Aetheraeon Notebook 3

Aetheraeon Notebook 3


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This is a continuation of the original notebook because the page got way too slow for the shopify editor to handle on my PC. This is the third "page" of my notebook which will have more added too it over time. We're back on shopify again after dealing with all the issues WordPress shoves down my throat.


I've encountered this idea of coming closer to divinity to really be one of the essences underlying the effective use of LOA. The fundamental components of LOA are simply to fully express yourself (who you really are underlying any and all resistance/the aspects of consciousness that aren't repressed) without compromise and the other is to create space or subconscious capacity. Without either of these LOA cannot work for you on a way you'd ideally desire.

I'd say you could summarise the whole expressing self without compromise to mean to be courageous as courage is the aspect of consciousness that really draws us into that core essence, or really its us embodying greater consciousness to a more proportionate degree. The closer to divinity you are consciously the more yourself you are in uncompromised expression, and the more capacity you have the closer you are on an unconscious level too.

The thing people miss especially is that they need to cultivate subconscious capacity, it's not something that we just create by our existence as doiing the great work is actually cohering all the archetypes of consciousness scattered in your unconscious mind to become one thing and that can only be done when they become aware of each other by creating that space. Without space nothing can shift which means that the effective application of the idea of "being yourself without compromise" is better facilitated by expanding subconscious capacity and by extension of that your conscious awareness to literally embody more yin and see things for what they are to be able to then more effectively apply courage to dissolve resistance as this quality of consciousness cannot be faked but only genuinely experienced when you're ready. The whole divine timing thing about being "ready" or the idea of planted seeds sprouting is simply what I've described as subconscious capacity reaching critical threshold. The timing all depends on subconscious space and bandwidth and the application of courage to go with that.

The idea therefore of drawing closer to divinity really is seen in these two concepts. Fundamentally what we're doing is working to draw closer to divinity by giving ourselves the bandwidth to shuffle sensory experiences in and out of the unconscious mind and by extension the ability to actually be in the presence of our fully proportionate nature in connection to our greater consciousness or the source of our emanation here in a way that gives us everything we need to transform the reality we experience.

Recognising divinity in all things really is the basis of doing conscious work. Without divinity there is no vitality or connection to the manifesting ability you'd otherwise have. Recognisee this is once again on a spectrum, it's not black or white so some people can be more proportionate in some ways and others not so much which evens out to fill up their subconscioius capacity pretty evenly but the one who has less resistance and more proportionate stuff in that same subconscious capacity would have a better time even if their reality is limited. The "size" of your subconscioius mind can be directly related to the variance and depth of conscious experiences in reality and this can also be seen as dopamine sensitivity for example as where smaller things bring greater pleasure as you've got more capacity to have as buffer for experiences to unfold. This is why reducing sensory stimulation is one of the key factors in refining subconscious capacity along with doing specific cultivation practises. 


The "state" in my definition is the quality of consciousness underlying someone's sense of self. This basically refers to the idea of how close to uncompromising are you expressing yourself.




The only method needed


You’ll want to firstly lead yourself into the state by building momentum in the direction which serves you. This typically refers to bribing divinity (your greater consciousness) or whatever you view as the greatest power into your awareness as the anchor and the sensation you associate with that being the feeling you’re going to cultivate.


With this reference state in mind you’re going to want to relax your body under the waist as much as possible to reduce heat and the catalysing of yin. We can’t catalyse and burn yin and anchor the state because when we are tense in the lower body nothing can go well for us if there is resistance within our unconscious mind as you’re going to be decreasing capacity and actually building momentum in the opposite direction. A temporary expansion or constriction of subconscious capacity is what gives us the ability to anchor a state through generating that momentum by leading ourselves there. This is the metaphysics of NLP and how pathway work actually functions and how to use it best.


So then you’ll want to approach challenges that show up in your reality from this anchored state, as in as with the least amount of conscious experience of sensations possible. This will more directly tap into your unconscious mind and shift around the pathways present on that unconscious level where you don’t actually need to feel heightened sensations of uncompromising expression unless those come up as a result of this process as they can. In this instance you fully express but still using the least amount of conscious sensation possible for you. This point here is to express that compromised aspect of your consciousness in a way that’s associating its expression closer to divinity and not the need to compromise to fit in and receive approval from the world. Divinity is the infinite supply and by us expressing that we fulfil that condition that was unconsciously anchored from the trauma as our subconscious capacity was overwhelmed.


Otherwise you’ll want to do the techniques in the meantime. You want to do divine pathway work and you’ll want to do gazing. Doing divine pathway work will give you an expansion as well as gazing which acts on an unconscious level though you can often experience results consciously too though those aren’t necessarily the result that’s actually happening as the shifts are happening under the conscious level but you can use the shift in perception to serve you while or after the practises.


The most important part of this thought is to balance your yin and Yang. You want to cultivate space between conscious expression, and just like how thoughts are integrated within thoughts you want to integrate uncompromising expression with relaxation and awareness. Every time you do something stimulating you want to balance it with equal time to cultivate yin which acts as an anchor for that sensation. I guarantee that if you start this with going out into nature or somewhere you enjoy being and divine pathway work there while relaxing your lower body fully and then come back and sit in silence in sieza for a good 15 minutes you’ll feel even more fulfilled and satisfied after that and you’ll then want to make a decision which serves you. Make this yin Yang balance of cultivating space after stimulating yourself with sensory inputs a standard way of living where you’re able to be aware and consciously decide when you peak and when you relax instead of being driven by your unconscious programs.


This is really about the balance between expression and surrender to greater consciousness. Doing yin work is about drawing closer to divinity and as a result channel the charge that dissolves resistive pathways and the Yang work is about expressing who we’ve become. We create deliberate contrast so that the peaks can feel more fulfilling to us without needing to be as stimulating so that we can be more in touch with divinity while in these moments. The problem most face is they’re constantly being stimulated as a lower baseline level where there’s no space to bring awareness towards divinity. The contrast between sensations of being is what we’re cultivating, to have the awareness to recognise divinity at any moment of the day and relax into that. You drive the peak (uncompromising expression) and dip (yin cultivation) instead of it driving you through the resistance banging up against the capacity limit of your subconscious from limited bandwidth.


So the above "method" was from something I wrote out as soon as I woke up. II often get these insights either really late or early. 


The common denominator behind someone who is successful from someone who's not is uncompromising expression of core essence. Without that quality of consciousness nothing can or will work the way you want. This is the required quality of consciousness underlying any and all techniques. Leading yourself into a state of being that's not anchored in greater purpose you draw meaning from and contrast yourself towards cannot last. Without space to have awareness of the thoughts and feelings you have you're unable to fully process them.


That's the summary of Reality Synthesis in a practical sense. The refined version that took me almost 2 years from an already refined model.


Advertising is manifesting. You lead someone through an experience which shifts around their sense of self through various concepts and it puts forward associations you find to be striking or that you relate to, either way there's always contrast. This is what NLP is, pathway work. You advertise to yourself, you hypnotise yourself into a state of being, but that state of being if not anchored into something you fundamentally believe is worth perusing will not stick for very long once the resistive pathways show up as you run out of subconscious capacity. Your subconscious mind will always require connection to divinity in order to expand for it's expansion literally IS you drawing closer to your greater consciousness which you're an emanation of. It created you, but that you exist within it at the same time. I and my father are one - Christos. 


The sensation of being is what you're reminded of through sensory input. Sensation of being is the basis of a state, I say NG was wrong that it was about beliefs and stuff as there's no conscious basis for that. You do things to experience a sensation of being. This is why sensory capacity is so important. If you're so overstimulated the contrast between stimulating sensory experiences will be muted, dulled, made boring and repetitive. The more sensitive you become to sensation of being the more conscious you become of what sensation you're currently experiencing and thus can decide what to experience. This is why I say cultivating awareness through subconscious/sensory capacity is soooo important. Without that you CANNOT shift anything ever as that's the currency by which the contrast between experiences exchanges for sensations of being you anchor into.

Divinity is none of these things as divinity is always greater than you are, until you become one with it and experience it. Through bringing into your awareness the sensation of connection to divinity and opening up to that in complete surrender you burn off resistance and expand capacity as there are correct thoughts (language based associations) which bring about a specific sensation of being which is required for that cultivation to occur. 

To explain what this sensation of being is like it's more of an intuitive knowing that you're not limited by the expression of degeneracy and disproportionate forms of being that destroy your vitality. You won't WANT to do the self destructive behaviour if you're in a sensation of being that's connected to that which is divine and perfect and "Christ like" so to say. You'll be marketed to by divinity so to say as to where your baseline will shift accordingly as you're being marketed to by greater consciousness. This is the purpose of texts like the bible and the stories we hear in Greek and Norse and Egyptian mythologies. Understand that greater consciousness is who "you" are, that's why it's not just another marketing idea for you to be led down and embody a sensation of being but you discovering yourself. This ties into the complete and uncompromising expression of self in which this quality of consciousness combines with the sensation of self associated to being within divine influence and you have everything you need to manifest without effort.

Recognise this is on a scale too. This is not black and white, it's not that you're in the state or not, it's that there's many levels to this like a gradient between black and white. There's critical thresholds along that greyscale which relate to you breaking certain limits through embodying this state and experiencing it that then become your new baseline but someone on a lower baseline can and will be able to manifest things that people on higher baselines can't effectively do even because the contents of their unconscious mind might not be filled with the ideas of that desire, for example status and wealth. People of the world who seek sensory stimulus cannot expand beyond that as they're not able to refine their consciousness without giving it up and being disciplined through wanting to be closer to divinity, or what they perceive as the greatest power in reality as that concept is really all that matters in understanding.

This whole thing about being of the world and fasting from the world is nothing more than a means of refining your sensory inputs and expanding subconscious capacity as you're not stimulating yourself with things that are outside of your core essence. This is the point of being closer to divinity, someone who is less stimulated is someone who has significantly higher capacity for stimulation but in the way that's associated to the channelling of divine currents that are able to burn away resistance and such to free up more subconscious capacity and fully give them greater capacity for complete expression of self. You literally then becoming closer to divinity and your source of emanation.

If you see the patterns and how things are conjugately related it all connects this way. One thing influences another and they both cause the same effects but using different though related means. It's all metaphysical and alchemical.


I've done what nobody else on earth has been able to do. To create a model of reality that explains everything about manifestation, and everything else to an extent. It wasn't me though, it was how I was guided through my uncompromising expression in wanting this above all else. It was because I wanted this above all else that I got it. I manifested this because I lived and breathed this sensation of being. The same goes with everything else. Desire is of course the basis, but desire is your pathway towards greater purpose so fulfilling desire, that comes from the heart specifically, is one that brings you closer to divinity without you realising it. That's why you don't have to have a "I'm coming closer to divine power" mindset consciously to be doiing this work as it's all happening unconsciously through the mechanics of reality.


To go deeper the senses are the limiting factor here. That's why we talk about expanding sensory capacity as the means of expanding your reality as you experience reality through the senses. If you literal ability to sense the world and experience it is reduced then you've got limited capacity to change what you're experiencing as you don't even realise you're limiting in a limited reality.

By extension your ability to influence peoples reality through leading them through what you want them to experience by bringing up associations that remind them of sensations of being you manipulate their reality and make them do literally whatever you want. They integrate within you, if they're less aware than what you're pushing out to them that is, and you control their reality. We are all being controlled by a few people without even realising it, but those people are controlled by greater processes they're integrated within. It's all fractal, one process repeating on different thresholds creating sub realities all existing at once. You're on that spectrum somewhere but to get to the top of that all you need to do is follow what I said.

Divinity is the anchor that transcends all because it's above all. That's the point, you're being influenced and integrating within the consciousness you are in emanationary process and not anything else. You're specifically integrating the consciousness you have capacity to experience to fully and specifically experience that divine nature of your greater consciousness alone. This is the point, that's what life is all about. Death continues this process but just without the salt, the corporeal being exist in consciousness as a self recursive cold plasma field but that's still going to decay eventually where the conscious and unconscious mind will split and they'll return to their essence of yin and yang, though all the conscious experience will be integrated within greater consciousness as that's what that consciousness is integrated in as an emanation of it. All you're doiing it being taken up into it and fully integrated where your components which mirror greater consciousnesses are refined to a point where they're able to then do another merging where effectively two greater consciousnesses then become an even greater greater consciousness in which then a whole new critical threshold of reality is reached to which your greater consciousness then becomes an emanation of that combined consciousness and so on. The currency of course is experience, complete uncompromising expression leading to transcendental experience to mediate the charge required to refine the field geometries and integrate within greater consciousness. 


That's the point of reality. Manifestation is just a consequence of this process unfolding and mastering manifestation means mastering the process of alchemy.


Think of this example practically here. You're being marketed to by someone to buy something, you feel a sensation of being that would come out of that with the world they're painting the picture of for you and so you buy into it. That sensation of being is what you're manifesting, they're leading you into it and so the consciousness between those two people interact and the manifestation mediates their experiences as they're both entering into a state so to say and things unfold accordingly. That state likely won't last long for the one who's mind is filled with stuff that's not directly associated outside the sensation that as marketed to them which is likely why the one who's selling the product would win.



The world is becoming more cowardly. The story of Odin once again comes to mind, being merciless and unrelenting in your expression of self to not subscribe to easy pleasure as the way of life. This easy way out is the problem because the quality of consciousness underlying someone in this basket is someone who is compromising on their expression, they're limiting their subconscious capacity and they're straight up afraid of being themselves because nobody else is. It's become cultural. People in the western culture are all compromised in the majority case.

The issue isn't the stuff that exists that facilitates this; IE "smart" phones and other related tech. This is an issue of sensation of being and the disregard of divinity. Divinity is what we look up to to humble ourselves and restrain our desire to even want to take the easy way out, we desire from this perspective to be as Odin did because that's the right thing to do. It's about making the right decision at the end of the day, no matter what comes of that decision. The question should always be, how can I serve divinity today to the absolute peak of my ability I have available to me. How merciless can I be in my expression of self. Without that quality of consciousness you're not going to reach the heights you imagine, it's required not as a test but as a function of consciousness itself which is always seeking greater order and proportionality.

It's just you and divinity. There is nothing else because everything is contained within your source of emanation. Failing to complete the great work means failing at life, for completing the great work is the only thing that actually matters. Completing the great work doesn't mean to manifest your desires as many of your desires and the need for them will burn away when you're doing the work. I must make it abundantly clear that becoming more aware of your greater consciousness is the only task that matters, that's your purpose as the emanation of it. If you go off seeking sensory pleasures by decreasing sensory capacity you're rejecting divinity for the experience of divinity occurs through the expansion of sensory capacity.

The point is to refine the field geometries of the self recursive circuit that makes up your consciousness and in order to do that you need to accept that you're the puppet to your greater consciousness and do the work because you only exist because it needs you to exist and complete the work. Whether or not you complete the work doesn't matter to your source of emanation because it's existence is eternal compared to yours but your reality is absolutely not eternal. Souls can be created and destroyed and you cannot achieve actual immortality of any form without doing the work. You've got to get off this train of wanting your SP and this or that thing and turn to divinity as that's actually what all these experiences are contained within. You're LITERALLY existing within greater consciousness, literally living inside of it as you're integrated within it as it emanates your existence and thus your reality.

What will it take for you to understand this. You're going to die one day and unless you completed the work your soul will over a period of time that's highly variable dissolve into nothingness. You'll cease to exist as you are, so why not use your existence for it's function and do the work. Manifestation is a consequence of that process but you're missing the point thinking it's some "law" you manipulate with your thoughts. Real metaphysicians like myself don't have any interest in appeasing the world because the world doesn't matter, the world is temporary just as we are. Greater consciousness and the experience of it and conversation with it to integrate within it so that it can "market" to you the experience of ultimate divinity is all that matters. Doing the work is how you exist eternally, but doing the work doesn't stimulate the senses the same way and thus because you're overstimulated and can't seek to exist in a more basic lifestyle that's not involved in the world and it's distractions you're never going to complete the work and thus your existence is but a breeze that blows by and is gone the next second. Do you understand now. 

Being yourself without compromise is the essence of what manifests, creating space is more or less the mechanism that gives you greater interaction with divinity to facilitate that process. Divine yin and divine yang come together to create the dance of life that you get to experience, or not. It's up to you. The only thing that matters is to make the decisions which you know serve your experience of divinity.

Going offline is one of the biggest parts of this process. If you want real interaction with real people and to stop giving data to the parasites who are responsible for devaluing your money then get offline and communicate with real people. You want to affect a real lasting change, get local and build out from the grass roots. That cannot be stopped, you market online in the beginning to get eyes but you produce value on the ground and then you use that value you've produced to expand further.  Doing the real work in the real world matters the most.

The world has been de-industrialised. Notice that more and more produce is being sold through an online platform, these online platforms are monopolistic. Amazon for example. We need to produce real goods for real people in the real world that have real value and not promote a fantasy sold to us over media consumed online in exchange for our data. The industry of today is your input to the system, hence why it's hopeless for anything to change the longer we play a part on it. I hated YouTube with a blazing passion, I despised google and I've not searched on it since like 2018 or something.

I absolutely abhor these platforms because they're responsible for the funnelling of real money and real value out of our hands and into the hands of a few people who earn more money as individuals than entire counties full of people who could use that value to live better lives. You and me are impacted exactly the same but to a lesser extent, though as their exponential growth continues your buying power falls further and further until jobs as we know them are over and you're at the mercy of the people who own everything. It was all because you gave them value out of ignorance and now you're screwed and you're helpless to change that, just like the slaves who lived to serve their masters. It's happening before our very eyes and you're completely powerless to stop it.

Unless.. Unless you do the work. The ONLY way we're going to get out of this is for people to become aware of themselves once again. The point of why this is being allowed to unfold on a metaphysical level is to bring more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more pain endlessly unto our experience until we reach a critical threshold where we then realise who and what we are and what we're capable of, contrast. Contrast is what changes us, when things get bad enough we'll get up and do something because we've got no other option but it was because of your sensory indulgence and unrefined sense of self filled with compromised aspects of consciousness that you allowed them to control the world in front of your very eyes and yet all you could do is complain about it as it happened until it's bad enough that you're forced to change.

The exact same process happens on all levels, it happens on a collective and an individual level. Pressure to reach proportionate connection with the greater process you're integrated in, everything is moving towards order because that's all it can do. The very experience you're having is a microcosmic experience of the macrocosmic experience. It's always contrast which drives this need to break limitation, almost as a sort of divine kick up the butt to get moving and move towards order because it's sick of waiting.

You're being guided 24/7 365 non stop towards order but you deny it even though there's proof of this in literally everything you can experience without exception because the process unfolding is the proof of that divinity. To say it just happened by some magic miracle as though it was random or some coincidence of circumstances for some elementary principles to interact to form what we now experience as reality is the most ridiculous insane nonsense imaginable and completely denies the very nature of your existence on all levels. The inner experience needs to be had to fully grasp this and again this can only happen when you're made aware that you're wrong enough to wake up and shift the direction of propagation. That's the only thing that'll change the direction of things, contrast.

We can use this in our personal lives to affect change too. I've written about how to use contrast to manifest but it's not something we should need to use in a bad way but in a way of balance and proportionality to experience more order and stability of the elements of consciousness. We need to simply express without compromise and then ground and expand capacity, and then repeat. This is self recursion, it's how light works. Polarization shifts each cycle once peak amplitude of that phase has been exhausted and it recurs again. Self recursive procession. 

This is why divinity is in all things on all levels, why "god" is everywhere and "knows" all things. It's because you're made up of the same structure as god and all other things are because that's all that can exist. Doing the great work means to experience each part of god (your self recursive circuit and the consciousness within it) to then make two things whole again and then to make that whole interact with another polarity that's of equal proportionality to you and conjoin with it to once again increase order and so on so on. This is the cycle of life, we see it on all levels but we don't do it ourselves because we're too distracted by what's on the screen to sit with ourselves and experience it. It's too boring you'll think, it doesn't get me anything you'll think, and yet that's the point. Contrast, remember.




SP manifesting


Everything is based on experience. When your SP thinks about you they have a certain inner experience from the association their sense of self has in relationship to you as the concept in their mind. That inner experience is their intuitive sense that's generated through the interaction of these components and thus they "feel" something about you. The feeling they experience is determined also by your influence on them, and vice versa. You influence them and they influence you. Now imagine that your SP sees you as some random low life loser with nothing of value, that experience you feel is what they feel about you when they think about you if you're in that position. You're unable to change that if you don't within you feel the value that they're reflecting back to you. They're the mirror and nothing more, they're not special in any way and you need to see them as just a barometer to understand yourself and the "feeling" or experience you're emanating from your field geometry that they're interacting with.

If you become highly charged and proportionate they're going to start to orbit around you as you're then more proportionate than them, your charge increases and they're going to need to use you as a source of sensory stimulus for them to experience that feeling they're getting from you. The only thing that actually manifests your SP is how charged you are in relationship to them and what concepts are running in your mind. Thinking favourably of them and feeling the experience of them being yours is nothing more than your experience acting as a targeting device to "pull" them into your field geometry and integrate within yours. You become their feminine principle and source of charge and so they'll of course respond favourably to you so that they can continue to use you as their "greater consciousness" so to say as you're burning off their resistance through interacting with you. You're literally acting as their catalyst for increasing charge of their own in which they then gradually become more proportionate if they also do the work along side you.

