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The original Reality Synthesis manifestation coaching

Aetheraeon Notebook 4

Aetheraeon Notebook 4


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So imagination is everything right. The traditional NG way is to imagine everything we don't have as fulfilled and to not "lift  a finger to make it so".


Manifestation is simply listing out the things you want to be and experience and creating an imaginal act that implies you are that person in that moment then to drop it and live accordingly knowing it's unfolding no matter what.

It doesn't matter what's going on now. If you imagine the end desired and you let it go and give up all control and accept that the wish has been fulfilled (What Neville Goddard defined as the "feeling" in one instance) even if the exact thing is happening opposite to what you imagined then it will always come to pass and it will never be late. These seeming facts don't matter, you decide the facts of life and if you persist in the assumption that those facts are concrete then you manifest your desires no matter what.

If you imagine something but still try and influence the end by taking actions you believe from your perception will move things forward ahead of time then you're messing with the middle and you're warping the output that seed will sprout and it won't manifest according to the way you intended with the scene experienced.

The more you own your end as yours and that this is your world as Gods world as one then you win and no facts can overpower this process.


Let's set some ground rules.

Firstly manifestation is all about context, it's context implying the desire fulfilled. This means that the content of the imaginal scene must reflect a direct implication that without a shadow of a doubt our desire has been fulfilled.

After we've crafted the scene which has complete implication for the desire, imaginal conversations and visualisations are alchemically the most powerful according to everything I've done and studied. Visualisations are perhaps 10% of my manifestations but they're usually very precise because with an image it's almost impossible to have a false implication and undefined context relating to the fulfilled desire.

Now you want to (ideally) get into a relaxed state with the charge sunken down as low as possible. This is sinking your conscious mind into the unconscious mind and facilitating an increase in subconscious and sensory capacity for the purpose of generating a phase conjugate interaction (ideally) where the information contained in the scene as the context and implication will interact with the baseline contextual experience and cause a result that mediates the two. Getting into this relaxed state can take upwards of 15 minutes for some but 3-5 minutes should be more than enough given you've not got thoughts spiralling in your head from a highly charged situation. The less charged you are the more clear your senses will be to experience the exact scene you're going to replicate in imagination without it being warped. Take the time on this don't rush anything there's no time to worry about as your coherency is all that matters here.

When in a relaxed state you're going to fire up the imaginal senses and play out the scene. Don't force anything, if you find it hard to visualise then work with inner conversations. Everyone can have inner conversations because you imagine yourself arguing with people likely every day if you've got those experiences showing up still. With an conversation you'll ideally want the person to be someone you don't have any charge associated with that's making you feel bad or anything or the context could be warped and the experience will reflect this in how it manifests. If you don't have anyone like this to have a conversation with then I suggest you create a person in your mind to fit that spot (a friend perhaps you've yet to meet) or you imagine a conversation with an old friend perhaps you've been meaning to catch up with for a while now that you hold in high regard. Either way the implication still exists whether it be with someone you know already or not.

You'll have a conversation consisting of 4 exchanges made between one or more parties. For example the person you're conversing with could say "DJ you actually win $50,000 last week?" Then you'd say "Yeah I know it actually happened I've won $50,000!" then they'd say "I'm so grateful you've won this money you deserve every bit of it" and you'd affirm the final part and say "Yes I'm so grateful I won $50,000".

The reason why you want 2 exchanges instead of them saying something once then you saying something once then looping that conversation is because we want to be building context and leading our unconscious coherency in the direction towards the fulfilment of our desire. Having 5 or more would be too much to have to looping purposes and 3 only consists of one exchange on either party during the conversation so having the subject brought up in the initial interaction and then to build momentum in that leading to a final affirmation on your part is applying pathway work and imaginal work in one.

When you get into a rhythm then you'll continue to loop it until you've felt that this is solid enough to be considered like another memory you've had. You only need to reach this stage once and it's then done and you've expressed yourself to satisfaction and so no more expression is required. This is when we drop it and then ideally move onto another desire to switch context. Dropping it means that the implication and contextual associated information contained within that experience now will be integrated within the rest of your baseline field geometry and an experience matching that will push our in a way that confirms your sum total of beliefs and such related to that on both a conceptual and feeling level.

Dropping it only takes a second but to constantly bring it up over and over in future means you're pulling the seed out and replanting it and not giving it time to grow. You want to leave it to interact and process within your field geometry like a plant sprouting out of the ground and start to peek up above the surface of the ground. When it's peeking up you may or may not notice it but it doesn't matter because it's still sprouting no matter what as it was integrated and it's unfolding as we speak. 

The time it takes depends entirely on not just the scene itself and how possible it seems to you but really how possible it seems relative to your baseline unconscious sense of self and surrounding beliefs relating to the desire you're seeking to fulfil. Other destructive patterns that don't serve you will warp the output and make the end "take" longer to unfold as it's got to push out in a way that's mediating all the sum total of limiting beliefs along with this one positive one so the means by which it pushes out might not be in a pleasurable way and you may peak and dip a few times but the important thing to remember is that it's done and to remind yourself every time you're seeing signs of opposite results to go back to the seed and say "It's already done I have nothing to fear".

This part about faith can only be cultivated through experience, though shifting context and marketing to yourself in the moment believing that it has influence is a futile attempt to control circumstances as that bad thought was a manifestation from beliefs already rooted which unfolded before your very eyes. The thoughts you have day to day are manifestations in and of themselves and attempting to change your direction through flipping thoughts is like battling with your bad manifestations.

Identifying patterns and observing thought processes is where your free will lies so making the effort to log these negative patterns and recognising triggers which cause them to come up is essential to this process of clearing negative beliefs. Every day you want to log things that triggered you and then follow the pathway which progressed in that direction. You'll want to simply find the root belief which sprouted and caused this manifestation as an implication of something about you that you don't want to be there any longer. 

Take this implication you've identified and invert it. Follow the process for creating a scene for your core desires and apply that for the fulfilment of this negative implied manifestation you've been continuing to unfold. Create an inverse implication to fulfil it completely and play that scene out and drop it the same way and you'll notice this pattern will fade away into a distant memory that you'll basically forget. It'll be like remembering decades ago when you lived a totally different life to now (assuming that's the case) and thinking about how foreign your thoughts were back then to where you are now. It's one of those things that you'll pretty much forget and simply move on from. Dropping it works best for these beliefs specifically when you can focus on manifesting something tangible like progress in your career for example or a hobby you're doing. Work on fulfilling these areas that bring you fulfilment as a basis to anchor context that's favourable in which doesn't bring up associations that remind you of the lack but that you're constantly making progress and building more coherent sense of self in the direction desired in these ways. 

Dropping your scene and letting it go is the challenging part because that's where the senses will shift your perceptions and make you forget your divine nature. Dropping it is more effective when you're not obsessing over this thing like your life depends on it, and so finding value and meaning and worth in other things like carer and hobbies and such and going all out to the point of satisfaction in those areas will almost certainly result in you not focusing on the SP or whatever and they'll show up for certain if you have a correct implication and application of contextual leading. It's so easy really it's not hard at all you just need to shift your entire lifestyle around manifesting and make changes in literally every area of your life and you'll not even have the mental attention then to obsess over your SP or whatever because you're too busy living your best life anyway. That's why I say expressing yourself without compromise is the big part of this, when you go all out and hold nothing back in your pursuit of perfection and imagine every area of your life that's lacking to be fulfilled and all the little beliefs that are stuck to be fulfilled you win. 




Taishi - Glint In The Dark

I forgot about this state and how it brings me such immense charge and expands my horizons. Music can be such a powerful means to impress a sense of self that's insanely coherent IF you can anchor it correctly. The archetype reminds me of some overpowered boss coming to take over a dire situation and utterly dominate to such an extreme that it's almost impossible to imagine. That archetype embodied in me and expressed without compromise under the context I establish would be unbelievably powerful if anchored because you're literally being someone completely different in that moment. That's the point, you want to die to corporeal identification of the current self and take upon yourself the being who is beyond that on all levels. The only thing you need to do is bring that archetype of consciousness/state into imagination and anchor that into an experience which reflects this to manifest it.

Compromise means you lose. You don't want to compromise on anything, no details be lost in the end for all will be fulfilled to perfection. 


I want everyone to recognise that your potential is infinite but you've got to be clear on what you want and completely describe the context for what that's like in the sense of self you're going to embody. This sense of self contains all the information. If you wanted to be that "boss" or whatever who's so overpowered in some way in life that everyone knows you're literally the best then you've got to embody that as though you are that in an uncompromising way. The more uncompromising you are in the experience of that sense of self the more coherent your experience of that will be and the more accurate your manifestation will be.

Ask yourself what things would you KNOW, on an intuitive level of course as you're not thinking about them but have them exist in the information environment of the context of your experience, which would be what the character you desire to be have going for them. 

This idea is what I remember talking to a client about. When they're stuck in bad thought patterns I get them to remind themselves of all the things that work for them and bring them into mind and the feelings of negativity go away swiftly when that's done. This is actually something I do regularly when I'm needing a boost, Ii remind myself of the context of my relaity that I want and it shifts my sense of self, even if just temporarily it gives me an anchor to make decisions which serve me in the direction I want to move and that further anchors with proof of who I am being in that moment.

You want to lead yourself there. This is the point, NLP literally is what I called pathway work before I even knew what NLP was, it's about bringing context into your mental environment and using that momentum in imagination to fuel your identification and experience of self to then manifest from that place.

This isn't always ideal but it's something that is generally a good thing to do and that everyone can benefit from on all levels. Often you'd want to clear the mind before planting seeds and build context from scratch as opposed to bringing bits and pieces of the limited self in on an unconscious level as how your charge is driving you in the moment isn't reflective of what you're manifesting. You want to clear and direct charge in a minimalist way and not have stimulus generate charge which leads you, you want to lead the charge. When charge leads you it's not good to imagine that as you're wanting full control over the sense of self on a clear and precise level. You add charge as you react to the scene not have it come from the scene and drive your perceptions.







Man it’s getting close to the end of April already.


I want to talk about simply the importance of refining sensory inputs. Manifesting a perfect daily routine is critically important to your results showing up, if you’re stuck playing out old patterns you’re going to fail and be brought into associations with states of lack again without even realising it. This is what we want to avoid at any and all costs.


You should avoid media of really any form that’s not associated to the implication of you being who you want to be. If what you see and hear is going to bring you into associations with states of lack then you’re going to continue to push out the same patterns. Consciously be aware of what you input and guard the senses, only absorb information which is divinely related which is of benefit for everybody. This will take courage and discipline to cut out every form of negative information input in your life but it’s a necessary step to become fully state coherent.


I’ve learned this is often the only real way to shift out of patterns of stagnation and get into a state of greater depth and variety of experience. This change will seem forge in at first but it’s something that will eventually seem normal over time so start by imagining the day to day life your going to have, imagine yourself reading the bible for example at a desk away from distractions in your home or even in your dream home.


im personally imagining myself reading in a temple with pools of water around me in a quiet secluded location where I’ve focus my mind and become whoever I want to be. I made pictures of each angle of what this temple will look like and so I started imagining it in my head and now it’s natural for me to remember this temple as though it’s somewhere I live. One day when things fully manifest this will be where I will be physically. Where we imagine ourselves in our minds we will go physically and you can even be made visible to others in the world by imagining yourself somewhere.

Imagination is the way you shift everything at a baseline level and when you can refine your senses to only receive information which serves your end then you win. This is the next stage of refining Reality Synthesis. 



I was talking to someone in the immortality group about tithing and they told me that it was the 10% of the left brain used to harness the 90% of the right brain to attain coherency. Just an interesting note.


Joh_14:2  In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.


This whole thing about mansions and dimensions is simply that the arrangement of consciousness is the formation of a new state or a dimension which is why creation is complete because all of the components and interacting pieces exist to experience varied dimensionality. The dimensions don't exist, the components and their arrangements manifest seeming dimensions. It's ALL principle processes being arranged in such an order as to manifest new phenomena. Nothing is probabilistic it's all metaphysical in nature, nothing happens by chance.


NG said "I have seen these states, when you see the state, yes it's personified, yes it's a person but you must remember it's a state, not the person as you're a person or I am a person". This is Neville talking about states as the characters in the bible and that each state is a personification you can SEE. He said literally see, see with your eyes. This confirms what I learned from the alchemist as to what I see when I do the specific method of gazing I do as to bring these states up for purification. It's so deep it took me this long to understand, each state in the bible, a character, is an archetype of consciousness or a principle building block of consciousness within the process of God. That's insane to think about. I just listened to one of NG's talks and figured that out then. I must talk about this.


I'm going to figure out this whole bible and prove that the metaphysics of Reality Synthesis is correct.


The "I AM" meditation reminds me of the gazing I do, as it's going to bring you into a "void" state as I have been through the experience of. The truth is here that completing the great work involves more than from what I gather NG spoke about and that his idea of immortality is incorrect in the complete sense. I understand his idea and that complete self realisation is a necessary part of this but full immortality involves more work, specifically working with bringing every state into coherence with divinity.



Just more on revision

If you've got a part of you that feels the need to automatically argue with someone in your head if something goes wrong even if no one is there around you but you've got this feeling of responsibility in a sense to explain your failure to yourself then do this.

Tap into that feeling when it arises and follow the first thought that comes up. If this is a scenario that happened in the past then write it down. If it's just a feeling like a somatic one or just this sense of self that's lacking then ask yourself where this comes from. If a memory arises revise it to be in your favour. If there's nothing more that arises then affirm an implication that "I receive wonderful praises for my efforts" and that'll imply that this sense was never the case. If through affirming this in your imagination by saying it to yourself loudly and with presence an image of a scenario arises of the past then revise it to confirm this, otherwise imagine receiving praises for your work unconditionally. This will be of great benefit.


I heard someone say the promise is when you've experienced all states. NG says that the promise unfolds in us as we read scripture and he calls the characters states, so this would mean that the correspondence is that as we EXPERIENCE all states by reading them we take upon ourselves with clear mind the context thereof and become as the characters within us and that brings about the alignment of these archetypes of consciousness we're built out of in order for the proportionate connection to greater consciousness to be made within us to it and that's self realisation as all the pieces are arranged proportionately. That correlates to my alchemical studies too, as in theurgy and conversing with the archetypes we make them aware of each other so that the lesser and greater conjunctions can unfold, reading the bible from the correct frame of reference must lead them the same way. This means that the bible is by far the most powerful text ever written and transcends every single other metaphysical text ever written or ever will be written.

Studying the bible must be the only way to refine RS further as I've been down every other path there is, as far as I know at least.



"and the third Mark you will bear upon your body is when he reveals to you your true identity for God is a father and if God is the father and he succeeds in his purpose which is to sow give himself to you that he actually becomes you in that moment of becoming you you are a father and so he brings in this third mark his son and the son calls you father and you're exactly who you are and you know exactly who the child a boy is he is David of biblical fame and there is no doubt in your mind no uncertainty as to this eternal relationship so you can say I now prayer that Mark upon my body"

This sounds a lot like the theurgy process of making the archetypes (the states) aware of each other. I think NG is right about immortality, well not him but the bible. This idea of god creating a son and the son then becoming the father also is a complete process fulfilment, literally process meaning self recursion/god. The idea of David, interpreted as the entire experience of man, being the child born from the experiences of man, through god. That completes the process of experience as experience seems to be the currency of manifestation. Manifestation seems to be the link here.

I think that the lesser conjunction is referencing the beginning of the rising of the Christos out of the skull.


I am THAT I am. 



