your life! No but seriously this feeling is the very basis for how unconscious thoughts become crystalized in your states, feeling is the secret. In order to change how something shows up CONSISTENTLY you MUST apply a different feeling to the subject of SP. The thing is how do we do that?

How to change the way you feel about your SP

This is where the practical aspects come into play. So if you're trying to manifest an SP who has past history with you and they've left you on no contact for months or even years (like in my case) then it's pretty obvious that you've got a feeling that's crystalizing the pathway through which this concept is manifesting. The feeling can be shifted without thinking constantly, because it's an unconscious process which operates on a subtle intuitive level and represents the unconscious mind and the nervous system as well as the basis for emotional output. It's how we associate meaning to circumstances, concepts, conditions and the like on a contextual level.

The way we go about changing this is by applying a few different methods of refining the field geometries of the unconscious mind. The most effective method is one that needs no conscious input really at all, it's a process that's the most natural and most people manifest change this way without even realizing it. It's called state streaks

State streaks

State streaks can be explained simply as the continued experience of one state of being over a period of time which is coherent and not scattered. What I mean by coherent is how the thought pathways which intersect this state are being coherently fired and not causing you to jump in and out of various states causing thoughts to spiral and emotions to go up and down constantly. The trick here is about attaining a "reference state" which is the "state of the wish fulfilled" as Neville Goddard would put it. This is where we hold all our core desires in one state which we can go into and generate ideal context at any time using core desire themes.

The most efficient way to get into the reference state is by working with a theme which underlies all your desires. The best way to find this theme is to look at your life and all the areas of lack you have. Tap into the common denominator between those desires that are unfulfilled and you will get in touch with the core theme which you should be working with. Once you've got your theme simply think of that theme being fulfilled in relation to your desires and it SHOULD generate what I call a subtle intuitive impulse which will be like an "aha" moment and you might even feel a sensation around your chest area.

This intuitive impulse is a sign you've generated the feeling and are now operating in reference state. From this place you will get intuitive impulses to act in the world in different ways on an unconscious level. This is about you getting out of your own way as the principles of reality which make up your consciousness as the self recursive circuit generate new contextual sense without you needing to consciously think about it, because you can't. You cannot generate new meaning consciously, it's ALL done on an unconscious level without you realizing in the background, just like how the rest of your reality runs without you thinking about it. It's crystalized field geometries playing off each other forming coherent pathways leading to state interferometry and more coherent states through living out this state streak.

Now the only thing to do is consciously pull yourself back into this place of unconscious operation when you recognise you're wavering. Just be aware however that if you're on an emotional spiral and your states are jumping all over the place I suggest you don't try and pull  into reference but instead follow where the thoughts and emotions take you in your mind. Follow the pathways and once you get to the end of the spiralling thoughts I want you to take that concept, whatever comes up, and revise it to be favourable. This will in turn generate coherency in that state to be more proportionally aligned with the reference state and prevent wavering and emotional spiralling in future.

Information pathway method

The state streaks are the primary means through which this process will take place but there is a supplementary process at play here which works with state streaks in aiding it's effectiveness. This method is what I call the information pathway method. You could also think of this as "thought" pathways instead of information pathways but thoughts are information, which is aetheric perturbance. Either way this method is very simple and easy and everybody can do it really at any time but it's most effectively applied in a quiet room with some time to spare.

What you need to do is journal any moments where resistance shows up. Log as many of these occurrences as you can and write down any emotions that  come up in the best way you can describe them. You will eventually begin to find patterns playing out which is where we want to be working from. From here we will take one of these logs and go into that thought. The current state you're in might not bring up the resistance to the surface the same as it was before so if nothing comes up then try another one, but core resistances will almost always cause you to get triggered and thoughts to spiral which is exactly what we are going to follow.

I want you to let the thoughts spiral and dive into where those thoughts take you. Follow each thought one after the other as they come up. As you go into one thought it might stick around for a few seconds or even a few minutes but it will either lead to a new thought (usually in 15 seconds or less) or it will lead to a sensation in your body and an associated emotion which is attached to a "feeling", the unconscious intuitive sense. Once you get to the root of where these thoughts come from by following the pathway of thoughts all the way to the end where no more thoughts or sensations come up I want you to revise that scene. If this is relating to your SP then it will dissolve resistance in that area.

The more you apply this method to the thoughts that arise the more effective  state streaks will be and the faster your SP will manifest. This is about maintaining consistency of practise as a means of showing up for yourself which in and of itself builds context as you're  operating from a pseudo reference state and interferometry will dissolve resistance accordingly in the background as you embody this state applying these methods. 

Minimalist manifesting methods

As you should know by now Reality Synthesis does not promote many active manifesting techniques using purely the conscious mind as it's missing the component of the feeling, the intuitive sense. Thoughts cannot in and of themselves generate context and so without an associated feeling to a conceptual sense using your imagination you cannot provide new meanings to concepts and thus your default dwelling state and identifications will not change.

How does this relate to manifesting an SP you might ask? Well it's got everything to do with manifesting an SP because the moment you stop thinking about them and start flowing with what it is YOU truly DESIRE to ACT in the world on (state streak acting) it will bring them to you automatically as you're no longer operating from a state of lack. The moment you show up for yourself differently you cannot fail, because the basis of how crystalized identifications play out is not through continual persistence in thought, but persistence in showing up for yourself and working with your themes to generate context which is ideal to your reference state. 

You will unconsciously associate the SP you truly desire into this state just like other concepts relating to the fulfilment of these core themes. There is no fear which will come up about your SP hating you because you won't care. Your frame of reference will shift to a point where you will no longer hold attachment to this person, or any person for that matter because you'll be living your life playing out the themes underlying your desires in state streak without any continual desire for them to be with you. You will have thoughts of  them every now and then but it won't be from a place of wanting them to complete you, but as a complementary aspect to your path which you're already on.

This is where we come full circle back to the beginning of this article. You're trying to manifest the SP because you're wanting to feel a certain way. This is what following all these steps will cultivate within you most effectively without the need to think about it to make it happen. All persistence comes from drawing yourself into reference state using core themes and by expressing those core themes you anchor them into your unconscious mind to become crystalized which then provide you the feeling of satisfaction you so desire with this person thus cultivating the "feeling" without consciously trying to cultivate it. That's how natural this process is and how minimalist the reality of manifesting really is.

That's why Reality Synthesis works for everybody!

If you want to go deeper on this read other related articles, especially the one on conditions and false identification linked here. The coaching service I offer will go into the depths of what your path of least resistance is in applying these methods and give you some unique techniques that I don't offer publicly (for reasons you will only understand if I explain them to you in coaching) and thus manifest your SP, and really anything, in under 3 weeks. I offer a 30 day service which is the most popular and has had great success with everyone who has worked with me thus far for that duration. You can find my coaching service here: RealitySynthesisCoaching

Check out my YouTube channel (LegendaryDJ) for more information in video format on how Reality Synthesis works.

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