It comes down to math, are you more powerful than them? If no then they'll see you as a parasite and not want to interact with you because you're the one who needs them to seek charge. If you're the more powerful one then they'll need you. The feeling you get when you want to be with someone is what they'll feel, they'll feel the need to experience your charge and of course project all their feelings onto you and how great you are. Thus without even thinking about them favourably you manifest people into your life, regardless of your default assumptions. 

The law of assumption is actually a joke. Techniques don't do anything outside of increasing your charge density, but you increasing your charge density usually means you're burning off your own resistance to free up the limited capacity you have to not bleed as much charge so then you're a more powerful field in reality to have more influence. That's the fact and no matter how you spin it it'll always explain how and why some have more success in life than others. Instead of targeting specific beliefs thinking that this belief is causing your issue see that the belief is a manifestation in your consciousness of a bleeding of charge you could have to use to influence your SP or other people to do what you want. You're marketing to them naturally on an unconsciously level when you just think about them, the sensation of experiencing being with them, that very concept is all you need to manifest as that's the target. You're propagating a longitudinal LMD wave that's integrating within their self recursive field geometry that's then a direct link for your conscious mind to integrate concepts within theirs, you increase their subconscious capacity and by extension whatever you target them with consciously instead of bouncing off their unconscious goes right into it and they start to believe it's their experience just the same way you're constantly influenced by others around you not realising the exact same thing is causing you to think and feel differently too, especially if you're out of alignment yourself with greater consciousness which is the consciousness which anchors you and negates the influence of any and all others because you've got the space to experience the contrast between what's yours and not to know yourself and not be "marketed" to by these techniques.

Neville Goddard agrees with me, he says telepathy is the mechanism and yet all these people think it's some magic law. If there's a law then there's rules and mechanics and the mechanics of reality and the process I just described above is the law. Consciousness is the law. Being yourself without compromise frees up charge within your self recursive circuit and by extension the expansion or in this case refinement of your subconscious mind to then enable you to push out the experience you desire. That's all there is to this. Period.

Everyone else who says anything other than this like saying that thoughts magically push out or that somehow your nervous system influences other people magically needs to be dismissed as charlatans who are clueless about what they're saying because that's never been doctrinal in any system of metaphysics or alchemy in any form because all of Neville Goddard's work comes from the metaphysical and alchemical perspective at it's root but most of his followers are also clueless to that too so the blind lead the blind and influencers market themselves based on their feeling and experience they project where others buy into it because it's easy and requires little to no effort. That is until it fails them and contrast slaps them in the face and tells them to wake up and figure out what's actually going on where they stumble upon my work and things actually start shifting for once. 

Do what I said and you'll get your SP.



So let's explain TCM and manifestation more here. Fundamentally manifestation is about state coherency, as in a stabilised state of being, a state of consciousness represented as an expanse of subconscious capacity experiencing a sensation as normal as a baseline. So to go deeper than this let's see the greyscale here about state coherency because it's not just black and while but an entire spectrum.

Resistance as we understand it is a disproportionality between pathways in your field geometry, meridians that aren't connecting and nourishing each other leading to charge bleeding and thus the experience of pain and suffering on physical and psychological levels. Most people are too yang, as in they're too active and "heated" so to say. They've got resistance representing as patterns that express without their control often times and this is caused by either an excess of yang (overstimulated senses) or a lack of yin to act as a counter to yang which keeps it in balance through not cultivating space.

The whole yin and yang pathways I speak about now are more or less your means of balancing your expressions of these archetypes, and the states of consciousness associated at whatever level is required. States have levels of experience too, in fact the sensitivity to sensory input is the main determining factor behind what level your peak state of consciousness can be as without the sensitivity required to fully process that experience then you're simply unable to experience it. This is why subconscious expansion is required to effectively utilise methods like SATS because that's about direct experience and without that capacity all you're doing is running around in your imagination not actually affecting your baseline through reaching coherency as you're unable to break into the next critical threshold of sensory experience for that to occur. That's the mechanism to "get over" your resistance and dissolve it, being at a great enough sensory capacity and also having great enough uncompromising expression which is the satisfaction in that.

The integration of TCM ideas into this comes in the form of understanding the archetypes of resistance and what associations they have to different parts of our biology. This means that for example someone with liver wind and deficiency in kidneys yin that's spilling causing heat or the steam by-product from the catalysing of yin into vapor into the heart and causing the shen to be disturbed resulting in the experience of peak and dip incoherency in states and feeling highly anxious and potentially suicidal and self hating as one will internalise this resistance or possibly express it outwardly onto others when they get the chance to bring down the liver wind in a self regulation process. People who are angry at others and express it as abuse are experiencing excess heat in their lower meridians, typically liver which can be seen as the archetype of authority and the expression of raw power. 

Someone who enjoys a cool breeze on the skin will likely feel better in this scenario, they'll feel more at peace and not so heated, they're able to evaporate the boiling in their blood so to speak as the hun is anchored to the blood stored in the liver. Without "cool" blood the hun and shen will be disturbed and as micro consciousnesses within the greater consciousness that makes up your complete experience you cant separate these specific imbalances and thus identify with their effects and seek to express the excess charge to balance your circuit. To resolve this you need to create space and fully express without compromise the part of you that's unmet with its needs, to be able to separate thoughts from feelings and take the actions that you know serve you. You also need to relax your lower body, your abs and pelvic floor especially as this catalyses the yin and turns it into steam causing disturbances in the Hun and Shen leading to heated symptoms. This steam can also cause light headedness and weakness and shaky nerves and all that not due to deficiency but from steam raising. Often people confuse the two, usually if you're younger and these symptoms arise it's not from deficiency because you've likely got plenty of charge stored still.

On the other end of this you've got for example the dietary stuff that influences you, as if you eat salty greasy processes foods that aren't "hydrating" then you're going to create heat in the lower meridians which govern more of a yin archetype and the blood which will eventually manifest as both or either physical symptoms or psychological symptoms. The LOA buffs who take what Abdullah says as gospel for a good reason why they can eat anything and be healthy will eventually learn that's not the case. The reason why someone who's more coherent can eat stuff and "get away with it" is because their coherency baseline is higher and have buffer to deal with that unlike you who's already at the limit of your buffer space and already has physical and psychological symptoms manifesting. Charge isn't created out of thin air, it comes from divinity so unless you're able to experience that in some way then you'll be unable to heal yourself without working with the metaphysical nature of these different aspects of consciousness.

LOA is about metaphysics and alchemy, not thinking your way out of life problems because you're running away from them. Your issue is that you're operating on a level that's needing to constantly seek sensory stimulus and you're not "hydrating" your yin and anchoring substantive subconscious and sensory capacity in. Grasp that the manifestation of all of the patterns and symptoms you're experiiencing have correspondence on a metaphysical and alchemical level and can be mapped to a speciifiic sensatioin of experiience that's associaited to that. The contiinued experience of this sensatioin as baselinie is what's anchorinig that experiience in on a purely psychological level so if you're going to use LOA to change it then that sensatioin of being needs to change, at a baselinie level. I'll repeat, at a baseline level, unconsciously. Consciously experiencing things doesn't mean anything is shifting unconsciously which is where baseline is anchored as in order for that to anchor you need buffer space in the subconscious to act as the mediary for that awareness to anchor and have basis in your new cultivated baseline state of being where the previously highly charged sensation of being you experienced is now a normal and not really consciously experienced sensation at all.

The normalisation of sensation is the real secret here. It's the stability of a state where you're not going in and out, peaking and dipping that's the solution. When you experience the sensation you put too much "effort" into it and by doiing this you're yet again expressing excess yang. Excess yang takes up subconscious capacity and prevents any underlying unconscious patterns that associate to that from coming to the surface fully to be dissolved and so the somatic sensation arises without it fully coming out. That's why when you affirm you get bits of anxiety and or other sensations, that association for you touches on that unconscious resistance which IS your baseline state and represents the manifestations you're experiencing but at the same time you're not giving it the capacity to FULLY express and dissolve, you're filling up that buffer space that's used to dissolve the resistance with ideal positive affirmations and so you peak and then dip like clockwork. If you stop thinking about what you want and simply create space for a few weeks without thinking about it or feeling that sensations of being and dropping the associations to create buffer and then deliberately have a session where you go all out with more buffer you'll at least more likely have a transcendental experience where that resistance will be at least more so dissolved instead of you bopping your head under the water just to take a peek at it.

It's contrast that gives us the means to dissolve these resistance patterns and nothing else. Contrast of the metaphysical principles associated to that form of resistance, just like the lower meridian imbalances discussed earlier. The solution from an LOA perspective is just as valid as using specific dietary means to resolve things metaphysically, they're both ways of working the same process just on different levels. Understand that LOA isn't magic, it's metaphysics and alchemy. This is why people believe the placebo effect is a thing because they're metaphysically illiterate and can't grasp the actual mechanics of what reality actually is and how you're a microcosm of that containing all it's elements within your structure that you can manipulate and shift around to change your experience of reality. That's really all you are doing and all you really can do so now you know why LOA techniques don't do anything more than lead you through associations in your mind to change your conscious experienced sensation of being to shift the metaphysical principles associated to that. The words or images or sounds have no meaning, although technically sounds and images can have objective meaning metaphysically speaking but they're either very specifically targeted to a specific archetype or are very broad. They're either perfectly aligned to your resistance or not, there's very little grey area with that one.

I created the phase conjugate subliminal because it was the most effective coherency booster I could think of that can be produced, it's a mix of various frequencies all playing off each other in ways that create a certain interaction within your field geometry which brings them closer together. It's more so a yin subliminal by temporarily expanding subconscious capacity as everyone I've interacted with who has used it says they kind of stopped thinking for a while after, that they gained clarity and could separate their feelings from their perceptions so it's a booster to increase sensory capacity really and thus it's a state coherency booster as whatever you're running in your mind at the time will anchor in and effectively push out more effectively. That's why it's a "booster" and not a specific one based on any topic like money or love or whatever.


Side note. Looking at a screen or really anything for an extended time causes heat in the liver meridian and eventually stagnation. This is something I'll dive into at a later date.


This will be an important one.

I've been continually refining Reality Synthesis further and further into the direction I know is the correct one now as everything is falling into place day by day.

Today's topic is more about the sensation of being as this like many other parts is fundamental to manifestation. The sensation of being, the sense of self, the experience of self, whatever you wanna call it is the big focus here. I'll call it the sensation of being over the sense of self now as given the current context of understanding that's the more accurate term.

Take this example here; you've got 2 people thinking the same thought, as in saying the same affirmation. One person associates to that affirmation negative meaning and the other positive meaning. The person who's lived in poverty their whole lives and never had wealth says "I am wealthy" and it brings up a certain uncomfortable sensation within them, likely in their lower body. The wealthy man says the same thing and he breathes in a deep breath and feels at peace knowing he is wealthy and his sensation of being is one of satisfaction and content in that moment. Why does this happen? Context, as I've said since the start.

The associations we hold around certain sensory inputs (a word or other sensory input that we have meaning associated to) is what our baseline state responds to if that's consistent and not based on momentary peaks or dips. The baseline state of being and it's general associations to these sensory inputs represents the anchored state you're being in. This means when the hype and or frustration both have died down and the emotional charge has dissipated then the baseline returns and space is created. Your perceptions in this baseline state is what manifests as all the time you're in a peak it's a temporary peak, you want to normalise and stabilise that sensation.

The trick to doing that is to create the space so that you don't peak or dip the same way and that the sensations you experience are very focused and targeted into this one specific direction you desire in that moment vs being up and down and around all over the place drifting with the wind. You don't "program" yourself through repetition you do it through contrast and depth of experience in contrast. You increase sensory bandwidth to reach new heights but in a baseline manner where you're not doing it with effort. You're relaxed in that, you're allowing space to open up and you walk in that direction with the knowing people talk about. Faith is nothing more than seeing something as possible, that's the ONLY mind game you need to play with yourself WHEN space is present for that to integrate.

When the poor man says he is wealthy but doesn't feel it the way out of that is to negate sensory impressions, drop the degeneracy and cohere his meridians. That man will want to relax his pelvic floor and his abs, he will want to eat sour pungent and hydrating foods, he will want to thank divinity (his interpretation of that) for his life and create space in that moment. He will want to not fantasize about sexual interests with people, he will want to fast from media that's stimulating and degenerate, he will want to move his body to be more flexible and to cultivate charge in his upper centres like the spleen and lung to aid in the lower centres restoring function. All while his's doing these things he's going to want to be uncompromising in his expression of divine experience and act on that as his driving force to burn degeneracy. He will WANT to be closer to divinity and as his baseline state shifts through doing the work he will on a completely unconscious level start feeling more coherent. He will not need to play any mind games at all and he will simply need to move in the direction which serves him from then on so long as he doesn't descend into degeneracy again.

In this new baseline state of being he will say "I am wealthy" and without any proof of it feel the reality of that within his sensation of being through the space he's created and the internal environment to associate meaning to wealth that's not based on degenerate patterns of compromise. DO YOU SEE THE PROCESS NOW?

This is a complete transformation on all levels. The people who get results by doing mindless affirming already have coherency working for them where they're not really at a lower baseline but that they're just unaware in the momentary dips and peaks and with a slight focus on that then they're able to move in the direction which serves them without needing to do all this work. It's ALL about understanding your baseline and working to elevate that which is really where your manifesting power comes from, not the momentary temporary peaks.

An elevated baseline doesn't come out of thinking but out of cultivating awareness anchored in the sensation of being better than you are now, not from a charged perspective as that's not sustainable but from a feeling that's purely the concept itself without attachment. You're sitting in silence completely relaxed and you state without any attachment that concept desired and let it go. The reason this has more power than hyping yourself up or getting angry and going at it is because those sensations of being are temporary and they're bring driven from excess heat in your lower meridians from stagnant charge that's not circulating. Stuck feelings, compromised archetypes of consciousness seeking expression that you're not able to bring out. That's what's causing your peaks and dips, a smooth flowing circuit doesn't experience pleasure or pain the same way, it's more smooth and effortless and simply more stimulating without needing to be stimulating. It doesn't overburden the senses and subconscious processing capacity but it still feels pleasurable. That's the essence of what this is about, shifting into this baseline where sensory input means more without it needing to mean more as you're basically clearing the fog off the window. The window was always see through but it was unclear and blurry on the other side, you could still see colour and experience that sensation but it wasn't as focused and you needed effort to try and make out those details before. This is all about negating effort, as NG said effort is the cause of opposite results.

NG was wrong about some things, at least the way he implied them and the way we interpret them generally so I disagree with the terms he used and the descriptions he used as he was ignorant of this whole idea of shifting baseline through sensory refinement and thought this was all about mind games but back then people weren't as stimulated as they are today with tech. Why is the world getting worse? More and more sensory stimulus and not enough space. Without the space to separate thoughts from feelings then you're unable to make decisions which serve you anchored in divinity while at the same time you're unable to actually experience the state of the wish fulfilled because your sensory sensitivity is muted and effort applied to feel that causes heat which makes the resistance come to the surface that you then feel. This is the cycle everyone is stuck in, creating space and allowing themselves to accept the denial of sensory pleasure leads to an increase in coherency through the increase of subconscious and sensory capacity to enable this nourishment of their meridians and thus their consciousness responds.

It's all metaphysical though, it's not this bit or that bit or whatever it's all parts affect all other parts associated. The meridians influence the thoughts and feelings and capacity and sensitivity and the sensation of being and all that and yet just the thoughts also influence all those the same way but to a different degree. It's all the same process working on different levels and that's the truth of Reality Synthesis.

Sensory input leads to an experience of intuitive impulse if associated to an ideal archetype of consciousness you hold affinity for at a core level driven by greater consciousness and the feeling of drawing into divinity. This sensation of being in that coherency not from an elevated place but from a knowing of value and such you're not drawn to the same actions and thoughts and feelings about things, your feelings about bad habits change and you feel disgusted by doing degenerate things that cause sensory overload resulting in incoherency and heat generating in your meridians experienced as frustration. Divinity is the idea of being better than you are, seeking higher order and cohering with that is the essence by which brings about this shift in perspective. You want your baseline to level out to that sensation of being by default and by making decisions to continue to negate degeneracy and live according to divinity which is of a lower sensory stimulus experience then you become more aware and capable of separating your thoughts and feelings and taking actions there of which contribute to the continuation of that process. 

This is the essence of becoming immortal. Degeneracy ruins your immortality. The experience of divinity cures degeneracy and leads you towards order. Order coherers your meridians and gives you capacity to dissolve resistance.

Literally the coherency of your meridians brings about a burn off effect of this resistance by nature of that proportionate interaction and forces it out of you, it's a metaphysical process. The increase in order also expands sensory subconscious capacity and as a result the ordering shifts resistance and that resistance then has a pathway to dissolve so that your baseline can shift. Without the resistance lodged in your meridians then the baseline shifts too. It's like water being displaced by a rock in a bucket of water, water representing vitality. If the rock is in the bucket taking up space then your capacity to experience sensory input is more limited and so reducing sensory stimulus brings your naturally occurring tendency towards order and divinity (through the cultivation of yin that circulates and nourishes the organs metaphysically representing the interaction with divine saturnian powers to have the same effect on a different level) leading to a new shift in baseline state as that rock is taken out of the bucket and more of your conscious capacity and awareness (the water) fills the bucket. This then gives you the ability to decide which state of being you desire to experience and you'll have the sensory capacity to anchor that in without the rock being there and having to deal with all this other stuff. All the nervous system relaxing stuff is just metaphysically representing this same process, again on a different level.

It's all one process. Understand that and you'll see everything for what it is. That's the view of an immortal being.


Neville Goddard said that a state is an attitude of mind. The correct attitude of mind to adopt is that which is divine in nature. If you're of divine nature then you're immortal. That's what thinking positive is actually about, it's not about the thoughts but about the attitude of being of divinity and living by that. This is what Neville really meant. Divinity is the means by which we attain power. 

To manifest what you want and attain immortality you must become pure. 

If we distilled LOA all down to this idea of purify of being then you've got the formula. Be as pure and uninterested in lust that you're as one with divinity in all aspects of your existence. That's the CORRECT mindset to have, objectively. I want to make abundantly clear to all that degeneracy is the thing that's ruining your manifesting ability and your vitality. Degeneracy is the opposite of divinity and when we dispel degeneracy by doing the work outlined above you shift into becoming more divine by nature, by baseline standard. That's when the real magic happens.

When I lived like a monk for 3 months straight I became restored from so many issues I faced, and it wasn't because I lived like a monk and worked with TCM fully and stopped stimulating my senses as that only facilitated my process of restoration but it was that I drew closer to divinity and ascended out of degeneracy.


I'm just listening to David Bergeaud - Distribution Facility, Smolg. This one I used in 3 of my game development projects back in the day. There's lots of other music but this one gives me those sensations of charge raising in my heart. It's that archetypally related sensation, the heart relates to the "vibe" of the track in a way that moves lower spectrum frequencies in your field geometry in a way that's actually giving you insight about yourself. It's bringing awareness to parts of your field geometry and the archetypal nature associated to that for the purposes of insight. The music only moves you because you've got association to that archetype either in a temporary state or a constitutional baseline state. Either way if you resonate with music then understand what that means about both you and the music, what's the sensation that this theme of music is eliciting? Why? These sensations of being precede the emotional response so to understand how to separate sensation of being from thought from emotional reaction is going to be valuable in being able to sit with feelings and still make the decisions which serve you with stability in that place.

Another piece of music which is similar that's of classical basis is: BWV 4; Duetto (Versus II. S,A)- Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt - J.S. Bach. Also translates as "Christ lag in Todesbanden" That's this specific version I found on a Russian music tracker site years ago I can't find anywhere online. I strongly believe that classical music is the correct music to listen to, music from bach had more effects than just themic relationship with various meridians but it had multiple integrated field geometries and could actually create a conscious self recursive circuit in and of itself that the people who would listen in for example a church made back in those days would be affected by the cold plasma field generated without needing any conductors to make it happen. The music Bach made is multi phase and conscious. People are so overstimulated that's why they don't feel it, their baseline is too low for the sensitivity to experience the complete integrations this music has. This only proves my point even further that baseline sensitivity to sensory stimulus refined by living like divinity is the way things work.


I strongly believe that electricity in its infancy of development and understanding was seen as a divine force and not as some simple flow of non existent electron particles. Interacting with any form of electromagnetic or magnetodieletric field is interacting with divine power, yin and yang, directly. That's the fact, This research goes back like 5 years now and dives into how electricity got turned into a business for profits and not for the purposes of accelerating divine experience. Again degeneracy is the issue here, greed is degeneracy.




With sensory overstimulation it's not just about the overstimulation of the senses itself but the stimulation of degeneracy and the dismissal of greater consciousness as a result. True divine power is resultant from denying degeneracy and "proving" that you're not even interested in walking the path that most do. Why are most of my generation screwed? Because we've been raised on degenerate media and we don't even realise it.



Wake up and listen to music or something which reminds you of divinity and the sensation of self which associates to making decisions which serve you. It's the same stimulus that makes you feel calm and grounded and aware.

The point of this is to wake up and instantly start off with divine experience which then gives you the actual desired feeling to want to make decisions which serve you and from there anchor into those decisions as after you've taken the action you then go and sit once again and repeat this process. Break your say up into these stages. Divine inspiration, action, contemplation, divine inspiration and so on.