So I’m reading NG again early this morning, his later lectures. He seems to make it known to me that his experiences of this are correspondent to the experiences he integrates from reading the bible and so he manifests them in himself. Those who read the bible experience these things because that’s their source of consciousness so to say so of course their experiences would unfold this way. The idea that the bible transcends eve try other text doesn’t make sense to me, though it’s possible, considering the seemingly deliberate misinformation peddled about it over the millennia. 

The entire story is pretty much god becoming man through his own free will to experience a dream he decided to dream from the experience of every character in the dream. When we all wake up from the dream the dream is over. He made man in his own image (the mechanics as described by RS) and fulfills every role to play in the stage play of life. That’s the idea here it seems, of course that can also be attributed to other texts too, it’s not just the bible because very similar phenomena have been made manifest through for example merlinic and daoist texts having a theme of birthing a child within too. The same process unfolds as we see ourselves but under different contexts based on the text that initiated us. The bible just seems to be the one about manifesting more than others, probbaly because manifesting isn’t the point. 

it seems The bible is far more about the idea of god becoming as man and through a preordained process unfolding god through man becomes god (again) and so god now exists as everyone instead of through everyone, thus making them all (his creation) immortal god as he is in spirit and ultimately in flesh. 

NG mentioned that those who do not realise this (in this iteration) will wake up in the same world again as this upon death and live the same kind of life again until they become god. The whole thing is everyone will realise this means not this iteration of corporeal existence but everyone will one day realise this through the iterations to complete the great work, that’s supported by the studies of all the texts I’ve been through and the alchemist confirmed this to me too. 

The thing that dies with this iteration is the corporeal being, yet NG says that the people who died still exist as they are and don’t even realise they died. He says he’s spoken to them from another world just like this one. The idea here is that he seems to say that corporeal existence continues, except you’re restored fully to your perfect self in this world on death here. The alchemist taught me that we all have a perfect template we’re merging with greater consciousness through completing the great work. I see the biblical version of this as the more personal experience of living as god on earth vs realising you are god through alchemical process of purification in other means than experience of uncompromising expression in life. They cut out the manifesting part of this and focus on the internal space cultivation as a means of realisation vs seeing the inside in the outside. That seems to be the theme I’m seeing here. 

The bible is as far as I can tell the most natural and effective way of realising self and all the other methods are all metaphysical alchemical alterations of that which are more of a mechanical model of realising self vs the acting as self way. That seems to be the difference, one is through experience and the other is through negating the corporeal world to reveal the truth over time. Creating space leads to transcendence, but being yourself without compromise also creates space too so they both lead the same way on different paths. 

Thats how I see the bible and such texts alluding to immortality. The fact is that immortality is a given for all, be it this iteration or another iteration it doesn’t matter. The only aspect I have yet to connect is the whole thing the alchemist told me that we all have a greater consciousness and that is god, though is everyone has their own greater consciousness they’re an emanation of, of god, that each I AM is not the same I AM as everyone else in personality, I need to ask more questions still for I am always learning. 

The thing that proves to me that manifestation is a metaphysical process is how people develop health issues they can’t even comprehend to exist, like as children who are born with genetic disorders and such which they’ve no chance of comprehending. So if all manifestation is experienced first to some capacity then the child is either having their parents manifest the outcome for the child which means that other people can influence us if we accept that (even if out of nescience) or that the child is manifest into a carry over state from a previous iteration from the higher consciousness perspective to pick up where it left off and manifest a continued experience. That would indicate then that the loop could get stuck, as the experience would forever then be limited to diseased states so it doesn’t makes sense in that sense to be carry over or “karma” as the connection from the states of a previous iteration. 

It seems truly then that the continued existence must reset. If the NG idea of the promise is the case then it seems that someone who is born into disease is someone who was just consequentially manifest into this form by nature of their existence. I don’t know it doesn’t make sense on all levels. 

“So, when the Son calls you Father, that’s the climax. The story is over, but it begins with the fulfillment of a dream that existed two thousand years only in the imagination of Israel. And when it came to pass and the dream was fulfilled, Israel denied it because that is not what they were expecting. They could not see any birth, other than a normal, natural birth of the flesh. And the one in whom it took place explained Scripture for them and reinterpreted the Scripture in the light of his own experience. So, when He explain the whole thing, then He simply took the Law, the Prophets, the Psalms and He took passages all the way through and reinterpreted all that they said, to show that all was about Himself.“

That’s NG speaking about how the bible is the preordained story of man basically and that how we’ve viewed the bible as history vs metaphysics was told it to happen. So in essence it’s all just a stage act, there’s no point in it outside of the expression of gods love, because that’s what god is as proportionate process which all is proportionate towards, so of course we all experience god as unconditional love because it’s a source of charge for our existence we are integrated in. 

NG also said before that Abraham Isaac and Jacob saw god “purely as power” which would correspond to this metaphysical sense of reality and experience from the corporeal perspective. Only Moses knew this and Moses means “one to be born”. Joshua in the Old Testament is equivalent to Jesus in the New Testament, in NGs words they’re the same state. Only Joshua was able to enter the promised land and no one else. 

“The whole thing is all about you, because it is God-in-you that must rise. That’s the Jeremiah-in-you who heard the voice of God, but it was given to him in an adumbrated form – as a sketch. It was not a cubic reality.“

In other words, your reaction to the story as actually re-interpreted for you will determine whether you accept it or reject it. I ask you to accept it, for in the – I hope– not-distant future, but no one knows that moment in time when it will happen in the individual.”

These words of “I hope” implying it’s not guaranteed with this iteration. The unbeliever will die and do it again until they figure it out. In other words until the great work is completed you’ll continue to die on a corporeal level, and only until you die on a spiritual level (completing the great work and dying to the lower substances through conjugation as there’s the lesser and greater death) which corresponds to the seals being opened in scripture. Your experience of it is different but it must be the same process, conjugation of the lesser principles into greater principle through the integration with god.

THATS IT. What if being yourself without compromise and doing that makes brings satisfaction IS being subjected to the purifying fire of life on the metaphysical sense and that this quality of consciousness which brings us (corporeal lower substances) into interaction with greater powers than us (on an ordered emanation level) is what coheres these components and brings about the fulfilment of the lesser conjunction corresponding to the first seal opening in the bible. 

That makes sense perfectly and corresponds to the same process that unfolds in theurgy where we conjoin the archetypes through conversation (experience). 

“In the meanwhile, while we are here in the world of Caesar, let us apply the Law that he gave us while he was with us. And the Law is simple – very, very simple.

The whole passage of “where were you before the foundations of the earth” or something similar would imply that our existence as corporeal consciousness as incorporeal consciousness was pre existing tangibly or pre emanation. 

You can imagine anything in this world for yourself, for a friend, for any one. Do not waiver in your imaginal act. May I tell you, it will come to pass? It’s not going to take any two thousand years, but it will depend upon your degree of intensity and your complete acceptance of it – a complete acceptance of it, where you live this night and sleep this night as though it were already true, for behind you is something accomplished, and it rushes upon you, because the present – by this Law – does not recede into the past. It advances into the future.”

But I have no assurance – real assurance – that I will be back, but I took the steps of Caesar to have this place under contract should I be back to take up my role and continue teaching, for I want to do nothing but teach the Law as I was sent to teach it, and to teach the Promise as I was sent to teach it. For, back in 1929 I was sent to teach it. I didn’t get underway until 1938, but I was sent in 1929.

It seemed almost like a preparation preceded that moment of courage to take the platform and tell it.”

Courage. NG spoke of courage and not just faith towards the end. It took a moment of courage and that moment of courage changed everything, as he said. All the dots here seem to connect except the death part. Perhaps the alchemist was wrong, or perhaps it’s the “lower self” or the lower unrefined substances which stay as the “ghost” just as the daoist master told me. Your corporeal existence continues and you wake up again in the world as you did upon birth here and your unrefined substances continue to decay as they are now separated from the salt. You don’t experience death, the components that make up who you are do though. That’s the only connection I can find here that makes sense. The alchemist never said it like that but in a way he did, I’ll need to ask more questions about that because perhaps I’m right about the lower substances sticking around as it would seem but that your experience of corporeal reality doesn’t change as nothing was lost except the unconscious mind, the unrefined yin. Only when the lesser conjunction occurs does the lesser yin not get left behind because it’s been taken up into greater consciousness and is who you are now, hence why you don’t effectively die from there on any level. The only death is the death of the lower substances as they’ve now become one thing and cannot be separated because you woke up in the dream.  That seems to be what NG is talking about and correlates perfectly with metaphysical mechanics in other systems. 

NG took 9 years to speak about his understanding of the bible even though he sat with it for that long knowing his purpose. It was an act of courage that pushed things forward. This is the purifying fire of god which transforms the lower substances. That’s why being yourself without compromise leads to the greatest insights and manifestations from that. It all connects, RS is even more complete with this understanding now. Who else out there has connected these dots? As far as I know I’m the first, though I cannot be sure. Perhaps this is all my manifestation anyway, my experience, being that one. 

And then it grew and grew and grew until finally in ’59, then the whole drama of the Gospel unfolded within me in a first-person, singular, present-tense series of experiences. So, I ask you tonight to believe me. I have not enlarged it. I have not exaggerated it; I have told you exactly as it happened in me. It’s identical with the story as told in Scripture; and so when they use these words that are confusing to the scholars, I know from my own experience they could use no better word than the word wind. They could use no better word to draw oneself out of oneself; the word is khawlawts in Hebrew. It’s mistranslated as loins – “a man with his hands on his loins like a woman in labor.” It hasn’t a thing to do with any loins.”

The whole death unto yourself, or as NG says “to draw one’s self out of one’s self” correlates perfectly to the story of Odin. They’re the same story as Odin sacrificed himself unto himself to experience transcendence. This act of courage and faith was what gave me the insight to cook the term “be yourself without compromise” as the quality of consciousness which transforms limitations. It’s an alchemical process, that’s all it can be. It seems the Norse myths are just the same, even the odyssey of Homer and the golden chain of homer confirm this too. Saturn eating his own children. It’s the same metaphysical process as all things are. Does this not mean that the bible is just one of many ways therefore to reach this end? I say it’s the most natural as it’s the least mechanistic of all and so therefore should be experienced by more people naturally. 

I’ll be still using these other methods as they’re all contributing to the greater process unfolding of competing the great work, and perhaps the true acceleration of this is to be yourself without compromise and to live with faith and courage accordingly as an accelerator of the process I was taught. Manifesting mystical experiences isn’t the point, without insight there is no correlation to things though there’s always a refinement either way. 

So, in Scripture truth is physical, but the words are figurative. So you say, “It is born. It is a birth.” You come out just like a child coming out of the womb of a woman, only the womb in this case is your own skull, and you push yourself out, and ease yourself out, inch by inch by inch, just as the child comes out of the womb inch by inch, but there is one difference: the child doesn’t help itself by pulling itself out. In this case you do; you do pull yourself out, as the word khawlawts means.”


Then they always bring their own wisdom upon the book and distort it, but when man really believes it and beyond, when he experiences it, well then the whole vast world falls into its proper shape for him. He doesn’t object to all the horrors of the world, for all these furnaces are essential to the shaping in man of that Being that is God the Father.

He said, “I tried you in the furnaces of affliction.” Why? “For my own sake, for my own sake I do it, for how should my name be profaned? I will not give my name to another.” And His name is Father. He cannot give His name to you and have two fathers. There can only be one Father. So, to make you one with Himself, He shapes you through the furnaces of affliction, and we cry out; but as Paul said, “I consider the sufferings of this present time not really important compared to the glory that is to be revealed in us.”

He spoke of furnaces of affliction, furnaces are the fire, the divine purifying fire. More confirmations. NG says that being afflicted in the fire, being put under pressure is essential to shaping us into greater consciousness, to refine who we are. This is groundbreaking even to me. What a crazy revelation. To all reading this I hope this awakens something in you as it did to me to confirm how manifesting and immortality are perfectly linked together when viewed under this same lens. 

You will pass through the stage known as El Shaddai. That’s behind you. You know now that which was revealed to Moses, which is I AM. That, you do know! In the last book attributed to Moses – and there is no Moses, any more than there is any other character in the Old Testament. These are all just eternal states of consciousness.”

Im starting to see what a state as as an archetype of consciousness which is more so referring to one of the principles that create our experiences, a state is in this sense an idea made manifest as experience. States can be also seen as “capacity” in a sense too as a higher state of consciousness can experience more which is part of the process I’ve spoken about with subconscious capacity too. They’re both likely related in this sense, both concept and capacity and sense of self. 

My mother, a female – she wove this linen cloth for me, this garment of flesh and blood; and when I awoke, I saw it. That’s what the females had woven for me. But I awoke within the sepulcher where the Father had entered with me and shared my visions of Eternity with me until I awoke. And then, as I awoke, He began to unveil Himself, and revealed Himself in the final revelation as the Father, and I am He, still clothed in the little garment waiting for that moment in time when He takes it off for the last time, and I return to where I was when I came out from the Father.”

This more so refers to what the alchemist called the “robe of glory” which is as he called it the attainment of the stellar body and the completion of the great work. This idea of a garment, the character of corporeal being being that garment, now filled with the glory, as a robe of the father would be. Seems to connect, the robe of glory is the refinement of the garment of flesh. 

So, you came out with me. We all came out from the Father, for we are the brothers known in Scripture as the Elohim. It’s a plural word. It is a compound unity, one made up of others. We are the gods spoken of in the 82nd Psalm. “I say ye are gods, sons of The Most High, all of you, nevertheless, you will die like men, and fall as one man, O ye princes.”

Elohim, I think this is referring to how everyone has a greater consciousness of their own. One made up of others, the alchemist told me that everyone has their own personal greater consciousness that we are an emanation of, would this refer to the Elohim in the plural sense which together comprises the components of god which emanate corporeal existence So, we fell as one man and became fragmented. Now we are gathered together, one by one by one, back into the One Man, for “there is only one body, one spirit, one lord, one God and Father of all.” So, in the end there’s only one. We shall all be gathered back together, but each in his own wonderful time, and when we go back, there is rejoicing of the other brothers who returned. We are told in the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy “God has put bounds to the peoples according to the number of the sons of God.” Not one child can be born of woman that is not bearing the Prince, that Son of God. “He has put bounds to the peoples.” We are concerned about the population explosion. Not one child can come in that isn’t now animated by a son of God.”

It seems this relates, I’m seeing the completion of the great work as the brining up of lesser substances into god, god being the state attained from attaining the father and having complete awareness as you’re not experiencing the lower substances but the greater substances and perhaps this greater experience of process where all is then integrated proportionally is the experience of the father and relates to the idea of one man. One consciousness, one process emanating all of existence. One process would simply be god, so in essence we’re uncreating ourselves from the capacity of experience perspective to refine the substances into greater order which grants us the unfolding of the great work. 

“Their forms are forever, and you simply multiply them by “the seed of Contemplative Thought.”

So, man becomes poor. He recalls he was once rich, or he knows of some one who is rich. Well, by “the seed of Contemplative Thought,” he can bring it into his world by entering that state, but you must enter into that state.

What would the feeling be like if it were true? Suppose it were true that I were secure? I know what I mean by secure, so I name it – what I consider security to be. Well then, having named it, what would the feeling be like? And I feel myself into that state. I must enter into the state and make a companion of the state and then it happens. It “returns by the seed of Contemplative Thought.”

So, nothing is permanently lost, because everything is forever in Eternity, and “All things exist in the human imagination,” [Blake, from “Jerusalem”] – all things.”

