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The original Reality Synthesis manifestation coaching

Aetheraeon Notebook 5

Aetheraeon Notebook 5

Page 6:



It's almost May.

I want to go deeper on the sense of self. I'm going to approach this from a core essence perspective in the practical sense.

What can we experience?

We can experience imaginal 5 senses, the intuitive sense, the emotional sense, the spatial sense.

We can also experience the physical 5 senses and somatic sensations.


The essence of the sense of self is to feel fulfilled in and of yourself without any conditions on that fulfilment. This is why being yourself without compromise is the point because the reference state is divinity, the drives you have to express yourself to satisfaction. The purpose of satisfaction being in the equation is because satisfaction means fulfilment and satisfaction can only be attained once you've experience the fulfilment of those things in imagination which is the causal reality. This is why NG spoke of desire like hunger, and until we satisfy the hunger we're not fulfilled and thus we're wanting and feeling lack.

We experience satisfaction through feeling the reality of experience that pertains to this thing we desire to experience to satisfaction. This whole "feeling" sense NG talks about is simply your experience of relaity, the knowledge or testimony of who you're being. It's the barometer for how real something is or is not. If you feel a certain way then it's a genuine experience as this cannot be faked. You lead yourself to this by bringing to mind concepts which relate to the aspects of consciousness you hold affinity for. NG says how would it feel if you were now the man you wish to be? Dwell in the state of the wish fulfilled he says, he says to wear it like new clothes which you consciously feel when you start wearing them but after that it becomes natural and you don't even consciously recognise you're wearing them. This is the process, you attain the testimony of experience like a memory in your imagination and then apply yourself into that reference state throughout the day and reminding yourself of that fulfilment. You're reminding yourself that you're wearing the clothes you want to wear.

You basically create the reference state through experiencing what you desire and the feeling of that fulfilment you anchor into and make the conscious experience you have and express it not just as a self affirming idea but as everyone else around you confirming to you the desire you have to be true. This whole reality reflecting to us who we desire to be from a self decided conscious means and returning to that and expressing ones self in relaity in every direction which would imply it's fulfilment is the means of "dropping" it and allowing it to sink in. Dropping the seed is impossible and NG himself said to return to the end 70x7 which means as often as possible. If there is charge associated to this fulfilment then you're not going to be able to anchor over the day, you'll burn out 100% and you'll go through the peak and dip idea. Why is this? It's because you're basically using stimulus either physical or imaginary to be the catalyst to remind you of the feeling and that's conditional. You want to cultivate it internally on a neutral plane and have it be unconditional. 

People will think that acting in relaity and fulfilling conditions which arise that are holding your fulfilment back is a condition in itself, however you're fundamentally desiring to express this anyway as it's something you hold affinity for so why hold back and compromise? The only reason you're compromising on the expression of this thing is because you're feeling lack in the first place because you're always getting intuitive impulses to be driven to fulfil these things anyway however you continue to compromise because it doesn't feel good. The feelings in this sense are doing the opposite of what most try and do by boosting themselves up which isn't beneficial. It's either you apply charge in a phase conjugate sense and compress the charge and integrate it in the moment as charge WILL burn out if you try and carry it for the stimulus will loose sensitivity over time as subconscous capacity gets dissolved and the balance between yin and yang becomes disproportionate. You want to just "know" that you're fulfilled, but how do we do this is the question?

The answer is simple. It's as NG says, if you were the man you desire to be now what would that feel like? Approaching this from a place of stability where you can relax into it and be more yin than yang gives you a basis to anchor this in. If right now you were to be the person you desired to be what would that feel like? That experience is what circumstances will remind you of as it will generate context and sensory phenomena that will confirm this feeling through physical manifest experiences. If the feeling changes then the physical manifest phenomena changes, but it's also based on the surrounding beliefs and assumptions as assumptions don't exist in a vacuum. We need to understand that in order for us to affect radical shifts in our life then we must see ourselves from the worlds eyes as a different person, the person we want to be. We want to feel the world confirming our relaity, even if there's no proof you emanate and experience your internal reality through the external reality through the feeling sense.

This is basically self concept projection as I called it back then, or sense of self projection. This sense you have of yourself you experience in yourself and through the world around you almost lifting you up in that and you don't need to do anything. Your actions surrounding this will conform, you will want to fulfil things but in the same sense any opportunity you attain where you can make an act of courage and fulfil conditions and feelings with a tangible experience then flowing with that impulse even if it makes you feel uncomfortable is beneficial. The feelings are always temporary but the guilt you'd likely feel (depends on the person) will stick with you afterwards for not making the decision the best you would have. This contrast is what will anchor the state you've experienced from and thus if you make clear self serving decisions in life then you're tangibly expressing the sense of self to be beneficial, otherwise it's going to remind you of lack and you'll anchor into that further and manifest more fear and discouraged feelings on being yourself and expressing that feeling you desire to feel the world confirming to you.

If you can feel the relaity of this then you've basically completed the work. Depth and length both matter, but this whole idea of dropping the seed doesn't exist for you cannot drop the seed if you're constantly needing to bring up the seed to feel better about yourself. The seed when planted into soil which is fertile (depth of imaginal sensory experience and the streak of that which you decide to live from (fundamentally another imaginal experience with depth too)) then you're going to win. Gazing periodically will result in greater coherency as you're going to in that moment reset your state and form a new streak. Go into this with a feeling, make conscious decisions during the day to view the reality through the lens of the person you desire to be. Feel as though as you're in the gazing session and you integrate the sense of self you desire to be that the entire relaity is always conspiring to fulfil sensory experience to confirm this feeling.



We should be going out of our way to dissolve any insecurity and fear and doubt and guilt. Like we should be completely dissolving any and all resistance to anything that comes up and living from the greater consciousness. 

Take this example. The emotions (the associations the sense of self has to limitation to various concepts archetypally related to meridians) correspond to the resistances we face. Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and to know with the faith conjured by the relaity of experience is all it takes to manifest desires as the conditions and resistive pathways are fulfilled and dissolved through proportionate interactions. When we shamelessly be ourselves without compromise and own who we desire to be and express as in life regardless of anyone or anything around us and know that it's God and us (as one process integrated) then we cannot be moved. We become the immovable object and the seeming unstoppable force cannot perturb our stillness in knowledge of our divinity and the end we've set in stone through imagination. 

There's nothing deeper than that, that really is the essence of all things. You don't need to do anything because being yourself without compromise is doing the work and the work will be most natural to you.


The point of actions and such isn't to make manifestation happen but to uncompromisingly express who you really desire to be. If you were the person you want to be what would be different? These acts of "faith" are simply the inspirations you receive from being in that state that you'd want to fulfil anyway if you woke up right now instantly as the person who has what you want. The point is it's not work if it feels natural, the action is a part of the mediation of contrast to be integrated and conjunct. We want to see from divinity the person we desire to be and everything that looks like in reality and not have tunnel vision on the specific object of desire. The context needs to be broadened to touch on more pathways and restructure resistance more naturally.

When you imagine your end and plant the seed (very easy to do) then you'll automatically start thinking differently. This doesn't mean you'll magically start acting differently but your attitude towards things will likely change to some degree and you'll notice it especially when it becomes a pattern. The intuitive impulses you're receiving from this state are always going to drive you to the naturalness and fulfilment you're looking for but out of fear and ill faith in yourself and your end you'll waver and compromise on what you're being driven to do out of conditions and long standing programming. Dropping this and breaking pattern with courage will lead you to a breakthrough experience, which may or may not result in the end fulfilling but it will move you past a layer of resistance that you've been held back from all this time and you'll feel satisfied that you respected yourself. You'll likely want to break more patterns after doing one and it will cascade not because the act did anything magical but because the sense of self is expressing the way it's desiring and thus the naturalness is already building. This act of courage was the purifying process to anchor that in.



So I want to really work on this idea of individuation and creating a complete working model of this because it's probably the most important thing that those who are stuck with this need to grasp. It's become abundantly clear to me that the foundational issue that people who can't seem to get any movement when it comes to shifting their sense of self and feeling secure within themselves when challenges arise and this is where the focus will be from now until I'm satisfied in my efforts.


NG doesn't offer much in the way of this aspect, in fact people focusing on applying NG to a tea are the ones who don't get anywhere because he offers little to no framework on developing the sense of self and people who read his books assume that everyone can manifest the same when that's not the case at all. There's significant intricacies to this and it's far more than simply imagining. 

The shift in self security has everything to do with forming coherent context with who you really desire to be.


If you were like me and contemplated on scenarios that never really ever would happen to you like people criticizing you and all that even when no stimulus was present then I suggest asking yourself why you're feeling like you need to criticize yourself all the time. I remembered those times where I was criticized for no valid reason and it internalised as me being a failure even though I produced great work, far better than everyone else could, but that was only because my perception of acceptable was so warped that it had to be beyond perfect or it's not worth anyone's time. That's in part what led me to developing Reality Synthesis and basically forgoing my younger years that could have been spent living and fulfilling the desires I had to enjoy all my unique traits and express them yet I went inward and spent all day every day doing nothing but studying to learn and understand literally everything because enough was never enough. Part of that still seems to linger in me today but I'm far more aware of it than I've ever been and recognise that the feeling doesn't dictate my value and consciously act with courage to expose myself to situations where I will experience a sense of satisfaction for my efforts instead of seeing the possible failure that'll likely never unfold.


So in essence we need to be constantly cultivating awareness of our divinity and allowing that knowledge to steady our state. 



Interesting few days.

I got plagued for the first time in like 7 years or something around that. I don't know why but it's fine, it's all part of the process and after taking a remedy I'm almost completely better after just 1 day.


People need to read the notebook, those who don't need to study further and grasp the big picture. There will always be people who don't get it and or are critical out of ignorance or out of a feeling that my info presents within them that's devaluing but it's ok.

Either way I have insights to share.

This is more about subconscious capacity, yin pathway work. We're so often yang based and active in our thoughts, in our imagination. Actively imagining is yang and when we're overly expressing yang then the yin gets overshadowed. We become expectant for outcomes and we're not trusting or accepting. To remove yourself from your head means to accept and trust for you're not engaging the pathways. You see everything as a sign of your progress and you're not looking for signs or anything as you know you're in flow. You see the divinity in all things and everyone you interact with. You don't see them, the state, you see God in them as is in you. You're detached and can see beyond the veil so to say.

The point of this goes beyond simply relaxing and all that as this touches on the fundamental process as to how acceptance and such is cultivated at a baseline level. We need to be working with more fundamental processes here in that we should only be applying 10% effort and relax and let things flow the other 90% of the time. A client in the immortality group mentioned that the whole idea of tithing in the bible represented the 10% masculine principle and 90% feminine principle and that you use the 10% masculine to refine the 90% feminine. This is an alchemical fact and relates to what I have experienced doing the advanced gazing method I've spoken on.  



I had a talk to someone about this guy named Julan, he has a YT called Julian himself. I've seen his stuff like a year or 2 ago when I was studying release methods and his came up, I resonated and took bits from it but now that I've developed my understanding especially of TCM more I see many correlations before I didn't see. TCM is such an important part of RS manifesting theory because it outlines the metaphysical nature of our being in a complete system.

So basically Julian says what I say about being yourself without compromise. This whole part of expression of self without compromise means to embody more of who you are. He even says something very powerful I wrote down here in notebook 3 I think about how resistance is actually how you're going against yourself and that going with yourself and leaning into the resistance is the easy part as that's who you really are. That's the nature of things, the path of least resistance. That's the channel by which the water of your consciousness flows down, but there's rocks in the way that impede the flow. These rocks are the somatic sensations we experience when associations to that part of us that's compromised comes up. In order to shift the rocks we need to increase the pressure of the water by giving it our uncompromising attention instead of going around it. The water pressure feels painful in the moment but once the rock moves then you'll feel significant release and you'll actually be able to more effectively express who you really are.

He also mentioned in one part about how children don't fear crying out and such but we do. The bible talks about this and just 2 weeks ago in the immortality group I was talking to one about this idea of being as children again, meaning the innocence of expression, the innocence meaning the uncompromising expression of self. I've written in detail about this but it's only when the child is disapproved of and needs to conform to expectations of others that compromise shows up and they basically disconnect from themselves and thus warps their manifest reality. I've worked with people who have BPD, bipolar, ED, schizo, all of that stuff. The common thread here seems to relate to sensations, somatic sensations. BPD splits for example are basically them hitting a trigger that reminds them of how they're not allowed to be a certain way and so boom they've got all this charge in an instant making them seem like they're multi personality but really they're not at all it's just the association. There is no such thing as personality disorders or whatever it's just parts of them that are compromised the same way as regular people have compromised aspects to but these aspects are more intense. The intensity is the only difference, it hits them like a ton of bricks vs more of a light slap in the face.

The feeling is literally your core essence telling you to wake up. This is why I say acting with courage is a very important factor in the process because you become the change and you express that part of you that you're afraid of because your unconscious mind believes that you need to compromise to feel approved but when you fulfil that condition then you win and you experience the reality that it wasn't so bad after all. 


This is from a book I just read someone mentioned. Not read any of these books before but it seems this is one of the sources that this idea of releasing charge came from. It's from David R. Hawkins called Letting Go The Pathway of Surrender.

Here, we delineate the basic scale, starting from the higher energies down to the lower:

Peace (600): This is experienced as perfection, bliss, effortlessness, and oneness. It is a state of non-duality beyond separateness and beyond the intellect, as in the “peace that passeth all understanding.” It is described as Illumination and Enlightenment. It is rare in the human realm.

Joy (540): Love that is unconditional and unchanging, despite circumstances and actions of others. The world is illuminated by exquisite beauty, which is seen in all things. The perfection of creation is self-evident. There is closeness to unity and discovery of Self; compassion for all; enormous patience; the feeling of atoneness with others and a concern for their happiness. A sense of selfcompletion and self-sufficiency prevails.

Love (500): A way of being that is forgiving, nurturing, and supportive. It does not proceed from the mind; rather, it emanates from the heart. Love focuses on the essence of a situation, not the details. It deals with wholes, not particulars. As perception is replaced with vision, it takes no position and sees the intrinsic value and lovability of all that exists.

Reason (400): This aspect differentiates humans from the animal world. There is the ability to see things in the abstract, to conceptualize, to be objective, and to make rapid and correct decisions. Its enormous utility is problem solving. Science, philosophy, medicine, and logic are expressions of this level.

Acceptance (350): This energy is easy-going, laid back, harmonious, flexible, inclusive, and free of inner resistance. “Life is good. You and I are good. I feel connected.” It meets life on life’s terms. There is no need to blame others or blame life.

Willingness (310): This energy subserves survival by virtue of a positive attitude that welcomes all expressions of life. It is friendly, helpful, wants to assist, and seeks to be of service.

Neutrality (250): This is a way of life that is comfortable, pragmatic, and relatively free of emotionality. “It’s okay either way.” It is free of rigid positions, nonjudgmental, and noncompetitive.

Courage (200): This energy says, “I can do it.” It is determined, excited about life, productive, independent, and self-empowered. Effective action is possible.

Pride (175): “My way is the best way,” says this level. Its focus is achievement, desire for recognition, specialness, and perfectionism. It feels “better than … ” and superior to others.

Anger (150): This energy overcomes the source of fear by force, threats, and attack. It is irritable, explosive, bitter, volatile, and resentful. It likes to “get even,” as in “I’ll show you.”

Desire (125): It is always seeking gain, acquisition, pleasure, and “getting” something outside oneself. It is insatiable, never satisfied, and craving. “I have to have it.” “Give me what I want, and give it to me now!”

Fear (100): This energy sees “danger,” which is “everywhere.” It is avoidant, defensive, preoccupied with security, possessive of others, jealous, restless, anxious, and vigilant.

Grief (75): There is helplessness, despair, loss, regret, and the feeling, “If only I had … ” Separation. Depression. Sadness. Being a “loser.” Mournful, as in “I can’t go on.”

Apathy (50): This energy is characterized by hopelessness, playing dead, being a “drain” to others, being immobilized, and the feelings: “I can’t” and “Who cares?” Poverty is common.

Guilt (30): In this energy field, one wants to punish and be punished. It leads to self-rejection, masochism, remorse, “feeling bad,” and self-sabotage. “It’s all my fault.” Accident-proneness, suicidal behavior, and projection of self-hatred onto “evil” others are common. It is the basis of many psychosomatic illnesses.

Shame (20): Characterized by humiliation, as in “hanging your head in shame.” It is traditionally accompanied by banishment. It is destructive to health and leads to cruelty toward self and others

I can't say I disagree with this scale because it makes sense, though I still contemplate further on it.


The main point here is about how to actually release charge. It's the same method as I've always really known that I learned from the alchemist doing the gazing. You simply sit and allow feelings to come up when they're ready and to surrender to them and go deeper into them. There's many benefits to this but it's one that takes significantly more time than actively bringing stuff up to dissolve. You'll want to work with the gazing for more deeply rooted stuff that transcends physical experiences. The gazing works on deeper levels. I've always jumped the gun with these methods and applied super advanced stuff to newbies where it should be the other way around. The real thing we need to work with here is this. What parts of us are compromised? Find those pieces by recognising what brings up "feelings" of lack and such and to accept and surrender in those moments to those feelings without compromise. You don't think about them at all, you disengage the thinking mind and the subliminal I made does just that which enables you to go deeper into dissolving this resistance. 

To make abundantly clear, focusing on the feeling and going deeper into it is not manifesting it or whatever it's not part of you and it's only manifesting because it's stuck in the way. You're getting in your own way, that's what a compromised sense of self is. The only reason you even feel bad is because this part of you WANTS to express but it can't. The moment you drop the shade and give it the attention it needs everything starts to flow, it results in relief because you're actually free and able to be yourself without compromise at that stage. This is the point because then you can manifest and drop the seed without ever needing to even try and make it happen because you'll no longer get in your own way. Your divine process can unfold and you can manifest what you want the way you want.


Manifesting what you want REQUIRES you to become yourself, else you're living someone else's expectations for you and you'll never be satisfied. That's how it works and always will work. That's why NG says to DARE to assume it, the thing is he never tells us to dissolve the feelings, he only tells us to persist in the end. The thing is that the end we imagine might be coming from compromise, someone who feels they need massive money to be worthy will manifest that money and not fulfil the reasons why they need that much. NG said as you become more aware of yourself you'll find yourself not needing anything in the world as these things have no real value to us outside of necessities like food and water and shelter and such. This is again why manifestation is all about being yourself without compromise. As you fulfil conditions and embody more of yourself you increase subconscious capacity by default and this leads to greater coherency with divinity.



So the difference between deciding to pick a state to experience vs being, to BE, is to experience them now and forever. Deciding to pick a state is impossible, you're either deciding as the person who doesn't have and hence that's your context or you change the entire context and know you've got these things. The thing is when it comes to living as that and persisting in that it means you're going to run up against things that challenge your unconscious mind when the capacity of your subconscious mind is reached. You'll have to face those feelings and learn to accept being uncomfortable to transform those feelings so that you're truly in the end for good because those feelings can and will throw you out and they're not going to go away until they're dissolved. If it wasn't for the distractions and things that bring up a different feeling you'd always be being yourself without compromise but you're not you're stuck in becoming and never being. Being implies you've got no work to do as it's all an automatic process you're unfolding as a piece of creation playing it's part on the stage of life but you think you need to imagine something to get something. Be the person who has. What does that imply? That's manifestation. 


So here's another important point.

We live in a reality where everything is moving towards order not chaos. So this whole idea of meaning and integrated thoughts. We have thoughts integrated within thoughts and the barriers between them are the conditions that hold them in place. So if we manifest something that we believed was going to be good for us and it didn't work out the way we wanted and we then assume that because this didn't work out the anticipated way that nothing is working then we get stuck in negative processes and judge our experiences accordingly which in turn keeps the part of us within held in negative judgement too as all external judgment is internal judgement. The point of this is to allow ourselves to accept whatever as working towards our positive end and not let seeming negative circumstances warp our perceptions and cast judgment. We want to be as judgement free as possible here.



A brief entry on archetypes. So everything has a “vibration” to it as they say right. This represents the “energy” that you can “tune” into as a feeling. Now a recent comment made me aware that the feeling could very well be somatic in nature but to me going deeper into this seems to reveal that the feeling is experienced as a somatic sensation that comes out of intuitive sense of knowing and also the archetypal tuning which reflects in reference to divinity what’s good and what’s not, this is fundamentally a form of conceptual sense.

We think with “vibration” right but that is expressed through us as words and images and 5 sense impressions but the impressions are not what we experience we experience the concept itself, the essence of what’s being implied by the images. This is again why you don’t really need to imagine anything to manifest as the images simply build more sensory experience on top of the concept you’re tuning into and that feeling you experience as a somatic sensation simply is the guiding sensation to tell you where you should and or shouldn’t be going and this can also be represented as the intuitive sense, the knowledge of your reflection to divinity made known in you through the somatic sense. 

The thing is for this to work it would mean the somatic sense isn’t just specific points on the body that have sensation but simply any and all sensation that’s not physically touched or imaginable with touch. This is not the touch sense but the sense by which you’re guided towards your correct path and we all have awareness of it because it’s telling us what is and what isn’t safe all the time which for most of us determines our actions and reactions. NG seemed to have spoken about this feeling as the somatic sense in some parts of his writings but at the same time also called it the intuitive sense as a “knowing” or what I say is like a “hunch” and yet also he says feeling as in emotional feelings too. There’s such a disorganised representation of this language and to understand that he wrote and spoke in lectures for around 40 years using this language would mean that of course his definitions would have changed over time as he learned more. 

To me this indicates that the somatic sense is what we experience, but it’s experienced by way of the intuitive sense as a knowing of what path we are or aren’t on and this comes up mostly unconsciously as stimulus is presented to us. Then there’s the emotional feeling which is another component that comes out of the association between sense of self and conceptual sense being brought up too which drives the charge we feel. Emotion is charge, not somatic sensation but the two can exist at once in our awareness. Tuning into the somatic sense is the important part as this is where the “feeling” is really experienced. 

Now a revelation I had today was on the archetypes and how we’re experiencing the “energy” of things through this sense too. I cannot say if this is the somatic sense but it seems like it would be just that it’s less focused in a specific “location” so to say. It’s like your entire being is feeling it but that it’s also not something definable in words it’s just this sensation you have when you “tune” the radio. This is also different from moving qi in your body, what I call charge as in the dielectric and magnetic fields, as this too can be separated although perhaps the movement of qi and such IS where somatic sensations are experienced and thus what we’re actually feeling is our field geometry. Perhaps as we tune the radio as I call it we’re shifting the structure of the field geometry to be a different arrangement and that shift is what we feel. I don’t know this is a new concept to me and needs further discussion. 



So I've been going through more stuff. Whatever. I found that sinking charge is very very important to this process of becoming more in you and being ok in the moment. It's more of a yin experience. Your power comes from the kidney and liver meridian vs the lung or spleen more. That "raw" tone to the voice which comes out of someone who's expressing and breathing deeply has a different quality to it vs the surface level from those who are in the head. This all has to do with yin vs yang charge and where you're circulating dominantly. 

It seems dropping parts of you that don't serve you literally shifts your  baseline lower into your yin meridians and you then project more of that "raw" quality of being automatically from that. I learned this from qigong masters where they say that the depth of your breath determines how powerful you are. When you breathe shallow it means you're tense even if you don't realise it. It means you've got stuff you're holding onto that's preventing you from sinking the charge deeper into yourself, and hence you miss who you are. A massive problem people face here is this whole dropping the resistance, it's going to come out of being ok with yourself. To process the charge and the "feeling" that you've got is going to sink the charge.

NG says that after working yourself up you take a very very deep inhalation and you "explode". Inhalation is lung sinking charge but also kidney yin accepting charge too. Without kidney yin (and yang to a degree) you cannot breathe in, and also without lung qi you can't either.  This explosion must be a flashpoint that happens when enough charge is circulated in a coherent direction that results in a purging. I think that it's more of a "gathering" of charge and then "dropping" it on the minister fire to be catalysed as this is a yin phenomena as we're sinking charge. If when you breathe it makes you raise then you're missing the function, inhalation is a sinking action not a raising one. Exhalation is a raising action. I would metaphysically think that the raising action would be more the purifying one but from a practical standpoint I can feel within me the effect that inhalation would have in purifying components of consciousness vs exhalation.

In Qigong we inhale but as we inhale we move the charge outwards anteriorly from the body forward, not down. This has more to do with Tan Tien cultivation but it's more so about giving the circulated qi a different quality through moving it into different areas of the field geometry. We want to circulate it so that it gathers along it's path the qualities of surrounding elements so that it may be transformed when it's sinking back into it's channels. That's the point of circulation, it's so that components can interact and form higher order substances, that's alchemy. It seems letting go is the same process. We gather charge and circulate it and eventually dump it on the fire to be turned to steam and dissipated. The resistance could even be seen like a "dampness" pattern you could say and that with the yang we're dissolving it into an excretable form and that's what "processing" feelings is. Again it's all alchemy, that's the benchmark everything needs to be compared to.



I'm listening to this Bashar guy I just became aware of and he's reminded me of something more about this whole idea I was just talking about of archetypes. He's talking about "vibration" and such as the thing for like attracts like, just like the law of attraction and stuff. The thing that people in both the law of assumption and the law of attraction miss is the feeling, or really what I'm going to refer to as the archetype of consciousness. Trying to explain the feeling seems almost impossible to the uninitiated, they'll see it as overcomplicated stuff that's not needed or whatever. The feeling really is the archetype, the theme on a geometry level. What does this feeling represent in reality? Feelings have definitive relationship to manifest phenomena. When we refine that feeling then we manifest differently. This is really what the feeling is. Thinking CAN shift the feeling by shifting the context you're playing in, the state. NG says that the proof you've changed state is because you're thinking differently and he also said that thoughts lead into each other which is the basis of RS. The feeling therefore is the experience of the state, the experience of the context as a somatic sense (that's stabilised once realised as normal) and an intuitive sense.


The essence of state shifting is as I've outlined. You bring into your awareness all the things you desire and then instantly in that moment put yourself in the experience of the person who already has those things and knows they have those things. ALL of the things, not just one or 2 or 3 but ALL of them. The money, the body, the look and the feeling you have about that look, the house where you live and knowing you don't need to work anymore and knowing you've got the perfect partner who's more loving and available than everyone else imaginable and all these things. Put yourself in the perspective of that person right here right now and start acting from that place. Why would you be living in a limited place? Why would you hold onto all these people who do you wrong? Why would you continue to work a job that you hate? Why waste time in limitation? Do you see the perspective shift when you "wake up in the dream" and realise you've been wasting time with nonsense. This contrast when anchored into consistently drives you into your fulfilment completely and from that place you cannot feel unsatisfied because you're going all the way and not compromising for anyone or anything. Until you're there you're not going to feel satisfied because it's impossible. It's not the desires and such but the archetype of that you're experiencing. That feeling of having all these things carries with it a context which has feeling, intuitive and archetypal association. You know and represent the theme of having these things as this feeling you have. That feeling is the target you're tuning into when you do SATS and such at night using NG lullaby method. That's what NG meant by the feeling under that context of archetype. 


