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The original Reality Synthesis manifestation coaching

Aetheraeon notebook 6

Aetheraeon Notebook 6

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So basically I want to discuss further on the mechanics of manifesting from the perspective of yin yang interactions and the guidance of greater process or consciousness.

So in essence we have the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is where we want to be driven because it's all automatic. NG doesn't say this but it can be assumed what he means, he basically says that when we imagine and we plant seeds we're going to be driven by the unconscious mind (What he calls the subconscious mind wrongly) in order to fulfil these experiences and shifts in our beliefs and such. Approaching manifestation purely from this aspect of belief shifting using various methods is the issue, it just doesn't work in all cases. What I've truly realised through experiences I've been attuning to over the last few weeks is that we require Yang just as much as yin, we require fire and passion and vitality and all these things. It seems like a "limiting belief" but it's not because it's the foundational principle that governs essentially everything imaginable. 

The most effective way to break resistance is to push it out of you with more pressure. Pressure is what we need no matter what method we use, be it the Dawkins sit with it and circulate the sensation or other, it's all touching on this idea that yin is being catalysed by yang and this creates pressure which circulates the charges and such. When the charges are circulating then there's a refining element as they undergo transformation within us as an alchemical process, hardened crystallised substances break down and dissolve over time. The thing we need to grasp is that dissolving resistance isn't a function of will but of surrender as it almost always involves letting go of conditioning that's not us that's preventing us from being ourselves which IS the experience of us being in proportionate procession to greater consciousness. 

What's amazing though is that you can explain the origins of resistance as the simple nature of field geometry disproportionate interactions between two elements in reality and this works in literally every level imaginable. This means that resistance can be defined as essentially anything that's not divinely aligned to your process that's proportionate to your path of least resistance and so in simple terms the way we dissolve resistance is to let go and be ourselves. The pressure is the letting go aspect but with power, yang, circulating current to catalyse yin and break down disproportionate pathways then we automatically unfold the alchemical process required for us to become clean. You don't need to repeat things to yourself to try and "reprogram" your mind or whatever trash these people tell you is the way to manifest. It's simply what is self and to accept and be that in all ways without compromise. The less you compromise on making decisions according to self then the more you win because you're going to reach the satisfaction you're desiring out of that as there's no resistance to experience from this place. This doesn't mean challenges won't arise it means needless suffering due to limited beliefs and such warping your experience of reality. 

It's as simple as this. Truly. This whole thing about planting seeds and all that as far as I'm concerned comes naturally anyway from being in this place. You'll experience the right sequence of events as to drive your thought processes to align to what's desired anyway. This gets to the core of things and that's to just BE. Be self without compromise and by us allowing ourselves to dissolve into that we dissolve the resistance accordingly by letting go of all that's not. 

I really don't like saying this because I am terming myself a manifestation coach, really I'm a metaphysician but for simple terms sake, I've concluded that manifestation as we understand it doesn't exist. The phenomena of conscious creation doesn't exist at all it's a complete joke to think we can consciously have free will to control anything in this reality. That's not to disempower or whatever or to deny the phenomena of this, I'm saying that the IDEA of it, the way we've been taught, is wrong. We cannot consciously manifest anything for all we do to manifest SPs for example is to drop all that is not self anyway. We almost all have to refine the sense of self to make them show up the way we want, and even if they don't someone else will come in to fit the role we desire anyway. The point is all this money and SP and even objects and all that comes automatically when we let go anyway which IS the natural course of events we should be living regardless. It's ALL a test of are we compromising or not? If we be ourselves without compromise you'd never ever even need to think about conscious manifestation or whatever by planting imaginal seeds to make things happen and such. I'm not saying that isn't a thing that you can do but the idea that the imaginal experiences drive everything is silly because it doesn't. When you're against the path of least resistance manifestation doesn't work does it? It can but in a very limited way that'll once again show up in the way you've always had it with the patterns and such that show up hence my point that conscious manifesting is ultimately a silly idea that needs to get lost as very very few are even in a position to apply that.

Ultimately all the conscious manifestations you have ALWAYS come from peeling back layers within you anyway and letting go of stuff that's not self, hence my point once again that it's all just alignment to greater process that manifests what was already predetermined for us regardless. You desire because it's there to fulfil your role you've been set to play. Manifestation is simply the phenomena of you getting into character. This isn't to say you can't "manifest" stuff even in resistance and everything like that because you can and will as you have but the themes will always end up limited and causing suffering. Do you get the point of what I'm trying to say now. Manifestation is a function of being yourself and accepting and surrendering to that and basically completely giving up your free will. This is detachment but understand that surrendering isn't a specific feeling of surrender and limitation or whatever you're assuming it's simply to be that which is, the role. Surrender to the role you're assigned and that means you have ALL the thoughts and feelings that come with that role, whatever it is. You accept this role completely and play it the best you can for that's your pathway of least resistance that's been determined by greater consciousness.

Literally everything I understand about the mechanics of reality that I've been teaching this whole time is about process and proportionality as the basis. When we are proportionate to greater process we cannot suffer for that is the basis by which power becomes manifest. It's the only way to be, to BE. To EXPERIENCE! We experience in the imagination to replicate those experiences in reality. I had a client today who told me they revised a scene with their SP and when they spoke days later the SP completely forgot about a past event as though it never happened. These experiences will be the so called proof that supporters of this idea that you've all the free will to determine your own reality will use against my idea but the fact is this is only more proof against their position. Why is this? It's because he let go of that which is not and accepted more of what he is by doing this revision. No matter how you look at it the movement was towards higher order. The manifestation was effectively pre-determined as it was an experience that was resultant from becoming more self, the subject of the experience manifested in such a way that it was natural for both parties involved and this is the obvious way that the mechanics of reality work. There was no conscious deliberate creation, it was acceptance of self. Then you'll see the people who say that they said something casually to themselves and that showed up. For example someone says "I haven't heard from XXXXX person in a while" and they get contact non stop for weeks just from that passive thought. Is this not conscious creation? Often times you'll find these thoughts that arise come out of nowhere, seemingly from an unconscious part of them that just had the impulse. Once again this was the guidance of intuitive impulse leaning into the bodily intelligence to align you to the thematic representation of that with the words as to where the feeling of that (the experience of being on a proportionate pathway) confirmed that experience at baseline considering it was unconsciously arising out of coherency generated over a few weeks of creating space. 

So then there's the people who script random things in the morning like me. I have had many things I scripted show up within hours oftentimes if it's simple things, many by the end of the day even if they're big. This is a function of comfort more than anything. You basically can't manifest anything that you're not comfortable with else it'll reflect the uncomfortable feeling that's going to remind you of your resistance to self. Do you see the themes? It's almost as though the idea of conscious creation arises out of nothing more than being on your path and that from this place then some conscious manipulations can start happening as you apply yourself in the inverse field potential to manipulate others who have open areas of influence which you drive them through to show up the way you want but again this is literally impossible if you're holding on because the quality of your field geometry will run up against theirs in a disproportionate manner and reflect this interaction in your experience. It's field geometry dynamics and doesn't even really involve any magic it's that you're influencing the open areas of conditioning someone is available to receive or that by imagining them being with you or whatever you're getting onto their direction of propagation mutually and they just show up as a player in your relaity as to further your process as greater consciousness requires us to be with certain people for various experiences to unfold for us and them. Why them? Because they're basically the pre-determined archetypal manifestation of the themes you're attracted to that's different from who you are, else you'd not be attracted. This difference is what is attractive, magnets attract from opposite poles and same poles repulse. Think of this like manifesting people, if your field geometry is whacked and filled with resistance you'll feel the magnets running into each other but it's going to feel repulsed and it won't be fun.


I'm at a point now where I can basically completely explain manifestation without ever needing anything NG said to validate this idea. It's to be honest nonsense and I've always known this way back in like 2021 when I was developing the basic principles of this. I see manifesting as a function of us becoming more proportionate. The experiences that arise out of it serve our process BECAUSE we experience letting go of that which is disproportionate and thus the quality of your field geometry and direction of propagation relative to greater process becomes proportionate. How can it be any other way. It gives you a sense of detachment knowing this is the way because being you is all there is. Everything else will align. It's like with generators in HD, when you respond you win. The idea of waiting for response comes automatically by you playing out the life you desire. If you compromise on that and supplement the life you want to live with manifesting technique's you're not letting go and you're not fulfilling your process and thus you cannot ever manifest what you want the way you want as there's still attachment and holding on. Holding on is a function of resisting your path of least resistance and if you did so you'd flow with intuitive impulse naturally and in this place you'd not need anything because you'd effectively be applying your circuitry and feel fulfilled in those experiences. You'd be circulating yang coherently and resistance would break down automatically from this process playing out naturally as it should. A client told me that when they started shamelessly acting on their passions the SP showed up, not perfectly but they showed up for the first time in ages after just a few days. They didn't have baseline elevation from this but in the moment they experienced flow. Detachment IS flowing with intuitive impulse because you're circulating your energy coherently and all the neuroscience stuff can be explained with this too even from a TCM perspective by increasing minister fire and such. There's almost no case that can be made for the idea of imaginal experiences create reality.

I'm feeling I'm coming to a place where I'm suppose to go in for the killing blow on law of assumption and truly destroy it like I said I would a year ago. I've done the work to explain how all these things work and have real case studies to go from. No matter how you slice it the experiences we have with consciously manifesting things, including objects and such, they're all coming from being more you than before, hence my point. It's impossible to manifest what you want if you're attached to it and attachment is resistance and resistance is disproportionality to greater process. You see? This is the fact. How to you drop limiting beliefs that haunt you? You become the person who never had them. Revision, the experience of applying a seeming temporal shift to past experiences only exists to further your coherency with divinity. All revision does is correct decisions in the past which led you down roads of compromise. Understand that it almost always comes down to compromise, you experienced trauma which was someone breaking your expected boundaries and basically forcing you to compromise on your genuine expression which impressed you with conditioning factors. You're only dissolving this feeling of the need to compromise with revision based on these past experiences. There's also the idea that hearing someone say something different without any target on traumas or whatever resistance within that's compromise based that manifests in what they say. Well yes that's one that doesn't involve a transformation of self with past resistance but likely would involve a shift in expectation in the moment of experience from the bodily intelligence. The receptive field you're putting out in this place from integrating that experience becomes testimony as I've said and ultimately testimony has archetypal representation in the world as words and images and such. Manifesting someone say something from this standpoint comes from an open nature in the area of communication that experience likely shifted in your bodily intelligence, and likely fulfilled part of your archetype that's proportionate to greater process relating to communication or whatever it touched on to manifest the fulfilment of this shift. What's the underlying principles being used here to further this, what's the smaller process within a greater process? It's like the idea of the end and how that implies all these other events to unfold. Well that's the same idea here, it's that you're being driven to experience these principle archetypes that you've affinity for and by imagining this which you likely would've naturally anyway would've done if you're on your path as I've experienced these spontaneous moments of thought that manifests too. It's that this experience is fulfilling a part of your path and they're just someone who's used as part of that experience, just like a piece of music or art would but playing a more discreet and active role in your life. 

There's more elaboration I want to make but it's late. Least to say manifesting always must involve metaphysical alchemical processes playing out on various levels to unfold. The phenomena of manifestation cannot be denied which is why I studied it to begin with as these stories I get from clients about magic happening only confirm to me this is very real but the idea that it's all magic is silly and can be explained with metaphysical alchemical processes if we understand the basic framework surrounding the nature of reality. The only thing I stand with is that the lens of reality that we integrate testimony on to cast shadows into the world through from the source of emanation of greater consciousness is the thing we work with but that the words we tell ourselves don't have the influence on that level. Real incantation and magick in occult systems always involves the interaction of processes within us to catalyse reactions. Why would manifestation as in making people saying certain things to us we imagined be any different from that? Just because it's more on a personal experiential level doesn't make it different and beyond the principles of reality. Humans and such are just more complex systems but ultimately we're just the same as anything else, we just have more within us that drives us which gives us a greater experience of reality on this level so if alchemy works in the lab the same way it works in the imagination then why are we saying that our mind manifests changes like magic? There's no difference, it's just that metaphysically illiterate people who don't get it speak on things they don't understand. I don't blame them, they're playing their part they're suppose to play even if they're wrong. My theme of exploration is to find flaws in others work and be the heretic to point out how things actually do work like here with Reality Synthesis being the worlds first valid model of manifestation from a metaphysical and alchemical nature. I've heard every interpretation of manifestation out there that exists, truly every one of them and I really mean that no matter how hidden it might seem I can see through it because I see the principles in everything. I'm not bound by one system because I see beyond the system, I see why the system exists in the grand scheme of things and the archetypes at play with the people involved. I see reality as a series of principles interacting and that we're collections of these processes formed into a higher order construct as a simulacrum of these principles. If this explains everything then why would the phenomena of manifestation be any different?

My work is done.



I had a wonderful idea in my mind in the night but it was too late to get up and type it out. Too bad. Pretty much I just wanna speak in the significance of conserving and using your conscious components of yin and Yang effectively. Yang seems to be the thing that really matters for most considering dampness patterns are significantly more common than dry patterns. The metaphysic is clear here where increasing the fire for life will yield more results in accessing flow and such. Most of us are almost dead in comparison. You see when you’ve got circulating qi and Yang and blood (yin jing substance) then you’re almost like a child again with infinite energy to do whatever and not feel compromised in how you can express yourself. This is the goal, to feel the passion for life enough to not even care about compromising. If this is what the metaphysic of someone who’s coherency to self is greater then this is what we should be cultivating.



What if imagination to "create" reality is nothing more than a tool for alignment to the self. WHAT IF IT'S ONLY TO SHIFT THE FRACTAL LINES! This clears up the whole solipsistic idea of anyone can be anyone and have anything that the proponents of LOA push which is complete and utter trash and needs to get lost for good. I'm going to prove that wrong here today. I have literally hundreds of hours of lectures to go through still and this already makes such sense to me it's crazy.

So the premise is this. This idea comes from both experience in the practical sense as well as theory on a metaphysical level. There's so many parts to this I can't even begin to describe. I don't have the throat connected once again so we'll see how this comes out. I can feel the root pressure though it's very intense.

What if manifestation as we know it is nothing more than the shifting of "lines" as Ra calls them. As far as I know this isn't about time"lines" or realities or whatever it's the arrangement that the inverse web of wyrd to use a norse myth term in this sense is applying to change the trajectory of everyone else on that line. It's all about decision making, right. Fulfilling conditions, conditioning likely is the better word to use instead of conditions. Conditioning leading to conditions, but conditioning away from core self is what that's referring to, it's going from disproportionality to proportionality. The idea here is that we're just rearranging the metaphysic of our being (the pattern on the lens of relaity) in order to in a relative sense become more or less proportionate to greater consciousness and that each of these patterns contain a metaphysic that archetypally represents the manifestation of various experience which will either confirm or deny our proportionality based on how we're feeling. It's a balancing of principles that is communicated to us through our experience and in that whether or not we are proportionate to divine pathways depending on if we're experiencing frustration and such or not on a consistent basis.

The overarching idea is that EVERYTHING is the experience of metaphysical archetypal principles playing out through alchemical processes AS our experience on these various levels. I'm trying to find words to describe this whole idea but just take away the senses and imagine a reality where everything existed as principles alone without manifestation in the sensory degree. These metaphysics take form a compounded and proportionally integrated processes which is the basis of what we experience as consciousness. The design crystals circulate and pickup personality crystals when the carrier is capable of having that experience. Remember I said ages ago that your consciousness was a consubstantial product of multiple alchemical components of relaity coming together into one proportionate process, that's the same idea here except it involves the formulation of design crystals (bions) coming together in chains (lines) that are following the procession of a monopolar field which constructs the quality of the surrounding field geometry known as the "aura". It's the resultant negative ion field that's existent around the monopole and the type that someone is represents this relationship between the bions arrangement and the monopole which ultimately drives and determines how the chains of bions (design crystals) are arranged. I don't know this for sure as Ra has not spoken on this that I'm aware of yet but I'm assuming that since he says that single cells have their own design crystals and that we're comprised of these cells that exist within a greater process we're comprised of an uncountable number of design crystals all operating as one process. 

This is the basis of reality, process within process and that all of these processes are driven by the monopole which is the inverse "inside out" reality in a sense that's driving how the arrangement of all of the - charge design crystals arrange to act as the field balancing composition which effectively then determines how the + charge bions themselves chain together to form the "surrounding" field geometries. Now I said bions before were yin but that's what I do believe that the actual design crystals themselves are. Bions are + charge as was outlined by Wilhelm Reich but there must be an internal negentropic origin that would have the design crystal yin component within to hold together the expressive yang. Bions are in expression yang, although less so as they've been seen to have blue to turquoise glow. So in this sense we can say that if this composition is the basis for the 9 center human experience as a microcosm of reality as a whole then it must be that what's representative outside must reflect what's inside. Our authority arises out of the field interactions that the monopole drives so again ultimately it's all the program expressing as the monopole's influence over yin and yang principles in reality that drives it all.

Now when we imagine and we're in a trance state from doing gazing we've distanced from corporeal being, meaning we're less associated in the conscious seeming objective of the bodily senses reality and more in the subjective imaginal senses that's more internally driven, more IN the monopole you could say. You've drawn the conscious mind into the monopole in a sense in doing this, although I don't know if that's how it is but it would make sense considering we're becoming still and accepting the pull more. There could be an effect on the "size" of the aura in this place but again I don't know. Either way when imagining we must at least to a degree have shifted our corporeal experience into the subjective and in this place the body will of course respond which is what the whole brainwave states thing is about that the neuroscience buffs love to say explains LOA but of course it doesn't because it's a resultant process of fundamental metaphysical processes playing out. The point, it's that we're influencing the direction of propagation we're on when we imagine a scene from the monopole level that puts us on the path where others are on. We "target" them with the feeling sense. This explains why you don't need positive connotation with the affirmations to manifest intended outcomes. The idea that this experience of the "feeling" or what I almost want to call the "targeting" sense is what's driving the line you take as the direction of propagation that's also often resonant to the lines others take too. These lines or pathways you could refer to them as too exist fundamentally as almost pathways made up on metaphysical aspects which comprise the base principles that push out as the representative manifest experiences that are associated to that line or pathway. 

I hope that makes sense. It's that when we're manifesting it's that we're rearranging the filter of our mind which in turn automatically adjusts the "linking" which we have with archetypically related lines that seem to be infinite in existence. This is what I believe a state is that NG speak of. The context I speak of is the experience of being on these lines, as in our relationship with the same essential concepts (principles) change. This also has to do with the circulation of yin and yang in our body, but that's a lower level aspect of this that's not influencing directly the line we're on as that's the representative baseline which other factors such as emotional states and such just modulate slightly and adjust but cannot really completely "jump" pathways and lines. It's more a function of our ability to more consciously be aware of what's changed in our bodily reactions to the sensations presented on this pathway which thus gives us the ability to make decisions accordingly either correspondent to divine proportionality or not. So this means that manifestation and decision making both go hand in hand in essence, they both influence the metaphysic that we play as and the lines we experience but remember that these lines exist outside of our ability to create. I should say it's actually our experience that creates but it's an interferometric interaction that's reliant on all the surrounding field geometry we interact with to drive that greater procession and seeming creative act according to how all the processes that make it up are bring driven by monopole. Crazy to think about, putting this in words is a challenge it seems.

What I need is better diagrams. My ultimate point is this though. Manifestation is simply a function of not a thing that replicates experiences like it seems to be but that it's a function of the rearrangement of metaphysical structure of our lens which in turn represents the pathway we're driven along which will also have others riding in on this too as the pathway isn't a personal thing it's an objective external thing that's greater than us. It's the process that we're being driven by basically and that imaginal acts adjust our position in greater process to correspond to the experiences desired not through the experience of the senses but through the metaphysical correspondence that these experiences represent as the senses in the point of impression. I'm not sure completely if there's a phase conjugate interaction from this as usually these involve the force opening of the imaginal senses that's out of our control but it could be.

So the centers that are open in our graph are represent the parts of us that we're dissolving resistance through which then others latch in on to come in and utilise in their process THROUGH us in that sense then. It's that the arrangement of our metaphysic then brings association to the open and now refined aspect of our consciousness which others then unconsciously will be driven to play out their programming based on. It's that as we dissolve conditioning we shift the pathways we're on because now our position relative to greater process has become more proportionate and the people who are in the place to reflect the changes in our field geometry in the open areas now can come in and fulfil those pars of us that others will need to play for our experiences that greater process is driving us towards. Like the whole idea is that manifestation is alignment processing through using the imagination as conditioning fulfilment which adjusts the direction of propagation we experience to align things from those decisions we made in the mind under pressure as it's influencing through the monopole that then drives how the body responds to result in us and the parties involved to unfold proportionally what greater process is needing of all involved. 

Manifestation is an alignment phenomena. That's really the essence here. It works both ways, with alignment and misalignment but the basis is that manifestations that lead to fulfilment are the ones that are coming from decisions out of the self and not based on conditioning. Manifesting things can actually result from conditioning, as in someone who feels the need to be a billionaire or something who is coming at this from a disproportionate way will suffer through the process of "manifesting" all that money and they'll be seen as a pro manifestor or whatever they're seen as from that when in reality they've been going way off track to please someone else based on the conditioning they received and accepted. Manifesting in this sense is again all about decision making and the relative alignment of our field geometries on a principle metaphysical level which drives the experiences we have and if that alignment represents the experience of money and power and having the perfect SP and all that that's coming out of a need to be someone you're not then you can and likely will manifest that (depending on how on your other parts of your path you're on) but that doesn't mean it's going to be fulfilling. Manifesting once again is the alignment process, what are you involved in? What are you principally representing in your life and are you making decisions from proportionate interactions to greater process or not because no matter what you do or don't have it must feel right or else you're going to suffer. 

Manifestation as we understand it doesn't exist. Specific object manifesting can be explained this same way too as they're comprised of bions too and seeming miracle healings that often come don't come from thinking they come from freeing up conditioning. I knew a real exorcist and he told me that in order for seeming demons (disproportionate dwarves to use a Norse myth term) to be cast out the person needed to in their being break the conditioning and that of course then shifted their baseline arrangement of metaphysical principles which opened them up to receiving the people and places and circumstances along the line they're been in resistance to by holding onto that conditioning. It's all the same thing, it's a function of alignment to greater process. All of it works this way, we can see it in so so many ways that seemingly have nothing to do with affirming or visualising from any end state of fulfilment. Everyone who preaches end end end end end is METAPHSYCIALLY ILLITERATE to a degree I cannot even describe. The end is predetermined as the desires you want come from greater process and are inherent to your designs drives. If it feels good it's the signal you're on track, else not. There are soooooo many examples of people who manifest positive outcomes without ever having had "planted' positive end seeds in imaginal acts, why? It's constitutional and is built into you. You can't change that ever it's impossible because that's WHO YOU ARE! You're just disowning the conditioning and owning more of your path of least resistance that already exists within you, the feeling and the targeting sense is one way for you to align to that and is in essence making a decision even if it's in limited pressure and transformation. The idea that you need to feel the way you would in the end is correct but it's not subjective it's objective it's about FEELING WHO YOU'RE CONSTITUTIONALLY DRIVEN TO BE! It's about just getting into who you are, getting your conscious conditioning out of the way and dying completely and existing in proportion to that greater process REGARDLESS of how it feels on an emotional level or the contents of the imaginal scene with the 5 senses. You could imagine something totally unrelated and it'll still push out accordingly but the point is that everything imagined will represent what's desired anyway because those desired experienced are driven by monopole and design that you're accepting as the conscious mind and imagining for. You're the passenger consciousness that's giving up it's free will and dying to the drives of greater process. That's the experience of imaginal acts to manifest things. 

If it worked the way they say then it wouldn't matter about anything outside of purely imagining the end scene and it'll push out no matter what right? it's done. The reason why it's done is because it's already done, it's constitutional and you can't change that hence it's done. It's not even about the seeds planted being done it's that you already exist in greater process and the "done-ness" so to say is the fact that you're already being driven to fulfil greater process regardless. NG failed to explain this whole idea. Again as far as I'm concerned manifesting things doesn't exist it's a function of alignment and anyone who has no idea about "conscious creation" and such would automatically imagine these things and have intuitively driven thoughts come into their mind that seemingly manifest things anyway. I've heard from SOOOO many people that the thoughts that arose in their minds came out of doing gazing or being in flow with their affinities and all the desired feelings and stuff came automatically from being themselves. DO YOU GET IT MANIFESTING DOESN'T EXIST! IT'S LONG DEAD AND BURIED!


I can't even describe the profound nature of what was just stated. I just refuted a multi likely billion dollar industry from this whole "manifesting" idea. The reason it doesn't work for everyone is because they're holding onto conditioning that's not aligned to their core essence and that dropping it, meaning uncompromisingly being themselves which involves making decisions under pressure which proves the reality of their experience which is what shifts the metaphysic of their being and thus the alignment they have to greater process and the pathways accordingly that others can tune into and resonate with in order to fulfil the path they're on as we're all integrated within greater process and are driven by monopole through the body. This is why people will just seemingly magically move in the ways required without consciously doing it it's all automatic because it's coming THROUGH them, through their body and that the conscious mind is simply riding along. This is what "you are the technique" means. 

Manifestation is a by phenomenal product of alignment to greater process in a proportionate manner. It's not something you do by planting seeds or whatever the seeds simply represent the metaphysical composition of your field geometry on a constitutional level AND on a conditioning level that you've taken in from the world and accepted as self. Revising is nothing more than once again making decisions according to these resistive layers from self vs not self. It's all the same thing, it's just a burn off effect that purifies us. It's all alchemy, we burn away that which is not in order to reveal that which is. The law of assumption is dead and I will be the one who buries for good and reveals the trickery that we've all been played under all this time. Nobody else is designed for this but me. I don't know what more I need to go into but it seems the insights just continue to show up so I'm going to continue on this path writing more in the notebook here as I learn and when I'm ready then the video will be made.