 I will further study this idea of “seeds of contemplation” as NG says as I believe there’s more clues there as to understanding manifesting further.


It's now later in the day.


I've been listening to NG lectures again from 1970 on, self abandonment is the one I want to talk about a bit.

The bold is from the website I copied this from not my formatting.

by Neville Goddard 6-1-1970

Week after week, as I take this platform, I know what I want to say. It is merely finding out how to say it so that it is intelligible, for we are dealing with a mystery. It’s not something you can spell out and say, “Now this is it.”

It’s peculiar, the most fantastic mystery in the world. To me, to experience Scripture, to experience God’s plan of salvation, is my interpretation of the whole purpose of life. That is what I firmly believe. I firmly believe that the roots of our ‘being’ are rooted in God, and God unfolds Himself creatively in us.

When I make that statement, I put myself on the side of that which is being transformed, say, a man. For metamorphosis is the theme of the Bible. That is the complete transformation of man into God. When I make a statement as I have just made it, it seems that this is man, you and I are the man, being transformed by a means other than ourselves, and I don’t mean that at all. But man is so conditioned to believe he is a little worm that you approach it from that angle. You and I are the God transforming man into our image, into our likeness.

But then, if I said that to a large crowd, the curtain would come down and they wouldn’t hear one word I had to say beyond that. But you and I took the plunge. We were the “sons of God,” together making God, for the word God is a plural word. The word is Elohim.

“In the beginning God.” That word is Elohim; it is plural. And “God said, Let us make man in our image.” The same word is Elohim. It’s a compound unity, one made up of others.

We are told in Deuteronomy that “He has set bonds to the peoples according to the number of the sons of God.” No child can be born unless God occupies that little temple. These are the gods that came down. You and I are the gods that came down. We are transforming these identities, these men and women with which we are identified, into our likeness rather than being transformed by something other than ourselves. We are the gods that came down; and when we awake we are the gods spoken of in the very beginning.

“In the beginning God” ‘Elohim’, plural, the gods – “created the heavens and the earth,” like creating a theater for the display of its might and its creative powers. And then the God said, “Let us make man in our image”; so we came down and clothed ourselves in these garments.

We aren’t pretending. We completely abandon ourselves to these garments. The secret is self-abandonment. Never would you have made anything had you not loved it, – never! We so loved it; and so, having loved it, we commit ourselves to the object of our love and actually become it. Self-commission is the secret.

Now we are told, “Be imitators of God as beloved children”; in this world we have forgotten who we are. Now comes the revelation: “Be imitators of God as beloved children.” Just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us, now imitate that. But on this level, I feel myself Neville. But I know from experience, I am The One that became Neville, to transform this identity into my own Being, the Being that was, that has no beginning; and there was a plan that I set forth within myself when I buried myself in this being called “Neville.” This is true of every one in the world.

Now listen to this carefully. It is the first chapter of Ephesians. I am just quoting four verses; you’ll find them within the first ten verses; so I have omitted just a few because they are not necessary for what I want to get over. “God chose us in Him before the foundation of the world . . . He destined us in love to be His sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will,” “He destined us in love … through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will, … which He set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time.” (Ephesians 1: 4, 5, 9, 10)

You listen to it carefully. Go home and you read it, in the first chapter within the first, I think it is the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th verses of Ephesians. “God chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.” So, we see that the salvation of man is not an afterthought of the Creator. It is prior to this historical process. Long before this was animated and became history – human history, this decision was made. So, our fitness is the consequence, not the condition, of His choice.

So here, as Neville, I, the true Being, chose “Neville.” I am going to “play” Neville. You chose the being that you’ve chosen and we came down into this and animated it, this historical process. We are the gods who made the decision. We are identifying ourselves with these garments; we are transforming these into ourselves.

Now that is something that the world shuns against. They abhor it; because they do not realize that man, the man, can do nothing to save himself. There is not a thing that man as a man can do. It is the God who is buried within man who does it."


So this whole idea of God becoming man to transform his creation into god again to me seems like an act of creating other gods through the only process that can unfold, as it was preordained. It was planned to happen this way, and that the spiritual death is the point of this, gods take upon themselves an identification, a series of principle components which form their corporeal existence, to then as that corporeal existence become god through redemption. It's not even self realisation in the sense of man becoming god but it's god become man become god again, so this is all for us, for our spirit to take upon itself an experience. It's all basically a stage play, and that we've been allotted characters to play and these characters will forget that they're actors in a play and through the programming built into the play gradually recognise that they're actors in a play they created and have partaken in so that they may celebrate the divinity of every actor of the play who partook in the process of transformation by experience, David. David is the point it seems, corporeal existence, the testimony of the Christ. 

The whole "it happens consequentially" in my own words as your existence is consubstantial to greater consciousness emanation of your corporeal nature. The alchemist always called us the sock puppets of greater consciousness and that we have no control over the process, which is true ultimately, and that greater consciousness has no stake in the outcome, but that our salvation is one of dependence on our doing of the work as has been made known to me through all traditions I've studied. The conditional nature here is the point I want to touch on because that's what really get's me wondering if this is the case or not. If doing the theurgic process and the specific gazing and ascending pathway work and taking the quintessence and doing the qigong and all the rest is even purposed. They definitely open up your subconscious capacity I know that from my own experiences but if the function here is not just greater consciousness waiting for corporeal experience to do the work over thousands of years of experience to eventually lead to realisation (the lesser conjunction) for the purpose of greater consciousness to then be complete in it's existence as it needs us the same way we need it. Both lower and greater substances must exist to combine together to create a new consciousness that's greater than the sum of it's parts.

This concept of interferometry which I know as a fundamental aspect of relaity which governs every interaction without exception seems to work in both biblical and hermetic sense. It seems that both see corporeal and incorporeal parts as necessary for transformation to take place, and that the gift of god which is incorporeal existence is required for god to be transformed through testimony. It's that the purifying fire must be present as NG said in the earlier section I wrote out, the struggles of life are what temper us and create character. Character cannot be created otherwise as there's no stage to set the rules for to be bound by. That's probably why most of the pseudo spiritual people say earth is a school, of course to what end they've no idea but this idea of existence as corporeal nature being the place of power for transformation to occur is a common theme. Corporeal reality is necessary in every system, so the point from the biblical perspective is this that we take upon ourselves characters and become these characters as God in God, in a sense. It's fundamentally for transformation, alchemical purification, the integration of lesser and greater processes of consciousness and states are arrangements of these components in different ways.

We exist here to become God as who we are as this character. It's almost as though God wants to become someone and have experience and in manifestation experience is the currency of state coherency so it all connects. Theurgy is about experience and being transformed through being confronted by the limitations we face on a deliberate and systematic nature instead of facing them in the world as we would by manifestation purpose but it's ALL about purifying the character. That's the core theme here, the purpose of it all. Transformation through self realisation through purifying the character and owning your nature as God. That's the point, and I don't think it can get more pure than that.


"“Christ in you is the hope of glory.” Were he not in you, then you would be a dead, dead body forever and forever; but the gods came down, and it takes all the gods, called “the sons of God,” to form God. The One became fragmented into the many. One fell containing all. He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world. Do you get it? Before there was a world, we were. We are the gods. We are in the One Being that is known in Scripture as God; and we came down for one purpose: to expand our own creativity, and we do it by actually burying ourselves in humanity."

Continuing to read seems to confirm my idea, NG says it's to expand creativity, but of course creativity is sparked under pressure, well metaphysical pressure at least. We are here to create the world in our image, that's probably by NG says you wake up in a world just like this, because the world is a constant in the sense of there never being a past or a present or a future, just process and your position in that processes integrations.


"So that Son of God is in you. You say, “I am,” that’s He. That is the Son of God. But you so loved the object to whom you gave yourself that you abandon yourself completely and empty yourself of your Divinity, and just buried yourself in the object of your love; and you are going to transform it into your Self, who is God.

Then when you transform it, you are the same God, only you have expanded beyond that moment in Eternity when you ventured into this experiment, becoming your own creation."


Well that sums up exactly what I said before that this process is about the parts conjugating as one (phase conjugation is the process which explains all the sounds people hear in their head when the conjunction occurs, or the day of the lord) in order to "expand" as NG says, or I simply say to be purified under the fire of life which is exactly what he's saying. To win means to master your existence as that's expansion, though expansion of any form is still expansion so there's no conditions on the promise as was foretold. It just makes me wonder how that plays out.



There's so much more to study it's insane. 

There's a quote here from a lecture: January 28, 1972 - 

“Faith Is Loyalty to Unseen Reality”

And so those who gave their fortunes to him, $500 to teach them how to meditate, of all the nonsense in the world. Teach you how to meditate? It’s just a simple, simple thing. You don’t meditate on your navel. You don’t meditate on any of these things whatsoever. You know what you want. What would the feeling be like if it were true? What would it be like? Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Well, anyone can do that. A child can do that. What would it be like if it were true? That’s meditating. Now yield completely and the being within you will take that and externalize it for you.

Meditating on your kundalini and all this nonsense. It hasn’t a thing to do with it. And going into so-called diet. Diets will not commit you or commend you to God. He gave you a palette, didn’t he? Well then, exercise the palette, too. And so, I’m going to go on a certain diet. A friend of mine went on the diet of things that you should only feed parrots, but she isn’t a parrot. Eating pumpkin seeds, eating all these things. If you really enjoy them. But don’t tell me that you really enjoy them. Of course, you could acquire a taste for anything. I don’t. So, you can’t. But exercise that God-given gift: it’s a palette, and simply enjoy it.

He mentioned kundalini, so he must be aware of the yogis who taught kundalini yoga back then and was critical of them. This is one of if not the most interesting idea I've heard on this, because this would imply that the bible has a totally different mechanism of ascension than every other system I've studied. NG has mentioned doing a practise similar to scrying I cannot remember, I need to find that reference because it would validate Merlinic magic which is what the alchemist taught me mostly but it's one of those things that faith transcends it all.

There's a quote here: "So, on this level, the shadow level, we do not see the reality. We do not see the source, the cause of it all. That’s where we are called upon to exercise faith, loyalty, to unseen reality. It really is the abandonment of self. It’s an act of self-commission. A man cannot commit himself to what he does not love." This means that NG defines faith here as conviction to the truth of who he is, who he wants to be, and to own it basically. To give up the false sense of self and die to it.


"I know from experience that God is not there for his gift of grace his love in action which is God in action I stood in the presence of infinite love and his man when I was embraced and fused with him I felt myself to be that body to be that spirit without loss of identity when I met Daisy and memory returns as to fatherhood he was the image of the being that embraced me and I felt myself that being did embrace me so there's only one body one spirit"

This is basically feel AS something. Think of feeling as targeting consciousness, and to sink into it as though you are it. I've said before that the feeling is the targeting sense, that it's how you experience a concept as someone.


"You come down and so identify yourself with the being that you believe yourself to be that when you go up you take that which you have redeemed with you. You present it to your brothers, for they are all waiting for the presentation of your act of faith. For faith is complete self-commission. I cannot commit myself to that which I do not love. So God is Love. So, I loved it, and then agreed with all of us to commit myself to that; and then I committed myself to it, and lost all consciousness of the Being that I really am in my self-commission to the object of my love."

That right there proves exactly what I say about being yourself without compromise. Without compromise is the magic ingredient, that's faith, courage, self abandonment as NG puts it. That quality of consciousness is the magic.


You imagine AS god, but you must fully LOVE your object of desire (the concept) and so you (sense of self) becomes abandoned and descends in order to experience it, the son of man, David. All makes sense now. That explains the process of manifesting perfectly, He literally says "they are waiting for the presentation of your act of faith" in imagination, this literally means to completely surrender in imagination and accordingly the corporeal physical being or character will respond accordingly.


"And then the pattern, which I contained, unfolded within me. So, He has made manifest unto me the mystery of His will according to His purpose which He set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time. So, He set it forth in Christ as the plan. Well, that plan is Jesus Christ buried in man. It’s a pattern, so, the pattern Man."

This pattern I believe refers to the perfect aetheric template as the alchemist called it. It seems Christ is the perfect representation of you as god, David as god, the son of man, as god.


"It unfolds within man; and when it unfolds within man, everything said of Jesus Christ, the individual in whom it unfolds experiences it in the first-person, singular, present-tense experience. Then he knows who God is.

He always was God, who emptied Himself and took upon Himself the form of man; “and being found in the form of man, he became obedient unto death, even death upon the Cross” of man, and was made in that state a slave. But in the end, he fulfills his purpose, and then he is given a name that is above all names; that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of all."

Seems that the Christ represents the template, NG called him a pattern, a template (thesaurus says arrangement is strongest match (arrangement of principles of consciousness)) which is what we will experience as who we are, as god. The alchemist told me that when you experience the perfect template through the gazing and divine pathway work you'll see it as you, a reflection of you in perfection and it will be seen as though it's more real than real. That's the character you really are and so as you take upon yourself this true form you take upon yourself god and the pattern calls you father as you've redeemed the corporeal being of who you are here right now.

"There is only one Lord. We all return, scattered as we are we return as the one Lord, the one God, the one Father of all: “one body, one spirit,” – not many; and yet without loss of identity."

The part where he says without lost off identity is the whole point of this corporeal existence it seems. To bring what is below up into that which is above, the alchemist would say in lab alchemy we take something up into something greater so that they must interact and the lesser substance becomes purified by interaction with the greater substance. That's the whole process part of this, process playing out. There's a diagram I saw of someone who saw God as 2 circles, one was within the other at a scale ratio of phi. Non destructive compression, phase conjugation, the experience of the promise in mechanics. 

It seems the bible isn't above the rest but that it's perfectly aligned to alchemical process and metaphysics. I just need to go deeper and connect more dots still especially about death and the whole Elohim, that we were chosen before the foundation of the earth. I believe this has to do with the object of desire being chosen before the foundation of the earth, that god was to become us, and that we are Elohim, all god in one. That would make sense, but I need to verify all levels before speaking on this. I don't know why nobody else has spoken on this yet but it still seems I'm the only one connecting these dots, even if it took years to get here and comprehend. NG spoke for like 40 years so it took him ages to figure this all out too.

"Now there is no limit to the expansion, to the translucence that you bring back. So, we all are returning to the Being that we were “before that the world was.” So when we read: “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world,” we were the ‘gods.’ We were the “sons of God” that collectively make God."

THAT'S IT! The sons of god "collectively make god" as in processes within process, that circle within a circle and that we take upon ourselves corporeal being as a means of expanding (subconscious capacity) by bringing what's been taken into and through the underworld into heaven with the glory of god. It's incredible it all makes sense on every level that's amazing NG confirmed the metaphysics of the bible. The sons of god are greater consciousness, us pre corporeal emanation. David is our son, our experience, our testimony, the testimony of Christ. BOOM.


I tell you, the only God in the world is you. There is no other god. One day you will know it. One day He will unfold within you. Read the story carefully, for when He unfolds within you, everything said of Him in Scripture you are going to experience in the first-person, singular, present- tense experience. And His only Son, which is only the personification of all the experiences that you have ever had as man, so take all the experiences of man and all that man could ever experience, and fuse it into a single whole and personify that whole, and it comes out as David, the David of Scripture, the great Psalmist. That’s David. He stands before you, and he calls you, “my Lord.” He calls you, “my Father.”

That is the only Son of God, which is a personification of the sum total of all the experiences of humanity. So when you, playing the part that you are playing, have gone through all the gamut that man is capable of experiencing, in the end, you awake, and then the sum total of the experiences is fused and personified and stands before you; and he is that glorious, beautiful lad David, and he calls you, “my Father,” “my Lord.” And the drama is over as far as you are concerned."