This is something Bashar said in one of his talks

"it's when you start being afraid about having the fear start worrying about having the fear start judging yourself for having the fear that you start creating the vibration that reflects itself as a negative reality the pure fear in and of itself does not attract the negative reality it's all of the accouterments you attach to the fear the pure fear will never stop you from doing anything and if you understand that you will act through the fear discover what it is showing you and transform it instantly into excitement remember excitement Joy passion fear anxiety doubt are the same energy"

Sounds a lot like what I said in a comment to someone who was saying it's alllllll imagination. 

This is what I said:

"I say actions aren’t to make things happen because that’s impossible but it’s to fulfil conditions within us that make us feel compromised in comparison to what we want. That’s the point. Actions don’t do anything outside of fulfilling conditions within us under pressure which is highly beneficial and can be used alongside imagination to get the best results by imagining the expression of parts of you you’re compromising on and be purified from feeling the feelings to relief and satisfaction. You can only experience satisfaction when you’ve gone all the way (with expressing I AM without compromise) which is when it’s done. People use imagination to cope with feeling bad and divert to some fantasy reality where they feel better vs feeling the feelings which is why I say that action can and will benefit pretty much everyone up to a certain level as they’re literally living the reality of the experience which proves to them that there’s no need to fear or whatever and keep diverting from expressing themselves. The resistance IS their true self trying to come out but they don’t feel safe. There’s no pressure in the imagination outside of the pressure you put yourself under but most can’t go all the way and fully feel the feelings without being guided through that as they would in a physical situation. The feelings need to be fully felt for transformation to happen which is again why people who are about NG and and such use imagination to cope and not to transform and why action is pretty much a requirement for these people. This whole “there’s nothing to be done” again is another way of explaining the idea of being comfortable with yourself but the feelings need to be dissolved for that to happen. I use the classroom analogy. You’re presenting an assignment to the class and you feel nervous and stuff but it’s crunch time and you just gotta deal with it and basically grow up and accept those feelings, to accept that it’s ok with being uncomfortable temporarily because really there’s nothing to fear even though you feel that way. This transforms us. That pressure transforms you into being more of yourself. When guided in a direction you’ve compromised on that you desire to act in and you fulfil that compromised part then it’s done which is why after you’ve experienced it you feel relief the same way you would in SATS by going all the way. It’s the same alchemical purifying process just using different means. The imagination cannot do that to the same degree in most people because there’s no pressure present to act as the catalyst for shifting beliefs through the reality of experience and fully facing the feelings to get that relief and prove to yourself that you can own you, I AM. This is the issue people have by interpreting NG and people like Edward because they think if they imagine speaking to the class all day every day they’ll feel better but in most cases that’s not the experience that plays out and they still feel uncomfortable when faced with the real situation. This is the same with everyone I’ve seen. There was no transformation and therefore no relief. SATS is a method of purification, not something to escape with into the end and make you think it’s done just because you imagined. I hope you understand now what’s going on here. Once you’ve dropped the conditions and such from expressing self fully then you’re able to manifest big things the same way as small things in imagination and apply SATS the way influencers teach. Doing that from compromise will only result in experiences which make you feel those feelings more and remind you of that limited sense of self. I had a client that said they’re manifesting their SP with imagining and all they push out are signs of things that remind them of the person like places they went to or scents they remind them or something associated but the same feeling of lack comes up. That’s the point, once that’s purified then the signs drop as the sensory (conceptual) reminder through association to the sense of self is no longer present. We need to look at this in terms of drawing closer to ourselves and not feeling uncomfortable with anything as it’s this feeling of being uncomfortable with something that leads to limiting manifestations. The experiences we manifest remind us of these compromised pieces, that’s why the same feeling comes up in SATS as it does physically. Transformation requires fire, this is an alchemical and metaphysical truth and it’s why corporeal reality is called the furnace in the bible for out of that pressure comes expansion and as NG says that’s why we’re here. Connect the dots."


I want to speak on persistence again.

Persistence is about continuing to live from the end, as in the archetypal arrangement of the person who has the thing. You use the imaginal act as the reference point so to say. Persistence in the state of the wish fulfilled is simply about persisting in that archetype of consciousness that lens of perception as that person here and now. Imagine the scenario I outlined when I said to wake up in the dream. Wake up as that person right now. You're now the person who has all those things now what are you doing with your life? Be guided to fulfil these processes that come up within you from living in this state. Actions come out of the state. You cannot act to make things happen from states of lack because they'll drive you to do things out of fear of not having instead of from that end of being who you want to be. That's the point of persistence and action. NG didn't act when he was discharged from the military because he couldn't do anything. He knew that he and God are one and he simply lived in that state of being that was out of the military. He was obviously guided from that state to wait until he was discharged. The action and the intuitive impulse arises out of the state.

I'm going to study NG more on action and find every instance of him talking about it I can but I believe that there's more to it than just simply "Don't lift a finger to make it happen" because experience says otherwise. As far as I'm concerned as long as you're acting from the place of what you know is the path you want to walk from a place of uncompromising expression then you cannot fail regardless of what you imagined.

I'd say firstly get right with this ideal state of being and flowing with intuitive impulse and fulfilling conditions that're holding you back from expressing what you desire to express and simply become the person you want to be and stop trying and do. BE. You see.



So this will be a very interesting notebook entry.

Those who have read up till this point have had quite an in depth explanation of LOA but this will go further than ever. I don't think I'll have time to figure this out today but we'll see..


So. Themes. Archetypes. Principles. 

Themes contain archetypes and archetypes contain principles.

Principles are fundamental components of relaity, Yin and Yang. Jing Qi Shen. Wood Fire Metal Water Earth. North, north east, east, south east, south, south west, west, north west. I'Ching. Those are the components of daoist theory but the same goes with any other model. Like you'd have wyrd and the 3 norns in norse system with the vegvisir and the aegishjalmr for the elements and directions and then the 9 worlds of the world tree as the elements. Each system has the same model in different language is the point. What they're all addressing isn't ideas (although they are in a sense) but archetypes of being. These refer to the aspects of consciousness which build states. States are the experience of archetypes, so to take upon yourself a state is to take upon yourself information which is conceptually linked to a part of the progression of the principles which comprise reality. This means that when you are in the state of the wish fulfilled it's that you're experiencing a series of archetypes that make up the information for that state in context. You experience these archetypes and their arrangement as context as that's the conceptual information that you relate to in contrast to your core essence which is the sense of self.

So the sense of self has a reference point it's suppose to target which is it's path of least resistance. This path of least resistance is based on a theme or an idea and this contains the basis of experiences you're being moved towards with your somatic sense as the guiding light to determine if you're on track or not in essence. When you're on track it means that you're flowing with your path of least resistance and things flow according to that tide. When you're off track then you're going to face negative feelings and they're there to basically remind you that you need to look in another direction and shift course. This theme is constructed from archetypes which are core essence ideas but those are constructed out of principles of course. Fundamentally we're interacting with just principles but these principles integrate within each other and form higher order processes that grant us more information to process and experience. Subconscious capacity works this way too, where we increase our subconscious capacity as a function of moving into higher order coherency with greater consciousness. 

All in all the function is to recognise the path of least resistance we have so that we can integrate within a process which represents our highest nature and flow with that. The challenge comes when we have to face conditions and resistance. We manifest only that which we feel comfortable with and this includes negative comfortabilities too. This is why it's best to call manifesting the law of comfortability because we manifest what we're comfortable with. That's the sense of self part of the equation.

This whole thing about state shifting therefore is so so so sooooo easy and simple. Now I'm going to say that it's just this. Tune into the reality you desire with this process. Think of who you want to be, all the desires to an uncompromising manner. Think if you were to authentically go all the way then what would that look like. Now detail the life you'd have surrounding those core desires. Ask yourself what would your friends and family be like, where would you live exactly and what road would you drive to get home. What car would you drive and where would you shop? Where would you spend free time? Who's your SP? Who would you hang out with? What would you look like then too? How would you describe the theme of your look? Are there any people who remind you of the look you want, what that feels like? Simply detail all those things and then in an instant tune into the person you're describing as though you're them right here right now. Wake up in the dream as the person you'd be if all your desires were fulfilled. This is critically important as this information is actually what's gathering our resonance to the themes and archetypes associated to the desired reference state of fulfilment.

To explain this more, the essence here is that we're by leading ourselves through the information pathways comprised of compounds of principles forming the archtypes we experience represented by the sensory impressions we're imagining. Imagining with 5 sense impressions only exists to give tangible experience to these archetypes we're experiencing and that they lead us into the fine tuned archetype we desire to experience. There's no magic in imagining with images or whatever and it's not the intention that manifests either for that intention can come from or of as NG says when you think from or of the state. When you think FROM the state it's that you're feeling the archetypal experience of the desire. THIS IS THE SECRET! The real secret is this archetypal association to the reference state desired and nothing more. We must grasp that the magic happens not from imagining sensory experience but from experiencing the relaity of that in the archetypes we feel. This actually has nothing really to do with the subconscious impression or whatever it's simply that we're experiencing the archetypes of consciousness relating to the reference state as somatic sensations in the body when we tune into it. The sensory experience again is just extra information we use to guide the archetypal current we're BEING and thinking FROM. When you "wake up in the dream" then you've experienced this and it takes simply a moment to feel. That intuitive impulse I've been describing this whole time IS that feeling guiding us towards fulfilling this state. The feeling is somatic but it's tuned by conceptual sense which forms context and thus intuitive knowing of what's associated to that relating to the reference state and sense of self drives our experience of it. THAT'S THE PROCESS!

I can't believe I put that together. Am I the first one who's done this? I don't know but I don't know anyone else who has. Bergson's holographic theory reminds me of this which I spent many months studying back in 2019 and 2020 but it's still not a metaphysically based model like this with alchemical progressions and physics and psychological processes. Reality Synthesis is a complete model that explains basically everything imaginable at this point from start to finish.

I don't know how much deeper things can go from here. I guess it's just time to teach and produce content to share with people how this works and completely and utterly eradicate the influencers off this platform who peddle sensory impressions push out. They're missing the component of experience in that and this aspect of comfortability. I plan to absolutely mercilessly eradicate any and all influencers off this platform completely with Reality Synthesis. I feel compelled to rise to the top and take the place as the one who is the benchmark to follow because this explains everything everyone else is trying to tap into. Reality Synthesis as I said will take over the world and I will make it happen because this seems to be my path. It's been about a decade in the making so the degree to which I can make this a relaity depends entirely on my ability to go all out and be completely merciless in my expression of self as it seems my core affinities are setup this way to enable this to happen.

I'm going to own this and utterly dominate. I already am and have. I feel it. That's all I need. Time to look the part and play the part my consciousness has been set to fulfil.



The fact is this, and this is really the most important thing of all. Manifesting your DESIRED reality involves you ACTING IN that experience in imagination. The imagination is a tool used to refine you and get you into proportionality with divinity. It's not about manifesting anything, imagination doesn't create reality it's the experience you have and the archetypes associated on a themic level which pushes out phenomena corresponding to what that archetypally represents in reality. You can tune into this sense and NG spoke of the feeling as this sense. We all missed it for emotional sense when in relaity it's our archetypal sense.

Understand that relaity is a self organising metaphysical entity. It's consciousness the same as you but on a scale with unimaginable capacity. You're a personification of a specific progression that's part of totality and by you proportionally aligning to your path of least resistance you're forming a higher order process by which creation as a whole can flow significantly easier through. This whole idea of being yourself without compromise is by following the specific archetypal makeup that you're being driven to become and be purified in by nature of you living the experience of. Your consciousness is the embodiment of this metaphysical process unfolding. This is why manifestation is not a process of imagining things but a process of being yourself without compromise. 

The action is the experience and the experience is you living the reality through the archetype of consciousness which represents your path of least resistance (ideally).

Neville said don't do anything to make it happen meaning that night, when the old man slept in the state of the wish fulfilled. When the fulfilled man is living in the end he is living from the lens of perception of already being the person who has what's desired and that when stones show up to present the seeming facts of life the man who's living in the end will know who he is and what his value and and not feel unworthy. He will know his relaity.



The archetype of consciousness which represents your path of least resistance and the things you hold affinity for is literally the state by which all your dreams and abundance desired exists within without compromise. All of it, all of it the way you desire. The fact is this, you’re holding onto limitations and conditions and reasons and things that justify you not being able to experience that state and that resonant archetype of consciousness which has within its archetypal and themic structure the complete fulfilment of everything you have affinity for at a core essence level. When you get in alignment with this and get out of your own way and surrender and allow everything that you are to flow naturally the reality will correspond accordingly and effortlessly the abundance that’s going to satisfy you will show up because it’s yours by nature of your existence. 

I exist therefore I am. There’s no conditions on it other than being proportionate with it and accepting it. Accepting the abundance you desire means accepting yourself. There is no one (no thing) to change but self, as NG says. The abundance is built into because you are the technique (being yourself without compromise) you so open up and accept that being you wholly and totally implies it’s fulfilment automatically and all the actions and reactions to reality will flow without effort because it’s what you want to do, it’s what you want without conditions and resistance in the way. 

You don’t learn to manifest or whatever by discovering the so called law. You only find this because you’re out of touch with yourself because you accepted the programming others expected you to follow and in doing so compromised and took upon yourself false identification which is the core essence of suffering as you’re now going against the flow. How else can you possibly manifest what you desire doing techniques if YOU still aren’t changing. Concept x sense of self = context and context is the archetypal structure and lens of perception but which you view reality through and so as you change how you see the same things then those things can show up THE WAY YOU WANT. No more signs and other partial results it’s all about being you and playing your part as your part of least resistance. 

Your affinities can and will likely evolve over time but that’s ok because you’ll naturally be inclined towards whatever your affinities are and what those represent. It doesn’t even matter if your path doesn’t have you being a multi millionaire or whatever if you’re still genuinely satisfied with your existence. That’s the point, you don’t need to compare to anyone but yourself for that’s the only comparison point by which you’re “judged” by anyway as all judgement comes out of disproportionately. If you were being you and feeling into that 70x7 as NG days and playing that part and making decisions from that part when you start playing tug of war then you’d not feel the need to judge or feel judged because you’re in flow and in proportionality with your core essence and it’s associated feeling and archetype of consciousness which represents the role you’re here to play. You came into the world to play the part as God has set for all to play but when you avoid playing your part because you’ve been programmed to believe that it’s bad then you’re never ever ever ever ever going to feel satisfied as the feelings of negativity only show up because you’re resisting your path of least resistance that’s been set for you. That’s not to take away your free will because you’re using it right now being in opposition to your affinities but it’s because all things have a place in the structure of reality and you’re a part of the whole system and so by you playing your part everyone else can feel that and will be inspired to be themselves accordingly. That’s how it works, process within process consciousness within consciousness.



I want to speak about action more in a video soon, but for now I want to speak on something else.

Health and meridians relating to states.


So the archetypical representation of a state has a mixture of yin and yang principles within which play off each other and form the totality of our contextual experience under all the associated archetypes of that state.. I've realised after literally more than 2 years of doing this now I was consciously able to resolve a specific health thing that continued to show up when I was in a dip. I felt within me the feeling of being vital and such and I imagined myself being the version I wanted to look like right and so out of that I experienced this uplifting "feeling" within that was sort of like a somatic sensation but also an intuitive knowing sense in one. I realised that the physical symptoms associated with this lack of being who I wanted to be have manifested in specific ways I've recognised as the patterns that show up when I'm in this state where conditions which plagued me before no longer hold influence like at all. I always recognised that when I was being myself without compromise in certain ways it got better but when I dropped that focus it came back. I didn't understand why back then but now I do, it's Kidney yang and partially Jing too. It's archetypically representative of the metaphysics manifesting on all these different levels.

The fact is the physical condition we're in is determined by the state, nothing else. This is not to say physical factors won't influence you like being sedentary and eating trash every day and all that stuff that's obviously destructive to biology but it's that the influence of these factors will be significantly negated because you're being your own source of yin and yang charge vs catalysing more prenatal Jing to restore function and aging you. I find that the real trick to immortality therefore is to completely and wholly be yourself without compromise on every level imaginable. 



So more on this detachment and actions thing.

When you've got significantly expanded subconscous capacity (a "higher" state of consciousness) then you've got detachment naturally built into your context of experience and therefore you're able to manifest things seemingly without ever trying simply by putting things out there without effort. This can ONLY happen when your baseline shifts. Doing this from a place of lack will require you to shift out of that in order for it to work as they're not compatible at all. The essence behind increasing subconscious capacity is about breaking conditions and being yourself without compromise in every way possible and this also means flowing with the intuitive impulses you're arising with and allowing them to naturally take you where you're being driven to go without expectation as to the end of the outcome. As soon as you place expectation as to how or why things work certain ways then you're placing conditions and shifting out of that experience of being the end identification, that's why you can only effectively drop seeds when you're living in that place of flow. Seriously it's not hard to understand, SATS is a technique which either works as a purification method to drop resistance or as a means of planting desired seeds to drop and flow with because YOU'RE ALREADY WHO YOU DESIRE TO BE. The new desires you have come out of fulfilling surrounding desires and conditions, your thoughts are all manifestations of the processes you're playing in anyway there's no separation.

Action therefore is a necessary part of the process for many as it's how they're being driven to fulfil things. How does an Olympic gold medallist manifest the top spot by sitting in their room imagining their end all day and every time they're driven to act and fulfil what they find to be their path they think of what NG says and "not lift a finger" and every time they drift further into unfulfillment and satisfaction because they're compromising. The moment you drop this nonsense idea of action being bad for some reason even though you're existing on all levels including the tangible then things will flow because YOU can flow and YOU can change through the relaity of that experience. People who manifest things out of thin air with nearly zero effort or action or anything already had increased subconscious capacity and a higher coherency with divinity and that can only effectively be anchored at baseline when you're continuously playing as the version of you that you desire to be without compromise. Do you understand why action is important? For so many people the moment they act on the things they WANT to act on and drop this feeling of guilt for not acting thinking they shouldn't in order to manifest then they get places and experience fulfilment and the feelings of lack actually go away SIMPLY FROM BEING THEMSELVES THE WAY THEY'RE DRIVEN TO BE. Playing the part physically and in imagination together is where the power comes from because you're BEING the person on ALL levels and bringing that coherency into alignment with the proportionate connection to divinity and your path of least resistance accordingly. 

Please grasp that the fundamental mechanic here is subconscious capacity. The ones who can manifest CONSCIOUSLY without trying have increased subconscous capacity at a BASELINE level. The baseline is where their experience and contextual sense is completely changed without needing to consciously shift it as that's the dominant state so to say. It's not repetition more or less than simply surrendering. You don't need to repeat if you surrender fully and accept fully because you'll simply land in that state by default from then. You won't need to act because action will be automatically playing out through you, as God plays his part THROUGH you. God is the real you but you're playing the part assigned to you in relaity. When you deny this part you deny your divinity and your subconscious capacity gets eaten up and you'll experience lack and need and separation. Your coherency with divinity through being yourself without compromise IS the experience of detachment and such and "higher consciousness" as you can experience more of reality at once BECAUSE you've got an increased capacity for it at baseline. This is so very important to understand. 


We must also understand that this whole being yourself without compromise applies on ALL levels, both big and small things. This means every decision you make no matter the nature of it must come from that path of least resistance flow and the drive you'd flow with if you were being the you who has no compromised aspects, meaning you make all the decisions you desire in every moment of every day for every moment of every day is when you're able to make decisions and by making decisions you anchor states. We need to stop looking at NG in a vacuum and seeing all the things he talks about on their own. They all relate and all have their place. Every means has it's own specific application and fundamentally it all goes back to the sense of self as that's the essence of who we are being in contrast to who we desire to be and the concept surrounding that are simply the aspects which bring us into resonance with the various pieces of who we are. If a certain concept and your association to it feels limiting then there's a part of you that's got a condition in the way preventing it's free flow expression within you, you're holding onto pleasing something or someone in reality vs flowing freely with your desired self. The moment you drop that condition and be who you desire to be without compromise relative to this concept then it's free and you no longer feel attachment BECAUSE it opens up subconscious capacity on a baseline level and you're able to then detach from needing something outside you as now you've fulfilled it within you. 

I want something else here to be very important. If you don't hold affinity for the thing you seemingly desire then you'll not feel passion and desire to play it out or act for it. If you really held affinity for the desire you'd WANT to act on it because it would feel good, you'd experience somatic sensations if you were in proportion to playing out that experience and the archetypes of consciousness associated to it. This is the thing about people saying when they got clear about exactly what they desire and brought specifically what they wanted into their mind it manifested after being vague is because they actually found what they really wanted. What most people want isn't actually what they want and so they try to "maintain" a state having and being when there's no affinity there and they only seem to desire it because they think that will help them feel better when in reality you'd AUTOMATICALLY be driven to fulfil your affinities and core essence if there were no conditions or resistance in the way and state streaks would be a breeze and you'd be able to effortlessly drop seeds as your attention and focus would be on living the life you desire.

You must understand that being yourself without compromise means FAR more than just doing one "thing" that you seem to feel this need to do. It's everything, it's your embodiment, It's that you're without trying being yourself without compromise because you hold affinity for and desire for without even needing to amp yourself up. The only reason you need to hype up your emotional charge (which eats subconscious capacity) is because you're not going in the right direction and you're not bringing future you who has the desire into the present where you can relax and sink into the knowing of who YOU are and knowing what you have as that contextual experience through the experience of the associated archetypes of consciosuness.

You will ALWAYS be drawn towards the path of least resistance but it's the conditions that you're compromising for and giving your value to and resisting the flow that things seem hard. THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL COMPONENT that MUST be fulfilled before any "effortless' manifesting for real things you desire can unfold. If you take a good long look at the people who can actually manifest these things they typically have their life decently sorted out, it's not in a mess and they're trying to sort out all these different things and all that it's that they're simply being themselves without compromise simply because it's part of what they desire to do as it feels good as in contrast with divinity that's their natural striving towards higher order. This natural striving towards higher order is why you exist as you do as the role you're assigned to play, that God acts through you. The more in alignment with divinity you are the more on your path you are the more subconscious capacity you have and the effortless manifestations show up accordingly because you're not resisting and feel content where you are BECAUSE you're not trying as the only effort you need to apply is to swim up the current you're being drawn to by affinity, YOU'RE resisting it, that's why NG says there's no one to change but SELF. You change relative to divinity and things unfold accordingly. 


So I want to talk on NG's technique of working yourself up. This idea seems to contradict my theory of charge and subconscious capacity but it actually doesn't when applied under a very specific scenario. The main thing I mean by not wanting to hold charge is as I've said over the day when you're trying to "maintain" a state by feeling hyped vs feeling the feeling. Either way I do believe that the thing that NG says with working yourself up with the bliss and the satisfaction and all that is more or less to immerse yourself in the context of experiencing your fulfilment and I do believe that the scene itself doesn't even really matter other than the feeling and archetypal representation under the context that you're experiencing when applying excess charge over the top of it to seemingly amplify it. There is an amplification effect but the thing is that unless that's specifically guided in the direction in imagination towards the path of least resistance you'll be putting energy into going against the current which will not benefit.

Now the function of the NG breathing technique is both as a means of purification as I outlined before and as a means of taking you deeper into yourself. This is ALL about surrender, ALL about giving in and letting go. Feeling the emotional charge on top and experiencing the sensation of that on every level by giving yourself to your complete nature is the idea here. You're having a focused moment of peak alignment with your divine proportionate pathway which is actually you arranging the archetypes of your being and the context of that experience to be as though you're there (the desired experience and state of being) here now. This is traditionally what's performed as SATS and it's both a means of purification and alignment. I'm going to say therefore that SATS and other similar techniques are nothing more than primarily alignment techniques, for even alignment is purifying as you're getting on track with experiencing YOU in that experience. It's that the state of being, the contextual experience, the essence and archetypal representation is brought before God and that's you lining up corporeal and incorporeal being to become as one and resultantly increase subconscious capacity from that. It's that you're giving yourself completely to the flow and when you're in the flow and you've gone all the way you can't go there no more hence you're satisfied and relieved. That's the whole point of this technique I do believe. That's how you manifest the way people seem to talk about. It ALWAYS relates to the part of you being you without compromise, else there's no satisfaction, no alignment with natural striving towards higher order. That's what I learned from Wilhelm Reich.

I think the thing most people get wrong here is not actually knowing what they want, well consciously recognising that at least. They don't apply themselves in SATS correctly because of that .The whole "dare" to assume it thing is a part of this process for a reason, NG didn't repeat this over and over for no reason. There MUST be that fundamental affinity for it for that's part of your path of least resistance and if you aren't on that path you'll never be satisfied because you're not going all the way. NG made it clear that desire is REQUIRED for this to work in one of his talks. Without desire, as in an affinity for the archetypal and themic principle representation of this path you're being intuitively driven by greater consciousness to fulfil, then you'll not be able to manifest as satisfaction can never be actually attained and you'll still be wanting and needing and lacking. That's the whole point here. It's all an effect of subconscious capacity expansion though flowing with your natural striving towards higher order.

To know what that is is extremely simple though. Ask yourself what have I always had affinity for? ALWAYS! What has been a constant through my entire life that brings me a sense of satisfaction when I do, or imagine doing? What brings me a sense of excitement? This is the experience if you being pulled towards something, like a child flowing with this feeling they'd express it without expectation or compromise as there's no conditions in the way and things will resultantly manifest accordingly. 

So with this whole building of charge to critical threshold is more so about causing a phase conjugate effect where you're compressing information by focusing the state as NG says is the purpose of looping the scene. NG says we loop to build focus and to "prevent associated images" arising into the mind. This implies that he's saying for us to be laser focused towards that path of least resistance with the scene and to compress and at critical threshold cause a phase conjugate effect where you've actually imploded that charge and integrated it at baseline. This technique is actually how DNA works and even how matter is formed from nothing. It's the creative process we're mirroring on a metaphysical archetypal level here so by building into a phase conjugate interaction we're going to effectively shift our baseline to be correspondent to the path of least resistance we have affinity for and in so doing that because it's what we desire and what we've affinity for, out of that satisfaction it's going to result in things lining up and manifest in our minds.