I’ve had more insights. As expected. When we manifest changes in people for example which I’ve recently experienced again it often doesn’t come out of manifesting the change for them specifically it comes out of you detaching from them in the way desired and the only way you really do this is by dropping the conditioning and making decisions according to your core essence . They’ll say it was seeds planted but I don’t see that, I see this as detachment phenomena as you’ll find pretty much every time whenever someone forgets about the SP they show up. This explains the idea of setting and forgetting or dropping the seed. I always knew that “dropping the seed” as they say IS being yourself without compromise. Well if you’re not thinking and needing the SP over the day and you’re playing out your path of least resistance and making decisions from your design then you’re automatically getting on the pathway you’re suppose to be on and in doing so you’re dropping conditions and conditioning to align and so the metaphysic of your being changes relative to the SP so they’ll now see you differently as their interactions with you is under different principles. You see? You don’t ever need to imagine for them to be a certain way it happens automatically anyway, it’s all built into your path you’re suppose to experience these things simply by the nature of you being you. We’re not designed to live in our heads thinking and imagining all day, and the dropping seed idea IS being you anyway so regardless of how you look at it it works the way I’m saying anyway because it’s most natural as all things should be.

Manifestation is a function of alignment process. Period. I’ve explained it all. 

Detachment, pendulums, importance, all this stuff it all comes automatically from making correct decisions. SATS (imaginal experiences under trance state) as I said in a comment like 2 months ago is a function of internal alchemy. SATS is a purification method not anything else we do SATS to be placed under pressure from an expanded spatial state and this is us simulating the experience and decision we’d make anyway to drop conditioning and effectively detach. This is once again why the contents of the imaginal scene doesn’t always match, it can but it doesn’t have to what matters is the flow with greater process and the fulfilment of the function that experience had in yours and greater consciousness and the consciousness in all involved. That’s it.

You'll be able to drop somatic sensations that are visceral by making the decisions you know you need to make. When you start to cultivate sacral power and higher order substances and fire to catalyse that substance you’ll be able to dissolve somatic sensations through this internal alchemical process which is the same as doing SATS scenes or whatever as it’s all alchemy anyway. Just cultivating the fire will drive you more by the body it’ll make the visceral sensations more prominent but you’ll also be able to “power through them” so to say from that place without having to try because the catalytic potential exists as it does already.

This is the function of reducing sensory stimulus too. Sensory capacity is a function of increased Yang, internal space is a function of increased yin. Fasting from the pleasures of the world cultivates Yang and by overlapping the conscious and the unconscious mind in gazing for example you’re creating space and yin or substance which Yang can catalyse. Understand that people who often “get lucky” are ones who have more of this Yang usually but that also require yin else you manifest an empty pattern of disharmony which is drying and destructive. We need the balance of both princess couples for without substance to catalyse there cannot be circulation of QI to rearrange structure representing the field geometries and patterns in the lens of reality. 

I’m done. It’s time to spend some time with my SP.  I love her so much.



I've had some very interesting experiences lately that raise questions. One for example would be about a thought I had about a problem my desk has, and not even 3 days later that problem is solved without me ever thinking about it. Seed planting? If that's the case how come I thought of it not from an end. I thought of the solution very briefly in my head and dismissed it as not going to work but apparently it did. If this manifesting thing is about embodying some end state from fulfilment and testimony then how did this work? This experience among many others refutes the idea of needing an end that's fulfilling. We can see this experience from multiple angles.

So you could interpret this from the standard NG perspective of seed planting and dropping resulting in related experiences arising out of this. The thing is the mechanics of this have never been revealed outside of "ways and means we know not of" which is an ignorant cop out to say that he doesn't know how. There's a bible quote that's very similar if I remember too that he could be basing this phrasing from but in essence he has no idea how the mechanics of this work. The issue with this is that it doesn't work most of the time for the things we desire and the reason why is because our sense of self is whacked related to it. 

The way I see it is that it works like this. There's the lens itself which has inherent principles which manifest the related experiences that are constitutional and unchangeable and can only morph over the period of you being yourself and then there's the conditioning which is the overlay on top of that. We manifest all the time from the structure of the lens as in we experience the principles associated with the composition of the lens but then there's also the open areas we're receptive to that we're receiving as conditioning from the world around us and that we falsely assume is us. NG missed this completely taking it all as self when in truth it's not all self there's only ONE self, from the corporeal perspective that is. There's one correct mix of principles that comprise your proportionate connection to greater process that's unchanging and if your conditioning from the world is comprising some of these areas you believe are what you actually hold within your core essence and you walk those paths they'll ALWAYS result in unsatisfying experiences even if you're actually receiving the thing desired. This is the point, the point is how correct your response in reality is according to who you really are. 

The issue that people have is they see the idea that there's one god and one imagination (the monopole) from the perspective of they can be anyone and have anything but that's never ever how anything has worked in reality on any level. This may sound disempowering which is likely why it's not a popular idea as people like to feel inspired but it's just not the mechanics of how it works and anyone who's actually spent significant time testing this will know that. Just because you're experiencing things out of conditioning doesn't mean you're consciously making those things happen either, hence this idea that it's all conscious creation is also a silly notion. Until we can understand who we really are and tap into intuitive impulse and accept what we're being driven towards as us and that being us is providing those around us what they actually need for their processes to be furthered too then we win as we're correctly influencing the people around us to then be more authentic in their expression which is the experience of natural striving towards higher order. The best thing about this is that you don't need to consciously think of any of it because it's all coming from your unconscious mind and that planting seeds comes naturally without input or logical thought about what is desired. I only say to map your mind in order to see the common themes that show up which gives you a good idea of what is vs what is not you.

The function of the conscious mind is to share their subjective experience. Nothing more. It's not a decision making tool it's what experiences the pre-determined path. When we use thee conscious mind to try and craft our own path we waver from that which is actually satisfying in the pursuit of pleasing the conditioning and the influence of culture surrounding us, or just the people we associate with. The more genuine you are the more successful you actually become because this metric is the only real value in a sense that exists. Actual satisfaction. If actual satisfaction to you is having just a few friends and sharing your stories of cave exploring with them and making a simple earning talking about your ideas on the stars or whatever then you're satisfied so long as this is what your body is giving you intuitive impulse to experience. When intuitive impulse is the ONLY measure of sensation we use to determine how we make decisions in the world and in the imagination then we win.

Some forms of music reminds us of parts of ourselves we almost forget are within us. It's like music activates lines between hanging gates or something and brings connection between parts of our disconnected consciousness. This is technically not us but it reveals things about us that we don't normally view.

Desire is a form of contrast, contrast to divinity in our correct process. Desire isn’t fed to us and desire isn’t satiated in imagination it’s a function of correct arrangement to the already existing flow.

Theres so much I want to speak about but I just can’t get it out currently. It’s mostly about the basis of everything I’m taking about and that is that we manifest principles into our experiences.

So much more to talk about I don't have time for today.



This is a very early morning post. I’ve woken up and had a certain feeling of dominance wash over me carried over from last night. It’s interesting to feel like this really. 

So what I want to speak on is more about the cultivation of Yang and qi and physical vitality along with material wealth. These things are directly related but not in the way you’d think. Being in proportionality with greater process is what manifests automatically for us. SATS and imaginal scenes allow us to make decisions that affect our direction of propagation if it’s targeting the correct principles of consciousness we’ve affinity for. Understand that just because you can set your trajectory to input certain principles of reality into your lens doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to experience those for unless your BODY has a proportionate connection with that then you’re going to suffer. The mind knows not what it wants and will get in the way more often than not. Creating space and allowing the body to speak as a byproduct of an increase in baseline Yang will grant your mind the correct direction of propagation to follow. There is a necessity to accept this direction as the only direction that should be taken and worked with and that everything the mind wants when we drop it magic starts to happen. 

What I just said is that when we become more sensitive to the sensations the body is giving us as an effect of both cultivating space and sensory energy per say (yang) then we’re actually able to DROP the “seed” which is the end that already exists we have affinity for. I hope that just sunk in. Dropping and detaching more often than not results in the right people showing up at the right times and the right places WITHOUT conscious input for those directions and “seeds” we “manifest” already existed as the unfolding of our field geometry naturally. It was pre-determined in essence and that we got out of our own way by taking the conscious mind and “drowning it out” with sensation from the body so that it’s influence has next to no effect. We want to negate the conscious mind so that we can be true in our direction of propagation on an unconscious level and be driven towards our path of least resistance we’ve natural affinity for. It’s the conditioning that arises from the open receptive areas we’re constitutionally bound to but those open areas don’t influence someone who’s recognised that their decisions don’t have to be made from that BECAUSE their bodily sensations arising on the unconscious level will intuitively drive them to act in the ways they need to for things to manifest in favourable ways because it’s then them being correct in their alignment to surrounding field geometry which enables this seeming magic to unfold. Nothing that is “manifested” from the conscious mind and what it thinks the best direction for things to go is going to work for every party involved long term for the conscious mind cannot tap into the field geometry that the unconscious mind can and is driven by at baseline. We must become more sensitive to these sensations and learn to flow with them uncompromisingly. That is being yourself so the out compromise because that IS YOU! 

The body is you is it not? I’m not talking about your appearance or whatever I’m talking about the arrangement of your field geometries that exist constitutionally. The point here in this one is that detachment is what more often than not results in “manifestation” as we know and experience it and it comes without conscious input. The phenomena is that we imagine a scenario with implication of the result but that doesn’t always happen as the implication would appear to the mind. This is an inconsistency not just I know exists from experience but many clients in fact manifested things through implication that doesn’t have meaning for the result to happen the way it did. MANY of them are like this and if the so called law as we’ve been told works on implication then these experiences would break the so called law. What does this mean? It means the mechanics of so called manifesting are different from what people like NG spoke about. He taught heavily watered down alignment process. SATS is a tool of purification not a tool to “push out” experiences. There’s no proof that the things we imagine in their implication always externalise the way that implication would mean. This to me presents the idea that the function of the imagination is to being a more proportionate arrangement to our pattern by making virtual decisions which changes the structure of our lens and thus the direction of our propagation relative to greater process to be proportionate more so. 

What I’m trying to say here is that the seeming manifestations we experience arise out of either conditioning from what we’ve taken in from the world as self that’s forming the patterns on the lens that aren’t proportionate to our particular direction of propagation and resonant principles that comprise our constitutional field geometries or it’s either arising out of the core substrate of our being that has automatically aligned principles that will drive us towards our fulfilment and the fulfilment of our function in greater process. These imaginal acts we go into though more often than not require an increase in sensitivity to our own authority response which comes out of increased Yang and space. Again you’ll feel more you and the imaginal experience is really nothing more than you living the reality of the experience that implies you made the correct decision, or not. It works both ways you see because imagining yourself making decisions that are against your core essence introduces expectancy to conform to that outcome vs your actual drive from the unconscious. Imagining what we desire vs what we’re being driven to fulfil by greater process are 2 very different approaches to this whole idea of manifesting and I believe that through experience and theoretical understanding of this phenomena that we’re always going to end up back at the crossroads or compromise on making the decision we’re suppose to make but denied because the conscious mind thought it knew better and that what it desired was more important when truth be told that imaginal experience only pulled you further way from your purity. 

NG doesn’t speak on this much when he should he should’ve spoken on this more. He spoke about how we all have roles to play in the act but then goes on to say we can appropriate any state. This is utter ignorance of the divine process at play and completely misses the function of what reality is as a whole. We have a constitutional makeup that cannot be changed, it’s the one thing that isn’t mutable it’s fixed for it is the salt and the salt is a fixed principle. The sulphur is both fixed and mutable because it’s interaction with the mind speaks of this and represents the subconscious mind which of course is fixed and mutable because it’s comprised of the constitutional makeup as the lens itself and then the conditioning from the mind on top of that as the patterns that cast the shadows. 

We’re supposed to manifest what we’re proportionate to not what the conscious mind and it’s conditioning desires for that comes and goes but who we are under it is fixed. Modern manifesting that’s been taught is so dumbed down from these principles it misses the point entirely. We’re not manifesting anything because it’s not us that’s doing it it’s what we’ve taken upon us in the world that’s not who we are constitutionally that’s comprising that field geometry which results in these experiences then it’s that we’re off track and in resistance. Resistance isn’t just negative stuff but anything that’s not according to the direction of propagation you’ve affinity for. This means the desires of the conscious mind and it’s conditioning needs to be dissolved and that’s the thing that makes people adverse to this idea and yet they’re helplessly unable to avoid this fact. The only thing that matters is your relationship with grater process which is driving your body and that you as the conscious mind either accepts this or denies it. Denying your path of least resistance results in suffering, if not now then in the future. Realty isn’t built out of assumptions for those assumptions are comprised of the fundamental field geometries that archetypally represent the experiences we have meaning that the principles we’ve affinity for when correctly aligned to through the body and it’s decisions without expectation from the conscious mind results in automatic abundance arising out of that. 

People who don’t get what I just said will think I mean we don’t have influence over reality or whatever. I never said that, I said that we’re influencing reality but that it doesn’t mean it’s correct for us or anyone else. There is either proportionality or disproportionality. The idea that we can become anyone and have anything is utter ignorance. We can but that doesn’t mean we’re designed for that. You’ll bounce around with this identity because it’s being compared to the always existing path of least resistance that’s surfacing and it’ll constantly remind you of lack because you’re not being you you’re being someone who you were conditioned to become from the world that’s not what you’re desired to experience and express. Understand that you’re a piece of reality and that your literal experience of life IS the reality. Your conscious experience of what us unconsciously expressing through the mind is what leads to higher order substance and real transformation. It’s when the conscious mind without expectation filters the correct direction of experience that it expands the capacity of reality as a whole for that’s the very function of your existence as who you are. Nobody can deny that. We exist AS the reality we are the body of the universe and if we operate incorrectly relative to our function in the body of reality then we’re going to suffer because the body will then reject us in essence. It’s about playing your part in the composition of reality as whole and that we all have unique parts to play in that. When we waver from the part we’re driven to play then we suffer because it’s an inbuilt mechanism to guide us towards what’s proportionate so that we can make correct decisions and fulfil our function. By fulfilling our functions we will automatically show up at the right places with the right people at the right times unconsciously because that’s where our body is driven without input from the conscious mind and this is real manifestation. 

Manifestation isn’t about making things happen because if it’s not correct you’re only harming yourself and others around you accordingly. It’s about making the correct decisions according to greater process regardless of if your conscious mind desires it or not. It would feel good though on a consistent basis and you’d have affinity and pull towards those things because they’d be unconsciously driving you which is why I say to work with pathways as they’ll reveal these things. From here burn everything that is not self without mercy and purify your substance. Become pure and beautiful in your expression of life in this world. 

Being correct is proportionate and negentropic. In TCM we talk about the correct ratios of yin and Yang and the circulation of these principles and all that but these are just another level of expression of correctness. If we’re correct then we’re negentropic as proportionally we’re accepting in self and in essence this is the expression of automatic self arrangement and organisation that we experience in all forms of life in reality. This self arrangement and organisation brings us into order with exactly what we need on the principle level to be that expression we’re designed for and no conscious imaginal input is required because it’s all implied in the principles as the field geometries you experience for that is the only true language of reality that exists. When you’re proportionate you’re correctly aligned in the geometry sense and everything that’s principally involved in that arrangement will “manifest” into your experience as a byproduct and not a cause. We’ve been taught that manifesting is the cause but it’s still the effect and the conscious thought level is one aspect of experience that represents these principle field geometries that actually are the cause when filtered under greater process. This fully explains manifestation. The elements that comprise our lens of perception comprise our experience but that which is not us which we experience isn’t causing our world for we take than upon us from the world as not who we are and assume that we are that when we are not which is the grand delusion we’ve all been taught from metaphysically illiterate fools claiming to know the nature of reality. I’m here to set that straight, that’s my function in this reality and I live it without compromise no matter how it looks.

I hope you understand now what so called manifesting is and why it isn’t really a thing now. The only thing that we can create is us, the only thing we can experience is us. All the so called manifestations that unfold that represent the absorption of principles from someone else and their integration as patterns on the lens isn’t manifesting it’s disproportionately that’s assumed to be making magic happen. It’s that you’ve taken upon yourself the arrangement that’s not for you because you’re open and receptive in these areas that aren’t principally you which means that you’ll experience those things as the limiting beliefs and all that as a result of this openness that is constitutionally defined meaning all the stuff you’re supposedly manifesting either positive or negative is actually just the acceptance of conditioning from the world around you that the conscious mind believes is itself and that it’s having influence through when in reality is disharmonious and causing entropic change to your circuit. You’re either purified and self on all levels or you’re carrying not self that you’re receptive to taking on as self falsely because the conscious mind believes whatever it’s presented. Your conscious mind cannot influence the direction of propagation you’ve constitutionally set and thus proving that you cannot become anyone or anything because the point of comparison for what feels right and not is set in stone and driven by greater process as the body itself you’re a part of.

We either play our part or we suffer. It’s that simple. Manifestation works unconsciously as a function of being correct meaning without any conscious input or seeming control through imagining implied experiences thinking that imagination creates falsely you’re only causing your direction of propagation to waver from what’s proportionate and thus building attachments to things in the world you believe bring you satisfaction when as you’ll experience that’s not the case as they unfold. All of the correct experiences will unfold for you better than anything you could ever imagine consciously by being correct on your path. You won’t need to revise for all that last stuff will dissolve by the nature of your correct decisions.




I'm coming to see that many of the psychological processes that cause us to have warped sense of self are inherent to our field geometries, as in we're very likely to go through these negative experiences as we become more wise about ourselves because that's the constitutional makeup of the lens itself and how we're seeing things and how others see us hence the experiences we have. Many times it's that people suffer because it's their nature and not because of other people, other people are only there to mediate these themes in their lives but it works both ways of course no one person suffers alone.



So what I want to present is the idea that what runs through our head corresponds to unique experiences according to the primary themes we're experiencing and sharing, the role we're playing basically. We cannot ever change the themes we explore but we can adjust the means within those themes. That's the level of "free will" we have. Manifestation works to that degree, no more and no less. We're all automatically driven this way anyway.


Here's the thing I want to say that'll make this whole thing make sense. If you ask any truly successful person over the last century they'll likely tell you that it was serious trial and error or that it was a real struggle and they'd never want to go through it again or the ones who do say they learned a lot from their failures and all that. You'll find this theme showing up regularly. The idea that it's all smooth sailing is utter nonsense, nobody on earth no matter how clean their assumptions are will ALWAYS go through trials which only begs the question when is enough enough? When has the work been done for us to be complete? Why is it that seeming assumptions continue to arise that challenge us? Well what if I told you that it's not these so called assumptions that manifest the outcomes but that it's part of your nature to see things from this perspective so that you can share a unique insight about something, like I'm doing now. It's that the process itself is our basis in assumption that builds our experience and thus our testimony. This idea that it's a one and done seed planting thing that'll change everything is utter nonsense nobody on earth no matter the success story in the moment will have clean consistent reliable shifts in their experience based on that seed. They WILL continue to face challenges and I do not care in the slightest what level someone is on because it's the process itself that leads to insights.

I'll guarantee you that a vast majority of the so called success stories out there don't last very long. This is the point, it's the process of learning through experience that leads us to insights which we internally learn from and can then have that shared to others for that to inspire them to change. It's the process within process idea. We all have roles to play in a pre-determined end to the play. The end already exists, the seeds are already planted. Your ability to navigate this seemingly with manifesting to change your path is not going to last long if it does because that's likely a direction that your mind wants you to go on for fulfilment vs what your insight is suppose to be through where the body is driving you unconsciously at a foundational level. Understand that many of us aren't suppose to experience fulfilment in the here and now because that's not how we learn and share our message. This ultimately comes down to following your intuitive impulses and accepting them for what they are regardless of what the expectations are around you to compromise on them that leads you to success in your own eyes and automatically manifest the right things to comprise that fulfilment but they likely don't involve any conscious imaginal seed planting to have show up because again just like the part of the process that involves challenge the proportionate benefits that are built in to you that you do truly desire automatically show up accordingly too. Manifestation thinks it can manipulate this inbuilt process and bypass natural order of greater process unfolding THROUGH us which is the reason I say manifestation as we understand it as a phenomena really doesn't exist because that's just a function of you wavering from your process. You'll manifest positive seeming outcomes but give it some time and you'll dip again and the reason why is because you're denying your greater process and intuitive impulse and being driven by conditioning from the outside world that you're receptive to taking in and internalising as self. This is why what NG taught is flawed because he doesn't provide a substrate for which we can understand ourselves on a constitutional level which always was and always will be a part of who we are regardless of our assumptions. Those parts of us GENERATE our baseline assumptions and determines the themes we explore in life and thus how those play off others forming our experiences as children.

If we control it all then how do children manifest things they have no conception of like disease? This utter nonsense I knew years ago never worked, I tried to make a model that supported the solipsistic idea that denies that we're being influenced by processes greater than us but it just doesn't work it's always going to result in peaking and dipping no matter what you do because it's you not being you.

When you can do pathway work and understand the parts of you that are always consistent EVEN IF they're seemingly causing suffering and such to yourself or others reframe them through the lens of ownership and take them as self, that's only if there's no charge associated to them that's reminding you of how you cannot be you. If this part of you feels like you but that's not leading to favourable outcomes then sometimes it can be a part of your themeic experience that you've been disowning and thus this actually good trait you've got to see things in specific ways others can't is run away from when it's actually who you are and when owning that things in your reality align for you as that's really what you're exploring. 

This idea flies in the face of what NG speaks on but I don't care I've completely refuted these ideas and explored them through and through and found no higher order metaphysical or alchemical significance. NG doesn't really teach that we can be anyone or have anything, he's never really said that in the absolute sense anyway it's always under the context of more specifically owning yourself and I believe that the real interpretation of the bible and NG is more so about owning yourself. I see this as the only valid teaching that exists and that "knowing yourself" as they say is more about OWNING yourself completely. I can speak from experience and you can too if you look at your past that many many manifestations unfolded when you forgot about them and simply played out the life you wanted. They'll say this is because you're dropping the seed and yet there's also people who repetitively affirm and still get what they want living actively in their minds? These experiences contrast each other and both miss the point. What if it's not about dropping seeds as it's called but a function of simply being yourself without compromise regardless of the internal mental activity. To go a step further what if these experiences were going to unfold regardless of what's going in in the mental realm from "dropping" the seed anyway by being themselves in the world the way they desired and thus accordingly seemingly manifested outcomes that represented the imagined experience. There's WAYYYYYY more people out there who manifest these coincidental experiences without imagining them because that's not the causal mechanism the causal mechanism is the correct alignment through correctly mediating your field geometries through the world by the way you interact with reality and the decisions you make and the patience you have to see things for what they are and all that I talk about in creating space. It's all warped from what really is. If the so called law was so powerful then everyone who imagines the outcome desired would get it right? Why is it so hard to manifest specific things for many? We've been told it's because of limiting beliefs but again relative to what? What's the frame of reference? The frame of reference is the correct self that we've been conditioned to override and deny in favour of what the mind wants. Dropping the desire means taking the authority from the mind into the body and how it's being driven by greater process and such which IS dropping the so called seed which again is already determined by the constitutional makeup and the themes that correspond to the experiences we have and explore as the mechanism to learn and share and thus BUILD the reality itself as we comprise it.

The idea that we cause it all denies all this divine process. Can't you see that? You don't make any of the stuff happen in the world you don't think about and yet it still unfolds. Why are we born into the world we're born into? NG could never explain that and nobody in the LOA community has an answer that works and the reason why is because LOA doesn't work. It's wrong. If I've not made that clear here I don't know what else to say. Just because the phenomena exists as it does doesn't mean that's all there is to it. I do not deny the phenomena nor do I deny it's systematic application in getting specific results in making specific experiences like SP's show up or money show up but that's not the point the point is under what function are we being mediated by these experiences and what are we learning from this? The thing is more often than not it requires a shift in sense of self to even make the SP or the money show up anyway, it's not a matter of techniques or whatever all that stuff is inherent to your process being proportionate to greater process which is yet again another point I'm making that it's not about what runs through your head but that if what runs through your head brings you closer to making correct decisions as how intuitive impulse is driving you then all that stuff shows up accordingly without trying. You're not manifesting it it's going to show up anyway we've been marketed this idea that the process of leaving conditioning behind IS manifesting which isn't the case at all it's a function of owning the core field geometries that already exist anyway. So they've taken an inherent function in our consciousness and made it into this mystical idea of how we can make things happen in the world like we control reality or something which is basically what 99% of this community speaks on manifesting ideas as and it's utter nonsense. I'm done with this idea and I'm going to refute it swiftly and efficiently and provide a complete working framework around how and why they're all incorrect about the idea of manifestation and why it's not what they say it is.

This is part of my process, I know that without a doubt now. You have a process you're being driven to experience too you've just not recognised the themes yet and owned them. Your consciousness is a filter for those themes and when you've got conditioning from the world that says you're unable to own them then you'll never "manifest" those outcomes. They'll show up like magic without effort however when you own them. I manifested specific people many times this way but the thing is you need to OWN OWN them for consistent results to show up. Manifesting is a function of being yourself without compromise. Those people ONLY showed up because I owned me, not because I was thinking about them all the time or whatever I tried that and only suffered immensely and made my life worse in almost every aspect because that's not what makes things happen. All I ever got was signs which can be explained with RAS anyway at least on one level. Without an understanding grounded in metaphysical and alchemical processes we'll forever live in delusion about the true nature of reality. It's funny because many figureheads in this world tell us to live in delusion and that delusion is how we manifest things. It's so whacked I hope you can see the sense in this whole thing. Wake up.