So it's once you've experienced all there is to experience then you've completed the promise. So the alchemist said that it's a matter of "ripeness" which is correspondent to how deep we can go in this, he never explained ripeness further but he said that as we go through experiences we ripen and over time our ripeness grows however doing the gazing and such simply accelerates that ripening so that this iteration of corporeal being experiences the promise. That's what he said, so it makes sense, though this whole personality thing takes me at strange still as if we die before completing the great work then that means a new personality will have to pick up the work and ripen further, NG says it's not that, unless when he says "you" he's referring to the god and not the corporeal you, unless the corporeal you is not based on the persona taken on in that iteration. This is the only question I have is about ripening and rebirth on the corporeal being level. Everything else makes sense.

Either way it still seems the alchemical work is purely a ripening process and not it's own separate path to manifestation pathway. That is still a valid path to take in order to experience the promise and fulfil your part to play but that it's a different way of taking it, it's a hack in the matrix so to say. I believe that with both you're better off than with just one as ripening is attained through both, though following the alchemical path is still technically the fastest way and the most direct which is what I teach in the immortality work.

"But when you imagine, that’s God creating. And “all things are possible to God.” So begin to imagine. That’s God, God-in- action. But believe in the reality of the imaginal act.

So, you imagine yourself to be what reason denies and your senses deny; but imagine it. God had to completely abandon Himself to the form of man to believe Himself man,"

That's manifestation. Imagine and believe in that relaity for that reality is above all other relaity. We are integrated in that and the process mediates the outcomes on the corporeal reality. That's our experience, that's god. How beautiful.

"But to come down prior to the birth is to forget yourself as Spirit. God is Spirit, and you do it after this birth without loss of identity. That’s the lovely part about it: when you come back into the world and pick up the garment that is asleep on the bed, and quite normally bathe it and shave it and feed it and do all the normal things with it, but you know it to be a garment. And you know you’ve extracted from it a certain identity, which identity you take back as Spirit, for the body is going to be put into the furnace and be discarded. That will be simply reduced to the ash that it is, but you have extracted from it a certain identity; and you take back into the Brotherhood your accomplishment. You came down and died as a man, and now you go back, bringing back the identity of the man that you wore through the ages. You take it back! And you are all greeted in joy because you accomplished that which you intended."

"you have extracted from it a certain identity" is the most profound part of this, that's literally exactly the alchemical process of taking something lesser up into something greater and purifying it's substantive nature through that interaction. Process, interferometry. It's all correspondent. Reality Synthesis has connected the dots before anyone else, at least as far I know.

My interpretation of this whole identity thing and death is more so about that when the flesh dies the physical being dies yet the character takes upon itself a new form which consequentially must reflect that character, so you could say that the character and the form it takes metaphysically must correspond and so a birth will take place to correspond these principles. As I said your existence is consequential to greater consciousness' emanation, that your physical form is that way at least. Your character is eternal it seems yet the body must also confirm the eternity and grant the character a means of expression so ones genetics must reflect who they are in character.

I'm going to interpret that this way and that the alchemist is wrong, your body will die but your character will continue, though your conscious experience of that will likely die but the character aspect, David, will continue. So in effect your experience of this specific corporeal being dies but the character that you're building continues, the alchemist said that information is eternal and cannot be lost and that you can access all your (greater consciousness') other iterations and take upon yourself their traits too but the essence of the character must be the same. The body changes but the spirit does not. That's how I interpret this and so until all that character is here to experience has been complete then the act is over and you unfold the promise within you. It happens only as a matter of ripeness which you can never know how long it's going to take as it's just experience at play.

So the immortality part of this is as the alchemist said, it's only if you want to basically ascend as this specific iteration with this body and personality modulation of the divine character you're expanding in consciousness. That's all this is about, it doesn't matter because everyone will eventually experience it but everyone implies the greater consciousness that's collecting experience sense that's experiencing phenomena through you that it needs for expansion. 

"You came down and died as a man, and now you go back, bringing back the identity of the man that you wore through the ages. You take it back! And you are all greeted in joy because you accomplished that which you intended.

So, the Will of God will not turn back until He has executed and accomplished the intents of His mind. In the latter days you understand it perfectly, only in the latter days."


The will of god (the means by which the promise unfolds) is based purely on that which he has accomplished in experience, has he completed the great work of transforming man and expanding consciousness? That's the ripeness. The alchemist told me that once you're at a certain level you'll be able to communicate with god, and that he will tell you what you need to do before the great work is complete and that you're completely at his mercy before that work is complete. You cannot make it happen for it's the will of god, not in a dominating perspective but from a purifying perspective. Everything NG has said lines up with what the alchemist has said to me.


 "So, “the sufferings of the present age cannot be compared with the glory that is to be revealed in us, for those whom He foreknew,” – and He foreknew all of the sons – we are the sons. Regardless of your sex, we are the sons, for in the Resurrection we are above the organization of sex. We are neither male nor female. We are God. “And those whom He foreknew, He also predestined; and those whom He predestined, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified, and those whom He justified. He also glorified.” So, no matter what you have done as man, you will receive justification – in other word divine acquittal – complete acquittal, no matter what you have done. If you have played the part of a Hitler or a Stalin, or any other monster, you will be acquitted.

On this level you want them all to suffer; but your brothers, knowing the part you played, they don’t want you to suffer. They want you to awaken from the dream of being a Hitler, the dream of being a Stalin, or any other horrible character in the world. And so, when you come before Him, having been called, that is justification.

“Justification” in Scripture is nothing more than divine acquittal, and after justification comes glorification, which is God’s gift of Himself to you. You are then God the Father! And all the sons together form God the Father!"

This below part is from "John the crown of scripture"

"He took it as born again. Born, as the world teaches reincarnation. It hasn’t a thing to do with reincarnation, you’re simply born from above.

Well, if I die tonight, they will say to me, and I haven’t had these experiences, well, am I not going to be again? No, you are restored to life. Instantly restored in a body just like the one you’re wearing, only it’s young, nothing missing, and it’s perfect. About twenty, not as a baby, just about twenty years of age, male, or female. And there you marry too, just as you marry here; there you grow old too, and there you die. And you’re just as afraid of dying there as you’re afraid of dying here, and you are instantly restored. But there is a vast difference between restoration to life and resurrection. Resurrection is the beginning of the new age, an entirely different world, when you awake within the skull. So, restoration is simply the continuance of the dream. This is a dream. You’re dreaming what you are."

This is very interesting because in TCM the peak of vitality for men is 16 and women is 18, he says 20. This whole rebirth thing (being born again from above) is nothing I've heard of before from any text about being restored physically. Is it the same body? That's an interesting thing I must go deeper on, no wonder this whole rebirth thing has stumbled me for so long. NG literally says that not everyone in this iteration will experience it. It confirms that being restored and resurrected are very different. Rebirth is nothing to be afraid of but simply existing doesn't necessitate that you'll experience rebirth. Some people think that I've spoken to, likely out of a need to feel that to be true, yet they can never back it up. Everything I've been taught and have understood was what I've written about for years before I went into the promise here. It's all been true the whole time but the promise that NG speaks of is just another interpretation on it, though rebirth is something I've never heard of before. Rebirth is the continuation of the dream, of the gathering of experience, basically. 

April 16 1971 Neville Goddard 'God's Timeless Purpose'

There's no text on this lecture so I'm going to have to type out what I hear.

"Jesus Christ only claimed he was the son of God. You were addressed in the beginning as sons of God, here it is now our purpose, the reason for emptying ourselves and becoming slaves, the human form is the cross it is the slave and we will bear this cross the allotted span or we will cry out because we had to completely empty ourselves of the being you really are because the being we really are is the one with God. We were in the form of God, yet we emptied ourselves and took upon ourselves the form of a slave being born in the likeness of men and being in the form of Man humbled ourselves and became obedient unto death, even death on a cross."

The death of Christ is the death of the sons of god in the human form.

"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must son of man be lifted up". To me this corresponds to kundalini being akin to the serpent being lifted up, it corresponds in TCM as the kidney meridian and zang fu organ too it's no different because it's metaphysically correspondent. NG says kundalini before isn't about ascension but from everything I understand it is and it's referenced in almost every culture on earth, including the natives here in Australia. They've got the rainbow serpent in the "dream time". Very few people realise how literal the native culture is here, it's so literal that their culture is called the dream time. That's exactly what NG says. I mean come on what more correspondence does there need to be to confirm that kundalini IS part of the process that's necessary, though through experience this kundalini rises anyway.

The alchemist called the stellar body as he calls it the "robe of glory" in the bible, the robe referring to the garment or the corporeal being. It's risen in glory, the robe has risen. The glory has become man. Yet another correlation. It's just so crazy to see the construct I've put together just find more and more confirmations. Process, proportionality, interferometry, fractality. 

"Sent me into this world of decay and death so that I may experience decay and death, I could not experience it from above I had to come right down into it and assume and be born man and this is the cross that I wear"

"When the time is fulfilled then it's going to be split right down from top to bottom, and at the base you're going to see, how on earth am I going to tell you, molten gold will take any form. You have the form, you are the observer and the minute you look at it you the form observing the golden molten state, you fuse with it and then it takes your form and you go up into heaven like a fiery serpent. That's the being that you are. Let no one scare you, let no one frighten you that you've got to do this that and the other, it's already done, this whole thing is already completed and you are here as members of a body, one body, sharing in a purposed end and when you go back you are that one body. You and I actually form the one body that is God so we the sons of God came down and when we rise we are God the father. That's the only way we could experience the "hold" is by shattering ourselves and becoming fragmented and then going through the entire journey and in the end returning and returning into unity and that unity is god the father".

"So when we are told to stone him to death (the disobedient son of man) well the stones are only the literal facts of life".

This is simply about your experience being bad you should take him before the father (the imagination) and stone him to death (present the facts of life as an experience of the imagination) in order to correct that experience. It's something so profound I just found that. You determine the facts of life.

"You are the lord Jesus Christ. Until you know it from experience dwell upon it, just dwell upon it, go to sleep in the consciousness of being and you will know beyond all doubt in the not distant future who you are, you will know the truth of the things I'm talking about. Everyone will, that's why I'm here, that's why I've been sent, I've been called and sent in the same way that Paul said he was called and sent in the same way the central figure said I have been sent and when you see me if you can really see me you'll see him who sent me so know the one who sent me when you see me because all will be alike and yet no loss of identity".

"And so he has suffered these things and so stuffer is to experience sensation, to know them from actual experience".

"These are garments that we annex, we penetrated these bodies and annexed the brains of them but you are the sons of god who did it and to do it you can't pretend you're doing it you've got to completely empty yourself of your glory to take this form of the cross and you can't pretend, you must play the allotted time and after you've played it the fullness of time then you will hear the call".

That's the promise, it starts once you've experienced all you set out to experience. 

"Who is Joseph?. Read the genealogy in Matthew, it begins this is the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, now read the genealogy. joseph is the father of Jesus but in the genealogy his father is Jacob, that is Joseph father is Jacob yet in the dream when the angel appears to Joseph in a dream he says Joseph son of David, fear not to take unto the Mary my wife for that which is conceived by her is the Holy spirit but he addresses him as Joseph son of David and the book begins, the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ son of David but Joseph in scripture is the dreamer he is the beginning of the forgiveness of sin for he says to his brothers in the end of the great plot, the very end the 50th chapter he says you meant evil against me but God makes it for good and he forgave him, that's the beginning of the forgiveness of sin and he was called the dreamer and when the dreamer awakes he is the lord Jesus Christ so he becomes his own father. What was Joseph called in Numbers? Moses changed his name from Joseph, it's called Josefa to Joshua and Joshua means Jesus and Jesus is the lord God Jehovah, can you see the mystery unfolding?".


In Buddhism they say the 5 Skanda's are evils, they are the senses, the source of suffering. The senses are the suffering, but as NG said suffering means to just experience. It's suffering because we're bound to the cross as sons of God but it's for purification and expansion and not for suffering.


Well, after further contemplation I've come to understand HOW God, the father, is in fact the imagination. I was wrong, I said god isn't the imagination, even though I knew god was process but God is process in imagination above all things as the process which emanates all other processes, therefore imagination as the creative essence experiencing reality through the various emanations must be God as it's all integrated. That's one thing I'll admit error to as I once said I didn't think God is the imagination. The bible has taught me that is the case as I didn't fully grasp that the father is the process above the son, but of course they're one, one process integrated within another. 


Neville Goddard lecture - Know what you want - March 6, 1972

"So what do I mean by our real beliefs? Our real beliefs of what we live by. Real belief and knowing are one. What a man really believes is just as though he knows it. It's tantamount to knowing. So, when I tell you believe, I call it faith, I call it belief, it is not complete till it becomes experience. One must experience it and then they know it. Now you will hear the same thing tonight. Everyone present will hear exactly the same thing, but no two will hear it in the same depth. Some will hear it on the surface, others will hear it below the surface, and others will hear it down in the very depths of their being, it's where you hear it. As we are told the word came to them as it did to us but it did not profit them because it was not mixed with faith"

Genuine experience is faith, is knowing, is the experience of a state of being and the sense of self. People ask how do I manifest without effort, the answer is right there in his own words. Spend a few minutes disengaging from your corporeal existence in the world and become present within the core of your being, relax fully, especially the pelvic floor and the abdominals and the shoulders and the back of the legs. Engage the imagination and experience what you truly desire without compromise. Compromise on your desire and a limited implication for the imaginal scene are the only things that can go wrong but depth as Neville puts it is required to believe, in his own words. This doesn't necessarily just mean vivid sensory experience but enough so you feel it real, however deep that is for you. Imagine yourself first looking at your hands and torso and feet, move them around and get the FEEL (knowing intuitively the depth of experience to be genuine) of BEING there in another reality. Now from this experience of being there, experience the animation loop. You want to populate your imagination further and fully experience the end which would imply the desire has been fulfilled without a shred of compromise. Drop all the conditions and completely fulfil your desire to the point that it couldn't be anything except supremely satisfying.

Bring into the scene the context of what the lifestyle you'd live to be like in this experience of being too and expand the experienced scope to feel (knowing intuitively these contextual non sensory experiences) greater context for the scene and this will grant you greater implication and feeling. Context really brings this feeling out not just the senses, the more implied context you can stabilise the better. The more you bring a genuine experience not just with the senses but with context of your lifestyle and overall experience in that moment being as a knowing just as you know who you are today to be the feeling you get but in your end. This greater context is the magic ingredient to getting precision manifestations to unfold for the context is what really brings implication on a non sensory level to the experience through feeling, the sense of self, the state of being. There cannot be any more to manifesting than this. You can take upon yourself this feeling at any time simply by reminding yourself of the context of the scene.

Try it and feel it for yourself.


"The symbol of the creative power of god" is a snake


People want to use subliminals and affirmation tapes and all the rest of the worldly things to help them manifest but that's not the point. They're all missing the point of experience, it's not about manifesting the easy way or whatever it's about the transcendental principle we're cultivating. We're knowing ourselves, not manifesting. Being yourself without compromise on all levels in imagination and without is living with divinity and using hacks to try and cheat the system is only proving you're ignorant of the function of your existence. We're here to master the internal vision because that's true vision, that's the only real world. That's where we experience the promise and God. That's where the world is experienced for real because it's more real than real, why would one place faith in the world when the imagination is the only real world.