The issue most people have here is that they're unable to get on that path of least resistance and accept and give themselves to it and surrender to themselves fully for that's actually what you're doing here. IT ALL COMES BACK TO BEING YOURSELF WITHOUT COMPROMISE! On EVERY level. SATS is this too, the phase conjugate interactions are the same as it's two resonant waves compressing and imploding which causes the baseline integration, the flashpoint, the real quantum jump. That's what's going on. NG spoke of these techniques for a reason, we've just missed the mechanics of them because he never spoke of them in the way I have here. This is the facts about how these techniques work and I suggest you apply them. Simply in a moment of heightened experience you condense the charge and it's then done. It all comes out of being coherent purely and wholly to that end, and the end is your path of least resistance and nothing more. If it's not aligned with your path of least resistance and what you actually do desire fundamentally under all the conditions as to what you can and cannot have then it WILL manifest and you WILL feel the charge from that reach it's peak for you cannot feel truly satisfied if there's no alignment to it on a core essence affinity and archetypal level and therefore you cannot manifest what you want because you don't even know what you want or that you're not allowing yourself to have what you want. That's the issue most seem to face here, it's avoiding themselves and their desires because of the layers. That's where coaching comes in to peel the layers back.


Let me say that often your desires will change as you meet them with satisfaction. You'll fulfil one part and then another desire will show up that's going to be the next stage of your experience divinity throws at you. It's ok to not go to the end end end because we likely don't even know what that is fundamentally but we go to the end within the affinities we currently have and uncompromisingly be that on all levels. Persistence is persistence in the story, as in playing in life from that state of being and making decisions from that. You bring the version of you from the future into the present and make every decision from that lens of perception and hold nothing back.



So here's the next part of this.

When imagining what we want and placing ourselves IN the end and living FROM that experience we want to be building greater context as to all the surrounding parts of us that we desire to fulfil. So this means that when we're doing gazing for example during the day and we're getting into SATS where we're distanced from corporeal being where subjective reality can be objectified internally we're going to place ourselves in that place and it'll be from a position of having next to nothing when it comes to attachments. We want to be as true to our core essence in this place as we can and outline all the things we hold affinity for on a fundamental level. The more on track we are with that core essence in the scene and surrounding desires represented in it the more aligned to the resonant series of archetypes that those aspects represent within us.


About the end and the whole things about details resulting in longer bridge of incidents and how it always needs to be natural.

I'll argue that it's not the need for reality to move more chess pieces to make the desire unfold that takes longer so to say but that the underlying desire to actually have those extra things that don't touch on the archetypal associations the person has no resonance with warps the state they're in in SATS and it's not purely on their path of least resistance. The more in alignment the scene is with your path of least resistance and fundamental core affinities the more in resonance you are with the essence of the archetypes you desire to experience and thus the state matches exactly according to the desired one without extra undesired fluff warping the sense of self in that place and thus the context and state as details present in the context result in a shift in state accordingly and when that's not resonant with the core essence it'll effectively be undesired. It's about desired affinities and specifically targeting those over anything else wherever possible to imply the end. It's really about being yourself without compromise in imagination, as all things are. You are just getting on track with yourself and letting go of all the fluff that doesn't need to be there that's not desired. 

I'll also say the idea of the end isn't about the end, it's again about the path of least resistance according to what the person wants. It's about fulfilling desire AS the end.


It doesn't matter ultimately what you imagine or even act on in the world so long as it's always true to your core essence. If you act in the world with courage you WILL manifest outcomes that are favourable IF it's coming from what YOU truly desire to express. This proves my point that ultimately it's NOT the imaginal sensory details that push out but the context of that experience and the resonance with your core affinities which matter which is why you can manifest without ever saying a single word or imagining a single image or hearing anyone say anything if you as a silent voice move in the world and in the mind with the feeling sense and allow that to guide your every act both imaginal and tangible.

This feeling is your guiding mechanism which is there to determine what you do and don't hold core affinity with which of course has archetypal representation on a metaphysical and alchemical level and by you playing these parts out that YOU DESIRE to play but dismiss and ignore due to conditions and reasons you believe justify why you cant do it, but still want to, is the only reason of suffering under false identification. You MUST be yourself without compromise and EVERYBODY who imagines what they want who manifests an outcome they truly want that brings them true satisfaction imagines from that resonance with their core affinities and specifies those details alone to be what's important. 

You can and will manifest everything surrounding that both "good" and "bad" but the means by which you'll extract actual fulfilment and satisfaction out of your manifestations can ONLY come from you playing in resonance with that archetype or state your affinities hold association towards. It's ALL you resisting your natural path of least resistance YOU WANT TO act on and play out due to surrounding beliefs which prevents you from realising your reality because that path of least resistance is the ONLY thing you are in contrast to in life, nothing else. You either swim with the current and flow with your affinities and give yourself completely to them in absolute acceptance or you resist and flow against the current which causes pain and suffering. The moment you stop trying to swim against the current and let go and fully embrace your path of least resistance and imagine accordingly you will win.


This is the ONLY thing that belief searching is used for, it's to identify parts of you that's compromised and to then see those as petty nonsense to be dropped where you'll see underlying that is the core essence and affinities you have to your desired end. Living that without compromise is what will ALWAYS bring success. Imagination before bed or in SATS is simply a way of you stabilising a state (context) to then push out corresponding archetypal and themic representations of that feeling. NG proved with the lullaby method that you simply feel into the state (experiencing the context desired) and thus the manifestation associated to that feeling will push out. Why? Because you're in resonance with your path of least resistance when sleeping and thus anchor the state accordingly.



I was inspired to write this out now.

This is about immortality.

So the alchemist told me that your ability to complete the great work has absolutely nothing to do with your acts or even your coherency with divinity and subconscious capacity for this is a function of when greater consciousness is ready for the work to be done then it will be done. This is what I've been made aware of, he said we're sock puppets compared to it. From a manifesting perspective this is  like heresy but we need to understand what that translates to. So the essence here is until we've cohered all the archetypes of consciousness which comprise our being into one thing and fully completed the lesser conjunction so that we can directly then interact with our conscious mind greater consciousness and communicate with it then we will be able to move onto the completion of the greater conjunction which is only going to occur once greater consciousness is ready, You don't know when that's ready but it will be when it's ready.

This to me speaks of the experience of being in all the states and that we can never really know. Part of me thinks that the explosion in the skull (really an implosion) will only occur once the great work is complete, as in you're ready and greater consciousness has fulfilled all these aspects THROUGH you. Your actor has played it's part so to say, even if you take off the costume and go back stage (increasing subconscious capacity fully and cohering with greater consciousness) to talk to the manager you still need to finish playing your part unto it's completion. This means that no matter how much coherency you have no matter what you MUST still walk your path of least resistance and fulfil your existence. In other words, until you're fully completed everything that greater consciousness needs you to complete which cannot be earned or known what to do other than to flow with your intuitive impulses and core affinities then it's still a matter of attaining more experience at that point.

The complete experience of playing your part is what we're attaining and as through that you increase subconscious capacity as a result anyway as you're burning away disproportionality through cohering the states and flowing with your path of least resistance where it's automatic. Doing extra gazing or listening to the subliminal and all that will massively increase your capacity and coherency with divinity on a sensory potential level but you will STILL need to walk the path of least resistance regardless of that capacity present. This will simply mean you'll be more detached from that place of expanded consciousness but again you will still need to dissolve disproportionality and burn off beliefs which don't serve you as an effect. It all plays into itself as an increase in capacity serves self realisation and self realisation serves capacity so really my definition of capacity being your coherency with divinity is true to it's core as it's peak will truly always be determined by the sum of all it's influencing factors anyway. You'll hit a ceiling and that won't raise higher until YOU raise higher.

Flowing with your desires and fulfilling what arises that's aligned to your core affinities and playing your part to satisfaction is the point of this all.



There's so much more to note down I can't even begin to describe.

So basically I've been going deeper into the whole depth of imaginal reality to manifest faster as well as tapping more into the idea of your path of least resistance being the target for the end experience in imagination which shifts things to be proportionate with divinity.

So to make abundantly clear here, manifestation is simple. Everything you experience with the imaginal senses creates seeds which will move you from the current place to that experience to some degree. The more vague an idea experienced the less specific it will be. For example I was watching mr bean a while back online and then stumbled upon a box of mr bean dvds I forgot I had when cleaning out my house. This was something I'd not seen in a very very long time, the idea of mr bean was experienced but the surrounding context was minimal and so that took the path of least resistance and pushed out an experience to correspond with the imagined one.

To also make abundantly clear you don't need to experience with all the senses to manifest. The more sensory details the more accurate the scene will be on that level, even if you don't experience it. The perspective absolutely matters as does the experience of feeling as the targeting sense. The targeting sense is the effective minimal way to push out an experience as this is what the "focus of the idea" of your mind is in essence.  It's almost impossible to really describe but it's effectively the subject focused on and how you experience that. I've also found that emotions push out too but the target is required for the subject to match up. Different imaginary senses can be decoupled in how it manifests, so say your image pushes out differently but the sound of the words of the person is the same but the emotion is also different that came out. Basically the scene needs a coherent means for all the various senses to have a coherent subject to manifest at the same time with. You could manifest one part of it hours before and another hours later even though you imagined both of them in the same scene.

Say you imagine your SP saying they love you and they're sitting next to you on a chair or something. They'll sit next to you on the chair like in the image and you'll feel the feeling of being loved as you did in the scene but the words come later. This is the idea as it will take the path of least resistance according to the sensory details.

The more details outside of the senses you add to a scene with for example multiple implications for events to happen like manifesting money and the SP at once will require both of those conditions to be met for that scene to unfold. Each scene represents 1 seed planted so that's it's own event that will unfold. If you imagine then for money in the middle that will be it's own manifestation separate from the bigger money scene, say having 10 million dollars. This is the thing, with the whole big money manifestation it could leave you broke for a long time before it all comes in at once ages down the road if the seed is allowed to fully manifest. This is the thing with manifesting big money is how it's not easy for most to drop it so working on manifesting believable sums of money more regularly is going to be much easier than going big for the million. It's just as easy to manifest the million as the small because it's simply a matter of planting the seed and dropping it for good where you basically don't care and forget about it. 

This is why following your path of least resistance is SO IMPORTANT because anyone can imagine their end but they need to drop it for it to not be warped as you'll be planting middle seeds that'll shift the big money seed to likely not push out the result you've wanted. This is why I say sense of self in effect determines the HOW something pushes out because with obsessive thoughts about needing that thing and how you'll be imagining non stop to try and make it happen ahead of time you're playing with the middle means and that'll result in warped outputs. If you were able to simply drop the seed and live life without ever worrying about it then it WOULD 100% ALWAYS manifest, even if it takes a long time it would  be guaranteed. 

Making the sense of self the focus gives you the platform to realise effectively any seed imaginable the WAY you want and not have the surrounding beliefs that cause negative thoughts which warp the output manifestation by interacting with the seed desired means you can KNOW with confidence your capacity to manifest specific things.

I've realised after all this time of going through trial and error to grasp the mechanics between concept and sense of self. It's effectively impossible to drop seeds if you have beliefs surrounding the subject of the manifestation that come up and cause you to have a warped perception around this thing. You must understand that the phenomena of seeds not being dropped and left to grow and the planting of bad seeds with weeds and all that come from compromised parts of ourselves that we're missing the fulfilment of and so the moment that we shift from lack to fulfilment in this part of us those positive seeds will show up the way we want. So all the bad memories we have of the past of compromised experiences will cause us to manifest that again as we're creating that experience over. This is why fulfilling every part of who YOU wanted to be in those moments and having things go the way you desired is essential as those negative associations that arise and cause the memories to come up as a result which only reinforces the story of lack is going to affect the present and the future from the belief shifting. This is why the sense of self is so important because those parts of us manifest too, they determine how things come about.

You can still likely manifest ideal outcomes if those imagined experiences go deep but the way that it manifests and the bridge to that will be very negative and you'll still feel unfulfilled. The satisfaction doesn't come from having things it comes from feeling fulfilled in who we are.


There's so much more I can't even begin.



So the truth is that a vast majority of the results we get comes from simple impressions of experience. I’m going to define impression as the reality of experience being reached, whatever means was used for that. 

The thing here is that impression isn’t just about the reality of experience alone because it has to be an experience with direct implication to fulfil the desire. So take this idea, you’ve got memories of past events which continue to show up as associated experiences which are the proof to you that the facts of life are as they are. The only thing keeping that experience alive is the reality of experience as this is the creative essence underlying impression. The reality of experience IS the creative act because it’s whatever greater process/consciousness receives through information pathways integrated with the senses that’s pushed out. It’s not filtered, whatever the experience of your corporeal consciousness is in that moment of impression, whatever you were experiencing then, it will cause a snapshot and it’ll turn into a “memory”. This is why I said ages ago that manifesting is like creating future memories.

The real essence here is that we’re simply creating experiences and building up a sort of art gallery of experiences which when we walk through the gallery become what we experience when we see them. The paintings are like projections we take upon ourselves as proof of our being. The reality of experience I do believe relates to the testimony of Christ in the bible, your testimony is your experience is it not. 

What’s the one thing that can’t be shared to anyone else? A subjective experience. You can describe an experience but you cannot experience someone else’s experiences you can only create your own experience based on what they’re marketing to you and leading you to experience in your imagination as they describe it to you. This is the idea here, sensory experience when led through from start to finish basically is a guided experience that anyone can have. That’s what guided meditations are all about and why they work because it’s NLP and hypnosis basically being applied to lead you into a scene of experience that’s ideally what you would desire to experience.


So from here the only place we can go is up. Everyone needs to write down every pathway they have relating to disproportionate outcomes and apply revision to the roots. If the roots don’t resolve it then go to the next root in the chain and so on until you’re feeling satisfied. Often times there’s multiple roots involved so revising all of them is a requirement. Don’t miss anything because if it’s playing out in your consciousness as a memory that proves to you your current lacks then it needs to be dissolved as that was a creative act that’s manifesting your thoughts and the proof of that is that this association is still arising. You either fulfil the implication of it by being the person who no longer has limitations of such nature anymore and it will seem like this memory was just the old you or you revise these memories completely and make them all conform to your story, your path of least resistance. 

We want the contents of our consciousness to be clean and pure and refined to reflect our divine nature. We want a garden of pure natural beauty and satisfaction without weeds messing with the scenery so to say. We don’t want to even think about weeds or see any of them we want a completely pure clean mental garden to enjoy and play in. That’s what we’re doing here we’re refining the field geometry and the arrangement of all the different belief structures which cause us to be who we are today. It’s all these different seeds we planted which are rising out of the growing and causing us to become compromised on our path and what we desire to fulfil. 

Everyone on earth has core affinities they develop in childhood that work as your path of least resistance towards fulfilment and when we compromise on that path because of past experiences which seemingly prove to us that we aren’t who we want to be then those need to be uprooted and replaced completely to clean the garden out. You want to write every one of these plants on your garden down, all of them, take note of what the biggest ones are (root beliefs) and the smaller ones are (the leaves so to say). We want to establish a compete account with every instance of an experience which to us proves something about ourselves that we don’t desire to believe to be true. Revise these moments to the point of feeling satisfied that it’s done and leave it. Tick off that checkbox and move onto the next until you’ve replaced every seed in the garden with trees that bare wonderful fruit. 

woke up after a dream

My dream was about being healed of something and speaking to the alchemist about how to heal it. Now my thoughts at the time were not aligned to that except for archetype. The archetypal association I was sleeping in was related so it makes me think more on this idea of archetypes relating to concepts and sensory experiences being the cause of manifestation at least on one level. I also had a dream that my content got shared Iike crazy too. 



Ok so here's more to the manifesting imagination equation.

When we are in the world we are observing the shadow projection that's being cast through the crystallised pattern of the unconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the link between the two that's a product of their interaction and can expand and contract depending on the identification state you're in.


There's soooo much to write I don't think I can put this in words without images it's making my head explode.


I'll simplify to an extreme level that cuts out the details. I want the details but to think of how to explain them is making my head spinnnn.

So when we imagine a state using any of the imaginal senses we're experiencing the relaity of experience depending on the depth of incorporeal reality there is in our consciousness. The quality of consciousness in this place can be defined as their subconscious capacity in that place, not just at a baseline but in a temporary sense. So your ability to bring there here now and completely lose yourself (corporeal being) in that incorporeal experience of the imaginal senses determines the depth of experience and effective faith as faith is a function of the relaity of experience which is living in the end, or experiencing the end. Now when you reach this stage of imaginal depth then God burns the snapshot of that stabilised state of the reality of experience into the unconscious mind which acts as the crystallised pattern that light from God shines through and casts the resultant shadow onto the world we experience as corporeal being.

The essence here is the part about the moment of crystallisation and making effective use of subconscious capacity. An increase in subconscous capacity at baseline gives us more coherency with incorporeal reality and effectively provides us more "space" to experience phenomenal reality as we're less "here" and more so in incorporeal being, we're able to not react in essence. We've got the freedom to in that moment decide how we react, it's not like the experience of having our consciousness all squished up against all the resistance and it's forcing us to react accordingly because of all the pressure unconsciously playing out due to this decreased capacity but that we've got more room to breathe and process things and see what's happening without casting automatic judgements and all that. An increase in subconscious capacity gives us the space to observe and decide how to react, as in decide to be who we want to be in that moment without any compromise which leads us to further increase satisfaction. It all plays into each other, all these variables are mediated by subconscious capacity. That's really what I'm trying to say here, but there's still many many many more levels.

When we walk our path of least resistance in the world and ACT, physically, from decisions we make in the moment coming from that place of flowing with our intuitive impulses that are proportionate to divinity then we automatically increase subconscious capacity too as we're not burning space from overthinking and flooding the unconscious mind with non stop thoughts of needing things to happen which are only there because we've got unresolved past events unfolding.

The only reason we have these thoughts of lack and the old stories and the conversations we play in our heads with people thinking they're going to judge us for these things we imagine ourselves doing just to play out what we believe about ourselves isn't caused from anything other than past events. I went over this yesterday. The reality of experience of any event causes a burn in effect or crystallization of that information on the unconscious mind which happens with every single moment of impression that you've ever had. They ALL play out at the same time, it's just that some are experienced more than others because of where the conscious mind is illuminating specifically and this is the experience of pathway leading. It's the progression of thoughts leading into each other. What I'm getting at here is that we're always living our experiences of the past here now because they're real to us just as anything else is. Those moments caused a crystallization and we will always be manifesting that implication and if that implication is that you're broke and hated by everyone then you'll always have thoughts which correspond BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT'S ILLUMINATED! Those past experiences are literally causing your thoughts to play out the way they are now, fighting them is futile and a waste of effort. UNLESS you restructure the experience from that part of the crystallization that's manifesting this story then you'll never actually be free from those thoughts.

If you want to actually affect your baseline state of being to have higher capacity without needing to boost it temporarily only to enter into another dip soon after then you'll need to experience the reality of an experience which either proves that experience to be false or to revise the old one and replace it with an outcome that's favourable. This means that the reality of experience is required to manifest anything at baseline because that's what impression is. 

Do you need to be taken up into incorporeal experience in imagination as a stabilised state to affect change? Yes. Here's why. Firstly you didn't imagine the negative outcome, you experienced the physical manifestation of it and related to it in such a way where it seemed so real to you that it impressed. ANY experience, ANY realisation and deeply experienced state of being including with the physical senses can cause impression because the incorporeal consciousness is ALWAYS burning patterns onto the lens of the projector and doesn't differentiate between a physical one or a purely imaginal one. The imaginal senses simply allow us to consciously and deliberately experience specific outcomes which can cause implications to effect our relaity and beliefs in ways we want because changing the physical circumstances would require either an act of courage which in itself is like an inverse trauma where we learn through the physical experience that we aren't needing to compromise to fit in or that we imagine the outcome which would need to be just as real to us for an effective shift in belief to occur. It's the reality of experience which anchors states (experiences), no matter the context.

This in essence proves that repetitive thinking is wasting time. You're going to be pulled into all sorts of states that are disproportionate when doing this unless you've got significant capacity to work with to separate yourself from corporeal reality and actually experience the coherent story that you desire. Unless you can get to that point you're wasting time consciously thinking over the day because there's no anchor, no relaity of experience that's proving anything to you because your testimony is still lack and limitation and not actually the experience of authentic abundance. You don't need to believe it you just need to experience the relaity of it from being in that place. Imagine you're in the past when a bad event happened, now imagine you're in the present and now imagine you're in the future. That quality of consciousness is what we're working with here. You can "feel" the time you're in but that's still not the relaity of experience because you're feeling the contrast between effective time. You don't want awareness of that because in the moment your consciousness wouldn't be thinking of the past or whatever you'd be in the moment so in imagination you want to fully experience that moment as though it's the only thing that exists and that's your testimony.

Do you understand now what I mean by the experiences of the past exist in the seeming present now? It's that all these experiences you felt to be real crystalize and all play out because they're all being projected all the time at once. That pattern doesn't experience time, we only experience the time difference on our level because we're integrated within greater process though the greater process doesn't because it's the cause of our experience of time. I'm sure you get now what this means. It's very very powerful if you get it.

Now I fully understand revision and it's relationship to Reality Synthesis. It's that the relaity of all those past experiences exist here and now and are all manifesting as real experiences here and now because the relaity of experience is all there is projected all the time from that single crystallised structure on the lens of relaity which God is the projector of light through. We're the illumination of God and the pattern we are is what's crystallised on the pattern of the lens, like a shadow mask.


Sooo this means practically speaking that every time we imagine something with the relaity of experience even if it's fleeting thoughts in the moment, because it's a coherent state, it will plant that seed. Each planted seed has it's own process it plays out, think of each seed as processes representing experiences and implicational information integrated within that seed almost as though each seed is conscious in it's own way (technically it would be) which animates the corporeal being and the world to correspond experiences to represent archetypally that experience and the integrated information. Each of these various thought processes we don't want are basically consciousness within our consciousness which is the experience of intrusive thoughts that seem to have their own intelligence as they all lead into each other. Each pathway is basically it's own consciousness, a state. States within states, consciousness within consciousness.

If you image an end that you desire then that seed is planted. It doesn't have to be fully complete in the depth it simply has to have enough sensory information to imply and represent what you desire to unfold. Now if that seed is left to it's own devices and it's not having other seeds planted which relate to it that are in the middle then that seed for the end WILL ALWAYS manifest every single time 100% of the time without fail. That's the effect of dropping it and allowing that process to unfold. If we plant other seeds which will warp the path we're walking into that end and cause us to veer off track from what the end seed was moving us towards then we will either manifest all sorts of unfavourable outcomes depending on the nature of the planted seeds if they're contrary to the end or that our experience will be so warped that the end seed will effectively lose implication and have no direct pathway to manifest and you'll receive signs of it.

This is why dropping the seed is soooo important and why I say being yourself without compromise is so important because that's how you effectively anchor a new baseline for the end seeds to manifest the way you desire and not in limited ways. This means that no matter what every seed you plant manifests the implication, and if you're only feeling something then that feeling will manifest according to the most natural means for it's expression, and often that's going to correspond to what's comfortable for you which is also why I say breaking comfort zones and other limitations opens you up to receiving because you're opening up the ways the implication had to flow abundance in. 





Wow I've been very busy lately.

Massive manifestations showing up all over the place.


Either way I want to talk about archetypes of consciousness and states more here now. Every time I listen to a certain piece of music it reminds me of a certain archetype of consciousness and that brings up a state I don't naturally fall into but have affinity with. This idea of identifying the states and associated concepts and archetypes intrigues me. I always discuss noting down every state we enter into and all the associations around it so that we can build a map of our minds in a visual way to understand the archetypes we have affinity for and the insight gained from that which we can use to drop things off that aren't in our affinities to refine our field geometry further.


I really say that logging down every state and association is paramount to grasping the mechanics of this. I still need to form a complete system that corresponds to this but I believe that the most pure way to manifest, or really be, is to live from the archetypal feeling sense primarily and not to have mental chatter whatsoever. You consciously and deliberately move into the states desired and you have complete control over every state you enter into and out of. I'm sure that with enough testing this can be demonstrated. Simply listening to certain music beings me vitality, not because of words because it's instrumental but because of the associations I have with it on an archetypal level. It makes me feel like I'm more me, more effortlessly being me and that I'm being driven through intuitive impulse to flow into this direction when that archetype comes to mind.

This is what I'm saying. The archetype puts us into states, this association arises the consciousness we have affinity for without needing to visualise or affirm or whatever, simply through the associative archetypal relationship we can manifest. If the state is the way, the end relates, then we've got an end.


The feeling of being the person you want to be is the end. That’s the experience and NG used that as the most basic technique he taught. You gaze and appropriate the state, this is the easiest and most simple method to hit both subconscious capacity and the end state at once. This is the truth about what NG speaks and it’s simply that the sensation of self, the feeling that we target on an archetypal level is ultimately what manifests above all the other senses as it’s the foundational archetypal association which all the other senses expand upon and add detail too as further implication in context. That’s all there is to this it’s quite simply the sense of self that drives who we are being and when it’s anchored unconsciously then it becomes part of our core field geometry which of course manifests phenomena which confirms this to us. 

Grasp that the essence here always ALWAYS comes back to the end and how you experience that be it with a feeling alone or with further sensory inputs. Understand that sensory input extra to the targeted feeling is just greater context, but building greater context is really using more senses to further build implication. What if you could break down the feeling of being the person you want, to break down all the characteristics into a single feeling. That’s really what we’re doing here through implication as this ultimately is the fastest and easiest way to replicate that feeling which of course has archetypal and conceptual association to the end we desire and ideally have affinity for. Living from this feeling and making decisions in the world and flowing with how we’re being driven by processes greater than corporeal us is the formula because you’re being yourself without compromise and also have no stake in the outcome you’re allowing your unconscious intuitive impulse to drive your experiences where there’s no tug of war. If it’s uncomfortable for a moment because contrast comes up bring yourself into the awareness of your end and make the decision from that place even if it seems painful to make in that moment, the bad feelings are ALWAYS temporary. Making that decision fulfills the conditions and archetypes anchoring in the lack which frees up further subconscious capacity and makes you more effortlessly flow with greater process as a result. It’s all one process playing out on all levels. 


Allow yourself to surrender and give yourself to the flow. Take the state desired and live the reality of it. Plant the seeds desired and let go and flow. It’s that simple, that’s the lesson in Reality Synthesis. Dropping the seed IS surrender to the flow of being yourself without compromise where there’s no contrast to bring up stories which deny your end. Own it fully and anchor into that end without any conflict. Fulfil any and all conditions anchoring stories in with the archetypal essence of implication. Gaze and fall into that state and live from it. Become that person and all the surrounding context which brings them the experience of being that person. 