The metaphysics of lust, sexual degeneracy, compromised consciousness to fit in and confirm. These things, especially lust and sexual degeneracy, relate to what people call the fall of man mentioned in the bible. I see the fall of man as the inevitable emanation of humanity as we are now from the higher genius, created in the image (archetypal composition) of the higher genius.

In alchemy we're working towards unifying the conscious and the unconscious mind and the by-product of this interaction is the increase in subconscious capacity which is the expanse of the conscious becoming aware of all that is unconscious, hence increasing sensory capacity and awareness or consciousness. In this process we take the conscious mind into the unconscious mind, meaning the yang gets absorbed into the yin (greater yin in this instance) and is refined through that interaction to increase the conscious minds awareness of the unconscious which as you know expands capacity and brings you closer to becoming one with greater consciousness. 

The metaphysics of this is what we need to look at, if sexual lust is the experience of the yang (male thinking conscious mind) feeling infatuated (the need to integrate and be taken into the unconscious feminine receptive mind, literally) then it's mirroring the natural process of alchemy outlined above. The thing is lust is not an interaction with greater consciousness for the purposes of refinement but a net loss of charge, on both parties. Sexual stimulus breaks down sensory capacity as this is metaphysically representing us disconnecting with the unconscious mind and are overstimulating our nervous system in that lust itself. The way most people go about sexual expression is extremely damaging and is arguably one of the primary causes of degeneracy on earth.

Children who have sexual innocence don't experience this degeneracy and have clean minds without that overstimulation of the senses but the moment they begin to toy with this stimulus and figure it out that's game over. They've reduced that capacity and the baseline is now lowered. They can still restore that with fasting from that stimulus but it's not likely as it feels more intense at the younger age because of the increase in charge present that gets drained over years of abusing this natural process. It's the origins of degeneracy with abuse and media that causes the once pure in heart and mind to fall into degeneracy and destroy their vitality and they pay for it as they're wavering from the path of doing the great work without even realising it.

Fundamentally someone who can manifest what they want is someone who has rejected degeneracy, this archetype of consciousness cannot be faked but only truly experienced from that purity of mind. Being yourself without compromise and creating the space to do so is the only thing that matters. Rejecting degeneracy  means putting yourself first as that implies doing the great work as simply being a pure minded person means the destructive thoughts no longer hold influence and physical symptoms vanish. It's that you're working with the metaphysics of divinity and not actually manifesting anything. LOA is a joke, it's a scam designed to make money off ignorant desperate people. That's why none of these people talk about degeneracy and purity of mind and not even NG spoke on this to the extent I am, he never really emphasized it and only talked about it in his lectures like when we was talking about contemplating on perfection and such, this is connection with divinity.

You can't be of a degenerate mind and be in alignment with divinity, it's impossible because the metaphysics and the way charge circulates in your circuit will always be disproportionate and introduce resistive pathways if you're living out of degeneracy. Sexual degeneracy for example means someone will lust and feeling lust raises minister fire and burns Jing which would otherwise be circulating naturally to nourish the circuit. To lust for money even means to feel the sensory stimulus over attaining things that please the senses and the perceived status meaning someone's placing others above divinity in their life otherwise they'd not even need to desire wealth to any degree above what's needed to live comfortably. Fasting from the world brings you closer to divinity and coherency purely because you're refining the senses and as you should know by now that metaphysically corresponds to the lesser marriage of yin and yang bringing your unconscious mind and conscious mind under sublimation of your greater consciousness. It's a requirement for these factors to be aligned, and yet aligning these factors brings you closer to divinity. That's the magic of metaphysics because you see the equations of concepts and how they interact to achieve more coherency.

Being yourself without compromise is moving towards divinity. All of it moves in the same direction towards higher order divine proportionality. You don't need to have a divine mindset to manifest, there's so many factors which all bring coherency in different ways which explains why metaphysically illiterate minded people can still get what they want. The mind games are as simple as see something as possible and live without compromise in that direction. It's all showing faith, it's so easy. The thing is without capacity (proportionality towards representing divinity) then there's no subconscious mind (the lower part of higher consciousness) which is literally what your consciousness as the conscious and unconscious mind is integrated in and literally walks around inside. The subconscious mind is like the container of your reality, with a tiny container then your experience of reality is limited and small, so expanding and or refining it is required to fit more stuff in.



We cannot manifest if we are disconnected from divinity. Divinity is the consciousness we are integrated within, and if we live a degenerate life we disconnect from divinity. We exist literally within divinity, the divine unconscious mind is our subconscious mind, it's the product of us doing the work. Greater consciousness needs us in order to create it's next form but we need to be subjected to the fire of greater consciousness as a means of purifying our consciousness so that we may be able to then conjoin with the greater solar principle. Without this process there is no power for us, for doing the work brings about manifestation as we experience it. That's the truth, whenever we are aligned towards divinity by metaphysically refining the principles that exist that make up our field geometry we draw closer to divinity as a result. You cannot do the work and not draw closer to divinity, manifestation is the effect of drawing closer to divinity.

The brutal bitter honest truth is that you're living a life of degeneracy, or else you'd be fulfilled and have eternal life physically and "spiritually". I came to understand this out of purely a metaphysical and alchemical perspective. It started by my understanding of how subconscious mind doesn't exist but is a product of the interaction of conscious unconscious interaction. We must cultivate and build our subconscious mind, but what we believe is "our" subconscious mind is actually us drawing ourselves into the unconscious mind of the greater consciousness which you're an emanation of, so in essence you're un-creating yourself but in a way that's refined. 

I had this idea years ago about how to manifest super powers and do super human things and I realised that you would need to completely disassemble yourself and be reformed in a new image because of all the degenerate interferometric interactions that would happen with the belief of manifesting superhuman ability. You cannot manifest superhuman ability or real immortality without destroying yourself and dying, as in breaking down the components that make you up and rearranging them in such a way that's proportionate to greater consciousness as that's the arrangement by which power can effortlessly flow. Power manifests in the arrangement of divinity and divine proportionality is that arrangement that you have the capacity to obtain but seek degeneracy and disproportionality because of its sensory stimulation that draws you away from divinity and proportionality and thus you don't have access to power which all comes from that greater consciousness you're an emanation of and are integrated within on all levels. Greater consciousness is your source of vitality, without it you die. Living according to greater consciousness is the ONLY thing that matters, yet you chase the pleasures of the senses.

I always saw the bible passages about denying the pleasures of the senses as a bad thing, that this god is controlling my life and that I'm being told to suffer but that's not the truth. That's a view of utter ignorance and failure to comprehend the actual metaphysics of what that means, which by the way took me almost a decade to grasp to this point. This is not something that's about control or denial or anything about missing out on experiences, this is about recognising the process of creation and how it unfolds and the conditions underling it's procession. Sensory pleasures are lower expressions of divinity but with their experience they are spending higher consciousness vitality, and that currency is subconscious and sensory capacity. The more pleasure the senses experience the less space your subconscious (the higher unconscious) has to be refined and experienced which is actually where your source of pleasure arises from anyway but you're drying up its limited supply by constantly stimulating it. If instead of spending that pleasure on sensory experiences and cultivate subconscious and sensory capacity then you're attaining higher order pleasure that arises on a different level. This is true pleasure, this leads to true satisfaction and is required for methods such as SATS to actually work.

The truth is that without this currency of subconscious capacity your access to the unlimited supply of vitality from greater consciousness will dry up and you will die. Why does nobody live forever in the world we know of, because they're all wasting their lives living in degeneracy. We're all denying divinity by engaging in sensory pleasures of all forms. This is the truth, sensory pleasure leads one to dry up their vitality and thus they die. It's the hardest thing to attain because it goes against what the senses and culture tells us to attain, which is things of the world. To fast from the world we attain a higher order currency the people of the world cannot see as their sensory capacity and sensitivity isn't able to perceive it, they're numb to true pleasure.

Denying the senses isn't hard, you just have to relax into it and draw into divinity. You literally experience the relationship "Christians" talk about, the alchemist for example told me that reaching a certain level of capacity means you're able to have direct conversation with your greater consciousness and interact with it to receive instructions of what you're suppose to do to fulfil the great work. I've not attained that level and I've only experienced interactions with other consciousness I've worked with on other levels but it's still the same principle. When you've attained enough capacity to experience sensory phenomena you'll be able to experience that higher order "level" of reality and thus have greater influence over manifestation in reality. 



When it comes to managing the lusts for sensory pleasures you'll of course be working with pathways and the leading of thoughts. Leading yourself there is how it'll play out so becoming mindful of mental momentum towards the outcomes.



Another part of this is about understanding that thoughts and feelings and all that are refined through the exposure to divinity. We're doing the work to open ourselves up to divinity so that it can nourish our being and fulfil our essence. There are many many many many maaaanyyy different ways of cultivating this divine connection but in essence you metaphysically open yourself up. This is why there's so many different systems, it's just different ways of "reaching" divinity for that infinite supply or charge to flow through. I'll say though that trying to use thoughts to change things is likely a futile attempt as there's a certain quality of consciousness required for that to fully have effect, and that also has effects typically on an unconscious level before anything conscious begins to happen so it's a boring process until critical threshold I reached often times. This whole idea of boring too is only from the reference of sensory sensitivity being muted making anything that's not majorly stimulating boring.


A vital part of LOA is competitiveness. This mirrors the desire to reach divinity, it's a trial through fire to improve and gain edge over your pervious baseline state. Everybody should seek a completive partner to work with in their practise.

I want to make abundantly clear here. If you're living a degenerate lifestyle you'll absolutely be destroying your capacity to manifest. Period. If you live a natural life free from constant distraction and sensory stimulus that's not serving your progression then you'll build capacity and thus be capable to channelling it in ways you desire to uncompromisingly express.



It’s the middle of the night right now but I woke up with this realisation. I need to write it down. 

basically we’re manifesting the metaphysical representation of the archetype of consciousness desired to experience. The thoughts don’t matter, the essence of concept + sense of self = context and therefore the context represents the metaphysical experience you’re having on an anchored basis and an in the moment basis. Context is nothing more than the complete metaphysical representation of your experience. 

Jing. Jing is required to manifest an sp. When we manifest an sp or romance and such were working with the lower 3 meridians mainly. This means that especially we want to build out kidney essence and qi to catalyse and express that metaphysic. Who are we attracted to? Young healthy vital looking people ideally of the opposite gender and that when we too express that metaphysic in our reality we begin to experience that accordingly no matter what we think or feel unless that metaphysic becomes coherent. 

What I’m trying to get at here is that we manifest according to the metaphysical principles we are expressing, ideally without compromise because that “uncompromising” attitude is a quality of consciousness which is transforming in nature. That’s coming from the heart. It’s not about anything except imagining the metaphysic desired, the implication is a metaphysical representation which is why in trance doing inner alchemy and theurgy you often experience symbology and not the exact experience because it’s manifesting on that archetypal metaphysical basis. 

Grasp that the magic techniques corresponds to you experiencing the contextual metaphysic that related to the desired experience. This means that if you imagine yourself not being told by your SP that you are loved (unless heart is where the metaphysic needs to work with) but that you’re instead imagining yourself expressing vitality and authority in your imaginal scenes with an implication surrounding your sp being yours then you’ve done the work. This is working on fulfilling the metaphysic requirements your field geometry is needing to express for the procession of elements to unfold proportionally and increas that subconscious capacity.

Of course working with techniques that increase subconscious capacity will bring about coherency primarily in the liver meridian but without an expression of the physical vitality archetype of Jing then you’ll still be packing the unconscious coherency to be able to fully express without compromise. That “edge” to the quality of your consciousness manifests from an abundance of Jing, or else you’d get lost circulating in the already saturated thought processes in the mind as this is required for subconscious and sensory capacity to expand too.

Expanding subconscious capacity implies Jing is high enough to support that as the kidney feeds the liver nourishment in the form of yin and qi and so working through the process of expressing both more Jing and subconscious sensory capacity will bring about that love based experience where your imaginal scene representing the sp loving you will work as the heart can then be nourished and that metaphysic can play out.

Do you understand why process is fundamental. Process leads to coherency of the next element ik the procession of consciousness. It’s the metaphysic we’re working with, so if you desire to manifest your SP then work first with cultivating space and corresponding vitality. Cultivating Jing can be seen as though you’re vital and filled with the passion to become the best version. This is a youthful archetype of charge that can be seen represented as for example a bull, an absolute tank of a creature that’s got immense strength and vitality and endurance on all levels to be the best and face in combat any opponent.

Do you see the metaphysical connection here, vitality and the idea of “robustness” so to speak represents Jing metaphysically. When you express this on all levels, physical and psychological where you’re building vitality through for example martial arts and through the psychological trials of that process or becoming stronger then you’re expressing that archetype. This is why the Daoists especially who understood metaphysics actually did martial arts not for the purposes of fighting but because they were expressing the metaphysic of vitality. It’s the metaphysic that is the key here because that’s what reality responds to, that’s you expressing the “sensation of being” as an idea to further build your coherency with that sensation of being on that fundamental level.  



Virility, vitality, power, impact, solidity, robustness. These things represent Jing and kidney yin in essence, literally. What we're doing when we work towards manifestation we desire is cultivate this within us, and this power is metaphysically our "willpower" we use to seek higher order and become better. It's the generative origins of the circulation of charge through the circuit. This works through the bones as the foundation of our physiology to which our structure and blueprint of being is formed. If you've structural imbalances then the bones are where you should work to strengthen through impact and nourishment of the marrow.

The next is liver which is the expression of that power, it's flow through the being on a complete level and also represents the storage capacity for sensory data. It's what actually controls most of the hormone functions metaphysically that relate to our psychological functioning. This is more or less the beginning of the expression of charge by which we either have enough to feed into from the kidney or we don't and we are unfulfilled. The capacity also has to be present within the blood storage to hold the totality of the experience being had. If the experience is fully realised and processed then satisfaction is attained and reaches the heart. The liver works with the origins of tendons in the body, this solid nature and extension of structure originating as kidney essence that takes form in the visible sense. We don't see bone often but we see tendons and muscles which emanate from that Jing.

Next is heart. Heart is the fulfilment and sharing of with others. It's the beginning of connection with community in a way. Emotional experience comes from here but without the yin and blood from the kidney and liver the emotional stability and coherency will be all over the place. You won’t be able to experience true satisfaction especially if you’re yin deficient which again takes time to cultivate and circulate, this is really the baseline I talk about as if your yin can nourish the heart then you’ve got what you need to manifest consciously. 


The thing I want to talk about today is how being physical in life can benefit more than you believe. Being physical as a child was essential to your development, playing tag and stuff was some of the most beneficial things you could do. It wasn’t about mental psychological development but instead a complete expression of Yang and the circulation of yin accordingly. 

When we become too in our heads it’s because we’re lacking yin, charge is raising too much from a lack of grounding essence and it is basically required to play and be physical like a child again to generate that sense of satisfaction. Think back to when you were a child and felt fulfilled, if you had that experience. That full nature of your being you experienced where every aspect of your awareness was whole and complete. That sense is what you’re unable to attain because your baseline level of charge is too low or incoherently circulating. 

The origins of all this is degeneracy, anything that goes against the divine nature of reality is what we need to dissolve. We need to not stop thinking about it because the thoughts we have are dependent upon the coherency of our metaphysical archetypes and cannot effectively be consciously controlled with the thinking mind. We must become more coherent in the archetype that’s disproportionate in every way possible if we wish to fully manifest what we desire.

Firstly we need to create space, dielectric subconscious sensory capacity. This is the basis by which thoughts can actually have influence on a metaphysical level.

Secondly we need to move and ground as a means of bringing what’s within to the external for expression so that things that we are becoming aware of aren’t stuck in incoherent circulation. This is the part many can control consciously with their will and uncompromising expression towards that physical expression. 





The metaphysic of SATS and being in the imagination is about creating an internal environment for the consciousness to exist within as a sort of simulacrum you've created of the tangible reality. This contains replications of what we subjectively experience behind the objective reality. I've uncovered that looping a SATS scene has more importance than we've been told by Neville and that it's not just about focusing the mind on a particular state by negating associated images which arise naturally out of the process your mind flow with but that it's metaphysically representing the condensation of information, the sensation of being and the extension of sensory information on that. Underlying that sensory information of course is the idea, the essence of that concept your senses bring expression towards but it's the stabilisation and compression of this sensation of being that's occurring which replicates the metaphysic of subconscious and sensory expansion. Doing SATS in and of itself is an expansion method, though one that's not one for everyone.

What you're actually doing by consciously experiencing literally any sensory experience is scattering the condensation of substance so that it's not focused and can act like a hot knife through butter and get right to the core. To stabilise a state means to consolidate charge in one direction and bring it to the critical threshold at which it reaches peak capacity and it then is transmuted into something new in a sort of death and rebirth, this I do believe is why Neville spoke on doing the "working yourself up" method or whatever we're going to call it.

Now to understand SATS more efficiently means to understand that we're actively working to condense charge that's structured of sensation of being to integrate that within us, to literally anchor it into our field geometry as a quality of consciousness. When that framework around you then falls apart through leaking of too much substantive charge by living an overstimulated life those good things can fall off and you'll need to then build the charge and integrate that once again.

The essence here really is about increasing capacity at a baseline level so that you've got that capacity needed to hit the critical threshold before phase conjugation and integration can occur and basically condense that experience into the now formed baseline of your charge and field geometry. SATS is the integration method that is working to apply this final stage but without the baseline capacity present there's no way SATS will work.

The reason it takes more time than others for repeating and why this seems to be completely not based on any conscious actions is because it's unconscious, it's sense of self at a baseline level and really sense of self represents the charge you've got that's either enough or not enough capacity to reach critical threshold before conjugation can occur. So this cleans up all the questions and gives a complete template behind this.

I have done it. That's it. I've already explained all the psychological mind games to try and work around the lack of belief and stuff but as long as you believe something is at least possible then you've done the work on the faith level, it's really that easy.





The mechanic behind the gazing is that you're taking the conscious mind into the unconscious mind and as you do this you're metaphysically entering into the subconscious, or more specifically you're condensing it as your awareness is taken inside your being. You're literally going to experience an internal projection of your field geometry on the external reality you'll see with your eyes open and this is the experience of the subconscious mind directly. This is the most powerful manifesting method but again it requires a certain baseline charge to have been cultivated at baseline for that phase conjugate effect to unfold.

There's more to it as you're then going to be more directly interacting directly with consciousness within your being and you'll navigate the inner environment which ill of course cohere the conscious and the unconscious mind and as they're condensing just like with SATS you'll be forming a higher order condensate of their principle existence to form a more complete and divinely proportionate form by which you then are existing as an through.




We don't exist to be stimulated. We exist as a part of reality, a simulacrum of all things that exist. Why do we seek to experience these different phenomena that are stimulating to the senses when we can experience the nature of reality within us through alchemy. We are so numb to true sensation, higher order sensation. Sensory capacity is the fundamental component here we must learn to cultivate.


This goes beyond just trying to manifest an SP, for if you are in alignment with the order of divinity and you've got the correct intentions, the sensation of being of having the SP you desire, you will manifest them, yet you're not aligning yourself to divinity and expect phenomena to unfold for someone who's going against the nature of reality. Neville Goddard didn't teach correctly, he was a flawed teacher in so many ways and I strongly believe he was merely writing about his own limited perspective on how things worked in reality which again was a mix of theosophical ideas (the multidimensional terminology he uses is evident of that as that's where it came from) and biblical by mixing alchemical processes of taking the conscious mind into the unconscious mind. The story of Jacobs blessing has an almost infinite number of meanings because it's metaphysical and not purely instructional on SATS, that's just his interpretation he learned from Abdullah.

The fact is that every real master I've studied and the models they worked with all make it abundantly clear to me that we've been fed a false idea of what life is suppose to be like. Life is suppose to not include manifesting money or SP or any of these things like we would think based on the massive amount of literature out there on this written by people of the world. The only reason we've lost the way with divinity and the order of the metaphysical nature of reality is because the context we're filtering everything through is from this lens of acquiring things to please the senses and therefore we are stimulated to the point where we numb the subtle senses which is where we can experience sensations on a greater level.

We need to calm the senses, negate sensory phenomena as a means of acquiring the sensitivity required for subtle sensations to be experienced and for us to have communication with the source of emanation by which we can cultivate essential vitality and become actual immortals. Why is nobody able to demonstrate seeming superhuman ability? It's because we've been overstimulated and we don't even realise it because we believe this is normal as everyone else does it so why even feel the need to question it? Media is both your biggest ally (in the beginning) and your greatest enemy, it's only function is to lead you into various states and stimulate the senses. Real vitality cannot be gained from abusing your senses and working them overtime with unnecessary inputs that don't serve your evolutionary process.

You know this now but what are you going to do about it? The fact is you're unable to ditch the tech that's binding you to these loops and the main reason why is the cultural context that's been given to it. It's normal and therefore you feel entitled to use it like everyone else, and yet you continue to abandon yourself, your true self, in pursuit of fruitless stimulations of the senses. Why can't you ditch the tech and live without it? Why not? You don't need it, nobody does. There's zero benefit in continuing the path of self destruction because without a still mind you'll be unable to cultivate the Jing required to complete the transmutations at higher orders to attain real power. The alchemist I work with spent 6 months straight doing divine pathway work 16 hours every day without end and he got incredible benefits from it none of us ever will if we don't give up this lifestyle of wasting away through unnecessary stimulation of the senses.

The senses are not the enemy, it's just that we are experiencing sensory phenomena on a level that's limiting and we must learn to transcend that level of sensory experience, to draw within the internal environment and the internal metaphysical reality to experience that which is outside without reducing capacity. 