Neville refers to Christ as the power of God. "Christ must be redeemed, and although he is the redeemer he also is one to be redeemed because he is only energy he is power. Infinite creative power is Christ, the power of God."

This also makes me think of Jing as Christ, structure, power, virility.

"So when I tell you God is all imagination and God is man and exists in us and we in him. The eternal body of man is the imagination and that is God himself. The divine body Jesus and we are his members." Therefore Jesus must reference a state of consciousness. "for everyone can imagine therefore all are members of the one body",

This makes me see reality as us as the creative power creating our reality through imagination which means there's no fear.

"man creates unwittingly just as well as he does wittingly but in this world of ours we should learn to create consciously, but I can't deny that the un-so-called unconscious creation is just as effective. We walk the earth and you see a headline we don't know the people involved and we react, that reaction felt intensely was a creative act on our part, and we don't know the people at all, and so if you do it willingly or unwittingly it's still creative. Therefore become aware of what you're doing oh I consider everyone become more and more aware so at all times you are selective"

This means that an impression is as simple as feeling the reality of something, meaning any seeming passive thought that you've felt the reality of (charged or not) will integrate and push out. He mentions that we simply read a headline in a newspaper and out of that reaction causes a manifestation to unfold.



Here's a manifesting method I just thought of

If when you imagine your SP or the money you want being yours and it feels fake or you feel lack or anything of such then do this to make it show up the way you want.

Write down a list over about 5 days of everything that you find unfulfilling in your life that you'd like to change and also every part of your life that you've been compromising on in order to fit into others expectations and other such conditions that you really want to express yourself in, no matter how big or small that desire is if it's present then write it down and work with it.

Write down the list and number them from most important to least important.

Work on imagining the things that are on the bottom of the list first, so the least important ones, and imagine a scene that's implying that part of you is fulfilled. In that scene bring into your mind the context of everythiing on the list being fulfilled though. Refine your sense of self in that place to be elevated and work with having the sense of self knowing that these parts of you are fulfilled when in the scene in the back of your mind, as a contextual implication on an intuitive level when imagining the scene for each one.


Manifest one of these on the list each night and forget about that one on the list until you feel more satisfied in this area and then move on.


"it doesn't matter what you're doing and
where you are but want to do it get into a lovely quiet relaxed frame no
so-called holy attitude forget that you're holy when you're in love
god is love so you would love it for someone else that is all that you need that mood, wouldn't it be wonderful if
she actually had it if he had it if they had it"
Neville defines mood here as really the experience of a good thing happening, then later he speaks of working yourself up into an emotional state.
"you work yourself up into a certain emotional state and then suddenly you explode and you feel everything go out40:12
and you cannot repeat it there's no desire to repeat it it was an actual
psychic sexual act but there's no physical act there is no evidence of any physical act
but it's the same thrill that you would worry a physical act
work yourself right under that state and then let it go and do not raise one finger to make it
so any more than you would after impregnation what could you do after
pregnancy is taking place nothing leave it alone and let it take place in its own good time"
To me this seems a lot like a phase conjugate interaction, which would make sense as that's how information condenses into one greater structure. This is what "orgasm" is in a physical and the kind that NG speaks of, which is nothing more than two forms of charge compressing into one whole, that condensation being the creative act. In sigil magic they say to use orgasm to charge the sigil, well perhaps this method can work too. I was trained by the alchemist that using this method though was likely to shift things around in ways that could possible cause more harm than good because you're not controlling it, the charge will do whatever it wants to although perhaps when this is coming from a perspective of greater consciousness then it'll be of divine proportionate interaction. I don't know to be honest I just know that it's a form of phase conjugate interaction which is how all this stuff plays out.
When Neville spoke of the monster and the beautiful woman it reminded me of the underworld journey. He says every bit of conscious energy we misused fed the monster as it was the personification (the archetype of consciousness) of all the evil thoughts and sins (unfulfilled desire) was held in that monster and the moment he saw that monster as redeemed all that energy came back to him and the beautiful woman was now free from disproportionate. That's the bride. These things represent archetypes I'm not very familiar with on an alchemical level but I would say that the monster would be represented as the "guardian" which comes to scare you when you don't have faith in things unseen, in a literal and figurative sense. The bride would probably represent the subconscious capacity, it's proportionate so it would likely relate to the perfect template or the robe of glory which glows.
Neville says that we need to test ourselves to see if we are holding to our faith.. He says we can be tested now by saying do we know that our imagination is God? If we know this then we pass and we have faith, otherwise we're lacking in faith. This can simply be represented I believe as a perception of lifestyle and almost a baseline contextual sense of self we carry. The context at a baseline level is represented as this.
I see this as are we making decisions that serve us, as in are we imagining the relaity that we desire with such reality that we know it happened and thus have faith and believe. The relaity of experience is critically important for specific deliberate creation as NG says himself, he says that creation happens no matter what but to manifest with conscious precision then we must master our imagination and hold to it's faith, meaning to the testimony of the reality of experience without wavering. This imaginal act happened, it was real and I know it was and therefore it will come to pass, period. That's faith. That's why you don't need to "feel" non stop some magic state because it's impossible as your charge is up and down and your perceptions and states waver all the time, unless you're perfectly refined. Understand that a simple imaginal act that you'd swear by as a reality you experienced and to know that experience will come to pass as God is imagination then you win. 

So basically this whole manifesting thing is nothing more than imagining the relaity of experience that implies the fulfilment of a part of you that feels unfulfilled and to know that experience was real. If you forget and "drop it" as to say and you don't bring it up again until it manifests then you still have faith as your faith was not tested but if your faith was tested even if you're in a bad mindset and feel lack but you know and swear that imaginal act was real and that you testify for it's reality then you still have faith as it's the faith in things unseen that is the only thing that matters. This is why the mindset I was in when I manifested my SP from which was what I call the "rebellious mindset" was basically me "owning" my manifestation and being "done" with the circumstances. Owning your desire and having both faith AND courage to show up and fulfil unfulfilled pats of you in faith that your end is real. The intensity not of the charge but of this faith, this knowing, this intuitive contextual association to a concept that comes to mind about your desire fulfilled is as real as anything else. This whole faith thing seems to be the cornerstone of the whole deal with Reality Synthesis here.


"Dare" to assume it to me rings with a bit of rebellion in it, like my mindset. This must have some validity to it but it's not the charge it's the intuitive sense the context that's the feeling. I have a feeling about this. That idea is intuitive sense, a hunch, but a hunch based on an experience. I just know this to be true, that this is the fact of life. To be stoned in the bible they say is to have the facts of life thrown at you which tests your faith. Do you have faith? Your faith is your fortune. 

That's just about it with the idea of faith. It's like the child who has a dream to make something and won't give up for nothing, they'll believe till their last days. Be that child, as it says in the bible become like little children.


So let's make this abundantly clear. All sensory impressions we feel the relaity of to any capacity is integrated and will push out to one degree or another. The more coherency one has in that direction of the concept and feeling the more likely they'll have more typical experiences with it as there's no contrast. NG says that reading a negative newspaper headline that causes us to react in a way where we "feel" bad for them, as in we feel the reality of that and the fact of life, we will respond accordingly as we plant the seed. Feeling means feeling the relaity of something, though he also speaks of feeling as emotion at times and he says that emotions manifest too, though emotions are always based on temporary states of charge and aren't experienced in the same sense as sensory impressions. Emotions manifest more so as charge in a temporary state, to bring intensity to the experience so to say, but that's not required to feel the relaity of something. Intensity is another aspect you can work with for if you manifest with intensity as NG has said we wishes we all had the intensity of Louise Barley or something like that name, then we'd all manifest what we desire. This intensity comes about from leading yourself into a state further, bringing greater context that touches on contrast of experience to generate the charge out of difference in experience.


Someone who first manifests 1 million dollars from being broke will have immense charge and intensity of experience, intensity of experience is often the ones that leaves us to remember things better after all. You'll know that if you think back to your early days the memories that stick out the most are the ones that have a certain charge associated to them, these come from experiences that are highly charged in the reality of experience, or faith. The faith in that physical  experience was present to such a degree and the contrast of that experience was so great that it shook you to your core. That's more or less intensity and intensity is born out of contrast and charge which are of course only temporary experiences.

This temporary nature though is what causes our subconscious capacity to be stretched to a degree in that moment. Our senses actually become less perceptive but the depth of our experience in that moment stretches, you'll be more present and things will seem to hit you in a way that you'll likely experience somatic sensations. 

We should work with this in the inverse, an inverse trauma as I say. To do as NG says and create an inverse trauma experience in imagination. I do believe that this is the core essence of doing the manifesting technique to it's peak efficacy in terms of it's transformational power, that this integrated experience will have a far greater modulating effect on surrounding beliefs and pathways than a non charged experience. A low charge experience will integrate easier I find but the transformational effects of it will be more limited and likely not show up with that same level of contrast and intensity to say. This intensity likely is mirrored in our manifest experience, that the contrast leads to more transformational experiences is my point.

I haven't much experience with this as I mostly manifest without charge and find efficacy as many others I speak to do as well but I find that the really stuck beliefs require a sort of booting with high intensity experience to dislodge and shatter the rooted beliefs. The inverse trauma, but that has to have faith behind it still, to know that was real as NG says without faith there is nothing though faith in the inverse trauma sense would be unlikely to need to be consciously cultivated as the imaginal act was so charged you'd have faith anyway. This is likely why when we identify with highly negative traumatic experiences they get stuck with us and that charge needs to be dissolved instead of state interferometry doing the work with low charge integrations. The naturalness of things comes from the coherency that comes from that experience mediating your current state into it.

I've heard of people who manifested things in bad states of mind and things that they didn't believe would happen too, that they just imagined their end and it pushed out. This would also likely have influence from surrounding beliefs as context is what we experience here, and an in the moment charged state doesn't have any influence on things.

What's the point of media, it's to move us. Move us towards a certain feeling about something, to be influenced by it. We use media to bring us context, the archetypes expressed in media remind us of parts of us we desire to fulfil and so it moves us to bring those into coherency. Using media for distraction is an utter waste of time and only proves that you're stuck in the same cycles of lack and you've no courage or faith.


Neville says all states are a "permanent fixture of the universe" and that you can't blame the man but the state for his misfortune. Simply move out of that state and into to another. He says we are travellers and we take upon ourselves (incorporeal existence) states of being (corporeal identification) so that we may experience. I see a state as an experience of corporeal existence, Neville defines it as an attitude of mind and the beliefs we hold to be true, as in the things we find are true about the facts of life on a baseline level. He says states cannot be destroyed. He says we can see a man in the state we would like to see him in our minds eye, any state we desire, and to experience him in that state and he will drift into that state.

"while you're in that state you're going to illuminate that state and you'll reap the fruit of that state". He says "How do I enter that state? It's all a mood" He says "I contemplate the thing (the desire) and then what would it be like if it were true? Then if I dare to assume that it is true that's my way to success. The feeling of the wish fulfilled is saying it's man roads to success. 

He says that the one who is a billionaire is the same one who is broke, they're both the same being occupying a state. There's only god occupying states of consciousness. He says "and without faith (the reality of imaginal experience) it is impossible to please him (god).

Now he says "Faith is loyalty to unseen realities. It is an act of self abandonment, it's an act of self commission, a man cannot commit himself to something he cannot love and scriptural faith is faith in God (imagination).

He says "how would you see the world as if you were the man you would like to be. Here in your minds eye, and then yield yourself completely to the depth of your own being. How do I do that? You fall asleep in the assumption, I dare to assume I am the man that at the moment reason denies and then fall asleep in that assumption leaving it completely to the depth of my own being to externalise it in my world. I will awake tomorrow morning under compulsion to do certain things which I have not formulated, I haven't determined, I'll find I'll meet the right people I'll do this I'll do that and it'll all add up towards the externalisation of my assumption". That's the means by which this seems to play out, and it means that SATS (open or or not) for more fundamental shifts is a requirement.

"What am I going to imagine? But remember when I imagine I must imagine and then completely yield, that is faith, for by faith we understand that the world was created by the word of God". Yielding means basically being in a SATS state where you're negating objective reality in order to self abandon corporeal being and surrender your state to subjective synthesis.

"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God, it's God himself and his son and his son is David. I have found in David a man after my own heart who will do all my will, any will good bad or indifferent, it's that power in you for he is defined in scripture as the power of God and the wisdom of God. So the power and the wisdom to create anything in this world is housed within man, that is David. When man comes to the end of the journey there's an explosion within his head and then that power and that wisdom of God comes out personified as that eternal youth who is his son, his son is David, and you are the one who awakes and you are the lord, the lord called Jesus".



Imaging over the day when you're in all these random states was never taught in the bible nor did NG speak of it. This whole feeling it and maintaining it was never scriptural. It was an act, and to have faith in that act and to have courage to fulfil your desires and deny the senses. That's what this was all about. This was never about effort. You're only thinking about these things all day because you're not living the life you want, you're not daring to assume you have what you want. Make your practise simple, imagine when in a receptive state and surrender to it as NG says. Gaze and imagine, lose yourself in that scene and become the person from that scene. If anything the actions that you take are all correspondent to the seeds you planted that are playing out within you, the state you wear and play the part of. This is who you are, you are the manifestation of your imaginal acts that have been completely surrendered to.

This is why NG says to imagine when gazing or when lying down with your eyes closed or when you're drifting off to sleep. Imagining during the day when it's not an opportune time when something you desire arises and you spend time on it is mostly a waste of energy. The benefits from this will likely only arise from already having successfully performed SATS and fulfilled your desire uncompromisingly, therefore these acts and thoughts you have over the day are manifestations in and of themselves from a completely different act. This is why you'll notice when at night you get charged and fall asleep in that charged state with the state of being of having what you desire you wake up and you perform different actions over the day. The sleeping inn the state is what manifested that, not the waking thoughts as the waking thoughts only lead you into that state you slept in.



Everything I talk about regarding concepts and sneeze of self and all that comes not from in the moment decisions or imaginal acts as you're not receptive you've not negated the reality of being who you are now. There's a split in consciousness no objective negation. Gazing during the day periodically is the best thing you can do to manifest without needing to go lie down and sleep. Gazing works and you'll find that quickly if you do it enough. It expands capacity and sensitivity to input stimulus too meaning you'll actually have a more vivid imaginal experience when doing gazing vs imagining with your eyes closed, though if there's no satisfaction coming from that act in imagination from that place then no seeds of benefit can follow. The rules of implication and such with faith still apply. NG calls waking consciousness the surface, he calls falling asleep the depth of your being. Anything between that is more beneficial but the closer to the depth of your being you can get when deliberately imagining what you desire will be of greater benefit. This is taught in scripture and is the way that we should be manifesting, despite what most people teach about active manifesting methods like non stop affirming and such and feeling the state all day, If you have a single act of imagination which would imply the wish to be fulfilled you'd win.

NG did say that everything impresses if there's a reaction of genuine experience but he has always taught that the depth comes from sleep. He has never said that any waking method works best, and that's because to fundamentally touch the core of your essence as god you should fall asleep in it as dreaming is when we detach from corporeal being and dream our dreams, that is the depth. Yin.

"You are the author of it all, you are God. God the creator, and God the creator is a father and the father's son is simply the sum total of all the experiences of humanity fused into a single being and that single being personified is David, there is no other Christ, David is the Christ, the anointed". "These are the words of the lord speaking (89th psalm) I have found David with my holy oil I have anointed him. (that's done) He shall cry unto me thou art my father my God and my rock of salvation (future)".