When conflict arises allow yourself to drop all responsibility and leave it be. You don’t need to do anything for anyone ever, you only need to fulfil the conditions which are preventing you from surrendering to the flow. The flow is where power is, that’s where there’s nothing but the archetypes of consciousness dancing the dream of life without a care in the world. Your end is that archetype that’s what your affinities are in essence so take them and own them as yours here and now and live from them. Imagine their fulfilment, claim and own them with an experience which implies you’re fully experiencing that archetype of consciousness desired to feed greater consciousness it’s proportionate path of least resistance by you simply being you. That’s your only purpose is to create through acceptance and surrender. The only reason you need to accept and surrender is because you’re compromised. Without a shred of compromise you’d have everything you desire as there’d be no circumstances or stories contrastive to your path of least resistance so in essence all we’re doing is allowing ourselves to lose the not self yo reveal the self. We imagine the not self being fulfilled and thus the self rises out of that as it was always there to begin with. Burn away that which is not in order to reveal that which is. Zen. 



This is the end of theory crafting. There's a lot more I could note here but I don't need to. That will all come in time when it's ready.

Soundtrack for this log: 真夜中のフェアリーダンス

So basically I've proven beyond a doubt that this is how things work based on my past experiences. Coaching cannot effectively do this without extended time working with someone on a regular basis, single hour calls only offer so much because I need to understand the beliefs holding back the the spontaneous expression of self and the resonant archetype/s of consciousness they've affinity for. If I cannot get them into that state then I will fail every time, but at the same time their environment must also be conforming to a degree where there's no reminder of the compromised sense of self either. 

The fact is this, when we accept and surrender to the affinities we have, specifically the ones which involve us being in our body and not in our heads, then we win. Why is this? This is the means that we will be able to apply the effective dropping of the proverbial seeds and to leave them grow without interference. This acts on multiple layers though, it works on subconscious capacity, it works on affinities, it works by dropping seeds, it works through the path of least resistance and all the associated parts of that. It's all really one process, and the idea of integrating specific archetypes of consciousness doesn't work for so many people because they really need to have archetypal affinity with the integrated concepts. If you're only working on the end itself through some far off implication which doesn't contain within it the archetypes that you hold affinity for then you'll likely backslide and dip.

The solution without a shadow of a doubt is simply to work exclusively with the archetypes we hold affinity for, this IS being yourself without compromise, to bring there here now and live from that place both in individual imaginal acts deliberately specified to imply fulfilment and while also touching on the experience of the archetype dancing the dream of life.

Certain music is what I often experience as the slap in the face contrast that reminds me of the desired state I hold affinity for I compromise on. This is what's always woken me up to that part of me which generates higher order yang charge within my kidney meridian which makes me experience the somatic sensations at the warmth nourishes the heart. The metaphysics of this is clear, we ALL have a certain archetypal association which we draw resonance to and when we are in link with this and allow ourselves to surrender and dance the dream of life accordingly then we are at our most powerful. The real power comes from not effort but effortless effort, for effortless effort is effort in the correct direction as this isn't the experience of effort but simply the procession of charge in and out of proportionate pathways aligned to the resonant archetype greater consciousness is driving our microcosmic circuit through. When we are in this we become one with it, one process, one being, our subconscious capacity expands but in the pure direction of power and flow.

Power comes from flow, flow with yin and yang principles. Procession of charge creates the phenomena of time and space. Your power comes top down from imagination (spiritual sense) and you generate corresponding experiences which reflect the mixture of yin yang, the 5 elements, the 8 directions, the 64 trigrams and other factors which are divisions of these principles in action. You're a reflection of all of these things formed into a divinely proportionate being representative of the matrix of cascading principles which comprise your overarching archetype/s that represents your "dance" you're designed to dance. If you deny this dance then you decay and wither into a degenerate filled with destructive compulsions arising out of the need to compensate for the disproportionate pathways you're operating on that are in contrast to the target affinities you hold. This is why dancing the dream of life you're designed for specifically is the point, that's all you're suppose to do.


I don't care if NG spoke on this or not. I'm a metaphysician and I'm way above NG when it comes to the archetypal understanding of relaity or really anyone else on earth, as far as I know say for Daoist masters and such. I'm so far beyond this whole idea of imagination creates relaity, because there's an incredible amount of variables involved in this process that I'm here to uncover and piece together into this system called Reality Synthesis. 

I hold nothing back when it comes to this path. I will never compromise on this path for this is one area I hold natural affinity for it seems. My only issue was denying my yang pathway and to an extent more of my yin pathway. You're likely the same.


We dance the dance of life which is how things work on all levels representing the procession of Yin and Yang. We are active and then inactive. We play then we rest. We gaze and then we act. We set a direction then we flow. The dance of life is dynamic and involves the balancing of both aspects of charge or else we'd be out of resonance with greater process and thus we decay. Immortality comes out of this proportionate connection with divinity on all and every level imaginable. The immortal being has no tug of war and simply dances like there's no end to earth. The immortal compromises not for compromise means death. Compromise literally means death and decay and suffering and degeneracy and all things that are seeming evil  and unsatisfying. If you desire to experience fulfilment and satisfaction you must surrender to the nature of the procession of your unique archetype/s of charge which compromise your very core essence that you experience as the affinities to certain experiences in relaity. That's your dance you're playing. Hold nothing back and dance the dream of life without compromise. All will become one with the source of emanation as they unlock the aspects of their being through an expansion in subconscious capacity. Gazing is in my experience the only real technique that can be applied actively to increase it. The subliminal can further amplify the benefits of gazing but the real power comes from dancing your unique dance.

I've explained the mechanics of this now dance. Dance the dream of life and let nobody stop you for they are all you (God) and you are playing the part of all the other dancers on the stage as well. Playing your script to perfection is your only purpose, to express divinity in all levels imaginable and to tame the furnace of reality and form it into the perfect arena for you to dance your dance. Imagination and planting seeds is such a small part of the process for it takes but seconds to plant seeds and the rest is dancing your dance. The reason you cannot manifest what you desire is because you're still compromising on your dance, you're unable to play your part because you've given into the conditions other actors have placed on you and you've accepted that as the only degree of your dance you're comfortable playing. Drop it all right here right now and start dancing your dance, feel the flow and accept your process for what it is for that IS you. You're not this compromise, you're not the circumstances, you're not the reasons why or why not or anything that's happened over and over you think will continue to happen. You're none of that, you're God playing a part as the actor with your unique role assigned to you. Your ONLY job is to play that part for that is what you WANT to play anyway, it feels good which is the only reason you're suffering due to the contrast with your path of least resistance. Understand that ALL suffering is experienced out of contrast with your path of least resistance. The only way forward is into the light, or more specifically into the darkness to fully experience the transition and realisation into proportionality with divinity. We must be transformed through the process of dissolution and being put into the furnace to be refined like tempering steel.

So what are you going to do from now? You've got all the understanding you need. You either act on your path of least resistance, fulfil all parts of you, imagine yourself playing out your path of least resistance, dancing your dance of life and effortlessly being yourself without compromise for that is your path of least resistance. Where else are you going to go? You want to keep suffering or wake up and grow into yourself. The results desired always comes when you're playing out the archetypes of consciousness you hold affinity for because that's when you're both in resonance with your path of least resistance and can accordingly drop the seeds and manifest what you desire.

You take your comfort zone to its limit and then you allow yourself to feel everything and express everything without exception because that is you. THAT IS YOU! That feeling of breaking the comfort zone is the experience of being refined under the fire of life and it's a good thing because it means you're actually doing more of your dance of life. You'll find that even when you're manifesting from this place you'll make progress in the direction desired although you're in a seeming negative state feeling charged. That's the point, you're embodying parts of you that you've compromised on and that's what's going to lead you to break your comfort zones down and affect your baseline to a significant degree.

The moment you break into that feeling of pushing the comfort zone and you experience the archetype desired under an uncomfortable scenario it's a good sign you're on the right track. You'll conjure that feeling up again when a form of media, be it images or video or sound or ideas or anything that you've affinity for comes to mind. The thing that'll break the resistance is to go deeper and deeper into that archetype and express it to new heights, to dance your dance to more of your capacity. This is how you'll manifest your desires. You'll not peak and dip you'll be stable because you'll be in the dynamic interplay between yin and yang and inspirations for intuitive impulse arise to act and moments of rest and relaxation arise to sink the charge and anchor the state and cultivate space and integrate the experience instead of it dissipating from unrefined yang charge constantly circulating which drains your capacity, 

This is how it's done. You'll wake up one day when you see a form of media which reminds you of the resonant archetype and that'll put you into that state of being without ever having to imagine because it's simply reminding you of what's already there. That is your end. Imagine further refined aspects of this and hold nothing back, dance your dance without compromise and stand naked on the stage of life.



Today I want to speak on the concept of working with your affinities to draw you into the feeling of your true self. 

The way this is done is very simple. Write down greater context. Define yourself, define the core affinities you hold and the archetypes that those express. Then go into what branches off those. 


Feel yourself as that character here and now and in that state build greater context. If you have affinity with it and it’s a genuine expression that brings you into that reminder of who you really are then you’ll win. The best way to tell if you’re on the right track or not is your attitude towards former circumstances. You’ll WANT to push the boundaries and build some momentum in the direction that serves you. You’ll find previous resistance no longer holding any charge behind it and it takes but a few thoughts of your end to bring that positive feeling somatic sensation into your body. This is the experience of what it feels like to be in the flow state on a conscious level. 

the rest is purely active process you’re playing out without trying to or really thinking about it as you’re in the experience of walking through the bridge being yourself without compromise. 

the part of this I want you to take away is to know that logging both resistance and affinities is important for the contrast can be drawn from this and you’ll begin to see on paper the structure of your mind. 

Dive into the themes that arise out of these resistances and affinities and form a few affirmations or images which to you archetypally represent the fulfilment of those aspects. What does that feel like? What’s the greater context this fits into? Form your end and land into it in your imaginal sense of feeling and being. Then build out further detail with hearing a conversation from that place. Feel yourself to be that person, being there here now. You lead yourself there and market to yourself by looking at the progression of contextual experience you’ve got associated with the affirmations and such which remind you of you and what brings you fulfilment. You don’t need anyone or anything because it feels good just being you. 


The whole yin Yang dynamic here works with this too. Being dynamic moves things forward, breaking patterns and putting yourself into experiences which open up your reality. There’s also the subconscious capacity which enables the depth of this experience which relies more on yin and stability and space. 

This is the key part here. While I’m greater context ask yourself if I was that person here and now working my way back to that place where would I be moving towards on that bridge? Making the first few steps consciously can benefit you. Make your end seem attainable, work on manifesting experiences which to you are goals of proof of being so to say, the experience which would move you past the line of stagnation and into flow with your affinities. Allow yourself to move j to this and uncompromisingly express that. Feel into it and surrender to it for it is you that you’ve denied and long forgotten about all this time. 

in essence we’re only rediscovering ourselves once again. Music will likely remind you of this, listen to music you did when you were in those states of fulfilment no matter how real it was to you it’s just about the archetypal associated feeling you’re drawing into. Tap into that feeling and build greater context from that, go into the fault life of that person and write it down. Then imagine a scene which would imply one of those parts of your life is fulfilled the way you desire in the end. Imagine it to reality for it will feel good as it’s you you’re experiencing. If you feel negative towards it then ask yourself if this truly my ultimate uncompromising expression? Ask yourself which physical activity you once did? Did you dance or sing or play or run around or something alike? What did you do just because it was fun? Dive into that expense and bring that archetype here, now build that archetype out with sensory info and anchor into it. Build the context and form the scene, imagine the conversation implying fulfilment. Drop it and flow in life. Gaze and bring yourself purely into the feeling, don’t bring the scenes up but just anchor in the feeling of the end. Leave the rest to god. 


When you are on your path you will build Yang. The somatic sensations are partially the propagation of Yang and qi through your meridians and the raising feeling is the circulation of charge that’s coherent with divinity. You’ll gain vitality and disease will fade. You’ll notice this will come and go, when you’re forgetting the world and bring yourself without compromise disease fades away because of this mechanic here. I don’t believe disease is about assumptions purely but that the assumptions we hold are in contrast to our core essence affinities and so cause stagnations accordingly. Anchor into your affinities and you will feel Yang and qi raising. You will feel elevated and warmer and energetic just like a child. This is the mechanic at play, children don’t compromise and they have infinite energy. Compromise kills us nothing else. 

It’s all about being yourself without compromise. Understand yourself and be that character for that is the actor you’re assigned to play. That’s your dance, your stage to play on. Own it for nobody else on earth can dance the dance you can because it’s unique to you. You can’t dance my dance nor can I dance yours. Anchor into those affinities and bring higher order coherency. Work with the dynamism of yin and Yang. Create space and in so doing that expand the cultivated space into new boundaries without effort because it’s naturally you and your emanation. Own it. Take all of those things you’ve affinity for and own them. What does that look like, sound like? What’s the daily life, how do people see you? How do people respond to you, how does your daily routine look if you were this person? Where would you spend your time? Create the life of the character you’ve affinity for and anchor into that place and live the reality of it. 

I am someone who lives on the edge. I master my movement skills and return to meditation soon after and share my insights online with the world. I join coaching in my spare time and work with the best of the best. I hold a highly swift and agile demeanour and I walk with flair. I smile slightly all the time and know my psychic capacity is beyond anyone else around me. I almost see myself as beyond this world, I dash and twist and spin my way around because I become one with the currents of life when I move with my flair. I am brutally honest with everyone about what I know and who I am and how I don’t compromise for nobody. I am known by everybody and I feel the masses looking for my wisdom towards life. My body reflects my passion for life looking eternally youthful as it always has because I embody the essence of the archetype of vitality and youthful vigour. Nobody can ever stop me for I am not of this world but from above here to show the mortal men of this world what they’re truly capable of. I am the sample everyone looks at for inspiration. I am swiftness. 

Outline your character and what the life in that character would be like. These are your core affinities, being yourself without compromise means going all the way to the point of building satisfactory context to experience and life by. To make decisions from this place and view the world through the lens of this person. You’ll automatically act on your fulfilment because it’s a given for your existence. You don’t have to do anything but accept you for you and hold nothing back. Be as a child once again and anchor into your affinities without compromise. This is you, this is your world and this is your life. You can have anyone and anything because from here you can effortlessly drop seeds and manifest anything you desire because you’re comfortable with everyone simply because you’re being yourself without compromise. You’re a child as heart still so own that and make it your reality. I am. 


So I wanna just say more on this whole building context thing. Ultimately for those who are out of whack with their affinities need to identify the opposites in order to understand what their affinities are in opposite. If you take an honest look at your resistance and then recognise from that the nature of the affinities as opposites of that then you’ll get a good idea of how to form your end reference state. The end reference state is the one you’ve had complete affinity for and enjoy being without any stake in any outcomes. It’s the state you simply enjoy being and even if nobody else was around to confirm that to you that you’ll still flow into this place anyway. This is you you. This is who you want to be living from and not the compromised self as was identified in the resistance tests. 

The way you’ll know if you’re on the right track is you’ll have thoughts automatically arise in your mind to confirm this state because you’ll be leading yourself through the pathways that are proportionate to your end. If those thoughts run up against a comfort zone then that’s ok simply return without effort to the end state and take note of the resistance and the contrast which drew you away from the end. From here you can make decisions accordingly and not be thrown out of the state. This is the only active work we need to do. 

Imaginal work is very simply dropping the objective senses and going first person into the end scene. See your hands and body and feel your arms cutting into the air around you. Play in this void space just as you, fly dance sing dream. I want everyone to get use to imagining first person fully immersed in the experience and not break from that for a while. Get use to it and cultivate the space required to anchor deeper and deeper into this state of being. When you want to manifest something build greater context and remember the scene from within the scene over and over until you’ve completely immersed yourself in the scene. Don’t break it and come back just live in the end, your I AM consciousness is to fully be immersed in this end to burn the pattern into the unconscious mind so that you may with the objective negated senses experience that once again for the objective senses we’re negated when imagining. 

This is what we do to manifest. We require both parts, the active day to day life stuff we hold affinity for and periodically during the day gaze and imagine. Get use to doing it, always imagine first person to the depth of physical reality or better. Make this your standard process. Log any resistance which arises and identify the parts of you that are compromised and fulfil those parts. This is all there is to do to win at life. 


This is the next phase.

So we have many many layers to peel back for us to begin to reveal that which is through the negation of that which is not. We negate the resistive pathways by identifying them and their associated pathways 

The private coaching group opens up soon to share this with the world in application. The process is very simple and it’s proven to be this way. You surrender to your affinities and immerse yourself in imagination with the fulfilment of the world you’d like to live in. The essence here is to grasp the fundamental core affinities we hold no matter how big or small they may be. We simply use whatever we have awareness of to its peak and by doing to unlocks and reveals the next layer to be revealed. It's almost like a test, are you committed to being yourself without compromise or are you wishing for perfection right off the bat and holding back as a result? The more accepting you are of where you are and moving into whatever affinities you've identified the more progress you'll make in refining the sense of self. The limitations and barriers and conditions arise to break that progression but you know better, you've been through this many times to busting the tug of war and accepting your fate that you know is predetermined to be yours and yours alone is the way to go. 

Be awesome, be amazing, be legendary. Leave a legacy of divinity in your wake and present ultimate truth by the nature of your being. The only technique there is is to be yourself without compromise. Everything else falls onto this factor for this  is the basis of your sense of self and if your sense of self is warped manifesting specific things in a way that you want and is sustainable is next to impossible because you're missing the whole point of your existence. Manifesting the thing isn't your purpose, dropping everything that is not you is the purpose. Burn away that which is not in order to reveal that which is and accept that which is as you and you will not fail for you are divine in all ways imaginable, 


I'm gonna blow your mind with this one.

Increasing your flow with your path of least resistance increases baseline subconscous capacity and effectively Yang charge. The feeling of having increase yang charge IS being more childlike as the principle archetypes are correspondent to that arrangement. This means that your vitality increases, you LOOK younger you FEEL younger and you feel more you because that is at essence our real nature but resistive pathways we integrate and identify from the compromises means we drain our yang, qi, and to an extent yin. Jing ultimately dries up when we're constantly in resistance but I disagree that it cannot be restored for I am fully understanding that immortality can and will be attainable by those who are not living in any resistance towards their path of least resistance. When you're not against the flow the expenditure of Jing is significantly lessened and or eventually stopped and replenished. Eternal youth can be attained by those who don't resist the flow and give themselves to themselves as Odin did.

This literally explains how  disease manifests and can be healed. Kidney meridian health is primary as it's the root of yin and yang in the body. Yang dries up dampness and excess for excretion and we can see this process unfolding in all forms of resistive pathway dissolution. The metaphysics is clear, all the correspondences connect and make sense on all levels. This is the way things work and if we accept this and do the work we cannot fail.



Uncovering the layers  through living the reality of experience of being yourself without compromise in any and all means available opens you up to insight and realisation that dissolves resistance by being able to  see it THROUGH the experience you had along the way you learned from. This is TRUE insight and experience and only demonstrates further proof of the process of Relaity Synthesis as a core aspect of the manifestation equation with refining the sense of self. The concept stays the same but your relationship to that concept shifts through the experience and insights you have from that journey towards becoming more of you.


Working with this formula is the way I do believe. 

Firstly identify all your core affinities you have awareness of. Feel into what the fulfilment of those feels like and simply take upon yourself that archetype of consciousness which represents the overarching fulfilment of all of them. You can also do this for each subset. 

Say for example you’ve got a list of affinities like this:










These are some I have association towards which when I think of I automatically bring the fulfilment of the archetype I associate to into my state of being instantly. I think from as I take upon me the experience of being that when they come to mind, I don’t need to imagine a scene of fulfilment because the feeling alone implies my embodied end. I can imagine myself doing things from that state but those often come naturally. I write down what I did in those visuals and understand other surrounding beliefs and archetypes to feel into. Tuning the sensitivity of your feeling sense by increasing subconscious capacity is critically important here too. 

To increase subconscious capacity you simply gaze for a period of time that takes you deep enough to bring the distance from your current corporeal being. You stop thinking and you start to go into a trance like state. The gazing does this very quickly too and most people I play this to tell me they feel it within seconds especially when I play it loud with very very powerful speakers in my studio. The deeper you go into trance like states here and you simply live from the feeling in this place you’re doing extremely deep subconscious work that’s way beyond any other techniques out there anyone else teaches because you’re literally embodying more of I AM simply by going deep into the gazing or in listening yo the subliminal. Both together is like a super powered subconscious boost. 

The next stage of this is to identify media which reminds you of these archetypes you have affinity for. Music is the most common link you’ll find. Ilisten to different music in different states. This is something I saw a pattern of a very long time ago but never really understood the archetypal association that music has to the affinities we have. The point here is to use music like an affirmation or a visualisation as a means of landing you into a state you’ve affinity for at the right time. It can also be images and all the rest, you use the input stimulus to “remind” you of the affinity that you’re associating to with that media and allowing yourself to take upon you the sensation of self of that state and to allow yourself to be driven by that state, that end being here and now. Embodiment is the experience of the end, and is arguably revision in action if decisions made under pressure occur. 

The next part of this is to write out the resistive pathways when they arise and to do the same associative work like with the affinities by feeling into it. When you fully feel the feeling as it is without shifting the context then you’ll dissolve it over time if you continue to sit with it. It’s you and that feeling. After it’s dissolved more you’ll be able ti make clear decisions from the state of its fulfilment and that will be the proof of what you need to work with in dissolving the resistive pathways for good and the charge will be gone. 

making decisions from your embodied state you hold affinity for is ultimately the deciding factor which will determine if you’re going to make progress in revealing the next layer of resistance or not. Whenever you compromise on your path of least resistance you’ll lose a part of you and that’ll make you feel unsatisfied and unhappy with yourself leading you to perpetuate the story of limitation.

To dissolve the surrounding beliefs relating to your SP for example will require you to understand the archetype within you that’s compromised and what the fulfilment of that looks like. What part of you do you want to be expressing relating to this thing that you’ve been holding back on which would imply that this story is no longer the case? What experience in the past is implying that this belief is true? What did you expect to happen at that time when the belief was established? How would you have preferred it to go if you didn’t have to compromise in that moment or the other person didn’t do what they did? What archetype of consciousness is being presented here between you and the parties involved. Study the archetypes and look within you to determine what that layer is that’s compromised and you’ll then see the resistance for what it is and dissolve it’s influence without effort. 

As you peel back the layers more will reveal itself to you and you’ll recognise more of who you truly are both on a corporal level and an incorporeal level. This process cannot be faked or manipulated in any way outside of real genuine experience and testimony. You must experience the reality of experience for anything to sink in and logging both affinities and resistance and their relationship will give you a visual representation of what’s going on. You’ll know the logic of it and you’ll know what you need to do to resolve it because the beliefs will be literally in your face. Associated with that connection you should have a series of affirmations or images or sounds like music or some stimulus that puts you into the state of the fulfilment of that when it arises so you can make more clear decisions from that state embodied and know your value accordingly. You’ll know because you’ll experience it. Anchoring into any of these sub states within the greater state, the overarching archetype, is what we’re going to mostly be working with over the day as we would ideally have a routine where we enter into specific states we hold affinity for at different times of the day to reenforce those with the expectancy that our unconscious mind will have regarding the regular entering and streak in that state. State streaks are effortless when gazing and using subliminal to use as a reset and anchor. 

That’s really all I can think of now. 

im going to turn this process into a program and present it to people to buy into. I’ve wanted to make something big like this for a while and now it’s time since I know I have a working formula that works for 100% of people and will always get positive results because it’s how things actually work and how I can prove it with the mechanics and metaphysical principles at play when you perform these methods. This is my process and I’m going to own it. This is my contribution to this community based on a mountain of study I’ve done on this topic beyond what anyone else has ever or really will ever do. This is THE process and if you apply it you will win. 


The nature of the bridge seems to be often overlooked as something that happens automatically and that it’s a done deal no matter our position in life. I agree, except that often the experiences that would imply we have overcome our resistance arises out of the intuitive impulses which arise from being on the bridge. You’re ALWAYS guided to fulfil resistive pathways which require freeing up for the complete end to unfold. This means having the contrast between experiences and making decisions from the place of your end state of being, that feeling and archetype being the driving factor for make different decisions IS the experience of the end driving you to make those decisions. 

As fat as I’m concerned manifesting has far more to do with the decisions you do and don’t make than living in some imaginal reality. I don’t see any connection between manifest experiences and imaginal scenes outside of us being mediated through experiences depending on our comfort zones which would be the most natural unfolding of our transformation to being in that end place aand knowing who we are. You don’t wake up and be that person you transition through a series of events that imply you’ve grown into this person. Thinking that everything will be handed to you on a silver platter like magic is missing the point if you’re consciously still holding onto resistance. It’ll come in like magic sometimes but it will ALWAYS manifest in such a way that will force you to look at the feelings of unsatisfied expression of self and this is actually what the “warped” manifest outcomes are resultant from.

You must grasp that the means for the realisation of your end requires you to transform through the reality of experience. When NG says don’t live a finger it’s assuming you’re comfortable with this end and have nothing that needs to transform, or that if you do transform it will require you to go through a series of events that will imply this resistance is no longer the truth. You know why you peak and dip? Because you’re still afraid of being yourself without compromise and you’re still making decisions from states of lack. You don’t have faith because you didn’t imagine the reality of experience to the point where you can act with courage in the world. NG said he needed to muster up courage to speak he didn’t magically start speaking one day he was required to transform by being placed under the fire and being refined through the reality of that experience. His end was still certain because he felt himself to be that person but he was still required to act on his passion for speaking and he admitted it took courage. The same goes with everyone. 

You must understand this because if you dismiss the path that’s being presented to you as experiences where you’re out under pressure to express yourself the way you genuinely would without compromise then you’ll continue to fail and wonder why your imaginal end isn’t manifesting. It IS manifesting but you’re missing the point because those experiences where you’re being mediated to act under pressure and be transformed IS the bridge you’re manifesting into your end. That is the natural way for you to believe what you desire to be yours and know it and be capable of effectively dropping it. Dropping seeds is impossible because unless you’re being yourself without compromise and feeling satisfied from the decisions you’re making that are aligned to your genuine expression you will not be able to drop the need for this thing as compensation for your compromise. The degree to which you compromise on genuine and authentic expression of self is the degree to which you’ll need magical manifestations to fix your feelings when in reality it’s the compromise that’s holding the conditions in place against the manifestation. As you act with courage you peel back the layers and you begin yo see things top down instead of bottom up, you can actually transcend the resistance BECAUSE YOU LEARNED FROM EXPERIENCE! 