This whole thing about living like a monk has nothing to do with just being more simple and whatnot but but about alchemy and that this lifestyle has a function on a metaphysical level to enable us to build the foundation for higher capacity sensory experience to occur that grants us access to the internal environment. We turn the senses within and thus we experience that which is without but within, it's the correspondence that we're drawing into being able to experience. 

You'll likely hear people say in response to this that I'm letting things affect my experience of reality. The idea here is that they're saying reality then controls me and what I can and can't do as a response to this idea of sensory refinement, but to that I will say your very essence of being is sensory experience, sensory stimulus, no matter what level you're at in order to cultivate sensitivity and be capable of drawing into higher order and greater consciousness you must negate physical phenome in reality. The qigong master I've trained with said that when he came back from spending 3 years at mao shan mountain training with the most powerful sects of martial artists on earth (his words) and learned to fight non physical beings he was able to literally feel the energy coming off collective consciousness as he came closer to the western world where it's chaotic and highly charged. He was taken out of that stillness and put into a pot of boiling water, it was quite a contrast and his sensitivity to it was amplified only because his baseline was elevated but he lost much of that power by entering back into modern society and of course being overstimulated again by all the distractions.

If he can be influenced by this than anyone can, you're just numb to the difference because your baseline has been at this level your whole life. Contrast, remember contrast drives everything. If you spend at least 3 months negating sensory phenomena you'll reach a new baseline level and going back to the life you lived before will then gradually lower it back down because the more you're stimulating the senses the lower your baseline goes. This is why real power is never demonstrated in the west because it's virtually impossible, these masters have no interest in draining their vitality entering into our world just to show up on camera and prove a point. There's some monks who've demonstrated higher than standard durability in martial arts for example but their level can only be maintained through a very strict and disciplined life away from that reality.


The point of all this is to draw within to the internal reality. The essence of manifestation is the same idea, except they way the purpose of it is to then experience external pleasures while at the same time those external pleasures are the cause of your vitality being drained. If you want to actually become an immortal being you must drop the stimulus and learn to cultivate stillness. That's why you'll never become immortal without doing the work.

We simply want to use the physical relaity as a tool to assist our transcendence. That's it, taking it more seriously than that means you're compromising on your process.



microzyma and bions and all that are the lower level ferment of life. Think of bions as the pre tissue form which condensates into living tissue when subjected to yin which is of higher order. It’s the same with us, we interact with divinity and we then become the part that is refined and fermented into a higher order. It’s the same alchemical process happening on all levels and we must align ourselves in order to take upon ourselves the right structure and ratios of yin and Yang for that transformation to occur.   

I’ve also been spending time lately working on my own qigong techniques and I’ve understood the different techniques such as the circulating hands and the “qi ball” condensate technique and what they represent. I’ve been working on a refined version of the qigong I was taught by my master for different purposes other than martial arts and fighting “demons” as they’re called. 



the intention of the kind when doing qigong methods for example is purely a means of activating metaphysical archetypes within your consciousness which then of course have interferometric effects with surrounding field geometry and results in shifts if there is great enough charge present. The focus of your intent doesn’t mediate more charge per say, but the quality of the surrounding field geometry will be the driving factor for how effective this can be. Doing heaven and earth qigong for example where there is often a visualised component is really driven by the intent putting one’s state of being into a receptive one by shifting around the arrangement of the geometry of the being. Understand that the actual visual is more or less just a sensory extension of the concept you’re working with on a conscious level, that being the essence of heaven raining upon you in that qigong.  

so to expand further here, grasp that when we’re doing qigong of any form we’re associating through an archetype of consciousness (the metaphysical correspondence of the concept we’re working with) that’s resulting in an interaction with the polarity of that archetype to condense through interferometry with its counterpart at a given ratio of frequency and amplitude those elementary components into a higher order construct that previously didn’t exist in our field geometry. That’s alchemy, that’s all we’re doing. All we can do is generate the conditions required for condensation to occur by building charge and then to circulate that charge using techniques like qigong, or SATS, or by gazing, or any kind of methods alike that are metaphysically associated. 



The reality of Reality Synthesis.

Think of this. You're not conscious of your limitations, but when you are the means to transcend those limitations is to have the essence of uncompromising expression towards the direction you know serves your evolutionary process. To put simply, to overcome your limits and become better without compromise.

When we become conscious of our limitations we are afraid of acting in the direction which would serve our best interests, and if that interest is aligned with divinity then it's the correct decision to make. It's intuitive impulse driving you to be the best you, but you're afraid right. The quality of consciousness which is uncompromising is the one which is metaphysically related to foundation, yin and it's catalytic reaction with yang to form a higher order substance. This metaphysic is what we play out and by becoming the complete expression of this then we manifest the effect of that within our field geometry and we dissolve resistive pathways associated to it. this association of course is the magic, the implication as NG puts it. We must work with implications, but those implications of course are metaphysical in nature, as all things are.

To be uncompromising means to give 100% effort, yet NG said that effort is the cause of failure. We must ask if giving effort is the solution but at the same time the cause of failure then what do we do? We give effort in a laser focused manner in the correct direction and none other. Instead of scattering your charge all over you want to make it dense and then deliver that with swiftness. It's mirroring the transmutation process of turning two lesser substances into a greater substance.

This idea is the one I've been contemplating on passively for months now as a philosophy for manifestation. Too must density will collapse on itself and go nowhere and eventually cause stagnation and the gradual dissolution of the gathered charge, you want it circulating but in a coherent manner which nourishes all surrounding metaphysics. When you can grasp the dynamics of this process you'll get it, it's a balance with nature. We want to balance yin and yang, but follow the process of forming two lesser substances into a greater substance with that balance at the same time. We embody those in our lives and sort our associations from that.

Manifesting is effortless. It's the surrounding life you're living metaphysically which constitutes the resistance you're experiencing. The technique doesn't deliver you closer to the end result, it's the end result that you're drawing closer to by aligning yourself towards it. Techniques don't do anything because they can't, you're simply shifting the arrangement of the metaphysical principles that make up the structure of your being. The process of Jing being catalysed into all the forms of qi in the body is one of many stages, it's a thing we must represent in our means of uncompromising expression towards reality. The one who is compromising is the one who's living in resistance, the one who's not able to transmute the lesser substances because there's a metaphysical block in their field geometry, To dissolve resistance means to either cultivate higher substance required for transmutation or to interact with a greater substance in order to shift your resistance but no matter the means you're always required to have access to higher order metaphysical substances to the minimum threshold for transmutation to occur.

Uncompromising expression of self in accordance with divinity is the foundational expression aligned to primary Jing substance. People wonder what can they "do"? That's your answer, that's the answer to all of your LOA problems.



What if we’re seeking the archetypal association from the experiences we play out to fill voids. The whole idea is to not have holes. Meeting needs so to speak, like it’s one of those things where the foundation is that we’re driven only by what we feel comfortable doing and to seek an experience that brings that fulfilment within those comfort zones. 

This really comes back to cultivating Jing, to have that reserve of power and an uncompromising attitude to harness it. It’s really about having the courage to make the correct decision, the one in line with divine order. It’s about having power and the will there available when you need it, it’s like stored away and only gets activated when you make decisions. We don’t want to be constantly consuming and catalysing king we want that baseline level of charge to build and build so that we can harness it and discharge it in the direction we want at once like a high powered precision laser vs a scattered ball of light that’s far less focused and stabilised. We want to embody the yin Yang process in how we approach loa and that doing work by constantly being in a stimulated state when our baseline cannot support that is only draining you further. 

Generate charge, focus that charge in a direction and discharge is through making the hard decisions you’ve been unable to make before. That’s your source of courage, the effortless effort, only applying force when needed. We live in a reality which contains both yin and Yang and people here have been led to believe that all we have to do is Yang work, conscious thinking and experience. The secret people are missing is to cultivate charge and focus that charge in the direction desired. What else can there be? If this is the metaphysical truth about how all things work then why are we wasting time on useless processes that only continue to keep our charge down and we’ll never be able to have the courage to make the unconpromising decision we always wanted to make and reclaim that part of ourselves in coherency. 

The only people who can get results without having charge present are the ones who interact with greater consciousness. Greater consciousness is the only source of charge there is and by being ourselves without compromise we align to that, that decision we made and the anchoring of that state represents the circulation of built up essence to nourish other channels in our being. 

the more you be yourself and actually act with courage in the areas you’ve been paralysed before the more aligned with divinity you’ll be and the more coherent your field geometry will be. Manifestation then functions without resistance being present and a large amount of charge present to support the integration of desired outcomes. This quality of consciousness is the secret, it cannot be faked and it cannot be imagined as an imaginal reversal is not a real experience. You can never experience an imagined scene with the reality of a physical one because you’re not bound by physical limitations in your imagination by force. To fulfil the condition means to actually fulfil it in an environment that requires that uncompromising attitude, it’s either you do it or you don’t and that’s just the way it is. It’s either you face the truth and be yourself and give yourself what you always wanted to without compromise or you continue to compromise and express the pattern that’s bound you all this time forever more. 

The only rules that prevent you from manifesting your desired reality is the compromises you make to yourself. Being compromised means being unable to be yourself and make the decisions you want to but are paralysed to make out of fear. Cultivating courage by dropping degeneracy gives you the platform to make those decisions. Making those decisions repeatedly makes them your normal reality and you’re no longer bound in life about what you can and can’t do from fear. You’re free, you’re uncompromising and are one with divinity. 




Feeling is the secret and we feel as though something is true until we're satisfied then the true secret to LOA is being who you want to be without compromise. This means every moment you have the awareness to make a decision and you don't make the one that represents your highest expression then you're compromising and you're not satisfied. Whenever you feel fear and you bail out of making the decision which scares you then you're compromising, you're not satisfied. The feeling, that intuitive sensation of self knowing who you are can ONLY come about when you've reached satisfaction by being uncompromising in that expression. That applies inside AND outside because they're directly connected. You imagine being who you want to be inside but you're really afraid on the outside, that's proof that you're still not feeling your value and you're compromising. The moment you stop compromising is the moment your power comes back and magic happens as relaity conspires to fulfil your dreams, without compromise.


What are you going to do. You want to be someone in your head but you're afraid of being that in the real world. You spend hours imagining yourself doing that over and over and over and over and over and you tell yourself all day every day I'm this and that and all these things I dream about but when the time comes to making the move to make it a reality you back out and compromise on making the decision you know you need to make because it's hard, it's painful and it feels like you're doing something very wrong. When you take upon yourself the rebellious attitude of mind which was the mindset that manifested my SP even when I felt negatively charged I got what I wanted. I uncompromisingly expressed myself and said screw it I'm done it's happening no matter what and I died to that pain. You're not there, that mindset of uncompromising expression is where power manifests, death, the transcendence of limitation. This archetype is the cause of manifestation.



Sensory experience and desire drains vitality. NG said that desire robs us, based on a bible passage I can't specifically remember, but that he said that we seek to fulfil desire in the imagination so that it no longer has passion behind it. Satisfaction of course meaning complete expression without compromise, the quality of consciousness underlying the alchemical agent that purifies substances.

Desire robs us of higher order substances. We use the heart to purify lower desires, we see them from a more divine perspective, more Christ like so to say and to reject degeneracy as I've said. The more degenerate ones mind is,  not just in regards to specific beliefs and so called assumptions the more degenerate their lives will be as a result. It's as the bible says, if someone commits adultery in the heart then what comes out is that correspondence. It's lust more so than desire that harms us, but lust is just a lower level of desire. Desire of true heart, of divinity is what we want to allow to purify us. Greater consciousness purifies us so that we may draw closer to it.

You want to express and in turn experience that innocent childlike mentality, not naivety but clarity of heart that's not tainted with agendas to use someone for self benefit. You wouldn't think that or even feel that if you weren't hurt, in an ideal reality where there is no disproportionate nature running in peoples minds then there'd be a society of heart mind driven people instead of people seeking to use each other for gain of some form. This is the degeneracy I talk about, the whole idea is to drop degeneracy not out of morals or whatever to be a good person but because that's required for the alchemical process to unfold. The degenerate mind prevents someone from completing the work because they must be purified in the presence of divinity. This is why the mindset to seek divinity is required for us to restore that innocence of heart. 

I am seeing NG's writings more from this perspective now more than anything. He never taught a specific lifestyle or way, he never told us much other than to change who we want to be but he marketed to the general people much much less than he marketed to those seeking higher order experience because it was misunderstood likely. He was either wrong about things or this perspective is how he approached things. The law is really an addition to his base idea, it's not that NG was about teaching the law to manifest things but that purifying ourselves was the real point of this. He basically taught us to experience our own subjective internal environment and to be still in that to allow it to resonate our being and shift our external environment as a result. From what the Alchemist told me and the Qigong master told me LOA is a function of being in alignment with having power and to attain true higher order power you need to do the work to cultivate it through uncompromisingly being yourself, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're on the path to immortality. Being on the path to immortality typically means your heart would be free of desires for things because they'll only rob you of vitality, it's innocent desire, desire from heart mind coherency, divine desire.

The closer we live in accordance with divinity the closer we can bring ourselves to perfection. Approaching this from a TCM perspective or a Daoist alchemical perspective of transmuting substances to attain more original qi and Jing through Shen is a similar but more mechanical way that leads someone to make this into a ritual process instead of simply living naturally in accordance with divinity. When they focus so much on having perfect diet or perfect balance of work life this that and the other they miss the point of being in alignment with the Dao.

This whole manifesting thing happens as a result of you being yourself without compromise, but that self can also come out of traumas and degeneracy and therefore you manifest a life surrounding traumas and only dig yourself deeper into it instead of giving up and surrendering to it and dying to it the same way you died to the limitations to achieve greatness in whatever you're doing if that's your thing. Manifestation is a function of state coherency, but manifestation for the specific purposes of attaining things isn't the path of the immortal so it's something that exists on a gradient. The immortal simply needs to live a life according to divinity where desire and lust isn't driving their decisions, but the most important factor that separates the immortals practise from a traumatised degenerate is that the immortal has regular contact with higher order consciousness for the purposes of attaining the rearrangement of their field geometry and to be purified. You can manifest literally anything you desire simply by increasing sensory subconscious capacity and then being yourself without compromise surrounding that and in turn being state coherent but that won't get you any closer to immortality. The process of attaining immortality accordingly also isn't directly related to manifesting desires but is a likely part of the process which will unfold as you're being refined.

Most of the people who do specific work like divine pathway method will result in life changing manifestations unfolding anyway because those are necessary for greater consciousness to continue to work with you and it's almost as though your higher genius is specifically shifting your relaity around to keep you on the path so long as you're uncompromisingly doing the work to attain that immortality. They're very different paths, but someone on the path of attaining immortality wouldn't even desire most of the things the degenerate mind would, therefore they don't manifest as there's no state coherency to draw into aw it's taking away from the work. The alchemist for example doesn't have massive amounts of money, as far as I can tell at least, even though he's extremely powerful and far more so than anyone you'd see online promoting LOA stuff. The same goes for the qigong master, someone who had almost superhuman ability didn't manifest anything more than he needed to get by, the same goes for the alchemist but they were never in lack is the real point here. They were provided for at every turn which to me only confirms my point that the degree to which you uncompromisingly express yourself in state coherency towards manifesting something is the degree to which it'll manifest and that having capacity in and of itself is more so a function of increasing proportionality for the purpose of attaining higher order to be closer to immortality and divinity.

So again, to put simply, the takeaway from this is that to manifest something means to uncompromisingly peruse something internally AND externally. This means if you're compromising on taking actions that correspond to the fulfilment of this desire then that hesitation to uncompromisingly be yourself is the proof you're not in the "state" as NG describes a state as an attitude of mind and the beliefs you hold to be true. Manifesting things more so than anything means being in the world, but at the same time a balance of cultivating space is also required as that subconscious capacity and connection to divinity must be present to a degree for power to be mediated and things to shift externally. The person you're being, uncompromisingly being, will be the primary driving factor behind your process in manifesting desires as you're metaphysically aligned to fulfil it in all ways. 

This whole idea of just do SATS until it shows up is to me more so a process of working closer to divinity than following your natural striving. Understand that LOA is one of if not THE most complex metaphysical subjects imaginable and to fully explain every part of it is almost impossible. Yes the thoughts you have push out, but what if it's not the thoughts themselves but the concept and sensation of being and experience under it that pushes out and not the perceived language. If it's thoughts or related to those the beliefs we hold to be true as NG says then the way to actually shift beliefs is more so to shift 

I see visualisation and such methods as more of a marketing means, self marketing or self "hypnosis" where you're being moved into a state and that then will drive you to be who you've been marketed to be. The alchemist told me however that visualising thinking that this will have manifesting value is foolish as all you're doing is rolling around in your internal environment and that has nothing to do with achieving any sort of connection with divinity. The Qigong master never told me that doing SATS or such methods would result in manifestation either, they ALL said that i's about the decisions you make and I say to expand on that it's the decisions you make without compromise that drives this. Perhaps once you're in this state of being, as in you're BEING who you desire to be and you're uncompromisingly expressing that sensation of self then you've got momentum working for you to bring alignment with manifesting things you imagine as there's internal and external correspondence not from the visual but from a metaphysical sense with the sensation of experience and being.

I've never seen anyone who's afraid of being themselves and is overstimulated and has a degenerate mind who does SATS every day manifest everything they desire. NEVER! It's always accompanied by someone being themselves without compromise, but again that's just another expression towards divinity, though at the same time if those decisions come from a warped perception coming from trauma like someone only doing something because they're valued if they're good at this thing then they'll still manifest that. Most young prodigies in some talent or sport often come from highly traumatic childhoods and not out of actual passion. They seek a role model of some kind out of the chaos to give themselves something they didn't have and so they act with that in accordance with how safe they feel and according to how they've been told they're valued.

If someone has been told they're only valued if they get top marks in school then they'll do anything possible to meet that if they accept that sense of value within them from doing that and compromise on being themselves and who they want to be. It's about what your source of value is and if that value comes out of the need to fit into traumatic experiences then someone can absolutely manifest exactly the means to continue that because it's state based of course, not someone connected to divinity and can consciously manifest anything they imagine.

I see conscious and specific and deliberate manifestation as something only those who are closer to divinity can attain, otherwise their manifestations will always correspond to that which their internal environment is thematically related to on a metaphysical basis. You must grasp that someone who's able to manifest success in some area doesn't mean they consciously and deliberately intended that but that they're been marketed to from childhood and basically did it because that's their source of value and not out of innocence and heart mind driven passion. It's coming out of degeneracy. 

Once again I separate deliberate manifestation from state driven manifestation in this sense and say that someone who's desiring for example a specific rare item they've been wanting for ages, the one who's more in line with living in accordance with divinity will have it show up vs the person who's living in degeneracy wasting their lives pleasing others out of traumas and only able to manifest things that correspond to that trauma on a thematic metaphysical basis. The idea here is again more so about subconscious capacity, someone who's able to deliberately manifest is someone who's more so neutral in their state, someone who's not being driven by all this charge to be a certain way to fit in but is with as little effort as possible assuming themselves to have something. Both ways work but one is highly limited in it's potential for varied experiences as their subconscious capacity will be filled with degeneracy vs the clear minded person who can refine their mind for any purpose imaginable. That's really the difference between these types of people and what I've seen through literally hundreds of case studies.

The common denominator underlying my own successes were that the negation of sensory experience was the main factor for effortless manifestation of things I'd never even really intended to experience in that moment consciously or even for weeks prior but desired at an underlying "subconscious" level. It's this effortless effort, I often manifested things I desired months or even years ago when in these states and so it brings me this idea that the essence of LOA in the NG sense comes from this effortless effort concept. The integration of concept in association to a sensation of self that's not highly charged seems to be the basis, experiencing intense emotional sensations in my experience doesn't result in things working. I say instead of intense emotional experiences I say you want intense sensation of being in that idea of uncompromising expression of self but on an effortless level so to say. The more effortless that uncomrpomising expression can come from, like from a stoic mindset where you're effortlessly making decisions which serve you without hesitation swiftly and in a powerful way is the mindset of someone who's powerful with LOA. This is in my experience the sense of self we should strive for in order to consciously manifest what we desire and not be driven by our senses and warped desires that lead us to overstimulation and the contraction of subconscious capacity and disconnect us from divinity. I still say that the primary essence here is to be yourself without compromise and that sense of self should ideally be correspondent to divinity in an effortless way. That's how I would summarise this.

If feeling is the secret and to feel we experience the fulfilment of something then that fulfilment occurs from satisfaction and satisfaction occurs from uncompromising expression to the point where you've done what you know you need to do and have made all the right decisions. The feeling isn't some magic thing that comes about from imagining something, it's a quality of consciousness that's cultivated from being yourself without compromise as this cannot be faked but only experienced genuinely and that's the proof of who you're being and the state you're in and the beliefs you hold to be true as your nervous system will respond with confidence instead of fear and doubt. You'll know because you've been who you desire to be without compromise. This whole "self concept" thing is ALL about being who YOU want to be without compromise. That's what the qigong master told me and to an extent the alchemist told me. That's the common denominator underlying everyone who's successful is that they'll all make the decisions that serve them towards fulfilling this desire without compromise and give it as much of their attention as possible to the point of almost obsessing. Obsession is beneficial in this sense but delusional obsession while still compromising and living out of pleasing others and not being yourself is the problem. 