It seems to me that my idea of baseline context is the idea that NG speaks of about our state, and that when we shift state it shifts at least a part of this baseline. The question is to what extent because what actually shifts is out or out control as it’s all interferometric patters playing out that modulate surrounding field geometry to mediate your pathway through to the end. The surrounding context is really what determines the how, NG uses an end scene to create an automatic pathway through the middle which will by implication shift all disproportionate field geometries to confirm this sense of self embodied in the state, however it’ll show up. 

I’ve basically proven that when manifesting a thing it’ll always come in the way most natural as NG says but that’s representing all surrounding beliefs and assumptions on that baseline level, so unless the end implies the fulfilment of multiple areas of resistance within you then the end of the thing that’s favourable to your desire but only fulfilling it in a way that’s not implying the fulfilment of surrounding beliefs then it’ll warp that end and the pathway to it will likely confirm this feeling of lack in other ways. This is why implication is so important.

Yesterday I wrote on why it’s important to go deep  into the state of the wish fulfilled and to “completely yield” as NG says with faith meaning the experience you had was real and not just something you imagined as upu felt it to be real.


From here the thing to work with isn’t so much the day to day stuff as the actions we take as NG says are determined by our integrated assumptions and such, free will comes from your ability to observe contrast. If the current experience isn’t aligning to intuitive impulse for desire or act then your free will can come from in that moment imagining that to be fulfilled, though doing it with charge and an active mind isn’t favourable. You want to gaze and enter into the between space to influence the subconscious from the unconscious with the conscious. That’s the process that ALL (conscious and deliberate) manifestation follows it must always draw you into the reality of experience from a subjective experience by negating the objective experience. This is denying the senses, faith, the reality of experience. You see. 

The essence of manifesting in a conscious way more or less has to do with “waking up in the dream” and having that flashpoint moment where you realise who you are is not who you want to be. You’re seemingly able to make actions in these states during the day, though it’s often coming from charged states which can be beneficial I’ve found in breaking pattern but bringing in new seeds from this state that relate to your desired end isn’t ideal. That’s best to be done when gazing or at night. Gazing before bed is probably the best time to get a long session in as I’ve found doing it in the morning isn’t as beneficial though can still be of benefit. Just spending time detached from corporeal reality will expand subconscious capacity and such anyway so doing periodic gazing during the day will be of great benefit. 


My method is to periodically spend time gazing at my hand often times between my fingers to get that blurring effect as I gaze "behind" my hand and eventually I begin to see afterimages. This is when II know I've gotten deep enough because the images only show up when your gaze is fixed and not moving which is a sign you're less attached to objective sensory experience. Working with this method over the day and not specifically bringing any scene to mind but to bring context into your mind and allow that to uplift you without bringing too much charge I find is the way to go about this.


What I understand now more than ever is that God is made manifest through the metaphysical means I discuss in Reality Synthesis. The physics is a constant just as the metaphysics is a constant as God is made manifest through all these means. Trying to use the means to work god is having it backwards. God (imagination) works the means. That is my insight. The means such as the gazing or the qigong are simply archetypical representations of states, and so by doing these things we experience states and that manifests.


"Just all of a sudden start right now and assume the dignity that is God, that's what your real background is, God, and so assume it and then walk in that assumption and if you have children, I hope you do, then instil that into the child, instil it into all in the environment and have them feel important". "All of a sudden you begin to feel you must be important". The experience of being important and the context around that is what we're manifesting. CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING.

"What would it BE like if it were true" That's a better idea of "feel" as it's more tangible. What would it BE like meaning what would you experience if it were true. This is building context and that works. "How would I feel if I were now the man I would like to be" Take this idea of feel and be together as one and create an experience of both as one.


NG says when you are born from above you don't lose your identity, he didn't say state. People think states are identifications, as I once did too. It seems a state is simply an arrangement of concepts and your relationship to them, an archetype, for he calls the characters in scripture states and that we move in and out of states all the time. This would simply mean that a state in NG terms would be the characteristics that define the context we view the world from, because he's never said a state is an identity.

“You must mentally adjust your thoughts to proceed from the desired state, all within yourself. You fell into your present state either deliberately or unwittingly; and because you are its life, the state became alive and grew like a tree, bearing its fruit which you do not like. Its fruit may be that of poverty, or distress, heartache, or pain. There are all kinds of unlovely fruit. But you can detach yourself from your unlovely harvest by making an adjustment in your human imagination.”

This seems to imply that sensory stimulus that causes us to react puts us in states. A state therefore is a shift in context or a view of reality. That's how I'm going to define a state. Fundamentally it all goes back to being yourself without compromise. What do you desire? Fulfil it, imagine it's fulfilment in a scene, an act, and in your attitude. Use all your imaginary faculties. As far as I see it active imagining can also be seen like this with states, when you imagine your end and it causes you to internally react and you "shift" states into viewing reality differently. It's the same as a reaction to seeing negative news and it affects how you view relaity, except you consciously stimulate yourself to live from that. It's not a constant feeling but a stimulus you consciously conjure which implies favourable context and you then will then make decisions and take actions from that to fulfil it which correspond to that state. This is how I see states according to the definitions NG described here.


NG says that this world cannot be edited from above, you need to come into it and occupy it, but you forget that you were from above because you're now under the context of the dead world. The secret here I think lies here, in the phenomena of context, what is real to you is what you will experience. The inner experience that you imagine from above from below brings about the change in the below. If we forget when we occupy a state in corporeal being then that means it's a blank template, the only thoughts that are determined from above are those of the process of god playing out in us, our fundamental desires. We can say therefore that the concept of occupying a state is based on experience, testimony, and that when we occupy a state we are only able to do that through the idea of what we want shifting our perception of it so that we align to being that occupied state. This whole state of the wish fulfilled thing cannot be seen any way other than your experience of the world being different, as in your (sense of self) perceptions surrounding concepts changes and the implication of those automatically fills in the middle through interferometry.

So in essence manifesting is simply creating a state of being you desire to occupy and dying to it, literally. You forget who you were (in essence) and take upon yourself the new being you desire to experience reality from. When you think of what you want it's from a place of separation, from meaning as being, to be, vs to see. To occupy vs to observe. Sensory stimulus is an observation but that observation causes us to react and if that reaction corresponds to that which would cause us to be ourselves without compromise then we win. We occupy the state by seeing reality from the perspective of that person. Imagine that you're someone else, how would they see the world? Imagine that your perception is now theirs, that you've got their mindset about money or love or whatever and that you're now beyond your limitations and conditions. Automatically you feel different, this is contrast. You feel like someone new, not in an emotional sense but the context shifts and the automatic thoughts that come from that you are lead through confirm the state. If the automatic thoughts are those of lack and limitation then you're not occupying the state as would be obvious, NG says our reactions to stimulus corresponds to the state we're in.

If you were now occupying the state of a person you are inspired to be like then you'd experience reality from their perceptions. You'd feel as though having money was a given, that it was simply because you've got that assumption and ways and means to manifest money arise in your mind all the time. If we occupy a state from this therefore during the day in our waking moments and flow with the intuitive impulses that arise from this with faith and courage in that state without compromise then is that not manifestation? What's the difference between that and falling asleep in that state? Depth of experience. That's the only difference, it's the anchoring capacity of it. That can be the only difference.

I would say therefore that a vision board in your room would be beneficial. The images that simulate the senses and remind you of the desires you have will drive you to more reliably occupy the state of having them, just as when you look at someone who you hold to be inspirational inspires you to be your best. It's the same idea, it's nothing more than a shift in world context, your view of reality and what's possible to you by nature of that context. What else can it be? Mindless affirmation will integrate concepts and those will push out because those thoughts flood your mind but the intensity and depth of this occupation is absolutely not one of abundance for the context associated to someone doing that is lack, else they'd not be constantly needing to tell themselves they are that. The affirmation is a means of leading, that's all it can be. There's a certain manifesting value based on simply receiving sensory stimulus like from a subliminal without any occupation but the degree of shift that can come from this would be limited would it not, for without an assumption that will already cause those thoughts to trigger associations of beneficial context then there's going to be partial manifesting value from subliminals at best because it's not the word but the stimulus that word represents, the reaction as NG says.


So what more is there to manifesting then? The metaphysics I have written endlessly on is nothing more than means by which manifestation of God is revealed. To apply manifesting from the metaphysics though will technically have manifesting value because of the archetypal association that these metaphysics have on the discrete states that NG has spoken of but there's no occupation of experience and therefore no testimony. That's why we came down from above, to experience the testimony of the Christ. The power and wisdom of God (imagination). This is why NG speaks not of playing audio tapes which people could have done back then but to imagine. If subliminals were that powerful as many believe then why do most people who listen to them not see benefit unless there's a reaction that can come from the content of those tapes which deepens their experience of a desired state by leading them through with the affirmations. That's all these subliminals can do is lead your reaction, they are guided stimulus and therefore can elicit a specific reaction from you which is your testimony, that's your occupation of the state. Therefore subliminals have little to no manifesting value outside of the baseline associations we would assign to the content and thus context of the tape.


There was a story about NG being chased by animals. He suddenly woke up in the dream and realised that this was all his power and so he decided in that moment to stop them and they all froze still. The life is in you. He says that the spirit is the animating force and as we withdraw from it then it dies, this is the world of the dead. He says "That is myself made visible" and that also corresponds to the idea of everyone is you pushed out. Everyone is you (god and the creative power(Christ)) pushed out.

He says "the problem is would you believe it, would you believe in the relaity of the thing imagined?" (the imaginal act of your desire fulfilled). The belief of the quality of consciousness I spoke of above about occupying and transforming the context by which you experience relaity from to be from that of your ideal reality. It's not necessarily just the content but the context, how YOU associate to IT. To BE it. "what is dwelling in it? Well I'm dwelling in it, that's Christ and that is the resurrecting power of the universe so if I remain in the state I will resurrect it".

"What would you feel like now if you were the man you want to be, how would you see the world if things were as you desired them to be. This is what I mean by living in the end". So it's context. It's all context that you lead yourself into via sensory stimulus and simply assuming or "waking up in the dream" so to say as I've spoken about but on the context of being the ideal man. That's it.

That's the best definition of this. I strongly believe that the magic underlying this whole thing comes from the spirit of God, or that quality of consciousness concerning the experience or the testimony of the Christ.


So here's the answer. Why does "owning" and "being yourself without compromise" make you win and manifest your desires? It's because you're leading yourself into the desired state. You can occupy a state in a moments notice, that doesn't mean you're creating an end scene with vividness but that you're walking with the state of being who you desire to be and you know it because you're owning it completely. People will change just from you owning your desires without compromise even if you don't imagine them differently but owning it and imagining them to be the way you want is a win win. Both go hand in hand as the imaginal scene will come to you from the feeling and the feeling will come out of that scene for it's all you occupying the state and performing state interferometry. The extent that the reality of this is fulfilled and the depth that you own it to represents faith as if you're fully owning your desired state and a stimulus that would previously trigger you shows up and it no longer causes you to waver then you have faith. If however you shift in that moment and you occupy a different state and that stimulus (the stones/facts of life in scripture) causes you to waver in your faith then you've sinned and missed the mark.

This is all about owning for the more you own without compromise and fully express everything within you that seeks expression in life then the more you'll occupy that state for you're not thinking of it but from it because you're being it. Gods will is BEING done, to BE. What would it be like to BE. To occupy. Again think of the inspirational figure, take upon yourself in this very moment the context of reality that they would experience. You would instantly without any hesitation start to feel impulses to act in different ways. This is the fulfilment, however when you fully own this state without compromise those tugs of war with yourself about owning it will vanish. Don't let the facts of life determine what is and isn't possible for you are God and you determine the facts of life.


I don't know how much more simply I can say it than that. That's manifestation. Out of all the work I've done on this notebook and all the bits and pieces I've written on there's nothing more fundamental than that. 


More on the promise

"All the sons come down into this world and they go back after they've completed the journey and they can't get back until they are born from above". He also says that the personality doesn't die even upon death, so this whole thing about states and identity as he speaks of must be different. It seems your identity is predetermined then, that it's these experiences we have add onto the identity and expand it's experience, it's testimony. That's the point it seems for NG says that until we've experienced everything (meaning?) we cannot be born from above because that's the end of the act. So it seems we've a preordained part of the act to play, that's our experiences, which our personality as sons of god go through to experience. This would also mean our body is determined to be the same too, at least in a corporeal manner as he says that when we die we are born again around 20 in a body that's perfectly beautiful.


Neville says "there is no transforming power in death" Neville says "when a man dies he doesn't cease to be he is solidly real restored in a body just like this only he is young, he is about 20. He drops off at 90 he finds himself 20, restored to life, but he hasn't changed one iota. His ideas that were present before he died are his ideas after them, whatever they were. If he was stupid here then he is just as stupid there, is he was a thief here then he is a thief there". This would mean that it's as I always thought, but to a limited degree, that our assumptions carry over as I called it. It's nothing more than the state of being continued so you pick up where you left off so to say. The part I didn't get was that you're physically restored, because the endless birth cycle of being a child and influenced by the world and all that over and over warped that model but this model NG speaks of under this context makes perfect sense. He says "they don't even know they have departed this section of time".


"I am not telling you the Dream well I am Telling You of the world wherein you will awake and when you awake you'll be clothed in your Immortal body and that is heaven heaven is not a realm it's not an area wherever you are clothed in your glorified body is heaven because nothing remains imperfect in your presence if you walk through the Petrified Forest it would all burst into foliage if you walk in the desert the desert would Blossom everything would become beautiful and things long dead or not even visible but suddenly pray because you w by so wherever you go clothe in your glorified body"

"It was all foreseen. Then you forgot it as you were nailed upon the cross and then you played your part that you had to play and you loved and you hated, you were injured and you injured. You were the judge and you were judged and you have gone through the entire gamut of things that man can experience, but I mean the whole and when you have played all and you were the big shot and the little one you come to the end and then the hunger possesses you for the word of God and then it unfolds within you and you realise you are the lord Jesus Christ of whom the scriptures speak, but no one who actually knows who he is would ever reveal it to the world, he doesn't reveal it for he knows exactly who he is and he goes about his business telling it to the few who would listen but he doesn't go out and try to demonstrate anything on the outside. Let's go into the silence".

I want to speak a little more on dropping seeds and all that. I've said this before but I want to make it more clear. So simply speaking dropping it means to not dwell on it out of this feeling of need. If the association comes up to test your faith then it's ok to affirm it again but if you're bringing it up out of the ground to look at again and again and again because you're still unfulfilled then you're going to likely fail. That's the fact, you'll find this over and over if you analyse the patterns of those who are successful from those who are not. The nature of how things work here is simple. You imagine what you want and you're leading yourself into a state and then you're falling asleep in that state to anchor it into your baseline. You will then begin to act from that state and things will fulfil in tangible ways without you realising because you'll simply be being yourself, the quality of consciousness you fell asleep in will determine this.

Doing the gazing will have a similar effect.


Here's an idea. What if we ask ourselves about the states we move into and out of over the day and identify them. We say I wake up and usually go into this or this or this state, depending on the day. Write those states down. Now ask yourself what sensory stimulus drives you into that state? What feeling about yourself and the world do you have. Then lead into the next state and so on. Let's break down the day through the various states we embody and identify which of those states is out of balance. Say I have this state I think about rarely that I want to embody and play in more but I don't feel capable of it, well what would it look like to express that state. Write down what that fulfilment would be like and dwell in it more often, put a sigil on the back of your hand and gaze at your hand for this sigil will remind you of this sense of self and this state and you'll enter into impressionable mind with that. This is the more advanced gazing method.