We don't all have linear alignment processes either due to how others perceive us. I know so many people for example with image issues and yet still manifest outcomes that are having people tell them they're attractive and all that but they don't feel like that. What's this? The answer is that they've constitutional elements that bring certain experiences regardless of their assumptions because that's how their unconscious mind is organised. In their lives it's all there for them but they don't see it and of course those with this makeup have their own different things to face. It's not a linear alignment process it's highly varied and personalised. Getting over limiting beliefs and feeling safe and secure and comfortable doesn't mean your SP will want you or the money will come it's ONE aspect of the total picture. I know I've said before that when you feel that way then the results will follow and for a lot of people it does including myself in some instances but it's not like that in EVERY case, which means it's now a law else it wouldn't be like this in every case. The fact is it's principles playing off each other and not a discreet assumption that results in the experiences. Assumptions or beliefs or even testimony doesn't explain how someone is born into various scenarios and goes through repeated cycles out of that which aren't based on limited beliefs. There are some seemingly limited beliefs that actually are inherent to who we are and that is a strength because it gives us a critical view of the world so that we can see things others don't in order for us to live our function in creating new solutions others don't even know exist. Do you understand? Everything exists for a function that's both personal and transpersonal. It's a multi faceted process we all live and play out, it's not assumptions push out that's the words of ignorant metaphysically illiterate people who've not got the experience or critical view on the data to see what's beyond the limited experience. 


One of the big things to understand is that when you know that you've got a path of least resistance you can stop trying to be someone and just accept and allow yourself to flow. You can flow with your intuitive impulses because you KNOW it's you and not you trying to change or make anything happen. This is yet again more proof of my point that dropping the seed as it's called IS being yourself without compromise and that acceptance brings faith by default. You see how natural it is? There's no trying no effort no nothing it's just a matter of letting go and being and in so being manifestation unfolds without conscious input. In this case your conscious mind can BE and EXPEREIENCE instead of trying to control as a means to then externalise your experience to others and mediate their processes accordingly. It's that everything you experience comes naturally as it should. LOA teaches us to control through being but who are we being in that case? Are we being someone we desire to be on the conscious conditioning level or are we being self? The point of SATS as I've said is a means of purification and not a means of experiencing things to then make yourself change into someone you're currently not that you desire to be. I get all that but if it's not naturally arising out of you that you're intuitively driven towards fulfilling by the nature of your constitutional design then you're being someone you're not out of your conditioning from the world and this is denial of the acceptance of being who you really are. That's why you can't "manifest" because it's a function of being you and SATS is the means to realise that self through the experience of being that. Revision is this too, being yourself in imagination in past experiences is the way you get to alter how others perceive you as you're now fulfilling the open areas and making decisions you'd otherwise make out of that conditioning which means others pick up on that you're not playing into their conditioning anymore and so change without any shift in so called assumptions it can all be explained with field geometry interactions as was my original theory 3 years ago.

We've had it all wrong since the start. Manifesting stuff doesn't exist.

We are alchemical beings that transform and change from one form to another, it's built into our existence and on that level if one thing is true on one level it's true on all other levels meaning that reality itself is constantly transforming and we ARE the ones who comprise reality and thus mediate it through us accepting our true nature.



It seems I've found the solution.

I want you to see everythiing I've said through the perspective of attaining your  own authority and ability to be yourself without compromises for anyone else.

My keyboard is broken..

Who controls your decisions? Who drives you out of your inituitive impulses?



Well it looks like I’m doing another early morning post. The language here still needs refining but I’ve felt into again familiar sensations. 

Understanding this whole feeling sense thing I’ve spoken about in the past from the perspective of being self and accepting our path of least resistance is interesting. I just first want to speak more on what I mean by the pre determined path as I believe people are missing what I’m saying due to language mishaps.

So you’ve got constitutionally defined archetypal properties that comprise the basis of your unconscious mind and these determine what you’re always having affinity for even if you deny it. There’s always this pull and this pull towards these directions you’ve affinity for arise out of these inbuilt definitions of the fundamental principles that exist within us all. There’s 64 trigrams on the I Ching which represent the procession of consciousness through all the themes that can exist within our being. We are either defined in these areas or we are open and receptive to others definition which fills in our blank spaces so to say. I’ve spoken on this forever as the basis here that we’re driven by metaphysical principles and not thoughts as those thoughts are the experienced translation of these principles and their geometries in our consciousness. The simple thing here is that we are either a source of metaphysical experience or we are open to receiving influence from others who have source in areas we are not defined and thus we take on what they project as self falsely because we are only what we have definition and supply in. Wherever we don’t have supply arising from greater consciousness represents the metaphysical themes were bound to influence by on the mental level specifically. We cannot “fill” those in with definition for its in our very foundational structure on the unconscious level built into our being that actually makes us who we really are because the moment we’re born that’s what we’re going to play out and by we I mean the conscious Yang aspect.

There’s the yin and the Yang, a dualistic experience of consciousness but they seemingly operate as one thing in our awareness. When you do the gazing you’re distancing the lower yin and the Yang so that you can see what’s really going on in your field geometry which is all that really exists. All these experiences we have relating to thought exists purely on a geometry level but describing this is very challenging without images. We basically have angles of reception and deflection within us that drives us in a sense and moves us through streams of information I call information pathways that’s purely existent as aetheric perturbance of either an expanding or contracting nature which describes if we receive these archetypes that are flowing through us or not which we then translate as conscious experiences of thought like words or images or whatever. The words and images don’t have fundamental meaning it’s their metaphysical themeic meaning that is the language of reality so imagining scenes to make things seemingly manifest or whatever word best describes this phenomena is only shifting the alignment of the receptive and defined geometries of our consciousness to shift our experience. I want to make it abundantly clear that the very foundation of consciousness is not the things our conscious mind experiences but the geometries underlying their translation into our consciousness. When we see that as the basis we can understand why we think what we do because our thoughts arise out of this foundation, it’s the only true reality here our translation of these field geometry interactions that happen on an inverse potential (energy source and electromagnetic influence) relationship with seeming material reality that’s the cause of our unconscious drives and perceptions of the world without our input. We are always emanating definition in specific themes and we are driven to then present the experiences of that to those who are receptive to us in order to act as vehicles of communication for these geometries they’re not a source of themselves to influence them in those ways. We become a source for other people just as they are a source for us where we are undefined and open to reception of principles we don’t hold in supply ourselves and this represents the themes we taken upon ourselves that are programming and false identification. 

With this basis established as the driving force for our experience of reality we can see how we are influenced and are influencing the world around us accordingly. We are only designed to filter consciousness through our lens of perception with specific themes, we can’t experience all the themes because we’d then cease to have a function in reality as a process mediating information between other processes which is what all things are. Process proportionality interferometry fractality. These principles drive everything and describe the rules metaphysical processes work through. We can observe this on all levels and isn’t a subjective thing. Our consciousness being a simulacrum therefore must reflect these principles else the principles are not principles and there would be no order or structure. The proponents that say we influence everything cannot demonstrate that nor how or why. They’ll ignorantly say it’s imagination as NG says that makes everything but yet they still live in a human body bound by physics and still age and die. This question of mortality should prove to you that the idea that you influence it all isn’t a function of the mind and imagination because nobody who has proven real age reversal imagined it, even if that’s their perception of it. It came out of them being themselves correctly and or them doing higher level alchemical work.

Many people who think that manifestation e any and all mechanics in reality will think what I’m saying is heretical to this community. These people think they make the rules and mechanics and yet they’re still bound by them in their experience. Everything you can possibly conceive in your imagination has archetypal association and has geometric properties which filter information in specific ways to result in the direction of propagation you’re on. You don’t change the composition of your being in any way it’s set in stone. Your conscious mind can think it has that influence and you’ll likely experience things accordingly but that doesn’t mean you’re altering the very mechanics of reality itself. Nobody can because we’re a simulacrum of that. To think you influence ALL of it is utter ignorance and NG as far as I know never taught this. He said all things are possible to god (imagination as a purifying process not a creative process) and so people take this and think it means literally that. The bible is an alchemical text just like the rest, it’s not special though it’s one of the deepest when it comes to metaphysical and allegorical significance. It’s told in a way modern minds don’t understand because it was written by different people quite literally they had different filters on their consciousness than we do and so interpret these archetypal metaphysical principles differently.

Here’s one. If we could manifest anything why do we not see people out there with super powers? Plenty of people watch these shows and imagine themselves in these experiences and yet the only ones who I know that have demonstrated this stuff are ones who don’t have anything to do with manifesting as we understand it. They worked with the principles to manifest their power. It came as a result of mediating greater processes proportionally it didn’t come from thinking about and imagining having powers. If NG by saying all things as possible to god means that literally (which he doesn’t) superhuman ability is possible then how come nobody has demonstration of this? I know people who have presented bi-location and people who have presented telekinetic ability and pyromancer ability (I was one who experienced this) and even super speed which I had 2 moments of myself but it never ever came out of me from consciously doing anything. Powers of this like happen spontaneously and cannot effectively be controlled because it’s coming through you as you’re aligned correctly to receiving it. You’re not causing it it’s flowing through you you’re just a vehicle to process and translate that information through your consciousness. The bi-location thing can be explained and I believe that my previous interpretation of the idea of conscious and deliberate seeming manifestation was off. 

This is the balance. The phenomena of conscious seeming manifestation is again a function of alignment process as I said before and explained but as I said before that there’s influence through the monopole, or inverse potential for lack of a better term to describe this idea. Grasp once again that everything imaginable operates through filtering information through your lens of perception and that what is receptive influences differently to that which is fixed. There are fixed principles that exist within us as defined consciousness but there’s also mutable and cardinal and these are areas that aren’t defined as self and are influenced by the information received around us. 

Understand that when we seemingly manifest we are influencing others open areas and considering basically everyone out three is operating from conditioning received and not caused of course anyone can seemingly manifest anything regardless of if it’s coming out of their definition or not because you’re influencing other people all the time the same as they’re influencing you. Do you understand that imaginal acts simply provide us an interface with the monopolar reality that is what drives the unconscious mind of us and everyone else? Notice how others seemingly magically forget things when you revise something sometimes? This isn’t you shifting into another reality nor is it changing their definition because thats fixed but what’s happening is you’re influencing their openness in thematic representation to the experience you’re targeting. The imagination is the interface we have to manipulate the principles on an inverse potential level and this drives others and us where we’re open in different ways. You’re basically causing them to filter information differently just as you’d cause yourself to do the same. It’s the arrangement of information and what’s being the driving influence that shifts, as NG says to rearrange the mind. He did understand that idea but he didn’t present the mechanics of it likely because he didn’t understand those. He only got that god was imagination, meaning it acted out of inverse potential. The monopolar influence that drives the unconscious mind. You’re pretty much directing someone’s consciousness into different directions by manifesting them this way but it’s ONLY because they’re not aware of their definition that they receive this influence and seem to change. Then this begs the question of what happens if someone else is manifesting a person, as in there’s multiple directions of influence from multiple seeming sources? The standard explanation from LOA is to pass off this mechanic and say everyone has their own reality which is stupid. They don’t know so they use the easiest way to get out of that discussion because it would mean there’s mechanics that go beyond what they say. The fact is if 2 people are focused on influencing one person it will be the one who is correct for that person who gets them. This means whomever has the definition and also openness to influence the person of desire in ways that are going to confirm that persons drives will win. That’s the fact. It’s not really about being more disciplined in your mind or whatever it’s about field geometry interactions as all things are. What else can it be then? If you think it’s something else then explain how and why then? Try it. The only explanation is what’s presented. It’s what’s proportionate that influences because that’s how power manifests but you should understand that the person who’s being themselves correctly will always have greater influence than someone who’s not because they’ll be pure in their lens and not be competing with limited beliefs taken on from the world that’s not in their definition. The person who manifests the SP desired regardless of who’s also targeting them is the one who plays themselves the most. This also brings to question how someone can come and go based on seeming mental activity. I’ve always thought practically speaking from the assumption level that it’s the sense of self but that’s again a measure of coherency with greater process and by being yourself more you’re refining the sense of self. You’ll find that many people who completely drop the desire and live their lives win and get the SP and the truth is that the reason they win is because they’re proportionate in this place and are having a coherent state so to say. They’re holding the greatest influence when they’re flowing with intuitive impulse and all that because that’s the origins of actual power. Your body will drive you guided by greater process arising out of monopolar inverse potential to act in the exact ways needed for the unfolding of the direction set by the archetypal principles and those themes mediating the outcome set. This is dropping seeds. I said ages ago that it’s basically setting a direction by “planting a seed” and that by dropping it we be ourselves and flow with intuitive impulse that arises out of that. This is why it’s automatic and not something we do consciously in the moment when we’re acting around others and such it arises out of the intelligence of the body guided by greater process. 

Now about the predetermined path. This applies on the thematic level. You can experience anything within those themes that you’ve defined constitutionally because that’s your determined preference of experience naturally speaking that you’ll want to experience if you’re clear. That’s the point it’s your natural striving that leads you to this predetermined path it exists within you and that these themes will play out as the desires you have but the thing is what we take in from the world that’s not from those themes that the mind wants but greater process doesn’t is in conflict. Desiring something that isn’t what you actually want and assuming it’s yours that doesn’t touch on the correct themes you’ve defined will mean you cannot experience that in a consistent favourable way. I hope that clears this up. It’s that the path that’s determined for you represents the themes you’re designed to experience from the composition of the lens and by being correct in your expression you’ll automatically align to positive outcomes accordingly. You can manifest anything that you can influence I’ll say instead of anything. Anything that you hold actual influence over based on how these themes show up is your potential. You’ve an embryonic capacity to become that person desired right those are the themes of your character that’s set for you by greater process so this determines HOW those desires for certain people and all that will show up. Remember you’re attracted to people who often aren’t like you which is how you can actually influence them by being yourself. When you’re with someone who’s similar to you in themes and principles then there’s no bridging of connections in the field geometry and it’s not going to feel as “exciting” so to say because of that. The feeling of love literally is this feeling of them bridging the themes you’ve got receptive openness towards that feel different then they’re around you or when you think of them and target them and their signature. Understand that you want them because they’re different and simply because of that they’re compatible with you as they’ll feel you’re exciting too. It’s about field geometry nothing else. You both influence eachother and therefore can manifest that person. People who are seemingly low quality they don’t treat you right who who up when you’re not being yourself again arise out of the conditioned themes you’re identifying with vs who you really are which is why they do what they do. They’re just playing off the themes you’re expressing from false identification and because that’s also not you you’ll feel frustrated and such in yourself so this feeling gets picked up by them and circulated until one blows and it ends. It’s not assumptions those are caused by the field geometry interactions. 

It all comes down to who’s the authority providing your field geometry influence and are you going to accept that influence and compromise on the decisions you want to make. This alone is the thing that manifests. I’ve discovered that you can explain almost all the real lasting changes in experience from this function, it’s returning to your own authority from the fundamental field geometries and how they’re driving you vs the world and its influence on your mind. Anchoring in the correct state and living from that consistently means being your own authority to make those decisions which in effect will bring relief and safety and comfort knowing that you’re in control and that you’re deciding the outcome. That’s all there really is to this, making the correct decisions under your own authority arising out of your intuitive impulses and accepting that even if the mind doesn’t agree we go with the flow whatever that may present before us. This is why too I can sit with bad feelings and comfort myself and have shifts show up without ever even dropping seeds or thinking positively for my outcome but accepting who I was and owning it. That quality of consciousness is the correct alignment of field geometries and the conscious experience of it being either seemingly through positive or negative feelings or even thoughts doesn’t matter because those feelings and thoughts aren’t the factor that results in the transformation but the correct direction of propagation. The direction depends on the decisions you’re making and nothing more. Just because we experience things like signs and stuff that can be explained with RAS (one of the various levels we experience limited disproportionate seeming manifestation and not the cause) because of us filtering information without an influence. You can basically see signs as your field geometry trying to influence when it’s unable to because of the disproportionate resistive pathways that lead to a false sense of self thus making your field geometries scattering in their direction of propagation vs coherency of state. 

Almost every manifestation that does show up arises out of correct identification not mental stimulus. Is this was true it would have to work in every case right? I’ve already explained that faith is a function of experience and testimony and not a willpower kinda thing to make yourself believe something. Willpower can be applied to circulate disproportionate pathways (in the alchemical sense) to dissolve them over the fire. This is why it all works because we’re alchemical metaphysical beings. The daoist master said enlightenment is knowing who you are and that someone who knows themselves and have all their thoughts and all of their feelings and still know themselves, as in what makes them them vs what they’re being influenced by from the world that’s not them and falsely identifying with that. Do you understand now? It’s correct identification that is the experience of proportionate field geometries and that the thoughts and feelings of someone in this coherency of state don’t matter to their manifest reality. Again if it’s the thoughts that run through your head then it would have to be true in every case but it’s not there are just as many examples of manifestations showing up out of seemingly negative states but that those bad feelings were targeting the correct archetypes for transformation and not about being something you’re not on that principle level where everything is manifest.

You become more you and the things you have alignment for at a level that’s constitutional shows up without ever thinking about an end with regards to that desire. If you do think those thoughts will come automatically but those thoughts didn’t manifest it your identification and correct sense of self did because that’s how the field geometries have influence. So you see now right? Why we’ve all been played by this community thinking that it’s the imagination that creates. The imagination can only set a direction of propagation from within the themes you’ve association with fundamentally and everything else is the experience that’s not who you are and needs to be transformed. Again this isn’t saying you can’t experience what you desire but we need to get that if the desire is coming from limited identification and limited authority perception that desire will change as you become more coherent with yourself. As I’ve improved my sense of self over the time desires I once had faded and this is also normal for becoming more of you because as I said it’s built into your field geometry those desires will show up without any conscious input because it’s all unconscious your body knows what your conscious mind needs because it’s guided by greater process. The conscious mind must always receive input through the body, there’s no way for the conscious mind to experience grater process in itself for the interaction of the mercury and the salt are required for consciousness on this level to exist outside of the distanced reality one experiences where they can more detach from their corporeal being with gazing and such. Understand that we’re always being driven by greater process through our body but our need to control and manifest this thing or that thing misses the point, our conscious mind doesn’t have access to the realm of inverse potential but the unconscious mind does and the path we’re likely to walk would be much different from how we intend. This is why dropping the how is important because it’s you flowing with intuitive impulse and being in that identification that brings about these seeming magical outcomes, it’s because the unconscious mind is doing all the work and the only thing the conscious mind did was identify the limitation and dissolve it in that awareness giving the body freedom to do its thing without any conscious input. Get that manifesting is about surrendering to greater process and accepting how you’re being driven. Being your own authority means you know nobody has influence over you, this is the mindset of people like Abdullah and NG, it’s only in knowing yourself and owning it that you can be yourself but that’s arising out of the unconscious mind through the body and it’s sensations. Cultivating greater Yang leads to more awareness of the body and yin more awareness of the sensitivity to that Yang, both coming together to form the dance of life that’s coherent with greater process that the conscious mind simply accepts and goes along for the ride with. Making correct decisions means not compromising on your self and thus accepting the correct field geometries and having the correct influence for how you’re designed on the thematic level to experience in flow and without resistance. That is being yourself without compromise and knowing yourself and having your correct authority. That’s manifesting and it has almost nothing to do with imagination. Imagination is one tool we have to set a direction of propagation for the body to flow. We can manifest anything the body is comfortable with and that will always be interpreted through the metaphysical filter and lens of perception that our unique testimony enables us to experience and thus share with the world accordingly. That’s our function.

When I said I’m going to destroy the law of assumption I meant it. I will explain every single aspect of the phenomena of manifestation so that it’s irrefutable. Reality Synthesis will become the standard model. 

Later in the morning update.

Just had another insight. All the things we have affinity for on a consistent basis that make us feel a certain way, as in the feeling sense the that targeting is the experience of having correct field geometry. 

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The practical explanation of how this all works is still the same as I’ve said. The only thing I’m refining is the theory. Though I want to say that the importance of cultivating more Yang is the thing that will bring about the changes on an unconscious level you need. Yang seems to be the thing most are missing, along with correct direction. An increase in Yang is the catalyst everyone is missing. I’m going to prove that you don’t need imagination to become fulfilled.

Specific manifestation is still a thing as that’s what 90% of my coaching is about but it’s not the point. People use manifesting in place of being themselves without compromise which is the cake that the icing tops off on. I’m pretty much done with the idea that specific manifesting to elevate one’s state out of the gutters is the solution Criss it’s not at all. Any and all lasting change must come from consistent changes in decision making coming from authentic expression of your affinities and archetypes you’re designed to experience. When you own these you win and specific manifesting is the bonus on top of that. Manifestation as I’ve said isn’t really a thing though because without ever imagining outcomes in some end scene you’ll still move towards the direction desired because you’ve affinity for it unconsciously. It’s where you’d go anyway because that’s your potential unfolding as you own yourself, it’s your pre-determined path that already exists within you that you WANT to live. Again the only reason you’re suffering now is because you’re denying that path in favor of the conditioning you believe is self arising out of the conscious mind and not the intuitive impulses the body drives you with. An increase in Yang builds this baseline to more clearly “feel” these sensations which represent the interface sensations that greater consciousness uses to communicate to your your proportionality to greater process and your direction of propagation. 


I just wrote out some extremely detailed notes and it crashes and doesn’t save. Wonderful mobile version is very stable. I know I’m going in the right direction. 

So I’ll explain simply then. You’re driven to be yourself by the sensations in your body. The point of reference that determines the themes you experience is greater process. By making decisions from the intuitive impulses you feel in your body that’s being driven by greater process you automatically manifest outcomes that are favourable and your assumptions and psychological makeup will shift without effort. It will be effortless because that’s arising out of being correct in your metaphysics and the direction of propagation you’re specifically designed for. When you’re on this path of least resistance you’re fulfilling your function in reality and thus have correct expression in the world that then influences others according to your role correctly too. This means you’ll automatically have the right people and the right places and times happen automatically because you’re being driven by your unconscious mind tapped into greater process that other peoples unconscious minds are too and we’re all being mediated by divine proportionality to experience the procession of consciousness in the human experience. Conscious manifestation isn’t required and as far as I’m concerned it’s something that too many people use to avoid being themselves and making those uncomfortable decisions to break the conditioning and accept their own process they exist to experience and unfold. The surrendering to this path of least resistance is all there is to do. Planting seeds is bonus on top. Dropping seeds (that already exist within you) IS flowing with intuitive impulse because if you’re not you’re in resistance to your process and the point of comparison doesn’t change because it’s greater process that’s driving everyone and everything which is why you can’t become anyone or anything it’s a fixed direction but the thing is you’ll WANT to go down that road because you have natural affinity for these parts of you when you’re not blinded by the conditions you’ve accepted from the world as to why you can’t. These conditions represent the negative beliefs that the standard model tells us need to go but trying to make them go away without actually being yourself and building Yang and flowing with intuitive impulse only goes so far and ultimately accepting greater process and flowing is the way any and all resistance is dissolved. Using imaginal scenes can work to a degree but it’ll always drive you to act on the world anyway. We exist physically to live and move and breathe and run and sing and dance and play and laugh and all that stuff we don’t exist to live in our heads. Planting seeds happens naturally out of being yourself and accepting your own authority to make the decisions you want to make that arise out of the body and not the logical mind that thinks it knows what’s best. This is why I say manifesting isn’t really a thing because out of all the success stories I’ve heard from people who actually manifested specific people and money and such most of them came off the back of playing their affinities in the world to some degree and not out of doing imaginal work. The imaginal work builds off the basis of principe existence and established flow it’s not the cause. If it was the cause then everyone who imagines regardless of their position would manifest that outcome but obviously that’s not the case, hence my point. 

This is all based off experience. Years of experience and testing and contemplation. I’ve had so many examples of when I gave up my manifestations showed up. This detachment IS being more correct to your themes. That doesn’t mean it sticks though because you’ll likely go back to conditioning soon after because there’s no stablished foundation but it proves that in the moment manifesting just like specific manifesting arises out of being in flow more so than before and accepting yourself and your authority. That is the experience of detachment, detachment from outcomes is only possible when you’ve dropped the seed which is being you. There’s people who drop seeds while they’re already being themselves which again the imaginal experience is simply you setting the direction of propagation which is an alignment function of the field geometries that then influence reality on the archetypal level making the right people places things and times show up. It’s not consciously decided there’s so many examples of specific things not showing up as imagined but as better or worse and this again is principally related. You just can’t explain the whole LOA model with imaginal acts there’s way too many variables. What NG speaks of just doesn’t work. If it did we’d all get what we want and not need to look for answers. The only reason we’re looking for answers is because we’re suffering and that only arises out of compromise on your path. You see now why I say manifesting isn’t a thing anyone needs to do to get favourable outcomes. You can imagine stuff but again all you’re doing is setting the direction of propagation your field geometries are aligned to which if it’s not correct for your design and it’s what your conscious mind thinks it needs it’ll be rejected and you won’t have outcomes that are ideal. It’s all metaphysical and alchemical. Everything. There is no magic in manifesting it’s all explained here by Reality Synthesis. How else can this phenomena of manifesting work if there’s no structure and order to reality for the whole “law” must have rules and mechanics behind its function else it wouldn’t be a law that we can interface with. See. It’s something that I’m going to demonstrate is not what we’ve been told. The only real way we can consciously and deliberately manifest is simply by setting the direction of propagation that represents where we’re going to explore on the principle level and thus people who are receptive to the inputs you’re providing from your constitutionally defined field geometries will play out their processes and you’ll seem to influence them out of that like magic but it’s not magic it’s all metaphysics and alchemy. People who are metaphysically illiterate claim manifesting is magic. “Ways and means we know not of” NG says. 


It seems my keyboard is dead and I cannot type on my pc still it’s not come back to life like it has before unfortunately so it’s time to replace it. The cable isn’t the issue it’s something else in the logic. Corsair strafe RGB with MX blue switches, the original model, you will be missed for all the notebook entries you helped me write.