If you're doing SATS but still afraid to step outside and be yourself as you feel that doing what you want is like doing something very wrong like you're going to commit a crime or something then you're living out of compromise and the moment you make the decision to do what you want regardless of how you feel and to accept that discomfort as it comes as much as it takes to fulfil that process of your fulfilment of this desire then you'll be unstoppable. Reality will conspire to make that happen but you've got to show up accordingly as that's the test so to speak of who you are. If you're backing out and afraid of being that person you imagine being in your safe space in your head then you're not really being uncompromising and unwavering in your state are you, you're incoherent. You don't need any more mindset work than simply to accept the fact that you're going to feel uncomfortable for a moment but that it's necessary to be dipped into the fire for a while to temper your spirit and be refined. This is necessary for you to become state coherent as doing this and making that decision to show up and do the work you know will serve who you want to be is the catalytic component which will bring about the shift in your unconscious mind that you don't have to compromise anymore, you're safe to be yourself now. That's how you get your power back. Simulating it in your head only works to the extent that it'll market to you who you want to be and shift your state in that moment, but if the second things get real and you need to show up and do that for real then you've only proven that your imaginal acts have zero power.

I've said this before but the whole idea that you are the technique means being yourself without compromise, as in having an uncompromising conviction towards the concept desired and to express that sensation of being regardless of what you're experiencing and to make the decisions which serve that end regales of circumstances. That's what builds state coherency, that's what builds power, not doing magic internal imaginal acrobatics. The internal work works in correspondence to the external work, they will mirror each other. If the internal work is associated to that uncompromising expression then you've done it, but if your circumstances are limited like you're locked in a prison cell then the uncompromising expression of being outside that cell all day every day to the point of obsession will manifest that reality. You're not in that cell, you're back home with your family. That cell won't hold you, you're better than that and you know it. It's inevitable you're out of that place any second now. Being yourself without compromise in whatever circumstances you have available to you even if they're extremely limited is still expressing the quality of consciousness associated with success and you'll get that result no matter what. That's why circumstances don't matter.

The thing is this won't grant you immortality, well unless that desire is immortality. If you're already that immortal being you'll do whatever it takes and walk the earth 100 times over if need be to attain it. You'll go to sleep every day saying you've done everything you can to fulfil that end and you'll be satisfied and imagine yourself in a scene which implies that fulfilment. Grasp that without that quality of consciousness nothing will work for you, though having an expanded subconscious capacity would always benefit. It's like there's a spectrum of factors that influence LOA results.

1. Uncompromising expression towards being yourself without compromise

2. Cultivating space and subconscious capacity

3. Dropping degeneracy and living closer to divinity

4. Doing SATS and such methods

Notice that SATS isn't really important, it's really the least important factor because it's not something you'd focus on because it doesn't represent the fulfilment of experience. There's no satisfaction that can come from this if you're still highly limited in subconscious capacity and you're living a degenerate life holding back on your desires. It won't do anything for you and I know because I tested this more than anyone else in the world I'd say. I did all the methods, I spent hours every day for weeks affirming specific things I wanted too and all I ever saw was signs, pieces of it and nothing more. You could almost say that I was getting what I wanted but I was lacking the quality of consciousness required for things to work, if I cultivated more space and expressed who I wanted to be more in that stoic effortless way I spoke about before instead of being highly charged about it going up and down all day every day I'd likely have got my exact result but I didn't until I actually started cultivating space. I remember manifesting many things overnight purely from having this internal environment of having this thing, but to a truly uncompromising expression, like I was DONE with failure and I just had this quality of consciousness that just dropped all the conditions and accepted that this is happening. It was different and I almost knew it was going to happen that night before it did and I was right but it still didn't result in the end outcome exactly I desired, it was still a warped version of it but I still manifested most of that experience. If my mind was more clear, and again I was more in that stoic mentality where my effort was effortless and I was also less degenerate in mind then I'd likely have manifested it fully. These are the missing links that accompany a successful SATS practise or really any LOA method really. 



Remember this. This is THE most important factor. If every moment you're at that crossroads where you want to make a decision to do something you know you want but feel that hesitation, like time slows down and you're stuck in this feeling like you're doing something very wrong by making that decision, then make that decisions and your life will completely change from that moment on. 

Your ability to make decisions that serve your highest expression on a consistent basis no matter how bad it makes you feel will bring you everything you need to live a fulfilling life. You're being satisfied in your decisions by making them without compromise and therefore you're satisfied in life which means SATS will work for you. That's the distillation of how this works.


Use media to market to yourself in the temporary sense and gather the momentum you need to make that decision then make it happen for real where there's no turning back and commit everything to go all in without effort. Consistently do this for 3 weeks and you'll get your result, reality will conform to you to make that happen if you meet it in the middle. If you back out and fail to anchor that state so that it's default and normal for you then you'll fail to manifest it fully and your result will come and go like the wind. This attitude of uncompromising expression needs to stick with you, especially if your mind is full of degenerate thoughts and lusts for things that don't serve you meanwhile. Drop the degeneracy and face that with effortless effort. Sink into your lower body and surrender to that. Relax your pelvic floor and your abs and breathe into it, effortless effort. Ground and sink. You don't need that degenerate nonsense anymore because it doesn't serve you, drop it and make the decision which serves you. That's your one way ticket to success to take it or leave it.


Do as Odin did, do as the Christ did, die to your limitations and leave them in the dust without mercy. Leave it all behind for good right now. Wake up in the night and remind yourself of this. Wake up in the morning and remind yourself of this. Don't look at your phone and scroll drop it and make yourself some highly nutritious food for breakfast. Go for a short run outside, open the house up and let the light of life inside to fill your being. Gaze at the sky and or the clouds if it's wet or overcast. Surround yourself with the natural environment around you and immerse yourself in the relaity of expansion. Expand the variety and depth of your experience and leave the patterns behind. Rearrange your room, your whole house, drop people that use you for their agenda, even if they use you to fulfil traumas drop them as you're not responsible for them. Make that tough decision and let them learn from that as you'll be their catalyst for change. Leave it all behind, die and never come back. Be merciless and uncompromising. Your state is completely unrecognisable and NG said to make a "radical"  shift in mindset. This is uncompromising, the radical shift represents the experience of the quality of consciousness required for substantive principle to get to work and rearrange your structural relaity. It's all metaphysical so align yourself accordingly and fulfil that end.



There's another layer to this. Archetypical representation. Someone who's lacking feminine charge won't attract them, and vice versa. The metaphysics of specific  beliefs play a role too in how your relaity manifests. Without any conscious intention or any uncompromising expression you'll still attract phenomena that associate to the archetype being worked with. If someone is missing this metaphysic within them they won't get it externally and they'll see distortions of that on the outside and see others or the theme of that thing as negative as a result. When they give themselves that metaphysic then they'll change, but they of course need to accept that and make that decision without compromise for that to happen so it goes back to the main point of making decisions which serve you and filling the metaphysical holes in our being.




It's done.


Here's some quotes I found from feeling is the secret:

"Feeling the reality of the state sought and living and acting on that conviction is the way of all seeming miracles. All changes of expression are brought about through a change of feeling. A change of feeling is a change of destiny. All creation occurs in the domain of the subconscious."

"The creative process begins with an idea and its cycle runs its course as a feeling and ends in a volition to act."

 "To assume the feeling of satisfaction is to call conditions into being which will mirror satisfaction."

Here's a contradicting one

 "You are free to choose how you feel and react to the day’s drama, but the drama – the actions, events and circumstances of the day – have already been determined."



This is a comment I found on the NG subreddit that makes sense.

"I couldn't agree more with this post. Neville with his post promise teachings unlocked the true keys to breaking reality. People seem to miss this level of truth that Neville was teaching later in life.

If you can get what Neville was teaching later in his life, you no longer need any visualisation techniques. You become One with the Intuition (God), the intuition provides you with the Seeds/Desires, you then automatically accept these Seeds as the truth and they then automatically begin to manifest and grow in your life. Interestingly regarding Murphy, I don't think you have read Laws of Mind by Joseph Murphy, which was a later Murphy book. In this book he outlines the same ideas as Neville was teaching later in life. His motto by that point was simply LET GOD DO IT! Don't worry about techniques any longer. Two other authors who also very clearly taught a similar method to this were Ralph Waldo Trine (In Tune with the Infinite) and also Florence Scovel Shinn (Magic Path of Intuition).

The problem though for most people regarding Nevilles later teachings is they insist on a level of giving up personal Control and allowing God/the divine to work through you. Alot of people simply don't wish to give up any personal control. I have noticed some people get very upset when I suggest the need to Surrender, they don't wish to notice that Neville suggested the need to Surrender in his later teachings. People like to fire back at me and simply say 'You Are God', Yes, yes, we are God. But we are not operating consciously as God a lot of the time, many of us are in a deep sleep! As Neville said, we are Adam in a deep sleep and only when we awaken do we become Jesus Christ, the individualised God Man.

When we are stuck in the limited five sense personality that wants to force everything and control everything all the time. When we are stuck in the five senses, we are completely ignorant of God.

People would prefer to do 500 techniques a day and like micro managing every aspect of their lives. Later Neville was teaching people not to micro manage any longer, he was teaching people to ALLOW your desires and LET GO of them. Anyway, thanks for your post. Nice to know I am not the only one who sees it this way."




The truth is that your manifesting ability depends almost entirely on your alignment with divinity and your greatest expression of self uncompromisingly. Without alignment to your source of emanation you're powerless because it's not you who manifests phenomena but your alignment with divinity and the corresponding archetypes being worked with. It is us who aligns with divinity as a means of purification process that results in our manifestations unfolding. That's the only way it works, in all instances. There are no exceptions.


I'm going to outline this notebook entry with a bunch of different points that I'll explain. This will be like a Q&A setup. Headings will be in bold underlined text.



Pain is the bleeding of charge. When we feel pain it's as a result of a disproportionate pathway expressing out of us compromising towards our alignment with divinity as divinity is where our source of vitality arises as it's a higher order substance we integrate within and are an emanation of.






































You are the technique

Being yourself without compromise is the only technique that exists. This brings you into alignment with divinity and grants you higher order processes to integrate in as a means of transforming your field geometry into higher order alchemical substances from base substances.















So the formula I'm basically teaching is this.

You feel the sensation desired (conscious solar aspect) and create space (unconscious lunar aspect) to expand subconscious capacity (the product of the two interacting) in order to fully master reality. You sense the reality of what you desire consciously and unconsciously you create more sensory capacity which gives rise to more "space" to anchor sensations.

The way you do conscious work is the same way I've explained, being yourself without compromise and working with the sensations you experience accordingly to no longer compromise and hold back your satisfaction in life. You break comfort zones and fulfil what it is you've been compromising on this whole time in your pathway towards divinity.

The way you do unconscious work is by gazing and sinking your awareness primarily, but you can also do divine pathway work to create space and a bunch of other methods like reducing sensory inputs to build extra buffer capacity to act as the basis for the transmutation into higher order substances which are more concentrated and hold greater proportionality which brings you closer to divinity and your greater consciousness which is where all the power is. 

The product of working with positive and negative charge in a proportionate manner is that you're creating a median pressure zone that's going to act as the capacitive charge that contains all the experiences you have in reality. This is how any and all LOA phenomena works.

The deeper you go into the unconscious work specifically the more "extrasensory" experiences you'll have and in fact the more vitality you'll gain so doing the unconscious work by creating space in the way of refining base substances specifically and sinking awareness is how you'll attain higher order capacity to integrate and dissolve resistance. This part of the equation is just as important as doing the conscious work but you could see this part as more so WHAT you consciously experience, the refinement of inputting the minimal amount of sensory inputs as possible while still integrating and feeling the reality of the experiences you desire accordingly. The balance of this equation is what LOA is about and brings state coherency as you're targeting the state consciously and mediating that capacitive charge unconsciously by creating space for it to integrate and modulate surrounding field geometries. 

If you're not seeing any movement at all in any way then you're not doing the conscious work enough, and remember conscious work is more so intuitive sense work not thoughts as thoughts lead us through the associations and pathways into intuitive sensation of self and reality. This will either bring full or partial manifestations to confirm this feeling. If you're getting partial then work more on implication, what is the end of this desired experience and that will build greater context. If you're getting on and off partial results or on and off full results in any capacity then you've got habits and sensory inputs that warp your state over the day. Spend more time doing unconscious anchoring and don't spend so much time focusing on the conscious work as you've likely already got the state targeted but you're incoherent in that. Building coherency in state by creating space will be the ideal solution.

Remember this is a greyscale and there's no absolutes in any of these rules, they're all very generalised and aren't going to always line up as states within states can exist from past revisions that need to be done to dissolve resistances sometimes but that's for another example. Typically revision is required if you've consciously got warped perceptions where you don't have the capacity to accept the sensation of self desired as you're holding past experiences in contrast of importance to what you desire.

Revision is always being applied to some extent as it's all really revision anyway but the traditional idea of revision should only really be applied in scenarios where someone consciously has charge towards someone from something they did to them in a bad way and they can't get over it. Revising scenes involving traumatic events or scenarios is where the power of that lies, although it can also work with bad habits too to revise that you never even started going down the path of this bad habit. Anything that fixes long standing continued patterns that consciously show up are to be revised, often times revision shouldn't be used when working on unconscious resistance as this typically comes up at it's own accord when doing divine pathway work and such methods and can even show up in dreams after gazing sessions but it's all a greyscale and there's no absolutes as I've said.


its the last day of may, Easter.

So everything is based on associations. The end represents the implication of the sensation you’re targeting. When we think of something we are led into another thought, that thought has association to the previous thought related and the overarching context built in that state in the temporary and on the baseline level. When you’re doing SATS you’re stabilising a sensation through implication that represents the “state” of being. I’m going to prefer to call a state an archetype of consciousness as it’s really representing what NG says is an attitude of mind and the beliefs held to be true but on a fundamental “feeling” intuitive level that’s unconsciously associated.

understand that context can exist in the temporary sense and the baseline sense too, in that the charge you’ve got processing in the moment will drive your overall context towards that warping the associations your consciously aware thoughts will lead you down. This is why I say that states can exist within states and are temporary as they come and go depending on the charge we’re running which in itself is related to the baseline archetype of consciousness and it’s associated charge. It’s all thoughts within thoughts and states within states, and the more stabilised and coherent these associations are the more our conscious mind will be in harmony with our desired uncurious baseline state of being or archetype of consciousness.

if you’ve got in the moment charge built over a sensory stimulus that brings up feelings of doubt and disconnect with where you desire to be then you’ve got an association with that sensory stimulus that needs to be refined.

You can refine this in many many ways but the most effective way is to simply dissolve the charge by exposing yourself to that stimulus in a state that’s “sunken” where you’ve lowered the charge into your lower body and increased sensory capacity through various processes you can use and by constantly being exposed to the once stressful stimulus from a place of expanded awareness you’ll dissolve the charge in the conscious moment and over time in the unconscious baseline level too which is where you’ve really affected the intuitive sensation of self that arises from this input stimulus.

Trying to use SATS to dissolve charge IMO is pointless and has no reality to it, unless you’re able to simulate it to that degree and to satisfaction. The other method SATS can be used for is working on implication to shift charge, as in going to the end that has an association to the charge that arises implying it’s been negated and isn’t a factor anymore which will actually shift the in the moment charge that arises as you’re using SATS to shift the energy in a future implied event. This is really the point of SATS, working with implication to dissolve charge on an input stimulus to shift the baseline and bring coherency in a desired manner will benefit greatly when combined with also doing the conscious work by sinking the charge and expanding sensory subconscious capacity.

Revision isn’t really useful outside of shifting long standing patterns that you’re stuck with on a baseline level like habits or patterns of compromise in the psyche that represent areas you’re highly unsatisfied with at a baseline level. Really it’s not the in the moment feelings of lack that matter but the ones that come up even when you’re not charged. That’s the truth that many don’t like the idea of but it’s how it works. Your desires you’ve got charge towards in the moment but that vanishes in baseline coming from that I compromised sense of self are unlikely to continue on, especially around SP and such as you’ll learn that manifesting an SP will likely result in your charge being reduced more so than increased like you’d like to think. 

It takes experience with that to know, but it’s these highly charged desires that come from a feeling of wanting and needing to feel satisfied that are the ones that are coming from compromised states and the charge surrounding them needs to be dissolved through exposing yourself to them in a state with sunken charge. Sinking the charge conditions the state to anchor the charge and transmute it into higher order substances over time. This is a gradual process and cannot be done in a one time experience effectively so working at negating sensory stimulus to be that which is what you desire at a baseline level and that reminds you of the archetype of consciousness desired from a sunken state of charge will be how you’ll anchor a new baseline that’s not variable to how charged you are and will be stable and coherent. This is how you manifest anything. 

the process is simply to get the target sensation you’re desiring to experience. Remember it’s the sensation you’re pushing out as much as the concept, so understand that the sensation or feeling (intuitive sense) will manifest scenarios that’ll remind you of the baseline anchored sensory stimulus sensations which will confirm that state. Working to negate any charge there is it’s present should be done first, then perceptions should be shifted. Work with an end implication as the concept and with that faith alone you’ve done all the perception based conscious work and so by repeatedly returning to this specific perception surrounding this thing from that now lowered charge baseline state will bring the coherency desired. Nothing can cause you to waver as you’ve got faith and no disproportionate charge that’s associated to sensory stimulus that confirms that. You’ll have a straight pathway to success every time.

When you’re conditioning your baseline state to reduce charge you don’t want to give up when it’s not working you want to continue to sink and continue to build coherency even outside of that scenario with the sensory inputs that remind you of that stuff. It’s one of those things that you’ll need patience as the unconscious mind works differently to the conscious mind and needs “leading” to be inflicted. It’s like the pot of boiling water and the frog where it jumps out of the water is too hot so you slowly turn it up so it doesn’t notice and gets cooked alive. You want to ferment the unconscious mind over time through carful cultivation of both space and correct perceptions to influence it. The most important part of that is creating space, without space the unconscious has no buffer to work with and you’ll run up against your resistance over and over even with correct perceptions in the moment but the feeling will always bring that negative association by default as the charge required buffer capacity to effectively transform. 

Creating more space is as simple as sinking the charge and reducing your general sensory inputs to essentially dopamine fast. This will give you significantly increased sensory and subconscious capacity which is an extension of your connection to incorporeal reality where you’re closer to divinity and your greater consciousness. This is why I say most of the work is the work of Saturn, is conjoining with the unconscious mind of the grater consciousness and being processed through our interaction with it which burns away resistance in the process. It just takes time and patience as it’s not stimulating to the senses but that’s the point it’s increasing sensitivity through negation unlike perception work which is all solar and active and conscious work by experiencing phenomena to target sensations by building associations and charge. 

people don’t like that doing the unconscious work is boring and takes ages and is hard to be consistent with but that’s exactly what needs to be accepted and worked through. This is really where will comes from, the long run work and not in the moment will and such as that’s all about netting effort by fulfilling conditions and compromises to then be finally satisfied that you’re being yourself without compromise. The unconscious work just takes time and consistency to lead the unconscious mind into coherency, it’s the opposite of doing the conscious work that results in this aspect of consciousness being refined. The more time you can spend during the day experiencing life from a sunken state where you’re negating charge wherever possible and being as neutral with your perception as possible the faster you’ll build coherency. Doing gazing for 45m and fasting from highly stimulating habits will also be of great benefit. 


It’s the morning of April fools. 

We’re gonna have some fun. 

If you want to manifest anything all you need to do is mindlessly repeat to yourself a phrase that means what you want to experience. Don’t stop and keep doing it non stop because being mentally exhausted is gaslighting yourself into believing you’re never satisfied and need to forever speak into existence your desires like God did in the Holy Bible. 



(12) Temple of Drifting Sands - Keiichi Okabe.flac

The magic is quite simply to recognise the nature of flow, effortless effort. To be honest if I just distilled RS down to one idea it would be that, to flow and be applying effort without applying effort. This means applying charge consciously in the direction which serves you no matter what, to be in flow with intuitive impulse and be driven by greater consciousness. That's all there really is to this, that's what we're doing by being ourselves without compromise ultimately so the fact is that manifestation is a function of how coherent can you be with divinity and higher order. What else is there? There is nothing else, what else can there be? 

Creating space is the only other process which would facilitate this unfolding as creating space means that you're refining the subconscious barrier, subconscious capacity and sensory sensitivity and capacity which gives us the ability to experience greater pleasure and satisfaction without needing higher highs. With this you've got the formula to become immortal and it's up to you to be that and apply it without mercy. The more you hold back the more you will face the fire of life and be put under pressure to wake up and get in line with greater consciousness and order.

Manifestation really has nothing to do with thought, but the sensation or feeling that's associated with an experience and it's implication as a contextual sense as I call it. Contextual sense is simply the overarching theme underlying the totality of all consciously recognised points that all comprise one complete meaning, it's based on the idea of integrated concepts as thoughts are integrated within other thoughts just as how light works. This is all one process after all.



I want to talk about a very interesting idea I've been wanting to talk about here for a while now. This is about the process and how new thoughts arise.

When we come up with new thoughts it's typically from a contextual sense point of view, as in we've got a theme circulating in our head which is an concept and a feeling as we associate meaning to that concept based on where we're at. When we come up with new thoughts there's a new mixture of sensation of being and concepts which arise from sensory inputs that are compared to contrast with the context circulating in the mind based on the sense of self. It's kind of hard to write in words but essentially we "receive" ideas and have these sudden "wake up in the dream" moments when things "click" into place. This again is more often than not a result of contextual sense building to a certain point and contrast being present through that context to reach a spill-over where the circulating concepts can mixed in a certain way to produce likely a higher ordered integrated field geometry. I need to come up with a flow chart of this some time.