Here's more NG:

“Now, while we’re here in states, you can change in a twinkle of an eye, change the state. But the chances are you are not going to remain in that change, for it is also made up of a body of beliefs. So if I actually now operate morning, noon and night from a certain base which is my body of beliefs, the chances are tonight when I go to sleep I’ll sleep in it. I know I can get out of it, but how long will I remain out of it to make that state into which I go a natural one?”

He speaks about the instant ability to change a state. This instant ability to change a state is what I feel as "intuitive impulse" as I call it but as he says that's going to change because of the body of beliefs (the surrounding context) which will cause you to be led into another state that's way off what you want. This point is to anchor and stabilise. That's why NG says to loop scenes as then you're holding a state and while in a suggestive state (which is nothing more than experiencing subjective synthesis of God) then it's going to integrate on a deeper level vs the surface level integration. NG speaks of depth and that depth is required for things to stick. Repetition is another way but why not do it deep a few times.


I found this quote from fundamentals: "Having discovered, through an uncritical observation of your reactions to life, a self that must be changed, you must now formulate an aim. That is, you must define the one you would like to be instead of the one you truly are in secret. With this aim clearly defined, you must, throughout your conscious waking day, notice your every reaction in regard to this aim.

The reason for this is that everyone lives in a definite state of consciousness, which state of consciousness we have already described as the sum total of his reactions to life. Therefore, in defining an aim, you are defining a state of consciousness, which, like all states of consciousness, must have its reactions to life. For example: if a rumor or an idle remark could cause an anxious reaction in one person and no reaction in another, this is positive proof that the two people are living in two different states of consciousness."


This is meaning to observe every reaction we have, which is what I was writing about before and how our reactions are the basis of what state we're experiencing reality from. In essence this means that the outlook on life that we desire to experience as default is the magic. The perception of things, the way we would react if we were that, the means by which our desires are fulfilled. The successful are the ones who know who they are in all aspects of life and to not waver in that assumption. The state of consciousness as it's said is what we are to aim for, the reference state. We wish to align all areas of our lives to conform to the reference state we desire to experience as our baseline.

I see this as also having your environment confirming to you the state you'd desire to experience, as in have your environment consist of sensory stimulus which brings up this sense of self you desire to experience.

"Having discovered that everything is a state consciousness made visible and having defined that particular state which we want to make visible, we now set about the task of entering such a state, for we must move psychologically from where we are to where we desire to be.

The purpose of practicing detachment is to separate us from our present reactions to life and attach us to our aim in life. This inner separation must be developed by practice. At first we seem to have no power to separate ourselves from undesirable inner states, simply because we have always taken every mood, every reaction, as natural and have become identified with them. When we have no idea that our reactions are only states of consciousness from which it is possible to separate ourselves, we go round and round in the same circle of problems - not seeing them as inner states but as outer situations. We practice detachment, or inner separation, that we may escape from the circle of our habitual reactions to life. That is why we must formulate an aim and constantly notice ourselves in regard to that aim."

This only confirms my reference state idea and making decisions which serve that aim. It's basically common sense stuff. I don't know which book this is from because I found it from someone mentioning this quote on a forum but it's connecting to what I've said in the past. Most of notebook page 3 is about this.

"Think feelingly only of the state you desire to realize. Feeling the reality of the state sought and living and acting on that conviction is the way of all seeming miracles. All changes of expression are brought about through a change of feeling. A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”

This one is out of feeling is the secret, he says living and acting on that conviction is the way of all seeming miracles. ACTING on that, as in referencing am I being the best me right now and if not making a decision in this moment which serves my end. Is this not true?


Ultimately as far as I can tell this can all be distilled down to this idea. Be yourself without compromise and own every desire you have till you're completely satisfied. Hold nothing back, die every moment of every day towards perfection.

The mindset stuff comes down to this. What would that refence state experience, as in the context of their life? What would the things they know consist of? This comprises the sense of self and is the basis of how our reactions are determined as it represents the things we know to be true and not true, on an intuitive level that we draw from unconsciously without even realising it. If you define all the beliefs that perfect you would have in all the areas of your life you'd like more fulfilment in and then you imagine a scene which implies their fulfilment and imagine it while in a deeply relaxed state of mind then you'll form a memory and this memory becomes your anchor as the proof of your testimony to draw from as who you are. The facts of life get thrown at you but you've got this experience and you say no I know I am this because I experienced it and so this becomes your rock, your foundation, the anchor for your reference state you return to in faith and courage against the world.

What more is there than this?


I strongly believe that NG speaks from multiple different approaches. Sometimes he speaks from the one and done mindset, to not lift a finger to make anything happen. Other times he speaks from the persistence and action taking mindset of continuously returning to the state when reason would deny, which for some people would be all day. He often speaks from stories of people who had seeming magic happen to them, and I too did but it almost always came when I was being myself without compromise. As far as I'm concerned UNLESS you're being yourself without compromise, at least to a degree of satisfaction greater than the constant feeling of lack, then you've generated contrast and that will drive your change.

Based on all the data I've been through and experiences I've had changes come through contrast of experience. When you feel into the state desired and act from it things will likely move far more greatly in your favour than sitting in your room thinking you should be out doing what you desire but don't because you think it's all coming to you even though you say that over and over and imagine with depth but don't feel it real, as in you can't fully make decisions from that state without fear which is why courage is required as if this experience was true what would you be doing in your day to day life right now being this person? You'd not be sitting waiting for magic you'd be living and often when you live without compromise in whatever means you have available things come to you. This is the common thread that runs through all the success stories I know of, it comes from people leading themselves to the point over a period of time to fully embody and embrace and own and fulfil their desires knowing they're this person they imagined themselves being. 

The manifestation stuff like morning journaling by writing down simple lists of things you'd like to manifest comes from an integration which again will follow an act of more fulfilment than sitting around unfulfilled. If sitting around doing nothing of seeming value doesn't elicit a feeling of lack in you then It'll show up at your door but if you feel that you're compromising on your expression of self in life and expect magic to happen then you'll likely manifest signs and or opposite results. This is an error most face and the moment these people wake up in the dream and take the step to walk onto the sage and present their homework as we did as children in school even though it might seem daunting things work out well in the end and things move forward far more than before. It's these acts of faith and courage which work for us especially when we've been doing all this integration work with beliefs and stuff. The moment you simply own who you are you enter into the state and the deeper you go into owning that state the more you'll be driven byintuitivee impulse to show up and be yourself without compromise. That's when the magic shows up, for most people at least.

That's not a condition either but a simple truth that I've observed and experienced many many times. It often comes from a break in pattern, whatever that may be, which reminds you of feelings of greater abundance in some capacity at a baseline level, will likely result in seeming magic happening up for you. This idea that Jason from archaix spoke of about "breaking pattern" as the way to make things show up really does hold true. He is way off with stuff but this idea really is the basis of what makes things happen, contrast. Contrast is the key, contrast of context is the key. That difference not in charge but in context, in experience and state, your way of viewing the same relaity in a different light. That's the common denominator behind this all and is what I believe to be the key to manifesting. It's metaphysically correct on every level so why wouldn't it work here too.

I'm going to make a video on this tomorrow. Watch as I change the game.


There's no more to research I've been through everything at this point. The promise is studied to a depth I'm satisfied with, for now, so I won't be doing further studies on this for a while. Make yourself aware that much of this content is going to be going into paid programs. The idea of this is to organise what I've written into a format that's much easier to digest and I'll lead you through the process. I've written free articles and this notebook has been in development for free for over a year now so I've done my part in giving what I can for free.

An exchange of value will be made for the thousands of hours I've spent studying and writing here for free and it will be worth every bit of the price for I am going to change this sphere of manifestation forever. No matter what the naysayers will present I know my truth, I know my end and I know that Reality Synthesis will come out on top in the end for I have all the keys to the puzzle and all they need to be done is organised as such. This will be my end of the notebook for now as I work on making this into a readable manner and get as many eyes on it as possible. Relaity Synthesis will take over the world just as I outlined a year ago.


NG says “Concepts determine the route that attention follows” This proves that thoughts are integrated within thoughts and follow progressions based on the sense of self or really the context of the mind and the context is the state. He says that when you feel the wish fulfilled images of that will appear in your mind automatically and this is proof of how concepts follow pathways.



I know I said I was done but I found something NG said about states that connects more dots and I need to log it here in "imaginal acts become facts". 

He says "Now these permanent states of the soul, these spiritual states, they remain. You and I pass through them towards our own redemption". This to me sounds like he's talking about the principle archetypes that the alchemist speaks of when doing theurgy work and that we interact with them so that we become coherent with divinity. That's the same thing NG talks about here as "spiritual states". He also says "In the end there is only that final state, Jesus only. You've fulfilled the law and the prophets, having fulfilled all the prophesy and all the law for you saw it now differently and you fulfilled it".

When he said "you've fulfilled the law and the prophets" I see the prophets as the archetypal integrations that are performed in theurgy work as they are personifications of principles of reality. The alchemist seems to be spot on with everything except this idea about death and how you don't end up being the one who completes it in this iteration. NG says you are rebirthed and don't even realise you've died and yet the alchemist says that your consciousness over time dissolves, or at least your lower aspects do, the transcendental aspects stick. To me NG must be right, even though it doesn't make complete sense on all levels it does on many too. The rebirth about being born again at 20 is something I've never heard anywhere else so I am still going to seek further sources to confirm this before I believe this, unless I experience it for myself I cannot know if that's the case and therefore I cannot teach it as a fact if I cannot explain it metaphysically on all levels.

He also speaks on this very interesting idea about time. This is a copy from a transcript on a video so some of the words might be off and there's bad grammar but it's still mostly the same as what you hear.

"I see these worlds into which I step and talk with people who the world called dead and I can persuade them that they died because they're not dead and so I say you know you died and they said who's dead I didn't say your date I said you died well that doesn't make sense to them and they aren't aware that they've died because they're not dead they haven't died well I can't deny that they're not dead I'm talking to them they're talking to me I'm their flesh and blood and they're real as we are real and yet I can persuade them that they went to an experience that we left behind in this section of time will cause death that we bury them went to their funerals and they can believe it because they are not dead and you are telling them that they died everything dies intestate how will you talk to it how can it be actually an animate body responding intelligently to all that you're saying when it hasn't died not to itself but to you with memory alert you know it dies and you're trying to persuade it that it is actually moved into another time slot and it's not fair it is an entirely different time slot and that time start need not be consecutive with this say 1973 when you meet him when he died in 72 no it could be the year 3000 3000 is now existing the year 1 is existing all these are still existing and you can step fear and find yourself in the air 1,000 when that is necessary for your unfoldment don't think for one moment that you've outgrown the year 1000"

He seems to be talking about how there's multiple existences of you conscious at multiple "times" at once. More or less this can be explained through the integration process that consciousness can exist within greater processes at the same time seemingly at different times but at different phase and other metrics that can determine it's "place" in time. It's a very abstract idea that's hard to draw but It can be done. Think of a progression of numbers that double each time, like 1+1=2. There's still 2 1's and each one exists separately but that also 2 now exists and each one is integrated in the 2 and the 2 then is the greater cycle that drives the procession of 1 as the supporting structure or condition for 2's existence. Think of each 1 and every number after that's integrated as an iteration of your consciousness. Think now of God as all of these numbers integrated into one process which has awareness of all the processes within it and is modulated by all of those processes in itself accordingly. So it's the father of them all as in the process of consciousness and it's expanding from them because as it enters into them it as the greater process influences more consciousness and gains experience accordingly. That's the real metaphysics of ascension. 

This is how multiple seeming consciousnesses and "dimensions" can exist without needing to go into quantum mysticism and unproven models that are metaphysically devoid of relationship to divinity. Trying to explain this to people is a challenge though because it's something only I seem to understand in this entire community, everyone buys the quantum magic farm and thinks there's nothing else because they're untrained in the sciences and have no understanding of the underlying metaphysics and alchemy which governs these things.

NG also speaks on this

"I tell you if you know your scripture everything every crime in the world possible to man is described in the Bible openly there isn't a crime you name it that is not described in the Bible opening man goes to them he doesn't have to he can discriminate and not for one if he knows their states but you sit down you listen to a certain story a man who is prejudiced and he poisons your mind and you fall into that state and accept his prejudiced mind and then you want to pay the price of that prejudice eventually you will you don't have to accept it you're going to arrest what you don't say bring me what the chef wants to get rid of tonight bring me a menu and a new order maybe he only has that one order that you want no one else wants it but you wanted I going to arrest it"

He says that the bible speaks of every evil but that these evils come about only because of states that are embodied. There are no bad people only bad states. He says that when a man poisons your mind with prejudice then you fall into that state, meaning your perception of relaity is shifted and thus your manifestations are warped. This idea all comes from being yourself without compromise or compromising in order to fit the mould of the wold around you and it's many influences, or stones, facts of life as they're called. If you know yourself nobody can cause you to waver. That's someone who's successful.

"In life you do the same thing, you don't just go in and say throw me a tie, you select one from maybe 100." "The same thing is true of these states, don't let anyone poison you and throw you into a state because you're going to pay the price of that state, you're only moving through states but they are permanent fixed number of states and the bible records them. Every character in that bible is a state and you start with Abraham and you come out at the end and the end is Jesus, Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day, he saw it and was glad".

This reminds me a lot of the thing where Abraham and others were seen in the furnace after their death, as in they must have still existed as them, in their states. This idea of rebirth might be fully doctrinal, though NG hasn't mentioned scripture yet with regards to that. Perhaps I need to go through these again.

"Imagining created these eternal states and then we go through the states from Abraham to Jesus, when we come to Jesus we awake, that is God awake in you as you. God is the father of humanity and humanity is the Son of God but the son personified as a single being is David and he comes out as David. Now the ancients have painted eternity as an old man it's not an old man it's David, eternity is the eternal youth".

"The eternal youth David, I mean David of Biblical fame, the great psalmist who's father in scripture is called Jesse and Jesse means Jehovah exists, that's what the word actually means".

"You can forgive every being in this world if you could only discriminate between the individual and the state he occupies. Take him out of a state and put him into another state and he expressed the contents of that state and he'll completely forget he was ever the other".

Distance yourself from the senses.


NG on seeds.

"You bring him in your minds eye and see him as he'd like to be seen by the world and you see him as you would like to see him and you carry on a mental conversation from the premise that he is now already the one he wants to be and to the degree that you are self persuaded that he is that, he becomes that. You don't have to raise 1 finger to make it so, you plant the seed, what do you do after you plant the seed you leave it, you don't dig it up every morning to see if it has a root you leave it, the seed must fall into the seed and die before it is made alive and if it dies it bares much fruit so you put it into the seed into the ground of your own wonderful human imagination.


"in the 37th song I mean 37 chapters of Genesis that as we approached the brother they said Behold this Rhema cover here comes the dreamer and it was guilty and they sold him into slavery so you're told in the New Testament that Jesus emptied himself and took upon himself the form of a slave that's the same story told differently took upon himself the form of a slave and became obedient unto death even Jessop on the cross this is the cross this is the garment of greatness this is the garment of forgetfulness and I actually became one who completely forgot Who I am when I assumed this form of the slave but who assumed is the dreamer and who is the dream of Joshua and who is Joshua Jesus and who is Jesus the Lord God Jehovah that is your own wonderful human imagination"


"Now here is a secret, This fabulous world of ours is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger. The whole vast world for that purpose to appease your hunger, if you know who you are you can view the world of any state in this world of infinite states, and these states are purely a means to satisfy this hunger. So if I want to be other than what I am at the moment first of all define what I want to be, what would I like to be in this world? Now begin to imagine as if they were true, I know what I want to be well then if I want to be it cease wanting to be it and appropriate it, make the feeling something that is real now suppose it were true. Begin now to imagine a thing as if it were true that is subjectively appropriating the objective hope, I hope it will be true, well now appropriate is first subjectively as though it is true. So I appropriated subjectively, as I appropriate it subjectively what am I appropriately I am appropriating the objective hope."