Either way I’m on the phone here till I get a replacement board. The phone is way slower for typing but it’s ok. There’s a lot I want to speak about and I understand now why I was once interested in certain topics I’ve not discussed here much in the past. It was me being me and playing my part and wasn’t something to be confused about because it came naturally out of me, especially being ahead of my time almost a decade ago now. I’ll discuss this another time in more details what this is about but it’s actually very important and is part of my process I’ve found out. This is not what my mind desires but what I was unconsciously drawn towards and what I had affinity for because it was part of my process here playing out my existence. The issue before is I was limiting my expression of these processes out of fear and such that I’d be rejected with what I said considering nobody else spoke about this at the time I knew. Now that no longer influences me at all and I in fact welcome it. 

So the point I want to discuss here is about how the assumptions we experience as the thoughts feelings and all this stuff come from our interactions with the world we live in. It’s conditioning to the fullest. This is the thing I really want to hone in on and outline fully so we all understand that assumptions or beliefs aren’t the basis but the themes that those are made represented by are the basis. We don’t experience the themes we experience their contents given our path of least resistance contents of the mind that is used to explore these themes. We aren’t drawn into any specific career for example but that a category of careers can have certain themes behind them that then out environment and what we pick up from that determines how the theme is made manifest. When I spoke of themes in old videos that’s really want I meant and I’ve written about this before too in simple terms but I want to expand on it more here. The idea that we can manifest anything at all is technically true but again it’s an expression of the themes we have affinity for on our constitutional makeup that we cannot ever change because it’s literally the substrate that our consciousness operates on on the conscious level is what determines the general path and themes we experience and express. Internal and external. 

Why does this matter? Because it gives structure and form to the belief and assumption model. It’s not solipsistic like everyone who preaches it’s all assumptions will tell you. They’re so philosophically illiterate too that they’ve no idea how the very assumptions they’re speaking about formed into their beliefs and such in the first place which came from culture and those cultures were collections of metaphysical processes existing within a society and their environment. It’s not fundamental we pick up on what people around us think and take it in as us IF we have affinity for the related themes, otherwise it’ll become conditioning to take us away from our affinities or that we’ll simply reject it and limit its expression out of fears like I experienced. NG was never able to explain why consciousness even works on the assumption level, and yes I know he was saying assumption from the traditional belief level as in “belief that the wish is fulfilled” which was how he defined the “feeling” which is honestly a terrible definition but that’s his words. Again NG taught biblical metaphysics, not alchemy but metaphysics. Anything that’s personifications of principles or related archetypes is metaphysics even though in one of his lectures he denied being labelled as one which tells us about how he identifies and his own themes. He too had specific themes and affinities and he lives his correct life when he came back to his own authority which is for the most part the real function of manifestation, except nobody tells you that. This is what I observed in the phenomena of manifestation as 90%+ of the results came out of following ones intuitive impulses and things flowed without effort. The SATS scenes or scripts or whatever showed up days or weeks later tops after “dropping” the seed but again what if all these things NG defines is nothing more than him playing tricks on us to get us into our authority. Sounds crazy but I mentioned this last year in the notebook too. He wrote in such a way to basically wake people up to themselves, but nobody teaches that. This is why I said the basis of manifesting is being ourself without compromise because it’s essentially a prerequisite for things to start going well again, and that imagining money in your account won’t make it show up because you’re still afraid and compromised of having it. The real fear is that you’re rejecting conditioning that you think you need to hold onto to be who you’ve always wanted to be, as in expressing the themes and their representations that you express them through as part of your process in the world out of fear of rejection. This tribal think or group think idea is the point here. We’ve all been made to fit into boxes and while I say structure is good to understand I don’t mean that in the sense of good or bad I mean that in terms of themes and archetypes. 

So being yourself without compromise means taking your authority back to play our your process you’ve affinity for and to drop the conditions as I’ve said. There’s no more work to do than that, that’s all the conscious mind needs to do and the rest happens through the body. The conscious mind simply needs to recognise the areas of compromise and listen to the decisions the body wants to make and accept them and surrender to where it’s being driven because it’s how the conscious mind experiences the unfolding of so called manifestation anyway, is it not? The body is unconsciously driving you to the fulfilment of your end which you’d always be on if not for the conscious mind trying to drive it out of fears and false conditioning from the world to compromise to stay in the box because it makes you feel uncomfortable. The body holds what the conscious mind inputs, the body has no fear as Ra says it’s all in the mind. We need to understand we experience it through the body because that’s the unconscious storehouse and how the nervous system expresses these disproportionate pathways which are processes we’ve taken on that are not self from the world which cause us to spend our vitality incorrectly for who were designed to be in the themes we’ve to experience and express. Pain only comes out of false identification and so the most important thing underlying the process of actually attaining fearlessness in being yourself and breaking the conditions and such is to have higher Yang and to hear the body drive you through feeling in the visceral sense.

I’ve realised the only (biggest) reason why people have anxiety is because they’ve got next to no Yang circulating they’re all stagnant and swampy and they’re weak and powerless with no passion or vitality or anything like that. They’re weak spineless gutless people who WANT to be themselves but they simply can’t because they can’t hear their true voice. The reason why is because they’re overstimulated by the modern world and specifically I’ll say over sexually stimulated because that’s the primary drain on this vitality. As crude as this sounds the genitals are the “tap” on the bottom of the glass jar that holds our fuel. Whenever you stimulate the senses you’re burning it or in this analogy draining it. That’s the point people are literally empty and I know this for a fact whenever I look at who’s actually living as themselves properly and not just the people who are “successful”. I’m talking about the people who can walk into any building and own the place in an instant (especially generators) who have such intense vitality you can “feel” it, Ra speaks about the motor running poorly vs strongly. When you’re drained you’ve got next to no influence over the field geometries of those around you and for good reason. It’s physics not assumptions, assumptions arise out of sensory expressions of themes that have relationship to our affinities that determines how we feel about them. Hence my equation of concept x sense of self and why it’s almost always sense of self because the circulation of currents in the field geometry is under that area.

People who do affirmations and feel resonance are stimulating themselves and circulating qi through the uprising of Yang as yin jing is catalysed. This is why affirmations and really any conscious imaginary experience that’s stimulating (or not even) is burning subconscious capacity because it’s going to drain the tank and reduce your coherency to grater process as that relies on the alchemical substances of the field geometry to be refined and not destroyed. Visualisation has the same effect too but it all depends on how it makes you feel. When I did 1 affirmation and dropped it and manifested those outcomes it was because I felt the intuitive impulse out of it and flowed it it unconsciously. The conscious mind sets the direction of propagation within the correct themes (or not) and the body then plays it out as it’s driven from top down as the body is the means by which grater process drives your conscious mind to experience what’s present in the affirmation or whatever. This is the ONLY means of conscious manifesting. It must be in affinity with your process else you’ll get signs or limited results that will remind you of the conditioning *because* it comes from that and not from your actual authority of being you without compromise. When you make decisions from who you are, even just living in that mindset means you will magically “manifest” things as I’ve experienced so many times. This isn’t manifesting though it’s the experience of your themes of resonance showing up through the specific sensory processes your culture and environment enables that theme of experience to be experienced. It’s automatic because it’s the mechanics of reality and not that your conscious mind must make every detail of your realty for anything to exist. Saying that is like saying you consciously manifested all the things as an infant you couldn’t even conceive of, and yet you learned it all out of that. You didn’t create it it was already there that you received and integrated as how you’re going to explore the archetypes you’re designed for.

Thats it. This is not to discount that your mind plays a role in formulating new experiences as it can contrast and compare and critique and all that which is part of the alchemical refinement process that we exist here to play out and experience. Refinement IS the point and why we exist to discover new things through the conscious mind. The heretic profile in HD is one of the most transformative because it’s about universalising the learned experience from the earlier lines. This is the point the heretic profile is basically the archetype of the embodiment of transformative experience provided to a collective to be used as an agent to make manifest the pressure gradients between cycles of consciousness. Read that again. We each exist to fulfil certain thematic roles in reality that are represented as stages of procession of the principles of reality into each other and we as conscious beings exist to personify those archetypal principles through lived experience. That is why you exit, natural striving towards higher order works this way just as it always has. 

There will always be a naturally occurring series of events that move us from one stage into the next on the individual and on the collective level alike. Manifestation therefore is the personal level shifting of experience to be more coherent with who you’re supposed to be underlying all the resistance and conditioning you’ve received from the world that makes up the experience of your themes of resonance. The psychological model is one way of interpreting this but it misses the absolute reference frame of process.

Theres so much more I want to talk about but it’s late and I need sleeps. 



My keyboard is fixed thankfully. For now at least. It's done this multiple times before but I've always managed to get it working again.

I recorded 2 hours of theory talk explaining more about manifesting mechanics and greater process and how it works to manifest specific things. Manifesting people is explainable without ever having to touch the idea of what NG speaks on with imagination creates reality or whatever but that it's all field geometry interactions.

There's way too much to talk about now but I'll spend some time talking about the main points.

I want to discuss how specific manifesting is possible because it's the question everyone wants answered. I wonder why? Control. The illusion of control. We don't control our constitutional design and the themes those represent that we experience specific things through. Hear me out here. We manifest specific things under the context of the themes that we're designed for. Why is this? Because there's an absolute frame of reference that determines how we feel about something. If not for greater process none of us would feel a certain way about anything as a seeming "motivating" factor on an unconscious level to drive us towards certain experiences in life which is the point of what NG spoke of as the expansion of consciousness as why we exist here. He literally said "expansion of consciousness", not my words. What this means is that it's an interferometric interaction between the field geometries that have taken from the world specific manifestation conditioning in order to process that through their unique consciousness and output a new result accordingly which then produces a new substance to be passed around and refined. The inner alchemical process works the same on the outside too, if it's true on one level then it must be true on all other levels.

We exist as physical beings to give the solar aspect a point of reference so that comparison can be drawn. Do you get that? If there was no point of comparison that was stable then manifestation as we experience it wouldn't work because we'd be directly influenced to be anyone at any time without stability. Without an absolute frame of reference on a microcosmic level then we'd not have the ability to anchor states unconsciously because that fixed principle of the salt IS that unconscious anchor. It's honestly getting tiring explaining these alchemical principles I've been over and over and over and over them with people who say they've read the notebook but still don't get it. This is why I say that you can't just read and understand it takes YEARS of PROCESSING this information to understand it properly. Without a basis of stability in the yin principle that forms crystallised substances which are arranged through the conscious experience of then we'd not have any stability in relaity. Those who say we influence it all must be able to explain why we are born into a world where we experience things we cannot conceive of as infants and such and not just manifesting people saying things and such. That can all be explained without ever touching LOA theory but when we get into explaining for example objects changing then that's a different story. Having people forget things is another interesting one I've had clients tell me about when I've told them to revise things and the result was that the person completely forgot about something. We've been told that this isn't a possibility but it's happened to not just me but others too. The issue is that the people who aren't even aware of what metaphysics and alchemy is speak on these experiences from the perspective of LOA as their explanation only say that out of ignorance because it's easy and convenient to silence anyone who says otherwise. This is the problem we face is demonstrating to all on this fence why the LOA basket isn't a valid explanation or model and provide a simple and easy to understand solution. Simply explaining these things however is a serious challenge.

Why is LOA so popular? Because it's the most simple explanation for the phenomena. That's it. Does that invalidate it? No. If someone cannot provide a complete explanation on a technical basis as to how and why then LOA stands above the rest which is what RS seeks to complete. The challenge of explaining the ins and outs however in language and constructs that are understandable is the issue.

Manifesting people can be explained with this.

Yang increases your "glow" that people unconsciously experience when they interact with someone. It makes them literally more magnetic, especially generators. The way this is cultivated is by correctly spending your vitality, yang Jing. Your physical appearance and health will reflect this. The next level is about open and defined archetypes within someone's constitutional design. The areas that are open are "attractive" to others who have definition because it's like magnets coming together where one can fill the blank in another and it is experienced as "attraction" because it's literally that. The psychological beliefs are an expression of these field geometries playing out between the 2 parties. When someone gains their own authority back and isn't bound to the conditioning in the open areas they've got to receive influence from the world then they close off that receptor as being repelling to that archetype and instead those who would naturally fill it now will unconsciously come into fill that void in you so both parties can fulfil that connection together. This is "love", it's not magical it's mechanical as all things are. You can see it as magical and that won't invalidate it but saying it's magical above all else is ignorance and needs to get lost. We exist to mediate each others unique authority through experience and when you're correct in who you're being then your field geometry unconsciously attracts people who can fill that for you. You're attracted to someone because they have things that you don't have within you, that bring you that connection and completion. This contrast leads to issues when both parties aren't correctly making decisions according to their affinities and are spending their yang incorrectly. Someone who's not different in their principle design can also be attractive if they've got enough glow. This is why often younger people look more attractive and have that glow look. It's literally the expression of that increased magnetism. When we fast from the world we generate and cultivate this more but it ultimately comes in a sustaining manner from being yourself without compromise. 

So to explain how manifesting someone to change into a different person. Well that's impossible because you can only influence someone so much because it's taking them either away from their core essence or bringing them closer. The "feeling" targets someone on that overall field geometry level without ever having to imagine them in a specific way and influences their open themes through the monopole that drives their body to conform IF you're coherent enough to do that. This requires you to be yourself and have the authority. If you don't have authority to do this then it will not work, not reliably. Manifestation requires authority to influence your direction within the themes you've got to work for you in a way that's satisfying because having authority to be yourself in the face of any challenges IS the expression of having spill over yang working for you. It's required because if your field geometry is whacked and lacking in coherency compared to the other you're going to be incoherent in the themes you're looking for them to play off and it won't last, your sense of self will waver. This is all new stuff I'm exploring here but I want to distance myself from the idea that mind has magic power completely because I do believe I'm at a point where it's able to be explained without that completely. I always said it was field geometry before but now there's exact principles and archetypes in play that explain the intricacies as a real science. To put simply, to manifest a specific person to be a certain way you MUST have the authority within yourself, as in feel comfortable with being the one who has this outcome, for that to happen. Why? Because you're open in areas that need to be recognised and refined for the reception of their archetypes to play into yours and express in a way that's favourable and sustainable. This is the detailed explanation of the refinement of the sense of self and everyone who goes off and just starts living their lives on their terms will ALL be gaining more of themselves and their inner authority back so that they're making the decisions they want. That's what I've always said is the only real condition against favourable outcomes it's about being yourself.

If you want to manifest success in any area it will effectively come automatically when you're able to simply accept yourself for who you are, as in your real true core essence which IS the metaphysical expressions that are made manifest AS your experiences in reality and the themes that are already present within you as the absolute reference frame and point of comparison. Write notes if you've not figured it out yet and come back to it when you're ready because that's all there is to grasp in terms of the main process. Being yourself without compromise and living from that sense of self authority and making correct decisions from intuitive impulse and recognising where you're being influenced by others who have more yang than you do will enable you to win at any and all areas. This has nothing to do with assumptions being the CAUSE, assumptions are the manifestation of field geometries circulating on the psychological level. You experience the psychological stuff as one of various levels of these principles doing their thing and corresponding in these ways we consciously experience. The thing that separates RS from the rest is that I get to the root mechanics, I don't deal with the surface level stuff that's in the conscious mind.

If you want to work with divine process then you work with the substrate that's communicating to your conscious mind through the body. The body is your vehicle of communication between you and the reality you experience that through. There's some basis for the idea that we can also influence people through the monopole as that's what's driving the intuitive impulses you and others have based on greater process and a case can be made that says that when you're integrated proportionately with greater process your influence over all that are on the same direction of propagation in the same themes you are or the "fractal line" as Ra puts it would be where the influence is mediated and experienced. These principles are being mediated making them drawn into different directions (even ever so slightly) that explains the natural unfolding of things because you're not directly telling them the thoughts to have but that the principles that operate through the themes they're designed to express will automatically mediate the detailed impulses greater process will "feed" them as it feeds you to lead them towards their fulfilment and it's just that now you're on that same path with them. You didn't control them you both just got in line more so with a different direction that's still being driven from the top down outside of your control. This is why trying to control the outcome is going to screw stuff up and isn't dropping the seed as it's said, it's because the seed contains the information for how it'll unfold which IS the interaction of the pressure gradients of these archetypal influences that mediate our expressions in the world down to the details on the unconscious level because it's not our conscious mind doing it, it's the unconscious mind being driven by these and that the conscious mind goes along for the ride.

So I don't think I can go deeper than that. This would be premium level material if I ever made it, at least in principle. That's probably the most complete basis that explains how you manifest people. Objects works the same, either the bions that comprise the structure of the material will warp or a person or animal or something will either consciously or unconsciously cause that object to do it's thing according to the direction you set. I've said in the past that planting seeds is like setting a direction to move in and that really is the best way of putting it even today, We're all always being moved by greater process, we're always processing information and riding along pathways on the various levels that exist and so when we manifest someone or something to be a certain way it's not that the imaginal experience makes the fabric of reality bend to your will like magic it's that the thematic processes that are always unfolding take you and them up (if you're a strong enough influence by being correct and receptive in the right ways which IS the mechanics of how assumption comes to exist) but it's that the contents of the experience on that targeting level with the feeling directs the themes and field geometries to align to a different direction (angle you could say) of propagation that already exists you're riding in on. It's the closest thing to the idea of timelines but it's not timelines they all exist now it's that these are just different mixtures of principles resulting in the specific details automatically being filled in by the contents of those who comprise it which is everyone who's resonant to that process. Sounds complex but it's the most complete explanation I can come up with. 

There will be more refinement on this in future. I'm at a point though where I don't need magical ideas to explain manifesting, nor do I need the psychological model or whatever else it always was and always will be metaphysics and alchemical processes that explain things on every level and these specific systems of thought are just one level of how those principles are made manifest. I've been through the psychological model so deeply that there's nothing left to be found and the same can be said for the NG stuff with imagination. The idea that imagination as in purely the sensory inputs that are virtually experienced result in outcomes doesn't work as a mechanic because it's not that. People say then it's assumptions but again that's how we consciously quantify the "unseen" metaphysical processes that exist on the thematic levels that drive all this. It's crystallised field geometries and proportionally integrated fractal processes that resonate at certain frequencies as to bring together into one greater process all the elements that comprise that overarching theme. The details are filled in, not every detail we imagine outputs but sometimes it does. Why? The specificity that goes into a scene then implies further complexities in terms of matching themes and then details to correspond to that must naturally unfold through all parties involved. What this means is that the more detail you add the more mediation of various themes in the parties involved must be influenced naturally for that outcome to unfold in a way that's confirming to your authority and on the sensory level to the details. The details are implied because of the themes though which is why simple implication is all that's needed as you'll drive the thematic processes you're aligning to (if it's correct and you've got the circulating current to do so) that can then drive influence but again it's not you changing anything it's that you're riding in on a different stream and that this means that your relationship to the themes that you explore with these people changes. Both of you are going to be unconsciously influenced and the conscious mind won't be able to control the how or when or why because that's all done by greater process driving the themes and details automatically. NG had that right, but he said it was because of "ways and means we know not of" which was once again a cop out excuse to not speak on the facts. For him it was correct because he still played his part but it's a limited explanation that doesn't provide any exact value to the conversation of how or why. Faith remember is a function of the reality of experience and not willpower. You can't do anything with force, you can have force but it must be guided correctly through flow and correct expression of authority which is how you make decisions in the world which of course is the basis of how you assume and believe. 

See the connections? That's it I'm done for today it's late again. I'm still developing this stuff but the questions and recent revelations I've had have driven RS further than ever before. This is what separates me from the rest. I'm always driven to better this theory and I wait before I make videos on this until I'm called to because it needs to sit and process before it's ready to be presented. I thank you all for your patience while I do my thing.



There's some very interesting insights I've had that I want to share here. This is going to be very different but it's going to explain some things I've held back on speaking on for a while now. This is about the role of pleasure in manifesting and specifically it's relationship to yin and yang and the circulation of substances.

The basic idea here is that the more pleasure something induces in you the more yang is burning yin to create steam, this steam gets taken up into your blood as Qi and carried with ferromagnetic compounds like iron. Iron in the blood isn't ferromagnetic because haemoglobin affects the magnetic quality to be diamagnetic which explains why MRI machines for example don't influence iron or ferritin for example. Magnetic qualities aside it's this interaction of the yin and the yang that produces sensation of pleasure and such, so this sensation that arises out of the body IS the catalysing of yin on yang and it's circulation. Keep in mind that the circulation must be present, it's not just the existence of these principles but how "full" we are of them that represents the level of sensation we have. You'll experience your authority as these sensations in the body when there's more buffer here, not in terms of space but in terms of free circulating Qi with correct ratio of blood (nutrient quality not quantity). Qi and blood is the higher level substance manifestation of yin and yang which is why we don't just instantly catalyse yin and yang Jing and have intense sensations because it's an entropic effect that takes time to unfold these substances and circulate them coherently. One subsatnce needs to be taken up into the other to produce an even pressure gradient in the body. This also results in the physical manifestation of hormones and neurotransmitters that would correspond to these sensations that the neuroscience buffs think is all there is and miss that it's part of the manifestation process of these metaphysical and alchemical products interacting and not the cause.

So as I said the more coherently we're circulating these principles the more sensation we'll have to experience when it comes to our body communicating to the conscious crystal our intuitive impulses arising from greater consciousness which is how we'll know if we're right or not. Ii strongly believe that a vast majority of our issues come down to compromise as the cause of the downward spiral but then to compound that the wasting of buffered circulating yin and yang in the body and it's substances that express as the sensations that could be used to drive us  by details to be more of us with those sensations signalling that we can and will benefit from this. We recognise who we are then because those sensations ARE us, they're one level of the expression of how the greater process communicates with us so that we can experience intuitive impulse when it comes up. The more visceral that sensation the more we know our flow. They tell us to follow our joy but most don't feel joy or whatever and the reason why is because they're numb. Children feel it and know it and aren't driven by degeneracy because they're not depleted the same, so regaining your authority has everythiing to do with becoming more sensitive to not just the space on the yin side with gazing and such but with the yang side and more of that expressive dynamic principle. NG didn't speak on this of course, I know there's references to this in the bible but it's not known because of the archetypal representation that's written on and not the experienced levels of this as the bible speaks in personification.

People who are active and don't waste their generated Qi have more experiience of pleasure at baselinie and thus experiience seeminig more "motiivatioin" to be themselves because of the non stop initutive impulses that we ALL get ALL the timie but we can't eiither hear because we're numb to them or we ignore to fit ini. Those are the ONLY causes of distance from yourself, there's nothing else. Imagiantion therefore is a means for us to use available currents to redirect our diirectioin of propagation into new specifiic themes within the designed themes we've natural affinity and striving for. It's a means by whiich we can use to consciously refine IF we're on the riight track. The body wiill WANT to go ini these directions and all imiaginiatioin is doiing isi bringinig higher coherency to those already existent directions. As I've said you're not creating anything bedause you can't the creation happens through your unique testimony that results ini an outward projectioin to then enable others to be influenced by that perspective as part of their process. When manifesting someone to be some way or something to be a certain way you're going to also be influencing their trajectory, it's not taking their free will away because they just like you had none anyway because the greater themes we're designed to play out within greater process are fixed and all we're doing is shifting around the specific gates that are closed and or open to mediate these themes to result in outcomes that are going to result in greater fulfilment. Usually that's for the conscious mind though and not for the unconscious mind, this is why knowing the areas of compromise and the fixed themes and anchoring into those with how the details come about is the important part or else you'll run up against a wall and peak and dip. This is what I mean by the sense of self, being correct in the "general" thematic direction is required for alignment process to unfold and things to happen like "magic" but that's going to happen unconsciously anyway as a function of being correct and accepting intuitive impulse by having higher order substances circulating in the body which also as I said yesterday acts more like a magnetic influence to "pull" towards you those who are needing your thematic process for parts of their processes. This is why we're even attracted to certain people because we all need each others definition in the themes we have fixed that they don't. 

So to go further here. You're seeking experiences to raise the fire, the yang, because it feels good. Now when you're in a lower baseline then you'll likely end up looing for experiences that are overstimulating to compensate for the lower baseline sensitivity. This means you'll imagine things you shouldn't that are out of alignment with the thematic expressions you're actually driven by and you'll get tunnel vision. This is why correct imagination is important to touch on the themes that require refining to close any open areas others are using in for example abusive ways as when you own them and consciously take authority back in that area and make correct decisions from that those people won't be able to use you as a means of their process playing out and so you'll "magically" manifest them away. The same goes for attracting someone, you'll open up or more definite an area they need for their process and it'll result in them feeling good because the targeting sense with the feeling will stimulate the yang to rise and result in sensations of YES! You know. The real point here is to understand that it's not magical imagination in detail with the senses pushing out those experiences it's the mechanics of thematic interaction and stimulation with resonant principles in the other people or even objects that result in their processes being mediated by you. You're both on the same direction and so link up.

This idea of direction is like a theme of a theme, a process within a process. It's that a specific geometry can have multiple levels of meaning representative of the integrated processes that exist on higher order levels that will unconsciously be driving the design crystals of all integrated to move coherently according to where greater process is driving that fractal but the details will be implied simply by nature of how pressure gradients interact. It's not the imagination filling in those details it's implied because implication is a function of mathematics basically it's the way magnets work between the poles you could think as there's a field of influence that's automatically interacting between two poles, principles. Interferometry. Process. Fractality. Go back to my old video on these principles and you'll see that. We all need to understand that this whole thing about free is silly because you've got fixed definitions in terms of themes you're resonant with. If you've got things you resonate with on a consistent basis then it's proof of fixed nature and you've gone through various states without those ever changing they're anchored as a part of you and that's what I mean by that you've got a pre-determined path. These themes you're being drawn towards because you resonate is because your field geometry is open to receiving higher order integration that can lead you expounding those principles within other peoples open receptive nature and in that potential you can provide transformative process to not just your own experience but others around you, because you both share the same resonant themes even if one is fixed and the other is open to reception it's that they both mediate each others processes. Process within process. Details are filled in from the other integrated field geometries in sub themes you could call them which represent the how but again just like how 2 magnetic fields interact there's automatic implication that comes out of that and you don't consciously need or really can have influence over those details as if you influenced them then the primary themes that are acting would then change resulting in a different mix. This is why in practise NG says to go to the end but what he failed to mention is that the seeming end has to have correct thematic implication or you'll be in résistance and your design will reject it, even if those targeted are influenced. You both have to mediate the direction not just one party or else there's no lasting interaction that leads both parties to feel pleasure from the interaction which is the point of it as that's how higher order substances are circulated on a micro and a macro level. We're building the body of reality through us being correct. We don't have any influence over greater process because we ARE the components of greater process but since we've fixed principles it's that our direction of general thematic exploration and mediation is set and the only function manifestation has is to set sub themes within that. 