The process is simple actually, we have concept and feeling. Concepts bring about feelings to move through based on the currently circulating context and feelings associate greater context and identification with those. The feeling fundamentally corresponds to the coherency of your field geometry but it's more so a function of what's happening at the level of baseline, the "ambient state" as I've sometimes called it, states integrated within states. When we then draw into that association between concept and sense of self then of course context is formulated accordingly which exists temporarily unless it's anchored, or sunk, and you sink the charge as I've said through creating space which often means making decisions that are uncompromising and or creating space through specific methods like gazing and doing trance work as this results in the subconscious barrier being expanded too.



Just do it



So I want to make a video on this idea. I've sat with it for long enough and I've basically confirmed through all aspects of both application and contemplation that the fact is that there are only really 2 things that we can do. We can adjust our sense of self to be more coherent with divinity and greater consciousness, or what I'm really going to call your archetype of consciousness, which can be done primarily through breaking past comfort zones with effortless effort and doing pathway work. The other thing is to create space, or to expand subconscious capacity, which I've spoken about endlessly at this point. Basically all you need to do for that is to refine the sensory inputs meaning only absorb with the physical and transcendental senses that which confirms the sense of self as that association is the context or the bridge that links the conscious and the unconscious together.

To manifest means to become state coherent, a state in my definition is the currently experienced contextual sense which is based on the association from the cumulative sensory inputs and the sensation of self or archetype of consciousness that's reminded of from those sensations experienced with either the physical or imaginal senses. Coherency means coherent context, coherent association, coherent pathways and remembrances that arise as impulses from being exposed to sensory stimulus. Imagine seeing a very hot girl, just the sight alone will produce a reaction, now if that girl is looking cutely at you as you glance it will be an even more powerful reaction as the association/context you're drawing into leads you into a more potent sense of self that's going to modulate with your baseline state to either be positive in the direction you desire or negative in a direction of compromise. Someone who has this experience that has value will approach and connect and the other will be afraid of rejection hence they're going to continue to compromise and not break that comfort zone and thus no progress gets made.

Where does imagination and SATS come into this? Imagination is no different than the physical senses. Surprise. This will come as a shock to many but in my experimentation the imagination is only present to create a controlled sensory environment .Why else would the imaginal senses mirror the physical senses? The primary function is not to speak to divinity, the alchemist and the Daoist I've trained with have made that abundantly clear to me over the years when combined with my own understanding of metaphysics. Neville said that "your wonderful human imagination" IS the Christos, which technically is correct metaphysically speaking as it's working with the solar principle but it's not you placing an image before the mind of god. Your greater consciousness is always there and knows all things about you on all levels because you're integrated within it, just as you can become aware of what's within you by doing alchemical practises like the gazing and qigong to expand subconscious capacity and bridge the gap between the next phase conjugate progression of emanation.

When you do the gazing the end goal of it of course is to project the inner relaity into the external so that you've got an overlay of the unconscious mind directly accessible to you with your open eyes. I've had glimpses at this but it's not something you can make happen, it happens typically after waking up from a dream that triggers the phase conjugate interaction or after extended gazing sessions. This is truly bringing the mind of god to you, instead of going the other way and placing an image before the mind of god. This of course is the way you complete the great work as you'll be able to speak to greater consciousness directly from this place and through your interaction with that level you're being purified as you're placed under the greater substantive fire to be refined. This refining process gradually brings together the individual elements that comprise your consciousness on an elemental level so that they may become as one and thus you can become something ultimately powerful and immortal. That's the point of your existence, not my opinion but the fact that has and will always remain the "meaning" of life. Fulfilling your desires is not on the agenda, your interaction with greater consciousness however is and fulfilling desires can technically bring about more coherency but manifestation is a lower level of doing this work.

To make abundantly clear, the work to become immortal and manifesting ultimate love wealth and health in reality are related but not going to lead to each other directly. Manifestation as you should know is state coherency, state coherency means shifting context, shifting context means freeing up resistive pathways and dysfunctions in the psyche that are required to be dissolves in order to become immortal so in a sense doing the work to manifest what you desire is beneficial on a transcendental level but will only go so far before you'll require the interaction with greater consciousness or you'll hit a level where it'll interact with you and force you to face it and be purified. You can't make that happen, it only happens when it's ready, or more specifically you're ready, at a baseline level.

This is why I focus on immortality so much as doing the work towards that brings about the higher order level of state coherency but the thing is that you still need to have the intention to manifest what's desired and to even have the desire to begin with. You'll most likely not desire wealth especially when you're at a certain level and even not need love from another person as you feel that within, or even health as health comes from doing this work anyway and the same goes for looks and youthful vigour. It's all leading towards what people desire to manifest by doing the immortality work as it's the higher level of manifestation work it's tapping into the same processes of refining the field geometries so no matter what you can't lose by doing the immortality work but again doing the immortality work is boring and isn't exciting like typically doing LOA is. I actually learned that what most people think LOA work is (feeling hyped up on your own existence) is the exact opposite, you don't want to peak as without capacity you're going to dip again. The reality is that the more you refine your sensory sensitivity the more effects you'll get from that. Sensory sensitivity specifically comes from dopamine fasting, or basically not using any forms of technology that's stimulating to the senses.

This is again why I say creating space is required for manifestation as if you're unable to feel the "feelings" because you're numb to true pleasure you'll fail to manifest what you want. You don't need to feel anything of course but at the same time having a heightened sensitivity implies that less stimulus can lead you down more peaky pathways without needing as much charge which is the goal, it actually means your nervous system is expanded in it's capacity, subconscious capacity. You see the connection? This is why when I lived like a monk for 3 months I manifested many things I both intended to and didn't intend to because my sense of self was still warped but my sensory sensitivity significantly increased and this whole "thoughts push out" thing really became a thing I experienced for a few weeks before that sensitive wore down when I came back to the modern world and started using technology again. One other thing I noted when I lived like a monk and only read physical books and wrote my own  notes on paper about TCM I was reading out of textbooks I found what that my physical body started healing long standing issues that plagued me no matter what sense of self work I did. Sense of self and sensory sensitivity are both required to manifest.

I'll go ahead and say that if you want to manifest like you hear people talking about with this "I thought about it once or twice and it manifested" idea then start refining your sensory  inputs. That's just as powerful as feeling different and breaking comfort zones, though sometimes breaking comfort zones is required for the sensory refinement to really reach the next level.

This is why I'm going to say that the imaginal senses really aren't required to mangiest anything, though every "inner conversation" you have with yourself and everything you intend is you experiencing the imaginal senses. Anything that's not outwardly expressed is imaginal. Think  as though you've got cameras watching you 24/7, if you showed zero signs of expression in a physical sense you'd still be able to imagine what you intend to do without those cameras knowing, though when peoples brains can be read with this abhorrent technology called neural ink and whatnot then you'll lose the imaginal sense privacy so really it's not transcendental in that way as I've always said. Imaginal sense requires your biology to work, I've had altered consciousness in a state that I was having physical health issues and I couldn't even form straight thoughts in my head or anything I was completely helpless. If the imaginal senses are of god that wouldn't  be the case, which is why I'm going to say that this idea that imagination is special is nonsense and needs to get lost because it's simply an inner reflection of the physical senses. You use the imaginal senses to bring about feelings and lead yourself deeper into those feelings through simulating experiences but that's got nothing to do with communicating with god, as I once thought too by reading NG and the like. 

What I said will come as a shock to some but it's the fact, your imagination is NOT the Christos,  it's archetypally related but it's not "THE" Christos it's just an association to that archetype that exists fundamentally as an element of the emanationary process of reality. This is why I say stop trying to do imaginal work all day every day by thinking stuff to get result, unless you've cultivated significant space it's wasting your time. If your baseline is higher then it's valuable as you're creating context which is shifting the association  and thus cohering states but from a place of lower baseline with no space you're going to be wasting time. Creating space by ceasing imaginal work and such is beneficial in that way for a few weeks, dopamine fast and drop the degeneracy.

If you want to manifest something difficult, like say an environmental factor is warping your perception when it arises then look at what feeling that brings up as of course sensory inputs associate to feelings and those then market and lead you into more powerful feelings that you'll have a hard time dropping without shifting context to a powerful anchor like divinity. The best way to handle that is to prepare beforehand and adjust your baseline state so that you've got capacity to process intense feelings that arise from triggering sensory inputs. People ask me over and over and over what techniques they can do to handle stress and I never give them anything because none of them do anything because they can't, the effectiveness of them ALWAYS depends on your baseline and the association and context you're drawing into and how you're marketing to yourself.  If you're leading yourself out of limitation with the method then it can help but what works for one won't work for another because the associations are all different, though a universal method I always teach is to sink charge by relaxing your pelvic floor and abdominals.

I've noticed over the years in my own time that when I'm tense these muscles too will tense. You'll notice too that positive feelings will tense these muscles as well, this means that these muscles have association to yang principle, minister fire specifically, which is responsible for the intensification of experience. The charge comes from that point, if you're relaxed and still feel positive feelings then you're doing the real work and shifting charge in a coherent manner but you'll find that if your sensory  sensitivity is limited your emotional states will actually require you to be tense for you to feel them because these muscles basically act as a "pump" to raise charge. This is again why I say to create space. Explaining all there is to this in a video would take forever as I'm sure you can tell by now which  is why I've still not done that. I too have to expand my capacity.

The main point I want to make is that your sensory sensitivity is critically important for the correct functioning of your field geometry. If you don't create space you're going to continue to get stuck, unless you're able to market to yourself in the moment correctly and create temporary buffer space that way you'll never be able to not feel charged in those environments because to shift the association you require space to separate sensation and feeling or else you'll be running into your resistance and be helpless to stop it because that's how it works. Understand that, ok. Understand that no matter what conscious work I tell you to do or not to do you'll need to do this work anyway. Create space as buffer to be capable of processing feelings through more coherent pathways so that when you do market to yourself in those moments to shift state you'll succeed instead of falter and blame the coach for not telling you some magic secret method to cope in the moment which doesn't exist. Everything I've outlined works on these principles, this is the core mechanics behind consciousness and everyone's techniques come under what I've just outlined so they're just getting you to do this anyway but in a way you don't realise. This is what NG did too but most people have no idea that's why he wrote that way, or really why anyone writes the way they do. I only write this way because it's what I do, I speak on metaphysics and explain the mechanics of consciousness on every level possible.

So with that in mind I hope now you grasp  why creating space is so important. Creating space is arguably more important than being yourself without compromise, which is doing feeling work, the sense of self refinement. That simply requires courage, rebellion, inspiration, and acceptance. Intuitive impulse that drives you to become yourself without compromise relies on the space being present to feel that association being triggered. When you get a ping from greater consciousness to act you'll know if you're expanded in capacity where your sensitivity to these things is elevated but if you're flooded with overstimulation and degeneracy you'll forever wonder why life hates you and wallow around in the self hatred and all that nonsense because you're basically blind to divinity waving flags in your face to be yourself and what's going on all the time to lead you to success. If creating space makes you feel fear and doubt and all that then that's good because it means you're running up against the walls and pressing on them, you're actually being yourself without compromise by sitting there with those feelings and being put under the fire, the gazing does this which is why I say everyone should do it. It's got many ways of applying it, but simply sitting there and gazing at a dot is the most simple way that's also traditional to Sufism as a way of opening up the subconscious barrier and taking the conscious mind into the unconscious mind.

Understand that placing yourself into the fire and being catalysed isn't just a physical thing where you push your comfort zone by being vulnerable and accepting bad feelings for what they are but also by sitting with them in gazing which is the same process but has less reality to it though a transmuting effect can unfold. If you just did gazing all day every day you'd probably make more progress than overthinking and affirming non stop or spending hours in SATS because if imagination pushed out phenomena then the person who lives the more real experience with the most vivid imagination with the most immersion and such would win at life but of course that's not the case. The fact is NG taught that inner EXPERIENCE manifests, as in SATS is you being put under the fire in a sense too. People will deny this, I've seen it over and over they think they're smart as they'll say they manifested a baseball or something small in SATS doing it for 1 night and it showed up the next day and say that's proof imagination is god and pushes out relaity and yet they fail to understand that all they're doing is having an inner experience by marketing to themselves in a controlled environment. People  manifest these things without ever touching the visual imagination and some even never hear anyone say anything. 

You don't need any imagination to manifest, ever. It's all the subjective synthesis at play, the associations you're drawing out. I manifested a bunch of mr bean dvd's a few days after I watched 2 hours of his stuff on youtube one night and I never imagined that as far as I know. I never even intended it, I had zero expectation. The idea here is that the concept, mr bean, filled my subconscious capacity for a period of time and that concept drew the association to push out an experience that reminded me of that feeling. SATS is about feeling as you're working the inverse equation, feeling * concept = LOA. Well concept also must have an associated feeling so when sensory experience be it imaginal or physical (concept) pushes out a feeling that associated and reminded you of that moment it will show in a way that's natural. The point is that the feeling you've got attached to that sensory input will manifest and that determines how it'll come about because it'll be showing up inversely to use then the sensory input to bring about the feeling you had in the imagination as a reaction. That's LOA, that's why NG says feeling is the secret. Remember that the more sensory capacity you have the more intense those feelings will be that arise from the sensory input being triggered in the physical which means that your manifesting capacity increases accordingly as there's a more coherent state that's associated. That's why I say manifestation is state coherency, a stronger signal that's free of distortion will be clear and precise and you'll have clear sense of self and sensory experience to relay that in the physical as a mirror. It's not magic it's metaphysics and alchemy, interferometry.

That's the real mechanics behind manifestation and refutes all the trash out there claiming things are about feeling hyped up emotionally and all this nonsense that's just going to reduce subconscious capacity unless you've got an elevated baseline. This is why it's tricky to explain LOA because everyone has different baselines and such that people don't even know exist and so claim that the method that worked for their associations and baseline and such parts works for everyone, at least to some extent. I've outlined the truth, the logical truth that cannot be refuted because it's connected on all levels, it's a metaphysical fact not my opinion but it required many years of contemplation and connecting dots to even realise these factors existed let alone understand how they interact.

So I'll say again, if you desire to manifest an SP then build sensory capacity primarily by dopamine fasting (fasting from pleasures of the world and the flesh) and by being yourself without compromise meaning if you desire to talk to that cute girl you've seen someone else with that you want to be with then do it if you've got the desire to have them as yours. Fear not for greater consciousness is in you as you are in it if you are doing the great work and therefore there is nothing to fear in your reality. Making a decision from fear means denying your divinity, and partaking in degeneracy means collapsing subconscious capacity and denying divinity. Both pathways prevent you from manifesting your SP, or anything really. This is the only thing you need to do, no imaginal acts, no scripting, no affirmations, no SATS, nothing but to walk with greater consciousness without fear in all ways in life. ALL ways.

This means primarily fasting from the pleasures of the world and the flesh and negating sensory inputs that don't serve your progression towards realising your divinity by expanding subconscious capacity and also by making decisions that correspond with what you want with the clarity of divine mind, not how you feel in the moment which can be anything but it doesn't mean it serves you. Every decision you make that serves your progression towards divinity will result in outcomes that will move it forward, if you also are expanding capacity or already have a baseline that's coherent enough to reach the tipping point of phase conjugation and integration of field geometries that are of higher substantive order.

So that's all there is to this really. I need to make a video on this because I've refined it to such a point now where I don't believe I can go deeper, though I've said that before and I did so we'll see.

People expect me to be some influencer type that's constantly uploading and giving them entertainment but that's not constructive. If I wish to grow my audience then that's the means but I'll speak when I'm ready and no time before or after. I work on this every day pretty much and I'm always gaining greater perspective unlike anyone else who's sticking to established tradition that's limited in scope. Their tradition is watered down metaphysics anyway, so I'm already way beyond that level but I do wonder what's beyond the horizon for me and where I'll end up in future with this work.

If Reality Synthesis will take over the world then I'll need to break my comfort zones as that's the only thing preventing me from growing it into a million dollar empire that'll stomp the LOA community out for good. That's what I intend, to bring hardcore metaphysics and alchemy to the minds of the masses, but such an extremely complex subject requires immerse levels of refinement before it'll be understood properly. I need to distil this down further still, but we will see how I'll present this. The way will be minimalist but as rooted in core principles as possible and leave open doorways for further expansion of understanding in an intuitive way. That's the goal at least.



There's no way I'm going to fail. Everything is falling into place now and Reality Synthesis will refute the law of assumption from the inside out.


Reality synthesis proposes that your only mechanisms of action to change your relaity is through awareness and space. With space you can experience and perceive more  and have more depth and variety of experience to be more fulfilling with higher sensory sensitivity which can be cultivated by fasting from the pleasures of the world. This can apply in the temporary state and in the baseline ambient state you're unaware of that's really representing your true foundation of sensory subconscious capacity.


I just went for a forest walk and had an insight.

This is the process.

When we imagine a scene it's going to bring up a feeling or a sense of self. This sense of self by default is associated to that sensory experience and so can be replicated in reality accordingly. Now if the baseline association to the feeling is limited experience, and you build context by associating to that a sensory experience of abundance, say with love, then you'll shift the experience you get that'll more coherently reflect the specific sensory experience you desire.

Basically we're shifting the principles outlined in the implication of the sensory experience to better reflect the concept of what we actually want specifically and not something that's correlated, IE signs and limited manifestations. The signs mean that the sensory experience is attached to a limited feeling at baseline, and even if you feel abundant in the moment of that association being brought into your awareness but at the baseline it's limited then what will push out will be a mixture of the two reflecting an experience that's representing your imaginal scene but will bring up the associated baseline feeling of lack. That's context, the sense of self is the limitation, or the end sensory experience is the limitation, but most of the time it's sense of self (archetype of consciousness).

To explain simply here, the idea of implication that NG talks about is very important to work with as that's going to be the end sensory experience that you'll be targeting which has an association to a feeling that's not of limitation but of complete satisfaction meaning there's no limited feelings that will arise when an associated sensory experience arises in reality to reflect that. It's a two way back and forward, you program the association with the feeling associated to the end sensory experience in satisfaction but if the feeling is anchored in a limited way but you still imagine the end you desire that end will manifest in a way that you'll recognise it but the feeling will remind you of the lack you've continued to feel.

The main thing we need to do here is both precision of the feeling (archetype of consciousness/sense of self) and also increasing capacity, as I've spoken endlessly on. The primary one here would typically be going sense of self work by instead of imagining an end that represents your fulfilment with the desire imagine a scene that the limited feeling that arises continues to come up with when doing the above formula and work with revision if it's a long standing pattern of lack, or more specifically be yourself without compromise in your mind in the direction you've always wanted to attain in whatever way that's represented as.

Say for example you felt unable to express your feelings around someone you liked ages ago where you wanted to say something but felt fear and held back, you compromised. Why did you compromise? There was an experience by which you learned it's no ok to have what you want, as in someone would not approve of you having this desire met that's implied by saying this to them or that some associated experience brings this sensation of lack up when you're placed under the conditions of you pushing up against that compromised area and comfort zone of breaking out of that. The moment you break out of that comfort zone and make the decision you desired to make this whole time and "reclaim your power" by no longer giving into compromise then you're completing the alchemical process of purification and are dissolving resistance. You're actually shifting the association in Realtime as you're literally living the reality of that experience being fulfilled the way you wanted to have it done this whole time, the condition was the compromise anchoring the feeling of lack and so to shift it you express what would represent the end of that sensation of lack no longer holding influence, hence you make the decision you desire to make and the sensory experience confirms that. This principle is the point of NG's work for the most part.

Generally speaking NG spoke on satisfaction being the cause of manifestation, and that he never actually spoke about manifesting specific things in specific ways to get specific results but to leave it up to god to unfold the experience. Well he was again marketing to you, you can have specific things but he seemingly didn't either understand it completely or he didn't talk about this mechanic because he didn't want to complicate this.

The satisfaction idea is the important part, as well as implication. NG and his work is all about shifting the associations between a sensory experience and the feeling or sense of self. Dare to assume it he says. This to me represents the idea of uncompromising expression, to reach satisfaction through rebellion. He says a "radical" shift is required, meaning to fully embrace the dissolution of resitsance.

The more all out you go the better he's implying. The "concept of self" he says is the primary thing preventing results. This is again nothing more than the sense of self or the feeling and archetype of consciousness one embodies. This requires you to market to yourself, lead yourself through thoughts that build favourable context that leads you to living in a mental environment where things work for you, at least in the comfort zones established. The baseline will be shifted through doing what NG says, having an uncompromising attitude towards your desires is essential, there's no magic in anything other than you realising that you don't need to compromise anymore and that the will to be better overshadows the limitation and you make the decision in that moment which brings about the purification of consciousness and elevates your baseline state of coherency with divinity. 

This is the way it works. Doing capacity work will increase your ceiling for how charged your sense of self can be, as in how uncompromising you can be in life to make decisions which serve you. The more you can create space the more capacity you have to feel intensity without actually circulating as much charge leading to greater coherency, this is effort without effort as you're simply refining the sensitivity to effort to give it greater effect without applying real effort as NG says effort is the cause of opposite results.