"can you come to sound identification with this dreamer so you not speak of something on the outside creating it but your own being is creating the dream the dream of night and this the dream of day or this is just as much a dream people as you've never bought a division but this is a patient right now this is the vision oh no I don't mean that I mean when you close your eyes and you see something like this is the vision this is just as much a vision as the vision of the night to me my visions of the night have cubic reality just like this solid real it's all that swirl it isn't a Blake bed you is strange wonder what must I do to do what you do to see as you see because you only have to raise imagination to the point of vision and the thing is done but said he the nature of visionary pencil or imagination is very little-known people do not know it it can't be intense about it unrelated to something just like this it is just like this this is vision the whole vast world efficient and you are the one creating it all so this is the dream of life when you're awake and in the dream when you are asleep and you call that the dream"


This is an interesting one.

"I take my martinis every day I don't do it six days a week not on Sunday I have no Sunday every day is my lord's day so I take it on Sunday Saturday Monday but every day I have a few martinis before like evening meal and a nice bottle of wine for my lunch that a little cheese is my lunch but a bottle of wine I thoroughly enjoy it" 

It seems like NG likes his alcoholic beverages. It seems to have no impact on his vitality or his transcendence, so it makes me wonder. I've studied the depths of TCM and such systems and understand how all the meridian systems and such interact and how alcohol is basically poisonous, I mean I produce ethanol myself and alcohol is literally just watered down ethanol and ethanol is toxic. You're drinking a toxic substance and yet everyone does it. It then makes me wonder if all the TCM and metaphysical medical systems all correspond and shift things around on that metaphysical level to conform to the end that someone has regarding their vitality. In Daoism TCM is a very integral part of the process, they follow the progression of charge in order to produce higher order substances to lead to a greater expansion of subconscous capacity. I do wonder if their state is what's driving the actual effects then, and that the rituals are nothing more than manifest representations of how that state unfolds, if they ever actually manifest real immortality. This whole thing that NG speaks about with bring rebirthed makes me question literally everything about the correspondence between working metaphysical processes and manifestation and ultimately immortality. 


"Now about a week ago I suggested a certain technique that I learned from my old friend Abdullah sitting physically in one place and assuming that I am physically seated in another place and go from place to place after a while it becomes so easy and then you can open your eyes at the place where physically you really are not and when you do so you open that eye with a shock if I'm seated in a big chair in my living room and imagine I'm seated in the bedroom when I walk the shop I open my eye while imagining I'm seated in the bedroom if I open my eye when I imagine I'm seated in the living room where the body was in the beginning there's no shock but there's a shock to open your eye where the body is not because it seems so real to you and this is how you exercise this talent going to any state"

This is about NG talking about a technique he was taught by Abdullah and it's about visualising yourself in different places in the world with vividness and exploring them as though they were real. Don't worry if they're not exactly the same just imagine yourself there. He says this is how you exercise the imagination and going into states, it's all based on visuals it seems, or audio, or assumptions. Those are what he teaches. Assumptions as far as I can tell is just minimalist context.

"and the day will come they'll take it off from this level forever for they rise completely into an imaginative world where everything is subject to their imaginative power so here this is educative Darkness for the purpose of learning how to create and you aren't being judged if you create something unlovely but create but why create something unlovely when you know you could in some wonderful way still get your goal and put it into a lovely frame you need not take away your wonderful ethical code within the framework of your code you can put your picture so you'll never be ashamed of what you've accomplished"

The whole thing about him saying this is for "the purpose of learning how to create" sounds a lot like what I've been told by theosophists way back in 2015 when I started this whole thing.

Here's NG on repetitive affirmations:

 "take Milan's wonderful statement and repeat it over and over until it becomes a part of you that's all that he did so he told my friend and things open for him"
It seems that he supports this idea, though you must have conviction for the purpose of making this a part of you. The man who did this spent 16 hours straight non stop telling himself this with utter commitment to this, unlike most who do repetitive affirmation.

NG says that God plays the part that I select. God plays the good and the bad, God is animating the parts we select.


"So did you hear the question is this system A system that can be used towards spiritual translation you cannot in any way hasten your spiritual growth spiritual maturity is a gradual state from a god of tradition to a god of experience you can't possibly by not eating certain things or by eating certain things or by attending certain class class ES or not attend any certain classes in other words hasten your spiritual growth it's coming what you can do with this principle that's why I call it both the law and the promise the promise comes first the law comes 400 years later 400 is Li the cross as long as I wear it and so he gives me a law to cushion the blows for I wait for the promise of the father and the promise of the father is to give me himself yourself as though there were no other just God the father but all these translations and these extra Century perceptions and all these things they don't interest me really what would it matter UCLA three weeks ago they gave a little weekend group they charged a $100 for three three days and they had I think five speakers it was crowdy to the guns over 500 attended the class at UCLA and not one man on that panel not one is a man of vision in his present State a vision would scare him to death but he knows all about extra sensory perception and talks about it learnedly but I've always maintained there's an awful lot of learning ignorance in this world"


Here NG talks about extrasensory experiences and how they have no relationship to being reborn and fulfilling scripture with a real vision. Spiritual maturity as the alchemist calls it comes from experience as he said too, it seems they both agree.


"there are two gifts that God gave to men alone and to no other mortal creature these are mind and speech I with these gifts these are equivalent to in mortality what a man uses these gifts writing he will differ in nothing from the immortal and when he sheds his body there will be his guides and by then he will be taken into the truth of the goddess and into the souls of those who have attained to bliss"

"now we're invited to be imitators of God as their children and use the same technique for we have been given a gift that makes us immortal the gift is mind and speech and if we use these gifts wisely and rightly we differ in nothing from the Immortals and they will be our guides after we shed these bodies and take us into the very troupe of the guards and into those Souls who've attained the bliss in mortality"

This is NG on immortality.




I want to also write about this too.

When you compromise and conform to circumstances and conditions and such and you fall into devaluation of self where you're accepting compromise in order to fit in then you'll forever be stuck in unfulfilled states. You must be uncompromising and unwavering in your end, this experience you desire to have. If this means giving up everything you have now in order to get to that place then so be it for every time that comfort zone is pushed and you conform and give into conditions then you're sacrificing your divine power for nothing more than an illusion. You're never going to experience the fulfilment you desire until you've completely surrendered and accepted that no matter what you must not back down on what you desire to experience regardless of the seeming circumstances. You must be uncompromising to the degree that you're satisfied and if that means again cutting people out of your life who won't conform then that's how it'll be. Don't let the comfort zone determine your value for your value is self determined based on your attitude and commitment towards fulfilling your desires.


The feeling is the feeling of accepting without any charge or any effort, to simply assume it’s true as though it already is. The trick comes down to neutrality of energy, you don’t want to hype yourself up because you’re going to dip but when you use the least amount of charge then it’s not going to rebound. You get off the peak and dip cycle by giving to yourself what you’ve always wanted to but felt unable to, and to accept that this is now the way things are and to be grateful.

Gratitude goes far better than ego and trying to control things with more intense charge. The secret is to negate all the senses and just accept the feeling and let that feeling consume you as you’d feel the feeling of having anything you already have and are grateful for would. The feeling is simply a contextual sense, a way of viewing things through the lens of perception of reality fulfilled and accepting this and surrendering to this feeling. Gratitude, praise, love, grace. These are the things which bring us into alignment with divinity, on the positive spectrum which is the goal after all and the law outlines that which NG speaks on saying the bible outlines every act of evil possible. 

So if it’s that simple then belief as NG says which comes from the reality of experience, the genuine testimony of Christ (imagination) then all we need to do is imagine and use the feeling sense as nothing more than the targeting sense and apply gratitude onto it. NG says for us to do this. 


NG says that the number 5 is gods gift to man is grace. Grace is God giving himself to man. Grace is equated with power 

"He only took 5 stones with him, they weren't 5 stones it's is all beautiful imagery, it is simply grace. The number 5 is grace and grace is Gods gift of himself to man so he took only the grace of God the gift of God and grace is equated with power of God. My grace is efficiency unto the for my power is made perfect in weakness. So you are the little weak one and you go forward and you have my grace you have my power, not 5 little stones as is told in story but here is Gods gift of himself to man". "The king is everyone in this world, he doesn't recognise his own son. Pauls first name was Saul and Saul's name was converted to Paul".



Here's one.

Take the feeling of things that you've got working for you already and apply that same feeling to the things you desire to fulfil. 


Here’s another one.
This is about Jing and vitality and SR and other such stuff. So basically people think that SR has magic properties because it relates to Jing and the increase in kidney Yang and Yin as a means of increasing vitality. Well that’s part of things but the real factor here is that metaphysically speaking it’s the factor of being yourself without compromise which relates most directly to this idea.

When you’ve been holding back and compromising on your expression of self the archetypal association to that is the Jing, the structure, and so the patterns of compromised behaviours and reactions will manifest in such a way in you that it will result in leaking Jing. It’s not that leaking Jing is the issues it’s that the compromised parts of you manifest too down into the emanation of your corporeal being and manifests as patterns and behaviours that are self destructive and cause you to engage in things which will result in Jing leaking. It’s the effect, the means of how the assumption manifests in reality through you and not the cause from bottom up.

Being in a different state is what causes the manifestation to shift, the archetypal association is what we’re working with. Understand that the metaphysics of these things correspond to these different systems of thought which relate to the different parts of our being and that the arrangement of our principles as the state is causes them to be made manifest in the way that perfectly reflects them. It’s this correspondence that we must understand, how these archetypally relate to manifestation and the compromised aspects of our being and how they then manifest in reality.

Doing SR isn’t going to help you, it’s making the decisions that bring you into coherency with the state desired and therefore that manifests as the increase in vitality and such that is experienced simply from fulfilling your desired states. People on SR who do clean streaks but still waste time don’t get far because they’re still living in compromise, the metaphysic must be refined. 

It’s such an abstract idea but it’s the truth. 


I had a strange dream where the alchemist taught me about manifesting and used all sorts of different metaphysics and symbolism to explain it. The alchemist taught me that you need a start and an end. I also learned more about metaphysics and other things. 

I want to clear up the idea about manifestation here. If you’re doing SATS or such methods and you’re doing them regularly because you find yourself needing to feel better because you’re still compromising on being yourself and owning your desires then you’re likely not going to succeed if you keep doing it and things haven’t shown up in 3 weeks. The point is that dropping the seed is impossible because it’s about how you live your life to the degree of fulfilling every aspect you desire to experience. The more you’re compromising on living the life you want the more you’ll struggle and dip. 

The simple formula is to flow with your intuitive impulses and have courage to push comfort zones when they show up. If you imagined the end then it’s done and this act of courage will push forward that path. This isn’t about making things happen but to stop ignoring impulses you have to do things you’re compromising on, things you enjoy but feel shame or guilt or something about not being good enough. The moment you fulfil these and show up and own that desire then everything will open up even with areas unrelated. It’s these things you’re compromising on that the associated conditions for the desires you’ve got with the money or the SP or whatever it is. Drop the conditions and accept that it’s necessary to take this step and finally clear the comfort zone you’ve been bound to this whole that that you’ve desperately wanted to break. 

Courage and faith are all you need. Literally faith is about imaginal reality, you experienced the end and therefore it’s done, courage is about being yourself without compromise and owning the desire completely. When you have these elements within you then you win. 

When you imagine the scene that implies the fulfilment of your desire and you feel it real then you’ll automatically be moved along the bridge of incidents to fulfil this desire. The thing that happens is that you’ll receive intuitive impulses to fulfil various conditions that are coming up in the way and unconsciously this will be pushing you to break comfort zones and fulfil the conditions against your desire. The problem comes when people conform to the co dictions and submit their power by compromising on being themselves the way they desire to fit in and thus the dips show up as the purifying fire led them to failure and they’ll go through the cycle. When they own the desire completely and fulfil the conditions then they win. 

I see planting seeds as planting future events to experience that you’ll be pulled towards fulfilling but the things that stop the progression of you along that path is the limitations and conditions you hold against it which is why the manifest ions show up the way they do as the confirmation of the warped sense of self that needs refining that you’re using imagination as an excuse to not look at and have the courage to resolve. 



Magic quote right here. This one is from "divine vision" 1972

"And then having formed it, if, perchance tomorrow, like my friend, you wander, don’t waste one precious moment in condemning yourself. Forgive, forgive, forgive, and forgiveness means testing one’s ability to enter into and partake of the nature of the opposite. So, you find yourself in this state now, which is one wandering away, go back to that state that you have chosen; go back, how often? Seventy times seven. As often as it takes to keep the vision fixed. So that that mold will always be before the depth of your own being, for he works from the mold that you supply. So, you supply him a glorious mold but don’t condemn yourself when you depart from it. Don’t. Condemn no one."

Basically he's saying here to constantly be living from the state until it's natural. This doesn't mean just thinking about it but being driven by intuitive impulse to fulfil the direction you're bring driven in. All these impulses to act are coming from the feeling you're experiencing and so when you surrender to them and flow with them knowing that you're going to fulfil your desire then you win. This is truly how you drop the seed, you live in the end, meaning you flow with intuitive impulse and give yourself to the process and drop the conditions when they arise as to why you can't do this thing you're being driven to.


As far as I'm concerned courage is the most important factor especially for those in resistance because planting seeds is extremely easy and so as you plant the seed you'll be driven to fulfil the intuitive impulse but you'll fear and doubt and feel guilt or any bad feelings when it comes to owning it and making that step tangibly but the moment you step into the purifying alchemical blue fire and die to conditions completely and be completely naked and exposed to be transformed you'll win. Letting go means standing naked for the whole world to see, not physically but principally not holding anything over your desire and owning it completely and exposing that without compromise. That's the way you'll be mediated to the end.
Those who don't have conditions and such related resistance are already living closer to this state of fulfilment and they'll just automatically flow with intuitive impulse without even trying because their baseline is coherent in that way already. That's the thing because this mostly applies in the example that someone has wanted to do this thing but keeps holding themselves back and bounces in and out of this desired state but never commits. This inability to own the desire is what's holding back your dream life, it's holding back everything you've imagined. It's WAITING for you to be purified under the fire of life and transform. We are alchemical metaphysical beings and we must be purified, that's why this world is called the furnace because we're being transformed. Courage is the transforming factor and everybody who applies it proves that. NG spoke on courage briefly too so figure it out and make it happen and leave the excuses in the dust for you are sons of God. Imagine your end and in faith act with courage until it's normal.
NG on persistence
"but tonight on this level you formulate in your mind's eye the one you would like to be man or woman and then having formed it is for change to more like my friend you wonder don't waste one precious moment in condemning yourself forgive forgive forgive and forgiveness means testing one's ability to enter into and partake or the nature of the opposite so you find yourself in this state now which is one ring away go back to that state that you've chosen go back how often seventy times seven as often as it takes to keep the vision fixed so that that mole will always be before the depth of your own beam or he works from the mole that you supply so you supply them Gloria small but don't condemn yourself when you depart from it don't condemn no one"
He's saying we need to simply return to the state without effort and not lead ourselves into condemnation or the condemnation of anyone else.
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