Let me say something. If manifestation was so powerful then why is it that some can easily do it and others can't if it's as easy and simple as it's made out to be? It's because there's mechanics behind it and it's not as simple as telling yourself something over and over or going into such a real experience it's more real than real. People do that and still suffer and their body is still experiencing intense discomfort from even thinking about experiencing these things. I experienced things so real with my SP years ago that it was more real than real, it took me like half an hour to get there before looping and such but the missing piece was the abandonment of self. I couldn't detach because it didn't feel natural. Now the NG buffs will say "HA that's proof you're off base DJ" and to that I'll say nonsense it's perfectly correspondent. Understand that the sense of self, the target archetypes ARE the experience of "self" abandonment. Who are we abandoning? The feeling that is representative of the overarching themes experienced by that state which is just an arrangement of themes and archetypal principles which drives the conscious experience of being that person and how then it feels to be in different experiences in imagination. This once again is why targeting the correct themes, meaning the specific belief manifestations that we experience as the psychological processes that play out in our minds that are representative of the mixture of the overarching themes and in that the implied details that are comprised of the pathways and directions we've taken in from the world as sub themes identified with. Really getting to the bottom means tracing through the thoughts that arise as clues as to which pathways we're playing on and if they resonate or not on a consistent basis to recognise if it's truly constitutional or not which determines if we're correct in this direction. You'd otherwise have intuitive impulse arise based on your type of authority to confirm this, like with kinesiology for example. The body and it's tie will tell you as it cannot lie as it's just a one way street that goes and doesn't look back with fears or doubts or whatever. 

Self abandonment is about abandoning the corporeal construct that's often based on the open gates and channels and it's sub theme composition to move into the direction of propagation of where it is designed to move correctly as this is where resonance arises and higher order substances are cultivated without conscious input because then the body is correct. The body will be driven without effort or conscious input because it's suppose to be doing this. As said before when you've got sensory sensitivity and capacity on the yin level you'll have more awareness of this anyway and you'll WANT to move in these direction but that want requires a motivating experience which IS the circulation of these principles according to resonant pathways and thematic representation. This is fixed and not influenceable. We accept and surrender and let go, let go of needing it to be another way, oftentimes out of need to conform to a standard along the tribal thematic channels. This is where the collective is moving into and we are living this transition as we speak. We have no control over this as the overarching themes we represent and actually comprise are driving all of these elements on the unconscious level. Cultural degeneracy we see propagating is the last gasp of this old system so when they say the "new earth" or whatever term's used is coming that's what they mean and no nobody gets left behind because there's only one absolute frame of reference you're all integrated within there's no old vs new timeline or whatever trash they think is how this works there's ONE dimension that we all comprise and experience.

So from here it's simple. How do we use these mechanics? Well think of things here like this. You read something online and it resonates with you and you respond to it by going out and talking about it with others. That idea is a direction based on an overarching theme. The concept exists within a container that's thematic to your consciousness an how it views that theme which then drives your body to automatically be driven to compounding more of that concept into the themes it's designed for so that transformation can be sought through this avenue. The same thing goes for you SP. They'll think of you from the feeling sense that "targets" your field geometry and they'll ping you just like you'll be pinged from the influence of some media you watched. Now there's sub themes and all that which relate to this I discussed but it's the same idea as how you become integrated within that conceptual thematic process as a direction that they're also on so you both link into each other and your unconscious minds drive you towards experiencing each others field geometries as a means of transformation for each others processes. Hope that makes sense. That's the mechanics of specific manifesting.


When you think about someone being a certain way and it's off theme and implies in terms of the integrated concept that there's work to be done then it'll move you and that person into that direction. It's like if you said that thing to them and expected them to respond favourably, because that's in essence how they experience it. If you want to influence someone you've got to theme it correctly and if that comes from you being proportionate to your path of least resistance and definition then that means the person you're influencing will want to integrate within that coherency for them to have access to those concepts and themes you're providing them. Marketing is what I called this ages ago, because that's all this is. Manifesting is marketing but as I said recently manifesting doesn't really exist because it's simply a function of you being yourself without compromise and accepting your path of least resistance because that's where your power comes from not imagining things that your mind wants based on how you've been conditioned to think. You be you or you suffer. It's up to you.

Feelings have thematic representation too based on the associated concepts. You're simply picking a direction and moving in that direction. That's the thing to pick up and the specific process within that movement that's comprising the sub themes and such is the more sensory level experience. As long as you're within the themes you're designed for, which you'd likely have affinity for and are drawn towards all the time anyway, then you win regardless of the sensory specificities involved in how the body is moving the conscious mind through that so understand that being "negative" as others might put it can be perfectly natural for you if that's a directions you can correctly express your themes through if you're driven towards that on a consistent basis. The point of pathway work is really to understand common threads that are ALWAYS true as this is likely the direction you should move in.



We create our own "branches" based on the direction we're moving in that other people can buy into and thus experience from. Media is one such way to get people on your direction. You watch a movie trailer or something and resonate you buy into it and now you start manifesting more of that pathway. This will show up in a natural way for you and your overarching themes.


If you had the authority (the sense of self) and the sensory vision (concept) you’d naturally imagine your ideal life anyway. Honestly we’ve all been conditioned to believe that NG is the secret sauce to bypass refining the sense of self. I’ve put the mechanics of that on a metaphysical level into the public sphere for the first time as far as I know. An increase in space and vitality IS an increase in natural expression of sense of self and is based inside the themes were designed to explore in our sensory reality. All of the imaginal scenes and such we’d naturally imagine that inspire us then come THROUGH us without us having to think of it. It’s something that happens automatically. Imaginal experience in a deliberate and conscious manner that’s targeting specific limited beliefs (which those beliefs and associated thoughts are manifestations themselves of warped and disproportionate field geometries you’ve given your authority away from to the world which depletes your Yang and some space making you feel powerless as a result) is simply you accepting yourself because that’s all there really was this whole time you just couldn’t have that authority to actually own it and know it.

Knowing and faith come from the reality of experience as NG says which I agree with but the issue is in practise it doesn’t work like that. We REQUIRE a coherency circulation of Yang through the being to “light up” the aspects of our consciousness we’ve compromised on to fit in through and thus we basically accept the worlds view of us vs our own. Once again peel back the layers and you’ll find it goes back to having the authority to be yourself regardless of the world and the seeming psychological shift in that mediates the field geometries to be proportionate. THE IMAGINAL EXPERIENCE HAS NO POWER! The imaginal experience causes the field geometries to move and so from a shift in direction there’s a shift in alignment process which once again brings to you the things naturally desired within. These actual desires naturally unfold when we’ve got coherency circulating yin and Yang through the being, we’ve all been influenced by external sensory stimulus as a means of inspiration which when you feel that inspiration is literally the experience of qi lighting up that thematic metaphysic in your being. Do you see now what I mean by imaginal experience is simply a way for us to shift the ratios of our metaphysical principles and not the cause as if by some magical means of God as NG says. God is process and process has polarity and polarity circulates which absorbs and processes information.


Here's a new outlook on the idea of manifesting.

Our currency is sensory stimulus as a way of representing the principles of experience.

The reason why people who have whacked sense of self with anxiety and fears and all this stuff is because they're compromising on expressing their authority. People only fear because they feel they've got no control and if you've got no control then it's because you gave up your authority. We see this theme playing out throughout history as empires rise and fall with the cycles of consciousness. If we're brutally honest here you'll know if you're able to manifest reliably what is desired because you're either free to flow with intuitive impulses and think and feel and act however you want to without compromise because you know that connection comes from greater process that corporeal you is integrated in (which is the real message of the bible) or not. If you're compromised then you'll experience this metaphysic as suppressed expression of yang and a depletion of space/subconscious capacity. See the connection? They're one in the same thing, having a sense of inner authority at baseline IS the experience of having a refined sense of self, this IS "taking your power back" as they say. This is correct experience so that you can effectively negate the conscious thinking mind and accept how you're driven to be from correct thematic expression which automatically arises out of you when your sense of self is proportionate. Manifestation is a natural and automatic process which happens from within us when we are correctly living. Manifestation isn't a thing that can be "used" or "done" so to say to become correct. That's the issue, sense of self X concept = context. Sense of self aka your sense of inner authority MUST be refined for satisfying experiences to align. NG himself said that we must have a "radical" shift in attitude, attitude implying the sense of self authority. What else could that mean?

A shift in state is a shift in authority (circulation of Yang with given space) and a direction (sensory conceptual input) which is what we are abandoning. We are abandoning the direction and the thematic alignment process represented in the yin Yang balance to become the correct and proportionate arrangement of these principles where the body will then drive us through intuitive impulse arising out of greater process meditating our experience automatically where the right people and such will show up like magic. We will automatically have thoughts arise in our minds of the things desired and it will be a single simple thought that manifests. Conscious and deliberate experiences will be effortless. 

I just can’t describe this any more simply if you’ve not got it by now after reading the entire notebook then you’re clearly not ready for this and need to experience more before finding truth here. That’s it. I said before space and uncompromising expression was the formula but I’ll refine that further here and say space, authority, uncompromising expression, and lastly vitality are the components that lead to successful manifestation. 



HUGE insight.

So before when I spoke of subconscious capacity being depleted as you mindlessly affirm and flood your mind with thoughts it makes you dip and you can't feel anything positive and your thoughts and reality starts to shift to negative, I know why that is now. It's actually because you've depleted subconscious capacity AND yang as yang is the function of sensory activity but also without capacity to catalyse then sensation becomes muted and embodiment becomes almost impossible. It's REQUIIRED! Now we know another variable that explains why some who do it benefit because of that buffer space. More buffer means more coherency and sustainment when you're applying sensory inputs to the extreme to have a stable direction.

We've really all been played with this whole manifesting game. Truth is you don't want to stimulate the senses you want the allow the senses to function as they would naturally but with a simple feeling to guide the direction without much amplitude. Lowering the amplitude of the feeling is the secret, that's what I said in that video on the feeling about negating charge. The charge is a baseline level of nourishment that the principles have which we experience as calmness and safety and comfort, the comfort comes out of having correctly proportionate circulating charge that's not stagnant and fills your being which represents higher subconscious capacity too. Both the circulation of vitality (yang) and capacity (space) is that process, it's not separate or different it's all one thing.

It's really that we're using the conscious mind for like a tiny part of things. If you set a direction with it and it doesn't follow then your body needs refining. Like think about this, we all have the ability to consciously think about something but the form is the thing that's vastly different. We require function on both levels here not just the mind. leaving the form out means we're missing the other part of our consciousness. We think the body is controlled by the mind but it's not and any Daoist alchemical master will tell you that. The alchemical reactions that occur within our field geometry happen unconsciously there's no conscious circulation required, not only does it not actually perform catalytic functions to form higher order substances but it's actually burning your capacity making the reactions not happen properly because the components have been warped from conscious forcing of the process with breathing or imaginal activity for example. The Daoist master I trained with told me that these reactions happen on their own and we shouldn't try to control anything. We simply do the cultivating and allow the alchemical catalytic reactions to occur when the spill-over happens.

How many more of these examples do the NG loyalists need? How much more? If I map the entire universe into it's processes and it's principles and their interactions and integrations you'll still not get it will you? The only reason people grab onto that idea is because it's empowering, or at least seems to be on the surface. We try it and it likely doesn't work and will often make our lives worse. Why is this? It's primarily because you're overstimulated which is leading you to effectively be unable to control your thoughts. Your body is controlling your mind is it not? It's causing your conscious experience to be warped because you don't have the coherent circulation of yin and yang because you're burning it all up. Why is the world moving into a downturn and things are worse now than they've been? It's because collectively we're overstimulated. Before it was more difficult because mobile tech was limited but now everyone can get hits and burn their vitality on the spot without effort. This is what's messing with your ability to have conscious control, not that having control helps either because you'll still have to accept your intuitive impulses regardless. Manifestation is a function that's automatic and consubstantial to your existence and the idea that by "doiing" something you manifest an outcome is ignorance to the highest order. Why have I never taught manifesting techniques? Because it's meaningless to work on the surface levels when the underlying processes are what determine if the direction our conscious mind is set on (which is what all manifesting techniques do) as compared to refining the underlying substances.

There's stories out there I know people will bring up to supposedly prove manifesting methods work. I've heard them all, for example ones where someone repeats an affirmation before sleeping and their disease is cured overnight. These are the stories that people will latch onto to prove that LOA and what NG says is true. Understand that this is about direction setting, a direction of propagation. There's no magic happening here you're rearranging the structure of your field geometry (if enough space and yang is present) which will be the cause the outcome. This is claimed manifestation because the variable seemed to be just the repetitive affirmation. Yes this is true but you'll find in every instance that person had the circulating currents to regulate the condition anyway. I've had this happen myself where after a few days of sleeping with a certain mindset I'd wake up and people messaged me or money showed up or my vitality skyrocketed or whatever but also know that this never ever happened when I specifically did this when my principles were weakened. I have done controlled experiments where I'd drain my capacity completely and do the same methods and I'd get worse results where people would avoid me or I'd be lacking money or I'd look terrible that day. This is my point where with controlled experimental data is concerned the requirement for correct manifestation on a seemingly conscious level is excess yang specifically as this is the principle that most people are lacking and aren't coherently circulating. You'll find that most of the time with higher order substances operating at baseline you'll have stuff stuck, and this is a function of those higher order substances acting as the buffer space for these currents to flow without disruption. Without enough current circulating you WILL NOT feel comfortable with your end. It's impossible. Period. Comfort IS a manifestation of these principles in us. To bring there here now REEQUIRES the currents to be present to even rearrange correctly and propagate in the direction focused on. Regardless of it you should or not the current is still required, just like someone who's affirming while anxious and filled with fears and doubts won't have favourable outcomes because the reason they're like this is because their vitality in principle form is at a low baseline. Temporary dips and peaks don't have that effect because the buffer exists in circulation still.

The alchemical fact is that any rearrangement of crystallised geometries requires yang to melt the ice that's solid, else we'll just freeze when we run up against it without the passion for life. Vitality is the missing link and I'm going to irrefutably prove this and utterly destroy Neville Goddard's view on manifesting for good. Nobody else is doing this work because they don't even know it exists so what does that say. Most of the examples of manifesting in NG's writings took minimum weeks and many took months and even years. Is this manifesting? He used them as examples when he was in contact with thousands of people on a regular basis about this and they were his best stories he put in his books. It was extremely uncommon to see things shift in under a week, even though he taught the 3 days as the number of completion which makes no sense because things can show up in minutes or hours as I've had many times before with examples I've listed here over the time. Many of these quick results came from a simple loud affirmation I said in my own voice in my mind and felt a short sensation from but it was more so the targeting sense and a direction. The reason why less sensory information leads to faster experiences is because it's thematic and not just sensory. I've said this before but when you're using more sensory detail it means you're likely touching on more themes, more archetypes and principles to shift arrangement and direction, there's more crystallised geometry that needs restructuring in a sense. The more proportionate the themes to your constitutional design and the less sensory information is present the implication therefore in terms of the archetypes that are being experienced will be vastly more simple which also means that the alignment of the geometries of those involved will be much more simple too, given there's enough sensory detail to touch on the archetypes you're moving direction towards is present. This is why a simple thought vs a full scene can be just as powerful because it's all about touching on the principle archetypes that comprise the conscious and sensory experience which also acts as the implied bridge and series of events that are thematically based to bring all parties involved to mediate that end which again is the direction of propagation within that sub process. Very complex but simple when you get the idea of this.

If we go back to the principles we'll see all the principles present, process proportionality interferometry fractality. This is what everything is comprised of and are how I describe reality and it's functions. It's that imagination is a function of our consciousness that can be used to align the trajectory of our direction of movement and as all things are comprised of processes and principles integrated within each other it means that the more simple the principles touched on the less specific things need to move which must be natural for all parties involved of course. 

The fact is though that regardless of how any of this other stuff works or not the common denominator underlying success and fulfilling experiences is the level of nourishment your meridians have and this currency is yin and yang and their corresponding substances such as qi and blood and shen. When your vitality is low you'll struggle to get anything favourable showing up because this will manifest in the instability in your nervous system. If we're told that feelings and thoughts and all that result in our reality and our body when incoherent will generate unstable feelings and thoughts and cause us to waver then we will effectively be unable to even have a coherent direction of movement then meaning the story persisted in will not be stable. State coherency is manifestation as I've called it, but state coherency requires a sense of self that compatible and if the principles of your being are whacked out then you will not be able to elevate your sense of self to be at a favourable baseline and feel the comfort from that. Once again when we do non stop mindset stuff we're draining our capacity because it's stimulating, anything that's overstimulating will destroy our sense of self and you will feel it in your state and in your body. You will KNOW you're not the person you want to be because you'll be unable to avoid living in it, literally. Do you get it? I really want to bang my head some times because people STIILL don't understand these things despite all these writings. So it is. 

I remember doing tests with vitality affirmations and visualizations and conversations and all this stuff logging it all down for a good 2 months and I ended up in a worse place because I was constantly overstimulating myself and I got worse than when I started. As usual I made progress for about 10 days and then it fell apart, why? I was draining my capacity. When I was forced to go techless (no forms of technology including phones which I only had an old 3G phone without internet anyway back then) and rely on physical books and pen and paper as my only means of working with information for 3 months I manifested INSANE benefits without ever even thinking about them. People literally showed up outside my door, like I'd go outside for a walk and there's someone I wanted to speak to just up the street. This is my point, the experiments I've done would confirm that cultivating higher order substances and not burning vitality and capacity leads automatically to beneficial outcomes unfolding. Why? Because you're living in your body and not in your head where you'll automatically be driven pinto the right places and at the right times, or that people will move accordingly unconsciously in their experience. Manifestation while in this coherent state can be done consciously and specifically but once again why even make that important, why do we need to feel this desire to control our outcomes? It's made clear in literally every single metaphysical text and even NG says that we should never influence the outcome, only set the direction (the end). While many may disagree with this I say we can consciously manifest things but the thing is if you do it for the functions of controlling to make your life more pleasurable then you're going to end up in a worse place because you're literally chasing an endless pursuit of something that will never be satisfied. Being satisfied where we are and accepting ourselves and who we are is what this is about for this literally opens us to accessing correct direction for us that greater process is driving us towards allllll the time through our body and it's signals to us but we ignore because we've been influenced by the world to want things and all that. We give away our inner authority to want things in the world because they feel good but it's only the correct things for us that feel good that will not drain our vitality and we cannot consciously know what those are we can only be unconsciously driven by greater consciousness towards that. Your truth will not come from the world, it will come from where your body with clear and coherent circulation of yin and yang reveal your path of least resistance and that you'll effortlessly embody that being and play out your function in reality correctly. 

This community is hooked on the idea of controlling and needing things to feel better. Feel. You see? Feeling, the body, the unconscious mind. It's all about sensation and pleasure. That's what drains our vitality, that's the exact opposite of what leads to satisfaction. Correct use of vitality doesn't drain it because then the work done isn't resistive because it's not arising out of buying into marketed pathways. We buy into the marketing of others, in any means that is not just buying things, and this desire that's sparked in us that doesn't arise within us from intuitive impulse leads us away from the path we've had laid out from greater process where everything is provided for us to complete our function. We don't need to manifest in this way because it happens as a function of us being ourselves as that's all we can do. It's either we be ourselves and be driven by greater process or we are influenced by the world. The fact that we can be influenced by the world to seek pleasurable experiences over that which brings us deep knowledge of being of ourselves through the correct experiences is the proof of this polarity. Our imaginal experiences arise naturally from within us when we're correct anyway, we don't need to think of scenes or any of this stuff and to think that crafting the perfect scene will solve our suffering is utter ignorance it's not because you're not imagining properly it's because of these factors I've discussed. Most likely you're overstimulated and you've yet to create space to work with. When you create space the pathway work comes up automatically and you'll often dissolve limited beliefs on the psychological level as the substances in your field geometry refine as those geometries ARE the cause of the resistive thoughts and feelings and all that, they're not different when you circulate current correctly and generate higher order substances you'll automatically notice shifts in the beliefs and assumptions and such. It'll force it out of you, just like when you take quintessence or you take the correct homeopathic remedy it'll force you to express the stuck feelings and such from the past BECAUSE the field geometries are shifted. It's the same thing but it manifests in our consciousness on all these different levels of experience. This is the real point I've been trying to make this whole time.

The thing to understand is more so that conscious manifestation isn't something that we really do it's a thing we will almost unconsciously do when we're living correctly. NG himself said countless times that simply reading something in a newspaper can influence you and result in your direction shifting just the same as it would if you consciously did it. The thing he missed and failed to understand is that we don't know what we want on the conscious level, only the process we're integrated within and rely on for our existence knows because it's driving our body and the absolute frame of reference that determines how we feel about things and what we have archetypal affinity for on the constitutional level. The real issue is when NG says to imagine what we desire, he says that without a burning desire then we cannot manifest it. He said this himself in a lecture about the components of imagination or whatever it was called. There was like 5 things he listed as his step by step process and he said a burning desire was required. It's all based on desire. Desire is the thing of the mind but also the body too, the thing is he doesn't differentiate these two levels of desire. The desires of the mind are temporary and are based on environment and influence from others. You'll notice this if you've got low yang and no higher order substances circulating, you'll waver from this to that to this to that all over the place and the reason why is because your body isn't coherent, you can't hear it because the sensations are muted from the lack of current in your field geometry. Your issue, and most peoples issues, is they're overstimulated, or that they're really buying into the influence of others because it appeases the desires of the mind which come and go like the wind. The basis should always be in the body, in the substances that we are comprised of and allowing them to guide us, not the world and the culture that comes and goes.

So do you see now why the conscious manifesting thing is really pointless to pursue. As a so called coach I have seen people successfully manifest not just temporary favourable outcomes but lasting shifts in their baseline sense of self from being themselves. Most of the time it involves finding root beliefs with pathway revision and imagining their fulfilment. They do that and it's a means of releasing the stuck feelings but the imaginal means is no different from having someone drink quintessence, take a homeopathic remedy that's correct, have correct massage therapy or vegetotherapy, take correct herbal formula or any of these other methods. There's no difference in the effects on the field geometry they're all doing the same process, they bring to the surface the archetypes associated and to dissolve them by feeling into them and circulating current through them to turn their solid nature into a dispersed substance that can be dissolved and reformed into a higher order substance when it's integrated within a proportionate pathway. When you're facing a higher order consciousness you'll automatically have a burn off effect, this is the process of theurgy where we consciously cultivate awareness of the embodiment of specific archetypes so that our interaction with them will refine our field geometry without digging and circulating charge within to perform the same alchemical process. THIS IS ALL THERE IS! I want you to get that this alchemical process is literally all that imaginal work is doing. I said in a comment months ago that SATS is a method of purification where we're placed under pressure to dissolve and restructure our field geometry and not some magical method to make people change like you're casting a spell. It's not magic it's metaphysics and alchemy as all things are. Imaginal experiences are one of the many means I've spoken about to refine the field geometry and in that become more of yourself which is correct flow with divine process. That's all there is, that's what we're doing. We're to fully surrender to greater process and live the experiences it's driving us towards which will result in our immortality. We cannot consciously manifest immortality with imaginal scenes it's impossible. NG himself said we cannot prevent death and he said many times that the deaths of others cannot be altered, just as his brother died and he didn't manifest him. There was a story where someone spoke to the dead but she spoke to the snapshot of his consciousness and not his actual consciousness as though it were still what it would be if he was in a body. She spoke to basically the information cloud of his experiences and the self recursive nature of that, this is what we become upon death as consciousness and our components separate where transformation is no longer possible as without the salt or the fixed principle contrast cannot be drawn to transform through interferometry. There's no sulphur and so no higher order substances can be formed. That's why the body is SO important and we've been taught by NG and the likes that the mind is the solution to our problems and that appeasing our hunger for desires in imagination fulfils us. He either said that out of utter ignorance or he said that under the context I speak of, as a means of becoming more of yourself and that SATS really was a transformation method. He says there's infinite states and yet we have a fixed nature in which only one state is designed for us specifically. We've been screwed by all of these minds who think reality is mind and matter and denies the divine process we're integrated in and are a reflection of. This is not about appeasing desires but about acceptance and surrender as a means of flowing with greater process and thus we don't burn our current and can become immortal. That's the ONLY way to attain actual immortality and in that place you can have all your thoughts and all your feelings but because you know yourself and make correct decisions your outer authority is correct out of that which is the expression of your function in reality.

We either try and control our reality with our mind or we build higher order substances in our body by living more in our body and not driving ourselves towards pleasurable stimulating experiences that aren't correct for us. How do you know something is correct for you? You'll feel it in your body, not in your mind. There'll be a sensation or a visceral reaction that'll provide an intuitive impulse but this only usually arises IF you've got coherently circulating current and the most if you've got higher order substances and alchemical products. Doing pathway work is one way of touching on the psychological manifestation of these constitutional archetypes but they're not causal they're a manifestation in themselves. There is no law of assumption it doesn't exist. NG was ignorantly stating this without metaphysical or alchemical basis and he's been unable to draw any real world connections outside of certain scriptures. He speaks of the characters in the bible as states and yet doesn't see their relationship to the archetypes in the world which is what they'd represent. They don't just represent psychological processes they represent the primary principles that comprise all the elements of relaity and the stories are their interactions, think of it like the personification and stories of how we'd describe functions in physics with math. It's a language that's describing how substances are formed and refined and yet NG speaks of it only one one level and we're told to take that as all there is. I've said so many times that taking NG in a vacuum is the issue, he's not to be seen in a vacuum he's to be seen as a piece of the puzzle with elements of correct arrangement and others not so much.