"You are the technique" stands true here too. With all these dots connected I'm sure you see the big picture. The more space you have the more sensitivity and awareness you have to sensory experience to reach satisfaction meaning the more effortlessly you can apply effort to shift associated feelings of lack around the things you don't like to experience in life and manifest a favorable outcome.

That's LOA. That's manifestation and state coherency. That's the formula. That's all there is. After all this time of researching and contemplating on LOA I've found the formula nobody else could, at least as far as I know. Others have bits of it but not the whole picture. I do believe I've fully explained NG at this point, and indeed the bible by extension.

It's wonderful.

Back to the process I was talking about in the second paragraph of todays entry.

You imagine a sensory experience that implies the end of what you want and that brings about a sensation of being. This is your target, your target works as the end implication of what you desire, and thus when you think about that end the sensation arises to confirm it if the surrounding context is charged enough to favour that outcome. This also means that when  you feel the feeling then the imaginal scenario will come up as though it were a memory, but typically it works on the level of sensory input leads to associated contextual sense present that's circulating and brings up the sense of self that's attached to it. If you bring up the sense of self there's no contextual target, and so whatever the path of least resistance is will be brought up.  This is pathway work and is very useful for revision and even creating new ideas but not for working on specific manifestations. It's mostly used for dissolving long standing associated patterns vs in the moment specific triggers, typically. 

SATS just like any other NG method is mostly working with a feeling that's associated contextually to a sensory experience. Context manifests of course but we experience this connection as the feeling that comes up from what the eyes see. This is of course one of the reasons I say to guard the eyes and the ears and only input things that bring up specific states desired vs leading yourself into unfavourable states of limitation which drain vitality and coherency which is part of refining sensory experience.



This is a post I put on reddit after stumbling upon the NG subreddit and finding a post which inspired me to write this.


This can be summarised as simply owning who you really are/desire to be without compromise.

People here place way too much importance on imagination and forget the quality of consciousness which experiences the act as what changes. People spend hours imagining yet nothing changes, why? Owning your desire without compromise means you win, those who compromise and hold back lose. Plain and simple. This doesn't mean applying effort as Neville said effort is the "cause of opposite results" and so effort isn't required when you're being yourself. The alchemical purifying fire of pressure takes care of the rest if you be yourself without compromise inside and outside the imagination.


Satisfaction only comes from uncompromised expression or else you're holding back and not going all the way and won't be satisfied in that case. When people say "how long to imagine/loop" the answer is always until the wish has been fulfilled, or you've experienced what you've set out to experience or else you need to do it again because you're still compromising on what the desired experience entails. This is not about emotional or sensory vividness by the way, it's about reaching that tipping point where you "feel" satisfied.

This is almost an act of courage vs "faith" as faith requires no shift in state but an act of courage does, which is why I believe Neville said to "dare" to assume it. Going all the way is the catalyst that affects change. It's a "Radical" change as Neville said. Effortless effort, because being yourself without compromise means living without resistance, own it and be it. Owning who you are (under the layers of compromised patterns and behaviours you acquired to fit in and feel valued by those around you vs being yourself without compromise) and almost rebelling against that compromise completely to the point of satisfaction of being yourself (driven by intuitive impulse from greater incorporeal consciousness) means winning at life and thus manifestation as the two cannot be separated. You're closer to divinity (your source of emanation) in this state, therefore you're proportionate to the mechanics of manifestation accordingly.

The resistance is only present because you learned to compromise on who you are at some point, owning it means being yourself without compromise and expressing that with courage knowing in faith it's the right decision you've actually always wanted to make but felt powerless to do so which is also why most of the revision goes back to childhood when we need to fit in to feel valued and thus learn patterns of compromise that hold us back when we never wanted to. That's what this whole feeling into the state thing is, stop thinking of anything except the quality of consciousness outside of owning the desired state as being who you desire to be in that moment. The whole "you are the technique" means this too.

The difference between thinking of vs from is association, thinking from doesn't fully mean immersion on a sensory level but on a level of uncompromising expression and that quality of consciousness that cannot be faked, the sensory experience is only there to facilitate the reality of uncompromising expression as a sort of supporting environment to set the stage of the imaginal act. It's just that though, an act, an expression of self. Concept of self, uncompromising sense of self that you either own or compromise on and thus live in resistance with desire and divinity.

We manifest sensory phenomena then which reminds us of this "feeling" according to the implications and associations (metaphysically and alchemically speaking) we have too that sense of self that's our baseline. Connect the dots here. Someone I spoke to 2 weeks ago told me that they've been wanting their SP and every time they hear certain sounds or smell certain scents it reminds them of this SP, they've been desiring the SP and so they manifest these signs. This means manifestation is working, but it's limited in how it shows up because you're still compromising on a quality of consciousness you've compromised on and thus until you feel the association that's implying this compromise is in place to be fulfilled through owning that desire then you'll manifest nothing but signs or partial results for the rest of your life. The sense of self needs to change, own it and every time the comfort zone is run up against and you hold back the signs will continue to perpetuate not out of will but because you're denying yourself and divinity through that continued act of compromise.

Manifestation has little to do with emotional states or sensory vividness, but unwavering conviction to being yourself and owning parts of you you've denied. This correlates directly to cultivating Jing (lower order substantive structure and form) from a TCM perspective too as well as working with the saturnian archetype in hermeticism. The work of Saturn, taking the conscious into the unconscious and expanding the space between space facilitates the ability for you to completely be filled with the sensation of being desired as you've increased sensory sensitivity and capacity and subconscious capacity. There's less effort to feel something, because you've increased your sensitivity and capacity to experience a wide breadth and depth of experiences otherwise you'd be mostly numb to without that subconscious capacity making them unconsciously driven vs consciously driven.

News flash, you don't have a subconscious mind. You need to cultivate it, every metaphysical tradition on earth knows this. This is why I teach two pathways that are required to perform manifestation consciously. You create space (subconscious/sensory capacity & sensitivity) by for example gazing and by being yourself without compromise. Those are the ONLY things you can do to affect reality as all is an interaction of these components.

Took me many years but I don't see Neville's work to be studied on its own merits, there's dots outside that need to correlate to bring context and complete understanding of his work.




I think I've pretty much figured out the logic of NG. Now it's simple to explain LOA, it's as I've always said to be yourself without compromise and to express that in every way imaginable. Hitting comfort zones and pulling back means compromising, you're not completing the circulation over the purifying alchemical fire therefore transmutation doesn't occur until you're fully broken down and then put back together again and the comfort zone is the barrier between these layers that you'll run up against. If you stay in the box as the alchemist says you'll need to return when you're ready however long that takes and do it again till you're able to move past that comfort zone and express what you've compromised on.

Manifesting specific things comes out of this in part as I've said, but typically if the thing you're manifesting isn't running up against a pattern of compromise then it's simply a matter of creating space to integrate that concept and push out the implication of the sensation accordingly that's associated to the concept in imagination. That's all there is to LOA. Reality Synthesis has been completed. 


What next I wonder.



writing this before sleeping. 



So sp manifesting isn’t about focusing on them, or really anything for that matter. I’ve found that manifesting specific things often comes from you simply being yourself and those things will show up when they’re ready just as NG says. The more you compromise on being yourself the more you prevent the experience you desire to have from unfolding.


There’s nothing you can do without the sense of self of uncompromising attitude towards fulfilling your desires. If you compromise you will never experience your completely fulfilled desire. I see this whole needing to use manifesting techniques as cope for a compromised mind, if you’re compromised and don’t have the courage to own your desire fully SATS won’t help you, though space creation techniques will as they facilitate the transformation of compromise and give you greater capacity to realise your core desires in inner experience through increased sensory sensitivity and subconscious capacity.


It’s as simple as don’t devalue yourself and deny your divinity by holding back on being who you want to be and fully own what you desire in every way imaginable. When you fully own what you desire everything will fall into place 100% of the time the way you want because you’re being the one who has what you want in the way you respond to reality, again just as NG says.



I can grantee you that the condition to manifesting what you desire is to own what you want without compromise and let no circumstance on earth stop you. That’s what having real faith means, it’s an act of courage not some magic state of mind or a belief.




Very early in the morning now. I’ve been thinking about this whole feelings reminds you of a sensory phenomena or really reminds of you an experience that is represented by the ssnrory phenomena but it’s this equation between conceptual sensory experiences and sensations of being that lead us to have this whole “pushing out” process. 

It seems that when we stabilise a feeling the associated sensory experience to that is attached, think of this as context and marketing I’ve spoken about. You apply context with sensory experience to build a surrounding story to that feeling so that when you think of the feeling the story comes up and when you think of the story (the conceptual and or sensory experience) the feeling comes up. This is what I mean by X sensory experience reminds you of X feeling. It’s that this feeling that continues to come up from the experiences we have is manifesting, we are actually manifesting bad feelings from things we desire and imagine favourably not because of anything other than baseline context. 

I’ve already written about this but I never fully went deep into it to this degree I am now. We manifest feelings as much as sensory experiences, it goes both ways. Context at a baseline level is everything as that’s associated to all of the things that you do or don’t like which are then tied to a feeling and so when trying to change one thing and it’s feeling, say an SP isn’t behaving the way you want and even all the SPs you have are like this and they bring up a certain feeling when they do this thing you don’t like. The real thing to understand here is that this feeling can be associated to other “secondary conditions” as I’ve called them before which might not seem to relate on a sensory experience level but on a feeling and context level they do as a very similar if not the same feeling arises from this other thing you don’t like that’s making this other thing feel stuck. 

I’be uploaded a short on this and it got disliked like crazy because people didn’t understand what I meant, this is what I meant. The thing is that until we can adjust all associations within the context of that feeling then the feeling will still have an anchor within our day to day experience and warp the manifestations we get. This is part of the reason why I say to be uncompromising means to manifest your desire, and in fact as many people who take time to do other things that are fulfilling the feelings associated to this experience desired to change then that experience they specifically want to change with the SP shifts like magic. It took courage either way as a new decision was made and anchored but the idea that specific experiences manifest specific circumstances in reality is nonsense you’re going to manifest the context of what that represents which is the only explanation for why signs show up as if the imaginal act in its experience pushes out specifically then everyone would experience that but they don’t they experience iterations of that and it’s based on surrounding context to that experience and the associated feeling. 

this is very complex to write out in a way that makes sense. 

Something we should do with pathway work is ask ourselves what would make me feel better about this, if something changed what would that be that would relate to this desire that brings up the feeling and such. The answer is something to then work in instead of the primary desire. 

This is kind of unrelated but a very interesting point none the less. So context is like god, a process containing yin and Yang, sensory experience and sensation of being and this association is the basis of consciousness. Thoughts just like god Is integrated fractals at different degrees of complexity given the amount of integrations present that make up the whole and how those are structured on a micro macro level. The mind is the same as this. 


The idea here I want to explore is that thoughts OF sensory experiences/concepts bring up feelings given currently circulating context. If you’re in a bad mood your thoughts will circulate differently than in a good mood. Neville says to catch the mood, a mood relates to an attitude and the resultant emotional output from the association made to the circulating context built out of sensory and conceptual information. This information will confirm itself if the feeling that the thought process is leading towards is coherent but if there’s contrast in the feeling that comes up there will be awareness of that and they’ll start to question the direction as there’s almost a comfort zone barrier that’s reached from this. They’ll retreat and the context will shift to be unfavourable if courage isn’t present, courage is the determining factor behind the transmutation of these limited feelings of contrast that arise when circulating through the thought pathways which will shift the association to that feeling to be favourable and thus contrast will shift where the awareness won’t be made to bring into question the current context and experience from the sense of self. This is what I believe is the true process of consciousness and outlines the secrets to working with it to get what we want.

Courage is the catalysing power, the pressure of alchemical purifying fire and being out under pressure out of contrast is the means by which a self recursive circuit increases charge density and coherency with divinity and essentially “evolves” so to say. All things work on this level where a pressure is required for a change to occur. More complex self recursive circuits have more elements of contra to cohere and thus experience consciousness differently but it’s the same process just working on a different scope. 

We want to use courage and to create space to shift the associations. This courage is the quality of consciousness required for the association to shift and align towards higher order so that the contrast is dissolved and awareness isn’t brought up in those moments which is what making something “normal” is and reducing importance as they say. Courage, in context that is, is the catalysing factor. I’ve said this before but in some media when the main character of a story is facing challenge and they want to give up their mentor or friend or someone domes and reminds them of all the things they’ve been through and why they can’t just give up now. This changes their context and dissolves contrast, they’re being marketed to in that moment and thus experience a different perception on the exact same circumstances which dissolves the contrast and the resistance towards it. They then make the decision they know they want to make with the courage from that act carrying them through to basically live the reality of that circumstance not being able to stop them, they have faith based on what they’ve been marketed towards. Faith is a contextual element too. 





It's getting slow again. New page soon.

I have so much to write down today still but it's late. I recorded an hour of me talking about some new ideas, or really connecting those established ideas in new ways. It's more to do with feelings and such, feelings are what I'm working with more now than before. I see these feelings (sense of self) as something that's correspondent to parts of us that we activate through marketing to ourselves and doing pathway work. Those who read this should know what that means by now.

Basically this is one of those things that we're doing all the time of course because we have free will to decide what decisions we're going to make in that moment and so when we own who we want to be at every moment of the day and market to ourselves from a state of neutral charge (charge uses subconscious and sensory capacity to experience that charge and thus reduces buffer space at baseline unless you've reached spill over effect) which will give us the experience of being ourselves without compromise but from a position of not peaking and dipping as many do. When you hype yourself up and get high on your own existence as I say you're taking away charge and capacity you'd really want to be keeping as buffer space for integrating charge in critical moments because it is limited especially in the first 9 months of doing cultivation work.

When you're able to create enough space to reach spill over and circulate that charge you've then reached a new threshold where it's like you'll always have a certain amount of buffer available but it takes 9 months to about 3 years to develop depending on your current baseline and assuming you're doing uncompromising work in every way possible and owning the process completely. 

So this extra buffer capacity will facilitate the ability for you to basically "take" resistance in a way that it's not going to warp your perception and thus manifestation, it happens automatically without any conscious input as a sort of acting factor but ultimately you still need to make the conscious decision to market to yourself and make the correct decisions and own who you desire to be without compromise. That's required no matter what, you must still face the fire and be uncompromising but this extra buffer space enables you to still experience the feelings of fear and such but you'll have more separation between your perceptions and the charge that you're feeling, it won't affect your perception the same way it would affect someone with little to no buffer space. At a certain point of low buffer capacity you're almost unable to act the way you want because you're so charged and have next to no separation to be able to make clear decisions from the right perception and sense of self as the sense of self is being driven and reminded of lack by this charge to be negative which of course leads you to making bad decisions and thus bad outcomes manifest to confirm the state.

That's why doiing the gazing is beneficial, that's why doing what I say by living with the minimum amount of sensory pleasure at possible is so important, that's why I say that approaching manifesting from neutral charge is so important. Creating space is almost just as if not more important than the conscious experience part of this because the space is an unconscious thing, you have a certain capacity right now that you're working with and the less you stimulate the senses and the less charge you experience in your consciousness the better and the more capacity you hold as buffer space which can then "tank" so to say resistance when it arises so it won't warp your perceptions.

Doing the gazing gives you multiple things, it gives you feeling and sense of self work, it gives you space cultivation and coherency and it gives you a more open awareness of your internal environment to enable resistance to be dissolved more efficiently through dream states and such which is a mild way of discharging resistive pathways running along archetypes of consciousness you've compromised on.


I'm not going to do a deep dive on archetypes and feelings and associations more now as I'm low on time but I'll follow up soon. Things are coming together so well lately I've connected many dots and I think page 3 of the notebook is the best one yet. This page is basically the essential reading for Reality Synthesis theory in depth. To anyone reading this you've got early access to what will be eventually premium content. I decided to make this publicly available because if felt right to me until I was in a position where RS was fully developed and could explain literally every aspect of manifestation and if it took me years to get there then so be it I am going to never stop until I attain the most accurate and complete model of reality ever created because I've been doing this work for half my life now and I've gone through so much to get here so I'm going to fulfil this feeling of greatness I have within me without compromise. I own it and I experience and cultivate it every day and I make decisions accordingly to further RS every day and as you can see here the progress is being made even if it takes a significant amount of time to do so as connecting dots is a process as all things are.


To be brief. The feeling of lack you're having that's associated to the sensory experience and circumstance you're facing over and over where this feeling of lack continued to arise is to be recognised and understood. Grasp that the archetype of consciousness that's compromised is causing it, not the circumstances. The circumstances only exist to confirm to you that this feeling is part of you that you're not owning and fulfilling, it's not the person or the thing doiing this but that the circumstance is there to act as the reminder to wake up and be yourself without compromise and own the part of you that's feeling the lack. A way I just developed this morning to find out what this means without digging for it and or doing pathway work is simply to ask yourself what else in my life does this feeling remind me of. This is a form of pathway work but it's a bit different, it's more active in a sense than passive by following thought processes and tracing thoughts to roots which is how revision is done. 

What we're going to do is ask ourselves where else in my life does this feeling that comes up when the circumstance presents is associated. For example you feel this lack when it comes to your social life and with your SP, the theme therefore would be social interactions or the relationship to feeling valued for something about you that makes you feel uncomfortable in those settings which is then causing you to compromise on expression and feel bad for owning this part of you you desire to express. Therefore you have a clear target to work with for possibly pathway revision and or just general application of marketing to yourself and making decisions out of uncompromising expression. You can so SATS if you like and imagine this part of you fully expressing the way you always wanted to and take it all the way. Own who you are in imagination, don't own the pattern but the aspect of compromise you've held back on. This doesn't mean the charge about what someone is or isn't doing to you but for example feeling shame or guilt about certain things you would otherwise want to express, imagine those to be expressed and owned and see the people who shame you for it as accepting who you are, they don't even need to support or anything just to accept and use that as an implication which would represent the fulfilment of this archetype of your consciousness that's resistive. 

That's the method.

Let's apply this in more specific examples now. You're playing a game or something, one of my clients inspired this idea as being faced with high pressure scenarios and needing to not feel the charge overwhelm and warp their perceptions. Of course always creating space first is the primary method of dissolving the experience of this charge, do gazing before the game and before later in the day for at least 30 mins but 45 mins would be ideal right as the sun starts going down (as in it's getting noticeably darker outside). So a SATS scene or simply doing a marketing method would be to neutralise the sensation of what you'd be doing with the win, perhaps talking to someone closely related to the game you speak to (if you do) recognising your win or even a friend, someone you rarely speak to in fact would be ideal in this case to once again avoid potential false implications. Work with a believable implication that's not super generalised so it can represent the experience of fulfilment without room for partial signs to show up.

If I was still playing competitive games myself as I use to I would imagine myself basically telling everyone I always win and nobody can beat me. I'd own the feeling of that and express it uncompromisingly with minimal charge behind it. I'd market to myself further and go deeper into examples such as telling an old friend I spoke to ages ago that I reached rank #1 and that I was so unstoppable I broke the game and everyone was shocked by how next level my performance was, again neutral charge. Neutral charge is best because when you charge something like this you're setting yourself up for a dip if you're not able to consciously continue the momentum, again it's not bad if you've got momentum going and you're constantly pushing the comfort zones forward but if you're starting off then do it with neutral charge.

Being charged in SATS will be ideal under the circumstance you've got buffer space already present, you'll know this because you'll be able to make decisions under pressure that serve your progression even though you feel fear but you remain certain that even though you feel like you could possibly lose this you've got the courage and conviction and faith to believe that you can and will win under any and all circumstances because it's who you are. Market that to yourself, lead yourself through that context and go into the game with the circulating context of having already won and this cultivated buffer space will be your secret weapon to get the job done and manifest the outcome desired. If you have no space then simply work with simple marketing and pathway work, you'll again want it to be as minimal charge as you can if starting off for the reasons I've outlined.


I've found the easiest way to manifest people, specific or otherwise, is the way of simply cultivating space and living more so like a monk and just doing your thing, as ink partaking in your hobbies and living your dreams in whatever way you can and owning it. The perfect SP will show up when you least expect it, like mine showed up from a script I wrote out 2 years before that I forgot about and 90% of it fulfilled in under 3 weeks.

This lifestyle of simply being yourself without compromise and in the downtime cultivating space is the secret lifestyle of balance and flow with greater consciousness and intuitive impulse that will lead you to success. Every time you feel the need to do something that's of benefit and you act on it and own it you win, every time you don't and let a comfort zone win your SP will become more distant and you'll be helpless to stop it unless you face that comfort zone and own the compromised archetype and stop devaluing yourself and making degenerate decisions.

It's not them it's always you, it's the archetype within you needing attention and it manifests in ways that make it known but out of ignorance and due to low courage from not having space you're unable to make uncompromising decisions and own that part of you that's resistive and needing to be fulfilled, else you'll continue to live in resistance and your SP will never like you consistently the way you want. You'll peak and dip because the charge from this disproportionate archetype will manifest in the circumstance that shows up and the feeling associated will continue to arise and remind you that you don't have things together and that you're still not owning yourself the way you know you need to.

If you approach SP manifesting from this way you'll ALWAYS win. I can guarantee you that 100% of the time. This is THE SP formula that I've developed and will be working with people on in future because it works. One client I had ages ago like a year back from now was unable to manifest her SP until one day she had an act of courage and now they're finally together. During coaching she made more progress than in a long long time but it still wasn't completely what she wanted, he was still hot and cold when before it was far more cold. When we spoke again a few weeks later she told me things were going much better with the SP and they were getting together more consistently. I didn't follow up from there on the details as it was outside of the coaching period but they proved that making acts of courage and owning the desire without compromise even if you feel afraid you'll always win. Acting with courage in the face of pressure is the catalyst to walking with God and manifesting without effort because it's effortless to be yourself and to own it because its who you really are.