We believe things because of the reality of experience we have, that’s true faith as NG defined it. True faith is the reality of experience that we hold within us as proof as to why we believe this thing. If you imagine an end and you’re always being driven to fulfil that end and it requires you to transform through experience then it’ll continue to push you up against the wall of your comfort zones to bring you into that sense of self but the contrast is what causes you to back out and not apply actions out of courage which are required to be transformed under the fire of life. The comfort zones need to be pushed forward for you to naturally realise your end, else the manifestation would come in in a way that will continue to force your comfort zones forward as experiences will confirm to you the compromises within self. That’s the driving force for us moving us towards order, natural striving towards higher order.

Everything is moving towards higher order all the time despite what the metaphysically illiterate physicists out there will tell you. We are ALWAYS moving towards higher order else you’d not feel uncomfortable ever. Feeling uncomfortable means you’ve got an opportunity to push forward the comfort zones and learn through the reality of experience by having faith in your end and acting on it. I do not care one bit as to what anyone who has written on so called manifesting theory because they all say it’s something that’s all mental and has no practical purpose in reality. None of them are metaphysically literate or alchemically intelligent they’re all missing the point, there’s no connection to greater process or any of the archetypal representations in reality. The fact is that you learn about yourself through experience, be it imaginal or not it still works through the reality of experience which shifts our experiences and what we feel comfortable with. The more comfortable with something you are the more easily you’ll manifest magical outcomes because there’s no belief shifting through experience involved. The bridge requires us to more often than not be transformed and you’re always bring driven to be transformed but out of fear and a lack of faith you continue to suffer and not make the decisions from your end. When you see that manifesting is like 10% imaginal work to plant seeds and 90% playing that out in reality then you’ll see it but you must apply and experience this to know it and get out of the echo chamber of LOA circles. 

If you want to manifest what you want the way you want then you need to have faith and courage. Faith that your testimony is true in your experience of the end and accordingly and courage to put that faith into practice and prove to yourself through the reality of experience arising out of your faith in your end that it’s done. If you had true faith you’d act on every means you have available to you to fulfil the end but you can’t you continue to think that it’s all going to happen like magic but it never does and this is why. You’re unsatisfied and you’re compromising and the belief you’re holding against the manifestation as conditions dictate the way it comes about and if those beliefs need to go for your end to be fulfilled then your bridge will involve experiences which will confirm that. Dropping the seed is accepting yourself. 

Sometimes you don’t need to act, sometimes you simply need to sit and feel yourself to be who you desire to be because you’ve not done that with intensity before but for those who have and have done it extensively for a long period of time then you’ll often find yourself being driven to act with courage but you’ll always compromise still and that’s proof that this belief against your end is still true to you and that your end will always be delayed because of your lack of true faith and courage. For the few who simply need to imagine the fulfilment and success follows never had to be transformed or that the transformation was the experience of the imaginal scene, or that they were already comfortable with that end. If you have a memory about something then it’s a seed planted and the results of it will always play out in the reality according to the surrounding associated beliefs. 

There’s more to this than just what I’ve said but this is the essence of what a lot need to hear. If you want to manifest an outcome that’s favourable then you must be yourself without compromise no matter what unless you’re not compromised to begin with. It requires a transformation by fire to shift, however that shows up for you is the way it needs to play out. Having higher baseline subconscious capacity is a big part too because you’ll be able to have the distance to identify what’s happening and the associations arising from your experiences. 


It’s been a while. I’m updating in the middle of the night again. 

Had this idea. We should categorise our affinities into smaller and smaller themes or categories. So we have the concept at hand, say marriage for your sp. From here we ask what’s involved in this and the archetypes. 

We need to be honest with ourselves and our affinities. If it’s negative note it down  


it could be like this, these would be my examples.

worldview - grimace by poverty by corporate greed - uruz rune

feeling returned to - stuck at home studying - yin

Desired archetypes - swiftness and agility - yang

Associated and secondary desires - security and status  

Personal close themes and aspects:
Looks and vitality - radiance/check me

wealth and abundance - yeah I’m rich - Yang 

career and business - yeah I’m rich - Yang

status and image - check me - Yang 

lifestyle and habits - swiftness - Yang 

friends and family - adoration - yin 


then you’d have smaller detailed themes and the archetypes

looks and vitality

Face - angular forward - yang

Eyes - blue and burning - passion - yang

hair - spiky - sharp - yang

body - small and agile - swiftness - wind - yang

vitality - immense momentum - unstoppable force - wing - yang


wealth and abundance

Bank balance - sharp - cutting - honed - yin

spending - grand - bargains - experimental - style - yang/yin

home - temple - ancient - powerful - giant - yin

location - tropical jungle - hidden away - secret - desired - rare - yin

Resources and materials - useful - security - secret - ace - yin


career and business

Field - sharp - eyes - swift - new - disruptive - attention - yin/yang

process - chilled - carefree - bursty - levels - yin/tiny yang

tired. You get the idea, log all your themes and relations to them and log the metaphysic. 

 We want to identify what we hold affinity for the most and relate that to how we express ourselves as yin and Yang in various ways. Should we pull back and integrate or express and share, yin or yang, or both? Understanding our process on this level can give us a good structure to work with in various aspects.

Logging is very important. Logging and understanding archetypal data we have.

It’s now later in the day. 

I feel at peace. Listening to WOWS port music sentou kaishi. I remember this track is the one I go to which always reminds me of a cool breeze and tranquility. I manifested some great stuff working with this archetype. I call this one the cool breeze state, it’s more yin in nature and I love returning here. I’m always driven to go to the beach and sit by the waves and soak in the ocean and just lose myself here. I feel so amazing when I’m there. I did qigong under this too I felt like so good I can’t describe. I feel compelled to do this again, qigong by the island. I just feel so good. So good. I feel like I can run fast and sing and dance and spin and fly and twist and twirl and flip and enjoy moving freely like a breeze of air flying through the sky. This archetype I hold close affinity for. 

We must understand our elemental nature and how we can express that. Play our part and become proportionate. Accept intuitive impulse from entering the state and flow through the process without expectation. Greater consciousness knows best for us and we simply accept and surrender to the path and know who we are what what our core essence is. 


Wows ost - sentou kaishi

This track reminds me of a certain archetype I have affinity for. If I were to describe it it would be:

Cool breeze - courage - calm - quiet - unstoppable - rested - experienced - stream - large 


Do the gazing

Log your affinities and find the archetypes you hold in them. 
Anchor into those archetypes and make decisions from them. 
Become completely individuated and aware of all things in and as you. 
You are I AM taking upon yourself the cloak of identification so that it may be purified and made into one substance. 
Feel into that archetype during your day and make decisions from this place. 
Feel the feelings of limitation and reframe them, add logical contrast to make the resistance seem petty and foolish to believe. Imagine conversations with people who messed with you in the past in a fulfilling way where they tell you what you wanted to hear from them the whole time.
Allow yourself to project your archetype of consciousness desired into the world around you and see yourself in and as the world. See yourself and your “energy” through the eyes of the people around you. 
Become the complete and literal embodiment of your fulfilment in every aspect and hold zero compromise on its expression no matter how you feel.


Do the gazing. Every day. Do the work. Every day. Log. Listen to the subliminal and enter trance. Log more. Reframe and imagine. Feel and project. Become. Live. Experience. 

That’s it. So the work and get the result. Become the person in every way every day. 


Making self decisions under pressure is what transforms us. 

Make decisions to stick to the story desired in your head and act accordingly when impulses to fulfil compromised aspects within you arise. Decisions coming from your path of least resistance is the most effective way to manifest as a transformative methodology. If transformation is required then decisions under pressure are required. If transformation is not required then planting the seed and dropping it by flowing with your path of least resistance is required. That’s all there is to it, does the concept or the sense of self need refining? Does the archetype of consciousness need refining? If so you need to create space and anchor the sense of self desired through feeling and decisions. If not then simply imagine the experience desired so that it’s your testimony and leave it at that because it’s done. That’s all there is to do to change everything. 


Notebook update time.

I don't have much to add really I've just had a bunch of rich people calling me pecking my brains about stuff they really don't understand trying to get them to understand metaphysics in 1 hour which is basically impossible. They need to do the work and drop all the stuff they believe in the dust because it doesn't matter like at all. If you're one of these people listening to be now then get up and do the work I talk about stop asking questions about stuff that doesn't matter.

That's your intellectual side staying in the comfort zone and you know it as well as I do. You won't do the work because it's meaning you're going to be transformed. That's the real reason, you don't want to become your highest expression because it's uncomfortable having that level of abundance. You don't feel worthy or valued or permitted to have it. That's why you seek knowledge, that's the only real reason I developed Reality Synthesis because I was like you. I was so in my head because I was stuck in my comfort zones completely and acted only within the means I had available to me. People think that because I know this stuff I manifest massive outcomes just from the knowledge but that's so far from the truth I can't even begin to describe.

The only reason I didn't off myself is because I knew death wouldn't free me from suffering, even though my pain was so bad it was at that point and I hated myself and the world so much seeing everyone else around me as useless ignorant fools who shouldn't be supporting the Talmudic system we have running the show out of necience. That's the thing, I was so riddled with pain and suffering on so many levels having nothing working for me except this study. This study was all I had, it was my only source of value I could remind myself of to keep my sense of self out of the gutters. Just think that every time you manifest any SP you desire you end up physically sick either while on a date with them or the next days coming to the point you're disabled. Think of having your eyesight coming and going one day to the next, having your circulation so bad your heels start to turn purple and black and start to necrose around the edges and having numbness in your fingers. Think of having to wake up 10-20 times a night having nightmares of dying of a heart attack. Think of having your lips literally peeling off your face, your hair falling our by the day, your mouth and jaw so screwed you can't breathe properly, my teeth sticking out so much I can't close my mouth without pushing my lower jaw forward. Think of having a genetic blood condition that makes you weak and nauseous and your head spins and you're cold and lifeless. Think of not being able to walk outside for more than 15 minutes without feeling the beginnings of an anxiety attack starting up and muscle tensions that were debilitating. All these things stuck with me and didn't go away no matter what insights I had on an intellectual level. Nothing fixed this except changing everything and going monk mode completely. I disconnected from all tech and read only books. I lived mostly in my room reading all day and meditating when I could. I ate all warming foods. I drank lots. I focused on fasting from the world and boosting my subconscious capacity above all else and day by day I was sleeping better and better until I became stable again. Nobody could help me except myself and pushing my comfort zones forward. I needed to accept the fact that I was either going to die or do the work. I had no optioning but to fast from the world which is why I speak so much on capacity because I experienced it fully and know it's effects. It's all metaphysical and in that time I spent studying TCM on the daily and writing pages and pages of notes on what I read I learned a lot about the simulacrum of reality in relation to us. This was not the material of the book I was reading but my interpretation of this work. Even though I understood all the alchemy and metaphysical basis while I was in a dark place unable to manifest anything of benefit it did nothing for me because I was still compromising and sticking within my comfort zones.

Let me just tell you the facts here alright I KNOW this because I FULLY experienced and explored this to a depth that few others do here. The comfort zones you have are what keep you bound, that pressure you feel. That's the transforming agent that will push forward your sense of self to feel the desire to be normal to  you. UNLESS it's comfortable and familiar you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER manifest it IN A FAVORABLE WAY! Understand what I just said. You can manifest people, money, things, but unless the comfort zone pushes forward you WILL DIP! I don't care one bit for those who preach manifesting desires in resistance, it's utter nonsense and make my life utter nightmarish and made me literally not have a love life at all until 2022. I literally never had a functional relationship ever until then because of how degenerate I was and sticking to the comfort zones. I had nothing of value outside of this work and the only reason why is because I was afraid deep down under it all. I was afraid of being myself and expressing my potential in the world I knew I had and was bring driven to fulfil.

We must must must understand that the comfort zones are what keep us in place ok, they are what hold us back, the fear of experiencing what we don't want to experience is the false paradigm which needs to die and be buried for good. This comfort zone is your limit, not what thoughts run through your head. So what can you do to push that comfort zone forward? How can you internally and externally transform this comfort zone at a baseline level? That's going to refine your sense of self which is part of the equation of concept x sense of self = context/state/archetype bla bla bla. When we become state coherent it's becoming comfort zone coherent with the thing we desire so that it's baseline normal for us to have it and thus we don't see it above us and we hold no charge it's just as another fact of life. That feeling is what manifests, when that's baseline you win. Everything else is NOT manifestation, it's some stupid nonsense peddled by influencer community to make things happen to appease our comfort zones and pass off the responsibility of us being who we desire to be under it all. That transformation will make the desire show up by default without ever having to try and manifest it with methods because the seeds are already planted long ago for that. There's nothing beyond the metaphysical understanding of this. The alchemical processes of transformation transcend every technique because it explains the process that all techniques must follow and therefore we can reverse engineer the process to create techniques to tap into this metaphysical and alchemical process as a means of purification. We separate the components through taking the conscious mind into the unconscious mind and focusing onto the disproportionate pathway and in that we bring about the alchemical agent which in this case is the pressure, the fire. We feel the pressure and if we continue to apply heat the (al)chemical reaction will happen. Just like when we create saturated solution out of potassium carbonate by boiling it in distilled water to act as the separating component for the ens. Fire is ALWAYS a required part of the process, to break down the components, that's the pressure we experience. Thus out of the pressure we continue to apply the heat and so the parts are separated and now we can see them for what they are and in this place we can combine those parts of us back together in a proportionate manner which is the reframing or whatever methods of transformation you experience the relaity of that through to anchor the field geometries into place as the new testimony of being. You experienced the transformation and therefore it's a part of your unconscious foundational field geometry. Trying to explain this to people is the issue. They don't get it because it requires many many years of full time study in the correct direction as it's the epistemology that grants the complete understanding where things stick and you really get it. 

Metaphysics is the most challenging thing to explain to people who have no idea about it even existing. This is about the principles of reality and how they are made manifest in and as all things. Like people think we experience relaity in the body but we don't, that's how we perceive it but that's the manifestation of metaphysical transcendental principles at play because we're simulacrums of relaity as a whole. Trying to explain what that means is probably the most challenging subject because it crosses into like 30 other systems of thought which is how I came to this understanding over almost a decade of study.

There's so much involved if you've read my notebook fully you'll know that.

My challenge is dumbing it down enough so people can get it without losing the essence on the message.


Either way this is the soundtrack for today :

Been enjoying my new Loewe CRT displays a lot lately I got for free.

Might setup the first Loewe aconda surround setup soon.


Either way I feel worth more, valued more. I find that this baseline level of value, worth, comfort in yourself, this area of the sense of self is what determines how things consistently show up for us. It's the idea of comfortability really, whatever our comfort zones are is what we get. Here's the thing, manifesting things isn't the point it's about becoming normal around having the thing vs having charge. This means we need to elevate the baseline sense of self in terms of normalisation of value and worth and knowing we can and deserve and are permitted to have what we want without struggle. That's the mindset of someone who gets what they want. Cultivating space allows us to experience this on a deeper level and peel back layers to see the insights so that we may act under pressure to anchor in this state of being at baseline.

People here also think it's all action, and while that's a lot of what I speak on that's not the only point here to work with. We must also understand that the principle here is DECISION under pressure really. To decide the outcome and to make that the fact of what's happening. The solidarity of your faith in your testimony via whatever sensory impression that is based on be it feeling into an archetype or an imaginal act with the 5 imaginal senses. I want everyone to grasp that making a DECISION to stick to the story, the testimony of your end, that's what you do to anchor you end in be it through action or through internally experiencing that. Action means there's more pressure so there's more depth to the reality of experience vs an internal experience but the thing here with the internal thing is that we want to experience it in the body to anchor it too so just thoughts alone isn't as effective as something tangible to express that THROUGH like movement in the qigong.

The qigong is one powerful way to experience the pressure and the feelings and still continue to do the routine which is a transforming process in itself. If you bring up the feelings and go deep into them and bring them to the surface and while in that place make the decision to continue on your path of least resistance and under that pressure explain to yourself and express through movement that this is no longer the sense of self we play as this is dead and buried long gone for good. I've revisited EFT tapping and such again just to get an idea of why everyone who seems to get results talks about it as so powerful and I think I understand the principles at play here. It's the same as I just outlined. I personally think the whole TCM meridian connections to EFT is a joke, I've trained in shiatsu on an elementary level and we called the points "tsubos" meaning cavities. This means you "feel" into the cavity with your fingers it's a very precise experience that requires extreme sensitivity on an intuitive level to be able to actually activate the point to stimulate or regulate flow or whatever. Just generally tapping on the area doesn't have any relationship with TCM in a traditional sense or the real treatment methods taught which is why I dismissed it in the past because it's stupid to think tapping yourself in specific points will help if there's no precision. 

The reason why is because it's a physical process that we can use as an anchor to experience the pressure and transform it. It's like working out and working THROUGH the resistance by physical action. You transform resistance through movement and this is supported by TCM as breathing harder and applying strength and agility is circulating yin and yang, raising and transforming substances on multiple levels. This is a key point to understand here because I strongly believe that this is an untapped method of resistance dissolution that I've just thought of now. I'm sure someone else has thought of it before but they probably don't get the metaphysics or the alchemy of it. We act because it's the most reliable method to transform resistance on the experiential level.

You don't need to act but why wouldn't you? If you're bring driven to act on something but you keep denying it then you're automatically not completing the alchemical process because you're quitting when the pressure is put on you. The moment you feel pressure is the moment you have an opportunity to transform and that's why so many are stuck because they're feeling the bleeding of charge, the disproportionality between their currently anchored state and the desired one. That's why action out of pressure in the direction that's proportionate and valuing your sense of self at a baseline level is the one you want to make happen. Returning to that place mentally whenever pressure arises is another method, although the real reason you're facing pressure is because you're still holding back and not going all the way. When you go all the way you're satisfied, so long as you're touching on the core belief. If you're acting all the way from the surface levels of the resistance and not tapping the roots you'll go through the same cycle again because that was being driven from a more foundational field geometry. This needs dissolving in order to get the result desired. Grasp that going deep is what you need to do, depth leads to the real transformational experiences that stick and lead us towards our core essence in proportion to divinity.

Do the gazing and you'll go deeper than anything. It takes time and practise and effort in the beginning but doing it consistently is transforming in and of itself because you're acting under pressure. Sticking to it and playing out the processes that value your transformation serves your end which is again why just consistently doing this will facilitate the transformations anyway even if you don't go super deep in the gazing.


I can't go deeper than this now. I'm tired and need sleeps. I'm done being here talking on the notebook I'm gonna just face the world and stand naked on the stage of reality regardless of how I appear to be. Pushing the comfort zones forward in the ways of the conditions as to why I don't feel valued in that way is required. I must further transform and I will place myself under the fire for this to happen. Mark my words it will happen and I will be tormented in the fire but I will be tempered and let go of all the nonsense. It's going to be dead and buried and a thing of the past for good. I'm going to completely and utterly destroy the law of assumption on every level imaginable. I'm going to destroy it so badly it'll never recover. Every time the work of NG is mentioned Relaity Synthesis will come to mind. This is the original basis that the bible speaks from as an alchemical text, it's just that those who teach it miss all of this work. I know all the secrets, I've spent tens of thousands on others programs on all the different levels out there to find if I'm missing anything and I know now all the trade secret techniques. Let me tell you, you've already done them all before in your life but you've never understood what they're doing.

I've spent time in the highest tier manifesting programs out there from other coaches with the best results and I'm just telling you now that the common denominators behind their success is this. 


They all identify core beliefs (what I do in pathway revision) and work on dissolving the resistance by reframing resistance and deciding in every moment that the old story is dead. They MUST target the correct beliefs or this won't work and you'll be wasting time. Obviously. Targeting the correct beliefs is the challenge it seems, because often we think we know the core belief but we really don't  There's layers in layers in layers and so on and it can sometimes take a coach external to you to give you the insight required, or to go deeper and deeper and deeper into the gazing until that insight arises spontaneously because it will in time if you're uncompromising. I've had clients have this happen multiple times it's about consistency and uncompromising expression of sense of self. When you go all the way you win, specifically when you work with the correct beliefs.

Identify stories around this stuff and fulfil those under pressure. Live the reality of experience of those no longer being a factor in your life to any degree. Make those decisions to anchor into that state, live and breathe that person BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! Act, think, feel, become, all of the senses. Live in the end. The deeper you go into this and not care about the trash the more you win. Kill the unworthiness, find it repulsive you ever even bought into that trash. It's utter nonsense to think you're limited to this life, other people have effortless experiences of abundance and health and vitality and wealth and love and legacy and they just radiate a certain innocence of mind free from corruption and all the disgusting disproportionate degenerate trash we harbour which must be burned off. We must move on and leave it behind because it's not us. Make that decision whenever it comes up, move on and drop it in that moment. That's a dead state it's long gone. Reframe it, say I use to feel this way about this but now I have zero interest in that old story because I have these things now working for me that bring me the value I feel fulfilled in. I don't need anything from those old states to feel comfort in, my comfort zones are at a new level now and those limits are broken wide open. It's all over now I'm done with the old story. 

This is who you become. You're merciless in that expression and you're uncompromising. The more uncompromising on that story you can be the better, Write down everything that causes you to waver, patterns and habits you mindlessly fall into like scrolling on phones, or watching media, or being in a certain place at a certain time. Find the patterns and bring favourable contrast because when there's contrast there's attention and with attention and awareness we experience NEW stuff that can overwrite the old. We need contrast in our experience to manifest new stuff. Reframing is a contrast technique. Push the comfort zone bit by bit by bit by bit and you'll eventually find yourself going to the point where you can all of a sudden make decisions you previously wouldn't have by default. Don't miss the mark though because even in this place you still continue to be uncompromising until the complete end shows up. Don't make the mistake I did and feel comfortable with partial results you continue to go all the way no matter how good or bad your baseline is. You go ALL the way and you're not satisfied until you've gone all the way because that's the end. Every comfort zone that arises out of that requires refining under the purifying alchemical divine fire of greater consciousness. 

That's really all there is for today it's late and I need sleeps. Time to wake up and do the work. Wake up and immediately gaze. Then write down on your script the random seeds. Then go live in your body, workout or whatever then make food and eat. Then get to work and in that work live from that end state, that archetype of consciousness and periodically gaze over the day. In breaks sink into the feeling of being in your end fully. Go all the way. After work is over anchor into the desired state on the way home, listen to the subliminal if you have it during this time until gazing before bed. The shower or bath or whatever you do is a good time to sink into a desired state and carry that into bed and sleep in it. That's the daily routine.


I will rid myself of this superior belief that comes from the need to be right about everything because it's degenerate and I want it gone. It's disgusting and projects a field of inkiness. It's not innocent and youthful which is where I'm moving into. I will become immortal. All the trash needs to go first. Log all the beliefs and stories and memories and dissolve them all. Archetypes contain stories and stories contain beliefs. Dissolve the beliefs by touching on the archetype of consciousness containing the story not desired and you dissolve everything else.


To all who are waiting on emails if you're reading this I'm getting to you. I do this on my time when I'm ready. Period.




I want to replace the words of NG when he says imagine till it's natural to imagine till you're comfortable. The level of comfortability you have with that experience is what NG speaks of about naturalness. The way it comes about will always be natural, or in relaity comfortable to you. That's always your currently embodied path of least resistance, though we want to always be conforming to our divine path of least resistance as that's the point of comparison. We simply want to become comfortable with manifesting what we want and we will get it. It's not about becoming the person who has it but the person who is comfortable receiving it. When you become the person who is comfortable receiving it you're state coherent because there's no contrast that can knock you out of comfort and cause your assumption to waver. That's the TRUE meaning of dropping the seed and it cannot be forced, only experienced "naturally". 

That's another dot connected. Those who want massive success must become comfortable with that success. This goes back even a year from now when I was contemplating writing on this idea but it was in it's infancy and I was more so about the idea of sense of self although sense of self can be seen as an extension of your baseline comfortability with a concept hence the equation can be seen as concept x comfortability = context and thus the experience of having it you have. If it's not natural and not comfortable to you it'll seem distant and foreign to us but when we dissolve surrounding beliefs which are the proof of why it's not comfortable having this thing then within our unconscious field geometries and pathways there's no contrast arising to waver our state by warping our context with the equation. This is how you become state coherent, you become comfortable with having what you want. Those who manifest things, concepts, still don't always experience it in a favourable way. Why? Because they're still stuck in the comfort zones and so no matter if your dream SP shows up or not if you're not comfortable receiving it you're never going to experience context that's favourable as they'll bring up the limits of your comfort zone just by being with them.

I know this from many many years of experience. I remember this one time in Oct of 2021 I believe it was when I use to go on walks and do audio logs with my portable audio recorder and while I was walking through the forests I came to this realisation that my SP situation was repeating the same cycle over and over where I'd get physically sick whenever they show up. This was coming off the back of spending about 2 weeks in absolute suffering with non stop head spins and reactions from my nervous system after I manifested an SP in in the early days of September that year. We only went out once, but when we did after she left I got sick the next day and ended up in the hospital not long after on IV. This happened before every single time I manifested an SP in. No matter what I would always get sick. This was the comfort zone I had being pushed and me compromising in that as I didn't fully understand this process yet from the experiences I had. I literally had years and years of this same non stop peak and dip cycle happen every time an SP showed up from my affirmations or scripting but it would never ever end well. It's often the times they bailed from me that I didn't get as sick, the times which went well got me the most sick. Why is this? Why would feeling comfortable on the date make me react the worst? Because I didn't feel I had permission to experience love the way I wanted. I wasn't allowed I had to conform to the beliefs my relaity instilled in my head when I was younger, that I wasn't allowed to have a girlfriend.

This belief about needing permission and that I wasn't worthy and that I needed to prove myself to have what I wanted and all this trash was what I was unconsciously running up against, meaning my nervous system was reacting to my experience in contrast to the beliefs I had integrated. Even if I didn't think about those beliefs they still manifested their result in my body. I use to think it was the food or something else I had done but after years of having the same pattern happen non stop I realised this truth and it hit me in the face so hard it blew my mind back then. I didn't know what to do about the comfort zones back then other than realise that the pattern existed so this was just another part of the Relaity Synthesis puzzle I learned from those experiences. This is why I don't tell people about the books I read or whatever because I didn't read this I experienced it. That's why Relaity Synthesis is different is because it's ALL based on my experience and my interpretation of that from a metaphysical and alchemical basis working with the principles of reality. This is why Reality Synthesis transcends LOA because it's not based on the flawed and limited in scope ideas NG had about the mechanics of manifesting but from the absolute essence and core principles which govern everyone's relaity and experiences alike.