I really don't know what else to say I've touched on everything there is really. I've described almost every instance and it's processes and yet I've got people asking me if they can influence gravity and if it's possible to manifest appearance changes, as if that matters. They're missing the point, they want to feel better and that's exactly what we've been told manifesting is the solution to which is the issue. These people who peddle manifesting as a way of living a better life are missing the point, yes that's a thing but it's not because you imagined that life as without connection to the body you'll never be moved to fulfil that and have it stick. It really does say that just because someone can read something doesn't mean they comprehend it and can read between the lines and see the essence of what's being spoken. I know what that's like though because I had to read certain texts more than 3 times over in order to understand them often and it took years but I got there eventually and now I see everything in everything because II live and breathe this all day every day. This is what I live for and am designed to play out regardless of what my conscious mind does or doesn't want in the world for my function that's driven from greater consciousness is to destroy the law of assumption and completely and utterly tear it to shreds and burn it to ash and scatter those ashes in the wind never to be put back together again. That's what I'm here to do and I will complete my function for I exist to fulfil this process, else I'd not be here. Before I went into destroying the law of assumption Ii destroyed the modern physics model and then I destroyed the germ theory of medicine and now my sights are set on the work of NG and the likes. Nobody thinks he can be touched but I beg to differ, Ii don't see anyone as an authority over me anymore, aside from those adepts and masters I've worked with in the past.

When you become your own source of authority to make decisions and have clear perceptions you'll be free to be yourself and not be bound to anyone under any circumstance and won't be afraid to die in battle if need be. Being your own authority is a function of enlightenment. My daoist master was also into the norse myths too and spoke many times that the enlightened being would give themselves completely to their process and if that involved literally going to battle and dying then so be it for the desires of the mind hold zero influence if it's correct for the body and how it's being driven by intuitive impulse out of greater process. It's this quality of consciousness where there's nothing on earth that can make decisions above your divine process as this is the ONLY way to live correctly and everything else is influence from the world to be someone you're not. As I've said the only way for us to actually know that is to create space and cultivate yang to catalyse the yin to circulate and form higher order substances which of course takes time. There is only one process that we exist to fulfil, as all things are and do. You don't "do" manifesting you live correctly and manifestation unfolds for you and all the related images and conversations and such will intuitively enter your mind and you'll have correct imaginal experiences to shift your direction accordingly. The people who have their lives change doing the standard methods didn't have those shifts arise out of "doing" manifesting methods they shifted their reality through the alchemical processes I've described where we refine the field geometry and thus influence the world accordingly just as we're influenced by being ourselves but this also depends on our profile and open and defined thematic areas and all that too, there's many factors surrounding the whole manifesting idea that extend into realms of experience beyond the imaginal senses and into the visceral bodily sensations which tell us where our field geometry is. One can argue that sitting and circulating current is manifesting techniques even though it doesn't involve any imaginal work, for example sitting with feelings and dissolving them can result in shifts in people even though the direction isn't being set with an end scene. The reason why is because you're now a supply for an archetype of consciousness they're needing to circulate current in their own field geometry and so they'll respond favourably to you in order to use you as their supply just as you unconsciously would've used them and others as a supply for your disproportionate pathways to feel better.

Feeling better, that's what this is all about isn't it. That's what drives us, it's our drive towards order and it's as Wilhelm Reich put it as "natural striving" towards higher order by the nature of our consciousness being what it is. It's this paradox where seeking pleasure only depletes us and yet our being is moved towards it as the mechanism behind all actions we perform. This differentiates correct decisions are those arising out of intuitive impulse that doesn't have to feel pleasurable at all to be correct but will result in a negentropic circuit where you won't lose vitality by accepting and flowing where if you deny intuitive impulse and decide to compromise for the sake of appeasing the conditions of the world or the mind then you'll be losing vitality and denying divinity. Who are we being? Are we coherent and living from intuitive impulse coming from having higher order substances or are we needing to be someone in order to appease the conditions of the world we've falsely bought into that don't actually serve us but the process of another.

There's almost nobody on earth who's correctly living which is why the people who are closest to immortalitiy don't live in our online world because it's incompatible with correct living for a vast majority of us here. The most powerful beings out there who have correct sense of self live away from our world, this modern technocratic reality run by consumerist ideology that's the literal opposite of correct living. We live in a world where everyone wants something from someone else, money or influence or whatever. They don't make decisions from who they want to be in the world because correct living almost always dismisses the need for money or status or influence in the world over anyone or any luxury comforts or anything. The most powerful people live lives dedicated to the arts like qigong or theurgy and they don't live for any more than necessary to sustain this life. They don't focus on living outside of small communities and existing with just a few other people. When they come into our world they get stabbed in the head with a sharp object, that's what it feels like because they're so sensitive to all the trash people in our world emanate on the daily because we're so numb to it, we've got no vitality and so we cannot feel all the vitality draining stuff around us. Why do you think most of us die at fixed ages here? It's because we're all exposed to the same influences and substances, we don't know they're bad because we've to fit in and accept the status quo which is the very thing taking us away from ourselves. This tech is wonderful for it's functions but it's used against our correct living as a tool of influence which appeases to the mind with all sorts of stimulating activities and such that these Daoist masters who build immense sensory capacity wouldn't stand, they'd feel their circuits being influenced. I know because I've spoke to these people and one of them in person last year in fact when I met up with them locally at a community speaking event. 

The LOA community will tell us that all of this is limiting belief and yet they're still living a life they were influenced into living by the world and their environment. They don't see the themes underlying their consciousness and they certainly don't have extended sensory capacity because they'd feel the influence of others in their consciousness but the one who's being themselves can still feel their body communicating with them and thus make correct decisions accordingly which drives them towards where they need to be. They can say no without effort or fear, they know they're a supply for others and so they don't freely give their currents away all willy nilly and they continue to create space and cultivate awareness of who they really are as incorporeal essence driven in a body and not the other way around. You're not a consciousness stuck with a body you're a body stuck with a consciousness and you're identifying with the mind that's influenced by the world to want this and that and all these things and desires that bring pleasure to the body but that only result in the body being drained of it's vitality through these experiences as it gets lost in the maya never to attain immortality which is what comes out of living correctly. To live outside this awareness of being outside the system and know yourself and in that awareness make clear decisions which serve you correctly and not be influenced is how we manifest the life we're designed for. This is the immortality side of this work and it goes beyond what NG speaks of with the idea of the promise. I don't see any of this idea of the experience of all states as the cause of the lesser conjunction I see it as a function of having correct living and thus you're able to cultivate higher order substances without burning vitality through incorrect living. We must live correctly if we're to attain higher than what we've been experiencing, your body is capable of so much more and I've had glimpses at this myself with superspeed and pyromancy ability. Nobody on earth who's draining themselves non stop will ever "manifest" these things because they can't they're a dead circuit with no current that's needing to live off everyone else for sustenance. Sounds hard but it's the truth look at mass psychology and how we're all getting things off each other and have unconscious agendas as to how we can get something from someone because we're not our own supply of vitality like children are before they're screwed in school and need to "grow up" and accept the modern world of working and paying bills to the gov who don't have any authority over us at all. It's only because we buy into the idea of government that it has any influence because these people really are no different from us. Just the idea of submitting to an authority greater than us is insanity and anyone who's correctly living wouldn't pay a cent to these people who are all parasites in their own right. Parasitic influencers who can only take and provide nothing, yet they serve their function to be the reason why many people live the way they do and justify their suffering. It's all for a greater process to shift collective perception and we're going to see another decline in trust for gov very soon, and the idea of trust in outside authority in general. We're moving into a time where we're all looking to point out how false leaders have lead us astray which is why we see so many people against the establishment these days. I saw this as far back as when I was 15 when I wondered why nobody knew about certain things. I didn't manifest that, and neither did you. It's a function of greater process that's mediating our experiences to be as such so that we as pieces of collective consciousness can play our part. Our themes will always be fixed but the directions we move in are almost always determined by the environment we're in as what goes in is the specific sensory direction we move in based on the fixed themes that define the quality of our consciousness.

Process within process. Progressions of belief structures to buy into and move along as a direction of sensory experience. That's all this is, it's all filtered through your quality of consciousness and the thematic pathways those comprise represent the overarching directions. We think we can influence these overarching directions but we're powerless and until we accept that and flow with them we'll continue to burn vitality and die. We continue to have iterations because we're unable to complete the great work so it's time to wake up and start cultivating awareness of your body and how it's being driven under correct impulse and authority from within you. Manifestation will happen naturally out of this and you'll have the right people show up at the right times and all that without effort and without ever having to consciously control or make decisions that you don't even know are correct or not. Your appearance and vitality will improve when you accept this because you'll be the physical manifestation of proportionality and you'll look exactly the way you really want to look. Imagining yourself looking a certain way and planting a so called seed is nothing more than setting a direction and that experience is that testimony which IS the current circulating in your field geometry else it wouldn't result in physical outcomes. It's all alignment process. simply cultivating more yang jing will restore your look back to that of between 16-18 if you hit peak but almost nobody can do that because we live in a world where being overstimulated is standard. Why do you think the daoist immortals live in the mountains..


Late night entry

When you take something off the pedestal it’s really that you’re becoming the supply for it vs it becoming the supply for you. Do you need it or does it need you? This is a function of your field geometry being coherent and circulating vitality vs needing something to cause it to raise because you’re not circulating your own supply. All the psychological stuff follows suit. You’re just becoming the source of vitality for the person at that point, they want that supply because it feels good and so they’ll leave their current person to be with you if you’re targeting them. This works with anyone really it’s that they’ll interact with you to interact their field with you and gather information from that. This is all unconscious of course you’re not consciously thinking about this, we’ll you are because the thoughts will involve desires for someone but they’re driven by the sensations which are both manifestations of the field geometry interactions. You’re marketing to eachother unconsciously and the sharing of space physically is because it feels good to be in someone’s field because they provide you what you don’t have and vice versa. Someone who’s exciting and passionate and all that has high vitality to share and they’re thematically compatible. You’re attracted to your type because that type represents what’s most stimulating to the senses which once again is another manifestation of sensory details being implied by the striving for the circulation of vitality. That’s really the only reason people want an SP, it’s to feel comforted and connected because it feels safe, and to have intimacy which is one of the most intense ways of burning vitality quite literally. Aetheric pressure gradients, polarity, currents and their circulating nature. It’s all the same process playing out on various conscious levels that’s all this is and manifestation is simply you setting a direction of propagation with implied sensory details that touch on archetypes that you have affinity for which then integrates with the subject targeted and mediates your experience accordingly. 

God is imagination means it’s process. Process is god and we’re mediating processes within processes by altering the geometric patterns which is the only real language of reality. Everything is geometry, it’s the hidden language that we experience as consciousness. We filter information and arrange it into patterns on the lens of our consciousness which represents then the sensory corporeal experiences we have. Seeking pleasure is the thing that burns out our current which represents the connection we have with greater process which is our infinite supply of current to circulate if we’re in flow with it. If we’re against it and we seek the pleasures of the world that were influenced towards then we are against the flow and we suffer and die. That’s it, manifestation doesn’t override these principles manifestation works with these principles and really is the effect of these principles in movement which IS the experience of your consciousness which is why they say you can’t turn off manifestation because it’s a function of movement which is process which is god. Therefore god creates all, but to think that an imaginal scene influences gravity itself is silly. We use imagination to shift direction and to refine ourselves much like self hypnosis which I think NG actually used at one time considering he said that coming out of SATS should shock you. He also spoke on the breathing technique where he would work himself up and then with one deep inhalation while feeling his end (setting the direction his body will be moved towards) anchors it in place because this is the effect of circulating and crystallising the geometry which is why he says he works himself up. This is an alchemical method and describes the circulation of various currents to build up and break down the patterns. Thing is if you’re empty of yin and or Yang then you’ll not get this to work as there’s no catalysing current to circulate. You see now why I say sensory stimulus is a part of the puzzle we’re missing? This technique from NG points that out, we require coherently circulating current to manifest as he’s outlined himself. Imaginal vividness is also a function of this too, if you gaze your senses will be more vivid but also if you fast from the pleasures of the world that are excessive it’ll boost imaginal vividness too and enable you to effectively detach as you’re your own supply. 

See now? 




Directions can be tapped into and read.



I woke up pretty late last night and had some insights but was too tired this time to get them out. Worked hard all day yesterday revelling in my latest accidental manifestation I’m going to show the immortality group when we meet next. Good stuff. I had absolutely zero awareness of any end or any feeling or anything when it showed up just 3 days later. These experiences make me question further the mechanisms behind how these show up, because I was comfortable at baseline with having this and I spoke of it in a negative sense before saying I didn’t have it and here it is. These happen all the time when the “direction” or idea at an almost thematic level comes up with zero “end” to it I had like nothing but just a passive almost melancholic thought about it but not of or from or anything it was just mentioning how I had something in the past. If the exact words manifest then these words manifested me saying this now how “I use to have this but not anymore” in the past tense perspective. It’s either that or the thematic meaning was what set the direction completely unconsciously. What’s the mechanism? To me the direction is the only thing that makes sense, the concept of the thing was the end and that was already within me which is why the words meant nothing and I could’ve made any other sensory experience do the same. 

That wasn’t even my point though my point was that I woke up and felt kinda drained so I imagined receiving the power from the universe like I was a black hole sucking in vitality from all around me. I thought this wouldn’t work I’ve always worked with daoist methods and had results but this time I woke up in the more img just before this with immense power flowing through me. I said “I’m filled with vitality” about 6 times or so and let it go and slept. Not been this charged in like 3 weeks or so. Interesting.

More tests to be done. I Did use a technique I use to use when I was beginning my journey into the arts of circulating charges in the body way back when I was still in highschool and how I used this method to outrun people who trained when I wasn’t anywhere near as active and yet I still beat them. I use to “feel” tension in my body all over to the point where I’d flinch because I was vibrating so much and I’d feel immense charge in my body that I’d put down on track and power past everyone. People looked at me like I was crazy or something everyone else was puffed but I was almost going full speed. It was only whenever I had a stimulus to circulate that energy though and sometimes I’d pull out my iPod touch from play a track that made the charge flow and I’d get a boost just from that stimulus. These things really can’t be explained using LOA manifestation theory because it’s so much easier to understand with alchemical understanding that it once again makes me wonder if this whole manifestation thing is just alchemical processes and nothing to do with the mind of god dreaming a dream as NG thinks as the mechanism for experience. I see it all as alchemical and have written about why that is before. Most don’t get it because it takes years to understand these concepts as it did with me but I don’t see any greater understanding. It may seem limiting but that’s just because of your association to these ideas. If seeing yourself in the mind of god where anything is possible works best for you to circulate charges and feel things to be possible then be my guest but I’ve tried that many times in the past without having sufficient vitality and I dipped and couldn’t continue I lost all movement in that direction and the more I put myself on that path the worse things got. This is why I say we need to listen to intuitive impulse and be dynamic and move around as we’re driven because our conscious mind knows now the path of least resistance and thinks it can control everything when experience would say otherwise. When you’ve got good baseline vitality you’ve got more of that ability but when you’re cultivating that ability you need to flow and be dynamic instead of being focused on one direction because more than likely you’ll dip. The only way I see this as working is with something physically based like being into a sport or something where you’re consistently generating and circulating vitality instead of being on a path that’s all mental where you certainly will dip. It’s almost like most of us are designed to be active regularly instead of in our heads. 



So I've got my new keyboard and it feels quite a bit different. It's got default liner switches and the keys don't stick up as much which I don't like much but I've ordered replacement cherry blue switches to go in here. So the way that it sounds is quite different, I really don't like it and my typing is worse than it was on the old one because the keys are in slightly different locations. It'll take a while to get use to but it's ok. I'll just make more mistakes and stuff till I can build this thing correctly with the right caps and switches. 

So the magic is that manifestation works like magic when you're operating correctly as yourself on a regular basis. We have the baseline thematic expressions we play out in our daily lives but then there's also the ones that come from seeming conscious experiences. The thing is so many of these things happen without out conscious awareness of them really at all. It's very strange how they work because in the last week I've manifested so many things that I didn't consciously intend to receive or anything it was almost accidental. If this is the case then I say it's a function of things that are experienced on this level unintentionally that's also comfortable and normal for us in the thematic level. When there's a baseline that works and is comfortable then the output from this will automatically line up to that baseline expectation. I don't see any other way for this to be the case. It's almost like what NG says with assumptions but the thing is doing a conscious experience for the purpose of forming a new assumption or whatever just never works that simply it's extremely uncommon for people to go from zero to hero just from one good scene. There's often multiple shifts required on multiple levels in order to see favourable outcomes. 

Now that I think about it I remember saying before my keyboard broke down that I'd like to have a more minimalist setup and so it seems that's the case now with a detachable keyboard. The thing is though that there was no wish, no end experience. I never really had any intent underlying it and the "vibe" of the experience was that of almost a defeatist idea. There was almost no part of me that saw this as something that I wanted because I knew that the keyboard I had wasn't in production anymore and I loved it do much that I didn't want anything other than it but it turns out that this one fulfilled my needs anyway. It's common for people to experience a sort of unconscious type manifestation like this where it's just a casual conversation about something even in a negative light and that a result shows up soon after. It's basically a function of what themes are you experiencing and are you comfortable with these themes at baseline? That's seemingly the formula. Once again all this exists within you at a constitutional level so you don't need to consciously integrate anything to make anything happen, and often when attempting to do this you're going to fail anyway because you're approaching it from a place of expectancy and unnaturalness most of the time.

Having consistently themed sensory input you're buying into is basically a requirement if you're going to have an elevated sense of self. I've spoken about this before but if you want to be able to exist in the world without having any influence that's going to impact your direction on a macro and a micro level you should be having consistently themed sensory input. Without consistently themed input you're going to waver with almost 100% certainty. Having routine especially will be of benefit here with expectancy. If all the greater thematic processes we experience on a cyclic basis have integrated within them the directions and associated sensory inputs we buy into then why wouldn't having a consistent greater thematic process that's related to the direction we desire to go in result in more favourable automatic unconscious manifestations like I experienced. Ever since I manifested those 2 big loewe acondas for free some months back everything related to that area of old school tech has been showing up in my life without effort just by thinking about it even under a negative context. The thing is I'm comfortable with it because that's where I hold affinity, I always have. I've been into this stuff since I was like 7 or something which was the origins of my experimental mind. I just don't see how specific things can show up in our reality if we don't have a comfortable overarching thematic process for them to play off. You require that basis in order for a favourable outcome to show up, it's not even about the thematic assumptions but the archetypal affinity more so than anything because that's what your consciousness is naturally drawn towards.

It goes deeper than this though, like all these things have to unfold naturally of course but the means of naturalness is baseline affinity as this determines how our consciousness will automatically be viewing a concept vs another person. There's differences in consciousness on the level of filtering of the experience, two people can see and hear the same thing but perceive and interpret it differently because of the constitutional design someone has that's unique. Understand that the way you interpret information relating to your affinities drives the feelings in your body, and this then determines how you're driven and also how you're going to influence and be influenced by others. It seems there's the level of conceptual experience in the way I've outlined with everything I've said in my videos which relates to the specific sensory experiences but then on top of that those are integrated within baseline thematic affinities which will determine to your specific filter of consciousness the how and why and where and when of the conceptual sensory experience. The assumptions and related throughs therefore are simply extensions of that, they're not unique and separate they're a level of manifestation of the metaphysical processes. So in this sense we can relate the sense of self to the overarching thematic affinities and say that if we're compromised on those areas more prominently then we're likely to have more intense disproportionate pathways playing out that will result in the feelings to wake us up to who we are, and that is that we are the person who has natural affinity to these themes and to play them out AS we are. Those themes ARE our unique expression of consciousness which is why when you be yourself without compromise it's touching on your path of least resistance that's aligned to greater process (literally) and that you're also able to mediate other peoples processes within yours out of that higher order influence that you'll have in your experience. You'll influence and be influenced correctly out of that is the point and this is really the basis of sense of self. Refining specific beliefs is the work of becoming more of yourself in the means of flow and expression of the themes you've affinity for. That's all there is to do because that's you mediating power from greater process most efficiently and is really how power is made manifest in the world. Proportionate process within process.

Big insight..

Themes are what we work with first, then we go to affinities, then specific sensory concepts and experiences. For example you've got a thematic expression of flow state movement which is one I have, I then have have affinities for swift and sharp and rhythmic movements that are flashy and of high amplitude, then in specific I can express that as a concept in a sensory way about wushu for example. So here I have my hierarchy of processes that are integrated and are all driving each other. We establish the theme that our consciousness has which consistently is returned to in mind even if it's heavily compromised in it's expression but we understand which themes we have working in our consciousness. Then we establish the affinities we have within those themes, like for example dynamism and bouncy movement is an affinity that can express root and to an extent sacral based themes that express in the body as movement. Then in specific sensory experience that can come out in the form of a wushu routine. This is a complete proportionate circuit that integrates all the elements that we are driven to express. We're able to come up with the correct thematic implication out of that then which we can imagine experiencing which will come from something that we of course hold affinity for which will circulate current in our being because it will bring us pleasure. The feeling that you have affinity with something is the resonance causing current to circulate. When we imagine playing this out therefore it strengthens the overarching archetypes and associates channels too. The specific manifestations will then be natural to us, we will be comfortable and acceptive of these outcomes because of this resonance and affinity. Given enough baseline circulating vitality we can "overcome" any limiting beliefs in SATS by using it as a purification method to further refine the field geometry and own our affinities and take back our authority. From here we will feel safe and comfortable in these experiences and thus the scenario that happened to me today and over the last few days can and will happen to you too. This is the formula, as least given my current frame of mind it makes complete sense. It's touching on the automatically associated themes and affinities that we are drawn towards so that greater process isn't missed out and in that the the NG stuff with specific experiences that are represented under these greater processes can be imagined to further that depth of experience. It would be natural and effortless.


It’s s best that to facilitate specific manifestation that we primarily work in coherently aligning ourselves to our affinities and themes that we’re compromising on. I thi k the real reason why we fail to manifest specific things is because of this reason which is why really you don’t even need to imagine anything to experience fulfilling and really specific things just by being yourself without compromise and with complete authority which IS you expressing the themes and processes you’re designed for which divinity is acting through you with. That’s the thing refining the sense of self comes from a top down approach in most cases where we work with “money” or “love” as overarching themes in which them sensory concepts can be explored further to integrate specific experiences. If it’s not correct it’ll be because we’re not owning our definition and buying into influence from the world which is making our themes and affinities waver in our expression and this is the resistance we experience that’s eating up our vitality leaving us basically powerless to manifest specific things. I need to experiment more with this idea but I believe this is the case that the experience of having refined sense of self arises out of playing out your themes and affinities that being you into a negenteopic relationship with greater process which is where your power is made manifest. It’s one in the same thing and this also can now explain why we can have seeming negative specific experiences like saying you don’t have something or you haven’t heard from someone and then that exact opposite experience can show up because you’ve got that comfortability there working for you at baseline. Baseline is everything with this because really that’s unconscious expectation is the assumption that drives the means by which concepts are made manifest which will of course confirm the feeling of flow you have with greater process. I do believe this answers that’s question of “what about the random thoughts we have in conversations about not having something and then it shows up” well it’s because of themes and affinities were comfortable with that these conversations bring up and remind us of with the direction of it. It’s basically how the not technique works, you bring up the concept and it brings the direction to mind even if the specific words would imply you don’t have something. It’s all about process within process and understanding that words and images and all that mean nothing if the integrated process is warped because how were relating to processes greater than us (as corporal beings) determines everything in our experience. If we’re disproportionate and feeling lack out of compromise to fit in and accept limitation on our affinities then we lose no matter how specific the scene is and of course our experience of vitality will be diminished from this which of course then extends into all the areas of influence I spoke about in earlier entires to greater detail. 

This explains that part about how the sense of self can be refined and experienced. Step by step basically it’s about working top down in implication. We work from themes and affinities down into the more detailed concepts and sensory experiences which in implication are integrated into those overarching processes which are really what we experience as the beliefs that we map out in the field geometry graph in pathway revision. Doing pathway work is revealing these things and grants us an understanding of who we are and what we’re driven towards and in that case how we can fulfil and own who we are so that automatic manifestation can unfold for us by us being ourselves. So with that being said I don’t think there’s more to this than what I’ve gone into so far. I’m thinking that there’s not much else that’s not really been explained or explored yet about this phenomena. When you look at how all these prices come together it’s really all just about processes within processes and that those processes have metaphysical significance on various levels which determines our relationship to them and how we experience that on the corporeal level. 

When we’re driven by greater process and we fully embrace and own those affinities without compromise we win because of the above mentioned outline. When we’re consistently occupied with themes of affinity then we won’t be able to help but manifest experiences desired automatically and you’ll not be attached because you’re expressing top down which brings comfort and safety to the nervous system which or course allows the free flow of vitality and intuitive impulse to drive us. It’s all connected now what more is there to explore? I don’t know but I know there’s more. There always is. When Reality Synthesis is complete then my work will be done but until then I’m just going to keep writing entries to finalise all the parts. 




Dreaming is interesting because we will be able to hear the physical reality in the dream state still and interpret those sounds as dream experiences. Just had that happen again.


The imagination is an alchemical agent which affords us the ability to refine the substances within us and as these substances are refined then we influence our world. 