That's the point. Techniques don't manifest, your attitude does and the decisions you make from that do. NG said that a state was termed to be "attitude of mind" hence my point.



Alright so to outline a means here.

Let's take all we've learned and apply this.

There are many many many different ways to get a result desired.


The means to be applied depends upon the cause of the issue being faced, as in the association being contextualised and is resulting in the perception and the charge surrounding that concept.

For past stuff from childhood that's stuck around till today, or more accurately patterns you've faced since seemingly forever then you need to revise, most likely.

For stuff that's been around for a while but you can remember a specific event which threw it all into action that you've been unable to make little to no progress in then revision would again be required most likely.

For patterns you've been able to see signs and some limited success in by applying standard methods then you'll want to work more with creating space and sinking charge as about 30% of the process and the rest is working with being grateful for what you've got and how it's getting better every day. This is bringing new contextual association without triggering the lack from approaching it in a bad way like saying "I'm grateful that my bank is no longer empty" or something to that effect as the words "no longer empty" and such related phrases will likely bring up an association to a feeling of lack and the context will shift causing your emotional reaction to arise and you might feel worse saying it than not. You want to ideally write down a phrase which represents the fulfilment of the desire without any association to the lack of it and "remind" yourself of it every day morning noon and night, and ideally generate even further context onto that to anchor it into something bigger like breaking a pattern that's associated to it's effective lack in for example lifestyle ways or social ways and uncompromisingly express that.

The next one is for the stuff that comes and goes, things that you manifest mostly but it's limited and that you've been unable to make it show up the way you want. This one is tricky because it can be a bit of revision and space creating and uncompromising expression but I'll say that the primary thing here to work with would be creating space as about 60% of the work. Creating space in this way is required to stabilise the situation which as I've said highly variable experiences that are up and down over and over are because of a lack of space where you're running into your resistance over and over but at the same time you're actually making progress to see results show up in the mostly full manifestations. This is likely a comfort zone that exists which you're being "tested" by the purifying fire, that there's either some long standing pattern you've been avoiding that's the anchor for a certain sense of self/feeling you've got which is being anchored by your fear surrounding fulfilling that or it's simply an incorrect perception as you're not targeting the correct area of sense of self but it's often times a comfort zone thing that can either be fulfilled in revision or by expressing uncompromisingly in the direction which you need.

There's also the one where no movement happens whatsoever and you're still stuck in the same circumstances despite doing seemingly what you think is the right work. Well in your case (which I too faced many many times over and learned why eventually) is often because you're still heavily heavily stuck in comfort zone patterns. If you're not seeing any movement then you have to initiate a radical shift in lifestyle and change up your morning and nightly habits especially. You want to bring about the association to the feeling of having and being the best you and to not have any real focus on the desire but to still be working towards fulfilling it in the back of your mind so to say.

If you've had progress but then lost it and now you've got no momentum at all then I'll say it's likely because of a space issue, but it could also be more because of a compromise you picked up on from some event that revision could be better suited for. Generally speaking these extended falls from seeming grace are due to being marketed to in a way that produced a certain feeling within you which you grasped onto and the association and context that represented was more of a whole world shift, or even just a major shift in your perceptions of one thing in life. You're best off talking to a coach or someone who can give you insight and perspective on the point of divergence and get you to see that perception doesn't need to rule your life and you have every chance to actually fulfil what you want without needing to compromise for any conditions out there in the world. It's partially space (30% or so) and the rest is either revising an event or shifting your association with an idea that's got influence over various areas of your life (or just one that you've got lack in) in a limiting way.

I'll expand on this one more. For example me and money, I use to put conditions in the way about money being bad because it was part of the Talmudic banking system that's perpetuating (expressing the archetype of as a physical manifestation of a feeling) lack in resources and scarcity which I didn't want to support and play a part in but the moment I heard a talk some years ago from someone who approached LOA differently and was more mechanical in the means (it spoke to my mindset and contextual sense) I actually felt free for once and in that moment I dropped conditions of lack and manifested money without doing anything radically different as I just wanted to express myself without those conditions holding me back. That's the idea I'm getting at with this one, there's likely a condition you've identified with at some point that's got an association to this thing you hold to be more important than your abundance and dropping that condition through insight to the means of it being your cause of lack then the pattern can be dropped and your sense of self can then be free to express in the way you desire to.



So general ways now to apply this stuff. As we should know how concepts (sensory experiences and ideas) bring about a feeling (sense of self) which then *creates* context. It's generating context, or in most cases reinforces established context along pathways of least resistance but you're still building more context which is the product of the process of your consciousness unfolding. So this means that for us to change the product we need to work with the equation, we can cultivate correct context by drawing into our awareness concepts which remind us of certain feelings and thus generate new context but at the same time the moment a trigger arises (which it likely will if it's long standing and has immense charge behind it or it's a high stress circumstance with seemingly big stakes at play) then you'll need space to be able to process that fully and still have a clear direction in your context despite still facing adversity, The point overall is to have coherent context, or a state of being generated. Context generates states, you could think of states as anchored and cohered contextual sense that's been repetitively generated and is coherent in the field geometry. To change this you'll need to again remind yourself of the direction desired to bring up the feeling of that on an archetypal level to further express without compromise the representation of that in your tangible reality too. Leading yourself and marketing to yourself by going deeper and deeper into that context by bringing up further surrounding and supporting concepts to feed the context further coheres the state in this case too and will lead you to less likely slip out of it when unfavourable sensory experiences arise.

To expand further, you'll need to cultivate space more too. Everybody needs to do this at all levels of the work. You need a balance of yin and yang, for women more so than men but it's rewired with both. If you've got a pattern of not being able to sit still for longer than 15 minutes then you are *required* to focus on cultivating space as this is a clear sign you've got a limited subconscious capacity. If your breathing is slightly shallow especially then that's a sign you've got severely limited subconscious capacity and need to radically change your life. It's required to create space in all circumstances but for those who are facing general low attention and low fulfilment in life will benefit the greatest, but making decision's that correspond to the fulfilment of the feeling desired as in "owning" your desire and uncompromisingly flowing with intuitive impulse that arises when you think of it being fulfilled without doubt is likely the thing that will cause you to reach spiller and manifest it 100% for sure as you're creating space and breaking the comfort zone keeping you in the resistance. That's how you truly purify yourself under the fire of life.


Generally speaking the more you go for what you want without compromise and at the same time face uncomfortable feelings along the way that arise when comfort zones are reached and you make clear decisions and own your desire as though it's yours without doubt (doesn't mean you'll emotionally feel that way in those moments but your sense of self will know that) means you're working every part of the process to achieve results and you're able to take those actions out of courage and true faith which is the catalyst for real lasting change and anchoring of states desired. This is not about "reprogramming" or doing NLP or hypnosis specifically like many like to rely on but you following the alchemical process of reality synthesis itself and fully express every archetype of consciousness within your field geometry without compromise leading you to essentially become a microcosmic manifestation of relaity as a whole flowing with greater consciousness in proportionality and being untouchable in that faith and courage. These are the people who win, not the people who cower in the corners of their rooms and affirm to themselves all day or lead themselves doing pathway work. Pathway work isn't going to save you, it'll only bring up experiences that'll basically force you to face the feeling associated with that concept at baseline level and either make the decision you know you need to with that courage and faith and manifest what you desire accordingly or continue to back off from the comfort zone and keep compromising on your expression of your sense of self which is only anchoring the lack further in place.

The moment you're able to recognise that the reason why when you do the pathway work and such I talk about and create space and such and you seemingly manifest bad circumstances it's not that the methods are causing that but it's that you're actually doing stuff that's bringing up the resistance to be faced but because you've not been given a framework to recognise the mechanics behind that you're just looking at the context associated with these experiences and see yourself as the victim which is why the peak and dip continues as you're not cultivating that uncompromisingly courage and faith in your desire. You're either using too much charge in your pathway work where you're leading yourself with affirmations or something in a "rampage" as it's been termed or that you're still stuck targeting the incorrect archetype of consciousness in your sense of self and you're burning all your capacity putting all this "effort" into the process you believe is being uncompromising but it's in the wrong direction. In this case coaching would be ideal to identify those patterns or to do this instead,

Ask yourself what else does this feeling of lack associate towards? Whatever the answer is in most cases will be the perception you should be working with. You really need to focus on the correct archetype of consciousness to refine and purify as when you can laser focus the real issue then it'll result in much faster results. The thing here to understand is about whatever the familiar sensation (likely a somatic sensation or a certain "feeling" you get when this lack is reminding you it's still there) that arises is that it's likely got association in other areas of life. Identify the common theme surrounding these things and work with uncompromisingly expressing this theme in imagination and also physically.

Don't hold immense charge over this though, be as neutral as you can about it and approach it from a perspective of effortless effort, sink the charge and negate the intensity but make the correct decisions. This approach will increase subconscious capacity while still making the progress in uncompromisingly expressing and owning your desire. If charge arises in the moment and it "feels good" that's not a sign to feed it as you're just burning your capacity, don't lead yourself into more intense sensations just because it feels good as good feelings still require a catalysing charge to experience which is the whole point of sinking charge and approaching this work from a neutral level of intensity but yet to still apply all your effort in an effortless way by making the correct decisions which serve you. This increases baseline state coherency and sort of keeps you in a state streak as intense charge even in a positive direction will eventually run out and that contrast will warp your perception when you realise it's gone and likely lead the resistance to show up with more intensity and break your state streak. This is once again why you need to understand that just because you feel "good" about something doesn't mean it's good to do so as it's likely a cause of peaking and dipping. This took me many many years of experience to understand so I speak mostly with experience from this, nobody seems to talk about this point and how important it is to the process so watch out for it and be aware of your level of intensity to your approach in life and also the "intensity" of your decisions being made from that place of "owning" your desire without compromise. That's true effortless effort and the way you'll bring about state coherent and ideal context consistently.




Here's a NG quote I read. "Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows". This implies as far as I know that Neville says that our thoughts follow pathways, they progress into each other and are integrated into each other and the glue that holds the pathways together is familiar sensations and associated context. Feelings are the same though, it's an inverse equation of course.

So here's another really important idea. When you look at the overall "mental diet" as they call it that you have on the general, the mindless chatter that goes on day to day and you ask yourself what context is this coming from? Genuinely reflect on that, and ask yourself honestly, is this context working for me? If the answer is that this context is not beneficial then you know what's anchoring your state from that context. The context being generated is highly limited and you'll not be able to get the result desired if this stuff continues to perpetuate mindlessly without keeping your state in check throughout the day as this inner conversational activity is proof of who you are and what context you're associating with. Remember it's not the CONTENT of the words, but their implication and associated sense of self and thus the context those are coming from. This context being drawn into constantly that you're marketing to yourself over and over through the day is a huge barrier to being coherent in the sate and keeping context coherent to what you desire. 

Remember that again this is not about the content or the words themselves but their associated implication and sense of self, what meaning those have in relationship to the "mental environment" and information circulating surrounding that which is marketing to you in a way that's leading the context towards lack, and even if you say the words that would seemingly imply that your desire is fulfilled if the sense of self and space culminating around those words is contextually related to lack then you'll only draw associations of lack to those words further. The contextual sense here is what really has the power, as that's the basis of the state so to say, The roots of the state are in the concept and the feeling but those come together to form the truck of the tree that you see and experience as context, the overarching themes and implications and surrounding meanings that the environment your mind is in re[resents. When the environment of your mind is consistently associated to a neutral or positively related direction and under a sense of self that's uncompromising and willing to break any and all comfort zones that arise in order to manifest without courage and in faith then you've got it down. You're in the end, it's done. When you're satisfied with your expression under the context of completion then there's nothing more you can do, that's satisfaction. Courage is often required to reach that, but not always.


Point to note here. For example if you think about "my SP loves me" when they said they never want to see you again and when those words come into your mind you feel a pit in your stomach and you get anxious and unsettled even to a visceral level where you're feeling ill and sick (which I've been there so I know what that's like as this is what I experienced when I tried manifesting SP years ago) then it means that there's these reasons why. One is that the context and conditions associated to that have root within your life in a way that's got associated to it a comfort zone that's constantly coming up in an unconscious contextual sense as basically thinking that your SP loves you is implying that this comfort zone needs to come up too and that uncomfortable feeling isn't actually about the SP but about this other secondary (or really primary) condition. This is of course state dependent and if you lead yourself into a position of power that won't hold true. The other example is a thing that's directly related to them, an event that's got rooted feelings of doubt and such and this likely relates to a general sense of self thing that's come up or has been stuck with you for a while now.

What's going to happen is that you're going to manifest a circumstance that will be within the confines of your comfort zone and of course confirm to you the feeling that continues to arise when this comfort zone comes up which reminds you that you're stuck in this limited circumstance. The issue is courage, courage is the limiting factor not the technique and the specific imaginal content. This is a quality of consciousness issue and a sense of self issue.



Whenever you're not occupied with things I want you to spend a few minutes gazing at your arm or your hand or even just some object close or nearby that's not distracting. This will bring awareness and allow you to cultivate space to become present and recognise the context circulating in your mind and if it's beneficial or not.

Have an alarm that goes off every 45 minutes that reminds you to recognise about your current thoughts and understand the context you're currently manifesting. Having awareness is the basis of all this work, so cultivating the habit of checking in with your state so to say is going to be very very powerful. 

If possible in this place you'll want to write down the thing that cause the context to shift, go back to the place where a trigger come up and recognise what that was and what associated part of you that brought up and the feeling that reminds you of in other ways too. Don't just write the trigger itself (in the beginning this is fine) but after a while of writing triggers you'll want to recognise the associated contextual concepts and feelings that go with that too and you'll often find that it's not what they said but the implication of what that person said or whatever circumstance that triggers you and causes your state to shift from what you desire. With this knowledge and the pattern recognised you've proven over and over to yourself if there's a comfort zone that needs pushing forward or not. If there's a comfort zone then fulfilling that will be beneficial to dissolving the charge otherwise working on shifting the perception and shifting context associated to that by reframing it and marketing to yourself from that in the moment it comes up by reminding yourself of all the things that do work for you in this way will be highly beneficial to breaking the default contextual association.

Reminding yourself of the things that are working for you in this way is one of the methods I've used many times over to almost instantly shift negative context to be favourable like magic, but that's only going to work for you if you really do have something there to work with or else it's just going to need to be comfort zone work for you unless you've got some other association to draw into and shift the context and experience a different sense of self in these moments.

You should also write down things that are beneficial to you as well, as in things that brought about greater coherency with a favourable state and the associations to that context. Recognise what you did, where you did it, who it was with, the reason why, and any other associated contextual sense you can draw into that concept. What else does this remind you of? Why does it remind you of that? Follow the progression of thoughts through the pathways and you'll possibly hit a root to work with that's beneficial which you should then be spending more time working with instead of passively engaging with it as to where it's not benefiting you the same way. Expressing that uncompromisingly is going to be of great  benefit for you pushing that comfort-comfort zone forward, so to say, and make even more greater coherency in a favourable context to draw into when needed to shift a temporary state into a favourable one.




Here's something else.

I want you to sit down with yourself and say that if you're going to master your sense of self and the marketing material you feed your mind on an internal level specifically you're going to make the decision today right here right now and focus on cultivating space. I want everyone to cultivate as much space as possible, to expand that subconscious sensory capacity and to refine the contents and associations to that context to shift context on a feeling level associated to that. We're going to uproot limiting beliefs and such by doing pathway work and flowing with the progression of integrated thoughts in order to grasp the core and with that core in awareness decide to change that without compromise on every level imaginable in your relaity. Commit to the process of refining these core aspects of your thought processes and no matter what even if it seems painful or difficult and feels like you're giving up something you don't want to you need to make the decision without fear and act in courage and faith that your end is guaranteed if you commit to it without compromise. Everything you do is serving this end, everything you think is serving this end, without compromise. It's all the comfort zones and barriers that come up over and over that are falling down through your courage and faith. It's all done. You're satisfied, finally. Finally satisfied in being who you want to be and now the results you will reap from this will be uncompromising to reflect the attitude you approached this work from. It's done now and forever. So it is said, so it shall be done.

You will become coherent with greater consciousness and manifest from that.



When it comes to thoughts that contextually associate with positive things we desire that arise without us consciously thinking of them. These kind of negatively associated thoughts or sensations need to be worked with very simply. Recognise that the somatic sensation that (probably) arises in your body somewhere is the key to understanding this. When the bad feeling arises work with uncompromisingly sitting and observing the sensation, dissolve charge and simply sit with the somatic sensation and with your spatial sense place your awareness on it and anchor it there for as long as it takes to dissolve. If it takes 5 seconds to fade or 5 hours to fade so be it, you want to take the time to examine it and dissolve it's influence through a negentropic field geometry placed along the internally associated meridian that's got the tie to it. If the sensation is in the lower body like the gut then you've likely got kidney or liver related stuff. If it's heart or upper chest it's heart or lung. Head related stuff is often kidney too, same with bones. Muscle is often spleen but can also manifest in the middle of your abdomen around the base of your ribs. Lip is spleen, eyes are liver, feet and hands and ears are kidney, nose is lung. Lung is the descension of will and kidney is the ascension of will, both meet in the liver heart and spleen. Anxiety generally speaking is kidney related but this is a manifestation of prime substances required to expand subconscious capacity being limited and unable to process naturally the disproportionate field geometry.



Hot and cold is because of reacting, ultimately because a secondary condition isn't fulfilled. Fulfils the secondary associated condition and the primary will manifest effortlessly and your reactions will change.


Here's a method. I want you to ask yourself all the limiting beliefs you have which continue to come up about different areas of life. For example your SP not loving you the way you want, being only partially there and not committed. The thing you need to do is find where does the feeling of this show up in my life? Where else can I find association to this same sensation that continues to pop up when the SP does this because more often than not that thing will actually be far more related to to another part of yourself you're compromising on out of a fear of some kind. You don't need to do pathway work on how that fear came to be unless it's debilitating and is so influential that it's been running your life since decades. In most cases write down all the limiting beliefs and associations to the areas they relate to and then go about creating an implication that would 100% prove that each of these points no longer holds true. Change those on an experiential level in contrast to acting with courage and faith, apply with effortless effort the means of imaginal representation which reflects the fulfilment of these conditions you're holding against your SP manifesting.

An example could be that you've been broke and you feel bad about it and since your value in the eyes of your SP (that you perceive as the limitation and or that they've said this about you) is determined by your money situation and you don't feel it's enough then work on creating a scene which implies that you've got all the money you'll ever need (the end). Don't put your SP into it because it'll likely bring unconscious context into the scene that'll warp it you just want this to be singularly focused on the money situation on a personal level. The reason why the SP says (or not but you think they will) this is because they're reflecting your own lack of money and the feeling you have of that so this insecurity around your SP and that's holding them in place from not being with you. That's actually where the anxiety about positive things your SP says to you or someone else says to you in imaginal conversation which causes anxiety seemingly over a positive and unrelated idea. The secondary unconscious associated condition is the cause and the solution is to resolve the money situation by creating a scene which implies it's fulfilment with 100% certainty that the end you're outline will come to pass the way you want. Cover all bases here.

This concept also applies to looks for example for someone who's got body image issues of any kind where you'll create a scene to fulfil this condition if that feeling arises when thinking about your SP being with you. There's possibly other conditions too but just focus on one at a time and fulfil each with completely uncompromising courage and expression towards being who you really want to be. "Feel" that you've got every possibility to be who you want to be, that all that's stopping you is your courage to finally make the decisions to serve your progression. Change your environment to remind you of who you are in this new state, associate with people who are more wealthy and transition into that lifestyle if that's what you desire. The courage you'll express will be the transformational factor if the context surrounding that is proportionate to who you really desire to be and isn't based on compensation patterns to fit in or please someone for approval as that's still coming from a compromised part of your consciousness and isn't really who you desire to be at your core. You'll know if this is the case when you go to fulfil this and the feelings of lack continue to circulate and there's still no sense of satisfaction upon it's completion. 




I want everyone to understand that cultivating courage and faith and an unwavering attitude towards walking as one with divinity is the way you refine sense of self. All the techniques are just ways of getting this done, making a scene for example which implies this is almost leading you to be setup for failure. You want the context of this scene to contain within it the essence of courage and unwavering faith in your divinity and uncompromising attitude towards success and to paint every aspect of your life with it. Imagination is still require to set the end, to plant the seed and anchor that end but the attitude of mind to accompany that which supports its growth in a way that contextually relates to a means which is completely serving you greatest potential where you’re not bound by any comfort zones nor are you limited in the scope you can create imaginal scenes from because you know from the intuitive level that your sense of self is perfect and there’s nothing you can do to improve it.


Your sense of self is perfect right now, so what are you going to do with that? You’re going to stabilise that feeling and negate the charge and then go into your imagination with that context and mental environment in play unconsciously and imagine the exact end you want with the complete vividness of the real experience. You’re going to replicate the experience you desire to have, the implication of that end must correspond to the certainty that nothing else could be implied by this scene but your perfect fulfilled desire in that experience. This is your end. Imagine it to the point where the reality of experience sinks in and then leave it and move onto the next one.






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