The bible is the text to study for the truth of reality, but if anyone thinks that NG had it all right then they're way off because if NG knew it all he'd be speaking in terms that were practically applicable. He obviously didn't experience the level of pain and suffering I did or others here have, because if he did he'd not be using this language he does. I speak from the language that makes sense from the level of experience because I've been there and I know what that's like. NG couldn't ever speak to the experiences of these people which is why the so called "law" fails so many people. It's flawed because it doesn't work for everyone, it fails to explain the very basic ideas of transformation and thinks everything comes from imagining the end desire fulfilled. In a world where nobody has limiting beliefs then we all win with that method but it's not like that in the real world and you're living proof that what NG taught was a heavily flawed model that doesn't work for many people out there because what people imagine is way out of their comfort zones. Working with the comfort zones first is required. NG wrote in the power of awareness about the concept of self but this was his only writing on this idea. Concept of self is flawed yet again. If NG really understood the so called "law" he would've written in different ways to touch on these areas but obviously he didn't and so we have just what's presented as the so called facts and ultimate truth about manifesting and the bible. This was HIS experience, that was just his perspective. He didn't have experiences I have had and others have had being in the pits of despair and working out of that. It was ultimately the comfort zones that pushed things forward, not imaginal scenes of the end with the desire. The reason why it's a waste of time to do that is because you're not comfortable having it. The best that can do for you is simply plant those seeds, but without transformation those seeds will never ever manifest the way you desire. 

All these so called coaches out there who think sensory experience pushes out are wrong too. If that was the case then transformation would automatically happen and we'd become comfortable having the thing like magic. That's never happened to anyone ever and it never will because it doesn't work like that. Dropping the seed is feeling comfortable with it, otherwise you're missing the point and it'll never ever show up. The thing I've realised is that seeds we plant that imply the bridge involves transformation will bring us into positions of pressure to face those comfort zones and be transformed but because I'm the only one talking about this nobody else seems to see that. I'm someone who has significant experience with seeing these cycles play out, I can see process within process and understand the mechanics of it because I'm trained in metaphysics and alchemy which explains the principles at play. We want to make sure that when we imagine a scene it touches on the fulfilment of conditions that keep the comfort zone in place. When the comfort zone is pushed under pressure it moves the goal posts and so we are transformed, even if just a little bit. This is the process of shifting the sense of self and is the process of manifesting things we desire because it's a part of the equation of identification which of course drives our internal and external actions and reactions to corporeal experience which then through the relaity of experience crystallises new patterns into the lens of reality to finally manifest new phenomena.

So what does gazing have to do with this? It's the means we can use to push forward the comfort zones on a deeper level through incorporeal identification arising out of creating distance from corporeal being and to bring to the surface resistance to be dissolved through insights on the intuitive level as well as deeper theurgic processes which occur at the higher levels of the work which shift more fundamental processes in our consciousness on a greater blanket level. The higher level isn't specifically for pinpoint precise shifts the same as other methods but it will have significantly more potent means of shifting core archetypes into alignment which often involves the related beliefs to be dissolved first else you'll just run up against them again in dreams and such.

The real essence here though is pushing forward the baseline distance from corporeal being. This in itself is a purifying process as we're distancing from the resistance to see beyond it, the quality of our consciousness shifts to see the same thing from a higher perspective. Insights on an intuitive level will arise spontaneously from this. I believe this is in part why I am able to connect dots the way I am able to is from doing this practise and having the low-mid tier crystallizations to force purifying current through me when it's ready. The basic gazing will only ever work on the levels that are available to work with, hence why it's safe, unlike qigong and yoga which are far more intellectually involved to know which circuits to touch on. The gazing is the most simple and yet effective because it will always bring up what needs to be brought up and it's up to you to take that and work with it in the world. This is what I mean by gazing brings insights. Also understand that the insights don't need to come DURING the session but that they can be made manifest in dreams or  during your waking hours, these insights happen when you least expect it. Logging them is essential. 



The notebook is starting to slow down yet again,

I might actually upgrade to an arrow lake processor when they come out, I'm still on a 3900x which was barely any faster than my massively overclocked 5960x from 2014 which still is an absolute tank for running everything over a decade later now. If windows updates post 2017 weren't so stupidly bloated we'd still be fine running sandy bridge processors but it seems micro loves to push "AI" to make ARM the new standard which I predicted back in 2019 would be the case due to the rise in cloud compute. They want less flops in our hands and more in their hands, while not paying us for the data they basically steal from us without actual effective consent. They need to be turned inside out, Talmudic factions at core, all the same. Either way I'm gonna rid myself of 2014 levels of processor performance in a a few months so the notebook will run better on my end and enable longer pages. Even running tuned b-die memory on this hasn't really helped page speed. Brave isn't much faster than chrome really, edge might help as it's faster but why give micro more data and not get paid for it? 


Manifesting tips. That's why we're here.

Get comfortable with the desire. When you realise that everything is based not on assumptions but comfort zones you see everything make sense. I've never bought into the whole assumptions thing, it explains most things but not all. What I've learned is that comfort zones define what we believe and thus assume. Assumptions are driven by our body, our nervous system and how it stores charge from past experiences that pushed our boundaries to levels where we had to accept compromise in order to fit in. That's the essence here.

This explains why transformations in the sense of self is REQUIRED to manifest desired states reliably. If your unconscious mind (body/nervous system) is whacked out and disproportionate to the desired state and feels very very uncomfortable having the desire then you will not manifest it favourably no matter what magic conceptual integration work you do with non stop affirmations. Why would you constantly affirm anyway? What's the point? Once you've experienced the state then it's done, you've already experienced the end and planted the seed so it's impossible to do more anyway even if you wanted to. This is the delusion that delusional metaphysically illiterate fools speak on. The fact is that if you're constantly running up against resistance every time a certain concept comes to mind then you know you've got refining of the sense of self to do before any progress can be made in manifesting the outcome.

Refining the sense of self is as simple as this. Understand that SATS and the gazing method and listening to the subliminal and other methods I don't speak on much here all do the same thing and that is distance you from corporeal being. It's that you appropriate the subjective state as incorporeal being in the moment to experience the relaity of that as a means of burning a new image onto the lens of reality, where your unconscious mind is. Subconscious capacity is basically the mediary, the more you have the more at baseline you know yourself. You'll find people who do the work and are out of their head EXPERIENCE this and know it through that, else it's intellectual thought. So SATS is the effect you get when coming out of a gazing session or after listening to the subliminal for the full 15 minutes or so or other methods which do the same thing. We're creating a sort of bubble where our distance from corporeal being is greater which is of course where we can more effectively "impress' new images onto the lens of reality which then manifests as the experiences the corporeal being experiences on an unconscious level. If the images burned into the lens correspond to divine proportionate pathways then we are on our path of least resistance and in flow with the stream of life we exist as. This is the goal.

Doing pathway work to find the beliefs that are projecting and with this awareness we then create a fulfilled state as to the specific root belief that's projecting the experiences that are unfavourable to overwrite the old image. This is how we stop negative thought patterns, top down. You cannot ever win the battle against thoughts from bottom up, trying to counter affirm in bad feelings will only cause more to show up, unless you live the relaity of experience of their fulfilment by doing so which rarely happens. This is why I say action in the world from your affinities you're compromising on is the easiest way to dissolve resistance because you're then on your path of least resistance (or closer to it at least) and this is doiing state interferometry which is the effect of having a tangible experience that's basically a revision process for the resistance that's been manifesting the limiting beliefs. You learn through the reality of experience that you can be who you desire to be. If the negative thoughts still arise then you've got more fundamental beliefs to work with so doing more pathway work and logging those and understanding what about you is causing this to show up will give you the insights to then fulfil the belief in whatever way comes most naturally to you. You want to create distance at baseline for greater insights. 

I want everyone to make gazing your daily practise and make it a regular thing you do because it's literally the easiest method aside from perhaps simply listening to the subliminal to create subconscious capacity and give you the higher order coherency with divinity which is an important part of the manifesting process especially at higher levels but this will prime you for when that work is ready to be done.

There's more to this but simply identify the part of the lens of reality that's projecting the disproportionate pathways and dissolve them. This is all there is to be done, the rest happens automatically. Once you're there then it's done just as NG says. 



So. Be silly.

Boost Kidney Yang.



I'm writing this later in the day after having played spyro the dragon on PS1, my favourite in the series by a mile and one of the few games I'd keep if I had to pick one. I've got an air of mystery and wonder about me currently that's giving my frame of reference a tint of colour. Yes I spell it colour here, too bad.

Basically I'm experiencing this air of "holiness" if that's the right term that seems familiar and brings me into more distance at baseline, as though everything is as it should be, that as NG says "wonderful". It simply feels good.

Stewart Copeland - Summer Forest - Home

This track embodies the feeling well. Fantasy is the word.

This is why these games "feel" right to me and others, it's just like music or art but tapped into an interactive experience. I speak about dopamine fasting and not looking at things that take away from your imagination but I believe certain media that's stimulating on such a fundamental level that's just enough to tap into the feeling is what we can use for benefit. PS1 games were heavily limited in graphical effects to stimulate your nervous system with rewards and such, they were so restricted on poly counts and particles and dynamic lights and such so everything had to be used sparingly for telling a story. That's part of the charm of these older games too, they get more done with less, and you get to experience that in a way at your own pace and attention to details. It's like walking through an art museum.

Now the theme I'm tapping into there, the principles I'm touching on is about proportionality. This is more proportionate than not, hence why it feels good, it's resonating, we're integrated proportionally into a greater process that's driving us in this state of being, creating our reality. The feeling is almost homely, comfortable, welcoming, accepting, almost loving in a way. Proportionality feels "whole" in essence. Love is the term many would use and I can see why, this is the experience of unconditional love and it's you and yourself not anyone else. 

The magic is that there is no magic because it's all you. It's all your experience and your reality, your lens of perception which is the cause of your corporeal being and by us bringing this lens up into greater consciousness as our source of emanation as corporeal identification we take that identity into true self and become greater as one thing. We become incorporeal with our corporeal identification. That's the point of this which is what NG said as the promise. That IS the promise, it's that every lens of projection will one day be united with incorporeal being and purified in that process of all disproportionate pathways. Degeneracy cannot exist in the realm of divinity as degeneracy ONLY exists due to separation. All evil and degenerate things ARE the experience of distance, hence why it simply doesn't and cannot exist beyond the lens of reality for those who are distanced. By distanced here I mean from incorporeal being, they're stuck in the illusion and in a way have zero distance and fully identify with the shadow world. That's the illusion, the ignorant fools who fail to see the big picture and are metaphysically illiterate. 



Going to the end means going all the way, because then there's pressure. We transform under pressure. NG spoke on this in a way that's not worded the same but that's what he means.


So after yesterdays lacklustre entry I want to expand into new uncharted waters and hopefully blow your mind. I have been contemplating on this for a very very very long time, years in fact this goes back to at least 2021. This is very important, I believe (I don't have irrefutable proof from experience yet of this) that manifestation as we've been told doesn't exist at all. This idea of projecting shadows into a world which forms our experiences and that everything depends on the beliefs we hold. This is true on the experiential level but the theoretical basis, the idea that it's all psychospiritual isn't the case at all. I see beliefs as operating on multiple levels, that they come from consciousness within and without and aren't just purely US in the incorporeal projection through the crystallised lens us sense. Beliefs, the nature of what comprises them and how they are experienced is such an unbelievably complex topic I can't even begin to describe. Beliefs as far as I'm aware are this.

So we have experiences which form the proof of our beliefs, the testimony that we associate as the conscious recognition of belief. NG said that true belief comes from the depths of experience. The depth. Dare to assume it. So now what is the relationship we then have to that experience? The concept (sensory information) stays the same and yet 2 people can relate to the same sensory experience totally differently. This will have the common sense answer of other beliefs play off that one and form the association experienced but I say that this is missing the more fundamental part of the process. Desire and decisions. Decisions under correct context to greater process leads us 100% of the time to success, even if the experience seems to be negative it will have a positive outcome but this lesser process within a larger process is necessary for the greater process to unfold and for the realisation and transformation to be experienced through this. Pain is required, pressure is required, because that's contrast and contrast is what drives us to see the same thing differently. It's a wonderful mechanism that's designed as reality. We are driven by intuitive impulse arising from greater consciousness manifesting as the sensations in our nervous system which we then have the ability to make a decision on to either flow with or restrict and hold on. 

These decisions are experiences we have, often under pressure, and therefore they must lead us to a belief which anchors in the association between sense of self and the concept at hand. We must understand that decisions are THE most important factor because this ability to obverse intuitive impulse and make decisions on that are what lead us towards or away from coherency towards greater consciousness. It really all comes down to do you feel safe making this decision? This will require contrast and discontent which is why frustration and such exists to drive decisions which do serve us even if we don't feel safe. Even if we don't feel safe at baseline but still make decisions which we know we want to make from a place of discomfort we are on the right path which is why we can have all of our thoughts and feelings and still manifest what we want out of making those decisions as this was our application of free will to accept or deny our own path of least resistance regardless of what the people around us may think.

You'll often times find that rebelling against the resistance brings coherency purely from acting against the frustration being in flow with your decision you wanted to make the whole time but didn't feel safe doing so. Now the thing is there are areas of our lives that require shifts in beliefs that don't often have the ability to be changed with decision making. Owning the part of you that seeks expression sets you up for success because then you're going to make the decisions which serve you regardless of if there's contrast or not. This is the best place to come from. Owning, accepting, being without compromise. This IS you, you can't be anyone or anything else and therefore everything else is false. When there is nothing else what else is there to do? That's going all the way, going to the end, the end is the coherency with divinity as this is where power manifests from. ALL electrical power (reactive capacitance) in existence comes from divinity as the result of the gate being opened to receive the flow. When we aren't in flow we are against and we decay.

Beliefs are formed from experiences, and experiences come out of decisions we make according to our ability to accept ourselves for who we are and own that. Trace it back. Owning our desires and owning the parts of ourselves that seek expression at baseline gives us the ability to have clear boundaries and stick to our intuitive impulse and thus the decisions we make are going to provide us experiences which regardless of how we feel in those moments that are proportionate with our path of least resistance as it came from US and not false identification out of feeling unsafe being self and unable to own self.

Do you see? This is what I've spoken about basically this whole time, except in a slightly different way. Do we need the idea of some magic lens projecting shadows into a world that forms our experiences on the individual and collective level? No. Metaphysically speaking everything that's correspondent to divine process and path of least resistance cannot fail, ever. The way this process is made manifest can take seemingly infinite ways. The beliefs don't manifest the experiences we have that come from decisions we make do. The decisions we make, often under pressure, are the transformative places so long as it comes from your core essence and not unsafety. Even if you FEEL unsafe making this decision but you make it anyway you're still winning vs not making that decision you know you want to make. Making correct decisions is the whole point. You cannot change beliefs and have correct experiences out of those decisions unless you own self fully and without compromise. If there's no contrast then there's no pressure to be applied.

Your ability to make correct decisions however doesn't just come from owning self, as though it's an act of will but an act of surrender to the power emanating from you seeking expression that you're denying. Denying the power emanating from you and holding it back will only cause it to back up and explode. This pressure will make you want to literally explode, it often gets held in the lower body and feels like a rising furnace that's burning your insides. This is literally the stagnation of your vitality which would otherwise be nourishing you but you're unable to give it a means of expression out of denying self because you don't feel safe. This power will infinitely build and build and build and you cannot ever stop it no matter what because it's coming from divinity and not from your head. Your thoughts have ZERO influence on this source of power whatsoever you cannot make more or it by telling yourself you do because this precedes that completely. It's not a corporeal thing it's an arrangement of fundamental archetypal principles manifesting your consciousness through the lens on a fundamental level that results in the arrangement that you have manifesting this infinite source of power that seeks expression and emanates THROUGH you. It precedes you but the you that this power manifests THROUGH is changeable. Of course changing this also requires a change in all other surrounding cascading principles. A shift in a belief MUST have knock on effects in all associated areas, all surrounding field geometry will be influenced and this is all occurring unconsciously you don't cause it or stop it only guide it. You are the guiding principle for this power and living correctly means guiding this power correctly by making the correct decisions that it is requiring to be made as the path of least resistance far transcends your conscious reality.

Now let's get deeper here, as if we've not already gone deep enough right..

So everyone has their own archetypes of consciousness that are playing out various expressions in their personal reality and that personal seeming reality interacts with everyone else's reality around them and forms collective experiences. Your consciousness plays off everyone else's consciousness but the people who show up in your reality can only exist to provide you contrast and act as mirrors because you fulfil roles they're needing for them to play out their beliefs and vice versa. This means you are incapable of ever fully being self until you've integrated all the primary archetypes of consciousness within and have formed coherent proportionate pathways in all these areas towards divinity at a baseline level and this of course requires space. So creating space is the effect of distancing consciousness from corporeal being and the influences of the corporeal world. You as I AM pulls out of corporeal being to become more of I AM which is the source of power that corporeal being is expressing the manifestation of on it's own level that's a composition of the principles and their arrangement that makes it what it is. This includes the beliefs and all the related pathways that result from experiences but also the tendencies to make specific decisions and unconsciously need to play out certain patterns because of your constitutional makeup. The principles themselves, the gates in human design for example, they are fixed and cannot ever be changed because those gates form the substance that the lens is made of. You can burn new images into the lens but you cannot ever change what the lens is made of and the material also has it's own refractive properties which describes your constitutional makeup. 

Understand that these elements of self, these fundamental parts of us that precede beliefs and experiences and comprise the very lens those experiences are burned onto are an influencing factor for who we are and how we play our part in reality. We are a smaller process within a larger process, we are used by larger process to exist but yet together without each other we also as individuals wouldn't be able to have the experience we're having without everyone else and that larger greater process that's the anchor point we are all integrated within.

People need to get that the reason you don't have the SP you want is because of these factors.

- You've been compromising on making the decisions you know you desire to make (from denying self).

- You've been denying aspects of self that you believe are bad and you're judging yourself for things that are constitutional. 

- You've got warped perceptions of someone or something that's preventing you from seeing them or that thing in the light it really wants to be seen in. This often results from again experiences of the past which results from decisions you made that aren't serving the self.

Ultimately it all comes back to are you in coherency with divinity which is your path of last resistance or not? This determines everything and making the decisions under pressure means realising and accepting this is who you are and dropping the need to be someone else.

If you just decide to make the decisions which serve you for once and drop all the trash and reasons and conditions and everything and just listen to your intuitive impulses (which you do have everyone has them you just don't have the capacity to hear them because you're overstimulated and you're burning too much of your energy on useless stuff) you will efficiently circulate your infinite supply and you will win. Another part here is as I mentioned before on wasting energy. You have an infinite supply but it's released at a certain rate, there's a certain bandwidth that you can access to to say and this bandwidth is determined by your subconscious capacity which is of course your distance from corporeal being as I AM. The point here is that you ALWAYS have ACCESS to the energy as it's infinite but you're closed off to it. When you surrender and accept and let go and flow and make the decisions intuitive impulse is driving you to make you're flowing with the current and not against it meaning you're not actually spending any energy it's all free and will produce MORE than before because you've increased in baseline coherency. If you make incorrect decisions then you lose energy and you die. Immortality is about becoming completely coherent with greater process.

People look at me and think that because I know these things my life is perfect and I'm the master of application. Well no absolutely not I've gotten far closer to complete coherency than where I was some years back but the intellectual realm is where I reign supreme and nobody on earth can touch me. I'm the best at this and I know that because this notebook exists to prove that. I'm the only 24 year old on earth as far as I know who had this understanding, and I said that back when I was even 19 when I was coming to grips with the aetheric physics side of metaphysics. Application leads to results in the manifest reality, knowing things doesn't mean you're making decisions. The decisions are what change things, knowledge doesn't provide any value outside of simply knowing something at least on an intellectual level. When you experience it then it sinks in more, it sinks in deeper and deeper to a level where it's baseline and you KNOW KNOW it. That still doesn't mean you're making decisions out of your path of least resistance in any way that's constructive though. Grasp that the only thing that actually matters here is that you tap into intuitive impulse and flow with it. That's what transforms us, period. Being there for ourselves, having awareness of your intuitive impulses and being driven by that leads to fulfilment and satisfaction and through that experience safety because you experienced it and thus the belief will shift.

So where does NG come into this, planting seeds and all that. This is once again setting a path for your unconscious mind to be driven, a series of events as the bridge represents what's most natural for your state of being at baseline to experience when it comes to this. If you're not comfortable experiencing it then you'll experience that even if the sensory experience is what you want and implies fulfilment. If you aren't comfortable you will never ever ever ever manifest what you want the way you want. Ever. Period. No matter how much you visualise the perfect seed it will not manifest favourably. It will ONLY manifest when you can fulfil the root underlying it that drives it to feeling unsafe, as in a past experience forming a belief that you cannot have it which of course leads to feelings in the body of aversion. It's this unconscious part of you that's averse to it, that's why these feelings manifest this way. The charge that comes up when the concept arises is a reaction that your nervous system is responding to saying this is not safe let's not go there. When you sooth this part it no longer has that fear, that feeling, that charge, that disconnect between what you desire and what you make decisions from. You can still make decisions from feeling lack and such if you know it's your path of least resistance and know it's right and feel that tug of war so to say where you're being driven to do it but don't want to because the stories arise and charge comes up and still manifest the outcome that's favourable only because you made the correct decision and out of that experience you will be transformed, even if just a little bit. 

Planting seeds gives our unconscious mind (the crystallised field geometry in the lens) an experience to replicate, to experience again, because it's existent within us at that point. If it's imagined and crystallised it will be experienced but the way it comes about will ALWAYS be determined by surrounding beliefs (and corresponding experiences) which drive HOW we are led to that and of course the feelings we get when faced with the decision of if we flow with intuitive impulse or not and compromise. Planting seeds is easy but the sense of self needs to be comfortable with having it or you will never manifest it the way you want. PERIOD. When it's done then it's done you've set course. The seed is like the direction of propagation your unconscious mind will drive you, which is often why things seem to happen most naturally and without conscious input. This is yet again why constantly affirming doesn't do anything to speed anything up, though sometimes it can for reasons relating to bringing that laser focus if the affirmations are consistently targeting the correct beliefs and such but it's mostly that once it's done then it's done and no more can be burned onto the lens because it's already there. You see that's why it's done. From that place it comes down to refining the sense of self, the comfort zones and such. Do you feel comfortable and accepting and permitted and worthy and free to experience this or are you going to experience lack if it shows up because I can tell you from experience that just because you manifest something imagined doesn't mean it's going to make you feel fulfilment. Having massive money scares people, having their SP scares them, having complete health and vitality scares us because it means owning a part of us that's uncomfortable owning and yet that part of us requires owning else we compromise and continue the pattern hence why making decisions internally and or externally under that pressure is transformative and leads to shifts in our baseline sense of self and beliefs surrounding the desire to be proportionate with our path of least resistance through the relaity of that experience.


I think that's all.

This was probably my most complex talk but I can't remember there's so many entries at this point all working up to this. My recent studies into human design have lead me to really understanding the importance of decisions, as if I haven't already been clear on that. The point I'm trying to make here is that you don't need any "magic" to explain manifestation. It can all be explained purely on a physical level. How can your SP who's over the other side of the world magically start to interact with you if it's all physical? Because of phase conjugation and how power manifests. You must understand how power (reactive capacitance) is made manifest for this to make sense because the probability model of quantum quackery is a complete and utter joke at explaining anything about how the mechanics of this stuff works and everyone who writes books about it should honestly be discarded because you KNOW they're metaphysically illiterate. Anyone who's metaphysically LITTERATE who has understood the nature of light will know the probabilistic model is utter trash and needs to be burned like they burned certain books in the past. All though perhaps there was some lessons to be learned there too about Talmudic factions and their influence in the world. Having spent a good 3 years diving into that rabbit hole I know they're the manifestation of the driving force for disproportionate interactions with power systems in each country that's getting more and more degenerate as time goes on. These Talmudic J's are 100% responsible for the propagation of much of the policy nobody votes on and thus they're playing their role in the larger process to push forward the cycle we're entering into to unfold just as it should. It's all planned because it's God existing. Too bad if you don't like hearing that it's the irrefutable objective fact and I have over 200gb of research documentation proving my point beyond doubt. I lived and breathed that life for some time, it was who I was because that was what my mind latched onto to study and prove something through.

Either way everything is clear. When you are metaphysically literate you see the truth. The truth though must be applied else you'll die in your sins and fail. Well you can't really fail because you're still learning to become more coherent through these experiences but your inability to own self is the issue. That's really the point. Own self uncompromisingly and you win because that's how power manifests and how "magic' happens. When you connect the dots you will see it but until then study more. Peel back the layers and things will become clear over time. It took me a very very long time and if someone came to me with this back when I started out in 2015 I'd have no idea what to do with this or how to interpret it because it's a synthesis of literally hundreds of different systems of thought coming together and the epistemology that's required to see the interconnected nature behind these dots can only come through insights acquired through experiences relating to them. This is why Reality Synthesis is not going to take off as easy as the so called law of assumption or attraction did because they're extremely heavily dumbed down metaphysics and what I teach is the real origins behind those systems to begin with. Relaity Synthesis explains the so called law, unlike the law of assumption or attraction. If it were assumptions (things we believe to be true) then that would have to come out of experience, which is why NG says to imagine what we want. The contradiction to that is that if we go to bring about the experience in our mind of what we want and we're not comfortable in having that then we will never feel satisfied with that experience and having it. We're still stuck living the projection and having that filter our experience. The less corporeal being we are when we imagine the more accurately we can "impress" or burn the image onto the lens of reality and this is why creating space and subconscious capacity is SO important as this is the means by which we can actually detach from corporeal being to then enable us to experience true subjective reality. Your subconscious mind doesn't exist.

When you live in line with the greater process you win. You don't live for you you live for greater process. You have no free will to make anything happen for all you can do is make decisions and get in flow with your path which is greater process. The how and the why and the when and all that stuff is up to greater process. Sure we can adjust our beliefs and become more coherent which will "speed" things up but we're still playing with the same potential and the same process. You have no ability to create or destroy only greater consciousness does. All of our decisions, our beliefs, our experiences, everything is a result of our relative existence to greater process. When you realise that the only way to win is to observe, to let go and flow. To be. Then you win. You can't do anything and yet at the same time you can do everything. Do you get it? You exist to experience by means of surrender and acceptance. This is your path, so get use to it and make peace with it.

Figure it out. My work here is done.