Celebrating yourself in all things you do is the stuff of legends. Look back at the so called biblical days and the artistic endeavours they went into. These people built massive structures endowed with divinely ordered art and it reflected how they felt inside. Surround yourself with the environment that's correct for you, be it the location, the elevation, the noises and smells and all that stuff that reminds you on the sensory conceptual level that you're the one who owns you. Play into it and make it normal. Simply by being this person we will automatically demand respect from those around us by valuing our vitality as our currency of exchange and that everything we surround ourselves with is proportionate to that end. This is the path of the immortal. You allow your body to guide you with the intuitive impulses and the sensory stimulus that arises out of this where the conscious mind and it's influenceable nature cannot waver with this basis. Eventually the conscious mind will be on board with that but the ultimate end is to value your vitality because this is who we are at our absolute essence because the vitality that flows and activates various thematic principles within us as it circulates IS what results in so called manifestation. It's a function of you being correct.

The people who think that the things imagined, such as jumping to the moon which is one I use all the time as an example, must correspond to those physical experiences and so whatever I act in the imagination is what I will act in the world. That's obviously not the case, so many people imagine things that are of fantasy and yet it stays in the mind. Riding a dragon or flying with a superpower or any of this stuff, children imagine being this all the time because of how they're inspired by the influences of the world and the media they consume but they don't physically go flying even if they'd fully embody and feel that. If this idea that anything is possible like superpowers then where's the people who have demonstrated this? I'm yet to see anyone on earth demonstrate real superhuman ability as a normal thing for them, except the few I worked with personally over the years. My qigong master for example and the alchemist. They were able to perform acts of seeming impossible nature but it wasn't something that came out of a simple imaginal act they lived and breathed that as their very existence and in all things they did it was towards this end of attaining power. Vitality. The real currency of manifestation. It's that when we coherently make something normal is when those things can be made manifest but from every example I've seen of this there was always a metaphysical basis that they operated through and it was never made manifest like magic with no basis in the principles of reality for it was the mastering of these principles of reality that these powers were made manifest. Understand that yes anything is possible so long as you've got the capacity for it and own that. Unless that's normal for you it'll be a dream, just like with money or SP and all this other stuff. Without a normal expectancy because of the themes that drive you and the concepts that are associated showing up at baseline you'll just peak and dip and have no fixed point of reference to anchor and ground into. You see? It's not that imaginal acts show up, it's that the expectancy of something with a stimulus that brings that concept to mind that things get influenced and this always plays out through the metaphysical and alchemical processes that exist AS us that our vitality as it circulates lights up these areas that correspond to various experiences in the world.



So I've been for a long walk through the forest today and I wish I recorded what came out of my mouth. Was wonderful stuff. I was speaking more so on the expansion of themes to affinities to sensory experiences within that. So the formula has been refined further to include more of a breakdown. It's the fixed archetypes that are filtered through our consciousness that are represented as the themes of experience we're driven towards and if our feeling sense is correct in sensory concept and affinity it should touch on these themes by default because of the integrated associations. When you use the feeling sense you're targeting these themes and nothing else and I'll explain why. So when you touch on a specific sensory concept you've got affinity for then you'll feel the resonance of that because it's touching on the overarching archetypes of consciousness that comprise the experience of that sensory experience and so with the feeling sense when we're targeting a desired concept it'll automatically touch on the associated archetype because it's what we hold affinity for. It's like a chain of beliefs, pathways, that all integrate together and form the experience we're targeting. This is why manifestation doesn't work with specific sensory experiences as details are rarely replicated however the thematic process that those sensory details are targeting with the feeling sense has that attached implication so really the implication that NG speaks of as the end IS the themes that are fixed that we're becoming resonant with and proportionate with our field geometry and so we feel that as the feeling sense of fulfilment and any emotional reactions that come out of that.

Is anything possible? yes. Anything is possible because these archetypes of consciousness exist the way they do. The thing that limits us is the conceptual basis that we're integrated within when it comes to how those themes are expressed and the link between them is the affinities. For example someone has more of a yang based constitutional makeup and they're dynamic in their body meaning they're going to be more expressive and likely more active. They'll probably be generators and so generators need to move a lot in order to properly use their energy. The way I see this is that it's overarching themes that determine the quality of the energy that's expressed at baseline, be it more internalised vs externalised and whether that's transformative or refining or stabilising for example. These themes then bounce off the affinities which are in part determined by environment and partly by constitution, they're a product of the constitution but are the link between the sensory concepts that make up how the consciousness explores these themes which relies on an environmental factor to pickup on things that bring that resonance which is what drives us towards things that we're interested in. These are the affinities, so with me I've got many affinities, some in the area of experimenting and testing things, some in the areas of contemplation and refining of understanding and some in areas of what I call "flow state movement" where I'm into flashy rapid and swift movement and such as a means of expression. These are all of course means of expressing the affinities that are within us to the outside world where we can further continue the procession of these themes through the sensory reality to others so that new mixtures of themes and concepts can be formed. That's what correct outer authority really is about, it's that we're playing our part in providing what we've internalised then to the world so that the world can utilise our unique perception to form new perceptions out of that and so on.

When we live correctly according to our themes and feel into them with the targeting sense and allow any sensory stimulus that arises to drive our affinities into the world for expression then we're using our energy correctly and we win. If we compromise on the expression of these areas we're incorrectly using our energy and it drains us in ways that leads to suffering. It's always compromise on these areas that causes suffering, why? Because when we're compromising it's meaning we're giving our inner authority and connection with greater divine process away to the world instead of playing our part in forming a complete circuit that the world requires and so people simply cannot show up for us the way we want because we're not proportionate to our path. It's so simple to understand. You got to get this notion out of your head that focusing on the concept is going to solve your issues because it's not the compromise comes from the thematic and affinity level. The sensory and conceptual level is the least affected by compromise because if you've got good anchoring into the themes and affinities then you'll automatically be driven unconsciously by your body to flow with the world into the exact right places and see the right people at the right times and all that stuff to fulfil your process. You can always adjust the sensory details from there, to a specific amount of money or a specific person or a specific location or whatever but that's all dependent on if you're playing out your affinities or not because they're the foundation that the concepts are built within and determine how you feel about yourself relative to the world around you and your sense of self value and authority. This is the formula for the sense of self in essence. The thematic processes are the very foundation and when you feel into a concept you're really targeting the theme and not the specific concept which is why as I've said many times that manifestations unfold without the specific sensory details more often than not but the theme of it plays out. So for example money would represent the Fehu rune which is the archetype you're tapping into with the feeling and when you imagine the money on the ground even with no feeling or desire or anything you'll be touching on the theme of resources because that's the underlying subsatnce that comprises that experience on the thematic level. Love can often be more related to Gebo or even Wunjo, there's lots of runes related to love and relationships and stuff but often it's themed in a very open sense so attracting people with receptive themes to your definition is very easy if you're then attaching corresponding affinities and concepts to those on a regular basis that defines the metaphysical direction you're moving in, in essence. The feeling and the targeting sense (really the same thing) are tapping you into the metaphysical thematic direction your consciousness is moving in and when that's baseline through continued conceptual anchoring into that theme then you experience the results of that theme in your reality, so love or wealth or whatever. If you're spending time over the day going in and out and being all over the place with your themes then you'll never get any real shifts that are favourable because there's no normalisation or comfort established at baseline with the themes you're touching on. When the themes and affinities are baseline then all the specific sensory basis is easy to imagine and have show up. Remember that vitality and all that TCM meridian circuitry and stuff all corresponds to this too, it's the same thing but being made manifest in another way and the same goes with the psychological and neuroscience model interpretation of these metaphysics. There's only one process but it's being made manifest on all these various levels to provide the naturalness and the means by which the metaphysics can be traced.

Long paragraph.

I don't think I can elaborate more than this. I've explored the psychological side completely in the past but there's nothing more to relate it's all standard stuff. TO put simply here for those who want a basic understanding of this. The way specific manifestations works is a function of you buying into something in the world that you find resonance with on an affinity level and these affinities will have thematic correspondence. So think of it like the themes then branch off into all the affinities and then those affinities are branching off into all the sensory specific experiences that define the details behind how that's experienced in the consciousness. We've been told to go sensory information first but that's not going to work if you don't have correct basis in the thematic and affinity level because those are what define how coherent you'll be in the specific sensory experience to where your power comes from. Also to all the fools who say "what about negative manifestations and those details", well those details are implied automatically because you're experiencing compromised authority and so experiences will correspond to that theme. You see? It's simple. You'll manifest the details based on your conversations because those conversations have basis in a belief, a story, based on compromised thematic and affinity expression which you're experiencing as the negative so called manifestations. This is all automatic you never had to consciously move into any of it it's a function of compromise above all else and so your energy is drained where others don't want to be around you because you're sucking their vitality out just as they'd be your battery as you're disconnected from your power supply from being correct. So negative stuff happens out of compromise and positive stuff comes out of owning. The question is are you owning the correct themes and anchoring into them with enough intensity? When you own these themes and such with such passion and lack of care for others authority over your expression of them then you win every time because you'll be integrated proportionally to greater process which is where power is made manifest. 

Specific scenes don't push out, the themes do. Always. The thing about specific manifestations is that the details are almost automatically implied anyway, your psychological thoughts about things that come and go based on sensory stimulus in the world that reminds you of these affinities will confirm those affinities and themes automatically which is why more people out there who don't consciously imagine with SATS or whatever manifest things seemingly out of pure intent. I've heard so many standard Christian stories where they prayed to god in the conventional way and they got exactly what they wanted and they said that God knew what they wanted and it came to them because of their faith. You'll hear this happening so many times where there's no detailed sensory experience it's just a wish put out there like you're sending out a message to relaity to bring you something and it shows up. This contradicts NG completely and yet it happens and it happens to me and you all the time where in simple passing conversations with people certain subjects we've affinity for comes up and it brings us more of that experience and often details that we desire without having any positive "I receive" related meaning on it.

Do you see why we don't need SATS now? Why we don't need any manifesting techniques? I've said that SATS is a purification technique and other coaches who are very successful whom I've spoken to recently in multiple private sessions for their top programs have revealed to me their experiences of how people most often get results out of SATS and how it's rarely the imagined scene but the thematic exploration of that and what they're giving to themselves they're looking to have fulfilled. It's just that the sensory experience represents the affinities and thematic exploration because it has to, every sensory experience has an underlying context and that's what shifts the sense of self as it's returning to self the experience of normalcy and authority and a baseline of proportionality with greater consciousness and so from here since the SATS was the shift in their internal field geometry relating to their sense of authority and such they're now owning their definition and the targeted SP that's implied in that will automatically shift their experience to align to be in that persons life now as if it's like magic when in reality there never was magic or whatever it was always field geometry interactions as all things are. Manifestation as we understand it doesn't exist because of this. The process of manifestation isn't about making anything specific happen it's about becoming the receptor to that experience in our field geometry through owning and disowning parts of us that need to be shifted and so the corresponding sensory experience aligns automatically with details included. Thematic exploration is the point. Specific sensory details will show up as a result of these scenes because they're existent within the affinities you have, that's why you desire specific sensory experiences and represent the beliefs you have on that detail level and describe the desires on the sensory level. This explains why the details that manifest come about, it's not even the conscious recognition of them because that conscious recognition of those thoughts you think was the cause once again originated from affinities and their relationship to the concepts you're experiencing as sensory details are once again implied out of this. It's a mix of affinities together and sensory experiences that comprise the basis of how we imagine and experience physically those experiences. This can be applied to any level.


To expand more, late in the night or course, I want to touch more on the area of what imagination does. Imagination gives us a platform in the mind to explore the affinities and themes we have as a means of normalising them which is why SATS be it closed or open eye is a transformation technique. All so called techniques should represent transformation methods because that’s all that they can do. Integrating specific concepts is the other side of this that gets everyone all confused about the mechanics of manifesting. As we know the themes play out in our consciousness through the affinities and that the affinities are what we’re natuslly attracted to in the world because the sensations out body gives us will determine the resonance we have with something and that means of expressing that is in the sensory level meaning that the sensory experience is a representation of metaphysical processes playing out. This is how nature is made manifest, nobody imagined the natural world to be what it is it just is as it is because it’s implied by the fact that the thematic processes must always result in corresponding sensory details that are representative of those metaphysics. The only reason metaphysics and alchemy are even subjects of study is because of this, because we can trace out experiences back to corresponding themes we know how the nature of these integrated processes plays out in our consciousness. 

The way then that we can manifest specific things such as amounts of money that’s not related to influencing a persons field geometry would be that with a normalised theme and affinity that’s owned (the essence of the desire we have that we’re drawn towards naturally.) then based on the conditioning from the world (naturally) we receive on specific sensory details we can then further describe that affinity and theme with these specific details as there’s a proportionate connection made. When the direction is coherent, meaning the natural and normalcy surrounding an affinity is present, then that affinity and theme will automatically make itself known in the world through manifesting phenomena that confirms it and this will then likely relate to the most specific sensory details that touches on those themes and such that the themes can be most effortlessly made manifest in the world through. It’s that the details are means by which the metaphysics can be made manifest and the details can be negative and or positive and it wouldn’t matter because the sensory concept is still present. It’s like the not technique I’ve heard people say is a bad thing to use which is nonsense because it’s worked for me many times naturally and many others who I’ve written about in the notebook over the time. The point is that the concept doesn’t matter because it’s implied by touching on the thematic processes we’ve affinity for. That’s it. The path of least resistance then follows and if it’s going to be specific because you’re providing that guiding natural flow with your sensory inputs then that’s how it’ll be, otherwise it’ll show up in an unexpected way completely. This explains why some people manifest specific things that they seemingly obsess over and others get general broad results that are still favourable but that they didn’t expect. It’s that when the themes are normalised surrounding that (which basically is what makes manifest the beliefs and corresponding stories and thoughts and images) sensory experience that it can manifest. Dropping the seed as I’ve also said is an impossible task to do because dropping it isn’t possible if it’s a part of your process to work towards, like for example with me and taking over the LOA community completely and eradicating LOA completely in favour of reality synthesis, it’s a thing that perhaps not in detail is present in the mind all the time but on the thematic level is always firing off because we’re in that direction all the time. Dropping the seed therefore is a function of being yourself meaning playing out the themes you’re driven towards and owning them and not thinking twice about falling back. Dropping the seed really means just setting the direction and leaving that direction be set and to allow yourself to flow towards that end. 



I believe that collectively we've disconnected from our affinities and have become ok with compromising on them in order to fit in and "sacrifice" which has been the narrative that we've had to accept from Talmudic elites who influence policy. It's that we've accepted being used instead of using for being the one who influences through being yourself in a way that's seemingly radical is seen as a bad thing and yet these transformations must unfold for things to move forward on a collective level. It really is the disconnect from our affinities that's driving this influence into the world. There's been a push for things to become further homogenised and "safe" which is yet a further demonstration of the degenerate culture propagated by those same Talmudic influences. People here who read this notebook are completely clueless about these things, and that's ok, but as a metaphysician I look at everything in the world and see it's archetypal and alchemical function so that I may better understand relaity as a whole. Global cultural and political cycles reflect these processes playing out and we're comprising it, we're all influenced by it whether we think we are or not. Look back 2-3 decades and the world was way different, most of the cultural degeneracy that's propagated didn't exist to the same extent and we're going to go through another revealing and purging cycle where these utter degenerates who propagate this trash will be pulled out of influence and another cycle will arise. How that plays out I don't know exactly. I made predictions on these processes 3 years ago understanding the basics of global cycles and how we're comprising that as individuals because no matter how you slice it you're contributing to this cycle by being yourself and having a response to your environment be it outwardly expressed or inwardly expressed there's still impact no matter the outward manifest expression of that position. 

One thing I always recognised whenever I went into analysis of these global cycles was that it dragged me down into that same resonance and my vitality would tank. Now I know why and I fully understand the influence on the thematic level that drives what my feeling sense is targeting and how I then expect the world to respond out of seeing nothing but degenerate ignorant fools instead of people being influenced by greater processes driving the transformations necessary for shifts to happen. It's that we must look at this from the metaphysical perspective, the thematic perspective, that's correct for us. See it through the lens of abundance, not in the conceptual terms and being delusional in how you're interpreting these observations by denying them but recognising the facts from within a container of thematic process involving a top down perspective as being above the cycles, seeing it's not what is but that it's what is because of. You pull out the perspective instead of through tunnel vision, you tap into the themes and affinities and see it from that broader resonant perspective. This is the same state that we should be looking at everything through, experiencing reality from the metaphysical thematic sense is the way we perceive reality correctly and this is far less stimulating to the senses too. We only experience with the senses what's necessary and we discard that which is not related to our correct thematic path. Media has been the single most influential aspect of our world on the path we walk. If we lived purely in nature without media half of the consciousness we experience at 9 vortex beings would be limited and our function would be incomplete without things to analyse as this is our nature. We only exist this way because of our environment, the idea of evolution comes out of this metaphysical process it's not random at all it's that we're driven based on greater processes and our conscious capacity comes out of that. There's always a natural progression which can be traced to the metaphysic, that's what this is about. We comprise greater process and reflect the processes taking place on that greater level within our culture as influence. It's almost all pre-determined and many would think what's the point of decision making at that point but that's not the point it's that our reactions are what's required. It's the mixture of causes and effects that transform and form new experiences and perspectives, hence manifestation.

We've all been told that manifestation is purely something that comes out of imaginal experiences and yet the world exist as it does without 99.9% of people ever touching on this idea. People who invented influential technologies are often cited as those who are esteemed for their great work and yet they couldn't help but express themselves this way, it's something they unconsciously played out because of how their consciousness filters information. I can't help but see flaws in everything and point out what does and doesn't work which is what naturally led me towards a metaphysical view on reality as I just had to see every perspective and how it's interconnected on the thematic levels I talk about endlessly. We're driven by greater process in the themes we've affinity for regardless of if we realise it or not because we're just naturally aligned to receiving and processing this information through our thematic form of resonance. This is who we are and when we recognise that and we own it completely we win. There's all these other elements on top of that such as vitality and all that which once again everyone in this community including NG himself and the rest who don't get these alchemical perspectives are all missing and thus get limited results from because of that. 

Regardless of if those who read this here and now get this and comprehend these components of consciousness understand they'll return to this when they're ready and it'll connect the dots. It takes time for our processes to unfold, I spent about a decade to get to this point and that was me having spent over 10k hours going through almost every source of info on almost every subject I could imagine to processes and comprehend. The comprehension part is exponential though, it's extremely slow and takes many many years to even begin to touch the exponential part of the curve but it's there once you get far enough, I know from experience that this is the case. Even just in the last year without any real pressure from the outside world I continued to refine and further develop the theory of Reality Synthesis as it's just what I do and what's natural and normal for me given my thematic processes and affinities. You're the same, you have affinities and such that you're not owning which represents your path of least resistance towards a coherent source and supply of vitality. Honestly if you want to manifest the life of a real living legend then you'll never do it doing the mental work it's all going to be through your body. ALL OF IT! ALLLLLLLL OF IT!! There's not a shred of mental contemplation that will improve your vitality ever it's impossible it's all going to come out of you moving your body in the correct way. vitality is a critically important part that's missed and I need to speak further on it because without vitality we'll not exist. People who think you can think vitality into your life are whacked, nobody on earth has ever or will ever generate and circulate vitality out of that and if you wish to actually restore your vitality completely to the point where you can become a truly immortal being you're going to need to give everything up. All Jing leaks. This is a metaphysical process remember the psychological aspects will correspond to that.

I want everyone to think of media or characters or music or art of some form that reminds them of a theme they've affinity for and to write it down. Then branching off that write down associated media and so on so on... Form a map of relationships you have and then see that as your map of your mind without ever having written down the thoughts in your mind consciously that arise with pathway work. This is a part of the process I'm going to establish now as a way to gain insight on what to feel and experience with the targeting sense and then also specifically what imaginal scenes are correct. This is how we can establish that and I've been testing this and have found some very very very powerful results that actually went above and beyond what I thought was even possible. It's this, it's the thematic processes that is what causes people who shift their baseline because we're really adjusting to normalise the thematic experience of something WITH vitality underlying that to give a yang based form of expression to the circulating yin based substance we've stablished with the senses and have created the space to inhabit. Honestly when I look at all the coaches who get success with the "boot camp" method as I call it by basically telling people to live in a one track mind on the thing they desire to whatever capacity they have is actually just them feeling into a consistent feeling and establishing that at baseline. When you just work with conceptual experiences like affirmations or visualisations but from within a warped container of limited and incorrect thematic and affinity then you're going to get proof of the affirmation but with the limited context which is why signs and partial results occur. You're doing it wrong if that's the case, they don't mean anything other than that you're focusing on a theme that's confirming these experiences and you'll feel that feeling and it'll remind you of the familiar sensation of lack. That's why repetitive affirmations never have and never will ever result in favourable outcomes because the metaphysical senses are not being utilized which are the foundation by which is the container sensory experiences are made manifest through. This once again represents the sense of self I've spoken about and in my equation sense of self X concept = context is a simplified version of this that describes how things work. You could really say that sensory experience is just a way for the senses and the conscious mind to experience the metaphysical sense because there must be a target to work with on that level that's thematic which the sensory experience describes.

So the reason boot camp methods seem to result in positive outcomes (for those who work with the correct beliefs (directions)) is because they're targeting the right direction on a consistent basis and making the container in which all their experiences come through to confirm their ideal sense of self. This doesn't matter if it comes from the conditioning of world or not because it's still within the container that's correct. If the container is correct then the details which are like grains of sand within that don't really matter at all because it'll all confirm the sense of self anyway. It's if the sense of self or the container is inconsistent and influenced by the world that you've got issues. If the container is warped and limited in it's means of expression and authority then you'll miss your potential and still suffer because the fixed point of reference your body wants to be moving in will be unsatisfied, you'll be incorrectly spending your energy in ways that's not negentropic. Do we understand now why signs and limited results show up and why peaks and dips show up and why we're lacking vitality and people still respond unfavourably to us? So long as you've got a source of yang and some space to work with you can always recover as there's always an inner supply of vitality and coherency with greater process to draw on that's going to serve your progression towards higher order.

When NG says "what would it feel like" he's telling you to target the thematic process you've affinity for and that the sensory experience is representing that based on the affinities. Without that affinity you'll not feel correct, there'd be no confirming resonance and it wouldn't feel correct. What would it feel like? Remember that this doesn't just have to involve one specific conceptual direction in terms of sensory experience but an overarching thematic and affinity level. So long as you're touching on the correct thematic level you'll always be feeling correct but if the sensory experience elicits limited resonance with the thematic affinity then it's because you've been devalued for having this and you've passed on your authority. This more often than not comes from limited perception and a lack of vitality to use as the alchemical agent for transformation. Using media as a source of tapping you into resonant themes and such would facilitate correct direction but the thing is without the corresponding vitality present to support that integration you'll dip and reset in time, though that depends on what the nature of the theme would be. Most of the time without correct direction that can be expressed through the body you're going to dip because mental direction in terms of information processing will not be sustainable without a means for the body to also respond which if it had supporting vitality would literally be next to impossible NOT to be driven to express through movement in the world. You'd be almost powerless to stop it because the drive to respond would be so immense, just like someone who's helplessly addicted to destructive substances that can't stop. It's the opposite process that if vitality is present you'll WANT to express it with passion the way your thematic process ensures you'll be driven to do. it'll be automatic is the point, living a correct life simply comes out of correct response in the sense of field geometry interactions with others based on following your correct thematic processes. I just can't describe the feeling in words, it's just passion and drive and flow and wonder in a sense. It'll all depend on the thematics and affinities but you'll experience fulfilment no matter the quality of them.

Correct direction that's unwavering, meaning you're not going to compromise for anyone on any level when it comes to the expression of your themes and affinities and such.

Having significant cultivated vitality and having that vitality circulated through the field geometry will grant you greater influence to draw the right people to the right places at the right times given you're in the right direction.

That's it. Cultivate vitality and work with a consistent coherent direction and you win. THAT'S IT! All the human design stuff complicates things far too much, it's honestly not going to facilitate transformation just knowing strategy and authority because without vitality you'll not experience the intuitive impulse to the same degree and not even know if it's correct or not because your body is weak as water from all the degeneracy the conscious mind absorbed in pleasurable sensations that drained the nervous system. Fasting from sensory stimulus and creating space will facilitate the whole HD process of strategy and authority but once again there's still the aspect of thematic recognition that also needs to be understood which HD can grant insights towards but the conscious mind by doing pathway work and recognising resonant media and all that can reveal these insights to us. I don't think starting with HD is going to work for most, especially in the modern world of on demand stimulation that's screwed everyone over including myself to a degree. Most of my generation are whacked because of this fact which is why we're all disconnected and are extremely unsatisfied on a collective level and can't manifest any positive outcomes. We're all weak and powerless because we've been overstimulated and that's the fact that underlies the most common threads here, especially for guys who have the hardest time. Cultivating vitality should be the number 1 process that anyone who's looking towards living correctly should focus on and tapping into the thematic and even sensory representation of that from a satisfied perspective. Anchoring into this and boot camping yourself in that direction will facilitate the HD system working for you vs it being all in your head, speaking from experience. Vitality is all that matters. You can know everything about everything but without vitality you'll forever be a weak and useless person in this world and you know that if you're in that position. You know it. Vitality is required and vitality is most consistently drained through sensory stimulus. I said in an old video that the Daoists say that the Jing leaks through the senses and they're right. We don't like that but it's a fact and no amount of telling yourself otherwise will ever change that fact. If you think otherwise then prove me wrong.. I'll be waiting.

To those who really do want to progress and stop wasting time then have correct direction and correct stimulus and watch the magic unfold. It's common sense. Anyone can do it, this isn't some magic path that I've discovered it's the most common sense thing imaginable just live like you know you should and that your body is constantly pulling you towards but you're ignoring because you're still too weak and powerless either because you've bought into false authorities in your life dictating what decisions you can and or can't make and or that you've drained your vitality so much that you've got no metaphysical and energetic influence in the world to actually drive the processes your body wants to play out you're ignoring and masking over. 

