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STATE COHERENCY BOOSTER: Non destructive frequency cascade

STATE COHERENCY BOOSTER: Non destructive frequency cascade

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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions

The basis for all other Reality Synthesis subliminals based on 12 layers of divinely proportional frequencies tuned to generate the highest level of state coherency possible within the audio format! This is undoubtedly the most powerful subliminal booster that can be produced as it mirrors the process of how creation itself happens.

Audio runs for 5 minutes but can be looped on your device infinitely

How to use

Play this subliminal as often as desired and for as long as desired. It's a non destructive booster which works as an amplifier for any other subliminals you have running at the same time so feel free to play this over the top of other subliminals for extra powerful effects!

Using this subliminal on its own will induce a semi trance like state where you'll become more aware of your I AM nature from the incorporeal identity which is where all the power is held for change. It works best when you're able to apply it while you're applying techniques such as the gazing or pathway methods and even while scripting!

Download for iPhone requires extra steps which may not work on your device! Copying to your iPhone from a pc or mac using iTunes sync is your most reliable method as that's how it's designed to be copied according to apple's ecosystem.

To play on android devices find the download in your downloads folder and "send" it to your music library for looping functions. Make sure to filter for 0 second tracks as some phones don't sort it by default!

For pc and mac it's the same as any other downloaded audio file

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