Later in the day

I want everyone to think of this as having 2 consciousness you exist as. Technically there’s lots more than 2 but think of it like this just for practical sake. You have the conscious and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the mind that’s responsible for the shadow that’s projected, it’s the pattern burned into the lens of reality. Then there’s the conscious mind which is both the projector and the mirror by which the light that casts shadows is experienced as corporeal being. There are technically 2 conscious minds but for this sake we will have just 1 and that is greater conscious mind manifesting as the lower conscious mind of the corporeal being who seems to think it’s in charge and has all the power when in reality it has zilch. 

Understand that whatever the unconscious mind has stored within it (which is all experiences) then those experiences will arrange as a pattern that when light propagates and interacts with the solid pattern it casts a shadow on the ground that is a mirror image of the experience burned into the lens. So the structure of this lens itself also has a fixed aspect which represents your constitutionally defined structure which is the overarching influence. This is your design in essence. So with these bits in mind if we with to manifest change then we will either need to experience something with the eyes which reflects to us that we are who we desire to be or that we imagine an experience by taking the conscious mind into the unconscious mind by creating distance from corporeal being and increasing subconscious capacity which burns a new patten on the lens to then project automatically into the world. 

The takeaway frok this is what your unconscious mind, your nervous system, is predetermined in its reactions to the world based on the patterns programmed into it as on the lens. This means that you cannot ever change it unless you experience something that changes how the nervous system feels about something and the feeling we want to go for is comfort. When the nervous system is on board and comfortable with this concept we have then the conscious mind can freely experience what it desires without contrast warping the perceptions and the conscious mind buying into the feelings the unconscious mind has because your conscious mind cannot ever overpower the unconscious mind. We must distance from the corporal being which will often involve pressure but under that pressure we go all the way, we recognise which part of the unconscious mind is warped and we comfort it and make it feel safe. We give it the experience it’s looking for. Imagine that there’s a split of you that exists crying out in this limiting belief and every time you feel a sensation it’s that consciousness within you telling you to comfort it because it’s compromised and doesn’t feel safe to be itself. This belief is manifesting as these sensations and thus the thoughts correspond to confirm the feeling as that’s the context. We must recognise the lesser consciousness as the splits within the unconscious mind to comfort and provide attention for as when we observe them and be there for ourselves in the way we couldn’t be back in the day when we were still developing we meet that need and that part is no longer disproportionate meaning we can freely express this part of us without compromise or contrast. We’re comfortable with it now. 

This is the part NG completely screwed up and missed the mark with because he basically didn’t even acknowledge it’s existence. This does exist as I’ve demonstrated and it needs to be cared for or else you’ll forever be stuck. This is something that I will talk about in a video because it explains the whole basis for the idea of the sense of self and how to refine it. 



The body needs to have it's expression. If we do not express the body it's ignoring our substantive part.


I have something very important to type. Those waiting can wait. This is far more important. Page 5 is lagging already so I'm probably going to make page 6 soon.

So here's the deal. We need dynamism in order to change. NEED. It's an alchemical component of consciousness, the destructive distillation requires a catalytic yang based component and when we don't have dynamism we don't have the catalysing factor. I just experienced today an immense next level reaction from my lower jiao that drive me to near insanity for a good 3 hours. I was so filled with intense charge that my body was like having a mind of its own doing things completely without conscious input. I was powerless to observe. The body has it's own intelligence and it's trying to express itself in the way it needs to for proportionality to flow and yet we consciously deny it and conform to mediocrity. 

I believe this immense amount of power that was flowing through me came from a walk I did around lunch time today. I was doing parkour at the park where there's these long stones you can jump on that go for a km or 2. I was jumping over them and moving my arms the way my body wanted to doing qigong moves along the way as though I was dancing or something I felt so good. There was a small part of me that was hesitant in these moments but my body did it anyway. I knew in this place I was cultivating power, when you move your body the way it WANTS to but that you continue to deny then you INCREASE power. This is the point I made a few days ago, that when you are in flow with how you're intuitive impulses are driving you then you become negentropic and increase order which means you're drawing upon more power from the source. This is what I do believe happened to me. When I got exhausted from going on this journey after lunch I came back relaxed but that power was still within, it was just dormant and stored, stored in the liver meridian which is where substance is held and in the kidney meridian which is where catalytic potential is held. When we activate these lower meridians to have current pass through them with specific thoughts that bring us inspiration and such we open the floodgates and all of a sudden the catalytic potential begins to emanate yang by burning yin Jing. From here the body has the fuel it needs to almost overpower your conscious mind as this is where it's intelligence mostly resides. You will almost be forced to act in certain ways if the power is present to do so, but when most of us don't have catalytic power stored we don't have these automatic unconscious movements that drive and guide us from intuitive impulse.

I believe that a part of the manifestation issues people face comes from no stored baseline power to work with. I don't want to call it charge, but it really is because it's the same thing that causes emotions to surface. It's the circulation of yang which catalyses these stored substances to react and form phenomenal experiences of the senses through the nervous system. 

I truly believe that when we retain this yang based power we are more easily able to act in an unconscious manner to fulfil our limitations. You see when you've got more "drive" and more 'will" in a sense then you will be moved to WANT to overcome limitations. It's like the backed up pressure that's now got an outlet to burst through the resistance but you keep it locked away. Having done massive amounts of yin work, cultivating space which is contrary to cultivating yang which rises from the bottom up and "warms" our circuitry it's been made clear to me that our body does indeed have it's own intelligence that we must express or else we're going to result in qi stagnation as a result which can hamper the ability for cultivated space to have actionable pathways. This isn't something I've spoken much on but dopamine fasting has everything to do with increase in baseline yang, as with yang we experience sensation. More stored yang at baseline means higher sensitivity, but that yang requires yin to catalyse so we require both and yet we only cultivate yin by doing internal work like with gazing. You do still cultivate yang but it isn't the primary component worked with, even though we're targeting the greater yang principle.

When we gaze we're primarily taking what yang we have into the yin, the substance, the unconscious mind, to catalyse components in there for purification under the light of the greater solar aspect. This requires at our lower jiao a baseline level of yang or "warmth" or fire to burn and turn the substance into steam so that it can effectively be transformed and purified. This is something you'll never hear from anyone else in this community again because they're metaphysically and alchemically illiterate. I'm seemingly the only one. Why? Because I'm here to play a bigger role it seems and I've got tot get beyond my limits when it comes to yang expression so that I may become dynamic and catalyse the parts of me that have been stuck for a while now. This experience I had today just reminded me of this part and how important it is. It's been something on my radar for a few weeks now, and really a long time before but it's been made abundantly clear to me especially after taking taekwondo again because my body was begging me to that it's been consciously surfaced to realise. The intelligence in your body MUST be listened to or else it's like consciously telling yourself you're not worth anything and that you're a loser who'll never achieve anything of value in this life. You understand? It's a REQUIREMENT to work with the unconscious mind, on the actionable level. PHYSICALLY working with it. We're all denying this stuff because NG or whomever didn't write about it but I'm beyond all that stuff and have been for a long time now and I don't have to conform to anyone else's position if I can completely refute them and destroy their positions to an extent that it's completely irrefutable. I told myself before getting in the shower yesterday that NG was a waste of time to continue being bound to in my videos. I don't have to be bound to anything and if my body is giving me signals to burn the NG bridge and go all out with presenting the model the way I want to then it's time to do so and end it for good.

Transformation requires pressure, it requires fire, heat. We experience this heat as a part of the process just as we experience peace after transformation out of the contrast of experience. We need that increase in yang and let me assure you everyone who's stuck out there living a life of mediocrity, if they cultivated this higher level baseline yang, the catalytic fire that transforms substance, they'd break free. Completely disregard the thoughts that run through your head, you've done that and it doesn't work. Why? Because all levels of transformation require dynamism. Acceptance and letting go and surrender is the factor that applies when substance is in movement in consciousness, but grasp that the quality of consciousness REQUIRES yang for pressure to be applied in a constructive manner. That's the thing it's alchemy and we need both components to effectively complete the transformation. Why are we thinking it's all yin work when substance requires heat to make it less dense and more subtle so that the light of the greater consciousness can then burn the pattern on the lens. We MUST have that warmth in our being, and that warmth REQUIRES us to listen to our body. If we do not NO AMOUNT OF THINKING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT! If in your mind you can effectively communicate with your body without specific action that it's doing it's thing then great but most of the time it's going to WANT to act. This is what I say, you're wanting to move wanting to act wanting to express because the body and it's intelligence is on course with the fulfilment of the seeds you've planted.

This is something I presented a while ago in an earlier entry but I want to talk about it again. This is just a theory I don't have logs on this as much to prove it with data like I have with many other areas but I believe that when we plant seeds even if we're in resistance and don't feel comfortable or safe or whatever word we want to use to describe the feeling we will automatically be driven to do what we need to do to then act in ways that prove to us that it is safe, however subtle they may be. It's that every seed is bearing it's fruit all the time every day but we're so out of touch with our body we don't notice the drives it has. The more subconscious capacity we have the more awareness of the unconscious we have as the conscious mind is overlapping more of it and we don't have tunnel vision when awareness is pulled back to the same degree as if we were overstimulated. The point I'm making here is that when we cultivate space and listen to the body we are able to get in touch with the drives the unconscious mind and the body are driving us in order to actually manifest the results of the seeds we planted. It's that we're being driven to manifest the money and the SP and all these things partly because they're aligned to divine pathways of proportionality but also because those seeds are bearing fruit AS the drives AS the impulses AS the feelings and thoughts and all that stuff. 

The bridge IS the fruit as much as the end product, why would it not be? If the seed planted contains all the information pathways for us to experience to realise our end then the bridge must be present and our body must act it out which means we must experience the body and it's drives to meet that end. The issue is when contrast arises to throw the body off track with it's predetermined path. When we aren't comfortable and the body reacts with signals of no go on a repetitive basis then we either require more power for the body to work with as a means of transforming that resistance in those places with drive emanating from lower jiao or by doing internal purification work with gazing and pathway revision. You see it doesn't matter which you do because both REQUIRE higher order baseline yang in order to transform the resistance. I strongly believe this is the reason why some can peel back layers faster than others, it's also a factor of this baseline yang, the warming transforming factor which catalyses yin and scatters density for rearrangement. It takes a solid chunk of steel and melts it down and tempers the steel as we dunk ourselves in the fire. If the fire isn't strong enough then the yin cannot be broken down and melted and refined. Why would it be? It's impossible on a metaphysical alchemical level which is the fundamental mechanics that IS the so called law. Alchemy IS manifestation it can't be any other way. Manifestation isn't this thing out there and alchemy is bound by it, manifestation isn't magic that creates principles. Manifestation is the mechanics of relaity, the metaphysics and alchemical processes taking place in us as they take place in the totality of reality the same.

So with this in mind I want everyone to cultivate both yin and yang. Some months ago when I was experimenting with gazing longer in the middle of the day specifically after I'd spent a good hour or so out being active and moving my body I was able to not only go deeper surprisingly but that I felt I was more able to purify resistance and do pathway revision to affect core beliefs more, the experience and the quality of consciousness here was different. This got me thinking back then that manifestation would effectively be applied if we were balanced in our principles, that yin and yang were both strong and had high baseline. Those thoughts are returning to me now and they ring more true now than ever. When we burn yang by overstimulating we decrease the effectiveness of yin we have as both require each other for the quality of consciousness we're seeking to unfold and the alchemical transformations that take place within us to take place proportionally else we burn and waste effective Jing which is our storehouse of power which is limited, at least according to the daoist systems.

They say yin Jing cannot be restored but yang Jing can. This reminded me of the hours I spent in daobums searching for answers as to how to cultivate yin Jing as I couldn't find reference in my texts and it seemed nobody else could either. Yang Jing, or specifically refined shen which is transformed into more postnatal yang Jing storage, is what gives us youthful vitality and vigour. When we die it's either because of a lack of yin or yang Jing, or both. Yang Jing allows what yin Jing we have which we can conserve more of by keeping our yin Jing consumption low and replenishing with good foods and such which restore substance and add to the storehouse but Yang Jing isn't something that we can store as far as I know, at least to the same degree. It's true that Yang Jing is held between the kidneys, mostly on the right side, but it's that yin Jing is the primary substance of storage and that Yang Jing is below that which catalyses and turns the stored and "dripped" yin Jing that's postnatal to be catalysed and used to further warm the upper jiaos.  This again proves my point that under yin Jing is fire, fire is the component we seem to require once we've acquired the components of consciousness (resistive pathways) that are disproportionate. In order to actually dissolve them it requires the body to catalyse them, and in order to do that we need yang Jing to be catalysed and warm the substance so that it may be less dense for transformation.

This is probably the highest level manifestation theory on earth. Need to check the planetary transits to see how I was inspired by this or if I was my own source in this regard. I don't know and really I don't care I just know that this above theory will prove extremely important in future. All my study and struggle in understanding the depths of TCM and Daoist theory has finally paid off. It was my experience of these things that led me to this understanding which again is why we must do the work so that we can truly experience and anchor that into our unconscious mind.

All the people here who think the neuroscience is the explanation for this tuff and that it's all physical brain chemistry interactions... Fools. Dispenza and the like need to get a clue and get educated on the reality of how things actually work because all that brain chemistry stuff is manifestations of these alchemical processes that play out on the level of the metaphysic. Such ignorance there is in this community, NG isn't the one to follow when he never spoke on alchemical process. The neuroscience stuff is barely anything useful too. The magical stuff is all dependent on the alchemy working so all in all this understanding transcends all other systems of thought and explains them all as it's preceding them in manifestation. This is seemingly my job, to explain the things nobody else can see or understand. My body wants to move like it's dancing, smoothly and swiftly dancing the dance of life as I walk the streets and moving like it's the only thing that matters, being in rhythm with the dream and the dance of life. 

In order to break down resistance we need yang, we need literally fire to "melt" ice, hardened crystallised pathways. Why would we not? Why not? Why not hey? If there's another explanation I don't know what it is and that's rarely the case it seems considering I've been through basically every system of thought out there when it comes to explaining this stuff. We require yang, warmth, fire, pressure. Pressure alone, meaning contrast to dissolve resistance, isn't going to dissolve the resistance without the fire of life to break it down and transform it. Generators should have an easier time with this due to defined power sources. We just need to be more aware of intuitive impulse and flow with it as we should. Denial of our bodily drives to move and express with passion and vitality and love and life is denial of our divinity and only forming further dampness and qi stagnation in our metaphysic which WILL manifest as symptoms within time. How do people manifest diseases they've never head of before? Metaphysical imbalances due to the mechanic I outlined above.

This is why I said that manifestation as we've been told is basically doesn't exist and I'm almost certain at this point that this whole idea of magic happening to make things manifest is utter nonsense peddled by you know who... The fools who've never read source material for where the very basis of the ideas of manifestation came from. This is not about the thoughts that run through your head it's about process within process, proportionality, interferometry, fractality. All of it. This is how light works and it's how your body works the same way and if it's correspondent on one level that's a truth it must correspond on all other metaphysically related levels. How can it be any other way? It's the fact and nobody can deny it. Manifestation as we know it doesn't exist and I'm going to make that claim knowing the fact not just because of the dots I've connected but because of the experiences I've had which standard manifestation theory such as law of assumption cannot explain because it's not alchemically based.

Your reality is reflected in your body. Everything that's happening out there is happening in your body, in the principles that govern your physical body. If you've got dampness patterns then you're going to be stuck in the same position and unable to change. Your unconscious lens is TOO crystallised and hardened and solid, I believe that this idea that older people are more stuck in their ways or whatever the term is is a manifestation of this. The idea that you've got decades of so called programming to undo has nothing to do with the time but the fact that the metaphysic has become too dense, resulting in of course that manifestation in their consciousness. They require yang, fire, pressure. If someone is too yang, too dynamic and too like fire then they need capacity. There can also be empty patterns where there's no yin and no space which manifests as symptoms similar to yang excess but in reality it's due to yin deficiency. You can also have both yin and yang deficiency, where the structure is more incoherent and both too crystallised and at the same time too busy, almost like someone with longstanding anxiety. Someone with anxiety will likely have both deficiency, a deficiency of blood (constitution not quantity) and yang, and or qi. This is the point, the metaphysic we diagnose in TCM should correspond to the manifestations in their consciousness and their reality. Why wouldn't they correspond?

We've been told it's assumptions but if you look at the nature of what metaphysic certain assumptions take, as in the archetypal and themic representations they take along the principles of yin and yang and the elements and the directions and the gates then we can predict the assumptions by reverse engineering it. I truly believe that this approach can explain everything. Why would the thoughts that run through our head, as in the images, words and conversations we say, things we touch and all that, why would these senses seemingly overpower our reality completely? Why? They say it's because they're the patterns that project the experience of the corporeal being. That's the truth but there's also the constitution of the lens itself, the quality of the unconscious mind as in the charges of yin and yang and their ratios exist transcendentally on both higher order levels and where we are in the corporeal realm as the reflection. We must work with all the pieces. Seems like work, but that's why NG is so popular because it's oversimplified and only works for those who are comfortable or already have the right constitution for change. If they've got the yang present to transform then that will happen. I believe that those who affirm under resistance and still get what they want have this increased transformative factor and that their unconscious coherency is higher order to divinity and that they're able to exist in their body without resistance, or as much at least. They've got the fire to break it down. That fire is required, else there's no contrast. There can be contrast in lack but it will always remind us of the deficiencies of yin and or yang. This explains it all. 

Feeling "safe" and "comfortable" in the end requires yang to be circulating with yin. It requires blood and qi to be proportionate. This is the fact. I'm going to work with this more and prove this is the missing link. I'm going to challenge myself to make this happen and reach a new level in my own life and it would all be because of this. The ignorant fools will say it was something else but those who read this know better. We're in the elite levels of those who manifest and we know exactly what needs to be done. It's all well and good to construct the perfect scene but if it was truly a science it would work 100% of the time for everyone but it doesn't. Even in my own coaching I don't have 100% success and I never will until I understand every variable at play and work with those when required. Working with the purifying fire is what we should focus on This explains why action, as in living the relaity of experience in the body and flowing with intuitive impulse transforms us. It's because of THIS quality of the yin and yang dynamics about Jing behind catalysed and circulated through the body to break down and transform resistance. It must be broken down, it doesn't magically break down on it's own it requires fire to break it down. In lab alchemy we require destructive distillation to make minerals into quintessence and so the more dense  (the more substance and thus condensed "power" something has) a substance is the more fire it requires to melt. Higher melting point materials would often have more energy, not always but you'll find that mass and energy are related and mass could be likened unto density, more yin, more substance and thus more energy is required to transform that substance. We are the same, the elements that comprise our field geometry require various amounts of Yang to break it down, if it's correspondent on on level it's correspondent on all levels. Why would it not be?

This is the missing piece, or at least one of the biggest ones. I do believe this explains the mechanics underlying the dissolution of resistance. Sitting with feelings is being placed under pressure and is why ignoring them doesn't work. We must spend time in the furnace to melt the substance to be purified. It doesn't happen in an instant, not with substances that are highly dense at least. Those who can dissolve on the spot have good ratios of blood and qi, yin and yang in their body and also likely don't have highly crystallised resistive pathways. There's more to go into but it's late.


I need to write a book some day. If anyone takes this free stuff and tries to write a book on it they'll fail miserably because they aren't me. They don't have the consciousness to understand it and write about it with coherency so I'm not worried about this being for everyone to read for free but again be aware that this won't be free forever. I'm going to make this into a premium package but it's free while it's a WIP. That's why I don't have courses. It's funny because I had trolls come and tell me I have courses and that someone with money doesn't need paywalls for info. Well obviously the trolls are illiterate. Welcome to the aetheraeon notebook I hope you enjoy your stay :)




Writing this on the phone after, there’s more to say. 

So the normies who overcome resistance so so out of an increased need to do better. The standard way is to just apply themselves in ways that works for them. It comes often from the sacral, the energy to move and change. Change requires charge to circulate to be transformed and so an increase in baseline Yang involves a breaking apart of established patterns. The point is that no matter how you slice it, imagine scene or not, to dissolve old pathways requires Yang. What if this whole NG manifestation thing was way overhyped to begin with and that it was basically all a heavily watered down dumbed down version of what I’m teaching. What if manifestation as thoughts create phenomena was never the case? 

I don’t want to deny the phenomena because it’s very real many client success stories come from simple scenes or even simple affirmations they said a few times and dropped it and it showed up very fast. What I’m trying to say here is that I believe that the whole idea of integrating or planting a seed is just the simple experience of something and the targeting of that in essence which has metaphysical representation of that seed which emanates the resultant corporeal experience which the unconscious mind drives us to automatically fulfil if there’s no resistance. The idea of there being magic that makes people change is silly. They still have to change, but by you imagining them differently they’re going to interact with your field geometry and that your experience becomes a crystallised structure on their lens from that. This idea of there being people outside of us is like blasphemy to these standard theory coaches, they think we all have our own reality when we really don’t. In effect we do as that’s how we experience it but the fact is your bubble is interacting with all other bubbles. You’re not immune from the influence of others. Children are influenced by their world, why do you think traumas from childhood stuck around? They came from somewhere. 

So the essence here is that manifestation is a matter of alchemy. When there’s a proportionate pathway the integrated sensory experience plants the seed and the corresponding corporeal reality responds without resistance as your unconscious mind will be in free flow to drive you and the world with all involved to fulfil this end, otherwise you’ll have contrast show up and you’ll waver from the path because you’re not comfortable with having it. Trying to overcome this with will won’t ever work unless you have baseline Yang that’s working for you. Most who apply will don’t get there because of that, will in the correct direction works, but ONLY in the direction that’s correct else you’ll miss it. You must understand that targeting the correct beliefs is required else you’ll be working with surface level stuff and not tapping the roots. Without dynamism to break done the stagnation you’ll not be able to effectively do inner or outset work as they’re both working with the same alchemical process. Why would they not? 

Someone who is successful is only successful because of their metaphysic. If you’re stuck and don’t have Yang you lose. You’ll need to either be more efficient by targeting roots and using whatever charge you have to dissolve it but by bit but the whole transcendental in the moment dissolution can only really come from an increase in baseline Yang. Those who have higher baseline Yang and don’t get results aren’t touching the correct pathways. Efficiency applies here too. The same mechanics that govern electro dynamics governs consciousness. 

Basically the phenomena of manifestation is that your unconscious mind will fulfil whatever it’s comfortable playing out. The idea of the lens and stuff is the best analogy but that’s not real. It’s that your body has its own intelligence that your conscious mind “programs” of course. The conscious mind can only guide the body, but the body will act on its own and you’ll be taken along for the ride. The only reason you don’t have what you want is because you’re not comfortable with it and so your nervous system will react accordingly and your conscious mind while experiencing that will waver in the assumption as you naturally should. No amount of will can overpower this unless the sacral is empowered and the body feels “bigger” the circumstances. Key point, the BODY must feel bigger not the mind. This is the whole idea of the pedestal thing. It’s about power dynamics, does this person have higher coherency than you? You manifest people on your level, at least the ones you have regular contact with.


So manifesting objects. Say someone’s getting a new car and their old one breaks down out of nowhere. How does body action explain this? Good question. That’s either an explanation for the lens idea or that it is body related and that you planted that seed before and the car simply responded in a way that led to it acting up. How can you explain items magically appearing? I’ve heard stories of this happening, if this is the case then the only way it’s possible is for the lens idea to be the way it works. I don’t know to be honest I’m still working on a completely coherent answer. Nobody else has a valid answer though. The only thing that makes sense to me is that either someone or something like an animal shifted things around or that there were deeper forces involved that are more fundamental as in actually conjuring something out of thin air which is possible but the only ones who can reliably do it are the ones who have coherency with their core archetypes of consciousness. It’s a process that must be further explored and studied. 



The date.

So I believe that excess yang emanating from lower meridians results in almost "forced" breakthroughs as a more powerful expression of unconscious pathways. Having more fire means the body can be more of itself and make itself more known in expression to the conscious mind, as in you'll automatically be more of you at baseline without awareness specifically, but with awareness for those who have space to see. Recognise that you can have next to no awareness and still live correctly if you're on your path, else you're watching a horror show.

I'm pretty sure manifestation as we know it, even the NG stuff, doesn't exist. I've been trying to demonstrate this since 2021, at least. I didn't know but I thought this was the case. You see SATS, imaginal scenes, they're not special, they're not magical, they're transformative in the same way we are transforming through actions in the world under pressure according to our path of least resistance. The decisions we make in imagination are conditioning us to become more us and thus not see the blind spots we have as separate but as our blind spots and that we know and understand them because we experienced them. This whole manifesting a person to change thing that seems to have magic behind it has nothing to do with magic it's all to do with how your field is interacting with theirs on that phase conjugate level. You target them and if you influence them with your new perception and arrangement of field geometries that are proportionate to who you really are then you win, you "change" them either for better or worse. They're going to become more of them by you becoming more of you. You're not making anyone change or conform or whatever this trash is that these people say you're simply opening up a path that's proportionate for both of you to basically fill in each others blind spots but from a place of knowing those blind spots. That's ALL this is. Imaginal scenes don't have magical power, why would they?

The seeming magic has everything to do with proportionate field geometry interactions. You're not attracted to someone who doesn't fill in your open parts that are seeking definition and fulfilment so that you can connect more of you out of that interaction. You interact with them to become more whole, that's what love is it's impossible for 2 "whole" people to come together really, else there's just companionship and no "passion" as there's no meeting of needs and it doesn't feel good. You see? This is WHAT love is, at least what we conventionally experience in romantic relations. I went through this the same as anyone else does. As you learn from this you realise what parts of you these relationships were bringing up to be refined. These parts that needs refining are the parts that you're going to experience the drive of attraction to as they're opposite of you, which again when someone is the same as you they're not exciting, outside of baseline archetypes playing off each other but I'm talking about specifics. The things you put on the list you want. Why?

Your body needs these things, not your mind. The stories come up to prove correct or incorrect these stories and your mind tries to change them to no avail because it's not looking at the open space looking to be filled. Who's making the decisions for you? Are you making the decisions that you WANT to make? Are you compromising on being yourself? If you're compromising then what are you compromising on and what does this compromise consist of when it comes to fundamental parts of your consciousness. You can bet that you're attracted to the people who will make the decisions for you that you don't feel capable of making, or that they can't make decisions you want them to make and that you project, or some flavour of this. It's always an expectation and that because these expectations never play out the way we want because of how people are dynamic as you are too you get disappointed. Why? Because you're looking for something in someone you don't have within you or more specifically have awareness of and have experience playing out in correct decision. When you are able to make decisions to fulfil these parts that are compromised and unrefined within you then you're able to match with someone who's going to be able to fulfil those needs but not in a way that's going to devalue you. You know the expectation and don't need to fixate on it being met because you understand and have experience with it, it doesn't affect you the same way. This is also why creating space is important.