How would I coach someone who's heavily compromised and has many different addictions of lack and all that? Firstly would be to establish their base thematic direction. I'd get their chart and figure out how their consciousness filters information and how their body is driven. I'd do pathway work to find common threads and direct uncompromising expression towards that. I'd almost be willing to say regardless of their direction to take up pilates or lifting or combat sport especially if they're a guy because it's a very powerful way to circulate cultivated vitality aside from doing qigong which isn't always the right method to circulate. They'd do a few basic qigong moves and stand horse stance for extended times too to fortify kidney essence to facilitate liver and heart meridians to flow correctly from the circulated yang and qi. They need to embody their direction and respond to the world based on their authority and strategy. Embodiment and logging of psychological processes over the day as well as forming them a series of images and pieces of music they can play that remind them of the thematic process that drives the coherency and grants them more familiarity with their correct process. I'd also tell them to throw away the smartphone for an old 3G physical button phone with no internet if it's been used for degenerate processes until they've established a new baseline that works for them where they're not reliant on stimulus to drive them. I'd also get them on herbs and perhaps on a remedy if it's a more extreme case of depletion. They'd imagine at night the specific scenes required and they'd gaze got 45 mins every day either in 3 15 min sessions or one long one. They'd cut out people and influences that break their boundaries without hesitation and take back their sense of self. From this place there should be a systematic process of restoration by which then transformation should unfold. Seems highly structured but that's the thing, with the structure we'll build expectancy. From there they'll have the vitality to tap into their intuitive impulses reliably and allow their inner authority to drive their decisions and they can refine the process to be specific to them and how they're driven. That's how I'd do it. If the standard NG methods were used alone it would have to be very very specifically laser targeted to the right beliefs or else they'll continue to compromise and drain vitality and not tap into their correct authority. When your baseline is so whacked and you've got no direction or vitality you just can't live correctly from within as there's no channel of expression present to work with and purely cultivating vitality and fasting from the world and focusing on expressing in the correct directions with tangible bodily movement will ensure coherency is built reliably, unlike with imaginal work. 

I've established that the imaginal work is a means of purification but as I've said without a very laser focused specific target on the thematic level targeted with the sensory experience you'll not actually dissolve the solidified resistive pathways. Physical movement is the most reliable method because it does the same thing if it's directed towards what's proportionate. This is why Kung Fu exists, not for self defence but for a means of expression and the circulation of vitality and a means of having a more dynamic qigong process which touches on the various themes. That's why there's so many different styles because they're all touching onto difference resonant thematic processes for different people. Doing a set of movements that's correct for you is like doing the correct imaginal scene. It's all metaphysical so get the hint.


I’m going to take time off from the process of refining manifesting theory for a while I feel I’m being driven towards vitality cultivation more these days through what I’m going to call the flow state combat theme. I have affinity for high mobility combat forms and parkour and such that’s a means of me playing out the themes I have in the areas of flow and power. It brings me true satisfaction when I’m in these places and it almost feels like I’m dancing. Lately I’ve been looking for more than my elemental qigong routine and more of a dynamic and higher intensity form of expression, likely because I’m needing more of that competitive spirit. 


I had a dream last night that one of my clients left RS coaching. Interesting stuff and proved to me my imaginal scene last night worked for setting direction. It also seems there’s surrounding beliefs to refine with pathway work. Everyone should be doing regular pathway work. 


You anchor yourself in imagination with your imaginal senses and you "reboot" your consciousness and lose yourself in the now in that place to effectively embody that being. This is why surface level thinking doesn't influence things because it's not abandoning self. Daydreaming and lucid dreaming is the same thing in imagination.


Later day. Tingvadlavatn - UCP

Looks like my short experiments into the nature of themes and affinities has proven very insightful. It’s absolutely a way to circulate vitality, generating it isn’t the point with this but correct circulation is.  Just sinking into the sensation of being yourself on that thematic level and amplifying that sensation as you would in imagination (which it is an imaginal sense anyway) literally aligns our field geometries to be proportionate. Are you going all the way? Are you going to the point where you’re under that pressure of transformation or are you accepting the comfort zone? The comfort zone is the barrier between being stuck and establishing a new normal baseline.

The fact is that the people who read this who think they get it really don’t. There must be an established baseline level of understanding for actual comprehension and gnosis to be present for things to sink in fully. Whenever I imagine myself being the person I’m driven towards being by greater process that’s defining my directions of influence and insight I win. I don’t imagine myself being anyone I’m not or anyone the world tells me I need to be because I only imagine what’s satisfying or what’s going to dissolve resistance within me. I don’t imagine random scenes and if I do they come out of me naturally. When I sit down to script in the morning I don’t consciously contemplate I just allow whatever it is to come through me without a thought. I allow the themes to express as conceptual experiences and implications on the paper through my body with the pen on the paper and nothing else. I live and breathe my essence and I own it without compromise. I know my authority and the essence underlying my decision making and I know my boundaries and how to enforce them swiftly whenever is needed. I know my role as the one who destroys peoples worldviews and the one who tears down authority figures people love to look up to as their gods and I own that completely. I don’t compromise on that expression because it feels satisfying and it circulates vitality through my being, I can feel the Yang rising and increasing my physical and mental vitality. These pits in my stomach and the fears I had all vanish when I’m in the presence of being me. The somatic sensations dissolve when I circulate the fire of life to melt down the crystallised patterns of compromise and I reap the rewards. I am the experience of flow and stories and decapitation and I hold no mercy for my expression of self in this world. I own the intensity that comes with the power within and I formulate that into how my outer authority presents itself because it’s natural. I don’t need to censor for nobody and I don’t need to spend a second of time extra than I need to on anything I’m not driven to, no matter the circumstances.

Owning your energy and your nature is being yourself without compromise on all levels and in this place you’re going to automatically unfold all the manifestations required because those will all be confirming to satisfying themes of experience that you are, not that you’re being yourself because that results in outcomes of such proportionate nature but because we accept ourselves and surrender to the drive that greater process is mediating through us into this world. We are a vessel for God to express in and as and the surrender to greater process is the surrender to incorporeal being that’s greater than the manifest consciousness experiencing tangible reality for we by being correct elevate God. We purify and formulate God because we are the corporeal expression of a piece of Gods consciousness and by us being correct we are effectively expressing through God as God expresses through us by the nature of our proportionate relationship. This is who we are and living and breathing that is how imagination is God. Imagination is God because being correct is going to manifest everything you desire simply as a function of you being correct and owning your true nature and your function as God. 

We’ve been told that imaginal acts create and yet that’s never been demonstrated to be a fact. The people who imagine the worlds they detail in the books they write, why do these people not get transported into fantasy worlds about the reality they’re describing and experiencing in their minds. Why do we when we read it only experience the thematic levels of the imaginal scenes outlined in the book and not the exact nature of that world? The fact is that imaginal acts tap us into thematic processes of experience which then use the world around us and the normalised processes we experience to manifest those inner experiences. The likeness of the imaginal scene must always reflect the sense of self and that targeted feeling which is experienced on the thematic level. That’s what manifestation does when we speak about imagination is god and crates reality. There’s never been any magic there it’s all that when we imagine what’s correct for us and we’ve got corresponding affinities that play into the scene we will get our SP even if the scene has nothing to do with them because it’s implied. The money will come. Imagining an implication of love or money or whatever is only able to touch on the thematic level. The specific amounts of money that show up, like for example finding a stack of cash on the ground that you imagined (many people imagine receiving $100 but they only get like $10 or something limited) because they experienced the theme of money and that was represented to the senses as picking up the money as an act of normalised experience which is the only function of having sensory experience and vividness in imagination. The implication works on the level of the thematic processes we have affinity for and the means by which that is experienced will always reflect the level of normalcy to what we have experienced. The real function of SATS as I’ve said is to push the comfort zones forward and use it as a purification method and not as something to make things happen, when you use it as a means of self expression and alignment towards what’s correct for you then you’ll see the changes vs imagining your SP saying you’ve been married for X years because there’s no transformation or no thematic process that’s normalised for you to anchor that experience into. 

I hope now you know why NG and his work is limited in application and why he was woefully ignorant about the phenomena of manifestation. If he knew these things he would’ve taught them but obviously he didn’t because he never mentioned them in any of his lectures or writings. He failed to explain the feeling accurately and he failed to explain implication correctly too. If you test my model of manifesting you’ll find far more reliable results and I’m going to do further tests to demonstrate this fact and log everything. The end result will be the end of the legacy of NG and all like him so we can move on from this mystical side and understand the reality about what imagination is for and know exactly why some do and others don’t get the specific results they do. That’s why I’m here and that’s what I’m going to present. In time. When it’s ready.

it took me about a decade to get to this point of focusing my entire life on the study of this phenomena and I’ve only been able to come to these insights because I’m designed for it. I’m very grateful to be driven towards this process but if you asked me 10 years ago what I’d be doing I never would’ve said this. I’d have told you I would be an inventor. I guess I still am in a way but I’m an inventor of something much bigger than new tech. Everyone here needs to apply this and log their results. Work with the themes. To find them do pathway work and you’ll see the common threads underlying all your experiences. These common threads outline your thematic processes and affinities. You don’t need HD to find them because they’re already within you. Tap those themes and experience in imagination their expression and the actions you’d be playing out from your inner authority that you compromised on. This is pathway revision and is arguably the most powerful transformative imaginal method ever created. Going all the way in being yourself is the point. 

Playing into the absolute frame of reference within you and owning it and making decisions out of intuitive impulse and flowing with them and accepting whatever outcome arises without expectation is the means of being in proportionate connection with greater process and in essence the universe. It’s all princess within process. To think otherwise is an act of ignorance and metaphysical illiteracy. Nobody who thinks we live in our own personal reality separate from everyone else will ever be able to explain why they were born into the world and influenced by the people around them as they were. It doesn’t work. Nobody has demonstrated that you can dissolve so called laws of physics of even manifest seeming superhuman ability reliably, it’s not a function of assumption and even so how would one integrate such assumptions if it doesn’t feel right for them, if they’re not intuitively driven towards these affinities? If there’s no natural striving then there’s no expression of those affinities which is why only those who have affinity on that level can manifest those outcomes because everyone else is defined in different ways that nobody else can play out. Not everyone is suppose to be and do and make and impact, some people are simply here to observe and then guide or some are here to be the negating influence on cultural processes and fulfil the functions of the program were all run by as a collective. Some are here for roles of inaction and others of more action. Nothing is better than anything else for without all of these individual roles and functions in the body of God the stage play that God is playing out through us wouldn’t exist the way it does. The millionaire influencers need to influence and the hermet investigators need to investigate and have someone find their notes decades later which reveals some secret knowledge. We have functions that transcends our conscious ideas of these thematic processes were designed for and are driven by but the one thing that’s always true is that you cannot escape the function you play in the body of god because no matter how well you played that role or not you still expressed those metaphysical themes because it’s who you couldn’t help but be even if it was limited in its capacity and potential. No matter what you win which is why in the bible it says we will all wake up in the dream one day and realise our functions and become as god without a loss of identity. However that plays out it doesn’t matter because it’s thematic and that’s the point of manifestation. We accept the flow and allow our imagination to get us into that flow so that we may be open to the experiences that are implied by the nature of our existence that mediate our functions and fulfilment as God. That’s it. That’s what Reality Synthesis is about and it explains everything NG and the likes failed to explain.

Any questions?  

The arrow cuts through the air without a shred of mercy on its way to the bullseye. 



Pathway revision is returning to experiences where we compromised on expressing our inner authority correctly and to fulfil those either by acting the correct way or we imagine the person/people who were involved to confirm to us our ideal sense of self and to respect our decisions or confirm to us who we desired to be in that place. The essence here is to have a clean progression through life where every decision came out of our intuitive impulses vs expectations from the world to conform to a certain way. In childhood experiences where we were abused for example this can be seen instead to be experiencing those involved in that to be different and respectful to us, because it happened to us not by us.


Imagination has been mislabelled by NG and the likes. It's been called something and we're interpreting it as something it's not. All of the senses are "imagination" and this includes the metaphysical senses and such. Imagination relating to just 5 sense perception is not just imagination, it's also the thematic sense too and it's related affinities that express as the 5 sense experiences. The fact is that we've been told that 5 sense imagination is what creates, and emotion, but not the metaphysical senses of the yin and the yang and the archetypes and all those aspects of consciousness. Everything is information and information is aetheric perturbance as a pressure gradient and so when we "imagine" something we're just altering the arrangement of principles to align to another direction and if that directions proportionate and comes from our inner authority which in my case emanates from the sacral it gives a circulating effect to currents and it dissolves crystallised field geometries to be reformed and that is the function of imagination. The phenomena of physical corporeal experiences corresponding to what goes into the consciousness from imagination (and even not just imaginal senses) is about thematic resonance and affinities that are normal and natural to us as the default means by which phenomenal experiences "push out" as it's called. It's thematic processes with integrated expected affinities and representative sensory conceptual experiences which build the context.


The metaphysics are clear. My yang cultivation and circulation methods have proven to me that the feeling of anxiety and doubt and all that comes from a stagnant flow of current through the lower and middle Jiao. When there's a stagnation especially around the heart meridian you'll fail to experience the passion for life and that rising fire to transform resistance we face. We run up against the block of ice instead of melting it as we approach it., It's because we're weak and powerless but the cultivation and circulation of vitality automatically performs the transformations correctly without effort for us being ourselves and circulating charge through the channels where our authority is felt generates coherent and higher order substances as it integrates within the field geometry. Physical ailments clear up, psychological related pressures dissolve and we feel consistently filled with vitality at a new baseline. We will WANT to play more in the world and given a sufficient ratio of space to vitality you'll have the correct range of principles to catalyse these processes into action that will unfold within you simply by you once again being yourself. Shel was right, it begins with the inner authority because that channel is where we feel the circulation of the currents and the imaginal experiences which circulate it will always touch on that thematic expression so it's ultimately a function of tapping into the source of current that's waiting to be tapped and correctly circulated through applying yourself wherever it's driving you. Without touching on that thematic process that's correspondent to the channel that your authority circulates then you'll just not get effect described here as I've experimented with and experienced the effects. It's when we imagine ourselves playing out our affinities we've always had thematic resonance with that we feel it. We literally feel ourselves warming up inside, physically warming up and this dispels dampness and excess crystallised Yin which is the stagnant experiences of compromise within us that warp our perceptions and the ratio of principles that play out in our field geometry.

We live a metaphysical experience. Reality is a collection of various metaphysical themes all playing out that have related sensory experiences that represent the circulation of that form of current through consciousness and this is what brings resonance to things in the world to us or not. It's that these experiences that are imagined all must have archetypal thematic association that's defining our resonance to whether or not this is correct for our experience or not.


Reality Synthesis will utterly wipe LOA off the face of the earth without a shred mercy.



Later update. I went walking the plaza for a while today and I was raising and circulating the charge within me and seeing how people react to me. It seems things went quite interestingly. Firstly I felt like a totally different person, like I was that arrow piercing through the air and I walked and carried myself differently. I wore a coat and long pants and had a different hair style and I felt totally different to usual and it was inspired out of the sensation of being in that current. I allowed the current to guide me. I flowed as I walked, I was navigating the aetheric medium and dynamically adjusting to the crowds with ease. There was no effort it was like my body was doing everything and my thoughts were following the direction, I didn't consciously decide I'd think anything it was just effortless speak the way I wanted it to be. The words came through me, not from me. Got smiles and big eyes, like they were feeling my current flowing. Owning the metaphysical thematic processes within me latched onto their energy. Some I met I could feel that "zap" that happens when you're seeing someone you resonate with and it was reciprocated. Very interesting interactions that are different from the usual more muted energy I carry. Consciously circulating it seems to facilitate the body automatically driving you. Further tests need to be done. This is not for everyone though, this is for my field geometry because of the resonance I have to these affinities but someone who's more muted by nature in their correct expression would benefit more from sinking charge. Listening to the resonance within is the only thing that matters though.


More experiences. People are coming to me to ask me questions and learn from me both online and IRL. it’s part of my metaphysics but since I’m circulating vitality it’s amplified. People are more interested and listening to me and wanting to hear my thoughts on things. I’m responding when asked. People laugh and smile around me more. This has nothing to do with my thoughts it’s all to do with the implied experience coming out of the thematic feeling I’m anchoring into. Will continue to hardcore this and see what else unfolds. 

I feel the aspects of consciousness. I don’t think them I feel them, I experience them, and thus I think them and manifest from them. These are the so called assumptions within me that I am. I am these principles and I experience these principles through the corporeal being and it’s senses. You will experience them the same too. The manifest reality will be a result of the baseline expectations on the sensory level that’s related to the thematic expression that exists within you that you align yourself towards and embody without compromise. That’s the state and the character you desire to be because it feels right. That’s the absolute point of reference and the direction all your sensory experiences will conform to. With hearing someone say something in your mind that becomes an expectancy because it’s your testimony but that just like all sensory experiences have archetypal correspondence and the degree to which you fully embody those archetypes determines to degree to which that imaginal experience will confirm the feeling representing the archetype you’ve affinity for. This is the same thing I said before about the sense of self and how it determines the how and why that testimony shows up. You can imagine negative testimony in implication but still have positive outcome arise because the sense of self is correspondent and proportionate to the fixed affinity. This all comes from greater process and how it’s driving us through intuitive impulse which is what determines the affinities we have that are made manifest through the worldly experiences so it all goes full circle and explains causality, unlike LOA. You really don’t even need to imagine what you desire for it to happen because it’s already within you and you think about it all the time. All you’re needing to do is embody with the feeling sense that archetype that desire is represented by and live and breathe from that and your thoughts will magically align to where they’ll show up. This is the baseline sense of self, the targeted archetypal experience as the feeling sense which drives sensory implication. That’s the deepest level of this work. As far as I know there’s nothing that’s more foundational than that. This is the highest level application for the theory of reality synthesis and the results will speak for themselves because you’re playing on all levels at this point. 


This is why Reality Synthesis will eradicate the law of assumption because the law of assumption is a flawed model that doesn’t work for a vast majority of people. NG failed to explain the mechanics of manifesting and to be honest misinterpreted the bible on many levels which has propagated a whacked idea of what manifesting is about and it’s function in reality. I’ve explained basically every element of this process and it’s theory at this point over the entire notebook and so at this point there’s nothing more to add. What more is there to explain? I don’t know but there’s more than enough here to apply. 

Formula. Do pathway work and discover themes and affinities and how they feel. Create sensory experiences that represent the experience of these themes and use those as testimony and reference to the state desired. If it’s correct you’ll find consistent resonance and thematic relationship. If not you’ll find conditioning from the world to be understood and dissolved. Simply experience the greater implication as the thematic expression you’re driven towards by your inner authority and embody that archetype on all levels and use experiences with the senses as correspondences to anchor you deeper into the state. Doing this will automatically generate and circulate vitality in the lower meridians and through continued application will dissolve fears and doubts and not worthiness and all this stuff to the point it won’t affect you and your decisions or how your consciousness is influenced. You’ll see it as just another example of not self to be seen for what it is and not let it market to you. This is how you he yourself without compromise and win at life by fulfilling your principle role in the procession of God. Manifestation happens automatically out of this. You’ll never need to plant seeds consciously because they’re already within you and greater process does all that work for you. You just need to be you and the experience of that is anchoring into the archetypal affinities you have that are revealed in pathway work you’re doing so it’s all there for you to see and apply. There’s no magic secret technique, other than perhaps gazing and space creation. That’s for the higher levels though and not everyone is going to be on that path. Things will come when they’re ready and no sooner or no later. That’s all there is, there is nothing more. Get familiar with your affinities and their relationship to your inner authority which describes how you experience intuitive impulse and it’s corresponding feeling. When you master that then you win. Conceptual work and sense of self work is all done with this in one process. Process within process. Interferometry. Fractality. Proportionality. That’s all there is in reality. These are the only fixed principles that can exist, aside from Yin and Yang. Master these and you master the emanation thereof that represents your reality. 



I manifested the solution to a problem I've faced basically since this all started a decade ago on Easter Friday of all days. This method I speak about resolved something I thought I'd never fix because I imagined every scene I could possibly think of to imply it and I did all the pathway work and everything but taking the thematic feeling and raising the currents instead of sinking them fixed it completely. I was too heavily biased on yin and space and had nothing occupying it and circulating that subsatnce. 

It's crazy because so long as the theme is active in expression there will always be a path of least resistance present within the given normalised sensory concepts and related affinities. There will ALWAYS be a manifestation that's going to confirm the theme out of the experience of it no matter what. This is what manifestation is really about as it's purely on the metaphysical level and simply uses the corporeal sensory reality as it's substrate of expression given the normalised and most efficient pathway to be made manifest. Consciously driving this misses the point because there effectively is no way to consciously drive it as who you are IS these themes IN corporeal reality and the specific sensory direction is what you've bought into which describes the how of the manifestation and the automatically implied end. 



I believe that all of the dips and peaks experienced arise out of incorrect ratios of yin and yang being catalysed in the field geometry, The psychological processes will follow accordingly, the field geometry is the ONLY thing that's experienced but we experience that on all these different levels, physically and mentally and psycho-spiritually if that's a term we use here. The point here is that everything is arising out of interactions of the substances that circulate in our field geometry. Peaks and dips are a result of running your engine without efficiency, and more often than not this comes out of being incorrect in the targeted thematic processes. If you're correct the engine will be in the correct gear so to say and it will be efficient as you won't be running the engine up against redline non stop all day burning fuel. We want to be efficient here, it's not a race for the finish line as efficiency is all we can really do anyway because the degree to which we are efficient and correct in our targeting and direction determines the effective output. Manifestation depends entirely on you being correct in the targeted themes which is why pathway work is so important, or to know your design and relate that to the discovered pathways and themes that play out. I've said it before but the sense of self ALWAYS determines the how and why and when and all this and once again the sense of self is effectively a product of the proportionality we have to greater process as this is the only way we can correctly circulate substances through the field geometry otherwise we're going to be operating inefficiently and be unable to actually form these higher order substances which is the point of being correct to complete the conjugations. There's only one function here, and that's all about being proportionate to greater process. Targeting the correct themes will automatically do all the magic for us in terms of the restructuring of the field geometry. In Nei Gong and Qi Gong circles some speak of doing active alchemy but that's never the case you cannot consciously use your imagination to form higher order substances they can ONLY EVER form when the currents are in correct ratio and structure which can only be influenced by being yourself correctly else once again you'll be burning too much fuel and be unable to complete the conjugations required. It's a matter entirely of living and breathing the essence of your authority in the world and in your imagination (which represents all the surrounding senses you can use to target the correct themes) as the means of producing and circulating without burning too much. Work from bottom up in subsatnce emanation and work from top down in conscious direction. There's no more to be done.

Also just a little note to those who are metaphysically illiterate who read this. If you've got questions about definitions then ask instead of misinterpreting. I don't write for everyone I write what I want to write this is my notebook after all so if something doesn't make sense then drop a question. If I don't answer you it means your question was too much and you should simplify it. One point at a time. Anyone who asks me about what's possible I will always refer them to the notebook to re-read as the answer has been said 100x over now. You can "manifest" anything (that's satisfying) that's related to the thematic processes you've affinity for, else you're buying into someone else's direction that you're not suppose to be on which is why I said that manifestation is a function of you being yourself as all the magic happens out of that. All the imaginal scenes will come out of you automatically without effort which also explains why a vast majority of people who don't know about NG and all that still seemingly "manifest" things. Everything you think you know about manifestation is whacked and needs to get lost. We've had metaphysically illiterate fools take center stage and promote the psychological model as the only definition of what manifesting is but that's utter ignorance and is completely missing the principles at play that precede and ultimately create psychological phenomena in consciousness and that is the metaphysical principles I've been talking about for more than 18 months now. Manifestation IS the mechanics of reality at it's very core. I'd define it personally as this: Manifestation is the product of metaphysical principles of relaity processing and interacting together. It happens on all levels, all of them without exception. The only thing that exists is the aetheric medium which is the absolute frame of reference and the substrate by which all consciously experienced phenomena unfolds. The idea that reality is a dream in the mind of God is that. The body of God is the aether as I said 4 years ago when I studied aetheric physics full time and we're the children of that being processes within processes and emanations of higher order substances circulating as we do, at least on the corporeal level. All of the allegory of the bible has metaphysical significance on a principle level which is made manifest on ALL corresponding levels of manifestation. If you don't understand that then you're not going to understand Reality Synthesis and what it really stands for which is to be the first model ever created (as far as I know) that explains the phenomena of manifestation completely which as you now know doesn't just apply to conscious thinking corresponding to physical experiences. Influencer manifestation will be destroyed and looked back on as a time of complete ignorance about what this is all really about. These people only present themselves because that's them playing into the easiest means of experiencing their themes and affinities, even if it's based on much of the conditioning it's likely still more correct for them to present such content which I don't judge them for but their role will soon be useless when a greater understanding will be made known which is Reality Synthesis. That's how greater processes are unfolding and that's how we will all experience things because we're all integrated within that common substrate that drives collective consciousness. 


My results have been substantially greater just in the last few days vs months prior simply by doing what I speak about here. This idea that circulating yang is a primary function we all need to do isn't always the case but from what I can tell in most people is the case. Since most people have substances that are disproportionate and crystallised they need fire to melt that ice and dissolve it into steam for recirculation and formulation into new higher order substances. Simply sitting with the feeling that I can cultivate by imagining specific sensory information directs me correctly and allows me to become more aligned to my path of least resistance and will automatically result in me thinking the correct thoughts for the corresponding experiences that already exist within me. NG did say that applying effort is the cause of opposite results after all and effort is trying to control and change something we're resistant to usually because we cant let go and letting go means going metaphysically limp and surrendering so the currents can take us up and be purified under the sacred fire of life.


You cannot psychologically compensate for disproportionate field geometry unless you're targeting the correct themes.


Another part here about the immortality work is really about recognising every area where we’re leaking Jing. Playing out the correct direction will be the foundation but on top of that there’s various aspects that cause leakage. Make a list of every possible area of leakage of primary substance so that the most efficient functioning can be established in order to create the correct environment for higher order substances to be cultivated and circulated. First establish a foundational baseline and then circulate cultivated substances where new substances will automatically generate out of this interaction.