So ultimately we can see it all comes back once again to are you being yourself without compromise and making the decisions you WANT to be making? If you did then you win as you're not NEEDING anything from anyone, at least not in a way that's going to lead to conflict as a result. When we take a step back and recognise that we're simply being driven to match with someone who can fulfil us in the most complete way possible, to bridge all our gaps and make us fully aware of who we and them are as a result both parties become complete in themselves when they're together. When you compromise because someone isn't meeting your fundamental needs that your body wants then you need to disconnect else you continue to suffer, as hard as that may sound. I know because it happened to me and I hated it. I learned that from experience and when you understand and see it for what it is then you have that part of you on access when need be and you can make correct decisions when aspects of compromise arise and disconnect your attention when required. This is a REQUIREMENT!

I've spent literally tens of thousands $ on premium level courses and in some instances personal coaching with various names in this community and while I've seen many who are way off base I've seen some who are very on point too, at least when it comes to boundary dynamics. Boundary dynamics really seems to be the thing that separates those who win from those who lose. It's a matter of are you able to make the correct decisions from who you really are vs the compromised unfulfilled aspects that are driving your perceptions and that you're being influenced by.

I've realised that manifesting people to change is a matter of energy dynamics. Are you giving too much or too little? Usually it's too much but sometimes it can be the other way too. The thing to understand here is that your SP changes when you withdraw and stop giving them too much energy that's overwhelming them, or that you give more attention when needed so that you can balance the charges. The thing we need to grasp is that you're influencing them the same as you're being influenced by them. Manifesting a person with an imaginal scene has EVERYTHING to do with unconscious programming, as in what direction your unconscious pathways are driving you to experience based on expectations you've set out in that scene. If the dynamics are correct you'll experience it else you'll run up against the disproportionate pathways and it'll confirm to you these blind spots you've disregarded. Manifesting a person has nothing to do with affirmations in the sense of words create experiences. Words don't create experiences any more than the expectation and experience that's implied by those is interpreted by the unconscious mind and that the direction is set. Planting a seed is SETTING THE DIRECTION OF PROPAGATION! This is something I came up with back in 2021. It's funny because back when I was highly technically minded is when most of these answers came. that was my depth of physics study. The manifestations we experience with seemingly magically changing a person is because of the power dynamics we balance within us that's implied by the experience of these imaginal scenes, or word, or whatever method you use. The point is the archetypal part of our consciousness is targeted with the feeling of it and that if it's correct it will lead us to feeling comfortable and safe and we will have that part of us fulfilled, and thus now that we're defined in ourselves the other person who's looking for that will now come to us for us to play our part in their lives now that we're correct. DO YOU GET IT?

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is interferometry. Manifesting objects has to do with this too, why would it not? If the lens projects change through animals too then so be it. Whatever means that needs to be used will be used to bring about the fulfilment of your direction. Your greater consciousness will communicate to you through your body and it's sensations as a way of defining what is and isn't you. If someone or something is for you you'll experience intuitive impulse arising out of that interaction with the targeting of the feeling but you need to grasp too that it's always measured against the fundamental field geometries that comprise your constitutional makeup. This is why we can't just become anyone at any time and why we can often experience ourselves as more than one person. Most of us experience multiple seeming personalities in a way, no matter how subtle. This is normal, they're all parts of us if they're constitutional and oftentimes some of the seeming negative patterns that you think are not you actually are you. I had this false idea about self and parts of me that were making me feel bad and yet it was in fact fundamental when I went into them deeper than before. After writing scripts and scripts on like thousands of pages at this point I'd say that most of the things I use to see as bad is actually good, parts of me that define who I am and that denial of them will repulse people from me, or more specifically attract people who are wrong for me because I'm wrong and they'll unconsciously pick up on that lack and be there to fill that void when often that'll also come from their own lacks too. Do you see why relationships and SP issues are sooo common? If you're fixated on someone and you want this person over anyone else and you think they're special you're kidding yourself. I use to think I could get anyone any SP but that never worked out, I failed way too many times at this than I'd like to admit to be honest and I use to think it was my issue being a bad coach but the fact is that as I realise more about how being true to core self will inevitably attract the person you want no matter what is the lesson learned. THEY'RE NOT SPECIAL! They're not your person. I don't care what you've been told or think or whatever the heck there's sooooo many people out there who can provide what you're looking for and they're just a drop in the bucket. Get over it because they're not going to be for you especially if this didn't work in the past.

So many of these people come who want a SPECIFIC person make me roll my eyes. Like seriously you're going to want to go back to them even though they're being the way you don't want? Changing you means changing them and that'll either mean they're going to further be repulsed by you because you're more you and there never was compatibility or that they'll come begging and grovelling at your feet to be with you because now you're filling in their lacks. Do you get it? It's got NOTHING AT ALL to do with imagining them saying something. That's the most metaphysically illiterate trash imaginable and it doesn't work because if it did everyone who does it would get those results but they don't and the reason why is because it's about decisions as the means of purification not the contents of the scene. The scene needs to be specifically implied just like an affirmation needs to be specifically implied for the functions of touching on the part that's compromised. Get in touch and realise that. All these people who think that NG explains manifesting or that that bible, the idea of impressing seeds somehow magically unfolds things is stupid and illiterate on a metaphysical level. There's no correspondence the lens is made manifest in the experiences we have as a direction of propagation that our body will unfold automatically given there's no contrast to throw out that balance, else you're wasting time living in your head. Living in the end means living in the knowing that it's done and this can only come from having space to see and coherency on an unconscious level so the body is comfortable and not reactive. 

Abandoning self as NG says has everything to do with abandoning the parts of compromise and being true to yourself. You CAN'T become anyone, it's impossible, because there's always a point of comparison drawn to divinity which is what drives your bodily sensations which determine what is and isn't correct for you thus why you do have a path of least resistance and that accepting that and living that without compromise is the ONLY formula. There cannot be anything else it's impossible.

Get over the influencer brand of manifesting and you'll get it. Those who read this notebook get it, those who don't obviously continue to suffer because they're not reading it so read and re-read over if need be. 

I just think we've all been duped with this whole idea of manifesting because the practical experience and the metaphysics of it aren't supporting the standard model in any capacity that's broad reaching. The psychological model doesn't work and the magical model doesn't work for obvious reasons. Believing what feels good vs what's logically consistent with the principle mechanics of reality are very different things and I don't intend on presenting anything that I can't prove as fact to be fact. Getting to the core of things is what I want to achieve. 



As far as I'm concerned the whole "dropping the old story" and "persisting" has EVERYTHING to do with allowing the conscious mind to take the back seat and observe and KNOW that the unconscious mind being driven from divine pathways has got the power. The experience in the imaginal scene that targets your limited belief is designed to be a decision, you no longer experience the old and you disconnect from false identification and enter into incorporeal consciousness which exists as the intelligence the signals your body gives you that you should or shouldn't make decisions. In essence you're bypassing the conscious mind with this, you're actually retracting from lower yang and entering into greater yang and this is why SATS is required because that space enables us to do this, else you're still imagining from lower yang and still experiencing that scene from corporeal being. You want to distance yourself as much as you can as this distance is where the power comes from, it comes from the top down.

What we don't have is what we're looking for that we are seeking in other people and that's attractive to us because they can be there for us. Those parts are what we are receptive to vs giving out to others. When we're obsessed with someone it's because we're ignoring the true self because we think they can fulfil us, the things we don't have that we're looking for. This whole idea of doing inner work IS ALL ABOUT DECISIONS! All the self affirmations working on the specific beliefs and all that and scenes that experience the fulfilment desired and all this is nothing more than us making the decisions we wanted which then shifts the arrangement of the unconscious field geometries and provides nourishment to the parts of us that are open so that we don't need to seek for it and we can focus on being more us vs not us. 


Doing the inner work only reveals the open areas we're trying to fill in, trying to compromise on to fit in with others or whatever the pattern is. It's that often we're too busy looking for these things and we lose focus of making decisions on the things we do have and that are our core essence. When we just withdraw from these things that aren't serving us and simply decide that instead of trying to mentally "reprogram" ourselves we just live from the core essence and flow with the intuitive impulses we're getting to act in the world in whatever means we can then we will resolve these parts of us that are seeking fulfilment. That's a means we can use to fulfil them without ever even touching the imagination. The imagination as far as I'm concerned is purely existent as a seed planting mechanism that can be used for setting the direction for the unconscious mind to fulfil, if that end is comfortable and within it's means, otherwise it'll lead to yet more suffering as you believe that this experience will bring fulfilment when it wont so in essence even the imagination is limited to the things we ACTUALY desire. The imagination as far as I'm concerned doesn't allow us to manifest things we're not suppose to. People will say that doesn't work but to them I say utter ignorance. You manifest things out of your limitations all day every day, you imagine having conversations with people that are often of conflictual nature or you imagine having conversations with your SP in the end and affirm for them to be a certain way that you want that will fulfil you and yet that never happens. Why? Because it's not who you are. You're still going in the wrong direction and your nervous system will reject that because it knows better than you because it's driven from divine process, not the weak feeble mind. Get a clue. The reason is because you're unable to have courage and drop the stuff that you think you want but that you really don't need at all. Dropping the old story is shifting direction of propagation, and setting up seeds for the end to be the way you're being driven by divinity to fulfil. NG never made this distinction but I know this is the case.

Manifesting small things that you write on scripts that show up are almost always things that don't overlap in the areas you're looking for fulfilment in. This whole attachment thing comes from that, you're never going to manifest things from scripts you're attached to, ever. If you experiment with this you'll realise that like I have. The fact is that when you're detached you're living from greater process and intuitive impulse and making decisions accordingly as those decisions are the ones that will lead you to actual fulfilment, even if it's not going to bring contrast into your experience. Contrast.. What an interesting topic. Interferometry and proportionality are closely linked here to contrast and rely on each other. This is the way things seem to work, we seek contrast but that contrast isn't who we should often be playing as. Contrast brings charge and emotion, it's interesting but contrast leads us off in ways that stimulate the mind and the senses in ways that aren't proportionate to greater process. Apply this to SP. You seek someone who can give you contrast, someone who can fill the voids, the open areas you're looking for. This is where the whole psychological model of analysing beliefs and such comes from, it's just making you aware of these field geometries that constitutionally represent the blind spots within you that you're open to being influenced from. This is what that means, it's meaning that you're easily influenced in these ways and what is influence? It means your decision making is swayed, hence when you manifest your SP changing or the SP that will be who you really want to experience life with they'll show up when and only when you're no longer influenced by that open area of your mind seeking influence from others vs from within. This is the point. Often just making that shift within without ever acting in the world in any real meaningful way but just having had enough of giving your power away can manifest big shifts. Thing is you need to consistently make this the baseline for things to stick.

The rebellious manifesting mindset I've spoken about comes from this idea, having enough of the influence and programming that you break the walls down and say enough is enough I'm done with this it's time to take control and not give authority to anyone else around me to determine what I can and cannot do. That had NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at all to do with the words you spoke having some magic power to manifest that outcome. SUCH IGNORANCE! The fact is the real shift came from the shift within your field geometry, and then the thought processes followed to confirm that. The thoughts that run through your head are the last thing to change. Feeling within before that which without reflects this is a very correspondent idea in principle but it just doesn't work in practise. The fact is that these so called shifts we make within us come from a shift in authority, when YOU TRULY feel that shift in authority related to the belief that's influenced by the world then it's dissolved. This is what I mean by fulfilling conditions and all that stuff I say about what dissolving resistance means and often when courage is applied under pressure in these directions it's performing a purgatory process involving the breaking down of more solid substances with passion (yang) to turn them to steam and then re-condensed into new forms. This process when you go all the way with it with enough fire and enough time to condense the new form you then crystalize the new structure in the mind that's fulfilling the area you were influenced by and thus you're now acting from who you really are. THAT is manifestation. THIS is Reality Synthesis. The only metaphysical model of manifestation on earth that tears influencer manifesting theory to pieces, burns it to ash and scatters it in the wind. It's the cold hard facts and nobody can deny that.

I hope you learned something from this. Todays entry was written over like 3 sessions so it seems all over the place but whatever that's how I work here often times. My flow wasn't connected to my head so I couldn't get it all out at once I had to think a little more than usual but that's ok. 

Videos need to be made. I'm being driven to level up the money game further in my personal life and buy another house, one in the country. Don't know and don't care this is what I feel I need and so it must happen. Expect me to rip and tear the influencer manifesting theory to shreds with this deeper understanding. I'll finally present this publicly and I can't wait to utterly embarrass all the people who buy into the standard models. What are they going to do? I'm here to cause contrast it seems, to be the martyr heretic and so that's who I will be without compromise. Give me the sword and I shall slay and hold no mercy because this is my game. Bring it on I'll tear you all to shreds and then some and love every second of it :D


Another entry later in the night. So basically when we imagine something it activates part of us that have positive pressure that will circulate the associated powers within our metaphysical field geometry which will interact and conjugate in certain ways to form higher order substances within us. A condensate. 

I’ve felt this before where I’ve imagined feeling a certain way and it shifts things within me, I can feel the activations unfolding and the power flowing and my entire embodiment shifts in an instant. Not had to be a specific experience but that’s the point it’s that the experience of being this person and having these sensory experiences no matter the sense used it’ll bring coherency oftentimes with divinity and you’ll manifest power from that. You’ll increase Yang in the body, you’ll be more active and lively and vital and feel more abundant and radiant and glowing. You’ll get more hungry as the upper Jiao is warmed and you’ll feel libido surge as the kidneys are warmed. You’ll feel the passion for life as the heart is nourished. This is the point I’m making it’s that specific thoughts that represent to us the reference state we desire that we are at our core it brings coherency to these areas and when we make decisions in this place with the authority of being able to say yes or no to anyone because it’s the decision you want to make means you win. You increase in power and vitality and everything. It just works for you it’s effortless. 


When you’ve got the power within already and you passively imagine something it manifests because you’re integrating a process within your greater process then to play out. You’re creating that experience to unfold from top down but it’s your divine intelligence which projects the information in the seed into the body which manifests as the intuitive impulses you receive and everything related that would naturally drive you to unfolding this manifestation. If it doesn’t involve you as a moving part then it’s the same as it’ll manifest those changes in other people. This is how you change SP, but again it must touch on areas of inner authority or else you’re not being in flow with your path of least resistance and will not feel comfortable manifesting it as you’ll still be making decisions from compromised aspects of consciousness. Things in this case will come and go. You want to change at a baseline level and fully bring your authority to the areas of yourself that are receptive to impressions from other authority and accept that cutting anything off that’s hosing this authority in the hands of others as a necessary part of the process. If you had enough stored Yang you’d WANT to cut off those who don’t serve you and not feel bad for it, it would be natural and a no brained but because you’re overstimulated you can’t make those decisions which is partly why making space is so important. Giving yourself to your core essence and making decisions from that is accepting letting go and flowing with your path of least resistance. Giving authority to be yourself and play out the parts you WANT to express but don’t feel able to is where the manifestations come in big ways that are transcendental. 

Grasp that life has to do with you being yourself as in playing as god. I AM. I am has no authority it only has its desired end. When there’s an outer authority that’s making you feel inadequate to have what you want then your challenge is to accept that you don’t need to be bound to them and reclaim your power. When you reclaim your power which often involves pressure and courage to happen then you will transform and manifest what you want the way you want. Become the authority and the one who has what you need.

The body’s intelligence that drives you unconsciously and others unconsciously comes top down from the lens that’s shared with everyone. I don’t draw my diagram like that but we all share the lens because there’s only one imagination of course but the fact is we all have our own greater consciousness we’re integrated within. That greater consciousness emanates our personal reality as an extension of unified mind. Manifesting something is a top down approach always, but the shifts come THROUGH the body which is why it’s always natural and seems to have a logically traceable process that the normies will use as proof against the phenomena of manifestation. This is the mechanic. Seems complex when you piece it all together and it really is but that’s how it works as it explains it all. 



You have to let go and let the body do it's thing. You have to accept where you're being driven and fulfil that else you'll continue to suffer. Even if from this place we can consciously manifest what we want it doesn't matter because right here and now we're ignoring the call.



This is something I'm writing later in the day again. Getting very slow now so this might be the last entry of page 5.

I think that the whole idea of metaphysic types that we have constitutionally relating to our field geometry being different which is suited to different tasks is important to grasp. When I look at the idea of manifesting people like magic out of thin air and people who are metaphysically illiterate jump on this and think everyone had their own solipsistic reality that has its own rules and all that it makes me cringe. I don't see how there's any magic happening, back when I didn't understand what I do now it seems to be that way and so you think from what you want in the scene and you drop it and wait and see but it's not happening and we think it's never going to come but to be honest that's not the case it's always coming and we're always being driven to fulfil our seeds. The issue is the conscious mind wanting to control. That's the only issue, it's all this idea that you CONTROL your reality with your CONSCIOUS mind that gets people. We ONLY consciously control our reality THROUGH the imagination, else you're screwed. There's then this idea that how can we mess up our manifestations if our conscious mind can't control things? How can we be thrown off track if we're powerless in the moment with the conscious mind? Well the simple fact is that the body is always being driven out of greater consciousness to fulfil the planted seeds but you're consciously going into your imagination and creating all these other outcomes and planting all these other seeds that are contrasting BECAUSE you've yet to either recognise your divinity and know it's done or because you're still being driven by the feelings in the body and not accepting intuitive impulse. Most of the time it's because you're not paying attention to your body and you're being driven by fantasy.

So if negative thoughts manifest only because we're contrastive experiences that prove to us we're not able to be ourselves because of X reason and the body stores that in the unconscious mind as aversion to that concept causing us to experience that and thus manifest continued experiences out of that then the fulfilment of it would be to become comfortable and allow the body to do what it wants to do. That's the EXPERIENCE of being in that place. What's the imagination got to do with fulfilling conditions then? The conditions come from those areas we're open to receiving it from, and those likely have archetypal representation in one area. When we become aware of the theme and principles involved in that and make decisions that we want to be making in the world and in our imagination as though it were in the world based on the theme that's limited then we are in flow with divinity and the path of least resistance we have for we cannot make the body move outside of how divine process guides it to through the monopole. Grasp that fundamentally all the solutions to your problems is to accept that which you are and allow yourself to BECOME it FULLY and UNCOMPROMISIINGLY and with those areas that are not who you really are to fulfil them in essence of who you are, experience those themes from the core self and establish a line of comfort as well as logic and experience to anchor that proof in as the basis for that fulfilment. 

Now what does this have to do with attracting your SP? Everything. So when you're proportionate to greater consciousness and you're understanding your method of approach to reality and how to make decisions that suits your archetype then you have peace of mind knowing you cannot make any incorrect decisions. The decisions we make determine our experiences, so if we can refine how we approach decision making which leads to proof of assumption then we can refine the quality and contents of the lens of projection. This then means you've got clear consciousness on that level and the person who you're attracted to can become attracted to you as your archetypal relationship to them has changed. Imagination works as the inverse potential manifesting THROUGH the body and thus the mind observes and forms assumptions out of that and further makes decisions from this proof perpetually until it becomes aware of resistance. 

It's simply a matter of applying this inverse potential imaginal sense to basically create a navigation map for the world to follow as all the people and objects and such involved to realise that fulfilment must be shifted if that's how you're aligned. If you're unconsciously playing out limited pathways which represent incompatible archetypes to the manifest reality then it MUST reflect those archetypes, else reality breaks. You see reality doesn't communicate in words or even images or anything of the senses it communicates in an invisible language of field geometry that we interpret as imagery and such. You're being driven by geometric formations the same as everyone else, along information pathways as I termed them last year. You basically shift the patterning you're resonating as and you'll then automatically resonate with a different pathway, but be aware this isn't about whole reality shifting or whatever it's not that it's discreet functions operating all together as one function. You and the other persons bodies that are moved unconsciously to fulfil each others manifestations are guided by this invisible geometry and your conscious mind simply observes like the person playing a game character that's on autopilot. You can only control how the body moves from outside the game, that's what distance and SATS is about and the more subconscious capacity you have at baseline the more you can see the character for what it is. Be aware that the gazing and such aren't the only methods to increase capacity there's MANY ways to do it, it's just the principle at play.

Now I also want to speak on signals. When you're a child and you're not overstimulated with the world and stuff yet and you've got a healthy dopamine system and kidney fire then you're able to perceive these bodily sensations to a greater degree and make decisions from them. The only issue is that when you're a child you allow your mind to often control your decisions your body WANTS to make in order to seek approval from your parents and this will likely happen in the areas you're open to conditioning from. This is where you start to waver from your inner authority and making your own decisions, you compromise on that and fit in. This is the basis of suffering and is how we can work to reverse our suffering also.

The ability for us to become sensitive to our bodily sensations that are representing the signals for our authority to act the way we WANT to that we're being driven to by greater consciousness as our path of least resistance is the way we reclaim our lost authority that we always had as children that guides us through life with healthy boundaries and everything we're lacking. We're just becoming more of us that we compromised on, that we have lost touch with because we're so overstimulated. Most of the signals for most people (66% of people) is a very powerful bodily drive and pull almost to act when the opportunity arises to respond to a situation. It manifests in us more powerfully and more consciously when we're more sensitive to it and this comes through dopamine fasting primarily as this neurotransmitter is partly the manifestation of circulating yang in the body raising from the kidney meridian into the liver around the sacral that's the storehouse of the catalytic yin component in the blood which we experience as intuitive impulse. Tapping into this feeling will drive most to making correct decisions. You'll WANT to because it feels right but when you're numb to your own guidance mechanism then you'll never get the clue and your head will do all the work from an incorrect place of what it wants here and now vs what's being communicated from greater consciousness coming from those imaginal seeds that's going to unfold perfectly.

This explains a lot more and in an upcoming video I'm going to focus on this practise as another very important part of the process to do along with gazing. Cultivating bodily awareness and fasting from the world not in a denial of the senses way but unnecessary pleasures that dull the fire and thus the catalytic components that act as your guidance system.

So my formula goes as follows.

- Cultivate space consciously to raise distance from corporeal being. This is more of a function of detachment from corporeal perspective and not so much circumstances and such.

- Cultivate bodily awareness and sensory sensitivity. This is to bring you higher order ability to make correct decisions which arise out of intuitive impulse from greater consciousness to guide you to the fulfilment of your desires. This is required for us to manifest things that involve big changes physically and I'm going to argue that it's this sensitivity that allows US to be in the right places at the right time and such to make this happen because we will NEED to if we have that sensitivity and the conscious mind isn't in the way. This is a big part of why I believe children can manifest easier, it's not just the conditioning but also that they've got more yang circulating in them which catalyses substance to form these impulses to act on an unconscious level and to surrender almost instinctually as part of who they are. It's the experience of normalised feeling. THIS is that. How incredible. It's not a mental thing it's a bodily sensitivity. 

- Making decisions out of correct authority. This is about you being you. BEING you. That's the real essence of how we anchor in fulfilment and experience the complete circuit where the body is moving according to the imaginal experience unconsciously from correct assumptions and identification without the conscious mind taking control.

What more is there to factor in?

NG failed to explain the importance of the body and it's role in manifestation as it's how we experience the unfolding of divine process within us. It's the vehicle that divine process is made manifest and yet he tells us it's all conscious. It's conscious to the point of planting seeds but the body must be driven and we must be able to make decisions from self vs conditioning to unfold these guidance calls we're receiving. Just because a seed is planted doesn't mean it's going to manifest if we're not being driven to that. Someone with zero energy within them cannot manifest what they want. The people who manifest spontaneous healings let go of the past and that circulated either qi or blood from root yang, it almost always goes back to freeing up metaphysical stagnations of yang and qi in the blood so that we experience proportionate connection to greater consciousness THROUGH the body.

I don't know what more to say. This is likely the end of page 5.



Quick note.

Your design is the corporeal character your consciousness has been assigned to play by greater consciousness. Resistance to this causes suffering, Boom.

People in this community seem to miss that NG spoke about how we've all been assigned a role to play, as in themes and areas of experience so to say. You cannot become anyone, not at least in the absolute sense, because everyone has constitutional makeup and since everything is integrated within greater processes it's literally impossible for you not to be driven into a specific direction. Your driving force basically represents your areas of experience that you continue to return to and the denial of these sensations you get to BE is denial of your divinity. Manifestation works within the container of this, why would it not? 

Why are we born in a world where we have to take out the trash and drive cars and fly planes instead of teleport? Why do we live in the world we live in? If everything experienced is all in the mind, which it's not obviously there's a fundamental framework that operates above us that we exist within, then we would be able to change this wouldn't we? What's with time delay? All these things LOA cannot explain with the complete mental model require explanation. Reality Synthesis provides this framework on a metaphysical level.

Basically the very point I'm trying to make here is that we're driven by something greater than us, at least on the conscious corporeal level. We're driven by a pre-determined role that greater process has assigned for us to play and it doesn't matter if we like it or not, no matter how you frame it the only way to explain how things work is with this framework. There's a point of reference you continue to return to over and over and that is this role, that's the point of comparison that CAUSES resistance when in resistance to it, else how could you possible even experience resistance at all? How could you experience fulfilment without a relative proportionate process to integrate within and experience? There must be process within process for reality to exist, and the monopolar process that has no yin to yang cyclic formation drives the procession of yin and yang, it GENERATES yin and yang out of inverse potential. It IS process in it's most pure form having no polarity to cycle but is the generative substance by which it's very existence necessitates the emanation of yin and yang, hence the interaction of the two on all levels we experience. 

We are a unique filter for greater consciousness to be scattered in unique ways for the return of unique testimony. This testimony is how consciousness changes over time as it integrates new metaphysics into it's field geometry. Without greater consciousness driving the themes that are presented before consciousness on the corporeal level then there cannot be an interaction of these metaphysics in the complete sense that we re as simulacrums. This corporeal experience is required for this to occur but the bodily Yin based substantive principle consciousness rides in on to have a dynamic basis for each iteration of emanation. The substance of the lens changes each time to reflect these themes. You could almost say these themes of exploration are made manifest AS the body and it's design so it's a required part of consciousness for greater process to unfold it's purpose and that we are the building blocks of that as processes integrated and experiencing it as it on the level of our experience because ultimately it's all just metaphysic.



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I've had many insights I've wanted to speak about here during my time in my studies but I've been unable to go over them here. It's profound. I'm going to make page 6 now because this is way too slow and my pc sounds like a jet engine.


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